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Year 2003 Tributes

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Pablo thru Pywackette

Pablo, 01/01/96-10/06/03

This is a tribute to our beloved PABLO. He peed on our carpets, he ate anything that wasn't nailed down and he frequently drove us crazy, but he was an amazing part of our family life and we will always love him. We miss you, little man, and send good energy to wherever you are now (we know you are somewhere because your boundless energy just couldn't evaporate!) Thank you for your fierce loyalty, your limitless affection and your warm body on cold winter nights. No pet in the world could ever replace you - there will never be another Pablo.

Missy Flower

Pacey, 02/10/98-01/25/03

I cannot express how much I miss you. I'm so sorry that you were taken from me after just a few short years. You will always mean the world to me. I love you with all of my heart.

Emmy Grimes

Pacho, 09/12/90-01/13/03

Pacho, I am but an empty vessel without you. You are the one who filled me with love and made me complete. I am nothing without you, but you will live with me forever and ever, without end. I will never stop missing your little soft, furry body; your licks and kisses; your wagging tale; your barks; actually, everything about you.
May my every heartbeat and breath be for you until I die.
Pacho, please wait in heaven for me.
Love for eternity,
your mommy, Martha.

Paco, 1998

Paco, I'm so glad you came to me that day; I know it took so much courage for you to tell me how sick you were. I didn't think you'd make it, but you did. And you grew to become so beautiful. You were a proud cat, and managed to get along with everyone. Everybody loved you, especially me and Tracy. I don't know what happened to you that day, I hope you lived, but if you didn't, I hope you're happy now in the place of peace and love. I know how special you are, and I hope I was able to express that to you, Paco. I wanted to take care of your every need, and hope I was able to do so. I want you to be totally happy and look forward to the day I see you again. I'll think of you often, Paco. I love you and always will, Paco.

Marty Thomas

Paco, 07/26/00-10/15/03

For such a small dog, Paco had a GREAT BIG heart and would have protected my daughter and I to the death if he had to. I could always count on him to be there by my side. Paco, we all miss you and I can't wait for the day to see you again and tell you that I love you.

Karen Brinker

Paco, 05/21/03

I am entering this for my brother Juan, who is diabetic, dialysis patient, and an amputee. He has had a string of hardships in his life, and just as he was about to give up all hope , a little dog came into his life and changed it forever. Paco was a small, but mighty dog. He was full of life and had a character so unique. It was so amazing how he uplifted the spirits of my brother and his wife. It seemed that they could conquer anything because they had this happy little creature that cared so much about them. He was a happy, beautiful dog, and He was loved by all members of the family. We love you Paco, and I know that Telsi and Tramp are waiting for you on the other side to take care of you.

Paddington, 05/30/03

Miss you

Charlemange Fezza

Paddy Boy Mystique, 07/01/94-09/10/03

You lived your life with grace, humor and love. I love you and miss you terribly. Be at peace my beautiful boy.


Paisley, 03/29/91-10/27/03

Paisley gave us 12 years of unconditional love. We miss her dearly, and will remember her forever.

Tom, Cindy, Matt & Andy Neiheisel

Paisely, 07/04/92-05/20/03

Dear Paisely,
I really do miss you alot. I am so sorry that I did not spend more time with you the last day that I saw you but the pain that you had in your eyes just killed me to the point of a deep sadness. I love you and miss all the times that you would stay with me at night and keep me warm during the winter. You will never be forgotten especially from our mother who loved you so much. I know that my mom is sad and miss you waiting for her to come at night from a long hard day at work.
We love you and I will always have a special place for you in my heart forever. love eternally, Christine

Palmer, 12/01/91-12/02/03

Palmer, I miss you so much buddy! You know how much I love you, and I wish we had more time! I'll never forget that you held on for me as long as you could. Destiny and I have been receiving so many nice letters and calls about you. Everyone who ever met you loved you so much! That doesn't surprise me one bit, because all you ever did was give love. I never wanted to stop holding you the day you left. My arms are so empty now. Destiny is still trying to figure out where you are. We both miss you so much! Nothing can ever break the special bond we share. I hope you are happy and running fast, fast, fast like you used to do. You have fun with all your new friends...I know you already have a bunch! Someday we will be able to snuggle again. Until then, I will hold you in my heart. I know you will hold me in yours. I love you my handsome mommy boy! Love, Mommy and Destiny

Palmer Elliot (Elliot), 01/19/92-02/02/03

Elliot added a lot of joy. His life seems like it lasted only a second. I don't understand any of this but I hope he is well wherever he went. I'll always love him.

Keny Hoskins

Pam, 12/04/94-04/21/02

Our Princess passed on, but will never be forgotten. She brought us more joy than we can mention! She is terribly missed, and greatly loved!

Jo Bartley

Pancer, 12/04/03

Pancer was housed at Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue while at the Rescue Pancer developed the condition, head tilt.
He was so strong until he couldn't give any more.
It was sad to see him go but I know that he is in a much better place and moving on to his new adventure

Pamela Tegtmeyer

Pancho, 05/87-12/17/03

Pancho, you will never be forgotten, you were the bedrock in my life through the good and the bad, always there for me, always in my heart.
You are missed so very much. I love you.

Marcia Sanborn

Panda (Panda-Roo-Ski), 01/07/89-12/20/03

Such a good girl, even at the end. If love could keep you healthy you would have lived forever. Save us a spot until we meet again. Don't chase the ducks too much or have too much pizza! We love you-always.

Katie and Claudie Maher

Panda, 06/26/89-05/31/03

You are no longer in pain and may you rest in eternal peace. We continually sense your presence and miss you very much.

Helyn & Bob Connelly

Panda Pooh Bear, 08/26/91-02/09/03

Oh Panda, our sweet girl. Mommy is crying so hard as she types this in, that she can barely see the screen. You are missed so very much. I trust you know how great our love for you is. Letting you go was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

I wanted so badly for you to recover from your illness, to make it until Daddy could be home to love on you one last time. We all tried so hard, didn't we? Dr. Sullivan was so proud of you, and was so generous with his skill and knowledge. I know in my mind that we did all that we could possibly have done for you, but that does little to heal the hurt in my heart.

Your illness made you an old girl in a matter of weeks. We were fortunate that you were young at heart for most of your life, for that's how I will always remember you. I hope and pray that you are young in spirit as you wait ever so patiently for us to one day be reunited. The evening I came home after letting you go I told your Oma that if there really is a God, then you will be waiting for me when I pass on, so you can tell me then that I did the right thing for you.

Even though I know we did all we could, and that you seemed ready to let go of the body that was failing you, I continue to doubt myself. I cherish the last hours we had together, and will never forget the feeling of holding you in my arms, even as you took your last breath. I am grateful that you were able to go peacefully, as I feared you having to suffer to the end. Please let me know that I did the right thing.

I miss you so much. Our house is not the same without you. I keep looking for you in the places you "should" be, I keep adjusting my steps and watching when I move quickly from the couch, because you "should" be right there by my side or under my feet. I hate the quiet of the night, knowing you aren't close by. Our two legged babies miss you and ask about you regularly, and now I finally understand why you constantly grazed under Mia's chair at the table. I knew she was a messy eater, but I never knew how messy until now I am the one cleaning the floor. Thank you for accepting them and watching over them, even as they completely turned your world upside down. I regret that over the past couple of years I was often too tired to let you know that I still consider you my first baby. You always will be.

Rest with the angels sweet girl. You were the best companion your daddy and I could have ever asked for, although I think your daddy knew right from the beginning just how special you were going to be. How could he resist the fuzzy fluff ball who planted herself at his feet? You chose us for your family, and we were honored to be the ones you trusted to care for you. We did our best. Until we meet again, know that you are loved and missed.

Shelby & Patricia Cornelius

Pandora, 12/28/92-03/24/03

I miss you with all my heart Baby Girl!


Pandy was my parent's dog -- and she lived to be 14. I was the one though that chose her to be an addition to the family and my bond to her was as strong as if she were my own. When my mother died, Pandy was getting up in years -- my dad looked at her and commented about her leaving him too. Well, the stubborn ol' girl didn't -- she hung in there for a lot of years and if she hadn't acquired Cushing's Disease, she might still be around. Pandy was an affectionate, loving dog that had the ultimate stubborn streak! But, in dealing with my Dad, that was probably a good thing -- she was the first dog that dictated how the house would be run. She was never left -- if the dog couldn't go, Mom and Dad didn't either! She is still thought of with lots of love and affection -- and missed every day. The only thing -- I know she is with my Mom now because I know that is the way Pandy would want it to be. And I'm sure my Mom is enjoying all the company.

Take care sweet Pandy -- you were a charm here, and I know that you are a shining star where you are now.

Eileen Ervin

Panther, 03/18/03-04/20/03

Panther our beloved kitty died unexpectedly last week at 7 years old. He was a great cat and friend to many people. All of us loved him very much. He was a very special feline.

Halpern Family

Dear Panther tomorrow will be three weeks since Easter Sunday and our goodbye. In Lakota they say there is no goodbye and now that I have discovered Rainbow Bridge and all the animal Spirits who live there, I feel confident we shall see one another again. I miss you so much P. I am so grateful we had your last weekend together, and we slept together with our angel quilt those last two nights. I know you are a Winged One now and shall never leave us, but I sure miss ya you were so nice to come home to Noah misses you too, but he thinks I am a bit loony tunes when I go on the internet with all the other grieving pet owners. I brought two beautiful chairs down by your precious gravesite, and I planted two lily bulbs. The third lily will come with us to AZ so we will always have that connection to you deep in the woods on the land here, the land you so loved. I love you Panther and will always keep you near me. I have your picture right next to the bed where you took your last breath on this earthwalk, and I know you wanted so much to stay with us. Know that I will see you on the other side sweet one, and I am still searching to find the possible poison that you ate. I do not know if I will ever find the answer to that mystery but I am making peace with it, day by day. I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU PANTHER. always and forever, Mara

Panther, 02/15/85-03/07/03

He was the runt of 8. He came to our home at age 8 weeks, having survived that time. We named him Panther to give him something into which to grow; he was the size of a small bobcat at full maturity. Neutered early, he still ruled three neighborhoods over the next 14 years, being wounded in scaps only twice. He "trained" three dogs, loved us all, made his summer sleeping nest in the bathroom sink, and cuddled under the covers for brief good nights in the winter. Adjusting to being an indoor cat after a move to the southwest in 2000, he learned to walk on a leash, and readily took to brief evening jaunts in the courtyard of the new apartment complex. The ending of his earthy journey leaves a hole in our lives; a hole which will heal as we remember the love and laughter he brought us over the years. In his 18-year life span, he was truly unique.

Margaret R. Allen

Papi (Lil' Trouble), 04/2000-08/12/01

Like Gigi and Early babe you touched a very special place in our hearts with your silly little attitude until we meet again over the rainbow you will always be loved and in my heart.

Jasmin & Rosanna Azua

Parade, 07/08/88-03/20/03

An internet friend shared this poem that she wrote with me. Parade, you are now in a better place and I will meet you there!

Goodbye Parade

With a heavy heart and a tear in my eye,
After all these years, we must say goodbye.
Please understand I did all that I could
If there was anything I could do; you know that I would.
I'm sitting here now, gently rubbing your ears,
While I talk to you softly: trying to hold back the tears.
The memories you gave me I'll never forget
Especially of the first time we met.

One last hug, One last kiss
You have no idea how much you'll be missed.
To look in your eyes this one last time
You say it's OK, you know that it's time.
Close your eyes now and go to sleep
I'll pray to the Lord your soul he will keep.
Go in peace now my friend
I'll stay with you til the end.
Have a safe journey; through the night
I promise when you wake, you'll be in God's light.
So with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye
Just for now Parade, I must say Goodbye.

Love Always, Mom

Paris, 14/05/03

A very special little animal who fought so hard to stay but sadly he could not

Sonia Banks

Parker, 09/01/91-09/27/03

A gentle soul that was loved by all. You brought stability to my sometimes turbulent life. I miss you so much. Rest well my old friend.


Parsley, 09/01/92-10/06/03

To a dear friend and family member. We can't believe that you have left us so soon after Ziggy. We know that you are reunited and will be together at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you Parsley and we know that sometime in the future we will all be together again.

All our love Mum and Dad

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Remembering Parsley a very special Little friend, so kind and gentle, I will always love and remember you.

Grandma Wilson

Pasha, 1999-03/01/03

This is in memory of Pasha, my guinea pig who was killed by dogs along with her friends Pismo and Pomeroy on Saturday.

Pasha was a lovely long haired blonde piggy. I called her "Posh" for Posh Spice sometimes because she was very vain! She loved her treats and never failed to greet me with her distinctive "wheek" when I came home each day.

Pomme was a sweet and loving little girl and she will be so missed. She didn't deserve to die this way. None of them did. It is such a tragedy and I'll never get over it. Please let her rest in peace.

Beverly Leaney

Pasja, 07/16/90-08/28/03

(Poem in the Dutch language.)

Lieve Pasja, dierbaar hondemeisje van ons
Je was altijd zo vrolijk, je gaf altijd respons

Je was het zonnetje in huis, je voelde je zo bij ons thuis

De laatste tijd ging het echter niet meer zo best met jou
Het lopen en opstaan wilde niet meer zo gauw

Bewegen dat deed je ontzettend veel zeer
Om zo nog langer te leven, dat ging haast niet meer

Ook heb je de laatste dagen niets meer willen eten
Zelfs van pens en snoepjes wilde je niets meer weten

De laatste nacht moest je ook nog veel piepen en kermen
Dit was voor ons het sein om ons over jou te gaan ontfermen

Wij hebben uit liefde voor jou, voor het milde einde beslist
De zwaarste beslissing ooit, dat was het onbetwist

Wij hebben je thuis zelf met pilletjes in diepe slaap gesust
Twee uur lang hebben we je nog geknuffeld en gekust

Met de ambulance werd je naar de dierenpraktijk gereden
Van daaruit ben je heel rustig uit je hondeleventje gegleden


Patch, 08/14/90-09/28/03

He was our first dog and was raised with our kids. We had him 11 yrs. He's in a better place now and is with Grandpa watching over all of us. We still miss him very much!!!

Jim and Jeanette

Patch, 09/25/84-03/29/00

Patch AKA "Baby dodo" She was raised from a kitten, and through her 16 years forever remained the center of our family. In later years her eyesight failed, but she never gave up. Her little body finally couldn't fight anymore and she died in her mothers arms on the morning of March 29, 2000. She gave us 16 years of priceless memories. Here's looking at you kid! P.S. Eeko is up there with you now and we know you will take of her. Love Mom & Dad.

Paul & Bridget Hitchcock

Patch, 12/99-09/02

This darling little calico was abandoned near my home as a barely weaned kitten. She was never tamed, but lived under the house and was protected by our feral (but neutered) tomcat, Oscar. Unfortunately, she exhibited all the classic signs of FCM, but could never be caught to be taken to the vet for that, or to be spayed. She gave birth to a litter of 2 kittens this summer, and after weaning them, what little strength she had ever had seemed to wane. After spending

Ann Reynolds

Patches, 07/12/03

Our little brother has gone before us to sniff out the place we all will meet to spend eternity together. As always, our happiness is his only concern.

The Dudleys

Patches, 08/15/03-04/16/03

If I would have only known that it was the last time I would be able to hold you, to cuddle you, to love you, I could have changed everything. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You were (are) mommy's baby girl.
Have fun up there at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you dearly, but I will be with you again. I hope you are waiting for me. I'm looking forward to it.


Patches Aka Patch, 09/11/89-11/05/03

We will always love you Patch and we miss you very much. You were the best.

Cheryl, Bob & Robert Grant

Patches, 10/31/03

My beautiful baby. You've been with us all 14 years of your life. Your mother, Calico, just passed away only months ago and she was there to meet you at the bridge.
Now the two of you are together and in good health playing with all the furbabies awaiting the time when I will come to you and those that have passed before you, and we will be together again forever.

Tony Perillo

Patches, 03/04/98-10/10/03

She was our baby she gave us alot of love in the short time she was with us and we will never forget her,
we will see you soon Patches
we love you very much momma & popa

Patches, 04/09/92-10/17/03

I've never known such a loyal and devoted kitty before.
I hope to live up to her light. I'll never fill the void.
I miss you terribly, Sweet Baby. Rest, beloved friend, rest.


Patches, 06/10/98-10/08/03

My little patches you were so young but so loved. You were there for me when Teddy passed on and helped to fill that void. Now you and Teddy can run and play in the flowers and pastures. I will miss you dearly my little friend. I knew when I seen you yesterday you were saying goodbye. I just wish I could have been there when you took your last breath. You are at rest now and no longer in pain. Take care my little one until we meet again I love you and will always have that special place in my heart for you.

Betty Grubbs

Patches, 08/25/03

Patches, (Puddin)
You left us today after 16 wonderful years 8-25-03. Daddy brought you home one day after he rescued you from a church (God's home) in Rochester, NY. You were a stray with no home. We took you in and came to love you like one of the family. You were such a good cat and we miss you so much. Casey left for college just one week ago. You were such a wonderful friend to her, you held on until after she left. Our hearts are very heavy tonight. I have learned over the years that only time can heal the broken heart. I know you were greeted at the Rainbow Bridge by Tiger, Shannon and Cupid. You will once again run and play with them like you used to do. Even though I sit here in grief, please don't be sad for me. You so deserve the peace you have right now back home in God's house. We love and miss you. Bartlett Family


Patches was our neighbours' dog. She was sweet and gentle, well-behaved and fun loving. We just recently found out that they had her picked up by animal control and destroyed because they now have children and she was an inconvenience. We loved her and would have taken her in a heartbeat if they had given us a chance and they knew this. But they are mean-spirited, cold-hearted young people and destroyed her rather than see her find a loving home.

Patches, 12/18/96-08/03/03

The best friend I had in this whole world we were only together 6 years but did 12 years worth of living

Dominick Angiulo

Patches, 05/17/03

Our beloved kitty, who passed on May 17, 2003. Patches, you gave us love and affection, warmth and happiness. Her passing will leave a void in our home, and a pain in our hearts. I can only hope to meet up with her in heaven someday. I pray that she knows how much we love her and that God comforts her in her abrupt exit from earth. We love you "Patchie" and we are so sorry you had to go.
Love, your family, Karl, Lydia, Kristine and grandma

Patches, 04/22/03

She was the sweetest, caring and most faithful dog. Our time with her was not enough. Bless her now that she is gone. We know she is not in any pain anymore.

Julie, Bob, Jessica and Rebecca

Patches, 12/03/88-12/07/02

To our very special best friend, who we miss more than I can say. We will meet again, and I will hold you just like before. Our hearts are so empty without you. Mom and Dad

Patches, 05/19/81-02/27/03

Patches of black gold on a snowy white coat, with eyes the color of a harvest moon.
Her voice echoes in my mind, her scent is lingers on my skin.
Twenty two years we shared our lives together. Her purring soothed me to sleep and her paw patted my face to wake me in the morning.
I will miss her in my life; for I have lost my best friend.

Leah Lorraine Lewis

Patches, 11/16/94-07/23/02

They will not go quietly, the dogs who've shared our lives, in subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives.
Old habits still make us think we hear a barking at the door, or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor.
Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be, and, sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly. And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, that one place in our hearts belongs to them and always will.
Patches we will always miss and think of you in our hearts


Patches, 12/18/02

You left us so suddenly, without warning. You didn't appear to be sick. Just the day before, you were running around being your normal self. When I found you I really lost it. I could not believe you had passed away.

We didn't know how old you were when we adopted you from the Animal Rescue Foundation. They thought you were about three but they didn't know for sure. We do know your life was difficult prior to coming to live with us. WE hope you enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having you.

You loved to sit on our laps and give us head butts and kisses. We loved it when you would stroke our faces with your paw. I really miss giving you belly rubs.

You were such a talker and we miss hearing your chirps. Coming home without you at the door to greet us will never be the same. You were a very special cat and we'll never forget you.

It appeared you passed peacefully and we are thankful you did not suffer. You were a wonderful companion and we wish you hadn't left us so soon. We have so many happy memories and we thank you for them. We miss you so much. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge and we'll cross it together.

Bill and Demmie Johns

Patches, 01/10/93-03/10/02

Patches- January 10,1993 to March 10, 2002
Hardly a day goes by without me missing you. It has almost been a year since that terrible tumor took you from us. You were strong, brave, and courageous for the last 5 years fighting this terrible Cancer. Our Friends at Angel Memorial, and N.E. Oncology were so sad of your passing, you were a friend to all. You went through experimental procedures that may help Children some day. You ARE truly an ANGEL. I hope you are at peace. I miss you and love you.. Vicki

Patches Wishbone, 01/23/00-11/26/03

Patches, you were our faithful, loyal, and always loving companion.
You are missed very much. Have fun in heaven, where you will have no suffering.
Till we meet again...

Elizabeth and Warren Logan

Patchy, 09/05/03

Patchy was a shy gray little kitty that had the face of a furry teddy bear. Although she would spend a lot of time upstairs usually in the evening she would come down if for no reason then to look for me to go to bed. One thing was certain about Patchy, every night when I went to bed and picked up the book I was reading she would be there to rub the corner of the book and to lay on my tummy. I miss that little face so much. I know that our sweet Pebbies who passed this summer also was there to meet her and take her to rainbow bridge. Patchy died in my arms laying on my bed just as she loved to do. I love you Patchy & Pebbies and we will meet again on rainbow bridge.

