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Year 2003 Tributes

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Rachael Byrd thru Ryley

Rachael Byrd, 04/04/91-04/23/03

Sweet Sweet Rachael, my loving furbaby girl, you have given us so much joy the years we've been together.

Last night I know I thanked you & told you how much we love you before you went to the Rainbow Bridge early this morning, but I have to tell you again. Thank you so much for all your love, your unconditional love.

For all the years of happiness & joy. For always protecting me. For your companionship, always being there for me.

For all the years full of wonderful memories. Thank you for being so patient with us last night, waiting for us to fall asleep before you went to sleep. Daddy & I so wanted to hold you as you took your last breathe.

But you knew that it would have been much to hard for us. Being the most wonderfully sweet furbaby that you are, you waited till we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. Thank you. We love and miss you so much!

Until we meet again, know that you are always in our hearts & thoughts.

Me ke aloha Pumehana, Mommy & Daddy

Rachel, 08/23/96-04/29/03

Rachel was a wonderful girl we loved her so much we will see each other again in heaven

Paula Garibay

Racheal, 09/01/03

I found my Racheal at Hayward Animal Shelter, CA.
We spent about 2 years in the states and came home to Japan. He had been fighting with Malignant lymphoma (blood cancer) since Dec., 2002. The doctor said he would not survived for 2 months, but he fought with the illness about 9 months. He was about 15-16 years old when he past away. I loved him more than anything and I miss him so much...

Mirei Kamonji

Rachaelanne, 10/24/03

My precious little baby, the house is so pitifully quiet. Mira, Caleb, Annie, Jordie, Taylor, Maggie, Lilli & your daddy & mommy miss you so incredibly much..........there is a deep hole in all of our hearts that can never be filled. Know that we love you, little boochie, and please, please, please wait with Chelsea, Ashleigh Louise, Grandmas Hope & Annabelle for we shall all, once again, through the grace of God, be together once again. But while you wait, my precious child--my heart, have a light & happy spirit. You are healed, no longer in pain, do not cry for us, as we are with you in spirit, mind & heart. Love, Mommy

Radar, 02/12/95-02/12/03

To our sweet sweet Radar -- the dog that never quite smiling.

Patti Mershon

Radar and Kazian, 01/87-04/25/03

To two of my favorite friends. You gave but never took.
You loved those that loved you. You never stopped showing your love and companionship for your human caregivers right up until the day you passed. You will be missed ..until we meet again.

Sheila White

Radar & Shortie, 02/08/03-02/08/03

These sweet babies were only with us for a couple of hours. May they rest in peace.

Angie Lee

Raf, 08/2002

Raf was the neighbors cat who decided he liked our house really well. He had a good home, but was pretty sick & no one knew. He would spend hours hanging out downstairs with Sean sleeping on the folded blankets - I think we were like his Club Med... Spunky little fellow. He is missed by many.

Sean & Rachel

Raffi, 08/15/87-07/26/03

In honor and in memory of my best friend, Raffi... I will always love you and cherish you. You have forever touched my life with unconditional love and affection. I will be eternally grateful for having you as part of my life for so many wonderful years. Thank you gorda, thank you for everything.

Loving you and missing you until we meet again...


Raffles, 04/02/03

Raffles was my best friend, we shared many happy times and a few bad ones. He made me laugh and he made me cry, but I would not have changed him for the world.
The day he left me was the worst day of my life and there is not a day goes by when I don't wish I was with him!
But I know that we will be together again and that he is waiting for me at the "Rainbow Bridge".
Raffles I will love you forever and keep you in my heart till we are together once more!

Rafiki, 08/03/01-08/28/03


We loved you from the second we laid eyes on you. You were made us all happy in a time of need. Right after 911 you lifted our spirits. I will always love you and remember you every day.

Love Mommie

Raggs, 04/00/95-04/03/03

He was a special cat. A "people" cat. He was a roamer, never domesticated or tamed but quite friendly when home. He greeted me each morning and each evening. No matter what my troubles, Raggs would sooth them away. I miss him greatly.

Janet Rigby

Raggs, 10/17/90-05/11/02

Raggs was the most lovable and loyal dog that I have ever known. I will love him and miss him forever.

Kathleen Dechellis

Raggy, 12/85-09/23/03

My precious Raggy, you are and will always be mummy's special angel. Your love for me was unconditional. My heart aches for you and your loving ways. I remember the day you came to me. It was 17 yrs ago 09/23/1986 and you were just a young puppy and previous owner was on there way to have you put to sleep. I was to have tried to find a home for you but the powers that be didn't allow that to happen. You came into my home that afternoon & jumped up on my lap & gave me the most wonderful kisses. You were to never leave at that point and to go to the deadly journey that was previously planned for you.
You were so playful & funny. You had the most gentle ways, never to harm anyone. You and Mr. Squirrel would play by the hours taunting each from the window by the tree and on the deck. Mr. Squirrel comes and peers into the window and sits there knowing you won't be out to play with him any more.
You filled my empty heart so much. I was never to have children, but you took the lonely place in my heart that needed to be filled. I miss you so much my precious Raggy.
Your favorite pastime was to go for rides in the car & to lay in the sun. Before your tired & weary body started to go down, you loved to show off and play with your stuffed--musical toys. The Christmas one's & the talking dogs were your favorites. Oh Raggy what a joy was it to watch you open your presents at every holiday & your birthday.
You & I always ate supper together every nite, and you always use to remind me when it was 10:00 PM....Bedtime.
Never was there ever a door closed to you.
You always knew when I wasn't feeling well, or when I was upset. You were always there for me, as I was always there for you.
But as time went on, your little body was wearing out. I tried and so did the Dr. Brian, to help you through the bad times and to make each day comfortable for you.
But then the saddest day I have ever had to live with came. I had to make the biggest decision of my life to do what was best for you. The suffering , confusion, loosing the use of your back legs, I could not bear to see anymore. You and mummy went outside and I told you how much I love you, but you always have known this. That what was going to happen soon was because I loved you so much, and knew it wasn't right to let you go on with how the seizures and possibly the stroke had left you.
I made you a promise Raggy as you laid in my arms as the tears fell all over your little body. This promise Raggy, I will keep till the day we can be together again. As you were slipping away, knowing you couldn't hear anymore and with the cataracts that had filled your eyes, you turned your head to me, as I was tearfully telling you it's ok to go on ahead of mummy and I loved you so much, then you laid your little head back down into my arms, and my darling fell more pain, no more confusion. Just a warm peaceful sleep.
You my precious "Raggy Doodle" go now and have fun with the other little animals that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. One day my beloved Raggy, I will cross the same Rainbow Bridge , and I know without a shadow of a doubt, your tail will be flying high and wagging once more and that silly little way your head peered forwards with your long floppy ears flying backwards in the air, when you use to run, will come running up to me, jump into my arms, and I will once again hold you my little one. No more will I miss the odd little sniff you always made when you awoke, or how you had to be constantly under my feet as soon as I returned home from work each day so you could get all that extra love an attention you would miss whilst I was away from you.
Play, run, romp and have a good time my precious Raggy. Your mummy misses and loves you as much today as I did yesterday and as I will tomorrow. I Love You Raggy and miss you more than words can ever say. Be at peace my baby. One day you and mummy will be reunited once again. Your mummy who loves you now and forever. Diana Johnson

Rags, 05/20/95-12/27/03

Rags was a blessing I received in July, 1996, when I needed unconditional love the most. Although his sudden passing has left a painful void, I am grateful for having him in my life for the short time we were allowed to love and care for each other.

Dan Campbell

Rags (Ragamuffin) (Coocoo), 01/01/90-03/26/03

My Dear Little Ragsy, I miss you so much You certainly know how much I loved you. You were the central focus of my life for thirteen long years. I thought about you all the time, whether I was at home with you or had to be away. I knew when I was away that you were waiting loyally and patiently for my return. Every time I returned you did not scold me for my absence but showed untold enthusiasm upon my return. You were always as glad to see me again as I was to see you. I miss our evenings together. I miss seeing you look up at me with an inquisitive expression, waiting for some personal attention. I remember how you would cock you head when I spoke to you, like you were trying to comprehend my comments. You accompanied me through countless episodes of both joy and sorrow. Your loyalty never failed. Our games were fun too. I remember how I would pretend to threaten to take away your biscuit and you played along, growling to play your role but never snapping or biting in anger. I could even take your biscuit away from your mouth with my own, because you knew that you would get it back in the end. Sometimes you would beg to take the biscuit outside and run into the yard with it. You would approach it, growl at it and toss it over your head into the air, just to repeat the process over and over until you brought it back onto the deck and either ate or abandoned it until later. I remember how you responded when I asked if you wanted to go outside by excitingly searching the house for a biscuit to take out with you - for your game. I remember how you lay at my feet or joined me on the chair, seeking physical contact without expected anything more. I remember how you tried to lick my toes when I removed my shoes, - sometimes I let you because it felt so good, better than any physical therapy could ever be. When we drove together in the car, - how excited you got when I invited you to “Go for a ride” - you always sat on the console and rested your little chin in the nook of my right elbow, looking out the windshield with me. On long trips you preferred to nuzzle up on the pillows I placed on your passenger seat. You loved riding with me and I loved riding with you. You were so smart in your language comprehension. When I ended my day and looked down at you and asked “Ready for beddy-bye?” you always jumped to your feet and ran with a biscuit into the bedroom and used your footstool to jump up onto the bed. You cozied yourself against my legs and quickly fell asleep feeling secure and warm even before I finished my reading for the night. You spent your whole night there and greeted me every morning. On nice days you spent your time outside in your fenced yard, waiting for a rare passer-by to bark at or an elusive squirrel to chase in vain. You owned and loved your yard, your territory. On bad weather days, especially in the winter you looked at me with your soulful eyes as I closed the door on my way to work. I don’t know what you did during all of those hours of my absence, as you never left any indication of having done more than simply patiently wait for my return in the silence of your temporary lonely prison. You were always thrilled at my return, regardless of the length of my absence, - even as long as seven or eight long hours. You never did anything destructive or had any accidents in the house. You knew we lived here together and always respected the environment like your human would have done. You never ate anything from your bowl or any biscuits unless I was present. Why did you sense that sharing your meals was more satisfactory to you? Your pleading expression won for you an abundance of tidbits shared from my plate. I could not resist your demeanor. How you manipulated me But I was always happy to comply. As a young dog you found that you could, with incredible effort, scale the chain link fence in the yard. You forced me to take measures to make your attempts fruitless by constructing a ridge of wire at the top of the fence. I suspect, though, that you injured yourself on one of your attempts and decided it was no longer worthwhile. I soon removed the obstacle. As a youth you also showed that you wanted to come into the house by jumping straight up outside of the screen door. I remember how I chuckled to see your head bop up into view through the screen, like you were trying to look inside. As you got older, though, you lost interest in that trait. Too much effort I was sorry when your doctor informed me that you had two serious medical problems: a fatty tumor on your underside which continued to grow throughout your life and, worse yet, a troublesome heart. Your heart was predicted to enlarge as you aged, as well it did. There was no cure for that. I would have spared no expense to help you with that problem. It was predicted to eventually cost you your life. It happened all too suddenly, though, Ragsy. On Sunday, March 22nd you suddenly developed this horribly nasty cough. You coughed until a foamy substance was dripping from your chin. I took you at 10 pm to emergency care, but it did not help much. The medication had little effect. For the next 2 days and nights that cough persisted and got worse, some spats exceeded one hundred in count and were followed only by a short respite. You looked so bewildered and lost throughout those days. cult even for you to maintain your equilibrium when you tried to walk. I never lost my love for you, Ragsy. Nor did I pursue the final remedy to spare myself. I wanted only to spare you what seemed to be an inescapable, lingering torture. I watched you as you quietly passed to the other side of that Rainbow Bridge, where all the doggies go when they leave us here. I watched the light of life disappear from you sparkling eyes. I watched you grow limp in your newly found rest. I brought you home to rest in the field you knew so well. Now sleep in peace until I cross that Rainbow Bridge to be greeted once again by you. Know how I loved you and how sorely my heart aches in your absence. Wait for me, like you did so many time I miss you so much Your Loving Master, David

Ra Hon T'Si T'Bear, 05/01/95-10/16/02

Who can say for certain, maybe you're still here. I feel you all around me, your memory's so clear. Deep in the stillness, I can hear you speak, you're still an inspiration. Can it be that you are my forever love? And you are watching me from up above? Fly me up to where you are, beyond the distant star I wish upon tonight to see you smile, if only for awhile to know you're there. A breath away's not far to where you are. Are you gently sleeping here inside my dream? And isn't faith believing that all power can't be seen? As my hear holds you just one beat away, I cherish all you gave me every day. Cause you are my forever love and I believe that angels breathe and that love will live on and never leave....I know you're there. A breath away's not far to where you are....

Sue Rubin

Raider, 11/19/03

Thank you little Raider for being such a good dog and loving your family.
We miss you so much. Thank you Raider for playing with our kids, you were truly man's best friend.

Mozingo Family

Raisin, 05/05/03

Precious little black pug, and just as sweet as your name. Do you know what you meant to us? You brought such joy to your family and friends, but were taken away too soon. I hope you enjoyed your time with us here on earth, and know that you'll live in our hearts forever. I love you, Raisin.


Raisin, 09/07/91-03/22/03

My sweet Raisin, your 12 years with us seemed so short. I love you so much. I will always remember you. I can't wait to see you at the rainbow bridge. I'm just glad, my sweet lab, that you are no longer suffering.

Glory bee to the Father, the Son, & to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, & ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Chase (your brother)

Raja, 09/10/92-02/13/03

You have been my best friend for 10 years, I miss you already but now you can be free. I love you, my angel in the sky.

Craig and Theres

Rajah, 9/01/91-7/23/03

My beautiful child, I cannot even fathom that you have left the earth. You were a wonderful companion for 12 years. You gave me unconditional love and acceptance.
You were a great listener, I remember many times I cried on your beautiful coat, and your eyes portrayed understanding to my problems.
I remember when you first came to live with the family. You were 6 weeks old and you were so small, and fuzzy that you looked like a black cotton ball. At that time I don't think anyone in the house knew you would grow up to be the large, magnificent, beautiful creature that you grew into.
I will miss many things about you. I will miss how you could not tolerate a door in the house to be closed, if the door was not closed all the way, you would barge in like the police. I will miss watching you stalk squirrels in the back yard, lying in wait for them, and then chasing them up trees. I will miss the way you looked when you came home from the groomers with pink bows behind your ears. It was so adorable.
You were a very tolerant girl, and got along with all other animals. You got along with Olivia, the kitten I adopted. I keep the picture you and her sleeping together on your bed on my desk at work. You liked my parakeet, Thomas, I remember him sitting on your back and preening your coat.
I regret deeply that you were by yourself when you passed on. I wish that I could have been there, holding you, assuring you that you were loved.
It's hard to imagine you not being in my life Rajah. You were a constant in my life for 12 years.

I love you so much, and miss you, and know I will see you again at the Bridge.

Ralf, 1984-2003

Ralf, the best dog in the world. Mildest mannered most well behaved the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. Faithful loving how I miss you even now months later I write this with tears in my eyes.
I love you still my old friend.

Alan Guizar


Ralph was the most wonderful Corgi - she always knew what we were thinking and how to please. Despite the fact she came to us at four years of age and was sort of a rescue and with the terrible name of "Ralph" for such a sweet little girl, she never looked back and become wholly our dog. Although, she was a wonderful family pet, she was truly my Dad's dog, accompanying him everywhere, on the riding lawnmower, his four-wheeler, even waiting in the car at church for him, and she did not appreciate being left behind ever. That was the one thing we could never give to Ralph once my father passed away, half-way into Ralph's journey with us as a family . . . and that was my Dad's love. She always seemed to be searching for him and looking for him after he died; listening for him when we opened his garage door or when his car would be started. Now we know they are together again and that is the one comfort we have. Ralph has been reunited with her one great love: My Papa George.

Ralphie, 08/25/03

Ralphie, you are gone but we will never forget you. We love you.


Ralph Thunshelle, 05/16/03

My Dear Friend Ralphie,
I love you. I will miss you so much! Thanks for your gentleness, your love, and thanks for the excitement of having to find you when you would walk down your street.
See, my Ralphie couldn't hear. Oh you big beautiful baby, my heart is broken. Please keep an eye over your little baby girl Indee Sue. Most of all your Mom. How she loved you will every fiber of her being. I know she and your Dad will miss you very very much.
Till we meet again my friend - say hey to Andy, Spice, and Dexter for me.
Love, your faithful petsitter,

Rama, Abt 1989-07/29/03

Goodbye my beautiful Rama (the Bomber.) So hard to let you go. You were still "schmoozing" me to the very end and I needed to be there with you and for you. God Rest your beautiful soul. You will be in my heart forever.

June Foster

Rambo, 02/18/88-09/23/03

We miss you terribly, Rambo. Every time Bill comes in the back door, I expect you to come in after your walk. How empty our home is without you. I am sooooo sorry, Rambo, for putting you through those terrible last couple of days on chemo...forgive me? You left us too soon, I did not even have a chance to say goodbye...........

Jacque & Bill Askins

Rambo, 06/01/03

I wanted to post a tribute to Rambo, our family cat of 18 years. He was a loving pet that we all will miss dearly. He was a loyal companion and a cherished member of our family. He had Cancer and now is no longer in pain. But it is still difficult to say good bye. We loved him very much and hope to be reunited with him someday.

Rameys Wonder Bar Aka Ramey, Mama, Grandma, 01/12/79-10/31/03

An Empty Halter Hangs...

An Empty Halter hangs on an empty stall door An Empty Halter hangs where you are no more I miss your soft nickers and your loud obnoxious neighs Why did you have to go away? I remember your silly ways... Of hanging your head over that door And falling asleep

Kelly Legault

Ramsey, 06/01/88-11/26/03

For our beloved Ramsey:

An exceptionally loyal, loving, sensitive and wonderful dog with an extraordinary will and determination. Although your body and legs physically failed, your beautiful spirit was never broken. You were so amazingly strong and brave and never once stopped trying. We know you were holding on for us, but we could not let you struggle any longer. You needed to be set free to be healthy again. We were so truly blessed to have had you in our lives for 15 1/2 years. You have forever touched our hearts and our souls and we will cherish the beautiful memories of our sweet, handsome, kind and gentle boy. You are now with your favorite little buddy Leo wrestling and playing again. You have each other and someday we will all be together... See you boys at the "Rainbow Bridge".

Forever in our hearts and missing and loving you always, Your Mommies

Randall, 09/12/94-02/08/03

To our baby, our best friend. You will always be in our hearts and memories.

Please look down upon us and know that we will always cherish you.

Louis, Mary, Melissa & Chris

Random Numbers (Randy), 06/05/88-11/24/03

If we had our time to live again, we'd have handled everything differently. Sorry if we allowed you to suffer more than you should have. Sorry if we weren't ready to let go. But now you're healed and at peace. I will meet you on the bridge. Till then wait patiently and be happy. Keep Pete company.

Dan, Sarah, Robert and Eric Hoyt

Randy, 09/93-11/12/03

Randy - a friend who cared more about others than himself.
He will be missed very much and we will never forget him.

Corine and Wes Peterson

Randy, 06/20/89-09/30/03

Randy was our wonderful son. He brought us more joy than we ever thought possible. He had the nicest disposition of anyone we knew. I know we will meet him when we are called home. That moment will truly be sublime.

