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Year 2003 Tributes

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Quaid thru Quinn

Quaid, 09/03/90-10/11/03

Quaid was my companion, my friend, my "shadow."
He saved my life one day and then went on to save me in countless other ways. Quaid could undo, unlatch, unbolt any door, kennel, or exit. (but pass him a key and he would have figured that out too!).
True to form he worried about me to his last breath.
I look forward to seeing him again someday.
Until then, play hard my dear friend!
I miss you and will always love you.

D. Schoonover

Quazi, 02/06/03

Quazi was loved by all and had the best personality I've ever seen in a bird. He'd roll around in your hand and play like a kitten and loved to dance to jazz music. He will be missed, but will be forever in our hearts

Amber Fletcher

Quenia, 07/24/90-08/26/03

To a wonderful Shepherd dog who gave us LOVE, COMPANY & BEAUTIFUL LESSONS! No words to praise her, indeed...

Elizabeth Henriques & Family


She was a beautiful little girl. Unfortunately when she came to us in May she was a very mal-nourished kitten. We found out she was pregnant and the vet advised my family to perform a hysterectomy/ abortion. I knew in my heart that she wasn't strong enough for the kittens or the operation. It was only 90 seconds she survived under anesthesia when she died before the vet had time to even shave her. I love my precious "Queenie." She gave me kisses and love. Feeling her babes move the day before she died made me feel so happy' but now I feel so sad and alone. My cat Lucy had a tough time adjusting to a new girl in the house. Yet, over a short amount of time she became attached. Now she is unable to find her companion and is very sad. She was an angel and will be missed dearly.

Queenie Pink, 08/01/03-11/09/03

I was there when this little angel came into the world and it was love at first sight. Every body wanted you , but God allowed me to be your mommy and I am grateful. Queenie has helped my husband through treatment for Hepatitis C and she was the best medicine. Queenie and her companion Dumass showered this family with love and thousands of kisses and I am miss those kisses so much. The angels above are getting all those kisses now and I know that when the time comes I will again see those wagging tails and hanging tongues and once again we will be together.

Maria Donnelly

Quigley, 08/21/99

I love you Quiggy.....

Gerri Himberger

Quigley, 04/29/93-11/13/03

Quigly was the consummate gutsy companion dog. This lovable and staunch little dog is well described by the motto Multum in Parvo - "a lot of dog in a small space. He loved children and knew that everyone would want to pet him. Thanks for the love & the laughs. We miss you. Mom, Dad & canine companions Hazel & Rosie

Pat McDougall

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Although I met Quigley only on email I know he was a wonderful, loving boy to his human & fur families. I know he is running around now hearing & seeing & without arthritis.

Jean Collier

Quigley, 05/16/03

Quigley was my heart and a stout hearted loving fellow now passed over to be with Munchkin, Lady, Chrissy, Wuffy, Demi, Shadow, and kitties and all the others waiting for me.

Phylis & Gary Forsch

Quincy, 04/04/00-08/26/03

Quincy, you were my little blessing. You were the most affectionate loving cat I ever experienced. I will never forget how you would purr, cuddle and drool on me. I thank God to have you for your 3years and 4 months. I really miss you and think about you everyday. Mommy will always love you.

Quincy, 11/27/94-06/05/03

I'll always love you Quincy boy and I will never forget you. There will always be a special place for you in my heart. Love, your mama.


Quincy, 10/13/89-01/25/03

Huntington "Quincy" Bryan Duke, came to us in rare form.
He was a joy and oh so full of mischief as a pup. It is said that it takes Irish Setters a long time to mature, about 6 they say. Well not Quinn, he never matured and that kept him young and frisky. He was always up to something, never a day gone by without Quinn doing something. Though he was a stubborn boy, as they say some Irish are, he was my companion. We were bonded and He especially me as he would go crazy if I weren't around. One time I was away for a three day weekend retreat, and my Mom told me that he was going all through the house looking for me, at the door, getting on top of the couch to look out of the window to see if I was coming.. I never went away like that again. He was okay as long as he knew that I was coming back. I remember my Mom telling me, "What would happen to Quinn if you left this earth first?" He, I know would go crazy with grief..... And now the tables are turned, HE HAS LEFT ME, AND I AM CRAZY WITH GRIEF.. We had our routines, he loved it. He was my bedmate, although he took most of my bed. Oh how I miss his greeting me at the door, his feeding time, him spinning around, our walks with him just prancing like those beautiful clydesdale horses, he was simply beautiful. And on those walks, HE not me, made so many friends, the kids would yell, "Hi Quincy"., even the adults would speak to him first, and he just loved it, head held high. My beautiful ponyboy..."QUINCY" LOVE YOU SO MUCH, AND ALWAYS WILL. HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN ONEDAY...LOVE ,,,, YOUR BEV

Quinn, 05/15/94-11/16/03

My sweet Quinnie - he was an Angel on earth.

Laurali Rideout

Quinn, 02/17/90-05/02/03

Quinn lives forever in the memories, hearts, & souls of all those he touched. No day will ever pass that he will not be part of. His contribution to this world was pure, unconditional love, he made a difference. Thank you Quinn for being part of our family, we love ManDog.

Sahm & Larry

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