Mary Kay

Patricia M. (Patty), 01/01/01-02/25/03

How sad we are that you are gone. It seems like just the other day you were running so fast chasing those bunnies that always escaped you. And now, your health failing rapidly, we made the hardest decision any parent ever has to make.

The tears are slowly (very slowly) being replaced by smiles for all the love and joy you gave us. You were the best stinkbitch ever. We will always love you.

Bob Brettell & Carol Saunders

Patrick Heart, 02/97-06/07/03

Sir Patrick Heart Lived from February 1997 to June 7, 2003 (6 yrs 4 months) It's been one week since my baby's voice was silenced... I know most people didn't like or trust Pat, but he was my baby boy and I loved him dearly. His illness made him snappy and dangerous at times, but he was still my baby and I never stopped loving him. Without Pat around I feel less loved, today. He always let me know he loved me. He loved me just as I was an imperfect human. Every morning Patrick would wake me up with a Furry Hug. You know a pounce and roll type of hug. Sometimes I'd wake up early, just so we could have extra time to play and wrestle. It was like having a little sunshine at 4am every morning. What a wonderful way to start the mornings. After a long day at work Patrick always greeted me with love, a kiss and a pounce when I would return home. He made me feel special. I didn't have to be perfect, or look just right. Pat loved me anyway. The long drive home didn't seem so bad because I knew that there was someone waiting at the door. Someone who wanted to see me. We'd hug and then go out back to toss the ball or throw a frisbee. Coming home was a treasure and something to look forward to. Now that Pat has been gone a week I find it very hard to climb out of bed and face the day. There is no one to greet me with a hug, no one to pounce me, and no one to add that extra bit of sunshine to the morning. After a long hard day, I find it hard to go to bed knowing Pat will not be there in the morning. I miss my little Patrick so very much. My drive home is full of tears. Just the thought that Patrick won't be waiting for me to pull into the drive way is more than I care to deal with. The other dogs greet me at the door, but not with the same love and enthusiasm that Patrick always had. Today the world seem a little darker, colder and less loveable. Patrick was not perfect, but he was my little sunshine. My little boy. The love of my life. We loved each other through all the imperfections. I hope my Patrick knows he was and is loved. I hope his time on this earth was good in his eyes. He added so much to my life. My life was made so much brighter and richer for having known my beloved little Patrick Heart. Lord, Please hold him close to your heart. I know my Grandmother is in heaven, please ask her to love him and care for him until I can join them. Have her give him a hug for me. God rest his soul. Lina Belle

Pattercat, 06/01/85-04/12/03

Pattercat was my elegant lady. After a long illness she passed away in my arms, purring until she took her last breath. She is now free of her pain and suffering has gone to Rainbow Bridge with dignity and love - the way she lived her life.


Pat The Rat, 06/??/00-02/12/03

My dear sweet Miss Piddy--you left me much too soon. You still had so much to teach me. I know you were sent to me so that I could learn what special little beings rats are and how much love they can give. I will miss your little rattie kisses and the way your little hands gripped onto my finger when you were sleeping. I will miss your little face peeking out of your hammock looking for a treat or a back massage. I will miss you climbing down my sleeve and sitting inside my shirt just to be close to me. I will miss your love.

Pat The Rat, Mommy loves you more than words can say.

All our love forever--Mommy, "Mum", and Daddy

Patti, 11/28/03

She was the best Jack Russell on Arnlee Way.
She was strong and courageous....we went through much grief together and now her suffering is over.
I thank God for her being in my family's life.
Because of her, I learned to be strong and to "fight to the end"...Dear sweet Patti, I will always love you as a dog.

Ms. Edlyn Elliott

Patti, 02/01/89-10/13/03

A sweet loving, intelligent baby
who never did anything wrong in her life.
I will never again see such love or innocence in anyone's eyes.
I am lost without her

Patricia Davis

Patti - Little Blindy, 01/09/03

Our Beloved Little Patti - Our Darling Little Blind Cat, who left us, heartbroken, on 9th January, 2003 at 5.30 pm. She was originally a little feral cat from up-country, whom we tamed and gave a home to. But what Patti gave us back was her incredible character, her tricksy and mischievous ways, her bright and sparkling intelligence - that is why we also called her Circus Cat, Patti O'Mara and Madam Claws - as she was like forked lightning, for if you tried to take something from her, or even help her in adjusting her collar, she would catch you so quickly with her agile claws and not let go. Later in her life, she calmed down alot and her mothering instincts made her very special, for she licked all our other little pets, groomed them and cuddled into them to sleep. She became adorable in old age, but became blind and deaf, nevertheless, with a heart full of courage and outstanding bravery, she made her way around the house and never let any obstacle defeat her! She was an example to us who loved her so, of fortitude and perseverance, her brave and beautiful presence will be forever missed. Until we meet again, Our Little Patti O'Mara, we will treasure your memory. Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge and may your Paradise with God Divine be filled with the joy of meeting all our loved ones on the Other Side.

Our Love always, little darling - Jan and Maureen xxxxxx

Patty Ann, 01/00/91-11/28/03

My precious friend, Patty, is passing away as I am writing this. She is absolutely the sweetest baby I have ever known. Even in her last moments full of excruciating pain, she remains truly sweet. I want to walk with her down the path. There are no words to convey my love for her. She is my soul, my happiness, my best friend, she is my wife. We've been married several times. Sometimes, we would get married a couple of times a day. She always wore her black tux. With few exceptions, she slept in my arms every night for the past twelve years. She is my reason for living. I've lost everything these past two years, except for her and now she is going on too. My life will be so empty and sad without her. she is the most beautiful, loving, precious, sweet, darling, funny, playful , baby anyone could ever have known. Every morning when she woke up, the first thing she would do would start playing bump my head with her butt. It was so endearing. I would hug her from above and she would push her butt up with her hind legs and knock me in the head making it bump up and down and then she would find her stick and we would play hide the stick and she would find it and I would chase her around acting like I was going to take it away from her. We loved each other as much as any two things can love one another. Her dying is my dying as her life was my life. Please light a candle for her. You would all have dearly loved her too. It was impossible not to.

She just passed away.

She will be forever missed and never forgotten. I will not replace her, as that would be impossible. Oh, my sweet, precious Patty, please come home. Your mommy needs you.

Paula Jo Angeray, 06/06/95-11/05/03

Paula: You will always be with me.

Ena Huyke

Pauline, 02/08/02

Forever our wise friend and teacher

Cynthia Sarantaris

Paws, 10/09/01-06/04/03

My little Paws..I am so upset you are gone, you were not even with me for 2 years yet. Why did you go so far away from home? You came to me when I needed comfort with the loss of Hubcap and now I am dealing with loss of you way too soon. You gave me so much joy and were just the cutest little thing. I will miss you so much and never forget how much you meant to me. I have some comfort in the fact that you are now with Hubby and you can both play together and just be there for me when it is my turn to come. Think of me and I will think of you always.
Love your mommy

Pax, 12/30/88-03/10/03

This is to remember a sweet, loving, 'talking' friend; who lived a long and happy life and will be missed and never forgotten.

Frances & Steven Gratch

P.D., 1996-2002

P.D., how I loved you and how you made me smile. I wanted to keep you to myself, but knew you needed to be with your family. So brave you were - brave enough to come to me that scary, scary night and trust me. Your love so pure. You loved to be petted so much, and you loved to play. P.D., I really miss you. I really would have liked to know you better than I did. I love you, P.D. I miss you, and I hope that you and your family are intensely happy. I'll see you again, and you can again make me smile and laugh.

Marty Thomas

P.D., 05/01/90-07/18/03

One summer day as I showed up for work in a not-so-affluent section of Orlando known as 'Taft', infamous for stray dogs, I was greeted by this little skinny energetic stray puppy who insisted on following me around and playing with whatever object was within her reach. In order to get some work done, me and the rest of my co-workers would toss her a cookie or a rawhide...something to keep her occupied and out of our hair. Needless to say, this little puppy (whom somewhat resembled Petey of "The Little Rascals" fame then) decided to stick around for awhile. Oh, she came close to heading down to the pound, but in that time I had grown attached to her and aptly named her P.D. I never would have guessed that this little stray monster would grow to become my best friend and most loyal companion for the next thirteen years. We've lived in many homes and towns, met a slew of people and other dogs and shared countless memories and adventures. I personally had my share of ups and downs but P.D. was always there for me...yes, I could always count on coming home to that happy face.

Sometime this past June, a surprisingly quick cancer took root in her lymphnode system and grew fast and aggressively.

P.D. passed away peacefully in my arms on Friday July 18, 2003 in the comfort of her own home. She will be sadly missed and never forgotten.

Thanks to everyone for their support, letters and kind words.

Henry Delaney

PD Beauty, 12/02/02

You were my first bird and the most beautiful of all. You were my special companion. We had such a connection, I'd even call it psychic. I loved you and I know you loved me. I miss you so. Rest in peace my dearest one.



I do not know his real name. My husband and I found him on the side of the road this morning, the obvious victim of a hit and run. He had hobbled his way to the shade of a tree, and was waiting there to die. With the help of a few other Samaritans, we loaded him into the back of our SUV, and took him to an emergency clinic. After he was examined, we were informed the poor angel had total paralysis due to the accident, and he was put to sleep.

He was a dirty dog, and he was covered in ticks, which leads me to believe he never knew the joy of being part of a loving family. He probably lived his entire life on that road, struggling to find food and water, seeking shade when it was too hot, and shivering himself to sleep when it was too cold. He lived on that road, and he died because of that road. And I didn't want his life to go unremembered. So, I am offering this tribute to him, in his memory.

I could have named him for the road we found him on. But I am sure this place would bring no happy thoughts to him. Instead, I have chosen to name him for where he is now - in peace. I know he is playing with all the other animals at Rainbow Bridge, including our own baby, Clyde, who passed away 6 months ago. Peace, I only knew you for an hour or so, but those deep brown eyes of yours touched my soul. I will see you again, one day, at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I hope you can experience all the joy you never knew on earth.

Peaches, 11/09/87-07/28/03

Peaches you will always be my best friend, my angel and my baby. I miss you and love you very much.

Carolyn Gavrilis

Peaches, 07/21/03

We dearly miss our precious Peaches. The Rainbow Bridge poem was one of several that have sustained us during our loss and we know she is playing there in the meadows, peacefully awaiting our arrival so that we can all cross the Bridge together someday.

Peaches (Blue Skies Fuzzy Peaches), 9/1986-5/2003

My tribute to a boy named Peaches. His registered name:Blue Skies Fuzzy Peaches. What can I say?,when asked why I named Peaches I said "Because he's soft and fuzzy and orange like a Peach,and a very sweet one at that. He was full of spunk and fearless beyond measure. One day durring a thunder storm he went outside to bark at the thunder. I miss his courage. When romping at the dog park he always ran with the big dogs-he weighed only 8 1/2 lbs. One afternoon He covered 21 miles of ground running beside our mountain bikes as we climbed a mountain. He preferred not to be carried. He amazed people by catching a tennis ball in one bounce. The ball was bigger than his tiny little mouth. His timing was impecable.
Returning home at night I would arrive to an elated dog air boxing on his hind legs,refusing to remove his focus on me until properly acknowledge with a pet, a hug, a kiss, or preferabley all of the above. I had a million nick-names for him. One of them:Fuzzy Butt aquired by his happily romping along with little quick moving legs shaking his little fuzzy little orange butt and tail. He was especially cute bounceing down a flight of stairs.
I have a hole in my heart and sometimes I can feel it aching. I really miss my little Peach. I am amazed how that little dog found his way so deep into my heart. I wanted to take care of him in his old age. I promised to buy him wheels if his back legs gave out. I don't even want another dog. I just want my Mr Peaches back. But I know that is not possible. So, I say, God Bless my little Peaches and please take care of him where ever he is. I have to trust in that. And I expect to find him waiting for me on the other side of the Pearly Gates of Heaven.
Sandy McNicol
Peaches, I'm sorry I left you with someone who wasn't carefull enough to keep the gate closed.

Peaches, 04/27/93-05/26/03

Miss you and love you much always. You're always in our hearts. Thanks for being the only girl I'll ever have! Mom

Peaches, 04/06/92-05/06/03

Whatever will we do without our precious one. My baby, my friend, my little gave us so much love, joy and laughter. We are inconsolable Good Night Sweet Princess it was privilege being your Mommy

Peaches, 02/22/03

I shall walk in the sun alone
Whose golden light you loved:
I shall sleep alone
And, stirring, touch an empty place:
I shall write uninterrupted
(Would that your gentle paw
Could stay my moving pen just once again!).

I shall see beauty
But none to match your living grace:
I shall hear music
But not so sweet as the droning song
With which you loved me.

I shall fill my days
But I shall not, cannot forget:
Sleep soft, dear friend,
For while I live you shall not die.
--Michael Joseph

My sweet Peaches, Your mommy will love you forever. You were the best little graq dog that has ever lived. Taking the trash out will never be the same. You always waited for me at the gate so we could race back to the house. You always won. Please forgive me for not being able to make you better this time. You were my best friend.


Peaches, 07/27/84-02/14/03

Peaches came into my life in March 1985. She had been abandoned on a local highway and was about 7 or 8 months old at the time. I chose her birthday as 7/27/84 since it was an easy day to remember (my own b-day). She was a loving dog and a wonderful friend. My father who passed away last year loved her and when he visited me would often take Peaches into the spare room and take a nap with her in his arms. When he was in a nursing home I took her to visit and she always brought a smile to his face as well as to the other residents. She slept with me almost all of her life and survived cancer 19 months ago. She will be sorely missed.

Rosanne Weiss

Peaches, 02/28/00

Peaches introduced herself to me when I moved in to a condo with a friend. She was a beautiful, mostly white, calico cat with a sassy personality. I thought I would always be able to care for and protect her. She was with me for about ten years. I was not home when she was attacked by stray dogs. The twelve hundred dollar operation did not save her, and she lives in my heart now. It's been about three years since I lost her, and not one day has passed that I haven't thought of her. It has brought me closer to god and I hold on to hope that I will be with her in heaven. Peaches I love you, and I'm eternally sorry I was not there to protect you when you needed me.

Steve J

Pea Kitty, 09/01/03


Peanut, 06/10/02-12/15/03

We will always love Peanut and wish we had more time with him.


Peanut, 12/01/03

May Precious Peanut rest happily and patiently wait to be reunited.

Christine For Grandma

Peanut, 10/01/87-11/12/03

Peanut passed on and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
She spent 15 great years with our family and welcomed our two children: Katie and Bryson.
She is greatly missed and we all look forward to seeing her again one day.

Dave & Buffy

Peanut, 05/31/86-01/21/02

You were such a trooper your last days with us.
We miss you whole lot especially your cat brother Tigger.
You are in our hearts always.
Love Mom, Dad, Bobbie, Tigger, Susie

Peanut, 11/17/03

A flawless soul, who just loved to love

Ellen Olmscheid

Peanut, 10/17/03

She was a great addition to our family just after we moved in to our new home together.

Lisa and Bruce

Peanut, 05/25/96-10/13/03

For a beloved friend who is greatly missed.

Joyce Lovell

Peanut, 06/01/95-09/15/03

Peanut was my friend. He and I shared so many special times together, and we helped each other through many difficult times in our lives. There will never be a time when I forget about you Peanut. I will always remember the twinkle in your eyes and the warmth of your purr. I am so very sorry that you did not get to spend the best years of your life happy and healthy, and I want you to know that I could not stand to see you suffering so much anymore. Know that I am with you, and you with me, and I will always love you.

Scott Kertes

Peanut, 04/15/98-09/12/03

Peanut was a very special light in our lives. She was loving kind and had the most gentle spirit. She will be missed greatly.


Peanut, 08/08/03-08/12/03

I tried everything to help you live, but as the runt something was wrong from the start. Please know that you were loved every minute and I am sorry you died anyway. I wish I had known it was your last day, I would have cherished every moment. Miss you Peanut.

Janet Smith

Peanut, 05/02-07/26/03

My darling baby, your mommy and daddy love you so. I am so sorry that you left this life prematurely, but I know that you had the best life a little gerbil could have, and you were surrounded by love from the beginning. Know that mommy and daddy still love you, and the Bunny Family will not be the same without Baby Peanut. We will always have a place in our hearts and our home for you, daring. mimimimimi!

Katherine Ball and Jeff Skarski

Peanut, 03/25/92-07/17/03

My little princess, I miss you so much and I can not believe that you are gone so suddenly. I will love you forever. Now you are with your sister shadow and you can both be happy together. God Bless You.~~~Mom

Peanut (Mr. P), 05/30/98-03/29/03

Little Peanut, Since you've been gone my heart hurts and my arms ache. I long to hear your little "ack ack" voice again and kiss your head. You were so little and so sweet. Your grave has many flowers which have grown from my tears. Wait by the bridge buddy; Daddy and I will be there soon. Meanwhile, have fun playing with the kitties and sniffing the flowers of heaven. Love, Mamma

Peanut, 12/30/88-05/10/03

My sweetest baby Peanut, I miss you so much. I know you are now at peace and playing again at the Rainbow Bridge. I close my eyes and see you running towards me at full speed just as you did when you were young. Your steadfast devotion has made my life so much fuller. I will miss your sweet little face and your bumping your head under my hand to be petted. I find comfort in your babies, Butter and Cookie but you will be in my heart forever.

Peanut, 04/12/97-04/28/03

Peanut I loved you so much and tried my hardest to give you everything you needed. I can only blame myself for not being able to get you the help you needed. I wish you weren't in so much pain when you left me. All I ever wanted was to love you and take care of you.

You were the light in my life and the reason I smiled as much as I did. Everyone loved you so much. I will always love you and always remember you. I'm so sorry.
Love, Momma

Peanut, 11/07/86-02/19/02

In Loving Memory of my Best Friend and Loving Companion. I Love You Peanut.

Melissa Martinez

Peanut, 07/04/90-04/08/03

Peanut was the best of Good Dogs. He had the purest heart of any creature I've ever known, and my life was greatly enriched by his love, companionship, and devotion. I cannot begin to measure how deeply his loss will be felt.

How happy we will be when we're reunited!

Peanut, 06/1/89-04/2/03

I miss you Peanut Puppy. More then anyone could ever know.
I Love You, Mom

Peanut, 3/28/03

Peanut had a gentle and kind soul, with the heart of a lion. He was patient and loving to all, but especially with children. He lived a righteous life, had many adventures, and enjoyed many friends - people and cats alike. We will miss him dearly and will cherish his memory in our hearts forever. We love you, Peanut! Enjoy your life at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again!

Peanut, 04/01/00-03/20/03

Peanut was a wonderful friend. We had to fight for him ever since he was 7 weeks old. He lost his eye at 9 weeks old. Family problems have made it tough to keep him but we kept fighting for him. Now we've lost or best friend. He will always be remember and loved. Please say a prayer for Peanut and us.

We love you Peanut!

Tim, Christy, Sara and Poco

Peanut Morea Bonnie's Black Beauty, 05/15/89-12/16/03

Peanut my wonderful handsome man...loved by many
Smart puppy from heaven who grew to be a wonderful guy helping anyone he could. Loved to carry 3 toys at a time in his mouth to greet folks. Always had a smile on his face.
Carried his own leash when we walked and always demanded privacy to handle his private matters.
Peanut used his front legs as hands and arms, reaching out to pat me when I would be lying ill on a bed or couch, never leaving my side.
Big brown loving eyes that always told you what he needed.
A tail so stout it would clear a table and did more than one time. Never did know that the toilet wasn't his water bowl.
I never really thought of Peanut as a dog. I always thought of him as a son, a younger brother of my two older sons Jayme and Cory. I actually think they thought of him as a brother too.
We will always have a place in our hearts for this Peanut man, missing his presence for evermore in our everyday lives that he so enriched.
Rest in peace my sweet guy and I will meet you at the Rainbow bridge on our scheduled date.
I love you,
Mom and your brothers Jayme and Cory
Also your special bud Byron who you loved to fetch the paper with.

Linda Stanton

Pear, 03/28/89-04/26/03


I found you in a pet store. Obviously, you were not happy with your circumstances, curled in a tight ball in the corner of your cage, tiny, but mad-as-hell. When I brought you home you bounced and ran with joy. You were so bright, curious, sweet, and a big tease all of your life. You had little tolerance, though for cats or other dogs - such a proud, fearless, twelve pounds.

Our fourteen years together passed too quickly. How fortunate I was to have had your company. Honey Pear your presence was my salvation. Please forgive my failings. You had none. You gave me enduring love for which I will be eternally grateful. My heart and love are yours forever.


Pearl, 07/18/96-05/18/03

My dear little Pearl, I loved you so. You were here for such a short time and I miss you every day. Save a place for me across the Rainbow Bridge.

June Stephens

Pearl, 12/18/98-07/12/02

Hello Pearl my sweet baby. It's been one year since I held you in my arms and sent you to the Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Laughing, crying, telling "Pearl Stories." What a wonderful 3 1/2 years it was! What a truly special girl you were.

So many came from miles away to bid you farewell on your journey. I hope you saw everyone and know how loved you were in the short time that we were blessed with you.

Your mommies are still heartbroken over losing you. We know you are happy and pain free. Please forgive us for what happened after you passed. You will always be our baby. Forever Family.