Take care, dear Randy. You will remain in our hearts forever. Whenever we take "Randy walks" we know you are with us. The smiles you brought us fill our hearts always.

Be at peace, dear little son.

Jane & David Karklin

Randy, 11/25/88-09/06/03

Randy was our lovely son who brought us joy and happiness and will never be forgotten.

Randy, 9/3/91-7/6/03

Recently we had to put our almost 12 year old Keeshond, Randy, to sleep. he was very ill and told me it was time. He was my shadow for almost 12 years. It was so hard to let him go and I miss him so much. You can view my tribute to Randy at the following address:

I hope you enjoy it.

Ranger, 09/13/03

Ranger was a devoted and protective buddy, especially to his mom. Although Rangers end was unexpected it was for a reason. No one saw it coming , and no one wanted it to happen. He loved us all, and we loved him. He is and always will be sorely missed. He can never be replaced.

We miss you Ranger!

Vinnie Luciano

Ranger, 11/91-09/09/03

God gave you to us because you needed a family to love you and we needed to give you love. We gave you back to Him because he could end your suffering with his caring embrace. You brought much joy to our lives and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. You were such a good boy - Range.

Ted, Diane, Jacque, and Jon

Raquel Tinklebell, 07/05/90-11/24/03

To my dearest Tinklebell,
Thank you very much to come into our lives for the last 9 years. You are a very special cat. You love to talk to me and Daddy in the morning and also playing paper balls.
I hope we have given you a happy enjoyable life. We will meet again soon. Please also send our loves to other fury friends.
Take care of yourself.
Always love you.
Mummy & Daddy xxx

Rascal, 07/15/88-12/26/03

Rascal you gave me 15 very happy and fun years. Losing you was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. You are missed very much. I know you are now at peace for when I held you for the last time, you looked into my eyes as if to tell me "Momma its ok I won't hurt anymore" I miss you baby girl. I will see you when I cross the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace lil girl as you you have lived a long happy healthy life.


Rascal, 12/2003

You were such a blessing to your Mom and so brave to stay with her as long as you could.

Lynn Flanagan

Rascal, 06/03/90-12/01/03

I'm so sorry for having to say good-bye, Raz, but you will be in your mommys heart forever and always... I miss you already baby boy...


Rascal, 05/18/84-12/2003

My sweet Rascal Kitty......After 19 years of the unconditional love we have had for each other, the time has come to say our final good-byes here on earth as you start your journey to Rainbow Bridge and wait for me there.
I can not possibly write all that we have shared together, nor can I express in words the joy you have brought us over the years. Since the day you were born you have confirmed the true meaning of an animals unconditional love.
Your once 30 lb. body has become weak and frail, and all I can do is lay with you, scratching gently the top of your head and under your neck as well as softly stroking your body as it shuts down, making you as comfortable as possible when you take that last breath.
I will always remember and share with others the different meows of communication you had, as well as your tender paws tapping my shoulder for a little additional attention.
You never gave us a reason to love you less and even in your final days continue to give us reasons to love you more (if that's possible).
The life you shared with us for 19 years will never be forgotten.
No other animal has affected me like you have.
It amazed me how you always sensed our moods and had a way of comforting us when we were down. You never left Tommy's side while he recuperated from his surgery and always rubbed your head against my face if you saw I was upset or crying.
I hope that when you do get to Rainbow Bridge, they will have a big bowl of sliced cantaloupe and sweet peas waiting for you to eat as you haven't eaten at all now for the past 3 days.
Although you are not in pain,
it breaks my heart to see you so weak and frail and at this point I pray that you just fall asleep and peacefully head for the Bridge.
I will forever miss our cuddling in bed each night and how your louder than normal purr woke me up on many occasions.
You have traveled thousands of miles with us and always found a place to settle in no matter where we lived.
Your brother Beck will be very lonely without you and although he is a cocker spaniel, he's been a loving brother to you as well.
He'll miss kissing your ears and letting you nibble out of his dish.

So until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.....You'll be in out thoughts and hearts.

Linda & Tommy

Rascal, we love you.
You are truly irreplaceable.

Rascal, 11/22/03

Rascal who was my sole companion passed away this Saturday. he brought me joy for 18 yrs and I always had him waiting at home eager to see me. I never met such a wonderful cat. his passing was really devastating. I will miss him forever.

Peter White

Rascal, 11/31/91-11/12/03

Dear Rascal, you were so wonderful and special.
Jon and I are devastated at your crossing over.
I am glad your illness was so sudden as you did not have time to suffer, other than those few minutes on Friday morning and I was there with you.
Pussywillow is searching the house for you too.
We have your collar, duckie and bun on top of my cedar chest in the living room window.
Also a photo of you that I had at work.
Please contact me and send me a message that you are with Chelsea.
I bet she was waiting for you on Friday.
You were my "everything"
love mom xoxo

Rascal, 11/88-11/15/03

Rascal brought joy into my life for 15 years.
I will miss him dearly.
I will miss his greeting at the front door when I come home.......I would like to think he is at peace now.
(he had a "growth" on his pancreas).

Cheryl Goulding

Rascal, 08/04/03

You were truly one of a kind. The best dog, the best friend, sunshine on a cloudy day. We love love you Roo.

Paul & Sheri

Rascal, 01/02/98-07/17/03

A very special friend

Penny Offer & Donna McKnight

Rascal, 1999-05/19/03

Bernies special little buddy, but one who made us both laugh and feel loved!
Rascal fought a long hard battle with CRF, losing it today, but free at last from his suffering!

Bernie & Beverly Doucette

Rascal, 04/15/03

Rascal was a Chihuahua/Pug mix, 10 months old, who lost his life on April 15th after escaping through a small hole in the fence of our backyard and trying to cross a busy street. He was hit by a car and picked up by the humane society before we even knew what happened. We searched the entire neighborhood for him, to no avail, then called the animal control and found out the horrible news. Rascal was cremated and now rests in a pet cemetery in Anderson, California.

There was no sweeter little boy than Rascal. When I came home from work he would get so excited that he would do his little "Rascal dance" on the arm of the couch. He was our daughter's pet (she sneaked him into her room and had him for 2 days before we discovered him), but I can tell you he rapidly became Mom and dad's, cuddling under the covers between us after our daughter left for high school in the mornings. He was the bravest little guy, barking louder than our golden retriever Sassie when the doorbell would ring. Now we are all so very sad, especially Sassie who can't voice her sorrow, but we know she is missing her little buddy.

Rascal, we love you and will always remember you. You brought us such joy. Your life was ended too soon, little one. Peace be with you in doggie heaven.

The Perkins Family: Ed, Margo, Mary, Harry, Rosemarie, Michelle, Martha

Rascal, 04/23/99-04/18/03

This precious pet was hit by a car, the driver did not stop or even slow down. Rascal was a kind, gentle, loving puppy who deserved a better end to his short life (he was 3 years old). We all loved him so much. We hope to meet him at The Rainbow Bridge one day.

Brandi, Chuck and Letha Stanley

Rascal, 8/4/96-2/28/03

My Dear Rascal,
I will never forget how you would climb on my back and nibble my ears to tell me it was time to wake up and feed you. How whenever I came home you rolled on your back preparing for your belly rub. It is so hard for me to type this without you lying over my shoulder, as you would always do when I'm on the computer. Jasper still goes to around to all your hiding spaces, expecting you to jump out at him - he misses you very much. You were sent to me to save my life and there was nothing I could do to save yours. It's not fair that we only had 6 short years together, but at least you are no longer in pain. Baby, the hardest decision I have ever had to make was to send you to your peaceful rest. I will miss you dearly and you will always be my big teddy bear.
I will always love you baby,

Rascal, 01/19/03

Rascal was my very first ferret, given to me by my son over 7 years ago. He's the one who taught me about fuzzy kisses, weasel war dances, and the pure joy of just being alive. I miss him so much, but I know he's in a better place and no longer suffering from insulinoma. Rascal, you are forever in my heart and it is because of you and my love of ferrets that I will continue to provide for those lost and unwanted ones that God delivers into my care. 'Til we meet again---Love, Mommy

Rascal, 1/01/91-01/23/03

We will miss him everyday-
Cause he likes to eat and play-
So please do not despair-
cause his hair is everywhere!
In your sheets and on your clothes-
In your food and up your nose.
So don't cry and wash your face-
Cause Rascal's gone to a happier place!


Rascal, 01/22/03

To my "Little Boy" he was very loved and he will be missed alot!

Wayne Waterman

Rascal, 6/1/93-1/15/03

She was our faithful friend, a watchdog, and very loving. She never wasted a day that she felt good, always ready to play ball. We can learn from Rascal to enjoy every day, have fun, kick up your heels, even if it looks silly. She enriched our lives.

Karen & Mike Bowman

Rasta, 11/17/03

I am so lost without you - I still go to the spots where you would always lay and I can feel you.
At times, the pain is unbearable.
I'm sorry for all the suffering you had to go through - it hurt me so much. Thank you for 12 years - you had a quiet, gentle spirit that will never be matched.
I know I will see you again - God would never separate us permanently. I look forward to that day. Until then my beautiful girl, I have you in my heart.


Rastus, 1992

He was a very Good much loved and so much missed.

Nick & Bonnie Fulginiti

Rat-Girl (officially - 'Musk'), 11/2000-09/2003

Rat-Girl, her nickname, came to live with me in Feb 2001, at 3 months of age. She was selected, from many siblings, in a petshop, & chosen for her inquisitive nature & her coat colour (which is similar to my cat Peyote, who died Jan this year - also mentioned at this site).
She is an amazing, strong, cute & clever little thing, & is loved by all who met her (even non rat-fanciers).
The week before her 'step-brother', Peyote, was tragically taken from us, she had a large mammary tumor removed. The surgery was a complete success, & she recovered very well, & quickly. Today, though, I found another tumor of similar size, & some smaller ones. She is also losing her sight & hearing.
After seeing this, & how quickly she seems to be deteriorating, I think I may have to say goodbye to her. I want her to leave this life with dignity, & not die in a cage, alone, while I'm at work. So, I have decided to have her put to sleep. A decision, I can assure you, that was not made lightly. I just know her quality of life can never improve, & more surgery (if she survived), would only buy her a few months, if that.
I posted my brief thoughts here, even though she will be added to the memorial pages (with her 'step-brother'), to ask for all that read her story, & give her the 'special needs' of a 'kind thought'.

Ratt Willis, 07/30/03

Our beloved cat passed away Wednesday July 30, 03

Dearest Ratt,
We miss you dearly, and thank God that you were with us so many years. You bought us so much love, joy and laughter to our lives. We all feel sad and empty. Shed so many tears, and can't stop, and can't believe that you are gone. Glad that you are in no pain. That does give us some joy, and know that you are at peace.
They say when a beloved pet dies it goes to the Rainbow Bridge. We know that you will wait for us on the other side of the bridge. Someday we all will be together.
Cassondra says that she has another guardian angel in heaven watching over us.
Good Bye, and we love and miss you,
Love, Ron, Andrea, Cassondra and your pal Crystal

Ratty, 17/02/02-28/11/03

I will miss you forever my darling you will always in my heart and mind, you were taking from me so suddenly, I will always remember our times together xxx


Raven, 04/26/02-12/12/03

Raven was an intelligent, gentle, loving, persistent and funny "monster boy." He loved sneaking in bed with mami and papi, playing with his friends at the park and taking long walks. He was our first son and lives on in our hearts. I love you, Raven! Continue to protect our home through your Spirit!

Gina Altomare

Raven, 11/27/03

Raven was always a fiery, passionate individual. I got her from a friend when she was already fairly old. She never took anything from anybody, she always let her needs be known. I was in college for the past 3 months, when I came home for Thanksgiving she was not in the best shape, but not particularly ill. Two days later she went into convulsions. I took her to the vet, but by then it was too late. They said it was probably cancer, and she would have had it for years. I had her euthanized. I miss her so much- she was amazing, such a personality! I know everybody has had a pet who has been so vibrant. I hope you will pray for mine now. I'll see her at the end of the rainbow bridge.


Raven, 08/02/03

For my best friend...I will miss you always. I know you liked to play hide and seek with me, but please don't hide too well, because I want to find you again someday. I love you forever.


Raven, 01/16/98-06/09/03

Raven... you were my baby girl. You were with me from the beginning, through thick and thin. When it was just you and I, it didn't matter because we had eachother. I can't believe that you passed at only 5 years old. I could never have prepared for this. You were my baby. You ARE my baby. All I can do is thank the neurologist and the chemotherapy for allowing me to have 2 more weeks with you. That final day was the hardest I have ever endured in my life. I could no longer be selfish. I tried to save you as you tried to fight for me. I couldn't stand to see you in pain. Thank you for all of the years that you were totally faithful to me. You will forever be in my heart. I hope someday we can be together again. Grandma misses you dearly. Stay by my side forever. I love you baby girl.

Mom & Dad (Shawn & Theo Hartman)

Raven, 09/30/95-08/23/02

There were many times when you were a puppy where we battled wills, both us very headstrong neither of us willing to budge not so much as an inch. We went to puppy preschool which you managed to get booted out of, we had a trainer come in our home(who left as quickly as he came). Finally after searching all of Jersey we found someone who was willing to help. How you fought, neither of us wanted to admit defeat. For those two long years I keep asking myself how am I going to live with him? Now my beloved Raven I ask myself everyday how am going to live without you?? With hard work on both our parts you became a fine young man and because of you I became a better person. How I loved to come home and be greeted with such joy no matter if I was going off to work, or coming in from getting the mail. You never cared if we had money, furniture, or the those things that seem important to everyone else. Your main purpose seemed to be watching over me and protecting my happiness. In case you don't know you did an excellent job. In those 7 short years I had the best friend anyone could hope for. I never thought I could love someone or something as much as I loved you, but somehow it could never compare ,how much you loved me. I miss those quiet moments, me brushing your beautiful coat(saving the hair for the birds to nest with), when I walk by you and you would roll on your back for me to rub your belly, the way you would come up and let me it was time to bond. I miss those slow, sweet kisses you would give to me. I miss mamas big boy more then words can say. Our house is no longer a home. I know I did the best I could for you and I hope you know the same. I tried everything I could to save you, I know you fought hard for mama, I am sorry I wish I could have done more but ,I loved you so much I had let you go in peace, please know that. I know you are happy and healthy with lots of pups to play with(unlike your brother Shadow), I long for when we meet again and you and I go to our final journey together. Mama loves you and misses just as much today as on that dark Friday in August. I love you Raven(mamas big boy)
Love Mommy, Daddy, Shadow and Shelby

Raven (A.K.A. Chunky), 1990-02/23/03

Dearest Baby Boy,

You surprised your mummy today when you became so ill. You have been such a true blessing in mine & Daddy's eyes...the way you had truly made us a family when we rescued you that day in 1994. I'm sorry your little body let you down, as we miss holding that chunky little bundle that you were. Please know, sweet boy, that we will see you on the other side, & miss you so much that words will never describe the pain we feel with your absence.

We love you forever...A. &. C

Raven, 12/06/91-01/19/00

Raven, I called you "Bug", which was so appropriate because that's what you did for the following 9 years. Losing you was the single hardest thing I've had to endure. But, I'm so glad you made your mark on my life. I know I'm a much better person for having you. And I know that someday, you'll come running up to me wagging your whole behind. Until then, Bug. Mummy loves you and has not forgotten.


Rawhead Rex, 09/01/93-12/22/03

This a note to honor the best Rottweiler that ever lived. I am so grateful that I took you home from that shelter and saved your life. You were the best and most loyal friend I ever had. Everyone who knew you loved you. You were even famous on Hollywood Blvd. "A big Star" Everyone always wanted to take a picture with you.

You were a huge part of our family and you will be missed until someday we all are together again in Tir Na Nog. Until that time comes I hope you are running in the fields of the afterlife rolling around in all the flowers. I miss you Rawhead, thank you for all your unending service and love. Thank you for watching over and protecting my family till the end.

Scarlett Schuler

Razz, 10/01/86-07/10/02

You died a year ago this July of old age, Razz, and I still miss you every day. You were my knight. You always there for me.

In the early days when I first moved to a strange town out of college, you were the only friend I had. Then, you were there in move after move, from one city to another, when friends were hard to meet and make in such short stays. You were there in the end when I probably needed you most, staying until you were sure I had others to lean on. You were and are the most intelligent dog I have known, and as a professional dog trainer, that's saying a lot. You were loyal to the end.

I miss your calming presence. I miss your bark. I miss the way you would tackle your "Z" (basketball); kill boxes; howl when we sang your theme song; and lead ahead of us when we were out hiking and you were "wolf hound on the trail."

I miss the excitement of life that shown through your eyes when you were young. And, I miss the serenity and wisdom that I found in the same eyes when you were older.

In short, you are the greatest dog that ever lived: past, present or future.

Thanks, Razz, for happily sharing your life with mine.

Razzamatazz Aka Razzle, 06/01/90-08/19/03

I will miss and love you always Razzle! I will miss our naps and your soft purr forever.

Dannel S. Plute

Reba Jane, 04/21/95-10/10/03

The best dog ever!!!!!!

Dianne Brennan

Reba, 06/06/03

Reba, I know that at the Bridge you are happy and well again. You gave me 17 wonderful years of true friendship. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, companion. No matter what, you were there for me. When I was lonely you gave me companionship, when I was sad you licked my tears away and when I was happy your wagging tail was the best thing anyone could ever see. I love you my friend, my Reba. Wait for me on the other side. Until then you live in my heart......I love you

Reba, 02/25/03

Reba, Thank you for each and every moment that you blessed my life with your presence, having the honor and privilege of being your mommy was incredible. I remember the moment that I knew that I was no longer going to be just your "Foster Mom" and became your real Mom. It was the middle of the night and out of a sound sleep you reached over and ever so gently nudged me and kissed my cheek, I knew that was IT and that you would never have to leave our home again that was 1996 and my love continued to grow and grow for you. You have been such a joy and have always "OOZED LOVE" as I said and you smiled with your eyes, everyone that met you loved you and you gave your love back so freely. Who knew that a Greyhound that had been so neglected and abused as a racing track dog, could turn into such an incredible sweetheart.
I thought I was having my heart ripped out when we discovered that you had bone cancer, and I knew that you deserved to not have to suffer, nor would I put you thru one ounce or moment of pain that I could prevent. I will always remember you as proud, beautiful, happy, & loving. I hated to say good-bye but I knew it would be selfish to keep you one more day knowing that you would suffer in such pain.
Reba, once again thank you for allowing me to be your mommy and you can be sure that I will see you again when I get to that "Rainbow Bridge" I will be with you and Jack (Mr. Pig), baby Benjamin, and the rest of our family that has crossed over. I will never forget you, I will always love you, and I cant wait to see you again on the otherside.
With all my love and all my heart, Forever your Mom
Trish Miller
PS: the same from your brother & sisters, Kato, Boop, Baby Nahna, Miss Cleopatra, Kobi & Mollie.

Rebel (Snhops), 1990-1998

My best friend died and it tore me apart. It has been 6 years since he died and I still can't get over him. I cry and cry but it is no use.... he will never come back.



Rebel, 01/19/87-05/15/03

I have had the pleasure of knowing you for 16 wonderful years; through good times and bad; you have always been there for me, unconditionally.
I hope I was able to fulfill your life as you have mine.
I will always LOVE you and take you with me in my heart wherever this life leads me.
I hope you are free of pain now; able to run and play ball, in some beautiful park like you always loved to do.
I miss you terribly Rebel; as do Tyler and Journey. Our house is empty without you.
Forever you will remain my Rebel.

Lynne M. Samanns

Rebel, 04/25/03

My buddy, my shadow... forever in my heart. I miss you!

Peggy Adams

Rebel, 11/00-06/19/02

Rebel came to us Jan 2001. Just a little black furry guy who loved to snuggle and chase the flashlight's beam. I called him my love muffin and my Gumba. His paws were huge and he did grow large enough to match them. His was a gentle soul. Our older, smaller dog hated him but he ignored Intrepid's growls. He was so patient with the mean little dog. He learned so well and when he got sick he tried so hard not to show it. We took him to the vet on June 19, 2002. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I believe he is at Rainbow bridge chasing butterflies and ignoring Intrepid's growls. I hope to see him soon. Until then, Rebel you are missed and always loved no matter what. Be a good Rebel-boy.

Rebel, 11/15/92-04/11/03

Rebel came into our lives and home one chilly evening. Person after person came to our door, or found us around our apartment complex, worried because "our cat" had gotten out and was crying to be let back inside. We ran to our apartment, but the cats were all inside. Not so was a gangly black cat, sitting calmly on a chair like he was waiting for us to find him. He purred the second he was picked up and rolled to have his tummy rubbed. How could we have not taken him in? Rebel spent most of the time running from person to person -- making sure we all got a fair share of his charms. Not always perfect, Rebel remained his own person until the end. He loved us in his own way, and always will. He's with Panda Bear now, sitting in their meadow in the sunshine, pouncing and devouring buttercups, or running to be with my father for some yummy chinese food. He will be missed.

A Staszalek

Red, 05/22/03

For 9 wonderful years our Golden Retriever, Red, was a loving part of our family. He was a stoic, mellow fellow, very polite and very protective of me and our cat Allie.In his younger days he loved to play fetch, would offer his paw if you said 'Shake' to him, knew Come, Sit, Down and Stay and loved to catch dog treats in mid-air. He had terrible hip dysplasia and cataracts and at the end he could not walk and lost control of his bodily functions. It was just 16 days after we had his friend and our other companion animal Shady put to sleep. Reddie, Red Dog, Reddikins, El Rojo Grande, Big Red were just a few of our nicknames for him. To show affection he would lick my nose and make a sound like 'Pa Lump'. I would say 'I got 'Pa Lumped' by Red' or 'I got two 'Pa Lumpings"!! He is now at the Rainbow Bridge with his friends Thor, Shady, Goldie and Suzy with his fur blowing in the breeze. Red, you were the last of our wonderful dogs and our hearts are breaking. We shared our lives with all of you for 25 wonderful years from May 26, 1978 to May 22, 2003. All lived into old age and we are very grateful for that. It is the end of a 25 year era. We will always love you and you will remain in our hearts forever.

Diane Salsbery

Red, 02/89-05/08/03

Red was my boy and the best dog I ever knew.

We had over 13 years together but he will be forever in our hearts.

There are many memories...

Michael Blaise

Red (Reddie Bear), 06/01/02-02/13/03

My heart is broken, you were the light of my life, we are so lost without you. I miss you not being here to help me, play with me, walk with me, and comfort me every day. I feel empty without you. You are forever in my heart. I miss you, Sammy misses you, Ryan misses you, Ladybug and Rascel miss you. Rest in peace and wait for me at Rainbow Bridge. I love you my little Reddie Bear. Love always, Mommy, Sammy, Ryan, Ladybug, and Rascel

Puppy Tracks

The tracks you made are oh so clear,
from the days when you were here.

They fade a little every day,
the rain helps wash them away.

I could see your tracks in the dirt,
their disappearance makes me hurt.

There comes a day when no more,
in the fields, gardens, or out my back door.

But your puppy tracks I'll always see,
forever in my heart they'll be.

For my Reddie Bear whose puppy tracks may fade from the ground, but never from my heart. I miss you Red, Love Mommy

Red, 06/23/90-02/07/03

Reddie, you were a beautiful part of our family. Thank you for being such a wonderful little friend. The 12 years I spent with you passed much too quickly. I love you and miss you so.

Debby Hemstock

Red Dog, 02/17/03

Our beloved baby. You are so special to us. You are in our hearts for all time, and we know you will be watching over us. We will always love you and await the time we are able to reunite with you! We love you, baby! Mommy and Daddy

Redds, 12/12/02-05/12/03

I came to love you as time went by. Will always remember your bright red fins and robust manner. Will love you always Redds!!!

Michelle Husbands

Red Ryder, 08/04/90-12/12/02

I lost my Ryder right before Christmas of heart failure. He was my Brother, Familiar, Protector, and Soul. He saved my life on numerous occasions. I still have his collar. And I'm glad other people know what I'm going through. Though I would have probably have died of a broken heart had it not been for my best friend who helped me through those 2 days that seemed like eternity as I'm not one to ask for help or comfort from anyone but my friends, and only a select few at that.

Kareth Cummings

Reeboc, 12/02/81-06/09/23

God counts my tears................

Debora J M Mulqueen

Reebox, 03/05/88-11/16/03

Reebox was the most special cat I've ever know. He was extraordinarily intelligent and Mr. Personality. He was a big baby and very cute and loving and he knew it. One of his vets remarked how smart he is - and another worker fell in love with "Reebee", as did our friends. I have had a German Shephard, a parrot, many cats and dogs and fish; but have never had such a special pet or special bond like Reebox for 16 years. Fate brought him to me; as I decided I'd get a gray tiger and name him Reebox in the future. A black and white cat adopted me in the driveway, moved in and gave birth in my closet to my gray tiger who I of course named Reebox.

He is the love of my life pet.

Jan Shields

Reemie, 02/20/03

She was and still is a being of light, a soul of love. She came to this plane, and to me, having taken her incarnation in the broken body of a wild caught Belize amazon with face of an angel. She came to teach me, guide me and love me. I cherished her then, and shall cherish her for all eternity.

What she taught me was courage under duress, perseverance in the face of disappointment, and forgiveness in all matters. Tenderness, sweetness, compassion, joy and especially her music, are but a few of the gifts she gave to me. We have always been together through time, but for this life, she shared those gifts for eighteen years and three months. Forever would not have been long enough.
Our life together was filled with her care and I was blessed with the privilege of providing for her. I knew who she was, and I did my best to honor the soul who spent her lifetime in that troubled body in order to provide for my growth and teach me unconditional love.

The care of a special needs bird is unlike anything we experience in this life. This kind of care is sometimes difficult, but very intimate and always deeply rewarding. These birds have gifts that well bodied birds do not often have. Their care is a joy to be treasured and a blessing for those who are tender enough to accept this task of love. Birds in hindered bodies ­ whatever their form, are special beingsŠthey are extraordinary teachers. We would do well to observe them and learn.

Reemie left her body February 20, 2003. I miss her more than words can say. Her love has been the most profound gift of my life.

ReemieŠmy teacherŠmy loveŠmy baby girl...

Bonnie Jay

Reggie, 12/08/03

Tomorrow it will be three weeks since I made the decision to put Reggie to sleep. At the time, I was hysterical, and when the vet told me the options, I knew any of the others would put her through too much suffering. And yet, for a few minutes, I wanted to stop time. I didn't want to put her to sleep, and likewise I didn't want to have the invasive and probably risky surgery. She had only been sick about a week and a half, but in that time I lost my cat. She didn't interact with me, mostly hid, and after being briefly hospitalized, didn't eat or drink. I couldn't stand to see her suffering like that. Just a week earlier, we had been playing together. Now that she is gone, this apartment feels totally empty, as I am single and had no other companion animals. I always dreaded losing her but had no idea it would be this painful. Most people don't understand. No matter what happened in my life, that cat was always there with unconditional love, asking little in return except to be cared for. Every time I left, for over ten years, I told her where I was going and when I'd be home. I miss her so much and at the same time the shock hasn't totally worn off and half of me expects her to come walking in the room, meowing. Reggie: I hope you are at peace, and I will always, always love you the most. You gave me limitless joy for the time we were together.


Reggie, 05//92-07/02/03

Dearest Reggie, It's been a month now since that terrible day, I still can't stop crying, it hurts so much, and not being with you at the end makes it even worse. I know you didn't suffer and for that I'm thankful. The house is so quiet and lonely without your fun loving personality here Gryffin and Luci mope around without their leader. Where are you? are you happy and healthy? and do you know how much we all miss you? is that noise in the night you ?............ I remember the first time I saw you , love at first sight !! What a handsome 6yr. old Welsh Terrier you were , so dignified, proud, well mannered and sweet, the perfect Welsh Gentleman. I know I rescued you but, really Reggie you rescued me. You brought pure joy and laughter to our lives , you made everything fun and filled with unconditional love. It was an honor for all of us to have spent the last 5yrs. in your company . I know you had to go ,but it's so hard to except that I will not see your beautiful face, touch or kiss you ever again. I am thankful for the time we spent together, for all the wonderful memories ,that will always be with us . Thank you for protecting and loving us, I know you are still watching over us all. We love you . Rest in Peace Sweet Reggie Boy.... We'll meet again ............... Karin, Jeffrey, Gryffin and Luci

Reggie, 03/20/02

Reggie I am crying because I have made the call to the vet to have Reggie "put down. The tears are here because: I am so mad that life ends like this. A gradual weakening and frailty. A losing of faculty and body control. It seems so cruel to have to end at all. And I know this is the best way to end and that is the worst part of this business of leaving life. Since you cannot speak I am making the decision to end your life for you. If it were me in your place, I would want to see the end before it got any worse. I would not want to bring those who care for me any more pain in seeing me in my misery even though they would rather care for me than to "put me down".I believe you are confused and afraid. Every detail in your life now is a struggle. Standing up is impossible without help and you flail in your fear or frustration and sometimes bang your head. Falling asleep is difficult. You seem afraid to lay your head down as though you know how vulnerable you are and some animal instinct feels that to lay down so vulnerable is not safe. You circle and circle and it makes me think you are dizzy and don't know what's happening to you. You can't hear, your back is crooked and there is not much left of any muscle in your back end. Standing is a balancing act and there is not much between your bones - it must hurt. You fell down the hill yesterday. You breathe with difficulty. You cannot chew so you swallow things whole. I bet you feel badly when you pee and poop in the house. I admit, that is frustrating for me too. You tangle yourself into a nervous bent knot that you seem not be able to straighten out of. You are deaf and I believe you don't smell and that there is some sort of loss of sight. You have a bad sore on your foot and are too weak to lick it. Yet even at this stage of your life, I will miss you dearly. You have stood with patience when I cried on you. You have played with me and been a funny buddy. You've "been there" for thirteen years always with perked up ears and wagging tail to greet everybody. And today you are so beautiful, even with scraggly fur and spindly legs and chapped nose. So regal, even now. I grieve with a good grief of sharing time that was good. It was all good and it is all you can ask of life to live well and die old. You did good. We did good. Goodbye dear friend.


Reggie Levine, 05/05/88-12/27/02

Dearest Reggie,
It will be one year tomorrow since you crossed the bridge. Could not let this day go back without letting you know how very much you are loved and missed. I still feel like I let you down but you suffered so I had to make that decision to let you go. Be at peace my beloved pet and remind all your furry brothers and sisters with you they too are LOVED and MISSED by us all. I love you little buddy!!!

Mom Sherry

Reggie Urban, 02/25/03

Dear Reggie,
I don't know what to say, I don't know how to feel. It's been four days since you have been gone and I can't stop crying, and wondering if what we did was the right thing to do. I wonder if you're happy. if you're safe and if you miss us as much as we miss you. I can remember when we first went to get you from the kennel. You were running around the room so full of energy, so happy to see us. We couldn't bear the thought that somebody else would not have wanted you. From that moment on you captured our hearts and changed our lives forever. Looking back now I never would have realized just what an impact you would have on all of us. You were there for me for so many important times in my life like graduating high school, going to college, and even getting married. I miss you so much, ReggMan. You made our lives so happy and gave us such an incredibly unconditional love that I will never forget. I just wish so badly that you were still here with us, but I know that is selfish. For everything that you did for us, you deserved so much more. I think that making that decision was the hardest thing that any of us had to do, but I know deep in my heart, as much as I want you here on earth with me, that it was the best thing for you. I know that you're up in heaven somewhere looking down on us, thanking us. It's just so hard to accept the fact that I won't see your handsome face or kiss your little head anymore. All I have are my memories which will stay for me for a lifetime. I thank God for allowing you to come into our lives. I will never be the same again. I will never forget you, ReggMan. I know the angels will take care of you until I see you again, buddy. I love you so much. Rest in peace, sweet boy, rest in peace.

Love Jennifer

Reginald Von Chancey (Reggie), 06/07/89-11/24/03

Reggie a faithful companion, friend, and buddy. I'll miss your playful ways, mischief, love, and devotion. Thank You, for giving us so much to remember you by.... You are missed already!

Sharon Andrews

Regis, 05/17/93-01/06/03

You were my special pal, my love, my reason to go on after Barbie passed away. I feel now that my life has ended. I hurt so badly now. You were only 9 and a half years old. My little "Paw-Pet". I worshipped your presence. I thanked God every day for letting me have you in my life. Now your gone and my heart is broken. I'll love you forever my little "Baby Reeg". Words could never describe my heart felt love for you. You made me feel brand new every day. I'll never recover from losing you.

Dennis Gapczynski

Reilly, 9/12/91-9/20/03

What can be said about the perfect companion. Reilly was a big (top weight 95lbs, not fat), fluffy, unconditional, smiley, loving boy who is greatly missed but whose spirit lives on in all who knew him and loved him.

Reilly, 11/11/01-02/16/03

Reilly was my class clown. always happy and a joy to have around. We will miss him dearly.

Cathy Cee

Rembrandt, 11/06/93-09/07/01

"Remy" was taken from us by a neighbor who did not like his barking. Remy was an absolutely beautiful dog. He was so silly and loved to make us laugh. He loved to make us mad too. He was an eternal puppy and we loved him so for that. We miss you Remy - have fun now with Saidey, Kota, Whiteman and Cooper. It helps us to know you are all back together again.

Steph, Jeff & Jake Siatta

Remington (Remy), 01/16/01-10/09/02

Remy my love, I know "there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die."
(Ecclesiastes 3:1).

I had no idea our time together would be so short, but it was so sweet. I will never forget our car and plane trips. I miss you every day, and can barely look at the silly photos I have of you, much less hear your name or have one of the multitude of people's lives you touched ask me,' where is your beautiful red parrot?' I just hope I gave you the best of everything and had nothing to do with your passing so suddenly. I will see you in my dreams and later, we'll meet at the rainbow. Deal? Kiss, kiss, my love. Mommy

Remo, 07/04/97-01/27/03

In memory of our best friend, run free, good dog.

Carol Smith

Remy, 05/01/01-12/19/03

Remy passed away in his sleep at 2 1/2 years old,
He was the product of a puppy mill and had liver shunts.
He was always very playful, and though he had little legs he thought he was the size of a Great Dane.
We will miss his dearly and things just won't be the same without him around.

Carrie Cognata

Remy, 08/25/96-11/30/03

Please pray for my baby Remy, who overcame a huge surgery, only to be complicated by secondary liver failure and eventually the end of her life with me.
I will miss her dearly!


Ren, 09/16/03

Ren was a truly special cat and my best friend.

Cathy Boland

Ren, 05/01/93-07/18/03

Ren our beloved Chihuahua, friend of Stimpy, lived a happy and too short a lifetime with my father. He grew attached to Ren, it was hard not to like her. Ever on guard and protector, not to be hindered by her height. We will miss her terribly,

Lillie Stender

Rena, 07/04/91-12/24/03

My girl Rena crossed the Rainbow Bridge this Christmas Eve morning. Rena was the most beautiful, gentle Rottie you will ever meet. She lived a long, happy life - she was just shy of 12 1/2 years old. My male Rottie, Magnum, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 1996. He has been waiting a long time to see Rena again. It comforts me that they will finally be together again. I miss Magnum every day, and now life just wont be the same without Rena.


Reni (Renegade), 10/31/87-05/19/02

For Reni -- a great dog, wonderful with kids, a little ornery, and most of all, highly spirited. May you meet your brother at the bridge, and play like you both used to. We love you, Reni, with all of our hearts.

Annette Hampton

Rex, 11/16/03

I rescued Rex after he had been shot in the leg. He survived the surgery to try to save his leg. I returned him to his owner who really did love Rex. Rex developed gangrene and I rushed him to the Vet. The Vet performed an emergency amputation in order to save his life. He survived. The owner could not afford the surgery so he turned him over to our rescue. We spent 24 hours a day with Rex, hand feeding him, taking him for walks, carrying him up the stairs, bringing him everywhere with us. Rex's favourite was when we took him for ice cream. Rex had healed.

An amazing family approached us to adopt him. After reference checks and meeting with the family (who did a 4 hour drive to meet us) we found Rex's new forever home. It was love at first sight for Rex and his new family.

I received updates about Rexs progress which I embraced. Rex had been dealt a bad hand in life he finally new what love was.

I received an email last night from his new forever home and tragically this was not a good news update. Rex escaped from the fenced in yard and was killed instantly by a car.

As much as our family is grieving for Rex (he was my sunshine) his new forever home is in terrible pain. Rex was put on this earth to find out was love was and he found it. He went to the Bridge knowing how deeply he was loved by many people.

I always referred to Rex as my angel from heaven.....he now has his wings.

Rex we love you dearly, you have touched our family in so many ways.

Kelli and family

Rex, 03/12/92-10/25/03

Rexie boy, I always let you know throughout your life time how special you were to me. I hope the words I once spoke to you carries on to the other side where you are now. You touched my life in ways you'll never know, and you have made me a better person just by me having the privilege of knowing you and getting to spend part of my life with you. I miss you dearly and would do anything to have you back to spend even just one more day with you. But I know wherever it is you are at you are happier now because you are in no more pain. I will carry on with my life and try to make you as proud of me as I was of you. And when it is my time to go, I know you will be there waiting for me. I love you so much, my boy! My tears will by my promise that you are always in my heart.

Britton Dicks

Rex, 10/2001-09/2003

My beautiful emerald green parrot, I have always referred to you as the gentle green giant. You left us so suddenly with very little warning. I know you did what you had to do, I honor that. Thanks for teaching me a new lesson in love and tenderness. Fly free my sweet bird, I miss you so very much. BTW, Ruby now says Momma's Boy. She misses you too.