It's Something Unpredictable
That In The End It's Right
I Hope You had The Time Of Your Life day

I Love You Pearl. I hope you had the time of your life. I'll never forget you.

Pearl, 06/2?/03-07/08/03

She was a precious little white ball of fur with a black spot on the top of her head. We found her in our garage with her sister, whom we named Ember, because she is grayish black. Their mother had abandoned them and we heard their baby cries. We loved her and did everything we could to save her, but little Pearl was just too weak and died in her sleep. We are sad she is gone, but we are happy that we found her and had the chance to care for her.

Serenity, Forrest and Wyatt Hendrix

Pearl, 01/24/02

Pearl It's almost a year since you left your body and went over the bridge. We know you are watching us, and at times, you are here on the couch beside me. I carry your nametag on my keychain, your photo with Santa hangs on the tree and you will forever be in my heart. Because you became a part of me and I of you. We all love you, sweet Pearl, Mom, Dad, Ladibug, Stepper, Elvis, Marshall, Freddie and Danae

Pearl Lee, 07/12/02

Pearl its almost been one year since you had to leave. I still think about you everyday and miss you terribly! Even though me and jaynie are not together any longer we both still love you just as much as when you were here!! We will see you again one day!!!! mommy

Pearl Rich-Dicker, 12/23/03

Our kitty returned our love many, many times over. This week she decided she was too tired to continue living and we respected her decision. It was so very hard!!! We loved her, we love her and we will always love her.
Carol and Gary.

Pebbles, 11/11/03

Pebbles mommy will always love you I had you a very long time you were my baby girl and you gave me so much happiness can't wait till I cross the bridge I know you were happy to see bambam and april my heart is broken in two all my love mommy

Pebbles, 06/13/03

Pebbles, you were a very caring and loving dog that my great aunt and my great uncle had I did not get to see you that much. and in 2000 you had lost your best friend my great uncle had passed away and that whole day you missed him very much. and finally the time came that you could no longer could get up the steps and you were very sick and finally my great aunt could no longer see you in pain and she had put you down. And now you and my great uncle are together again. so from all of your family we all miss you and love you very much.

Amanda Wehling

Pebbles, 06/10/99-07/27/03

My Sweet Little Pebbles, we will all miss you very much, you will not be forgotten....

Margo Brainard

Pebbles, 03/12/92-03/12/03

A group of stray cats we residing in the vicinity of my childhood home 11 years ago. I decided to take some of them in. The littlest of the kittens I named Pebbles. Despite her small size (never achieving more than 9lbs) she was a feisty kitty.

She was the type of cat that when you pulled her off the computer keyboard for the 20th time she would quickly return - not because she didn't learn but because she didn't care - she wanted your attention and she was going to get it. Most of my family found her ways frustrating but I thought it was cute. Pebbles and I took to one another. I was her human.

She slept on my pillow almost every night and she would place a paw on my head to ensure that if I got up she would know and could come along. As, I went on to college and graduate school I was unable to bring her with me. When I would return home for a vacation or the summer she would immediately resume our relationship as if nothing had happened.

Last month she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the mammary gland (cancer). The tumor was not noticed until she began limping - soon after her hind quarters swelled to 4 times their normal size. After my parents took her to many doctors including an oncologist and holistic vet it became apparent that she would never recover. Even last weekend when I was finally able to return home to say goodbye. She struggled to drag her hind quarters just a few inches so that I could hold her just once more. She is now in the care with my brother Jesse and my sister Elisa up in heaven who were also taken from me way too early. While I continue to care for her brother stimpy, best kitty pal Binky and the kitty she never met Oreo. I pray we will all be reunited one day.

I loved her so much I did not want to be selfish and keep her here and in pain. This afternoon she was relieved of her pain. She is now ... dreaming of all the good things that cats dream and playing like a happy kitty should. She is no longer in pain. I will miss her forever.

<br><br><br>Dear Pebbley Kitty,<br><br>I love you and miss you very much. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I will miss talking to you and hugging you. I hope you are no longer in pain and that you are in a place that you are happy. I also hope that you and I will meet again someday. My sweet baby girl, I hope that I was able to give you as much joy in your life as you brought to me. I will never forget you, Mouse. Even though I was 200 miles away when you left this world I heard your meow to say "goodbye." I knew to listen for you ... thank you for that. I love you!!

Your human... Shari

Pebbles, 11/12/98-03/01/03

Pebbles You were so precious. You were not here long but the time you were here you were deeply loved. You were my pretty girl my precious girl and my first girl. I will miss you oh so much. I remember the way you use to come up and bark when you wanted attention. You would set and patty cake when you were showing off.

I will look at each one of your babies and remember you always. We love you and will meet you again soon.

Betty & Mike Grubbs

Pebbles, 05/02-01/13/03

Sweetie, you always made me smile, I am sorry you are gone.

Pattie Leanna

Pebbles (Bubbie) McReelis, 05/01/89-01/06/03

Bubbie was my special girl. She didn't warm up to people easily, but she definitely was my best friend and I was hers.
I miss you, Bubbie. And, I will never forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Pebs, 08/95-06/12/03

Our dear sweet Pebs we miss you so much. We are so sorry you had to suffer. Know that we love you and will see you at the rainbow bridge some day.

Ben & Mary Kay Parker

Peekaboo Jones, 08/07/01-10/06/03

Never lived a funnier, sillier, little kitty, with as much heart, spirit, or personality as Peekaboo Jones.

Beth McT

PeeKee, 04/23/00-11/21/03

To my dear PeeKee who just passed away yesterday so suddenly. Me and Martin loved you so much. You brought us so much joy.

Barbara G

Peeky, 2001-08/22/03

You were a small, gentle soul with a big, loving heart. Your presence enriched my life and I was blessed to have found you. The emptiness I feel at your loss is in no way connected to your true size--you were never "only" a gerbil to me. Sleep well, my little curly-tailed girl, until we meet again. Your mommy loves and misses you so much.

Peepers, 11/19/03

My heart is broken without you.
We went through so much together.
I miss your little mew so much.
I know you are better off now and not feeling any pain.
I love you...

Sheila S

Peepers (Pippo), 09/94-06/23/03

Peepers was our intelligent, loving and fun-loving friend. We found him in a parking lot in Udine, Italy. From the moment we decided to keep him, we had a special bond with him and he with us. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful friend.
Peepers died Monday evening when attacked and taken away by a coyote. He jumped the fence at our new home into the waiting jaws of the coyote.
We are devastated as his special buddy cat friend, Tang. The two of them slept together, wrestled, played.
My greatest hope is that someday we will meet again.

Penni Parr

Peepers, 4/15/90-2/24/03

You might not have been the kitty I wanted, but you grew to be my baby who I LOVE very much. I hope you know how much I LOVE you and how I want to hold you in my arms. I will MISS you so much you were such a big part of my life and it will never be the same. There will always be something missing and it will be you my Honey Bunny, my Baby but always remember Mama LOVES you and we will be together someday (Mama will be home). Until then I hope Tinker will look out for you and take care of you.;
You will always be in my heart.
Love Always and Forever

Peepers, 02/26/02-04/30/03

All I wanted was for you to enjoy the sun and the grass and take a dustbath and be what you were suppose to be. I had no idea that you were /really/ happy as you were with me, inside and spoiled. I will miss you so much and you have shown me that the greatest treasures can be where you least expect them. Be at peace and be happy my precious Peepers. I hope you are happy running in the fields now and I hope I see you again some day.


Peepers, 4/15/90-2/24/03

You might not have been the kitty I wanted, but you grew to be my baby who I LOVE very much. I hope you know how much I LOVE you and how I want to hold you in my arms. I will MISS you so much you were such a big part of my life and it will never be the same. There will always be something missing and it will be you my Honey Bunny, my Baby but always remember Mama LOVES you and we will be together someday (Mama will be home). Until then I hope Tinker will look out for you and take care of you.
You will always be in my heart.
Love Always and Forever

Peeps, 12/07/03

Peeps survived so much and yet remained sweet and gentle.
I will always love him.


Peetie, 11/16/03

Peetie was my daughter's little parakeet. Kelly, my daughter died on November 15, 1997. I took care of Peetie until her death on November 16, 2003. She lived 6 years and one day since Kelly's death.
Peetie was such a comfort to me. She was the last link I had to my daughter and I was grateful for her company. She talked for hours and played with her toys, I had such a wonderful life knowing I was taking care of her until it was time for her to meet Kelly at Rainbow Bridge. I buried her earthly remains in the yard but her soul flew to heaven where she will live for all eternity with St. Francis and Kelly.
Fly Peetie, your suffering is over, fly, free bird, spread your wings and soar until you are carried by the wind into the gates of heaven.

Marigrace Gallagher

PeeWee, 10/05/93-03/13/03

PeeWee was my buddy for many years. He will be missed. Some day I will see you again little one. Rest in peace bo bo. I love you.

Stephen Perez David Isaacs

PeeWee, 07/18/89-12/30/02

He is one dog that never will be able to be replaced.
His intelligence was not to be believed
His heart had to have been the size of an elephant's
No one was able to resist him and fell in love with HIM, he would have it no other way. I still really have my doubts that he was a dog. One of God's best
Take care of Papa now, Will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge
Love, Mama

Peggy, 31/12/02

Peggy came to me 18 1/2 years ago when she was found by my grandmother. Peg was only 6-8 weeks old and was walking on 3 legs. I took her to the vet to have the leg checked, we weren't sure what was wrong but I was determined to keep her no matter what was wrong with the leg. As it turned out, she was fine 3 days later. She was with me through my 20's, a truly fun time. Then into my 30's when I met my husband and went on to have two wonderful little girls. Peg also shared her home with Maxine who died in Jan 2002 at 16 1/2 yrs old, Jack Dog, 8 yrs old, who was struck by a bus in July 2002 and our other kitty, Bessie, 11 yrs old, who was diagnosed a week after Jack's death with a terminal disease and died in Aug 2002. Peg ended up with a tumor in her throat and we had to let her go too. It has been a very difficult year. One I couldn't have ever imagined would happen. The part of my heart that belongs to my furry friends has been so battered and broken. It will take a long time for it to be put back together so that I can let another pet have it. I know that my buddies had good lives, full of love and that I did all I could for them. Letting them go was such a struggle, such a difficult decision to make. I know that each time it was the best thing I could do for them. It is New Year's Eve as I write this, Peggy only having been buried since noon today. I feel relief that my struggle to let her go is over, I am glad that her battle with cancer is done and that she will no longer suffer. For the opportunity to help our pets die painlessly we are truly lucky. So Maxine, Jack Dog, Bessie and Peggy, I do hope you are all together at Rainbow Bridge, I am so sad that you all are gone. I have shed so many tears this year over you all and still have some more to come. You will always be loved and remembered, take care,

Love from Mama

PeggySue, 09/22/99-03/14/03

We lost our little girl this morning, and we will miss her so very much.

Ellie Mascitelli

Pekoe, 12/22/91-06/15/03

"PEKOE" You were loved by all and loved all!

Robert Sarlitt

Pele, 01/93-07/28/03

I never knew that I could have such a strong bond with a dog. I know that space is limited here -- but those who want to know more about Pele's life with us can view my pictorial tribute to him on our family Website at

Sid Herron

Penelope James, 03/21/03-11/15/03

Penny, you were only here a short while but your gave me unconditional love and acceptance. You are greatly missed but will always be remembered. I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge with your
"daddy" Fletcher and your sister TJ. I'll be looking for you, My Baby Girl!

Monica A. Martin

Pener Cotter, 05/05/03

Peter Cotton Tail aka "Pener Cotter". Grieved by our three year old son for days now. He says:

Pener Codder died. I remember him, he was fuzzy. I am sad about Pener Codder. I miss Pener Codder

Wil Weir

Penguin, 09/01/03

Your bravery as an amputee never failed to amaze me.
Hope you're hopping along somewhere fun.
Missing you, Pengie.

Ana Slye

Penny, 04/01/96-12/22/03

A quiet, treat-demanding "stinkerpot (when she ignored me)" precious that I loved dearly and lost suddenly without any warning.
I don't know what to do without her ruling my life with treat demands and our daily routine.
Thank you for having a place to share a little bit about my precious.


Penny, 30/10/89-13/11/03

God bless Penny you always be sadly missed and remembered for ever

Alison and Rachel Evans

Penny, 06/2003

Penny I miss seeing you and taking care of you my only wish is that I could of been there to prevent that awful night your life was taken. Now your with the rest of our friends we miss so much where you need not be afraid to wonder.

Vickie Bendixen

Penny, 03/28/02

I still miss you


Penny, 12/28/95

A companion for a special needs person. Penny personified many of the true traits of her breed. She was a fountain of love, loyalty and patience. She is truly missed by all of our family and everyone who knew her.

Penny, 11th. February 2003

Remembering little Penny, my white cat, with love. Always beautiful , one of our little gang who is remembered every day, missed every day, loved every day. Madeliene.

Penny, 03/27/03

You were the most wonderful friend. You brought us smiles every day and was always there to listen. You were beautiful and clever. You will be in our hearts for ever and we will remember you every day. Be at peace, our wonderful Penny.

Ann, John & Clare Howard

Penny, 1987-01/19/03

Penny was the queen of all felines, she stole my heart the first time I saw her. She was smart, very vocal and very loving. My life will never be the same without her by my side; BUT she will always be in my heart.

Donna Garland

Penny, 1/15/03

We loved you too much to see you hurting anymore. Say "Hi!" to Luke when you see him. We will miss you something awful.

Terry and Mike

Penny Rose Lane, 05/15/03

I found you the night my mom passed away and I've always thought you were my special gift from her. I believe now that you were. I hope you're free of your pain and getting into mischief again. I will miss your headbutts, your bellyaching meows and the way you climbed on my back to rest. Please know that I did the best I could for you during your illness. I have always loved you and you will be in my heart forever. Aja has been keeping your spot warm. From all of us, Dave, Jimi, Aja, Shylo and Bun E. we love you and miss you, and we will see each other again. Please don't hiss and charge at the boys.


Penuche, 12/23/89-3/28/03

Penuche~ baby I love you more than anything in this whole world, if I could have one wish it would be to see you just one more time. I hope you know that we tried everything possible to save you and we all love you more than anything. Having you since I was born makes it harder to let go, I cry for you every day. Half of your ashes are planted with a cherry blossom tree in the frontyard so you can still watch over the yard and you can grow back to life, the other half is in an earn that I take care of for you. I hope that I will cross rainbow bridge with you sooner than we all think and I would do anything to see you again, I know that you are keeping a good eye on me and hope you are having a fun time. Bestfriends for ever. I LOVE YOU PENUCHE!

Caitlin + Penuche= love and bestfriend forever

Pepe, 06/25/03

My little Pepe passed away while I was at work today. I came home to find him resting peacefully at the bottom of his cage. I adopted him some 5 years ago (his owner had passed away) and we were not sure of his age. Oh, he seemed to have a happy life with us in his house full of toys and attention. Most recently he showed signs of illness and because he was so little, the diagnosis was guessed as mini strokes as he could not judge things well as he maneuvered through his little playground. He was a determined little guy who always seemed to snap back to "health" but I guess his strength had run out and he just couldn't find the will to stay on this side of the Rainbow Bridge any longer. In my heart I knew he was going to leave me soon and my heart aches so much as I'm writing this.

My little "featherbaby", I wish you much peace and comfort as you wait for me over that Rainbow Bridge. My "Furbaby" Cricket is with you along with your cousin "featherbaby" Fred. God, please take care of him along with my other fur and feather will be missed more than I can describe here......this home will be empty without hearing your tweets anymore..... loving you always Sue & Dennis

PePe, 10/87-5/25/03

To our friend who we miss very much. Our time with you was one of the best times ever. You were so protective, smart, and loyal. You swam with us, ran with us, and slept with us. You played tag better than any dog we have ever known and your gentleness goes beyond words. You were almost 17 and still going strong. Such a trooper.
You were the last one left in the litter. Someone had accidentally cut your tail too short and your legs were shorter than most miniature poodles, but we think you were the smartest. You were so smart,, when I washed your blanket and forgot it in the dryer, you would tell me "hey where's my blanket" until I realized what it was you needed. We love you so much, and we know you knew that, and we know you still know that, have fun running with the other dogs that you are with now, but remember to come visit us to, because we love you so much.

Pepe Cat, 04/22/89-12/21/03

The Dearest of Friend there ever could be, thank you for caring for me. I will see you again in the arms of our loving Savior, when we meet I will never have to say good bye again. For now, rest and know I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU and I will be looking for you in a sunny spot in heaven.

Tanya Liesse-Larson

Pepino, 06/07/91-07/26/03

To my sweet little brought much joy, love and happiness to my life. You will never be forgotten and will be with me in my heart forever. God Bless you my little peanut!


Pepper, 04/06/89-12/26/03

He was the best dog I ever had. He was always happy to see me, no matter how bad a day I had, or even how bad I had been. He made me feel loved, and I knew there was always someone home waiting for me that was waiting for me. He listened without unwanted advice or complaint. He loved unconditionally and I will miss him forever. I love you Pepper and I will see you again one day in heaven.


Pepper, Gentleman, 11/02/88-12/18/03

As I mourn the lost of my precious Pepper I can't help but remember that he was my baby and companion.
He was spirited to the end and the best gift that my husband has ever gotten me.
He came to me in December and he left me in December and even though he had a good long life, I can't help but miss him terribly.
May you be in peace my Little Man.
I love you!

Rhonda Woods

Pepper, 10/01/03-12/03/03

Pepper was only with us for a short time. But in those few short weeks, he wormed his way into our hearts with a love for us that wouldn't stop. Pepper was so people-oriented that he wouldn't let us out of his sight. And he loved to cuddle with us. His favorite places were tucked up under our chins while we sat in chairs and nestled next to us during the night. He also loved to play with our other cats and our Golden Retriever. We all called him "the baby". Pepper passed away due to a virus that caused inflammation around the heart. He fought that with every ounce of his small body for almost two weeks, but it was too much for him. This little kitten became as big a part of our lives as if he had been with us for years. We will miss him tremendously and love him forever. But, at the same time, we are thankful to have had him for this short time. It was great. Good-bye, Pepper; we love you and we'll see you at the bridge real soon.

Kathy Mills, Dick & Jill Anderson

Pepper, 03/04/94-12/04/03

Pepper I miss you so much I can hardly stand it, I know some things are for the best but the pain that goes along with it is almost unbearable. I know someday we will be reunited, but you will live in my heart forever, sweet dreams my friend, your always in my thoughts........

John Gaida

Pepper, 01/18/86-08/13/03

My sweet pepper, you are so missed. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't mention your name or think about you.
Daddy, Frankie and Kelly miss you like crazy. Thank you for coming to me in my dreams. Love you and miss you sweet baby,

Love, Mommy

Pepper, 03/16/93-11/14/03

Pepper was more than a pet, he was my best friend, he was like a child to me.
I had him for 10 years, and he became a huge part of my life, and I miss him horribly.


Pepper, 02/10/02-11/15/03

He was a great little guy! He loved bread and loved playing in the bath tub. Always raced me to the shower in the mornings.

Wendy Cantrell

Pepper, 11/10/03

I'll miss you so much....words can not say...

Stephanie Willis

Pepper, 03/25/88-11/01/03

My dearest Pepper,
You have been the joy of my life, and I am inconsolable at losing you.
I will love you always.
Thank you for the love you gave to me.
May God bless you and keep you until we are together again.
Love forever, MuMu

Pepper, 10/07/03

On October 7th I had to have my beloved cat Pepper euthanized. Over the last few weeks, I had been giving him antibiotics to cure a kidney infection. However, he really wasn't responding and he had lost weight (from 17.5 lbs. to 12 and in the last few days maybe more like 10). It looked bad, but I kept hoping I could get him through the illness. Then on Friday (October 3rd) he totally stopped eating. I realized this might be the end. I researched kidney failure, which I thought he had. I had been grieving over what I thought was Chronic Renal Failure (treatable, but not ever recoverable), but yesterday's blood test showed liver failure, for which nothing could be done. It helped me decide what to do, and gave me time to say "goodbye" to him. He still responded to touch and purred. I was able to sit next to him, stroke him, and talk to him.

I was devastated at the thought of losing him. I'll be doing a reminiscence of his life as a way of dealing with the grief and remembering him. He was more special than any other cat I have ever known (apologies to Mittens and Tigger, who were also special and particularly affectionate cats). I was able to spend more time with him this summer while I was recuperating from my knee replacement operations, which, as it turns out, was a real blessing. He was a constant companion, always ready to leap on the bed, and vigorously grabbing my hand with his paw to say, "pet me" and rolling on his back for "tummy rubs". In the end, he did this weakly, which was my cue that all of his strength was going.

I have buried him near the garden and bird feeding area in our back yard. I built a "cairn" of rocks over his grave. Originally done for pragmatic reasons (I didn't want any marauding animals), I think I was trying to create something of a natural memorial I will look at every time I go to the feeders or the garden (but it is not too obtrusive).

While I am still grieving, I have the knowledge that this was the best possible outcome and I shortened his suffering.



PEPPER was a very sweet and beautiful, shy little girl, but GOD had bigger plans for her. He decided she should be with him and in a fatal car accident, her spirit was sent up above.

She will be sadly missed, by many.

Wait for us Pepper, we love you..