Nancy and Phillip

Rex, 08/28/03

Rex was a loyal and loving friend. Always gentle with family but a watch dog who would take care of us. He will be greatly missed

Mavis Carroll

Rex, 01/13/03-08/31/03

I adopted Rex as a 6 month old SPCA special in January of this year, 2003. One touch of his velvety fur and I was hooked. Rex lived with me for several months without a hitch and came through his neuter with flying colours. Although his intended beloved was none to impressed she soon came to enjoy his side by side cage. Nor were the cats at first as they tended to be his object of Amour!
He started feeling out of sorts at the beginning of May and very quickly ended up with full blown GI stasis. With a lot of prayers, TLC, Love and a team of great Vet's he pulled through and became his normal sweet self.
He endured a move to a new house with grace and soon found out the new digs were great for his Binky runs he loved the carpet.
This past Friday I noticed his eyes were weeping with a clear discharge and he was sneezing occasional. Everything else was normal.
On Saturday morning he seemed pretty much the same and I called one of his vets. The receptionists kept promising they would tell the vet what was going on and he would get back to me. A few hours later I stopped at the vet to see if they had found anything out yet and this time I was told the vet was out to lunch and he would get back to me by the end of the day. Well he never did. Rex was doing well and the discharge was almost gone. His eating was normal as was the elimination.
When I woke up Sunday Rex was a little out of sorts but nothing I would panic about as he was never a morning Bunny. I feed the 2 bunnies their morning greens and left to do some shopping. As per the normal when I got home I checked on the animals. I was instantly devastated when I discovered Rex dead in his cage.
It is hard to believe that an animal that has only been in your life for 8 months can turn your heart inside out. I have already been thru the What If's and I Should Have Dones and the If Only's. Nothing can be said that will make the loss any less painful but life will go on and a little piece of me died today but a little piece of Rex is still in my heart. The cats and Peter already miss him and are doing there best to comfort Mommy.
I love my Bratty Bunny Boy and will see my Sexy Rex at the Bridge some day, until then know Mommy loves you and misses your binky's.

Rex, 04/14/89-03/19/03

Rex you will be sadly missed by all of us. Your big heart wagging tail is only a memory, but the memory will never be forgotten.

Steven F. Mrkvicka Sr.

Reza Montfort, 12/28/90-04/27/03

Reza, I didn't know how much you meant to me until you was gone. I really miss your unconditional love you gave each and every day of your life. I know you are still with us in spirit because I feel you every day. From the time you came into our life I knew you would be a special dog. Everyone knew our dog name Reza. Your passing was very sudden and painful and my heart ache for you each day. I miss you greeting me when I come home from work. I miss you lying on my leg and I miss you lying down beside me at night. I know I will never be able to replace you, but I know you were loved. Reza Rest in Peace and be sweet in Heaven

Rhythm, 12/21/03

My tiny man, who had a heart bigger than life. You are in a better place, one where you don't feel any pain. You were my best friend. You comforted me when I thought all was lost. Rhythm, you made me smile and laugh. I know that I can't see your sweet little face anymore, but I know that someday, we'll play together again. You are still deeply and missed.

Lynn Elliott

Ribbon, 11/96-07/03/03

The stars
The skies
The oceans cried
Over you, for you, only you........


Richtor, 08/10/87-11/12/03

He was an amazing gift in our family. Good boy, Richtor. We will miss you.

Owen Kugell

Rick, 02/22/96-05/29/03

My sweet boy, you were taken from me way too soon. I was honored to have your sweet, loving soul come into my life. I'll miss you so much.


Mom (Sandy)


We will love and miss you always. Deb & Roy

Ricky, 14/11/93-06/12/03

Goodbye Ricky, I miss you

Sue Barratt

Ricky, 02/07/00

Ricky, I miss you very much and I'll never forget made my grandmother (LOLA) so happy when she was alive...she missed you very much also Ricky when she was two are together once again.....

Lori Mintz

Ricky, 01/29/94-10/07/03

Ricky will always be my darling little white boy. I miss him already. I can't believe he won't be at my side ever again. I love him forever. I need his hugs and kisses.

Deidre Barber

Ricky, 01/2003

Our wonderful friend we miss you so very much. I hope Lucy was there to meet you and you are both playing happily now. We will see you again when our time comes. Thank you for being our friend and companion for so long in your life but so short in ours ....Lucy we miss you too. We LOVE you both.

Linda, Lynn, Sean & Cooper

Rico Suave, 11/12/02

I loved you my dear Rico. Though we didn't get much time to get her. I miss you.

Cat Baird

Riff Raff, 11/01/01-03/30/03

Thank you for loving me and letting me love you. Thank you for being so good and so loyal. If there truly is a heaven, then I will see you there and you will be with me forever.


Rigel Mahieux Colton, 10/18/97-12/18/03

Rigel, our beloved dog, who arrived at two months old as a gift. Already a big puppy. He grew to be a large, wonderful, dog. he was our best friend, our best love, the one who was loved by us all and whom we cherished. my son and desiree's brother, claude-francois, left us in February, 1996. later our nova, our female Labrador, joined claude-francois; now our huge baby, with those beautiful big black eyes, has joined them. rigel is still with us every minute, every hour, everyday, forever... the Colton and Mahieux families, 12/23/2003

Rikah, 11/29/94-09/12/03

To our darling boy who went to rainbow bridge on Friday. You were a loyal loving and trusting friend and you are going to leave a big hole in our lives without your presence. However you will live on in our hearts and the memories of our years together with be ours to keep.
The biscuits in the biscuit barrel will last a lot longer now.
Rest peacefully Rikah

Val and Bert

Riki, 6/15/03

Thank you for being by my side, always and forever.
I love you, and till the day I hold you again.
Leya Ogihara

Riki, 02/01/96-02/06/03


My little girl. All your pain has ended now. You brought much joy to our hearts in the short time you were with us. Now you are pain free and can go join the others at the Rainbow Bridge. I will watch over your Tommy T-Bone for you. Until we are all together again, I will miss you dearly.

I love you,
Your human mom-Lisaann, Tommy T-Bone, Susquehanna, Moose, Beans (Pheonix JR), Scuncci, and Frank.

Rikki, 12/25/97-06/18/03

Rikki was more than a pet to me. He symbolized love in every way I can imagine. His constant loyalty and devotion never let me forget I was loved, and he was given to me by the mother I thought cared nothing for me. When cancer made him weak, I made the hardest decision of my life, and said goodbye to him for the last time. ~Rikki I will never forget you~

Jennifer Steinruck

Riley, 05/05/89-11/11/03

Riley, you are the heat of my heart. And I love you and miss you so much. Sooes the rest of our fur babies.

Nancy Chotkey

Riley, 06/07/95-10/22/03

To My Dear has been a little over three weeks since you last walked out of our house and over the to the Bridge and I'm still crying myself to sleep every night. Didn't realize when I posted the tribute for Obie (1/8/97)and said that if someone brought a Golden to my door and said here take this to love...that you were right around the corner (literally!!)...God heard my prayer and three weeks to the day we lost were offered to yrs. old (I wanted a puppy but couldn't do it b/c I was in Grad. School) need of a home and much..much..much..much love! Am not sure who needed who more but I don't think it really mattered. Even though we'd not had you as a pup it was as if you had always been ours. I knew there would never be another Obie..and there wasn't..but there was a Riley and you weren't a were just you. I forgive you for the times you ate all of those things you weren't supposed to (mascara, disposable razor, eye shadow, many paper towels) because I know you weren't doing it to be bad..just because you needed so much love you were letting us know that you didn't like it when we left you home alone. You were my beautiful Golden Boy and Craig's Big Boy..inside and out..everywhere we went everyone always remarked about how beautiful and sweet you were and you just did the "Riley Lean" until they kept on petting you. Our time together was not nearly long enough...but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I trust that you and Obie have found each other by now and are trading laughs about Joanie&Craig and Charlie&Marie! We all miss your nudges at the table golden boy and will hold you in our hearts until we meet at the Bridge! Love from your Joanie
P.S. Well's three weeks again and the Lord seems to have found us another Golden Baby to love..she'll be a girl this time and she'll be ready to come home right at Thanksgiving..I know you'll be glad for us..hope it's ok that we give her your toys and such!


Riley, 06/09/95-10/27/03

Riley was the light of my life and the sweetest soul I have ever known. She passed away in her sleep at the age of 7. I will carry her in my heart forever. I miss my buddy so much.

Angie Hitch

Riley, 11/09/03

I'm writing to let you know about a tragedy that struck our little family yesterday. Les and I were walking our two puppies, who are like children to us (as most of you know). We were walking them at Puslinch Tract, a place that has been like home to them for as long as we've had them, visiting it almost once a day every day (if not twice). It is a big open conservation area where puppies meet to play regularly. Unfortunately, our little girl, Riley, strayed too far and was struck by a vehicle yesterday around 10:00 AM. Those of you who have dogs and love dogs (and have experienced a similar tragedy) will know and understand our sadness and grief. It is far deeper than I could have guessed. Our house feels empty and we are missing just about everything she ever did. Never have I met a dog that played so much, ran so hard, loved every being with her entire being. She was with us for what seems like an unfairly short time, but in that time made a huge stamp on our lives. She will never be forgotten.

Heather and Les Martin

Riley, 10/93-09/27/03

Riley, I miss you sleeping under my chin and greeting me at the door every day, giving me the report. I miss your soft silky coat, brushing you, hearing you purr. Ralitsa and DiMaggio miss you too. Good-bye Ri-Ri, my little balinese cat.

Colleen Madigan

Riley, 06/24/87-08/30/03


Seventeen years ago you came into our life full of fun and joy.
Sometimes sweet, sometimes a cranky boy.
We loved you dearly and we will miss you sadly every day.
Your pal Josh misses you too.
Be free my little man.

Love always, Betty, Al, and Josh.

Riley, 03/29/03-08/09/03

I love Riley so much and am so sorry that I wasn't home when you needed me most. You were the best kitten that I have ever had and I will deeply miss your loving ways.

Mommy and Daddy

Riley, 07/21/03

Riley was a dog that I had gotten from the AZ human society 8yrs ago at that time she was already 1yrs old. She was abused as a puppy from her previous owners and I had to show a lot of "tuff" love when it came to her. To finally opened up and allowed me in. She learned basic commands and always willing to learn more. She was a very loving, spoiled and became my child. I lost her to a dog fight with another dog that was bigger than her that came into her territory and she did everything she could to defend herself and her territory. I loved her very much and wish she was here with me. Riley - I love you and I am sorry I wasn't there to protect you.


Riley, 04/15/99-06/22/03

I got my dog Riley for my 4th birthday. He would run to meet me everyday when I got off the school bus. He used to run down the slide on my play structure. He liked to splash in the water then roll in the dirt. He loved to come with us when we went horseback riding. His best friend was Bailey, they would run and play together all the time. He was a very good dog and I love him very very much. I don't know why he had to die so young but I hope I will see him again in heaven. We all love you Riley and miss you very much. Love Madison Stefanuik Age 8

Riley, 11/21/02

Riley, I think of you everyday and wish you were here by my side, so I can tell you how much I love you, and how much I miss you. No words can describe the emptiness I feel for you. You are always on my mind, and forever in my heart. Remember Ri-guys mama loves!

Riley, 5/03/03

It was not your time to go. You were just a baby, only 1 and a half. You were found roaming the streets by our Cat. She saw you out the window and came to us. We took you into our home and our hearts. You grew up with Char, your "momma" dog, who taught you everything and gave you endless companionship. I can see the pain in her eyes now that you are gone. It was a tragic death and we weren't prepared. You ran into the street and next thing we knew we all lay by your side telling you t

Riley, 01/03/97-10/01/03

The most beautiful boy in the world-I still miss you and think of you all the time. It was so cruel to have you ripped away from me like that. I was so lucky to have had your company, even if it was for such a short time. I believe that we will be together again, either on the bridge or in another life. I hope we recognize each other. I love you baby. The most beautiful boy in the world-I still miss you and think of you all the time. It was so cruel to have you ripped away from me like that.

Sue Goulden

Riley, 02/17/89-04/07/03

For Riley My Little Reddog

I will love you always, more then you'll ever know
You where my friend who never judged me
and taught me how to grow.
You gave me love and comfort, when I was feeling sad
and made me smile with the things you did so that life didn't look so bad.
You taught me just what loyalty means,
a better teacher I could not find
A friend like you will forever be
in my heart and on my mind.
So the hardest thing I have had to do
This you need to know
Is to say Good Bye to you dear friend
I had to let you go
Forever in my heart. Mom
Feb 17,1989-April 7, 2003

Riley, 11/21/02

Riley was my companion, best friend, and my boy! Everyday I think of him and all the ways he made my life worthwhile. You are sadly missed Ri-guys, you're always on my mind and forever in my heart. Remember my friend, Ma ma loves! See you at the bridge!

Ringo, 10/14/03

To my jumbo. You were mama's boy. I think about you all the time. I miss you so much it hurts me. I wish you were still with me and I will always love you. I hope you have found peace.

Joanne Langman

Ringo, 11/24/03

Good bye my best buddy.
I'll miss you forever.
I love you Rink.

Kim Pettit

Ringo, 11/03/03

Oh my dear boy Ringo, I did not want last Monday to be your last day on earth but all I did know was that I could not stand to see you in pain anymore. Your front leg was never right and the pain in your hips were getting so bad that our walks with all of the Pugs was too much for you, so I ended up carrying you most of the time. Saturday when I came for you to go, you couldn't get up so I picked you up and you layed your head on my shoulder as if to say "I am ready Mom to go home with the Angels. We spent Sunday like that and and I sat in our chair together to have a few more hours with you before we took that long journey to the Vets. Ringo, you were such a special little guy your whole life, onrey and in to everything but you had a personality most people would die for. Your Mama died during the c-section 10 years ago to which your born in and Carma raised all of you on the bottle. In the end she had 7 puppies, only 3 lived and we called you the 3 Omeigo's. Now we only have one Omeigo left, your brother BJ. I can still see your little body walking painfully to keep up with the other pugs, you would walk a while stop and look at me like either pick me up and carry me or I will sit here until you get back. Course I always picked my boy up and carried him so he could be with the rest. When I had my little tractor this summer to ride on he rode on my lap as we rode up the dirt road to our house. Ringo enjoyed the outdoors so much. Well my little pug, rest in peace now, I know you are out of pain and just think you are now with your mama and siblings. God bless you little man and thanks for the years you gave to us. Dad misses you so much too. I love you little pug, fly with the angels, its your turn. Love you Mom

Ringo, 05/01/00-10/16/03

Ringo... my little goofball. I am so so very sorry your short life ended so painfully. I wish I could have been there to save you.

I will always remember the sound of you fluttering up each step on Saturday mornings, making your way to our bedroom... announcing yourself with a "Ringo Ringo Ringo" all the way around the corner, pushing the door open with your beak, greeting you with a cheerful "Hi Buddy!" and reaching down to let you hook your strong beak on my finger as I pull you up and set you down on the bed so you could snuggle under the covers with us and play peek a bird.

You were so trusting, I only wish I had been worthy of that trust. I am so sorry I let you down little buddy. I will never ever forget you.

Stacy Anderson

Ringo, 03/17/03

Such a sweet-nature, such a menace to small creatures and now so missed. You're now back with Mac, Charlie, Ossie, Ben, Aster and Shanta and I hope you've found a new comfy chair or place in the sun. You were part of our lives for such a long time, Ringo, I'll never stop thinking of you. I love you now and always.

Julianne Bonner

Rio, 05/10/97-12/04/03

Goodbye sweet Rio you are gone from this earth too soon Yet you will continue to live in my heart.

Fly happy and healthy


Rio, 10/31/01

My big, mayonnaise loving boy...... I miss you.

Gerri Himberger

Rio, 10/03/02-10/10/03

Rio you will always be in my heart. Run wild into the wind until we meet again. I Love You !!


Riot, 03/27/00-08/27/02

I love my baby boy Riot so much! He was my son. Was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my whole life. Its been a year now and I still think of him everyday. I find it still very hard to deal with. He was the only living thing I've really truely cared for in my life. He meant the world to me. Will see him again in another life time!

Christina Plytas

Rip, 12/03/93-2002

There was a time when I thought I would never...there was a time when I thought I don't and why! There was a time I finally came to know the truth...human nature, is very difficult to understand! I loved you had to make the ultimate sacrifice...I am always going to carry you in my heart as a reminder that I am not perfect and that you had to pay for my happiness! If I would have to do it over...I wouldn't, as this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life, and so it should! There is no excuse...there is no saying I am sorry! There is only the loss of a soul that was beautiful, and I pray to God that he keeps you safe and that you are at the place where love and piece and happiness is so bountiful!


Ripley, 05/12/03

Ripley..I know your Mom, Dad and Katie miss you. We all do. I know you had liver failure and wish we knew why. It was so quick and unexpected, but your Mom and Dad tried everything. They miss you so much. I have told my cats to come see you so you won't be alone. Ripley, watch over everyone...Katie was born 2 months ago and needs your assistance. She would have loved playing with you..but when she grows up, she will know who you are. Have fun up there...we will be there soon.

Love always: Aunt Holly

Ripley, 08/03/02-11/06/03

The past year was the best year of our lives.
We were so lucky to be able to share that time with you. You will always remain in our hearts, little angel. Your brother "Broggie" will miss you terribly.

Amy and George Raub

Ripley, 10/14/03

Ripley was Chulo's sister. I was her Titi. Whenever I looked into Ripley's eyes, it was like looking into my soul. Although she was not my dog, I know that she was a part of me and always knew what I was going through. She was the mother to all the animals, shared her bones and food with the cats, and other dogs. Although she had a ferocious looking growl and snarl, she was the "Bambi" in my world. Oh, Ripley I can still see you around me, playing "ghost" and checking on your asthmatic brother Chulo my pug. I look at my son's rocking chair and will always have reminders of your chewing days. When your mommy would get so frustrated at you that she threatened to give you away. But, you know what? It didn't bother me. She chewed her way through my heart and didn't hurt a bit. I will never be able to see a bird flying without thinking of her running after them. Laughing, half running when she couldn't jump like Bambi because of her displaced hip. Ripley, my Ripley, Chulo and I miss you. Te quiero mi Viejita.

Ripley, 10/27/89-07/05/03

Our dear, sweet dog, after a lifetime of pure and complete devotion and love, left us yesterday. Nothing will ever replace him, or fill the void in our hearts. Our memories of 14 years will have to do until the day we are all together again. Living every day with Ripley and his remarkable heart, spirit, and humor made us better people in every way. Rest in peace our sweet airedale boy.

John and Marilyn

Ripley, 10/24/88-01/28/03

Beautiful Ripley. Thankyou for sharing some of your precious time here with us. You brought us a lot of pleasure and taught us much..your gentle nature, sweet squeaky meow and relish for food was wonderful. We wish you had been better in the last few months with us but we know you needed to continue on your journey. We wish you all our love and look forward to seeing you again, when next we meet...take care Ripples. Lots of love from all those who love you here XXXXXX

Lindsay Henley

Ripples, 05/01/91-09/24/03

This is a tribute to a friend that I am so proud to have known. Our family is at a loss and will never forget the special memories we had with. He was a strong & kind that had so much to overcome. My boy fought through cancer, hip dysplacia, arthritis. In the end he went with dignity and grace. I will always love my puppy & will miss him terribly. Here's to you Ripples I hope that where ever you are you are happy and pain free. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} and so much love.

Your loving Family

Rip Van Winkle II, 1989 to 13 February 2001

My beloved best friend Rip Van Winkle II, she passed away yesterday. She was my best friend for the last 12 years and I will never forget all that she and I went through together. We drove across the country twice, disappeared on a Wyoming ranch for a few days, got smuggled across the Canadian boarder ('do you have any Livestock on board?'), sailed with me in NC, countless trips up and down route 95, spent a year with my friends, the Tempesta's, while I was called away by our Nation (my only regret, that I lost that year with you) - thank you, Tempesta's, you helped make her what she was - hikes and walks where you just had to eat deer and rabbit droppings (she thought they were gumdrops!), swimming and playing in the gorges around Ithaca NY, made it through the Marine Corps, sleeping under the covers together to keep warm, snoring, hogging up the entire bed (how did you manage that? It is a BIG bed!), making it through your knee surgery and giving that final disease a real fight. I will see you again someday, I absolutely know that. Just don't scare all the trout away before I get a chance to cast a dry fly to them... I love you so much, and I will never forget you. If I helped make you what you were, you certainly helped make me what I am.