Louise Smitrovich

Pepper, 06/04/94-09/29/03

Pepper, our baby girl. You have left us alone, but now I hope you are free of pain and running free. Thank you for taking care of the boys and us. You are loved and missed more than you ever could know. God bless you and keep you in his care.



Pepper, 01/18/86-08/13/03

Our little Pepper passed away in his sleep on August 13,2003. He gave us 17 years of joy and happiness. He was getting up in years. He had arthritis in his hind legs. He had trouble walking, but that didn't stop him from begging for his favorite foods and playing with us when he felt like it. I guess his little heart just got tired.
Pepper was the most lovable dog. All the neighborhood children loved him. He was good tempered. He loved to eat, pasta and pizza were his favorite.
Words can't express the emptiness and loss we feel. We keep looking around the house and expect him to be there.
Rest in Peace sweet baby. We'll love you forever.
Mommy, Daddy, Frankie and Kelly

Pepper, 04/21/83

Pepper celebrated her 20th birthday this past April. She has been with me for most of my life and I feel blessed that we were able to share so much time together. She was a great friend and companion and life will not be the same without her. May she be in a special place where she can run free and nap in the sun as long as she wants.


Pepper, 07/26/84-04/03/03

I miss you so much Pepper. You were always there for me. You lived a long life and now you're up there playing with Ira and TyBo. I love you!

Pepper, 08/02-07/02/03

To my wonderful sweet Momma Pig, I miss you so much. Your sweet little wheeks when I would come in the room, always made me smile. You were the one to start everyone else squealing for carrots and parsley.
You had such a rough time in your final days, and I know I did the best I could for you. It was your time to pass over the bridge, where you are no longer suffering and are happily wheeking your way around the green green grass.
Thank you for your precious babies, and thank you for being a special part of my life, even though it was way to short.
You are loved now and always, and never will you be forgotten. I love you my dear sweet piggie!! Wheek Wheek!!


Pepper (Amsela Pepperich), 10/05/89-06/28/03

In December of 1989, you came to us. The green bow around your neck and a Christmas tree in the background conveyed the message that needed no words--here she is--another "girl" for the Weldon family to love.

What we didn't know then was the depth of love, comfort, and joy that YOU would gift to each of us. For almost fourteen years (in good times and in bad times), you were a constant companion and friend, offering much and asking little. Unconditional love is a priceless gift indeed.

How we miss you and always will. You know, we placed your collar with the "tags" that jingle in your hallway. When we pass by, we move the collar so we hear the sound it use to make when you were "on the move." Now it must sound somewhat like "angel wings" in flight. :)

You were a "good girl" Pepper--sooo pretty and sooo sweet! Rest peacefully and live playfully over there across Rainbow Bridge until one day you spot us over on the other side. Then, you race like a little deer across to greet us....

Love You Pepper,
Sheila, Tommy, Amber, Laura, Mickey, John, and Weldon Polly and Lulu

Pepper, 03/02/03-07/07/03

Pepper died with suspected FIP after only 18 weeks of life. What a character and fighter he was, he is sorely missed.....

Sue Lynam

Pepper, 8/2002-7/2/03

To my wonderful sweet Momma Pig, I miss you so much. Your sweet little wheeks when I would come in the room, always made me smile. You were the one to start everyone else squealing for carrots and parsley.
You had such a rough time in your final days, and I know I did the best I could for you. It was your time to pass over the bridge, where you are no longer suffering and are happily wheeking your way around the green green grass.
Thank you for your precious babies, and thank you for being a special part of my life, even though it was way to short.
You are loved now and always, and never will you be forgotten. I love you my dear sweet piggie!! Wheek Wheek!!


Pepper, 06/06/03

Pepper was very special and still is, we shared our lives together and were the best of friends. Now life is not the same. Even though I am married &have 4 children. Pepper seem to hold it together for me, always their when I needed her, unconditional love &support at all times. I feel so guilty that she had to be put to sleep and died in my arms. She now is buried in my garden, and I miss her so much. My life seems be on hold as I deal with grief, and I don't know what to do next. All I want is my dog back add feel her tongue licking my cheek. Good bye Pep my friend forever.


Pepper, 10/89-6/8/03

Pepper was a loyal trusted companion.
We found her at an animal shelter when she was around a year old. She had been given up for adoption 3 times in one year and given up for the lamest reasons! We bonded with her and she soon became a member of our family. She never complained. She loved nightly walks until she could no longer join us. We miss her dearly and hope that wherever she is, she is happy. She had not been well for a long time. She had a terrible autoimmune disease that first had attacked her skin. She did not deserve this. She was valiant and courageous until the end. She has left a huge void in our lives.

Pepper, 10/2/84-5/26/03

In loving memory of dear, brave, amazing Pepper. Pepper was a three legged dog who no body wanted. He had been hit by a car because his original owners allowed him to roam the busy London streets. When he was injured they told the vet to kill him. He came to me for a few weeks but stayed for 18 years. He was a shinning example to us all. He could run, swim, walk for miles and never had a day's self pity. He was loved and admired by everyone in the neighbourhood. Old age finally crept up on him and his remaining back leg could no longer support him. I knew he had given up the will to live and I made the hardest decision of my life and had him put to sleep in his bed at home. He is now with Chickpea, Muffin, Three legs and Ben, his feline friends.
He shared my whole life and I am so sad that he has gone. My dear, sweet Pepper I miss you so much.. Until we meet again.

Pepper, 07/27/86-06/10/03

Pepper, you were a very special cat. Sleep well, little friend. We will all miss you!


Pepper, 12/27/89-04/29/03

Pepper Were Are Our True Best Friend.
So Loyal, So loving, So Faithful.
We Are Always Thinking Of You
And We Are Really Missing You
We Wish We Could Have One More Day With You
Play Hard Pep and Run Free
Ed Kathy Sharlene and Douglas

Pepper, 4/25/95-4/11/03

Pepper - You brought such joy to my life. This morning was the hardest things I ever had to do. As we rode to the vet, you looked at me with those big brown eyes. I could see what pain you were in. I rubbed your ears and told how much I loved you, how sorry I was I couldn't fix this. You licked my hand as if to tell me you understood and you loved me too. There was a small glimpse of hope that this was not cancer eating away at you. But inside I knew that this would be our last car ride together. I will always have that picture of us before I handed you over to the vet. I can't seem to stop the tears from streaming down my face every time I think of you. I still have to go home and see your pillow and your toys. I don't know how I will handle that. I miss you so much already! I love you so so much!! I know this was the right thing to do. I did not want you to suffer anymore. And I know you are up there watching over us. You have given me 8 wonderful years. I hope I have given you the same. Please forgive me for making that hard decision! I will never love a dog like I love you, Pepper. You are my little angel. Now go find your ball. I love you.

Pepper, 12/07/93-03/18/03

To my special companion Pepper, my true and unconditional love, my friend; I will be missing you for a long time to come, and I hope I never come face to face with the person who ran you down and broke you into pieces over your backside. They never stopped or even tried to stop. We had 3 acres for you my dear and I still don't know why you wandered to the road Tuesday night. The person who ran over you knows that they hit something and I hope that they have guilt from now until they die. You didn't run, and I am certain that if they had headlights on, they would have seen your 80 lb. body in the road. I hope you are free and happy wherever you are. And, if they don't let dogs in heaven, then I don't want to go either. Pepper, I will always hold you in my heart. Best "free to a good home" dog ever!

Pepper, 01/15/89-03/19/03

Pepper, Our little girl. We will always love you with all of our heart. We will miss you always. Please be happy and smile. Thankyou for keeping Daddy's pillow warm when he was at sea and his lap warm when he was home. Thankyou for keeping Mommy safe while Daddy was gone. Thankyou for being chatty and for your continuous purring and for being a wonderful sister to Buddy. We hope you feel so much better now and have lots of friends. We will think of you everyday and we will miss you telling us when it's time for your Friskies. You are the best kitty in the world. Mommy and Daddy will love you forever and ever. Because Pepper, you are our little girl. Love Mommy and Daddy

Pepper, 07/23/95-01/27/03

Last February I almost lost my Pepper. But after 5 dialysis treatment and 3 weeks at UC Davis, I brought him home and by summer he had fully recovered. I am grateful for this year his brother and I had with him. When he did pass it was after a day of him being sick. In the end he went very fast and suffered little. I have had 5 dogs and loved them all but he was something special as close to a child as any animal could be.


Pepper, 02/01/00-03/05/03

My dear pepper, words cannot explain how much you are missed. Your life was not a long one but filled me with so much joy and I loved you for that. Ashton misses you terribly, he is lost without you...sniffs around for you everywhere. I hope you are no longer in pain and that you are the happy dog that I remember, jumping and playing. Please do not forget us, as we shall never forget you. Until we meet again my sweet pepper....

Pepper was a three year old lab with osteo sarcoma..


Pepper, 1982-04/01/92

It's almost eleven years since you left for the Rainbow Bridge, my dear, sweet, gentle Pepper. Perfect in every way. I don't think a day goes by for me without thinking of you. I still remember going to the shelter to look for a little dog. But there you were, my big, beautiful, regal Elkhound. I told you that your troubles were over. Little did I know that I'd get the best of the bargain. I know you're with Pandora, Chablis, Ginger and Boomer and you were all waiting for daddy last year. Chester is such a good buddy to me and we both miss you all so much. You all have my eternal love. Mommy

Pepper, 4/1/87-2/5/03

Pepper be happy in heaven with your mom Boots and Fluffy. Will see you at the rainbow bridge. I hope you did not suffer too much with the tumor growing inside you and other problems you had. Your Aunt Tina was petting you when you just passed away. Dukey was looking for you, he will miss you, just like we will all miss you..Love Lillie, Tina, Dukey, Angie, Modesta,

Pepper, 02/05/03

Pepper came into our lives about 15 years ago. We didn't know where he came from or exactly how old he was when we found him wandering the neighborhood with another cat. My dad did not want us to have any more cats, but my sister and I hid him in our bedroom anyway.
He was the sweetest and most beautiful cat any of us had ever seen. He had long, silky fur that was white with large gray patches. One half of his face was white and the other was gray. He had beautiful bright green eyes. Even his little nose was unique- pink with black spots.
When you would pet him, his purring could be heard from across the room! When we picked him up, he would wrap his paws around our neck, like he was hugging us. If we tried to put him down, he would hold on even tighter. Eventually, two of our other cats disappeared, and another passed away. But, we still had Pepper. For the next ten years or so after that, Pepper was the "king" of our house.
Everyone adored "Pep". He became the sixth member of our family of five. Pepper brought so much happiness to our lives. I think we have more pictures of him than we probably do of anyone else in the family! At many of the major milestones in our lives, Pepper was always there in the picture with us. And every winter, Pepper would always be front and center lying in front of the fireplace, or even under the Christmas tree.
Just looking at him made us smile. We were always getting caught up just watching him do the cute things he did all day! Pepper was so special. He meant so many things to each person in my family. In the end, kidney disease is what tired out his little body. I try to remember how he was before he got sick. How big and beautiful he would look when he got his thick winter coat. How his purring would sound when he'd lay on his back while we would hold him like a baby. And how he watched me and my sister and brother grow up. I cannot describe in words how a cat found wandering our neighborhood fifteen years ago could effect our lives so dramatically. But if you knew him, if you even met him once, you would understand.
We are so thankful that something higher, maybe even God, brought Pepper to us. We never knew where he came from, but I believe that I know where he is now, waiting for us to join him in that wonderful place we call heaven.

The Greenwoods

Pepper, 07/14/87-12/14/02

Pepper was the cutest dog ever.... the day we bought her is my first memory. I am just glad she lived the entire time I was in school plus some. She was the snootiest little princess ever....but was so sweet and precious too. We will miss her forever...she was a big part of our family and will be missed always...

Pepper, 03/25/86-01/14/03

Hi Pep-Pep, I am so sorry you are no longer with me, I miss you terribly.. I have not stopped crying since you passed on. I hope you are well now, and have met up with Tippy. Been some years now since you have seen your brother. How are the both of you? Is it sunny and warm where you are? I hope you are both well and happy. I will always have you in my heart. I have a horrible broken heart right now. As I just can not except that you are not sleeping on my pillow at night with me, and coming into the kitchen for breakfast in the morning. I miss hearing you purr, and rub up against me for love.
Tipper, CatCay, and Wind, Kyle and Meghan miss you so much to. Tipper hasn't been the same since you left. And he is so sorry so upsetting you sometimes. Pepper, you were the best cat a person could have, never had a mean way about you. Always there for me when I needed a friend. I will miss you always, and someday I will meet up with you.. Don't worry, I will not go out and replace you, no other cat could ever replace you.. I love you Pepper.. Mommy..

Pepper, 09/91-01/02/03

Beautiful, Pepper, you are truly missed. We love you, sweetie, but we know that you are in doggie heaven. You were treasure on earth with your "priss paws". You brought us joy with your laid-back personality and shared your love with your deep, beautiful sparkling eyes. You are our angel now and we mourn your passing. You are loved.

Loretta, John, Karen, Nana, and Lucy

Pepper Lou Mattioli, 04/27/91-10/15/03

You were a big part of our family and we'll always miss you.
We love you, Mom, Da, Chris, Doug & Kim

Judy & Greg

Pepper and Maya, 2 and 10, April 2003

This is a sad story, about two kitties who loved each other too much. That is why I opted to put them together, under Pepper's name.

After we moved to New Zealand, I was going out of my mind with stress, and missed having a kitty so much I advertised in the local paper for a siamese girl, always having favoured orientals. Next thing I knew, a lady brought me a kitty, but "he" looked nothing like what I wanted. He was a tabby boy, but his mum was a siamese lady who had an affair. It was love at first sight, he was a charmer, and on the inside pure siamese.

Three months later a siamese breeder I initially contacted, phoned me to say she has kittens. I could not afford it at the time, and she offered me adoption of the 3 year old mummy-cat, whom she wanted to retire. We renamed Mai Ling to Maya, Queen of the Ancients. Her adjustment was a story of blood and tears, and one for another day. But eventually Pepper decided enough was enough, and went into my room and chased her out. She was not immune to his charms either.

In the beginning she played hard to get, and more often than not Pep would be at the receiving end of a whack or a scratch and hiss, depending on Her Highness' mood. But he persisted, and she capitulated. They became Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra... they became Pepper and Maya!

He showed her the great outdoor litterbox, aka the beach, on the other side of the garden. He raced with her through the garden, and up and down the palmtree. Together they enjoyed the sunspots in the house, on the deck and of course the beach. They would race through the sand, roll in it and at a far-off, hidden corner, use it as a litterbox. And when they were tired of playing, they would sleep in a hollow tree hide-out covered by flax bushes.

Then came 2 April 2003, the sad day we found Pepper outside by the stairs. He was hurt and could not make it up, and he died there. Maya went with us to a special little spot to bury him. That was the last time she went to the beach. She missed him, and searched for him, and called him endlessly. Now she was scared to go out alone. She only went outside to do her potty, and she did not want to play. She would just lie there, in their favourite spots, or out on the deck. Just as we learned to live with this grief, we discovered another to deal with. Exactly 8 days after Pepper's journey to the Rainbow Bridge, Maya followed him.

We will never know why she went to the roadside that morning. She was a tense, scared kitty, and petrified at the mere sight of the busy road, especially so at the busy times in the morning and late afternoon. She never, ever went close to the road. What made her go there?

Did she follow Peppers scent-trail? Did Pepper come back to take her with him? Or was the heartache and missing too much for her to handle? So many questions, and no answers. Just the missing, the terrible emptiness, the physical pain of losing my furry children.

They are together again, their bodies side by side on their beloved beach, their souls free to play again on the sand and in the trees, in safety this time, where nothing can hurt them.

I love you, my kitties, my Pepper and Maya. You will always have a very special place in my heart.... together, side by side, as always...


Pepper Melly Reed, 9/90-9/7/03

Today we mourn the loss of our baby-dog Pepper. Our hearts ache, but we will forever be grateful for her presence in our lives. She showed us how to care a little more, how to love a little harder, and how to be better people. Today we thank God for her. We will never, ever forget her. She is missed more than we can say, but we believe we will one day be reunited with our "angel-dog". God-speed baby-girl....we love you! Mom & Dad

Pepper Rose, 08/25/89-10/14/03

My Dear Pepper Rose,
I don't know what to say except that I loved you from the minute I saw you and I will always love you. When you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday the 14th of October 2003 after being with me for almost 14 years it crushed me! I held you in my arms as your heart finally gave out after almost 2 years of me trying to keep your heart going. You had such a bad problem with your heart that even your vet of 14 years thought you wouldn't last as long as you did. I thank God that you may only have suffered a short while that day. I thought I may have had to make a hard decision to put you to sleep after the week you had but, God took that decision out of my hands. Thank You so much Dear Lord! I had to do that with your brother (Bear) 4 years ago and almost had to do that with your sister (Daisey) almost 2 years to the date that God took you. Yes, it was time my baby! You tried so hard to stay for me. I will try so hard to let you go. So don't worry about your Mommy. I will be okay! I will see you soon. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge and along with yourself, Animal, Bear, Daisey, Tippy, and Bennie we will go to God together and never be parted again. We will be Well and Happy together once more. I LOVE YOU AND ALL MY BABIES. TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER! YOU ALL HAVE MY HEART FOREVER! Mommy, Cassie, Daddy, G. G.

Pepsi, 11/17/03

My Darling little girl, how I miss you. You were by my side for 22 years, sleeping right next to me every night. How can I live without you beside me. As long as I live I will think of you daily, until we meet at the bridge. What a wonderful reunion that will be, both of us complete again. I long to kiss your beautiful face and run my hands through your fur. I'll dream of that every night. I love you baby, never forget that or how much I need you. Go with Annie now, until we're all together again. I love you.....Mommy

Perci, 11/00-02/24/03

Perci was our first baby, and right now I am 4 months pregnant with our real first baby. Last week Perci stopped eating and was really lethargic. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Hemalytic Anemia. We were told it was treatable and she had a blood transfusion, we were then told she had a 50/50 chance. She ate through her blood transfusion and needed another, which carried more risk of causing a clot that would kill her than a chance of saving her. We took her home for the weekend and prayed that her white blood cells would quit attacking her body. They did not. We went to the vet 2/24 to have another blood test, and she had gotten worse. With much pain and sadness we decided to put our 2 year old pup out of the pain and misery she was in. I held her while she took her last breath and her heart stopped beating, the whole time telling her what a wonderful dog she was. I love her with all my heart and hurt so bad, even though I know we did the right thing. I have not fallen in love with another being the way I did with her. She was smart, loving, athletic, sensitive...perfect. God took her away from this world while she was still young for a reason. Maybe she was so special to him that he had another, more important job to do. Her soul was one of a kind and not having it with us has left us empty. I hope that where ever she is she knows that we did our best, and did not want to lose her.

I love you Perci. I always will.

Cari and Darrick Deslatte (De-Lot)

Percy, 07/01/93-08/13/02

The baddest most bad smellin' dog ever! The most gentle and loving soul I have ever had the pleasure of loving. Not a day or even an hour goes by that I don't think of you still - it's been nearly a year! Your absence is unbearable. My love for you knows no boundaries and I know our love continues even now. My faithful companion. My special boy. My "stinky old doggins". Only you weren't that old. I miss you. Sam misses you. We all miss you. The return of summer brings painful memories that I do not wish to own. What I'd give to have you back, even just once more... I love you Percy, my Forever Dog.


Percy, 05/01/03

Percy was a wonderful cat, adopted from a shelter and given a great 7 years to run and play (and catch lots of mice) that he wouldn't have otherwise had. He gave us laughter and love. We'll miss his antics, his constant meowing, sneaking onto the countertops to eat the bread, and playing with our dogs. We hope he knew how much we loved him, and how sad we are that he's gone.

Sherri Goins

Percy, 01/18/00

Percy, we still miss you. Take care of Snoopy! You would have loved him. Thank you for taking such good care of Aaron. Love, Mom.

Wendy, Aaron, and Steve

Perkins (Our Little Trooper), 04/29/86-11/19/03

In memory of our beloved Perkins who taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. He never let us down and was there for us so many times I have lost count. Rest in peace and know that your spirit will live in our hearts for many more years to come. We miss you but know that we will see you again someday. We were with him and held him in our arms when this wonderful creatures spirit left this earth,
even then his concern was for us as he reached up and licked away the tears that were streaming down our faces. It seemed as if he was trying to let us know not worry about him that it was his time for him to leave us. It was an honor to have you in our lives for so many years. You will never be forgotten.

Steve Hamby and Newell Russell

Persnickety, 05/01/01-12/09/03

I am really going to miss Persnickety. When we first got him he was really scared of my husband and I because he came from a pet shop where they didn't handle their small animals. But he calmed down as time went on and became a real member of the family. We called him the mad scientist because his fur always stuck out in every which way behind his ears. And he had the best name I think we've ever come up with for a pet. It fit him perfectly. He will be missed by us and also by our cat Amelia who loved him and liked to play with him.


Pest, 04/01/83-08/06/03

She was the bravest animal I have ever known. Her kind spirit will always be with me and I know I will see her again.

Pete, 11/12/03

We always commented that Peter was the keeper of the keys to heaven because if any animal was sick or dying on this horse farm, Pete would lay near them for hours or even days until they were better or passed away...Then he would mourn for each of them.
He even protected the graves of any very special friends.
I am thankful that we were able to stay by him until the time when he went to join all of his friends in the place that God has provided for the animals in heaven.

Patty Schellman

Pete, 09/15/03

To a wonderful bird who has been with me all these years through it all and has never complained. Pete, you will always be my sweet, innocent bird. You will always be loved.

Pete, 01/03/02-03/25/03

Pete was a remarkable member of our family. We believe, however, that he was meant to be with my mother who passed away one week prior to his accident. I know in my heart that the two of them are together. We love and miss you both very much.

Pete, 09/01/87-07/24/03

Good-by to a friend -To Pete
(September 1987 - July 24, 2003)

When I met Pete I only saw trouble,
Running wild in the park,
Digging holes in the yard…
What friendship can one have with a dog like that?
If human friendship is like a weather vane,
A friendship with a dog may be a friendship with a well…

In time, darkness and storms came,
The waves struck the shore,
And the flimsy house where the weather vane stood
Disappeared in the angry shoal,
And there, shining in the dark
Stood, defying the storms
The lighthouse of his friendship.

(C) Miguel Estrada

Peter, 03/15/02-02/11/03

Peter was a handicapped kitten who did not get a chance to live long enough for his Mom & Dad. We loved him very much, and he was very easy to love. His bright eyes and loud purr would warm everyone's heart. Everyone who met Peter will never forget him. He had a sweet spirit that has never been matched and heaven is going to be a better place with him there. I hope and pray that we are able to be reunited with him when we pass from this life. We loved him very much.

Richard & Kristina Garrison

Petey, 11/30/03

Petey was a good friend.
Thanksgiving day was a great time.

Eric Wiertelak

Petey, 08/01/87-07/01/03

There was no other cat like him in the world- Emily

Petey was the spunkiest cat I've ever known, He lived his 9 lives to the max. He was our vet tester and turned into one heck of a mouser even if he thought he was a dog. We'll miss him.- Greg

He was the nicest cat I have ever known, I miss him- Daniel

"Oh how cute, he bit my finger" and the rest is history. 16 good years. - Linda

Greg, Linda, Emily, & Daniel

Petey, 02/16/98-12/15/01

My beloved Petey, how I love you so.
I really adore you, I hope you know.
My days are dark without you.
But it was your time to go.
If I meet you at rainbow bridge,
which I hope I do so,
I just want you to know,
that I adore you so.
Your best friend,
Samantha Cali,12yrs.

Petie, 08/11/86-12/02/02

Dear Petie -It's been a year since you have left us and it seems forever. You are missed more than we ever could think possible. We still hear you and feel you around us. You will never be out of our hearts. We think about you all the time and miss you. Otis is still looks for you.

Joe and Nancy

Petronius The Arbiter Cat From Hades, 07/04/86-11/24/01

The most gallant, bravest cat in the world. You were our best friend and your death left us broken hearted. We will never forget you till we meet again on the bridge.

Sarah, Dan, Robert and Eric Hoyt

Petunia, 01/01/01-11/30/03

You were not here long but oh what light you brought to my life. So little but with so much courage and strong right to the end. You never really stood a chance at life the way you were bred but they have certainly missed a beautiful shining little angel. I thank the lord that I was able to have you with me even tho it was a short time. You are missed but will never be forgotten little one...I will always love you my little Tunia. When we meet again will be the happiest time for me. Till then my sweetheart...till then...............


Peyote, 10/11/96-01/20/03

I miss you, Peyote. My best friend. I thought we would grow older, together. You will always have a special place, in my heart & memories. You know that, you can never be replaced. Thank you for your 'visits', from time to time. It's so like you, to still be looking out for me. Journey well, my 'Kitty', & never lose touch. I love you, so much.

PG, 03/05/03

PG came into our lives as a starving little stray. We cried when she brought up bits of aluminum siding, twigs and leaves that she'd eaten in an attempt to ease her hunger pains. She walked right in, adopted us, and stayed for the next 16 years. She wasn't a very sociable cat, but she did love her kids. Everyone else was allowed to pet her twice before she started hissing to put them in their place. PG was always right there at the door to greet us when we came home. She loved chasing the laser light. We miss our little kitty.

Nelson, Kate, Carl, Kevan & Beth Swanberg

Phang, 05/20/03

"Sir Phang of the Desert" was the name given to this little mop of a puppy which rode home on my father's arm. I, however, didn't get to know Phang until many years later, when I came to live with my parents after they moved to Pennsylvania.

Phang had always been around cats. He grew up with a temperamental old tabby who, strangely enough, took to nurturing him. As a result, Phang believed that he was, in part, a cat, even to the point that he would make snorting noises when he was happy as though he was trying to purr!

I am a "cat person", and I missed not having a cat of my own, so I went down to the pet store one day and found the perfect little kitten. I brought her home in a box, carefully and securely strapped to the luggage rack of my motorcycle (I only live a couple of blocks from the pet store, fortunately). Well, when I got the box inside, Phang was there to greet me with a wagging tail, bright eyes, and his snorting purr.

I set the box on the floor, and he came over immediately. "Whatcha got in the box?" I could almost hear him say. I opened the box and in went his head - only slightly smaller than the entire body of this little black kitten. He LOVED her at once, even though she hissed, spit, and tried to claw his nose off!

In less than two months, they were the best of friends. They would sleep curled up together in my father's chair, and my kitten's favorite game was to slowly creep up on the arm of the chair while Phang was asleep, pop him on the head and run as soon as he looked up. He would chase her, then she would chase him...they were such great pals!

Phang had been diagnosed with Cushing's disease (hyperadrenocorticism) a few years back. He started getting ear infections, constantly licked his legs until they were bleeding...this bright-eyed playful dog was beginning to deteriorate right before our eyes. We treated him, medicated him, and in the end, all we could do was just give him our love until the day when his illnesses, his now clouded over bright eye (he lost the other one due to an infection), and his failing strength began to take their toll.

We had a cold winter. He could hardly move throughout it, and had taken to urinating on the floor instead of going outside through the dog door. We knew this would be his last season with us, and it was terribly painful, but to let him continue on, suffering, shaking, this would have been wrong. It was his time to leave us, and he knew this as well.

My tiny little puff ball of a kitten had grown into a magnificent cat, and she still slept near him. The day that we had decided that Phang's suffering was enough, she hid in my room and refused to come out.

My father took Phang to the vet in the morning. He drove home alone, and cried the entire way. He couldn't help but feel, deep down, that somehow he was killing the dog because it was old, that it was somehow "disposable", despite the facts which he knew all too well.

Writing this now, even months later, I cannot help but cry myself. I remember well the events that happened and how they happened in the pictures I have from years ago. How he would run through the yard, sporting his bandana from the groomer, how the bandana would be literally falling apart, smelly and soiled before he would at last allow us to remove it...

My cat now practically refuses to leave my side. Her companion, her friend, her best buddy is gone. She had refused to eat more than a nibble for more than two weeks and lost about four pounds. Only now, months later, has she regained her weight. She still misses her friend, and I can tell this whenever I look at her in my lap, in my father's chair, curled tightly against me.

Phang, you will be in our hearts forever. You have touched our lives indelibly. Your kitty-kitty misses you, as do I. Your "yum-yum" noises when you were playing, I can still hear. What I wouldn't give to be awakened by your snoring just one more time.

Blessings, my friend, and may you rest well.

Jeff Watson

Phantom, 06/88-12/18/03

My beloved, mild-mannered boy, you are badly missed and always will be.
Love forever.

Linda Mallory

Phantom, 8/10/03

I miss you, my cuddle bug"

Maggie and Greg

Pheobe, 07/93-07/27/03

What a wonderful friend you where. I will always feel the loss of you. I know your not in pain anymore and your in a far better place, I will always love you, daddie and Mommie

Phiffies, 07/21/86-02/16/00

To the most wonderful cat that lived. He stood by me threw thick and thin and was my savior when I was in an abusive relationship.

Karen Bogdan

Phillip Scott, 01/27/03

My beloved Phillip, tragically taken to soon.

Charmaine & Rob

Phoebe, 06/20/92-03/13/03

Phoebe taught me the meaning of patience, of love beyond what I thought possible, and to believe in the puppies that no one else wants.

Lynda Lacono

Phoebe, 08/02/03

Sweet Phoebe, my most beloved companion of 17 years, how dearly you are missed.

I helped you pass from your tired, ill body Saturday morning, August 2, 2003; you made your transition with grace and dignity, and blessedly peacefully.

When you first came to me, so cute and little, so white, with cinnamon-brown ears, paws and tail, and your little "bandit" eye-mask of stripes, you hid under my bedroom dresser. You had been mistreated by a little girl who didn't know better, who carried you around in a locked up purse for hours, and you were afraid of people. I had been pestering my friend and landlord to let me have a cat, and he found out about you, by accident, from one of his pharmacy customers, who described you as a "Siamese tiger cat".

When I saw you, I cried out "Phoebe"! I knew your name had to start with a "P", like my family's beloved Siamese from many years before, Piwacket. You would only come out to eat and drink, and to use the litter box, until I finally coaxed you out with a catnip bag tied to a leather string. I still have that well-gnawed toy as a memento of you.

We had so many good years together, and now they are past, as ephemeral as the morning dew - but the memories of these years are as enduring as the mountains and the seas.

I have the beheaded bouquet of silk flowers in a vase, when you decided to offer the flowers, one by one, to the Tahitian Tiki Toilet Gods/Goddesses in your youth.

I have the small dent in my car hood, when you leapt off the balcony, one of the very few times I ever let you out.

I have the "chew strings", the venetian blind cords that you loved dearly to use as dental floss, when you sat on the bathroom sink, watching me use the toilet in the mornings.

I have the red floor pillow, covered with your hair, that sits in the garage west window, your favourite spot for many years.

I have the kitty cup that you and your one and only kitten, your Princess Uebi kitty, shared, the both of you sleeping in Yin/Yang fashion.

I know you were upset when I let Sable move in, even though it was to save her that Christmas Eve - and then she promptly had four kittens! You were used to having the house - and me - to yourself. Now you had to share me.

You were quite happy, though, when you mothered Princess Uebi, and you had seven wonderful years with her, until her passing in August 15, 2000; I know you missed her so.

You loved your treats of mozzarella cheese, and salmon, and tuna.

You had to be the FIRST one to greet me on the stairs when I came home from work, or from being away.

You became ill with cancer about a year and a half ago, and you never let it show, or bother you, until these very last days, when I knew you were tired, and increasingly ready to make your transition. Your last day with me, after eating your breakfast, you hid one last time, in your very first hiding place -- under my bedroom dresser. Your beautiful life had come full circle; you blessed me with 17 years of your companionship.

Dearest Phoebe, wait for me, for one day I, too, shall make this great transition. I look forward to being reunited with you, and all the others, that glorious future day.

Your loving companion,
Dwight Dirks

Phoebe, 28/10/03

Simply the Best

Robyn and Lauren McNaught

Phoebe, 10/09/95-03/21/03

Phoebe was not only my dog, but my best friend. She was also the clinic "mascot" as the vet clinic I work at. Every body knew her by name or simply "the cute little blonde dog". Phoebe was born with a severe heart defect and we didn't think she'd make it past 2 years old. Then, 7 1/2 years later Phoebe lost her battle and went into heart failure. I had to make the hardest decision of my life... I had to make the decision to end her life. I had Phoebe cremated and she now rests peacefully at my bedside. Phoebe was a star and she'll remain there forever in the hearts of everyone that knew her.
We all miss you "Phoebeness"


Phoebe Louise, 10/02/94-11/02/03

Without a doubt, Phoebe Louise, a tan and white Shih Tsu who was taken from this world on November 2nd, 2003 (All Souls Day) was an angel sent from heaven. Her job in the first part of her life was to be a companion and best friend to her owner who was going through some difficult times during her life. Phoebe was there every step of the way, comforting and listening with her heart and soul. The second part of Phoebe's life was dedicated to being a wonderful companion to her owner's aging parents. Phoebe was a ray of light, an angel, who would stare into your eyes and speak to you from the deepest levels of her soul. I know for sure that she is in a peaceful, happy place and that we will meet again in another life. Phoebe will always be in the hearts of those who have loved and cared for her during her time on earth - We love and will miss you, Phoebe Louise! xoxoxo

Andrea Garrido

Phoebe Mouse Girl, 03/02-11/30/03

Fooboo, little mouse girl, you brought joy into my heart and I will miss you.
Run and be free with your brothers, tell them that mommy still thinks about them often.
Maurice, Brandon Michael, Trystan, Sylvester, Christopher, Muffin, Nikita and Entu will show you the way.
Mommy miss....

Phoebe Snow, 06/17/90-05/03/03

Phoebe Oh how I miss You. You've only been gone for a short time and I'm still calling you. Phoebe I'm so sorry I wish there was something I could have done for you. I miss you So so much! You were the best dog out of all the ones we have Blossom And Molly look for you every night and day. Blossom is trying to dominate Molly now that is funny. Now that your gone Molly won't let her. Phoebe I wish you were still here I miss your bark the neighbors ask where you have been they to miss your Bark. Hannah cryed all night Saturday the day we put you down. We all miss you You were the Best Along with Daisy Please give her a big Big Kiss for me I hope Use are getting along better now? Phoebe till we meet again I will Always remember your warmth and love you always showed to Us... Love you always Phoebe Love Mommy
They will not go quietly, the dogs who've shared our lives. In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives. Old habits still make us think we hear barking at the door. Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor. Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be, And sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly. And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, that one place in our hearts belongs to them...and always will.

Phoenix, 02/17/88-07/05/02

It's been one year today since we last saw your smiling face, but we still feel your love in our hearts. We'll see you at the Bridge, Punkin'.

Debbie, Bet, and Trace

Phoenix, 09/04/02-01/14/03

Another beautiful animal lost to FIP.



He was my Phoo-phoo. He waited for me when I had left overseas. A year he waited for my return, and then, months after my return to America, he departed just like he arrived. Carrying my heart with him.

Katherine Bunschoten

Phoofa, 15/12/03

Goodbye my dear friend Thank you for the wonderful years of joy you have brought to us... The hiding behind the hallway door and jumping out at us and the dogs, You certainly had the dogs fooled only Mishka knew you were only playing But you were the Boss and the Boss you stayed till today
You have gone to Join Mimi, Mishka and Cloe in Pet Heaven. We will miss you so much.

Peta Gapper

Phoofie, 05/05/03-11/22/03

Phoofie my darling baby. To hold you was the best! It was like holding a cloud. You were such a blessing in the short time you were here. You made us all laugh at your playfulness. I know you are in a place with green fields of your favorite hay and mint :-)........and out of pain.
I miss you so much already. Thank you Phoof for being the sweet spirit you were....Jan Penticoff

Phred, 08/30/03

Phred you were a very special friend. I love you and I miss you terribly. Thank you for coming into my life. I will see you again someday my friend.

Love you ^..^

Melissa :)

Phroederich, 12/12/03

My dear Phroederich;

You waited for your mama to tell you it was ok to leave. You were so sick and so patient! For over 18 years you loved me and I loved you and I miss you so. Your dog sister Gwendolyn looks for you and misses you also. You join a whole bunch of others at the bridge waiting for me so you will not be alone - Mamacat, Chester, Patches, Tiger, Marvin, Mary, Alexander, Ralph, Amanda, & Bear! purr on gentle boy!


Phyllis (Cyn Lous Tears in Heaven), 5/28/98-9/23/03

Phyllis was my baby, I love her dearly. She has always been special, when she was born the other 4 puppies in the litter died and her mother nearly died of tortion uterus. She could not care for Phyllis so I did. At 3 months old she was diagnosed with Micro Opthamalia and Atrified Kidneys. She was given 6 months then later 18 months to live. Phyllis was 5 years and 4 months old when she died last night just before midnight. At 6 PM she had a seizure and we rushed her to the vet. Dr. Oswald gave a guarded diagnosis because she thought she was brain damaged. When I went to see her she knew who I was, raised her head and then stood up and nuzzeled me. She laid back down and I promised her I would be back later that night to see her. I called the vet at 11:50 and they said Phyllis was ok and stable. I got my stuff together to go see her but as I was walking out the door the phone rang. "We are sorry, Phyllis has just past away", I couldn't believe it and am still in shock, I can't quit crying. I went to see her and then came back home. I feel SOOO horrible I wasn't there when she died. She did die in her sleep which is what I wanted for her.
I just miss my baby so much I cannot stand it.


Piaf, 05/24/94-01/27/03

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, You will live in my heart forever. I will always love you. You were taken away too soon but I couldn't stand to see you suffer any longer. May you be running in fields of catnip.

Merle Feeser

Piagi, 03/11/03

To my soulmate, my constant companion for 14 years. I will cherish every memory, every moment that we had. All the adventures you took me on, every time you looked out for me, the kisses taking away my tears. You were my rock in the rough waves I thought I could never survive, you kept me alive. I would not be here today if not for you. You brought me so much joy and so much peace. You gave balance to my life, reminding me to stop and enjoy just being. I will hold everything in my heart and try to share your legacy with others and pray that one day I can hold you, kiss you and run with you again. Peace, my puppy, rest…You are so loved!

Sandi Lenfestey

Pica, 05/15/86-09/27/03

Just seeing this in writing breaks my heart...impossible to believe that after 17+ years of joy and companionship you are gone. I have known and loved you longer than most of my friends. You moved with me 9 times and never complained. In your glory days, you were 20 pounds of irresistible orange fur, with those great big bunny feet and that sweet kitten face, no matter your age. You are in my heart forever, my sweet boy. Rest in peace always.


Picci Wallace, 07/19/03

Picci was a wonderful, loving baby. Picci will be missed.
She was loved so very much and was so miserable at the end. She had so many symptoms, hearing was gone, white cell count was too high, possible heart failure, etc.
She was such a good girl and filled my home with so much love.
Thank you Picci and God will bless you.

Pickle, 08/23/03

My sweet little Pickle, we miss you very much. I miss your fuzzy little face and how you'd snuggle up on my lap and let me rub your ears forever. you were the softest sweetest kitty...


Pickle, 08/13/03

Pickle was our little girl. She brightened our lives for 17 years. She was dearly loved and is greatly missed.

Wait for us at the bridge my darling and make sure that you bring Tiger our little boy who passed over 7 years before you.

Cannot wait for the day that we all meet again

Vic Neary

Pickles Marie, 12/15/01-07/24/03

Pickles mommy and daddy will love you forever, we will be together again someday love you baby

Picksy, 10/99

She was a great watch dog. She was very faithful. I loved her.


Pierre, 05/04/88-10/16/03


Your meme loves and misses you sooooo much. If I could just hold you one more time........


Pierre, 08/18/03

I met Pierre when he was six months old. He was living in the a pen with a hound named Rocky. He was a Malti-Poo that the owner decided was more trouble than she thought so she put him outside in a pen. I took him home, then to the groomers and renamed him......."Pierre".....The fanciest name I could think of. Over the years he spent with our family, with both of my children growing up, going to Gatlinburg with Sophie, our Yorkie, he was the perfect gentleman. He has been slowing down for a few years, cataracts and arthritis, almost deaf, but still skipped outside and barked at Harley, our lab, like he was a big dog. We took him to the vet Monday when he went into heart failure and it was obvious that my little "energizer bunny" had finally run down. At eighteen years old, he was tired. He was brave to the end. I hope he knows how much we loved him and will miss him, my little Pierre. The Williams Family

Pierre, 07/05/03

Pierre, you were the perfect pet. I had so much fun with you and loved you with all my heart. I loved the way you talked, sang, danced, and all your wonderful sound effects. But best of all, I loved giving you your deluxe head rub.

Virginia Scarfino

Pierre', 4/13/85-2/2/00

Tears form puddles within my heart remembering the day you left. If love alone could of saved you,you would of never died.


Pierre, 04/05/92-06/21/02

I would like to make a special tribute to my dear doggie Pierre who passed on last year. He was my dearest buddie and still miss him so very much. He will be forever in my heart.


Pig, 09/04/86-12/20/03

We will always remember you Pig.
You will be missed :(

Jim Root

Pig, 02/07/96-11/21/03

Eulogy to Pig
November 21, 2003

So goodbye, my little furry friend.
Many years, shared with the dogs.
Squeaking and squealing and yapping and also hiding.
You know what you loved – food- and you were a neurotic little thing.
But you liked it when I sang to you and you really paid attention.

Your last act of life was trying to eat a grape.
Good for you, a love of life to the end. In your soul, you know you were Italian.

You were cold and crumpled when I found you and that was not good.
You wanted to go, you needed to go.
I am happy I held you in those last moments.
I am happy that you waited for me to say goodbye.

You came to us because we lost another little pig, and Daniel was so sad.
We waited for his spirit to be reborn in you.
So we had two little pigs instead of one.
The little pig had a great spirit but a weak heart.
Maybe that’s why you lived out two guinea pig lives.

I liked the way you looked at me straight on, even though you couldn’t focus very well.
I think we had a connection, you and I, not like a person and a dog, but still, you were like my other side.
You soldiered on through all that pain. So much courage in such a little being.

I never did succeed in coaxing you out very well, but I don’t think I do that with people either. You loved music so much, I will leave it on for you tonight. I think you would appreciate that.

Tomorrow morning we will have to chip away at the cold ground, find a spot where I can think of you.
Maud says the earth will take you back.
I suppose so.
Some day someone may find you, but to us, you will always be with us in our hearts.

From the book of Genesis, Chapter 1:
the Creation of the animals.