I also wanted to express my gratitude to everyone at Colonial Veterinarian Hospital in Ithaca NY. You were dedicated, compassionate and supportive. I will always remember that. The staff, which are to many to mention - You were caretakers for not only my friend, but to 100's of others on a daily basis. And to the Rottweiler that gave his blood to try and help save my friends life... I will return that gesture with my new puppy when the time is right. Words cannot describe how I feel about that compassionate act.

Lastly, thank you Paula. I could not deal with this
without you. I love you so much.

1 February 1989 to 13 February 2001
My truest friend

Rita, 12/05/89-05/27/03

A dear and loving friend who will be greatly missed.

Kay Wright

Rita, 03/25/91-03/06/03

You will be in our hearts forever! We miss you, our love!

Ritz Schwartz Baltz, 7/05/86-1/17/02

7-05-86 - 1-17-02 Ritz Schwartz Baltz What a beautiful Schnauzer you were! Putting you to rest was the hardest thing I've had to's almost 1 year now! I miss you so my buddy-buddy!!! When your name is mentioned little Olivia still says you are with God! You were special to so many. You took such good care of your Granny when she was ill....always by her sure earned your keep! Miss Frannie sure misses bathing your eyes and face. She was a good Kitty Mom to you. You would be happy to know we adopted another cat for her to mother...Newman the blue eyed cat. You would like him too!! Your dad walks to the pool alone always beat him there. He misses your company. Your toys still lay in their place....just incase you come to play! One day we will meet at the Rainbow can show me the way............I Love you Ritz

River (A River Runs Wild), 10/20/95-08/25/03

Dear River, thank you for being there for me all these difficult years. I couldn't have done it without you. Now lies ahead are brighter days but you are not here to stay. I am sorry that you have to leave so sudden. Until we meet again, this is for you.

Cry not for me Rive', but time we shall lose
Remember not that sad day of our last
But sweet memories we shared in the past
Think not a moment that I've forgotten
Your gentle gaze, you softest kiss, and all
Your love for no one else -- your tokens
Say not a word, for I will understand
There ought to be a time they call an end
Though I rather next to me you stand stand
An angle descends f'above just for me
When A River Runs Wild for seven years
A knot in my heart, runs now only my tears
Forgive me Rive', this fool of your charge
Forget me not, for I will you not.

Love forever and ever,
Your Bobo.

Rizzo, 08/16/86-10/13/03

You were always there with a head nudge and a purr...always loving. I know you are with Biff now, have fun and run! I will always love you Rizzo!

Debbe Miller

Rizzo, 06/26/03

Our adorable Fancy Rat, Rizzo, was perfect in every way. He asked for nothing and was THE cutest creature in the whole world! Surely Rizzo is romping around heaven right now, God must pick only the really great ones to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Our only hope is that we can meet up with him someday. Rizzo, thank you for all the special times we spent together...we love you more than words can say. Your Family, Dad, Mom, Justin, Bo, Daisy & Pi

R.M.'s Razzmatazz, 01/01/74-04/15/03

I spent 19 wonderful years with you. I am blessed with happy and grateful memories that will last me a lifetime. I know you are now somewhere that there is no pain and the candy corn is plentiful. Just know that you are loved and enjoy your peaceful rest.


Road Dog, 5/26/00-8/31/03

We named him Road Dog because he had been found in the middle of a road dodging traffic. Our vet said he was about 6 months old so we gave him his birthday. We affectionately called him Roady or Fuzzy Butt. Road Dog was a good name for him as he loved to go anywhere we went. He would run circles around me all the way to the truck, yapping as if he was afraid I would forget he was their. He died in an accident just before Labor Day. Roady we miss you so much, Daddy and I both and your little sis Randi. You made life so wonderful with your kisses and hugs and your constantly being at my side. You will never be forgotten and I look forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge. We know you will be watching. We love you...Mommy, Daddy & Randi

Rob, 05/16/86-02/17/03

Rob, I miss you so much. My heart broke when mom called me to tell me she had to put you down. I love you with all my heart and I will never forget you. You gave me unconditional love and support and you mean the world to me. I miss you my sweet baby, and I wish I could have been there with you in your last moments on earth. Sleep with the angels, my love, and rest peacefully with Dad in heaven.

Laura F

Robbie, 02/16/91-11/07/02

You were my heart on four legs.
You saved my life more than once. I do miss you so much.

Elizabeth Garrett

Robbin Griffith, 03/23/91-03/25/03

Robbin, You are our third cat we've lost this year. Your brother Smokie Jan 1st, your sister Shadow Feb 7th and now you Mar 25th. It's been such a sad year so far with all of you leaving us. You were such a special boy. You were the serious one. We tried so hard to save you but, in the end you've gone on to a better place. We miss you and love you so much and you will always have a special place in our hearts. Someday we will be together again at rainbow bridge.

Robbycat, 09/01/86-10/09/03

Robby, you are the love of my life. I will cherish our memories all the days I live. Please stay with me and guide me.

Cherie, Ron & Mia

Robert, 09/18/01-07/16/03

We love and miss you so much, Robert!

Vickie Nise

Robyn, 11/1/89-7/16/03

Our "baby girl" put up a fine fight with bladder cancer but unfortunately lost the battle. We know that she is having a grand time with her buddy, Petie. Robyn is missed and will always have a very special place in our hearts. We love her and always will.

Rocco, 05/15/95-12/26/03

My dear sweet Rocco, you taught me so much about love.
Your unconditional love gave me so much joy and your goofy ways gave me laughter. I miss you terribly, but you are free now to begin a new life, a life without pain.
You were such a good boy, I didn't want to let you go, but I could see the pain in your eyes. I let you go because I love you. Thank you for your gift of love that you had given me for 8 years it. You will forever be in my heart. You are forever my baby. I'll never forget you.

Rocco, 01/16/94-12/15/03

It's so magical this life you have shared with me
To bring back my faith that almost fade
We've had so many happy years,
What is to come can hold no fears.
No desire for him to suffer so,
The time has come,
to let him go to a place called Rainbow Bridge.
Where we "shall cling together in joyous reunion,
never to be parted again
How I love my trusty li’l man,
He gave me patience without end,
I tried to be "A Dog's Best Friend".
Until we meet just this of heaven at the Rainbow Bridge.

Nina Boswell

Rocco, 07/27/93-11/12/03


You came into my life one day
A little bundle of fur and fluff
You completed my heart in such a way
I prayed loving you would be enough

You quickly filled a void in my heart
That desire for something to love
I could never stand when we were apart
Me and You,
my little gift from above

I was your MOM, your best friend
And this I will always be
Even though our road has come to an end
In my heart it’s still You and Me

I’m happy I was able to hold you tight
As you started to feel weak and tired
I hope you knew as I drifted out of sight
Along with you, a part of me had also expired

That void you filled is now empty once again
And my heart breaks that you are not here
I miss your barks that told me when
You needed and wanted your Mommy near

The tears I cry will one day come to an end
But your memory will never die
The hole in my heart will never mend
But for now ROCCO I must say “ Good Bye “


Rock, 03/2001-12/15/03

Rock you were our son, our companion, and our best friend.
Even though your outer shell is no longer at the barn, on the porch, or in the back of the truck on our way to the rodeo we know your soul and spirit is with us.
We understand your death served a purpose to save our lives and even the little girl next door however we miss you terribly.
We miss the companionship and greeting you gave us each time we were around you.
We miss the countless hours of play we had with you.
I know that you are waiting for us in Heaven and look forward for your kisses when we get there.
We love you always and forever.

Ashley and Joe

Rockafella (Rocky), 03/91-07/13/03

Rocky, my special friend, who touched everyone's heart who knew or saw him. A part of my heart is now gone, but hopefully the emptiness now will soon be filled with all your kindness and unconditional love to make me stronger. It's not goodbye, it's see you later. Put in a good work for me and save me a place, OK? See you down the road, Rocky...

Mark Roth

Rockee, 04/22/89-10/30/03

A true friend, companion, family member, and my soul mate.
The wind in my breath, the sound in my ears, the feel to my touch, the sight in my eyes, the very beat of my heart.
Gone, never forgotten. With Love, INFINITY.

Patsy A. Belling

Rockeffeler (Rocky) J. Woods, 10/23/91-10/24/01

Rock-a-bye... I miss you buddy, so much it hurts sometimes... so much I cry uncontrollably, but it just shows how much I love you, and wish I'd shown you more, though I know I showed you plenty : )

You filled momma's and my life with joy, though we had you so little time of your 10 years, I hope we filled it with as much joy as you did ours.

I love you little man, and we'll see you at the bridge.


Rocket, 05/19/03

I love you Rocket and I'll love you forever. You were my first cat and although you may not be my last, never, never will I feel such an affection again. I miss you already. "There are no goodbyes, only love."

Melissa Muldoon

Rocket, 08/01/88-03/28/03

Rocket was my life partner for the past 13 years and the love of my life. He validated every breath I took each and every day. He was my guardian angel. His spirit was phenomenal and he was so incredibly special. He came to work with me everyday and lifted the spirits of each and every person he met. And every pooch he encountered was a friend he hadn't met yet. Rocket was one of my greatest life mentors and I feel so blessed that the universe brought us together. I miss you, Rocket, with every cell in my body. I will always love you and miss you. Your Guardian Angel, Alisa

Rockford, 02/12/89-08/16/03

We miss you so much big guy, the butt wiggles, the circles, the sparkle of life in your eyes. You helped me through some very hard times, just being there with the unconditional commitment that came from such a special friend. Hopefully we will meet again...


Rocki, 04/03/82-01/18/03


Rocki* loved…sunshine rays, sardines, hugs and lap time. Ear caresses, under the chin rubs and "to smile."

What do I see? Golden and green eyes-- as full as the moon, soft fur the color of midnight, black nose, fur on her paws.

What do I hear? Soft purr, loud meows-- to let me know she's here, soft pitter patter across the floor. I love you.

What do I feel? Endearing LOVE, pure LOVE, unending LOVE, warmth, light-glowing light.

What do I know? Rocki* is a spirit. She is a soul. She is energy and light. She is…and never will not be.*

Noreen Violetta

Rocklin/Stockton, 04/94-02/06/03

In memory of my Precious Angel, sent from heaven above. Her original name: Rocklin, California, Summer Home of the 49ers. The team moved summer camp to Stockton, CA, when she was three, hence, Rocklin/Stockton. I will miss her so much.


Rocko, 12/13/03

Dear Rocko, I can't believe you are gone. You were the eldest of your brothers and head of the house, I miss you so much. You were the best companion. I was a stranger 8 years ago and you let me in your house and your heart and you took good care of me. You are now in good company at the bridge with your feline brother "Lindsey" who went ahead of you on 10/14/03. I can only look forward to being with both of you. Love, Jackie

Rocko, 11/11/00-12/02/03

Rocko was the best guinea pig ever!!!!!!!I miss you!!!!!

Lutchy Charles

Rocko, 09/02/93-05/29/03

Rocko - We love you and miss you very much. Things are just not the same without you around. I really feel terrible that we couldn't bring you home with us the day I took you to the vet. If there would have been anything I could have done more for you I would have done it. The only consolation was that your suffering was relatively brief compared to poor Max. I hope you realized those last 45 minutes, that I was with you and would have done anything for you if it meant you could be saved. I know we will see each other again some day because if we never did, it sure wouldn't be heaven. Please say hi to Murphy, Belvey, Max, Kraemer & Willy. Be careful of Willy though, he's quite rambunctious. He'll chase you all over. Wally really misses you & will see you again someday & be your protector. Bye, Rocko.

Jennifer Oldenburg

Rocky, 12/05/96-12/10/00

Dear Rocky, I am so so sorry for what I had to do to you in Dec. of 2000. I was in a very bad way at that time with no resources for help. I only hope and pray that you know how much I loved you and still VERY MUCH DO! I have four candles on your box that is right next to where I sleep every night, and there is never a day that goes by that I don't think about you! You were such a beautiful dog Rocky, always there wherever I was, anywhere! I miss you terribly and I hope your not upset at what I had to do. I've been told that it was the most loving thing, but that doesn't help the pain of losing you! I can only hope and pray that you are happy and well wherever you are. I have never washed the shirt I wore the last day I held you as you went to sleep, every once in awhile I'll cuddle with it so I can smell you, I miss you ROCKY, I can't wait to see you again, lov mommy.

Rocky, 04/2003-12/2003

My sweet fuzzy boy. I loved you so much and can hardly stand the empty ache left now that you're gone. I know we will meet again someday but in the selfish ways of humankind I want you here with me now. You were just a baby and I had imagined you growing into a big beautiful fluffy lover boy. I sit down and wait for you to climb the back of the couch and wrap yourself around my neck and nuzzle and kiss me and when I realize you're not here any more I don't know what to do with myself. Your brothers will all miss you as will I. I will always cherish the short time you lightened my life and though dimmed considerably without you I look forward to meeting you again. I love you rocky, my sweet little honey cat.

Lisa Hicks

Rocky, 2002

My best Buddy...soooo much loved & soooo much missed.

Nick & Bonnie Fulginiti

Rocky, 11/01/03

We will miss you! Thank you for being a part of our family. We will always hold you in our hearts.
The Torres Family

Rocky, 10/04/03

Rocky: you are my best cat friend and I really loved you. I was one of the only ones that you let pet you. You were a beautiful cat and you still are. You were the best cat ever. I am going to miss you and your brother, Jake, when I visit Aunt Lisa and Uncle Butch in Kentucky. I love you so much and will always miss you. Your buddy, Hayster

Rocky, 02/13/87-04/03/00

Mein Rockychens, ich vermisse dich und hoffe, wir sehen uns am Regenbogen Bruecke. Du warst meine bester Freund.

Ed Stitt

Rocky, 04/05/87-08/11/03

He was the best! We love him very much and miss him so.

Doug & Marti

Rocky, 05/01/88-08/08/03

My cat Rocky went to the Rainbow Bridge today. After 15 years in our family, he'll be greatly missed He was a real purr box and lap cat also we will miss the conversations that he use to have with us. Being quite vocal, my family and friends will miss the chats that they would have with him on the phone. We will miss you little buddy but your spirit will live on within us. Also missed by your little big brother Dash.

Karen & Dan

Rocky, 04/15/96-07/15/03

Loving Pet Of;
Joe, Sr., Carol, Joey, Brandon
Words from the heart;
Rocky we Love you and will miss you very much!
May God Bless and Keep you until we all see you again.
Special Words from our son Joey: * To all of you who prayed and wished for the best for Rocky, we thank you. And Rocky up in heaven thanks you too!
This letter was written from our son Joe's heart!
I hope you like as much as Carol, and I did. *

Smile, friendly, compassionate, silly, playful, funny, laughter…

Found in a litter of many, in an Amish home in Lancaster, Rocky was supposed to be the one who was going to be quiet. Among the litter, as I was told, there were many pups who couldn't stop playing. Rocky, was the only one who stayed still. As my brother Brandon looked on, Rocky caught his eye. There he was, the only one who Brandon thought could carry the name of which many respond to as the one with the 'eye of the tiger'. This was to be the one who would help my brother when he needed motivation for football, basketball, and later, wrestling.
In the beginning it was Brandon's pup. He wrestled with him, took him for walks, played with him. He came into the house with my dog Britt, a beautiful Norwegian Elkhound, proud and dignified, already present. Rocky, silly and funny, bugged Britt to play with him all the time. Britt grew up in a show dogs world, so play, he did not. But Rocky was a goof, and Britt would learn in time to play from his example, as Rocky would learn when to be silent from Britt's.
Britt was a clean drinker, Rocky slopped his water everywhere. Britt ate his food in a dish, Rocky hid his food in other rooms. Britt knew his boundaries in the house, Rocky roamed when he could. (For instance; the time when he didn't listen to me, and I chased him up the road, caught him, placed him in my arms, kicking and howling, while I had no shirt on to block his puppy sharp nails from penetrating my bare chest.) Britt sung the blues to my saxophone, Rocky wanted nothing to do with it.
But the two grew to love each other as did their family. While Brandon took Rocky everywhere when he was home, it was not too long before he left for Florida to pursue college. Then the pup who was once motivation for Brandon's "eye of the tiger", landed a spot in a place of dad's heart.
Dad and Rocky did everything together. Early Sunday morning trips to Turkey Hill to get coffee with Rocky in the passenger seat, nose and tongue hanging out of the window, tongue nearly reaching the street. Dad's emails or post office letters would never be sent without, "Love, Joe, Carol, Joey and Rocky Too!" Throwing scraps from meals that dad could or could not finish into Rocky's mouth was a tradition. I believe Rocky sometimes ate better than I did! Rocky proved to be the best of help when dad had his heart attack. After getting out of the hospital, Rocky couldn't wait to see his daddy back home. This serious attack took dad into a depression. It took a while for him to recover, physically and mentally but Rocky was there every step of the way. He would always give his paw, put his head on your lap, and stare into your soul with his weepy browns, when he knew you were at your worst. "It's going to be alright. I'm here," Rocky's heart whispered.
And as we gave Britt his own puppy voice, Rocky got one too. But Rocky's was crazier. It fit him. "Rockeeyyyy" was mine, with a feeling of, 'I'm going to go nuts and run around the hallways four times without breathing, then I'm going to show my wild side and spin in a circle to catch my tail because that's what Rocky's do best!' hysteria. But dad had the most, "Look at the face, so cute", "He's good most of the time. Right rock?", "What are they doing to you rock?" Then when the new neighbors came with their Josiah, Abigail, and Kathryn, all of which the sum of their ages is no greater than ten, it became, "Hi rocky!" Kathryn's yell, with eyes whose matched Rocky's, brown and tender, was the sweetest. Every vowel as long as possible and cuter than the face of a newborn pup whose eyes have yet to be seen by the warmth of the sun, as she shouted "Hi Rocky", from her house. Finally dad would say, "What would we do without rocky." And what will we do without Rocky.
It is too quiet. The dead of winter in a cold forest bears a resemblance.
The doorbell will never ring the same. What does a doorbell sound like without the sound of Rocky's bark behind it? What does a house smell like without the scent of Rocky around? What is warmth if it doesn't come from cuddling up to a smile and bad breath? Things will not be the same, but things can be remembered.
His laugh. His smile. His willingness never to be sad, even at his passing. While in the hospital I came to console Rocky, he was the one who was smiling and giving me his paw while I could not hide the tears.
All I know is that my boy will finally have a friend again. My Brittney will finally be able to play again. He will have someone who admires him for his strengths but can laugh at his silly inquisitions. He will have another piece of me to remember. He will dance in the sun and think of what was, and smile when he sees what will be. He has Rocky, Rocky has him. Together they are inseparable, like the moon to the night, the sun to the day. Britt can share his love without pain, and finally, so can Rocky. Heaven's gotten a little bit bigger, and the party just a little bit more fun.

I love you Rocky!

Rocky, 07/17/03

My wife and I will miss Rocky, I have had Rocky for over 10yrs. I loved her like my own child. My wife was the first woman that she ever really liked. We will miss you Rocky.


Rocky, 09/88-09/11/03

You were apart of our family and you are so very missed. No dog will ever replace you. You were our best friend and I know you will be watching down on us. God took you when you were ready to go home. Our hearts are broken but we know that it was best for you. We are gonna get a new dog and can only hope he feels our hearts with as much joy as you did. You are missed my everyone. WE LOVE YOU

Bob, Cristie, Fawn

Rocky, 06/24/03

May your days of eternal life be filled with as much happiness as you gave to me Rocky I love you and miss you dearly.