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth all kinds of living creatures:
cattle, creeping things, and wild animals of all kinds.”
And so it happened.
God made all kinds of wild animals, all kinds of cattle, and all kinds of creeping things of the earth, including guinea pigs.
God saw how good it was.

God also said, “see, I give you every seed bearing plant all over the earth and every tree that has seed bearing fruit on it to be your food;
and to all the animals of the land, all the birds of the air, and all the living creatures that crawl on the ground, including guinea pigs, I give all the green plants for food, such as broccoli, which you do not like, and orange plants, such as carrots, which you always really liked.”
Ad so it happened.
God looked at everything he had done, and he found it very good.
Evening came, and morning followed.

Ciao, bella.

Adrienne Larkin

Piggy, 06/08/88-02/08/02

To be so loved


Piglet, 06/24/00-08/03/03

Piglet came to us when he was two weeks and one day old and a cat had bitten off his toe. He is the only rat of the 30 we've had over the years that lived to be over 3 years old (he was 112 in rat years). He will be missed by his people (Dan, Sue and Josh), dogs (Amos and Riley) rattie friends (Edgar, Celeste, Mojo and Angelo) and turtle (Frances), though we know he has joined his many friends in Heaven, including his special group of Nick, Joe, Angelina and Molly who all passed before him.

Piglet, 02/23/03

Piglet was a wonderful companion. He was aptly named as he loved to eat - especially cheerios.
He passed away while having his head rubbed and being very much loved.
We miss him very much, as does his brother, Astro.

Piglet, 4/1/87-1/25/03

An amazing animal and friend. Will be missed incredibly.

Pika, 05/01/03-09/30/03

I only had my little bird for 2 months. I am devastated and depressed that she is gone. Apparently she had PDD and had it before we bought her....but I didn't know. We spent countless hours together in the short time I had her...we were really beginning to bond. I can't stand looking at the empty cage. My heart aches. Please say a special prayer for my little Pika. Thanks to all of you who do.


Pika, 09/19/99-03/03/02

Pika was my baby hamster. He's been gone now for over a year and I still miss him so much. But I know he's very happy right now at Rainbow Bridge, probably munching on fresh veggies. He will always have a special place in heart.


Pikachu, 11/11/03

Pikachu..when no one else was were. You only had 3 legs but you did more than animals with twice that many. I hand raised you from a were truly my child, my baby girl..I will always love you and remember you.


Pike, 02/12/01-02/11/03

We love you, buddy! See you in heaven, our sweet puppy. We will miss you more than you know!

Aaron and Nicole Heim

Pinchy, 04/29/97-06/26/03

Our little Pinchy was killed by a car on Thursday night - 6/29, I held her in the street as she died with Kristy right next to us, saw her take her last breath and looked her in the eyes as she stopped breathing. We buried her in my parents' backyard, right in flower garden that would swallow her up whenever she chased a squirrel past the grass. It's the hardest thing Kristy and I have ever had to deal with, but we are dealing with it. Everyone I knew loved Pinchy, or as some might call her (my best bud Nick), Les Pinch'esz. She went very quickly, don't think she felt too much pain, lived for about a minute after being hit. It was the most terrible sight we had ever seen. The lady that hit her stopped, called the police and was beside herself as well. I let her go on her way when all was said and done, for it was kinda my fault. We were just coming home from shopping, about 9 in the evening, I was bringing Kristy's mountain bike in (she rides her bike to work now that I have to drive all the way out to STUPID FREDERICK, MD. for work) and left our front door open. Pinchy saw Kristy unloading our car outside from our side window, I opened the apt. door and Pinchy rushed out. I dropped the bike, yelled at her at the top of my lungs, but she wouldn't come back. Sooo excited to see Kristy! She's fast, I heard the screech and a smack as I got around the corner (still yelling), then saw her and heard her yelping. But that was Pinchy, always wanted to go, go, go... sooo excited all the time. She loved everyone. For the first time, she was always a bit skeptical to meet anyone, but by the time you left, she treated ya like her new best friend, and when you came back, she remembered you. That was her way. All that remembering in such a tiny little head. Where the hell did she put it all?

We'll never forget Pinchy, we'll see her again someday. Pinchy, April 29, 1997 - June 26, 2003

Long Live Pinchy!

~chipley and kristy

Ping, 07/06/92-09/09/03

My dearest friend, my "good" dog - I miss you so very much my heart aches. I am so blessed to all the wonderful times we had together. Thank you for allowing me to be YOUR pet - I am your girl. I am so sorry that you got sick on Tuesday September 9th - you are so brave and must have been hiding your sickness. My shock of realizing I was going to lose you and that you were going to go "home" - is still unbelievable. Ping my dearest sweet little man - I love you and will always love you. You are my son - I would give anything to have one more day - but I am grateful that I spent good time with you everyday - you were the first and last "person" I saw everyday. This past week has been hard on Mama. Please know and take my love with you. My dearest day in heaven will be when I meet, greet and see my Ping Puppy again. Go in the Peace, Love & Goodness of God. Mama loves you so Ping Puppy!!!!

Pinkerton, 09/29/03

The greatest dog in the world

Anne Sendecke

Pinky, 01/10/01-10/16/03

Pinky, I wasn't ready for you to leave me, but you knew that you were ready. I know you are taking care of monkey bear at this moment and wondering why we are so upset. It was so hard to say goodbye, but I know you are in a better place over the bridge. All the vet bills and sleepless nights didn't matter to us, because we loved you. We will miss you and will always remember you running frantically on your wheel while the vacuum ran hehe. We love you stinky pinky, you will be in our hearts forever and until we meet again someday my little sunshine angel rat.

Love you always,
your rattie mama and daddy,

Jennifer and Chuck

Pinky, 1989-2003

Pinky, was a dog who loved to roam, our(5) acres wasn't large enough for her. After 10 or more trips to the pound we had to pretty much keep her chained most of the time. She had some unusual habits or laying down and grabbing your leg with her paws or just out of the blue start waving at you with her paw to say hey I'm over here. She was in good health at the time of her passing, and was an incredibly strong willed dog. She hung on the entire night but was at the end of her life by the time I got her to the vet early the next morning. We miss you old girl....

G. Wong


I found Pinti, a grey and white cat when she was 6 months old. She walked up to me on my porch and it took me over two hours to get close enough to pet her. From that point on she went wherever I went. She has been my one true companion over the last 17 years through all that has been good and bad in my life. I always looked forward to cooking and giving her a taste of the food I made. She would wait in the kitchen until I gave her something. At night she would sleep with me and lay next to my head.

I have been working from home the last year and had the opportunity to spend all day with her. She would follow me all around the house.....I know she lived a happy life. She suddenly became ill and we fought a three week battle together. She wouldn't eat in the hospital and I tried something different. I put lamb fat on my fingers to jump start her eating. When I went to the hospital every dog in the place ran towards me....I knew that was good sign. It worked...she started eating. After a tough fight I held her and we looked at each other as she slipped away. I'll never forget that moment. She was only 5 pounds but she had the spirit of a lion.

I never expected to feel this much grief...I have never known such pain. My belief in an afterlife and an everlasting spirit has grown over the last three days since she left. I have been fortunate to have experienced many things in this world and have lived out all of my dreams, live a modest life, but have everything I need. I will still only want for one thing, and that is to be with her again.

I will for ever celebrate her spirit.

John Aramian

Pip, 02/08/03

Beloved pet for many years. She was loved by all.

Susan Hanner

Pipa The Dog Lewis, 07/04/85-09/11/03

Pipa was the best dog you could ever want. A true friend, she went everywhere with me. She lived a great life and lived to be over 18 years old. When I first got her, I could hold her in one hand. Today we let "The Peep" go to the bridge to wait for us. She is not in pain any more but is chasing her tuffy and hanging with Salem. We will miss you, Pipa.
With MUCH love, Vern and Lisa

Piper, 04/89-10/28/03

Piper, I had gotten from a shelter you 14 years ago when you were 12 weeks old & I was 5 months pregnant and all alone so that I would have a companion & you ended up being so much more to me than that. You were like my child. Without any training you were so unbelievably intelligent, its hard to believe you were not human! Everyone who knew you commented that you could have shown Lassie a thing or two! When Grandma moved in next door & you moved yourself over there to look after her & woke her in the night to a burning crockpot, or when we got the 2 new puppies & you got them to follow you 2 miles away, left them there & ran back alone just to get rid of them, was not very nice, but made us laugh for 10 years about it. The way you patrolled the neighborhood watching out for any intruders was amazing. Everyone in town knew you & loved you so much, its so hard to believe you're gone. When the new neighbors moved in next door to Grandmas old house & you would go over there & hang out with the Father in the garage at night to let him know it was your home first & he ended up loving you just as much as we did. You became his buddy & his familys protector too. You were so amazing, none of these words can even express the feelings I have for you or the life you lived & we lived together. You have been there with me through so much! When I began to notice you couldnt see or hear too well anymore as you aged, I decided I would do anything I could to help you out. When your back leg started to give out, I decided I would do anything I could do to help you out, but when you began falling down the steps, not being able to stand up to go eat or go to the bathroom or even greet whoever came in the door, when you could no longer even hear or see anyone to be able to protect us & we saw your pride diminish & all you could do is lay around & when you would stand to try to eat & fall down & couldnt get a drink of water, I knew I could not let you go through this anymore. I laid by your side for two weeks crying & talking to you about what I had to do so that you wouldnt suffer anymore. We talked to the vet about every option, but at 14 years old, there were no options. I put it off for 2 months, had the sedatives for two months hoping that we could somehow help you get around & up & down, but with so much pain & no eyesight or hearing, you began nipping at us, so we would all lure you onto a sheet to lift you up & down stairs & off of the hardwood floors because everytime you got onto the hardwood floors you would slip & fall & begin to cry. Piper, as difficult as this was for me & as painful as your last couple years were for you, no matter what I ever did, it was all out of my deep love, respect & commitment to you. You are the most amazing pet I've ever had or will have & I feel guilty for even calling you my pet, you were, are & will always be my buddy, my protector & my true friend & nothing will ever take your place. You will always be in my heart. I felt having everyone say goodbye to you, leaving you & I alone at home, talking to you for an hour, giving you whatever you wanted to eat, giving you one last massage, going over what was going to happen & why, giving you your sedatives, then having the vet (who you hated) come to our home & give you your last shot with your head on my lap & your hand in mine was the best way to do it. You passed in less than 2 seconds, but after he left, you & I sat alone for another hour while I cried before I finally got up the courage to get all the strength I could muster to lift your heavy lifeless body into the sheet & into the back of the car to take you to the crematorium. I had you in a warm blanket, as comfortable as I could make you & with your eyes open the entire time, I felt you could finally understand why I had to do this & that hopefully you could forgive me. As I laid you onto the table & looked into that beautiful face with the "black eyeliner" coming from the corners of your eyes, I knew it was the last time I would ever see your face again. Its the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but watching you struggle just to get through one more day was even harder. I hope you're there for me again when I get to where you are. I'll love you forever! I know you have probably become Heavens patrol dog & you're able to run around looking after everyone & amazing them all! Please
keep looking after us all, be
a good boy & feel our love for you forever. We all miss you deeply & there will always be a hole in my heart without you old man.

Angella Bloom

Pismo, 1998-03/01/03

My loving, sweet and gentle Pismo - who should have died of old age - a quiet peaceful passing - was instead taken from me in pain and terror on Saturday when dogs killed him. I'll never forgive myself for letting this happen to him.

He was my dearest friend and I'll never stop missing him.

He never bit anyone in his whole life, and always liked to cuddle. He had a unique personality and everyone loved him. He made soft sounds and loved his treats. He loved his cagemates and they all liked so snuggle with him.

The house is quiet without him. Please remember him as the good little "Mr. Piz" that he was.

Beverly Leaney

Pito Pie, 2001-11/23/03

Pito Pie You have brought so much joy to my life. when no one wanted you I did. I looked past your illness and saw a little guy who needed someone to love him. I'm glad I was that person in your life. I thank God for the time we have spent together my friends say they will never forget you. You were the most special little dog no more pain no more medicine now you can run and play BIG JUMPS ALL THE WAY. I will miss kissing your little sugar lips and playing with you in the back yard. Pito Pie it's only been 1 day and already I've missed you a life time. Until we meet again keep PAPA company I LOVE YOU PITO PIE.

Sonia Davila

Pixel, 12/03/03

Oh, Pixel, there's no words that would ever honor you enough. Our Cosmic Panther who loved and was loved by all , feline, canine, and human, we miss you so. This world is better for your having been in it brave Medicine Cat Healer.
We release you to follow your own path, knowing we will be together again in eternity. Meanwhile you are always in our are love.

Jennifer Firestone

Pixie, 09/10/03

Pixie lived with me since she was only 6 weeks old and weighed only 2 lbs. She disliked all our other dogs and only loved me, my husband, and my sister. She was the first dog I had that I had been at home with. We were totally bonded. She followed me around the house constantly and slept in bed with us under the covers up against me. She was a "talker" and was always telling me what to do and what she wanted. It was discovered only 12 days ago that she had an enlarged heart and then on top of that she started having convulsions. She was on lots of medications but just went down hill so fast I couldn't believe it was happening. We couldn't get the cough stopped because the heart was so enlarged it was resting on her wind pipe. Finally, last night I realized it was cruel to keep her alive. There was no hope of her ever getting better and the poor dog coughed round the clock. I was up every night 4 or 5 times getting her more cough medicine. By 5 a.m. today she had been given her full days amount of cough medicine and was still coughing. I owed her better. She went to heaven this morning. She would have been 14 in November and that is very young for this breed of dog. She was my third (but favorite) Toy Fox and the others all lived to be 16 and 17. I have never had to put a dog down that wasn't senile. My other dogs were so far gone mentally that I always felt my pet's brain had left the body and this was just the body left. But Pixie was mentally alert which made it so terribly hard to do. I knew on Friday that it should be done, but I just couldn't. Then I realized she was getting worse and worse every day and I had to do it for her. I miss her so desperately and I'm so unhappy right now.

Pizo, 09/16/90-02/18/03

Dear Precious, You given to us more than we could ever give to you. You gave us your comfort, protection, love, humor, joy, love, and even grumpiness, that we wouldn't trade a million dollars for. We all miss you every day and can't wait for the day we're all together again.


Your mommys, Abercrombie, and all the kitty cats who were afraid to walk by you because you fussed at them so much.

Pizzazz, 11/01/97-07/24/03

Thank you my darling little girl for taking me, a small thread in the tapestry of the human species into your life. I know you were always a happy little sprite. There wasn't a day that went by you didn't bring a smile to my face and joy into my heart. I will always love and cherish you till the day I draw my last breath. Pizzazz "Girly-Girl" ferret. 11/01/97 - 07/24/03 Lymphoma

Larry Rodriguez

Pizzer, 3/14/98-4/5/03

Pizzer, I miss you terribly. You were the best, most loving little guy right up to the end. Fourteen years of memories make me cry too much right now, but I'll treasure them in the days to come.

PJ, 07/18/02

Think of you lying under the Christmas tree in years past, dear boy miss you! Hope you and your doggie friend tallie are together

Darlene Follett

PJ, 12/12/97-10/18/03

I love you and miss you so much, mommy's sweet girl. Please don't forget me as I never will forget you. We will be together again someday. Please be happy and content in the mean time, and never forget our song "You and me against the World.... and when one of us is gone, and one of us is left to carry on....then remembering will have to do...think about the days of me and you...."

I Love You PJ,


PJ, 09/01/02-02/13/03

What can I say PJ, P-Diddle, Punkin, etc. You had so many nick names and you faithfully answered to every one. I am so glad that we were on the drive in the country that day. I said I was not going to look if there was a dog in those bushes that were wiggling along the side of the road. But look I did. You were such a sight!! But I could tell you had potential. With hair so matted you appeared to have tumors and your bangs were matted to your cheeks and you could not see, you were still wagging that tail as fast as it would go. The people who had dumped you into this area treated you so poorly, yet you were still happy! After a haircut and a trip to the vet all you needed were plenty of groceries! Such a precious boy! We could count every bone in your body and I resolved right there to give you a good life! Daddy and I showed you love every day and love you so much! And you gave us so much in return! PJ, Daddy and I want to thank you and so do Frazier & Kodie. I am sorry our time together was so short, but very grateful for the time we all had together. I know that tail is still a' waggin'!! You were truly a gift and we miss you!! We love you PJ!!

Mommy, Daddy, Frazier, & Kodie

PJ, 11/06/86-01/24/03

In memory of my Precious Joy who gave me the best 16 years of my life. You were always there for me. Thank you for that and the joy that you had given me. I love you and you will always be in my heart.

Joan Shepard

P. Jib, 04/04/70-07/06/89

I will never forget you.
Wait for me at the bridge with our other furbabies.
You were my first.

Donna Cox

P.J. Reich, 05/31/03

I had the pleasure of pet sitting for P.J. for about three years. She was deaf and had hyperthyroid but it didn't stop her from enjoying my visit or me visiting her. I'll miss her.

Karen Commings

Plague, 05/95-11/27/99

Plaguie you were such a good boy, I love you so much. I am so honored you were in my life I just wish our time together had not been so short. I have never known a better cat then you, and you were such a pretty and special boy. I wish I had known how sick you were. And that I had gotten you to Dr Bob in time. I know you waited for your mommie to hold you before you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It was such a hard and sad time for me but it too was honor to hold you in my arms as you passed. I know that you are waiting for me and one day you me and Peekers will all be together. I know you never knew Peekers. Daddy got him for me for Christmas after you left me. But I know you sent him to me cause you know I needed him. Thank you so much for being my Plaguie Clawcat and for all the love you gave to us all. I know you are watching over us and taking care of Lacy and Reddiebear. I bet you were surprised and happy to see Lacy. I know you loved to play with her and thank you for telling Aunt Gayle Reddie was ok and with you. I LOVE YOU MY BABY.


Platinum, 04/04/01-11/01/03


My shinning star, we all miss your pretty little face so much. The emptiness in our hearts is echoed by the emptiness of our home. You lit our days and made us appreciate what a little body with such a big heart can bring to our lives. Nothing will ever replace your spot in our hearts, we can only love you in memory, but know that you will always be loved.

Plumpie Aka Chumley, 07/26/03

thank you sweet little bird for giving us so much delight and wonder. if we failed somehow to do more for you, we are so sorry. our home is much too quiet without your funny little energy and song and you will be missed. we love you so and will always remember all the joy you gave us.

Peter and Deborah Miller

Pluto, 1985-02/05/98

Pluto was dropped off at the shelter where I worked, weighing only 1 pound. He was very small and not expected
to live. I bottle feed him and fell in love. I adopted him and took him home to introduced him to his new brother Cujo and his new Dad. After Cujo died in 1997, Pluto became very sad. On February 5, 1998, Pluto went into kidney failure and the vet said there was nothing that could save him. So on that day at age 13, Pluto went to sleep laying in my arms, as I whispered "go home to Cujo and wait for me to come later". I know he is in GOD'S hands now and he is safe & well suffering no longer. I love you Pluto and I will never forget the love you showed me.
Visit Pluto at

Angela Childress

Pluto, 11/05/87-04/13/03

I give thanks for the life of my dear Pluto. He was my first kitty and was always "there" for and with me. I loved him very much and will hold in my heart the memory of him always.

Glenda Elliott

Pochahonis, 11/31/92-04/08/03

Pocahonis, I was very happy that you were given to me. I enjoyed your company when I got my Aunt's laundry when I took you up there with me for company. I will tell you this my feathered dear friend you will be sadly missed my me and other people who loved you as much as I did. Your loving friend, Steph PS I will see you at rainbow bridge when I get there.

Poco, 08/03/87-03/21/03

I love you and miss you Poco. It has been so strange not having you begging at the table, there to greet me at the door, coming up to me wanting picked up, etc. I know that you'll see either Dad or Mom at the Rainbow Bridge first so I'll see you in Heaven. You made the past fifteen years great and I can't wait until I see you again.

Marcia Rolland

Poe, 08/11/97-03/11/03

To my beautiful Posey (Poe), I never imagined you would leave us so soon. Your brother Cow is looking all over for you. Our hearts were broken when I found you.

I remember the day I found you both. The funny thing you did to Aunt Tara on the way to the vet. How I enjoyed holding you like a baby and feeling your very soft fur. The way you liked to be patted until you tipped over, then came back for more. The way you hid under the bed until Kaegan came by to ambush his ankles. What a wonderful life we have had together.

We love you Poe and will see you again on the other side of the bridge. JoJo, Star and Cinnamon are there to play with you until we come.

Mommy (Tracy), Daddy (David), Kaegan Winter, Raven, Honey and your brother Cow.

Poes, 08/01/00-06/23/03

You were my first rat. You are very special to me for that and because I've never met a little rattie-soul like you. You are mommies little girl. I miss you, Poes. Things will be a little different with you not around. Hope you're doing a lot better now tho... Miss you much... Be good :)

Poke, 11/05/89-01/10/03

Our little kitty, you struggled and found the strength to overcome your disease so many times until finally you wore yourself out trying. Thank you for trying so hard and for so long. I miss taking care of you. I still see you sleeping on our bed and have to do a doubletake to realize that you are not here any longer, but are tearing your way through heaven with your sister, Tater. Tater went 6 weeks before you to get everything in order for your arrival. I know someday our entire family will be reunited. Until we get there, never forget how much we love and miss you. Our lives will never be the same without you. Sweet dreams.

In loving memory..........

Your mom and dad

Pokey, 12/11/95-10/07/03

Pokey. . .he was a dog's dog. He was a man's best friend. He was my friend. I got him as a replacement to an ailing dog that had to be put down. He was beautiful when he was young until he died. When I first saw him, I was able to fit him in my hand. Now the journey to the grave is almost too heavy for me. But I know my dog. I know his life, I know his disposition. He would want me to go on with life and get a companion for the one he left behind - our other dog Ginger. He had neat little quirks. He would cock his head when spoken to. He was never afraid to be a clown. That is a tribute we should all practice. God bless you Pokey and I will see you some day. . .but not for a long time.


Pokonos, 11/19/03

Pokonos was a beautiful Shetland Pony. He lived a long and pretty good life. I kept him close to me during the last 3 years of his life because he needed protection from the encroachment that now occupies most pastures near big cities. (roaming dogs that attack horses and cattle, trespassers who think it is ok to hunt in a pasture with horses, etc.) He had the best personality, very cute, funny, lovable, and loved his equine senior, and apples and carrots cut into pony sized bites. I loved him so much, I tried to keep him healthy, but he started getting colic. I took him to Texas A & M where they wanted to operate on him, but I would not let them. I told them to put him to sleep for awhile and let him relax, and maybe the colic would pass. They finally did this, and it worked. He kept healthy for 12 more months but began getting sick again this fall. I would walk him for hours and it would go away, but finally, in November, it did not go away. I could not afford the expensive trip to A & M. The vet and I decided it was kinder to let him go to sleep. He had lived a long good life. So I held his little face in my hands and kissed him and told him how much I loved him while the vet put him to sleep. It may have been kind to let him out of the misery of colic, but I will never stop missing him and longing for his little whinny noises, and beautiful face and spirit. He was the joy of my life. I look at his picture everyday and cry for him. I know his spirit is with me, because I feel him helping me in my hard times. He was old and wise, and very loving, and I feel him telling me to not be so sad, but to go on and write a book about him and the other animals I have adopted, and share the love and spirit with others; and mostly, just think about the good times we had. Pokonos will be in my heart forever. And his spirit will comfort me when I don't think I can make it anymore.

Gretchen Edmiston

Polar Bear

When you were born we all knew you were the special one, I wanted you so badly. Your mommy picked you out of all your brothers and sister. You were the joy of my life from then on. I hope you know how happy you made me and I hope we gave you a good life here. I will never forget you. Thank you for loving me. I will be counting on you to meet me over the bridge. You will always be my little guy, I love you so much! Dana Nylen

Polish, 10/16/03

Polish was left on the steps of a holiness church during a Thanksgiving service in 1999.She had been badly injured somehow and was left with some paralysis. She was unable to urinate on her own , but was incontinent of bowels. Her tail had to be amputated. She had obviously been a loved housecat and never understood why she could not come inside (the odor). For the next 4 years she allowed me to bathe her and to squeeze her bladder every other day. She was so patient and understanding. I am not sure what happened, but she became very week on Oct. 15, slipped into a semi coma, and died peacefully in her box on the screened porch. Spittins, my chronically ill cat, slept on top of her and refused to leave her until shortly before her death. Ironically, six hours later he died of a totally unrelated cause. I buried them together in a beautifully decorated tin, with pictures of cats and pumpkins. I thank God for the privilege of caring for them for 4 years and for the love they gave back to me.

Sandra Tindoll

Polka Dot, 07/09/03

To Polka Dot, Our extraordinary little fellow with the beautiful soul and the velvet fur--we miss you and love you, and hope you are at peace. Till we meet again, Janie and Stan XXOO

Polly, 11/20/88-05/02/03

We had to send our dear friend Polly to the Rainbow Bridge on May 2nd. We loved her so much we could not see her suffer. Her years were full of love. Her eyes communicated peace and warmth to us for many years - on Friday they were pleading with us to end her suffering.

It is not goodbye only see you later. She is romping and barking with Britta and enjoying excellent health for eternity. She is gone from our sight, but her imprint on our hearts will be with us forever.

Se love you Polly!

Tom, Deb, Stu, Sooner

Polly, 03/01/85-04/18/03

Polly, Thank you so much for eighteen incredible years together. I learned something from you everyday. I love you so much, and I miss you. I loved caring for you and being your Mommy. I would give anything to have you back and be able to snuggle with you and kiss your little head one more time. I am lost without you. I miss seeing you on your little blanket on the couch, or laying in the sunshine by the patio door. I miss eating dinner with you, and having you insist on getting in my lap and having some of whatever I was having. I miss feeling the comfort and warmth of your body under the covers next to mine. You taught me that love never fails. You taught me to be instead of do. You taught me how natural meditation really is. You taught me what it is like to feel comfortable in your own skin and to love and appreciate your body. You taught me how to nurture without reservation or self interest. You taught me to accept things without suffering. In the days that you were dying, you taught me that we all dissolve into pure essence in the end. I truly believe you were an angel, sent to heal me. I will never forget you. My soul will be grateful to yours for all eternity for all that you gave me. I hope you and Isaac are together again.
Your Loving Friend,

Polly, 04/10/00-04/20/02

Still missed every day. Too short a life, many happy memories left behind.

N Yellop

Pomeroy, 1999-03/01/03

This is in memory of Pomeroy, my special little baby girl who died a tragic death - killed by dogs - with her friends Pismo and Pasha.

Pomeroy was a special pig. She loved to be stroked and held. She loved to give kisses. She would stand on her hind legs to kiss your nose and beg for treats.

Pomeroy had babies and was a good mom to them back in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately we were not able to keep them and she was very sad. I'll always regret this. Her boyfriend, Pismo, died with her and I hope they will find peace together.

I'll miss her forever.

Beverly Leaney

Pompi, 07/14/03

To Pompi, our beautiful baby, with all our love. We'll miss you Mama, but we'll be together soon. Enjoy all the nice food and treats. Tell Sidhe we love him, and don't play too many tricks on him! We love you always Pompi! Annie and Carlos

Pona, 03/97-05/25/03

My "ponuska" Puna
You are not gone, you are just away and we will be together again on another day!
I did not want to leave you, but I had to go away. I left you in safe keeping with someone who could love you, and I knew God would watch over you too!
Though it broke my heart that we must part, I knew that one day we will be together and never have to part again!
Love from Mommy & Daddy,
Anna & Kate

Ponchito, 05/14/86-04/08/03

Sorry for the times I bugged and nagged you, I always wanted to hold you cause I loved you so much, and I'm sorry for the times I wasn't nice to you when you were sick, it wasn't your fault that you had a bad cough my little Ponchito. You loved unconditionally in spite of all things. You licked and kissed my tears away when I was sad, and you brought comfort in my life. I loved taking you out for walks, I would of wished for a bigger yard for you to run in so you could of had all the freedom to run and smell the fresh air. You are now free, free from pain, free to run, and to love and play. I will always hold you close to my heart, and no one will ever take your place. Love, Becky

Poncho, 03/88-02/02

Poncho was a lot like Lassie except in cat form. He was always in tune with what was happening, how everyone felt and even alerted people when someone needed help. He was very patient and put everyone else before himself. He loved everyone and would great them with roaring purr and by wagging his tail. He would stay in the yard and would come in when you whistled. He liked dogs as long as they didn't bark or sit on him. Poncho lived with 2 large labs, at one time he observed me training them with hand commands, when Ponch walked in the room he would raise his paw, using the same gesture that I did and the dogs would immediately lay down. He used to sit on the stairs, one dog would put his nose thru the railing and Ponch would reach forward with both paws and playfully pat on it like a drum roll. He loved other cats and was like an uncle to them. When one of kittens would get outside he would heard them back to the house, he also chased off the less than friendly tom cat when he came around them. Poncho loved to watch water move when he drank it, he would drink from the sink and let little droplets of water fall on his head. He would push his water bowl around the floor to watch the water spin and make it splash out, there were many times that I went to work with one wet sock. Strings were his favorite toy and he would carry plastic milk rings around in his mouth. He loved cheese, ice cream and french fries. Once I had left some pie with cream on it on the living room floor, when I came back in the room he innocently walked over to me to be petted with a little dab of cream on his nose. Poncho had a special way of looking at people, he would tilt his head slightly to the side as he was gazing at you, tap his tail and make you feel like you were the most important person in the world and magically all your troubles melted away.

On 2/27/02 Poncho tapped his tail for the last time. About week before it was discovered that he had terminal cancer. After being at the vet for 5 days in a row, the decision to let him go peacefully was made. The Vet had advised that he should be let go on Spay Day Feb. 26th, I asked if we could have one more day together and we did. He left this world on Feb. 27th, 2002. Poncho was my inspiration for working on Spay Day USA and Prevent A Litter Month in Dane County Wi., He would have liked to ask everyone to spay or neuter their pets to prevent future unnecessary euthanasia. Every 6 1/2 seconds a pet is euthanized in this country because there are not enough homes for them all, millions more that are homeless die from other circumstances. Please visit for information about low cost spay and neuter programs in your state.

Karen Swanson

Pongo, 02/13/93-10/30/03

We miss you very much and hope you are at peace. There is a void in our lives. We will never forget you. All our love

The Volpes

Pongo, 05/01/92-04/22/03

Pongo was an especially loving, loyal and faithful beagle friend who loved to find new and unique ways to get out of his pen and chase rabbits. During his 11 years as my friend and companion, he shared with me in my journey from a boy to a man, a man to a husband, a husband to a father,... and now to a father of four boys! Although my time with him has been limited with the increasing size of my "human" family, my dedication to his well-being has never faltered. He lived to chase the bunnies... He died living well. Pongo will be sorely missed in our family!

Ken St. John

Ponzi, 08/13/03

To our beloved Ponzi...

Thank you for being part of our little family. We hope that we have made you as happy as you have made us. Please drink your water, eat your timothy, and enjoy your carrots and romaine once in awhile. Your fishie friend misses you. Be a good boy, until we see you again...

Mummy and Daddy love you very, very much ***hugs*** and we will always be there for you in our hearts.

Poo, 05/01/95-09/15/03

Poo passed away on 9/15/03. My family and I miss her very much. I miss her when I go on car rides, I miss her when I take walks, I miss her saying goodbye to me in the morning and greeting me when I get home at night. I know Poo is over the Rainbow Bridge and one day we will be together again, till then I will always cherish our time together and love her just as much.

Allison M

Pooch, 07/04/89-02/15/03

The best friend I could ever hope for.

Scott and Barbi

Poochie, 02/27/86-11/19/03

Poochie, you gave us 17 years, 4 months and 3 weeks of fun. You will be sorely missed by Daddy, Mommy, your little fur-sister Kayla, Aunt Lodi and all the neighbors that knew and loved you.

Cecelia Edic

Pooder, 2/4/92-5/21/03

Pooder was a wonderful Maltese that was loved by many. He loved to play ball and tug-a-war. He was still playful up until his tragic death. He was very devoted to his Owner Sandy and will always be remembered with endearing affection and love. I and We will miss you Pooder!

Pooh, 03/25/87-01/30/03

You were my angel, after all you picked me. You blessed me with your presence and all your little quirks, that only made me love you more. You were part cat, part dog and part human. I miss everything about you. You loved to just hang out with me no matter what I did, and you put up with me and all my faults. Your loss was so sudden I don't think I'll ever get over it. I know that I'll never forget you, and I'm thankful for all the pictures I have of you. I hope your pleased with your grave, I tried to make it special just like you. I'm sorry you had to suffer but thankful that it was less than a day. When I said goodbye I couldn't believe that you weren't going to wake up again. I also made sure that all the doctors treating you knew just how wonderful you were. That whole day preparing your coffin, making a little pillow for your head, a blanket to keep you warm for eternity, the pictures and toys that I put in with you, and last but not least the letter of my feelings. When we put you in the ground and I heard the dirt hit the coffin, I didn't think I would ever make it thru that day. Please know that I will always love you and you will always be my first baby. I hope you approve that I got two other cats. Not to replace you, but for me to have to care for. I do know you wouldn't have wanted any playmates. They keep me company. But I think of you everyday, I'll always love you forever. Goodbye my sweet angel, watch over me and know I'll never forget how lucky I was to have had you. Love always, Mommy

Pooh Bear, 07/01/95-11/04/03

My tears won't stop falling and I only hope that as you saw me while your eyes were closing for the last time you knew how much I love you and how very much you are missed.

Juliann Gaudette

Pooh Bear, 05/28/89-06/11/03

Thank you, Pooh Bear, for being my friend for 14 years and for your love and caring. I will love you forever.

Missy McConnell

Pooh Bear, 10/99

In memory of you, Pooh Bear, you will always hold my heart and I feel your soul with me. I miss seeing your eyes speaking to me. I think of you so often. You were not a "pedigree" or a "beauty", but you were the best human I have ever met. My soul is with you.

Mommy Michelle

Pooh Bear, 08/23/99-02/26/03

I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. I just could not let you suffer, and you were in so much pain, I couldn't let it go on any longer.


Pooh Chan, 2001-09/20/03

To my beloved Poochy, I'll always love you and I miss you everyday ever since you left but I believe we'll meet again someday. I hope you are happy now, playing with your new friends and eating your favourite food. I'm sorry I couldn't save you regardless of getting you to the vet when you were ill. I wish I could bear the pain and suffering for you. Till then, baby, we'll meet again. Lots of hugs and kisses.......

Kristena Chua

Pooh Kitty, 06/11/03

Pooh, Today you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I was so sad! I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you at the end, I just couldn't! I loved you so much, and sharing life with you the past 15 years has been great! I will miss you so much!!
Love, Mom

Pooka, 03/17/93-01/25/03

He was a true friend. When he senses I was blue or a little down, he would climb in my lap and give my purrs to show he cared. His favorite form of affection was scritches behind the ears. In return, he would give me love bites; a gentle nip to the arm. I will miss his purry furry face. Good-bye Pook, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. I will ALWAYS remember you!

Sandra J

Pooka, 04/27/00-01/04/03

Pooka you were the best piggy ever. I will miss your beautiful spirit.
The way you would jump up onto me when you wanted to be held or comforted.
Your little soft, pink tongue as you would give kisses. Your loudest wheeks as you would be the leader when you knew fresh veggies were coming.
You had such personality that I think you thought you were one of us. The way you would try to get the others to chase you around. You would lay on my lap for hours sleeping at pignics just because you loved to be cuddled.
I loved you very much and I know you loved me. I will see you again someday and I know that Pumba will keep you company until that day. You will alwaysremain in my heart. Love, Mom

Pookie, 08/86-10/31/03

Pookie was the last of my first group of cats. He was a wonderful animal, so vocal and, in his heyday, a real scamp. He came to my door, courtesy of a neighbor in 1986. He and his littermates were found stuck in glue behind a restaurant. He wasn't weaned yet. They all lived to ripe old ages, Pookie with me and the other two with my neighbor. I loved Pookie with all my heart. I will miss him every day of my life.


Pookie (Ginger Boy), 14/09/01-04/08/03

I loved you with all my heart, till we meet again

Linda Sroka

Pookie, 10/31/90-07/08/03

I miss you so much. You've been gone for less than a week and I just can't stop crying. Me and your daddy miss you so much. My life will not be complete without you. I will be with you again one day and we will never be parted again. I'm empty without you here. You came to me when I was 16 and now thirteen years later you're gone. Where did the time go? Seems like only yesterday when I was feeding you with an eyedropper, and now you're in heaven. God's angel has gone home. Mommie misses you and will always love you so much. Maggie, Gypsie, Corkie, Ollie and Daddy miss you too. Just because I can't see you doesn't mean that I can't feel you. My little black Halloween baby kitty.

Love, Mommie


Pookie, we just want to let you know that we are devastated without you. Home just is not home anymore. We love you and miss you so much.

All our Love,
Royal, Toni-Lynn & Baby Royal

PookieBrandy, 11/15/03

I loved you when you were cold!
When our days grew old.
I found you on a rock.
I made you those little socks.
My baby true.
I will allways love you.
You loved the barbie clothes.
We allways played with your friend Darbie.

I miss the look in your eyes.
You took me by suprize.
My breath was gone no more air.
you were gone I still care

Brenda Kaci Hillman

Pooky, 8/??/89-06/27/03

To see the sad look in your eyes on that last day was too much to bare. I tried everything I could to keep you comfortable and love you a little longer. I miss you so much! I will see you again one day and this time you'll be able to kiss us back. I love you.

Poonkey, 05/29/92-02/25/03

I miss you so much. I wonder why it had to happen, even though I knew it someday would. Your trunk is still at the end of our bed so you can sleep with us


Poopie, 06/17/88-04/16/03

You were my friend, my companion, my strength. When I was sad, you were there to cheer me up. When I was sick you laid by my side until I got better. You never asked for anything more than my love and ..half my pillow. I just wish I could have done more the one and only time that you needed me. You will always be in my heart sweetheart, my precious precious baby. The angels are honored to have such a pure soul among them.

Poopie Duke, 06/18/99-05/03/01

I hope you dance...the way you dance in my heart each and every day. My furry friend although the time was short, you touched my heart in such a way that I will never be the same without you.....

Poopsi-Bear, 07/02

To the best Poopsi Bear Ever!


Poopy, 12/30/02

I really hope my pet is safe there in Heaven with God.
I love you Poopy, a lot.


Popeye, 12/90-11/22/03

Popeye helped to heal a part of me that no one else could touch. She gave me love in times of pain and loneliness filling a void of needing to be loved and valued. I call her my Angel Kitty because she guarded my heart from despair.
I miss her very much.

Paul Saskas

Poppy, 06/12/03

Poppy was a much loved new addition to our family, she was only with us for a short time after a nasty illness took her from us. We miss you dearly and hope you are happy waiting for us at the bridge.


Poppy, 08/03/90-30/08/03


Darling Poppy, we am so sorry we had to let you go. It was the hardest decision in our lives. We love you so much we don't know how to carry on. We had a wonderful life together, and we hope with all our broken hearts that you are now running around chasing rabbits and whooping with delight as you used to. Please wait for us - we will all meet up again and be the whole gang once again.

Look down on us little whooper and keep Belle company.

All our love forever.

Mommy, Daddy, Pumpkin, Tommy, Saffy, Flash and Josh. xxxxx

Poppy, 23rd January 1996 to 06th July 2003

To our special friend...We miss you so very much. The house is so empty without you darling, but we know that you are happy and healthy where you are now and you are with god and all of his children. We will never forget you or the happiness that you gave us Poppy.

Please rest in peace.....

Porky, 11/20/03

He gave me 16 years of unconditional love and companionship.
We were together for some really tough times and it was always a joy to come home at the end of my day no matter how terrible, to know that he would always run to the door to greet me when he would hear my van pull up. Oddly enough I took him in as a stray kitten just a week after loosing another dear pet that I had at that time.
Just when I was thinking I couldn’t bear to have another pet, he came in to my life and helped me open up my heart again and heal from that loss. Sometimes, as with Porky, a special heart you share your life with is not human. Although right now, my heart is hurting for the loss of him, I will always remember what he taught me.
Maybe one day I will again open my heart to another sweet baby.

Lynne Fontana

Porsche, 03/19/91-10/20/03

I never knew when I brought you home at the age of two, what a comfort and joy you would be to me. You brought me calm through the storms, gave me strength as I saw your spirit, gave me love regardless of circumstances.

I am so thankful that I as able to be with you in your last moments and know that you will always be in my heart. Run free with Baby, my Porsche girl, I know I will see you again one day. Thank you for your love, comfort and companionship for 10 1/2 years. I love you and miss you. Mom

* * * * *  * * * *  * * * *

Dear Becky and Porsche, you are in our prayers, and may you be out of pain and be basking in the warm sunlight and be happy and playing with all the other furbabies up at The Rainbow Bridge where you are. You will one day meet up with your Mommy again until then be her Guardian Angel and look after her. You will always be with her as she will always be with you.
You are missed terribly and will always be missed and never forgotten, and always loved.
As we light this candle for you, you have all of our prayers.
Our Deepest sorrows, condolences and sympathies.
Steph, Lou & Sean

Portia, 10/13/89-5/7/03

Portia you were our sweet little puppy. You gave us unconditional love for almost fourteen years. You asked for no more then a snuggle and a bisket. Time and passages took its toll on you, it was so hard to free you. You will be forever with us. I know you have been reunited with the "Wild Cocker Bunch", Rufus and Hamlet. We are sure the three of you are raising havoc in heaven together. Run free, our girl, see the world once again! We miss you so.

Potty & Louie, 06/01/89-06/01/98

I will always love my two little boys. You will always be in my heart. I hope I will see you again someday. Luv, your mommy

Pouldlin, 04/16/91-10/06/03

When you crossed over the bridge this morning, I know your best buddie Robbie was there waiting for you, and Muff too. I love you guys. Thank you for being such a major part of my life. I will miss seeing you sitting in the driveway when I get home in the evening. I love you Poudy.


Pouloki, 1999

Still in my thoughts, forever in my heart.


Pralines n Cream, 4/10/03

Pralines was my special blue eyed baby boy. He will always hold a special place in my heart. He found me when I needed a buddy most, and I had to let him go suddenly to a heart problem no one knew he had. I will always love you Pralines! Thanks for letting me share your life with you even it was just for 5 years.