Rocky, 06/12/03

I was blessed to have Rocky for the last eight months of his life. I first met Rocky wandering around my neighborhood. I tracked down his owner but then wished I hadn't. I offered to keep Rocky on the spot but the owner wanted him back, so I had to let him go. A few months later the owner decided he no longer wanted Rocky and remembered me. I picked up Rocky from the family that had basically forgotten about him on October 12, 2002. I later found out that in those few months he had been picked up several times by the dog warden near my home. Rocky settled in nicely and was so sweet and asked so little. I soon learned that Rocky had Laryngeal Paralysis. This condition made it difficult for him to breath at times. Surgery was discussed but turned out not to be a good option. Rocky did fairly well, he learned to trust, love, play and run. He finally had a home where someone fed him regularly, played with him, cuddled with him and made sure he always had his favorite blankets to sleep on. Rocky's health started to decline after aspirating and getting an infection in his lungs. For awhile, antibiotics cleared it up and steroids made him breath normally. But the last infection did not respond to the medicines or to being on oxygen. When it became clear that this time was different and breathing became harder, I had to make the most difficult decision of my life and let him go. I was with him when he died and the last words he heard were how much I loved him. As hard as it was for me to be there, I owed it to him. Sometimes a feel angry because he finally had a home were he was loved and he was taken away too soon. But then I remember all the joy he brought to my life and how blessed I was that he picked me to spend the end of his life with.


Rocky, 06/01/96-05/18/03

I miss you Rocky and will never forget you.

David Atkinson

Rocky, 02/01/87-04/29/03

Rocky and I met when she was a tiny, tiny three week old kitten. At first I thought she was a Raccoon, and so she received her name. I made her formula from scratch, and fed her through a doll's bottle. She would knead on my thigh as she ate. She always sensed my state of mind and stayed by my side through some very difficult times - a divorce, attending law school, studying for the bar exam, indeed, she would study along with me, enduring the arduous task better than I. In 2000, she was diagnosed with CRF. She never complained about the daily subcutaneous fluid therapy. At times I think that it hurt me more than her. She bravely fought this insidious disease and we adapted our lives together for her well being. She even got to like the low protein food I made for her. There was less playing, but more cuddling. We were as one. We are one, she is in my soul and it is filled with her love.

Kathryn M. Kollmeyer

Rocky, 07/25/90-04/07/03

Sweet cat, good friend, loving companion

Teri Saylor

Rocky, 6/26/87-4/10/00

Your spirit lives in my heart and I will always love you.

L. Sternberg

Rocky Balboa Budden, 02/83-04/30/03

Take every second minute and hour to love you pets because they are family and truely a friend! Forever bonding...even in the end. Passed over at home in daddys loving hand. I held him and hugged and kissed him, and told him how much we loved him xo

Kat and Mike

Rocky Ballard, 11/14/01

Rocky was a very special pet, he was my shadow for almost 13 years.
It has been almost two years since I had to have him put down and I still miss him greatly.


Rocky Gee, 07/20/03

Such a dignified old gentleman cat who was one of my two guardian feline friends. He may have had a "rocky" start. He was rescued from a shelter by a neighbor of my son's. Then he went to live with my son when the neighbor moved away. Eventually he ended up with me and spent the last three years of his long life as my special companion. He loved to mingle with guests and his very favorite activity was listening to live guitar music. He was a special buddy to Lenny, my other cat, and a source of paw smacks to the Black Lab intruder in the house. All who loved him will miss him. Humans: Pat, Scott, Phil, Andy, & Windy. Furry Friends: Lenny and Puppy Louise. He left us on Sunday, July 20, 2003 at 3:00 pm. May he rest in fleece.

RockyMan, 04/13/93-04/20/03

To RockyMan,
Who always was a 'Mommy' to all of God's creatures. The baby bird that you picked up when it fell out of the nest, but didn't harm, the little blind mole that you found in the back yard that had already passed on, and you brought into the house and you put on your blanket and lay beside to protect. Your siblings, whose eyes you washed and always kept an eye on. Your Mom, who you loved unconditionally, who loved you, unconditionally. To all those who knew you, they loved you. You'll always be my, 'Baby Boy.'

Bunny Di Paolo

Rocky Rambo lll, 05/03/94-11/13/03

A tribute to by beloved Rocky: I love you more than most people would understand. You have been the most loyal of friends and I will always hold you close in memory and in my heart. I will never forget you my precious pet. There will never be another like you.

Shirley Tipton

Rodeo, 04/06/96-12/07/03

He was given to me sunrise of 1996
He left me in the moonlight 2003


Rodney, 04/02/03-05/13/03

Baby boy I hope you love running in Gods trees..
We miss you.
Love you, Mom & Dad

Rodney Allen (Moo) Fleck, 3/1/90 - 8/14/03

Precious little Moo Cow, our sweet sugar boy, we miss you so much. Thank you for bringing so many years of love, affection, companionship, and fun to our lives. You were the sweetest, most patient, gentle, kind creature to ever walk this earth and we are so grateful for every moment we had with you. You were so full of love it's no surprise your heart grew too big. I just wish we could have kept you healthy longer. We tried our best to keep you happy and comfortable once you got sick and we would have done anything to make you better. I pray you are getting all the attention, salmon and whipped cream you want and that you are as happy as you deserve to be. Know that mommy and daddy and even Sparkie miss you every day, and we will never forget you or stop loving you. God bless you sweet Rod, I hope you have plenty of soft green pastures to Moo Roll through and plenty of warm Moo Fires to curl up in front of if in a little Moo Ball if you get cold, and daddy and I are both looking forward to a nice big Moo Lick when we meet again. Jennifer & Brad

Rodriga, 01/31/98- 04/22/03

Rodriga was a very sweet bird. She had been chronically ill for a very long time. She died cradled in her flock's hands.

Lisa Leutheuser

Roger, 11/13/97-12/23/03

Very much loved boy, Mini came to take you to a cool beautiful place to play. We miss you both, love always

Jan, Mark, Bill, Penni & Sean

Roger, 11/10/02-02/16/03

Roger was born on Nov. 10, 2002 and came to us on Feb. 1, 2003. He was the cutest puppy I had ever seen! I didn't know much about dachshunds but was quickly told what great pets they are. Roger was the greatest puppy I had ever owned. He was so sweet and loving. We became very close in the 2 weeks he spent in with us. He followed me everywhere, and always wanted me to pick him up and hold him. He always snuggled up next to me or on my lap to watch tv at night. He was so smart too. I taught him how to sit in less than 15mins and he had just gotten 'shake' the night before his death. That last night I decided to let him sleep with me in the bed. He slept right beside me on my pillow. He died the next day around 2:00pm at the animal emergency room. I rushed him to the ER around 8:45am on Sunday Feb. 16, 2003. He was staggering around running into the wall and was foaming at the mouth. I thought he had gotten into something poison. The vets put him on fluids and sent us home around 10:45am telling us they would call us when his blood test came back. they called at 11:30 saying he was acting better and I could breath easier. But 30 mins later they called back informing us he was having seizures and had gone into respiratory failure. They figured he had a liver shunt and told us the best thing to do would be to put him down. I couldn't even speak, my husband had to tell them to go ahead. This puppy had become my child and stolen my heart. I have never experienced losing anyone close to me before. It was devastating.

Roger, I was told to never buy a puppy from a pet store.. but when I saw you looking back at me from that small dirty cage I couldn't have left that store without you. Your life was short... but I just hold that for those 2 weeks you were with us you lived a lifetime through our love! We miss you so much and hope to see you again one day in heaven. I'll never forget you.

Roger, 06/09/98-01/08/03

To a special friend...You comforted us in sorrow; you shared in our happiness. You knew you were loved as we knew you loved us. We will miss you and never forget you.

Elaine Doss

Rollie, 11/18/03

Take care of little Dizzy, we love you both.

Tina Petraline

Rollie, 12/14/96-10/29/03

Rollie was the most loyal, loving dog we could have asked for. He was taken from this earth far to soon but we know he is in a better place now. And while we miss him, we will see his smiling face again some day. We love you Rollie!

Julia McDougell

Rolling Meadows Patriot (AKA Riot), 03/15/92-01/13/03

Patriot, AKA Riot, was a dog hero in addition to being my pet, protector, and friend for ten and a half years.
At six months of age, Patriot alerted me to a person in need of help. At that moment I heard a woman's scream for help and saw a man push a woman down. Six police cars, two ambulances, and social services were involved before the incident was over. The man had cut the woman's head as well as himself in the attack. There was a small baby in the apartment as well. The man wouldn't allow the police to come in. After all was over, I told a policeman that I had made the call because of my pet's barking. The policeman said that the incident could easily have lead to the woman's death if I hadn't called. Yeah for Patriot!
Everyone that met Patriot loved him, including people that previously were bitten or frightened by a German Shepherd. Babies to adults were enchanted by Riot and he was indeed loved by all. Riot had two canine Maltese brothers. There names are Freedom, and Prosperity. Patriot was always gentle to these little ten pound fur babies.
Four years ago Patriot got bloat and torsion while at a kennel. Donna, Owner of Barking Spot, as well as the proud breeder of Patriot, noticed Riot was acting differently. She took him to her farm that night to keep an eye on him. When his condition worsened, Donna rushed him to Marinette, WI. Donna kept a vigil while Dr. Orlin Harrold and Dr. Mara Doughty operated and saved Patriot's life.
January 13, 2003 was the third anniversary of my father's death. On that day I tearfully took Patriot to the vet's office to be euthanized. An inoperable tumor was found, and my now gray muzzled friend was likely too old to survive another surgery.
Riot was the best, and gave the best to others. In the end I did the hardest, but best thing I could for him. I let him out of his pain and suffering. Run free my friend, run free. You were owned by one, but loved by all. Thank you Rolling Meadows Patriot. Thank you Donna for breeding him. Thank you Dr. Doughty and Dr. Harrold for saving him and thank you all for loving Riot, the gentle giant.

Lori Sigl

Rolo, 2/22/03-5/23/03

Rolo for the short time you was with us you will always be in our hearts. You was the joy of our lifes. We hope you and Two are being good boys and playing together nice.

Mom and Dad

Romeo, 10/28/03

He was my beloved friend and companion for 12 1/2 years.
I miss you, my baby boy.

Rachel Shively

Romeo, 06/19/97-09/16/03

Tribute to Romeo, Herman and Kaikee.
You were all loved and we miss you in our lives.

Trudy Kueker & Michael Howard

Romeo, 06/07/03

You were my rock....what will I do without you? I will love you always.

Judy Hannemann

Romeo (Little Buddy), 03/08/03


My heart is breaking, sweet boy, and I miss you so much I can't stop crying. I wish I could hold you and kiss your head and ears just one more time. Letting you go was unbearable, but you were so tired and your little body was so weak. You were so brave and so good. I'm grateful you were peaceful and that I held you so close as you took your last breath. Thank you for being in my life and loving me as I love you. Play at the Bridge with your new friends, little buddy, and don't be afraid 'cause I'll be with you again. I'll hold you tight and give you a million hugs and kisses as we cross the bridge together. Until then, be peaceful, little boy.

Rommel, 06/30/92-07/17/03

I will miss you more than words can express or most people will understand, you gave me courage when I had none.

Marsha Marshall

Rommel, 07/12/03

We miss him very much!

Candace Fozard

Rommel Bell, 07/05/03

I will always love you Angel and Rommel please forgive me. You both are in my hearts.

Ronaldo, 07/98-15/01/02

Our lovely little small grey cat was taken from us so suddenly on Wednesday morning - I'd just fed him and then left for work to find him at the door. We will both miss you so much, especially Al who so enjoyed the time you spent together in his bachelor days. We'll miss you trying to eat our yoghurt, the one thing you were crazy for, barging into the bathroom and trying to drink the water - no more muddy pawprints on the bath when we get home. We'll miss you wanting to be on high, sleeping on top of the bookshelf, birdwatching in the hedge, chasing butterflies and leaves, coming in smelling of lavender, and I will so miss coming in to find my boys together in front of the fire. Al's missing you rounding him up to feed you in the morning, heading down the stairs in front of him like a little grey dodgem with your tail up. And we'll both miss mad half hour, those squeaky little noises when we stroke you and you sitting under the desk lamp wanting all the attention on you.
We'll say goodbye to you properly on Saturday and at least we'll have you near - thank you for such fun over the past four and a half years and I'm sorry that we didn't have more time. Always in our hearts and God bless.

Melanie Peel

Ronan, 06/10/95-12/01/03

Ro, you got Mommy through some really dark times.
Thank you for being the best little boy anyone could ever wish for.
You will always be my wonderful, little Pooh Bear. You will always be loved and missed by your little sister and me.
I love you and miss you, Your Mommy (Kelly)

Ronni, 10/13/03

My sweet little angel in a doggy suit. I miss her so much...

Vicki Proctor

Rooney, 03/17/91-11/23/03

Our dear little son, so precious you are to us. You were our best buddy, always waiting when we came home.
Always faithful and loving, every morning you came up to kiss our faces.
You took such good care of Greta and Max, they miss you terribly and are looking for you.
I know you are now in God's care, running around in those soft meadows, eating all that spaghetti and not suffering as you were.
You were so strong in your pain you never wanted us to know how much you hurt, until the last day you could not be strong any longer cause God was calling you.
Rest and play our little precious one, we will be there soon to meet you.
Love Mommy and Daddy

Roosevelt, 04/21/83-02/13/02

Sweet Rosy passed with his family stroking his head. A champ at jumping events he had more spirit and kindness than any other horse I've met.

I will always miss you Rosy.


Ropie, 03/01/86-11/16/03

Ropie was part of the family for 18 yrs, Today an angel took him to heaven, free of pain & suffering. Ropie will live in our heats forever, And forever be missed. To have loved and then said goodbye, is better than to have never loved at all. For all the love you so unconditionally gave to us Ropie, You will stay in our hearts forever!!! We love you!!

Bud & Sally

This is in HONER of dear Ropie my Aunt & Uncles precious kitty. Ropie went to kitty heaven on 11/16/2003.They had 18 wonderful yrs with Ropie, all to be held close in their hearts. Their hearts are broken as anyone with a pet would know. Please keep them in your thoughts. Let this web site comfort them. We Love you ROPIE, You will be missed alway's. Goodbye "BIG BOY", See you in heaven!


Rorie, 11/25/00-04/19/03

Please bless my sweet bunny's soul who so unexpectedly went to heaven this morning. I loved that dear little rabbit with all my heart.

Christy Brown

Rory, 06/24/03

For Rory, who was with me too short a time. You have shown me what is really important in life and I thank you. I love you Rory and I'll miss you for the rest of my life. From your Bethy

Rosa Linda, 03/19/91-01/23/03

Farewell, my love. farewell.
You were the one with the dark eyes that could melt a heart.
Hoping that someday I'll look into your eyes once more when we meet on the Rainbow Bridge...
I love you,

Rosanna, 1996-1996

Rosanna, such a sweet, beautiful kitten. So timid and graceful, loving and delicate. I thought if I held you, I would crush you. You were too fragile for this world, little girl, and we didn't get to have you for very long. But the time we did, we enjoyed having you and taking care of you. I really wanted you to live, I loved you from the first time I saw you. I said, "I want that kitten!" You were so special. I know you're happier now, and especially now that you can be with your whole family. I miss ya'll so much; you touched my life more than you can imagine, and I can only hope I did right by you. Please forgive me for any mistakes I made, and know that all I wanted was to love you and take care of you. I know you are peace now, and I am so glad for that. You were just too pretty and good for this world, but not for heaven. Everything should be to your liking there. Be happy and know how much I love you and your family, and how glad I am that I became acquainted with you all.

Love, Marty

Rosco, 02/17/94-05/28/03

Rosco was a wonderful, sweet and very smart dog. I was fortunate to have him in my life for a longer time than any of the other pet I've had. Rosco had been through 2 surgeries in the last 2 years for removal of masses. The first surgery, there was no cancer; but the second revealed cancer. Unfortunately, masses began forming again only a month after the second surgery. I didn't want him to have to go through any more suffering and he began to show signs of not feeling well; so I had him put down 2 weeks later. His favorite thing was riding in the car. I took him for a nice ride with the windows down to his favorite spot and then treated him to his favorite "fast food" just before we went to the vet. He deserved a good "send off". I stayed with him until the end. His vet loved him almost as much as I did. He was always such a "gentleman" as she put it. Boxers are prone to cancers of all kinds. Rosco had a good long life and was my friend and protector. I will miss him sorely. He was "my little love".

Roscoe, 05/01/03-12/05/03

You were with us such a short time but you were part of our family.
You will be missed more than you will ever know.

Joanne Philbin

Roscoe, 05/08/88-10/03/03

Roscoe came to us on the day of my grandmother’s funeral in 1988, sitting on my back deck, waiting for me to get home--exclusively it seemed. As he would not leave for days—even without food or water. I reached down to touch the 9 –12 week old kitten, and felt an instant bond that has never left me. Who wouldn’t be drawn to unconditional love and devotion with the type of dysfunctional connection my alcoholic parents afforded me in my childhood—cats are unconditional lovers, and really know what it’s like to be abandoned. Roscoe never abandoned me. Roscoe stuck to me and was a comfort and healer throughout my 30’s and 40’s. He had all the stages…naughty cat, playful cat, lover cat, lazy fat cat, entertainer, trickster, healer. Still, At age 14 we taught him to raise his paw when he wanted petting ---his paw was lifting up all the time…teachable, smart, and had the kindest disposition of any cat I’ve ever known. He was my closest friend, ally, and comforter. I will miss you.

Christine Smith

Roscoe, 07/30/03

Roscoe, your life was taken at the hands of a gun. Bandit was waiting for you as you crossed the bridge. Godspeed big boy. Until the team meets again wear your silver harness proud.

Roscoe, 11/21/94-05/27/03

Roscoe was my best friend that never once questioned me in what and why I was doing something. Always there for me when I felt down and wanting to give me all of his love.

Will miss you terribly Roscoe!

Mike Van Weelden

Roscoe, 8/9/92-1/19/03

A few words about Roscoe: He was a purebred Rottweiler my husband got from a breeder in Germany, while serving in the US Army. Roscoe traveled half way around the world to make his home with us in Upstate NY. Roscoe was a gentle giant who was loving, sweet, affectionate and playful. He could key right into your moods and if you were feeling sad he'd cuddle right up to you. While I was home recovering from surgery, he never left my side. He could change anyone's mind about the breed since Rottie's get a bad rap. We had to make the decision last Jan. to put him down because his cancer had spread his leg bone and he no longer had his quality of life. My husband and I were devastated and it was the hardest decision we ever made. We were with him when he closed his eyes for the last time and as difficult as it was, I'm so glad we were there. The last voice he heard and the last touch he felt was ours. We are so grateful for the wonderful years we had with Roscoe, and we are better people for having him in our lives. Since his passing we have made a donation in his memory to our local SPCA, I'm working on a scrapbook of his life, and we are planting a garden in his memory called "Roscoe's Garden",

Roscoe, 04/01/93-01/12/03

William picked me. At 5 weeks, he was tiny, but he still wanted to be near me and kept climbing on me when all of his littermates ignored me. His beautiful blue grey fur grew in long and lush, and he weighed 15 pounds in his prime.

He loved string, and jumping, and tag. He followed me like a puppy, and wouldn't leave my side when I was ill. He would cuddle with me, and purr so loud he could wake me up! He learned to answer the phone, he ALWAYS came when he was called, and to sit, and was a true gentleman.

I will so miss having him wait while I shower so he could drink some warm water, and him running to greet me every time I come in my house. I pray we meet again, and he forgives me for having to give him up.

Brandy Tucker

Roscoe, 1983-09/18/01

Have you ever had a friend that you could tell anything to, they would just sit and listen to your problems and not pass judgment on you, yet they were never able to give you advice. That was my dog, Roscoe, when I was born my sister had just gotten a puppy shi-shu, as the years went on he became more mine then her's. We would get other dog's and they's always be big breeds (like a labrador, or a flat coated retriever, or an airdale.) but either they would die of old age or we would have to put them up for adoption but through all those other dog's we alway's had Roscoe. He was the constant in my life, he was the thing that never changed. When he died I felt as though a part of my heart had been ripped from my chest. I went to my room and cried for hour's I had lost my best friend. later when I finally emerged from my room (my face all tearstained) I demanded to hear the whole story. My father looked up and there were tear's in his eye's and he said simply "I didn't see him". It was dark and my father was running to the store to get milk, and some one had let the dog out to go to the bathroom, and Roscoe had wondered into the street ( he loved to lay smack dap in the middle of the road on warm days) and as my father backed into the road he either bumped or nudged Roscoe with the tire and Roscoe who was blind became so frightened he had a heart attack, and died. I was 17 and he was 16 (in people years), and he was the one thing I thought I could never live without. That was on year and four months ago. Three months after he died my parent's decided for Christmas to get me a new dog, not to replace Roscoe (he was ereplacable) but to fill the void in my life. They brought home for me Pongo an adorable four year old chihuaha. When we got him he was fat and over weight for a dog of his size but we have gotten him into a healthy weight zone and he has become my shadow where ever I go.


Rosco P. Co. Train, 02/14/00-03/03/03

My Rosco,
I'm sorry I raised you wrong. I didn't know what I was doing to you. I carried you way up into the woods where we use to go play. I'm sorry I had to put you up there. I built a beautiful white picked fence around your grave. You always stood out in life so much I couldn't grasp the fact no one could admire you anymore. No more playing ball at the dog park, no more rides in in truck- I look in my rearview mirror all the time hoping to see your happy face. I miss you so much my little buddy, I'm sorry.... love your mommy

Rose, 06/25/98-01/23/03

We love you and miss you. We will never forget the time you spent with us. You will always be in our hearts. We are glad that you are in a better place and no longer suffering. Thank you for teaching us how to love more by loving us unconditionally.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."

Roseanna, 1986

Roseanna, little kitten so timid and sweet. Too gentle for this world and too precious, so loving and trusting and pure. This world with its darkness could not keep you. You belonged in the light of Paradise. You brightened rainbows with the grace of an angel, just happy to accept what love came your way. I loved you dearly that first time I saw you! I wanted you like I've never wanted a kitten before. I could feel your goodness and your childlike honesty radiating colors and warmth from your little heart. You're so strikingly beautiful that I wanted to admire you and your gifts from God a little longer. It just wasn't to be, and somehow, I know that you live in a much nicer place, where the sun always shines and you don't have to hide. You can come out to play all the time. No worries, no fears, no pain for you to feel. There's flowers and bugs, little friends and playthings, enough to keep you happy for all time. That's how I picture you, Roseanna. Happy and smiling and so full of life. Spiraling and twirling with joy. You innocent little angel with a soul so deep and pure--a precious gift to those she touches. Please know I miss you and I enjoyed your presence for the short time you stayed. I'm honored that you let me into your life and your heart. I know you're smiling now, jumping, and laughing with glee, loving friends gathered 'round the princess. Sweet Roseanna, daughter of Callie, and sister to a family I cherished so much. You're all together now, and I'm so sad without you and the bond you shared. But you were all meant to stay together, and you did; for that I am grateful. You taught me so much about life I'd never known. You overcame your fears and let me become part of your family. I couldn't help but love and care for you. Know that I do love you, and that you graced my life with your love. I wanted to do more for you and love you for years, but heaven isn't scary and you don't have to hide. Come out and show your beauty so deep within you. I'll miss you so much and remember forever what you brought to me. I'm so thankful we could live and love together for a while. We'll sing in the sunshine, little one, and laugh every day. I promise I'll see you and with you I'll stay. Be loved, Roseanna, and I'll feel fulfilled. Love and happiness, Marty

Roseanna, 1989-1989

Roseanna, the smallest member of Mommy Cat's family. Too sweet and gentle for this world, she only touched us for a brief time, but we were sad to see her go. My other cats tried so hard to take care of her and save her, but it wasn't to be. We wanted to love you and care for you Roseanna, but you left us and went to the place that will always provide you with what you need. I know you're not crying anymore. And although I'm sorry I couldn't save you, you meant a lot to me. I'll never forget you or your family. I know you've been reunited with at least some of them, and I know how happy you must be. What tenderness and love emanated from your heart. Thank you, Roseanna, for being with us for a short time. We'll always remember you and be glad we had the opportunity to love you.
We will always love you.

Marty Thomas

Rosey, 12/01/98-07/16/02

She was a very special, sweet kitty. We miss her very much.

Thomas and Debbie

Rosey, 05/02/89-05/31/03

I will miss you Rosepup... You've been a joy to my life.

L. Jennings

Rosez, 04/06/02-08/16/03

We will never forget our BSTBUDZ.. We love you ROSEZ

Rose Forbes

Rosie, 08/31/99-12/09/03

Oh Rosie, my love for you is like no other.
I can still see your wagging tail, your whole butt shakes. The way your eyes light up when I come home each day and how you wake me up every morning with tidy, concise, neverending kisses.
I saw your head shake this morning at the clumsy attempt Mia and Flair made at chasing a squirrel and I know that you are somewhere where you finally caught that squirrel.
I love you so much Rosie, I hope you know how so very special you are to me. You have done so much for me in this life, I only hope I loved you enough. Miss P, Miss P, what do you mean to me? Everything, everything.

Gail Towne

Rosie, 02/16/02

You made may life so much better the short time God
blessed me with you.


Rosie, 08/07/95-08/15/03

Rosie was a special girl. She was sweet and loving and provided us with so much..We are better for having had her in our lives. We miss our girl so much..I hope she is playing with the angels..and that my mom is taking good care of her...I love you Rosie..and miss you something awful..Love, mom and are my pretty girl..

* * * * * * 

Our rosie girl passed away two weeks ago. We still feel she is here. We miss her little habits. She loved her cookies. She was a mama's girl and followed me all over the place. She loved to take walks and loved to ride in the car. She loved going to Starbucks because they gave her cookies... She was very nosey and often stared at people in the next car...a stare down. She was protective and loved to be pet. That nose of hers and her paw...always wanted to be loved. She was never in a bad mood, always cheered us up. She was there when our house burnt down and loved the firemen. She was a good girl. She was her mama's pretty girl. we love you and miss you more than words can express. I am so sorry I wasn't with you when you died. I hope you know how much you were loved. We feel your spirit here every day and it isn't the same without you..l love you pretty girl..

Julie Westenberg

Rosie, 04/91-05/17/00

In our hearts forever, Love Mommie, Bullseye & Lulu

Rosie, 07/07/03

We got Rosie 7 years ago. She had been ill treated and neglected. She was a lazy wee dog and not the prettiest in the world, but you soon forgot about that. She soon had us all bossed around and she always got her way. She had a mammary tumour removed a few years ago. Then last year she had a strangulated bowel, but the vet managed to save her. But yesterday she went off her food and couldn't stand ,and today at 6.00 pm we had her put to sleep. We are all heartbroken. It was the same problem as before but with complications. So she died peacefully in my arms and it was a great comfort being there. We will never forget you Rosie
Be good

Isabel Canningshe

Rosie, 03/20/90-05/10/03

Thank you for your 13 years of loyalty and love. You will be greatly missed. I love you.

Marybeth Dew

Rosie, 12/15/93-04/30/03

We just lost our Rosie-girl. She had a happy life and was loved so much! She was sick one night and the next morning she had passed, pretty unexpectedly. We miss her so much and she will never be forgotten!

Rosie, 03/15/03

Rosie went on the special needs list in the summer of 2001. She was in kidney failure and the vet gave her one to two months to live. I began sub q fluids and eventually had a gif tube implanted to give her fluids. She lived almost two years and did everything she could to please me. Rosie crossed the bridge on March 15, 2003. She did not die of kidney failure. She came to me as a rescue in 1986. We never knew how old she was but figure it was between 17 and 19 when she died. She was the best friend, a little "rounder" and I miss her so much. God Speed, my little Rose.
Until we meet again.

Rosie, 07/15/00-12/24/02

Our dear, sweet healthy puppy died suddenly after 24 hours in a boarding kennel while we were gone for Christmas. We were shocked and deeply saddened, and remain so on this date (her 2 1/2 year old birthday). Happy Half Birthday, sweet one!

Sarah McDonald

Rosie Roo, 07/14/03

Rosie, you are my sunshine. You taught me about love, courage, and the healing power of silliness. You didn't deserve to suffer as you did. The day we lost you my heart shattered. Our home isn't the same without you. I wish you were here to steal my socks, soak up my tears, and fill the house with your love. I always knew I was the luckiest human to have you. Thank you for taking such good care of us.


Rosie-Roo, 03/09/03

For "Totally Tubular Rose," my tube-fed baby, most fragile of Annie's little ones, who never stopped trying to join me inside my shirt. We honor your kindness in staying with us, last of our big Wolfie family. Love forever from Dave, Viane, Christina and Catherine, and your adopted daughter, Chai.
Blessed be, our darling girl.

Rosie Rose, 04/17/00-11/10/03

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words and never stops at all......." Emily Dickinson
We know you are happy and safe and sweet and beautiful as ever, and you're waiting there at Rainbow Bridge for us.

Scott & Amy Dohmen

Rosiey, 6/24/96-3/12/01

A little Boston T. 10lbs, sweet,lovable, and crazy more than skin deep :) My little Rosiey came to me when I was only 5, she left when I was 10, she didn't have seizures, tumors, or fits, she just loved squirrels and ways 4ft out of the yard.

When I got her, she fit in the palm of my mom's hand, and was named after my white rose in the backyard, thought since I couldn't decide whether to spell it Rosie or Rosy, I spelled it Rosiey. She lived through parvo, fights, suffacation, and other things, the 9-lived dog, was her. She couldn't bark, only yoodle/scream/gurgle (a horrible noise). She had a screw-tail that stuck straight up and bat-ears that stuck out in the strangest fashion. She had a glued expression on her face "Huh?!", she was so funny. The neighbor's Shar-Pei/Pitbull killed her, it was awful, I found her afterwards (1st "find" out of two [Weenier]). She and Weenie met the same fate. Please, God, make it where she can see all the doggie-doors so she doesn't run into any. Rosiey, I love you, so does mom & dad. Say hi to Ween & Max (if he's up there) & the rest for me. Grant that I will not critize my neighbor's dog until I have walked a mile in her pads. Rosiey, I'll do my best to say sorry, for you.

Manda & company

Rossi, 04/21/03-12/22/03

I feel so lost without you, I will never forget you just hope you can forgive me for your suffering today, but at least you can rest know. get yourself a never ending carrot. mopsy will miss you loads. today has left a big hole in my heart I love you and will always be thinking of you. mum, dad, mopsy. godbless. xxxxxxxx

Rotaiva Snowbird, 10/27/93-09/02/03

Tara no words can express the feelings of emptiness I have with you gone, nor can they say what all you gave to everyone who met you. You, my heart, were beyond imagination or dreams, you were a queen. There will never be another who touches me as deeply, and never another who is so graceful in all she does. You, my baby girl, will always be my royal Queen.

Your momma Mary

Rowdy, 12/15/89-09/11/03

Rowdy was my best friend. We had a bond that only he and I understood. He was always there for me and will always be here with me. He feels what I feel, he knows what I know, he never complains, he always listens, he is always beside me, and wants to be there, he worries about me and worries with me, he always has a happy face for me, he feels my pain and tries to take it from me, he feels my happiness and gives me more, He has given his life to me, faithfully, loyally, happily and lovingly. He was my pal, my companion, my shoulder to cry on, my rock to stand on and my mountain of happiness. Through all these years, we have gone through all the many emotions of life together. I could never repay him for all his dedication to me and he would never expect that of me. Because of 3 little words that mean so much, He Loves Me. And I love him.

Rowdy's life ended yesterday evening 9/11/03. Part of myself went with him, my best part. My pain is hard and heavy and I don't have him to help me through this. Rowdy, I miss you terribly. I pray he is comforted now and waiting for me at the bridge.

Rowdy, 03/20/03

Rowdy was 10 years going on 4,he was a 3 pound Yorkie who loved his daddy, fearless, wouldn't let my girlfriend near or anyone else for that matter while I slept, he past away march 20 with nothing to indicate to me of any sickness or? I thank you for letting me share this unconditional love we shared, also rowdy would always talk to me when I was gone for over a minute, I will surely miss him and never forget him his imprint was placed to all who came to know him ...........Rick Harmon was and still is Rowdydogzdad.

Roxanne, 03/15/92-08/17/03

My Roxer-Boxer, my dear old friend. I love you and I shall see you again - until then, run, swim, play as you never have and eat many cookies! I look forward to seeing you again and until then I shall visit you in a cloud, a tree, a smooth breeze on my cheek and in many other small and quiet ways. I will certainly never forget you. Love always, Elle and the Kiddos

Roxanne, 11/16/87-04/29/03

She was there for me for 16 years, I'm glad I was there for her as she suffered her last hours. You are my best friend and life will not be the same until I see you again.

Teresa Bondora

Roxie, 10/31/97-11/28/03

Roxie, We love you and we always will. You made a permanent and wonderful impact in our lives and we will never forget you.
You will be thought of often and remembered daily. Thank you for all you brought to our lives. We miss you!!!
All our love, mom and dad

Roxie, 11/21/03


From the day you picked me out at the vet.
You peed on my shoe and I had found my new pet.

Your round little body, big brown eyes and curled tail,
helped heal hurts where others had failed.

We grew together & our live's rearranged,
but the bond, trust, and love shared we never changed.

You looked to me with total trust, as as always,
would love me, just as I was.

You forgave me if angry, you'd comfort cries, you loved
without limit, no judgment inside.

You'd teach all lessons as if this was your mission:
Gentleness, patience, and love without condition.

They said you were sick, and I hurt inside,
but you snuggled closer and your pain you'd hide.

Til you could no more, and couldn't stay.
You gently lay in the sun, and your soul flew away.

Forever you'll be in my heart,
the pain will lesson and the healing start.

Til that special day I will see you my friend,
and you'll smile and pee on my shoe again.

I love you now, forever, and always.
There's a hole in my heart -
Rest in peace baby, you've always been my good girl.
I miss you Roxie Angel.

Roxies Mom

Roxie, 11/07/03

Roxie was a dear trusted friend for 15 years. We will miss her.............

Vicki, Mickey, Jordan, and Rachel Robison

Roxie, 04/16/88-08/15/03

My best friend for 15 years. Gave me all the love, compassion, laughter, companionship she had. Today my heart is broken, but also bigger because she taught me how to love without rules or conditions. I love you Roxie. Momma

Roxie, 11/01/00-8/04/03

Roxie, I'll miss you

I promised to protect you from harm when you were young.

A lifetime of friendship had just begun.
The years have gone by with you at my side.
Now I must take you for one last ride.
The time has come for your pain to end.
Now I must say goodbye to you, my lifetime friend.
You cared for me and me for you.
I just pray this is the right thing to do.
I will miss you, my faithful companion.
More than ever when the morning is done.
You pained and ached your last day.
The good Lord will come and take you away.
I am so sorry to see you go.
Just know I did it, because I love you so.

In memory of my German Shepherd whom I had to put down due to a large tumor in her abdomen and hip dysphasia. Roxie was 13 years old.

Roxie, 04/12/99-02/26/03

We loved our sweet "babygirl" so very much! She was taken away from us after a valiant struggle against cancer. We miss her everyday but we know she is in a better place where she is no longer suffering. All our love to you Roxie, you will always be with us.
Mommy, Daddy, and Tristen

Roxie, 04/20/93-03/22/03

My Beautiful baby girl dog, she was truely mine in heart and mind. I will miss you for a long time.

Elizabeth Wellborn

Roxie, Cocoa, Buddy Sr., Ms. Piggy, Alexus, Kiwi, Cinder, 2003

I run a rescue shelter, and these babies were part of a twelve ferret rescue in August of this year. The short time that we had them with us was good time. I only hope that now that they have passed that they are happier and healthier than when we got them. Sleep well my angels.

Bonnie Smith

Roxy, 04/04/93-11/22/03

Roxy was a rescue dog I adopted when she was around five years old. Her history was heart-breaking. During those five years she spent her time in a cage as a brood dog, and was then abandoned. She showed signs of abuse by newspaper and broom, and did not know how to play with toys when I found her. After many months and much attention, she learned to play, but still started at the sound of rustling papers. As a result, I made certain to be attentive to those fears and also took it upon myself to make up for the neglect she had experienced prior to coming to live with me. I spoiled her completely. She blossomed into the most wonderful companion a person could hope for. She meant more to me than I could have anticipated. She was my baby. Then this fall she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, which hit suddenly and swiftly. Within a week and a half of her diagnosis, she passed. I buried her with her favorite blanket and a note telling her what she meant to me, and still means to me. Her absence in my life is profound and hard to overlook. I miss her more each day.


Roxy, 11/26/03

My dear special you were..kind loving and so trusting..we will love you for ever ..I will see you in heaven some mom

Maria Huntington

Roxy, 08/03-10/25/03

A life so short. A life so precious. For a short time, she was loved.

The Schurg Family

Roxy, 06/01/02-11/05/03

Roxy was such a special kitty.
She will be greatly missed by all of us.
I love you my sweet baby girl.
You'll be forever in my heart. XOXOXO

Candice Mathews

Roxy (Roxy LouAnn), 11/17/95-10/17/03

Roxy was the sweetest, most loving and loyal dog ever. I know everyone says that, but she truly was. She truly was a gift to my family. She gave so much and yet asked for nothing in return. What I wouldn't give to have another chance with her. I never imagined this would be so hard. I feel as if a part of me is gone. I hope someone is taking very good care of our girl until we meet again.

Roxy, 12/15/94-06/28/03

Roxy, my precious baby... you were so sweet and gentle and full of love for your Mommy and Daddy. You were the light of our life, brought us complete joy and comfort every single day. I cannot imagine life without you and will always be grateful to God for bringing you to us. We love you so much, Roxy. We know you are happy and whole again, but we pray to God to ease the pain that we are feeling because of our loss. We love you, Roxy -- you will always be our Bubba and we will always keep you in our hearts. Be free, run and bring joy to our family and friends in heaven as you have brought joy to us and we look forward with great joy to the day that God brings us back together. Our love to you always, Mommy and Daddy.

Roxy, 05/05/95-21/03/03

I just want Roxy to know how much I loved her, if I could have swapped places with her, I would have, even if she was only a dog.

Trilby Steinberger

Roxy Moekie, 1990-08/12/03

Love you my Rox. Wait for mom.

Roy, 09/07/92-03/22/03

Roy was a great show dog but greater still he was my soulmate. I miss so much.

Harry Beggs

Royalair's Lady Tasha, 05/27/90-07/07/03

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again! Goodnight my sweet lady!

Ruby, 12/08/03

My dear hairy sister Ruby, abused for 2 years but rescued by virginia and gerry rasenberger.
never was a pet so loved; you were the favorite child; so loved and never forgotten! We will meet you on the bridge! Love Marylee

Ruby, The Grand Lady, 11/07/03

May your reign in Heaven be as splendid as it was on Earth. Your spirit will live on in our hearts forever.
Goodbye Grande Dame, our beloved friend and faithful companion.

The Steinke Family

Ruby, 09/19/03

Ruby-Though we know we did the right thing by helping you to cross the bridge, please know in our hearts we wish you were here. You were our oldest baby and we will always love you. Shelby and Sparky keep looking for you and miss you too. I know you are well again playing and running like you loved to do. Have fun Rubits!

Terri Ogburn

Ruby, 07/15/92-05/23/03

Our beautiful furgirl, Ruby, went to the bridge today. She was sick and not getting better. She has gotten to live a wonderful, long life. We are so happy that she's not enduring any more pain, but we are missing her so bad. Her presence has meant so much to us.
~~~~~~~~~~"We miss you, girlfriend".~~~~~~~~~~

Loving you always sweet furgirl & may God bless,

Mom, Dad, Autumn, furkids Max and Babe and Pearl the fish

Ruby, 01/15/87-03/24/03

To Ruby, my beloved dog. I don't know who I can go on without you! You were always there for me. When my daughter left for college in 1990, you became my special companion and friend. You never left my side, through thick and thin. You were always there for me. The rest of my family land friends would hurt and desert me, but not you. You were always there when I got home from work, wagging your tail and looking for a free hand out. We had such good times together, you and I. As we aged and slowed down together, we could always feel each other's aches and pains and mood. I live for the day when we will be together once again and forever!


Ruby, 07/26/00-04/04/03

To my Ruby ~
We miss you so much!


Ruby Bluebelle Snowdrop, 29/11/02-28/04/03

Belle was off colour for a few days, we took her to the vet and she got worse. We had to decide to put her to sleep as she was not responding to drugs, she just kept deteriorating and nobody knew what was wrong with her, which was awfully distressing. We decided to put her to sleep, it was the worst day of my life. We then found out she has cancer of the spleen and bone marrow.
We are so lost without her, I am dying inside, I just hope my baby forgives us, she was only 2 years and five months old. She was so poorly we could not let her die by herself. We miss her dearly and will always love her forever and ever. Fly with the angels now baby. xx

Gillian and Chris Clack

Ruby Kitty, 09/10/03

She was the best little cat I ever have known.
She greeted me and talked to me every day.
She was there when my relationships ended, when I moved,
when I changed jobs. Her heart was open and gentle, and she taught me a love and affection purer than any I had known before. When I held her at the vets the final moment that she was put down... well I think you know how I felt. I know that with time I will get through the grief. Gradually, in time, I know that I will be left with that sacred love between myself and Kitty that I can spread to another animal who needs it so much....And it won't be just my love I'm spreading- it will be Kitty's love too...

Steve Sherman

Ruby Our Sweet Family Member, 1989-12/08/03

Our dear sweet ruby, it is one week. Abused but thankfully rescued. You showed us what love is! We will always love and miss you; our hairy family member. We will see you on the Rainbow Bridge...we love you always and forever. Love your family

The Rasenberger/Arnold Families

Ruby Tuesday, 02/21/91-11/14/03

In loving memory of our baby girl. We will miss you dearly.

Dennis & Sandy Smeiska

Rudder, 09/15/90-02/24/03

You were our best friend and everyone's friend wherever we traveled. You were a great traveler and we'll miss you, especially when we're on the road. Say hi to Sascha for us and we'll see you and Sascha again at Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye for now.

Joe & Barb Albert

Rudi, 01/16/88-02/2003

We were given a gift of her love and will cherish every memory we have of her. Our time will come and we know that she will be in good hands until we get there.

Regina & Mark

Rudie, 11/01/94-01/12/03

Beautiful, huge, intelligent, loyal, loving, and so friendly. You were a wonderful companion for us. You loved helping Bill 'work' and guarding him wherever he went, inside or outside. You always greeted us so enthusiastically and cheerfully and you were always such a happy dog. I enjoyed you and loved you so much. Especially in the past year - you have been Bill's best friend and provided him with much needed unconditional love and support. Thank you for all your years of love and companionship. I hope that you are running freely in your heaven and continuing to be happy, joyous, and free. We miss and love you,

Rudy, 10/15/03

We miss you very much. You were such a joy. we will never forget you. Love your family.

Rudy, 05/17/03

Rudy was the sweetest creature I'd ever met. We adopted him 3 weeks ago today from the SPCA. He had the best manners ever. He loved cheese. I will never forget him.


Rudy, 05/93-04/03

Rudy You made a difference in our lives and we will miss you very much.
We love you and you will always be in our thoughts.

Wanda, Derek, Victoria, & Aaron

Rudy, 4/20/89-1/7/02

Our Sweet Dog Rudy, your love and gentle ways will live in our hearts and memories forever. You were the best family dog anyone could ever want. We will never forget you. Love, Bobby, Lisa, Adam and Trevor Clark.

Ruffles, 12/5/89-11/03

My Beautiful little girl, we miss you ALWAYS, your were the joy in our hearts, Our reason to wake, and to sleep, your loyalty was beyond, I miss your soft white fur, and your loving kisses, Rest well little one, and fly high, we will meet again some day. Mommy and Daddy, Charleen

Ruffus, 07/22/03

To the most gentle, loving and kind dog I have ever known. Thank you for 12 wonderful years. In my heart your memory will have a place forever. I take comfort in knowing that once again you are happy and healthy. Say Hi to Niko and Fritz, all of you are missed more than you know. You guys have a wonderful time, until that day I join you at Rainbow Bridge.

Love You Ruffus, Mark

Rufus, 06/17/00-12/08/03

For now all length is torture;
Since the torch is out
Lie down and stray no further.

God bless, sweet man.

Rachael Kelly

Rufus, 12/03/94-06/22/03

Until we meet again, at the Rainbow Bridge, my old friend...

Ana Sales

Rufus Noble Valdez, 07/91-06/07/03

I miss my sweet little "Shu-Shu" so much. He added so much love and mischief to my life. His huge eyes, his terra cotta nose, his black lips, and his crooked tail are loved and cherished in my heart. I will never forget his love of Sun Bathing, his little "yaking" meow, his hobby of laying on the newspaper just as I was beginning to read it, hit ability to catch food in midair, or his morning bread and coffee ritual. My "Wufin" will always live in my heart and soul until the sweet day when we are reunited in joy.

Rumer, 10/31/95-12/04/03

Thank you for loving us ! You will always be remembered and loved !

Jennifer Knauer

Rumour, 19/11/03

Good night and God bless my little angel, you will hurt no more but the hurt of loosing you with stay with us forever. Take care babe we will never forget or stop loving you your broken hearted mom and Sam xxxxxxxxx (reunited with Khai)

Rumpelstilzchen 'Rumpy' Strickland, 05/22/02-07/15/03

My Rumpy was and still is the most wonderful cat in the world. I waited for him all my life, and the time we had together, even when it wasn't that long, is more than cherished and appreciated. I will never forget him and he will always be in my heart. Rumpy had FIP and lost his battle and his live was ended too soon. He deserved a long life filled with love and caring, but he was loved and cared for in the best way while he was here with me. He will never be forgotten, not by any person who met him, because he touched everybody in his own unique way.

Runt, 11/27/03

Runt, you're my precious baby boy. I miss your puppy kisses and your little wiggle butt and I miss you barking every time I leave a room and when you want on the bed or my attention. You are so much more to me than a pet and I will always miss you dearly. I miss you so much baby boy I feel like I've lost my very best friend in the whole world. You are such a gorgeous baby with a personality to match it and I will miss waking up to being attacked with your little puppy kisses. I love you and miss you sweetie. big hugs and kisses and lots of cuddles from mommy.

Stephanie Morse

Runt, 07/15/00-04/23/03

Runt, my special little friend. You brought me so much. I just wish I could have done more to help you. I hope and pray that you were not in any pain and that you could feel my love for you. Know that I will always love you and never forget you.

Thank you very much for every thing you have given me.


Russ, 03/15/01-09/03/03

Russ died two days ago. He walked with me every morning to take the kids to the school bus. Normally on a leash. This day I didn't have him on a leash. When the bus pulled up he lunged at the front tire biting it. It ran over his leg breaking his pelvis. We had him stabilized in the hospital and for some unknown reason he went into cardiac arrest twice. The second time unable to be brought back. I wrote this to Russ the day he died.

My Dearest Friend:

You came into my life full of energy, curiosity, love and a zest for living. You trusted me without question and followed me wherever I went. You gave me a special place in your heart and you still have one in mine. You were so devoted that you would have gladly given your life for me. You trusted me with your health, safety, and life. I became relaxed in my protection of you and made an enormous mistake. In the blink of an eye what you entrusted to me was shattered. I tried to pick up the pieces and wasn't able. Forgive me my little boy for being so careless. Forgive me that my mistake cost you your life. The entirety of your life, two and a half years, were the best two and a half of mine. You were my companion, my beach buddy, my adopted son, and my dearest friend. I love you Russ, and will see you again. Love, Daddy

Russell Braveheart Kong, 08/10/00-06/17/03

Thanx my little hero. I'll miss you forever and no other dog can replace you as Fetcher!


Rusti, 08/94-12/13/03

Rusti was a loving, loyal, smart dog...She will be missed...We love you Giirrrrlllll

Ron Darla Jennifer Cody Brian Smith

Rusti, 12/13/03

Still hard to believe you're gone but we know in our hearts you are in a much better place now where you can play and eat and drink to your hearts content and feel no more pain.
Give Missi and Chanci and Babi a kiss and lick for us. We love you!

Mary and Phil

Rusty, 12/26/03

Rusty, my rescued friend, crossed over this morning. He had a stroke and could not sit up. I rescued him from heartworms and euthanasia at the animal shelter. I gave him a loving home for 12 years. Rusty loved everybody. I especially loved him. He will be sorely missed.
Goodbye, Russ. I love you very much.

David McConnell

Rusty, 12/21/89-12/16/03

We miss you so very much my angel of joy. You were so dearly loved by us. Thank you so much for all the joy and fun you brought to our lives and the unconditional love you've given us. I hope you're having fun at Rainbow Bridge, I'm sure you'll wait for us there.
All my love,
Anouschka & Emiel

Rusty, 05/28/90-11/27/03

Rusty, for one of gods special creatures a very loving puppy. I feel very honored to have had you in my life. You are sorely missed.

Nancy Ewers

Rusty, 1989-11/24/03

Paw Print

One bright sunny day you walked into our hearts
It was love and devotion from the very start
Chocolate brown hair and pink nose
The most perfect companion my son could have chosen
I cannot explain the pain of the loss we feel
But you were too sick for earthly doctors to heal
It wrenched my soul to have to let you go
I kissed your head and stroked your paw
Tonight I hold the cast of your paw print in my hand
And think of you frolicking in a far better land.

Blaine and Jan Caracter

Rusty, 11/11/92-02/04/03

We love and miss you are devoted friend

Jocelyn Joaquim

Rusty, 11/27/96-11/07/03

Rusty was the most loving dog. He looked like a lion but he had the sweetest disposition.
He was truly a best friend to me and I will always miss him.


Rusty, 04/01/89-09/24/03

Rusty, you are in our hearts forever and we had over fourteen wonderful years with you. You gave us unconditional love. I love you bigboy. You were the finest pet I ever had. We miss so very much.

Rusty, 09/01/02-09/12/03

Rusty was a good dog. She was not only my dog, but my best friend as well. She was and will always be my best friend. I loved her as if she was my own child, because in my heart I feel that she was my child. She would wake me up in the morning by licking my nose. When she would play with me she would nibble my ears. She loved to be held by me all the time. And I could never sneak into my house because she would be waiting for me to come home and would bark when she saw me come through the door. I guess what I am trying to say, is to pray for her. Pray that she is not lonely or scared for her mommy. And also, pray that she will come to visit me someday. She is and will always be my very best friend. Thank everyone who read this, it means so much to me.

Crystal Doherty

Rusty, adopted April 1990 to 26 July 2003

He was an orange DSH mutt from the pound, like his younger brother Smokey.

I miss my great friend Rusty. My pick me up carry me anywhere cat.
There will never be another great pal like him.

Love, mom Karen.

Rusty, 1999-07/23/03

Rusty was a very loving dog. We had to say goodbye after he had been with us only 3 short years. Rusty will always have a special place in our hearts and will never be forgotten. We will love you always Rusty dog. Until we meet again.

Mom and Dad
(Marie and Kevin)

Rusty, 02/02/87-08/25/99

As we all feel about our pets, Rusty was the best!
Kids would come to our door to see if Rusty could come out and play! He loved the children throwing the ball or stick, and he would retrieve it over and over and over.
The kids loved him, the neighbors loved him, even the mailman would put the mail in his mouth and he would prance to the front door, thinking he did a wonderful deed!
He was so loyal and loving. He knew when you were not up to par, he would sit by you and put his beautiful head on your lap and look up at you with his beautiful weepy brown eyes.
There will never ever be another dog in my life like Rusty.
He loved us so, and we loved him back.
My husband, daughter and myself are still heartbroken and feel it is not time yet to get another golden retriever, until we can not use the word "replace" when we speak of rusty. When we can use the word "new friend" then it will be time.

McDermott Family

Rusty, 07/16/03

We love you Bubby! You're in our hearts forever!
Mommy, Daddy, Shadow and Amber

Rusty, 04/85-07/03

Rusted Kitten,

You were so loved, and so loving. We had a great run together. See you in heaven.


p.s. Look after Scraggs up there. thx.

Rusty, 07/20/89-04/13/03

To our beloved hound. He was a true friend and protector. Always giving us his unconditional love. He will be missed, but never forgotten. Forever...


Rusty, 12/13/95-04/11/03

Truly the most loving companion we could have asked for. Our lives were brightened by this small wonder. We will miss you.

Dave and Mary Payne

Rusty, 09/21/92-03/31/03

Hey little boy - I miss you so much. If I couldn't go to the yard and talk to you each day I would be worse. You were always the best and my reason for going home each night. If I didn't believe you were in Heaven my heart would truly break. You didn't deserve to die - someone's stupid mistake took your life. I love you so. Your buddy Sammy isn't doing too well either. He isn't eating and is still looking everywhere for you. I love you Rus with my whole heart.

Rusty, 07/90-03/05/03

To my beautiful RustyRoo. I miss you more than I ever imagined I would. I think about you every minute and wish you were here with me. I love you more than words can explain and long for the day that we're together again.....


Rusty, 03/14/88-02/20/03

Rusty we will love you and miss you always.

Christina Prentice Mike Schwartz & Coral

Rusty, 03/14/88-02/20/03

Our dear baby boy ma ma coral and I will miss you forever. You were and always will be our mister mister, and our shining star.

Mike Schwartz

My mister mister baby boy. You were always there for me, and coral and I will truly miss you. da day will always think of you as his baby. We will truly miss you and love you forever. ma ma

Christina Prentice

Rusty, 01/09/03

Rusty our whole family loves you and misses you very much.


Rusty, 08/01/92-02/03/03

Rusty, I can never express in words how truly important you are to me. You enriched my life infinitely.

Helen Edgerton

Rusty, 01/02/03

Rusty ::::: Faith, Blue, and Killian are waiting for you.

Beverly Price - Patricia Miller

Rusty, 12/24/02

This precious little creature was a "child" to Roy and Chere and a "little brother" to Graham and Tiffany. He is, and always will be loved intensely. His "personality" was something special, and we grieve for ourselves--that we no longer have the daily joy he brought to us all. Our memories, however, will remain with us and make us smile.

Roy, Chere, Graham and Tiffany Jones

Rusty Tyler (Bubby), 03/01/97-10/12/03

You brought so much happiness to our lives. You never met a stranger. You were so gentle. Every kid in the community came running when they saw you coming down the street. Our walks down the street, just me and you Pal were so neat! To look in your eyes and see your love for me made my heart melt. All of my life since I were a kid, I always wanted a Basset hound just like you and you were everything I thought you would be. I only hope that Our God can find a place for you in his Heaven and wait for me there. I love you pal and Daddy will never forget you.

Ruth, 08/25/91-07/18/03

We love you sweet girl and know that you are now completely pain-free and like new again. We miss you like crazy and will never stop loving you. We can't wait for the day when we will all be together again. Say hi to Vanna, Buster, Gerta, and your 5 human brothers and sisters that we have yet to see.
Love forever,
Mom and Daddy

Rutledge Red Copper Penny, 10/31/03

Rutledge has been a faithful and loving companion for 13 years... through good and bad times.
He passed on 2 weeks ago and this time has been so hard for me.. He was always waiting for me when I came in from work...
and sat in my lap and loved typing on the computer keyboard!!
Oh, I miss my sweet Rutledge.
I am glad though that he didn't suffer and wasn't sick... I'm also so thankful that he woke me up 15 minutes before he died...
I picked him up like I would anytime he woke me up...
held him in my arms like a baby.. and rocked him.. just talking to him...
He looked up right in my eyes...
started purring... then sighed a big sigh ... I guess that was the moment he was gone, although I didn't realize it for a while, I was still rocking and singing to him like I always do.
Oh, I miss my Rutledge... and Otis, my younger cat, misses him too.
He doesn't understand....
Oh, Rutledge, you carried through so much with me...
I thank you and I love you dearly!
I miss you, my friend..
at least I know you have gone on to heaven..
and I'm so glad that I got to bury you here at Saint Christopher...
I love you Rutledge...
and know without a doubt that you loved me.

Pam Ozmore

Ryan, 02/85-07/27/01

Ryan, I just wanted to thank you for everything you ever did and gave us. You were our first baby and I miss you so much. Most of all, I want to thank you for bringing me to This tribute is long over due, as it has been over two years since your passing. You are forever in our minds and hearts.
I will always remember and love you. {{{baby boy}} I am writing this with tears in my eyes and a song in my heart, for I am a better person for having you in my life. Sleep well, sweet prince.


Ryan's Chelsea Morning, 12/18/86-11/18/00

Chelsea was joy and happiness wrapped in a blanket of sunshine. You made the world a better place. We will always miss you.

Carol & Robert Malec

Ryley, 05/17/00-03/08/03

Sweet Ryley Boy,
From the first moment, you were the very best thing that ever happened to me. You were the light of my life, my sunshine. We were best friends, and did so many, many things together. We really had fun, didn't we!! You're my sweet lover bug, and such a good boy. My heart is shattered now, and I am having such a hard time going on without you. I'll never understand what happened that night, one week ago tonight, why you went away. I would give absolutely anything to have you back, to be with my sweet dancing bear again. Thank you SO much for waiting for me baby, so I could hold you one more time. I just wasn't able to say goodbye right then, I wanted to get you to the doctor, but now I know that you waited so you could say goodbye to me. I love you so very, very much Ryley. Wait for me now at the Rainbow Bridge, and one day you and I will go to heaven together. Until then, run and play with your new friends, and come visit me in my dreams. I love you little pumpkin, I will love you always, and I miss you so very, very much.

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