Prairie's A Dragons Tale, Tamen, 09/20/99-09/02/03

Tamen was a wonderful boy taken far to early from us. He battled seizures for around 2yrs and they got so bad we could not let him go on any longer

Prairiewolf Adams

Precious (Sweetie), 07/05/87-07/28/03

To my sweet Little Angel,

Christmas is so hard without you. I put up your Christmas tree with your decorations on it, only because Sammy & Spunky don't know Christmas without it. It was so sad when Santa Claus drove thru the neighborhood and the kitties were so scared, you always loved to see Santa. Mommy misses you very much. I will never forget you. You gave me 16 years of joy, and I will treasure them always.

I miss you and love you baby boy.

Love Momma

Precious, 12/25/87-12/09/02

I miss you dearly, Precious.....seems like just yesterday you were with me.

Kristin Kornchuk

Precious, 11/91-10/30/02

My precious precious best friend, I thank you for showing me the true meaning of unconditional love. You will forever hold a special room inside my heart and soul. ....


Precious, 09/16/03

Precious was adopted by our family from an animal shelter in Arlington, Texas fours ago. He exact age is unknown, but we estimate her to be around 10 or 11. Precious brought joy to my whole family. She will never be forgotten and will always be loved. I miss her big brown eyes smiling at me everyday. I am thankful for the time that she was with us. Precious will always be in my heart. I loved her and miss her more than I can express. May she look down on me from up above.


Precious, 01/20/93-05/09/03

In memory of my precious one, my heartbeat, my heart. She fought so bravely through her ordeal with cancer, lost her limb but still remained there to please me throughout her cancer treatments. She was truly a lady, my hero, my love and I miss her so. I love you sweetheart!. Mom


Precious, 06/29/03

Our sweet Princess Precious will forever live on in our hearts and souls. We will continue to keep giving the love to those around us that she gave to everyone she came in contact with each day no matter what mood they were in. Precious you were the energy that connected us all each day with a bit of sunshine and a lot of life. Thank you sweet little girl for the love you leave and please take ours with you as you greet those from our family who have gone on before you sweet baby girl. Ma Ma will hold you in her heart everyday for the rest of her life until we are together again so we can cross Rainbow Bridge together. Keep smiling little one and may you have as many pillows as you want to rest your little head and as many socks as you want to play with each day. We miss you so much Precious Baby Girl. Your brother and sisters (four legged) miss you too but Ma Ma is talking to each of them several times throughout the day telling them you love them and will see them again. Your human boys and Dad miss you too so much and Ma Ma is saying hello each morning for you as you did. Until we meet again sweet baby girl I love you so much. Your human Ma Ma

Precious, 02/97-05/24/03

Precious was a wonderful part of the family. From the day I got her as a gift from my mother she has been full of life and very outspoken. She was very picky about everything. While I was pregnant with all 3 of my children she would lay on my stomach every chance she had (to the point it was annoying). She was so much more than a pet, she was part of the family, and always will always be my baby. She is getting cremated so we can always have her in our home. It would not be the same if she were not. She will always be in our hearts and will never be replaced.


Precious, 1990-02/06/03

Precious baby girl, it has been three weeks since you left me and I still miss you more than ever. I hope you are at the bridge having a wonderful time playing with all the other furbabies. Please wait for me there. I hope you will not be too upset, but I went to the shelter and brought home a little puppie that needed a good home with a lot of love and patience. She is nothing like you were. Having her makes me miss you even more than before. But with some patience, a lot of love, I think she will make a good companion for me. Of course you already know that she is not going to replace you ever. You were one of a kind and I loved you more than anything or anyone. I am working with her to train her to potty outside and not jump up on people. She is stubborn, but the cutest thing. I just could not pass up bringing her home. I thought it may help the whole family with their grief. I still grieve for you though baby girl and always will. Your head stone came the other day and I put it at your grave. It looks just great and when people come over and see it, well, they will know how much you were loved and what a very special dog you were. Well gotta go for now, but I think about you all the time. Love, Mom

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Precious, it has been about 5 months since you left me and I still miss you and think about you everyday. I placed you in the backyard near where you loved to lay in the sun with me. I visit you every chance I get and clean your grave marker and place fresh flowers there too. I hope you know how much I miss you and still want you back. I will never forget you for as long as I live. You were the greatest friend I ever had. I miss cuddling with you in the mornings when we awakened.
I now have another dog that I got from the shelter just to try to fill this ache in my heart for you. She is a good dog and very well mannered. I know you would love her. I wish you two could of met. One day you will when she decides it is her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I do hope it is a long time from now because I can not go through another loss like the one I went through with you. It tore my heart out when the vet gave you the shot that would end your suffering. You put up a long struggle for life but your little heart was so weak and you were suffering so. I could see it in your face and still have the last picture I took of you three days before your death. It is so evident in the picture that you were just miserable, so baby I set you free from your misery. Please don't hold it against me and forgive me. I only set you free because I could not bare to watch you suffer any longer. Now you are free from all your suffering and can play up at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other furbabies. Charlie and Bonnie are there, did you find them? Charlie is very protective and he will watch over you and Bonnie. Take care and rest in peace my love for I will be with you in the clouds before you know it. Bye Bye my "Baby Girl". MOM

Precious, 2/12/97-2/12/00

Precious loved to climb! Now, she's climbing all over Rainbow Bridge watching for our arrival.

Angela and David Koonce

Precious, 05/01/91-06/06/02

Precious was a very pretty girl, who never hurt a fly. She was very timid, and hid all the time, but we knew she was there, and that she loved us. We lost her to Breast Cancer this past summer. We did a very hard thing, but the right thing, and had her put to sleep. We buried her in my mother-in-laws yard, with our bird, Chico, and our gerbils Fred and Barney. I sometimes think she's still with us, I'll see movement out of the corner of my eye, and I look, but it's gone. I like to think it's her checking on us. We miss her dearly, and we're glad she's outta pain. Say hi to Ziggy for us Precious...... Love your family

Precious, 05/14/90-02/06/03

My baby girl, Precious, will be going to the rainbow bridge tomorrow. She has been and is very sick. She is suffering from CHF. She is to be euthanized tomorrow afternoon. I don't know what I will do without her. She has been my best friend for almost 14 years. I love her so much that I cannot watch her suffer any longer. I hope she will understand and know that she will no longer have any pain and will no longer have to take all the meds she is on. She will not have any more trouble breathing and uncomfortableness for she is going to a wonderful place called the Rainbow Bridge to wait on me. I will miss and long for her so badly but I know this is the most humane thing for me to do to stop her suffering. Thank you baby girl for loving me so much and I will see you soon.


Precious Lynn Marie, 09/22/??-06/10/03

Preshy girl, I can't believe you're gone. It's only been two days, and it feels like forever. I'm still waiting to walk into Mommy and Daddy's room and see you on the floor or bed. I'm still waiting to wake up in the middle of the night and find you peeing in the bathroom. I love u so much and you are missed more than you'll ever know. I miss the sound of you breathing, I miss seeing you wag your tail when I walk in the door, I miss coming into Mom & Dad's room and you laying either under or by the computer desk or on the bed in between Mommy's legs, I miss you play-fighting with Baby and showing him who's the Boss, I miss taking you to work with me, I miss walking into the bathroom or kitchen and finding pee & poops on the floor, I miss the touch of your fur, I miss brushing you, I miss sleeping with you, I miss feeding you with Baby whenever we eat something, I miss stumbling over you when I go to get up, I miss you giving me little kisses, I even miss you peeing on my rug, and I miss the unconditional LOVE you gave from the moment you came into this family. I'm so glad I took you home Friday, 9/22/00, from BOCES for the "weekend". I wish I would have found you earlier. You were the PERFECT DOG and the PERFECT companion. I loved you too much to bring you back, and I knew mom and dad would fall in Love with you also. I'm so sorry I didn't bring you to the vet a couple of days earlier. Maybe if I did, you would still be here. It never passed my mind that I would only have you for the short amount of time that I did. It's not fair, and I don't understand. You are the most LOYAL dog I ever met in my life! I Love You so Much. Baby misses You and so do the Kittys. You will always have a place in my heart, and Mommy and Daddy's. Curtis misses and loves you too. You are my Guardian Puppy Angel! No one will EVER, EVER replace YoU! You are unlike any other. You were PRECIOUS and You ALWAYS will be! xoxoxo

Jessica, Pam, & Scott Irwin

Precious Tikee Matika, 12/07/03

Tikee thank you for your compassion and love. Without you I wouldn't be who I am today. I won't forget your lessons of love, loyalty, grace and mercy. I won't forget you! Rest now baby girl in God's capable warm embrace.

Kristie Withrow

Precious Wiggles, 02/28/90-08/28/03

The time that we have shared has passed so quickly, it seems as though it were yesterday you were brand new. We miss our little Precious friend. For we could never measure the happiness you have brought us, the joy and the pleasure. We know God put you here to share with us in the joy and the sorrow , there will be a place for us together in Heavens bright tomorrow.

Presley, 10/31/90-08/93

To Presley who purred at every touch. I still tell stories about how you brought a mouse into the house and how I rescued it. The woodwork you clawed is just as if you had done it yesterday. I miss you so much.

Kaylen Bennett

Presley, 03/03/03

Presley was my Seeing Eye dog for 13 of his 15 years of life. He was dedicated, loving and caring. He will be missed. But he will remain in our hearts forever. I just wanted to say thank you to him and I love him.

Gary Clark

Preston, 10/12/84-12/01/03

Preston, I didn't know you long enough, you came into my life and brought gentleness and calmness, sweetness and unconditional love, despite your pain. Your leg is healed now and you can romp and play.
I will hold you in my arms again my little love. Til then you are in my heart and mind. I love you.


Preston, 04/30/95

Preston - we are so sorry we were not there during your final hours. We had no idea what would happen when we left. If we had known it was our last moment together we would have postponed our trip. You are missed so much. We are convinced you were destined to be a part of our lives and us a a part of yours. Thank you for 8 wonderful years. Be happy where you are now! The pain is forever gone!

Mommy, Daddy & Fred the cat

Pretty (Pridster), 06/2001-02/24/03

You came into our life when we needed it most. You were a great friend. You were truely loved and will be forever missed. We promise to take good care of your little sister for you. You're forever in our hearts. Until we meet again...
Ronda, Megan and Smoochy

Pretty Boy, 02/06/62-04/06/79

Pretty Boy, you are, and always will be, my all-time favorite cat. You were one awesome dude, even after you were neutered and technically not a dude anymore. Even when you were cranky (which was often) you rocked! You had more personality than any other pet I've ever had, which is why I'll always love you. You left us in 1979, long before the Internet came along. I'm sorry that I didn't pay tribute to you before, but I did not know that this web site existed until today. Better late than never.

Looking forward to crossing the Rainbow Bridge with you. Until then, keep on rockin' in the afterlife! - Gail

Pretty Boy Floyd, 3/1/03-10/15/03

Dear little Floyd, you were always so clean and white, except for that bushy tail tipped in black that acted like a broom and unfortunately picked up all kinds of debris-yet you never complained about being brushed for you knew you were my pretty boy, little did I know this would be the last time I'd hold you in my lap. You were so special; the only longhair in all of your mama's litters except for Fancy (who has gone on before you). I did so want you to live; you were so beautiful Floyd. We are very sad and broken up with you gone. Even your little sister and your brother stood over you and put their little paws on you as if to say, "Wake up Floyd, come and play." I miss you Pretty Boy. But I hope you will be with Muffin, Fancy, Tippy, Sachi and Ginger who have gone on before and be happy till we meet again little guy.

CJ Clark

Pretty Cat, 1980-5/6/03

Pretty Cat found us in December of 1981. She was about a year old at the time. She was a beautiful Maine Coon that lived a very long life with us. Though she was having some seizures the last year she was still in fairly good health and always found her spot in the kitchen when it was time to eat. Last Tuesday, 5/6, she was sitting out in her sunny spot on the front porch. We have not seen her since and feel she most likely went off to die somewhere. One part of me wishes I had not given in to her begging to sit in the sun but it was one of her favorite things to do. I'm sure she felt she was doing us a favor by leaving us this way. We miss her so much. She gave us almost 22 years of faithfulness. She watched 3 children grow up during this time. She was with me almost half of my life.
Thanks for letting me tell you my story.
Dawn DenBoer

Pretty Kitty, 11/19/03

We all loved her. Being the first of four cats and many other pets, She did not always get special attention. But we still loved her dear.

Alyssa Connell

Pretty Kitty, 02/07/03

Pretty Kitty was a stray kitten when he adopted me about 19 years ago. I was 16 years old at the time, and am now a single, 35 year old attorney, with no children. He has been my only, constant, consistent companion through all of my ups and downs. He is my first pet, and I had the blessing of sharing over half of my life with him. He would travel with me on airplanes (in a carrier under the seat in front of me--always) and in the car (in the passenger seat, of course). In the car, he loved to ride while sitting up on the armrest/glovebox to my right with the targa top off. Every now and then he would look at me, and then kiss me. I realized I was on a date and didn't know it. The tops of his ears would be blowing in the breeze.... This past Friday, when we both knew it was time for him to go, I was laying on the couch, holding him in my arms while he laid on me, petting and talking to him. I asked God to please take him home and take him from his pain, and to do it while he is in my arms at home.......he turned his head up to look at my face and Pretty Kitty took his last breath. I had his remains cremated with his very favorite blanket, that he had for years, and my last goodbye was kissing his lifeless body between his ears telling him that "mommy loves you very much, and will see you in heaven." I look forward to being with him again....

Donna D'Erico

Pretzel, 04/16/03

My baby, mi gato... The best cat ever. My best friend, my familiar, my closest family; the only one who ever loved me unconditionally. I will love him forever and miss him always, and I will always wait to be with him again.

Cyn Oszust

Pride-n-Joy, 1996-1997

Pride-n-Joy was a stray that loved to come spend time in the house, but couldn't be kept in...she would slip out the door whenever she could. She was a beautiful tabby with a sweet nature. She was hit by a car only blocks from the house, and my neighbors (who saw her on the side of the street) brought her home to be buried.

Ann Reynolds

Prince, 08/29/89-12/14/03

You are missed!!

Shari Passen

Prince, 05/05/92-02/12/03

To my lovely little Prince,
Dead and gone so long ago... But know that you're still in our hearts wherever you may be! Prince you where the dog of my heart I'll miss you little buddy. I already had you since I was 3 years old and from then on they could never take you away from me.. And now you're dead.. I still can't believe it.. All those great times we had together are now gone. But Prince one thing you need to know.. One day I'll see you back at the bridge.. One day my time will come too. And no matter what happens in the days it last till I see you back, I'll never forget you!! You're my buddy for life, even in death! Take care wherever you are and save a place for me up there!
A big hug to you little buddy:
- Prince -


Prince, 09/20/03

In loving memory of our beloved dog Prince.
He brought so much love and happiness into our lives for 14 years.
We love him and miss him very much.
Parting is never goodbye, we'll be together again someday.

Michele and Sharon Devries

Prince (Poo), 08/26/93-10/17/03

Prince "Poo" came into our lives on Sweetest Day 1993. He was only 6 weeks old. He was very smart and clever from the start, and looked like a little teddy bear. He assumed the role of protector, even though he was the youngest of our three dogs. He loved his family and friends, and especially loved visits from his Grandma & Grandpa Austin and Grandpa Dave. He was always so excited to see them.
He touched the lives of all of us so much. He brought such joy to my husband and me, he taught Bud how to be a puppy when they were growing up and always looked out for his Sasha. When she lost her sight he even took on the role of her seeing eye dog.
We know Prince is in a better place, with no pain at the Rainbow Bridge, we look forward to being with him again. The hardest part for us is being without him.
You will always be in our hearts and we will miss you Poo.
LOVE Mumma and Daddy
Sasha Bud Doc Summer and Jasper

Prince, 04/29/03

In memory of our beloved kitty, Prince. Died Tuesday, April 29, 2003 at 5:50 pm. Aged 17.
We will always love you and remember all the love you gave us. Your spirit is back with God.
Sleep my sweet baby Prince.

Prince, 04/09/94-05/05/03

Prince, my beautiful baby boy. You went so suddenly and left such a void. I loved you so much and only wanted you to be happy. At least you died that way, playing with your doggy friends with tail flying and bark resounding. Mommy misses you greatly. May you enjoy the beauty over the rainbow bridge. I'll look forward to seeing you again one day.
Love Always.

Prince, 08/16/71-01/30/03

Prince I miss you so much big guy. I don't know what I am going to do without you. You were my first horse, you taught me how to really ride, and you became my best friend. We had that bond between us that was so special. I loved sitting in your hay and talking to you. Blaze misses you so much. Thank you Prince for letting me take care of you. You will always be my "Princer". I love you so much,

Prince, 04/01/83-01/09/03

Princey was my big baby for almost 20 years. He was such a good boy.

Rosemary and George Contompasi

Prince Caesar, 02/27/89-11/19/03

Prince....only yesterday we had to say goodbye. Although it was and will remain so painful to us, we know that you are now happy up in heaven. You were always our angel, now you are one of God's angels. True, we don't have you here in body with us anymore, but know that we will always love you and forever carry you in our hearts. We look forward to the day when we meet you at the Rainbow Bridge when we will then be eternally together. Take care our little Prince....WE LOVE YOU!!!

Arthur and Craig

Princess, 12/22/03

I loved you from first minute I saw you

Stuart Lazar

Princess, 01/01/94

We fought to keep you with us for so long, knowing how difficult it was for you--all the medicine.
you waited until the new year passed, and came to sit in my lap and go to sleep---forever.
my so sweet stray--you came for a moment and stayed forever.

Ann Chapman

Princess, 05/28/89-11/24/03

I placed a "Guardian Angel" tag on her collar last night

And I hugged and held her tight
For she was old and sickly and I knew that it was right
To give to her all the comfort I could - to help her in her plight
I let her out this morning and I guess she knew the time was near
For when I returned to summon her she obviously did not hear

The noise of a car a block away left me quite shaken
And when I ran to ease my fear I found that she'd been taken
Her lifeless body lay so calm it was as if she had been sleeping

In my heart I know... on Rainbow Bridge she'll wait for me

Of this I'm not mistaken!

Linda Jones

Princess, 11/26/00

Our dog had arthritis, and we think she had cancer, because she had bumps all over her. She was given to us many years ago, and she was a beautiful dog. We decided to put her down because she could see the pain in her when she would jump down or run. I took her to vet, and left her, and now I wish I would have stayed with her. I hope she forgives me because it really hurts now when I think of her. I really loved Princess.


Princess, 06/15/03

My darling Princess, always smiling at me with those big brown eyes. I miss you so much. You were my strength and my life. I miss your little snores, rubbing your little belly. The way you would run and jump like a bunny at the park. I hope you are okay in doggie heaven.


Princess, 8/15/92-9/16/03

You are and always will be our "Princy - Girl." We had a wonderful 11 years together and will never forget all of the special times we had. You will be in our hearts forever "Princy." Until we meet again,
Kevin, Serena and Shauna

Princess, 08/06/95-09/23/03

Princess I love you and miss you and pray that you are at peace and happy. You brought joy to soo many of us and you were so very special. Up until the last minute of your life, you gave love even though you were not well. Thank you sweetheart for unconditional love, your strength and may your journey now be filled with warmth, happiness and everlasting peace. I will always miss you and hope that someday we will be together again. I love you.

Princess, 06/03/03

My cat was wonderful and today on June 03 2003 she was taken from me by a speeding car with a driver who did not have heart enough to stop. She was loved by me and my 3 children for 3 years and we will continue to love her always and forever. I hurt so bad not knowing if she is ok but I do believe she is in god's hands now so she will be taken care of. We miss you Princess!!!!!

Sarah Duncan

Princess, 7/11/92-4/15/99

Princess, Zeus is now with you . We loved you so much and you will never be forgotten.

Kathy & Frankie Bayer

Princess, 04/17/90-03/15/03

My Best Friend, & Very much missed by Motor & Scruffin

Cynthia Chaney

Princess, 09/28/88-02/28/03

Of all the dogs I've had over the years, Princess was the most gentle and patient, even when two other puppies eventually joined our family. When she became older, she never lost her beautiful coloring or her gentle ways. We could always count on her to enjoy every meal with gusto. Walking or sitting on the porch with her was a pleasure, since she never bothered another dog or even a cat. She was content merely to watch them and let them be and would be thrilled when one of them came up to her for a visit.

Be in peace now, my sweet life-long friend, until we see each other again. We love and miss you very much.

Princess, 1/13/03

Princess brought warmth into all the lives she touched. She found a safe loving home with Tom and Lisa and then moved onto our home where she left a legacy with Paul, Erin and her 4 legged friend Royce...

Although we feel a sense of loss, we know that she made our life so much better. She always greeted us at the door with a wagging tail and lots of kisses.

She will be remembered by all those lives she touched...

Princess Diana, 15/03/89-12/18/03

My precious Princess have me fourteen years of loyalty, companionship, and love. Each memory I have of her is special and precious. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.

Lara Linberger

Princess Girl, 06/30/90-10/15/02

Though you are not here with me, it is a beautiful thought to know that I had the chance to have you in my life. You taught me to stop and a sniff of the passing breeze, to watch the birds, just to sit for a moment in time and enjoy all nature has to offer.
You also taught me, never to be greedy, be thankful as you were. You never owned much, your bed and toys, and your dishes, but you know what, that is all you needed in life, because you had love and companionship. What every human or animal needs in life to be happy......


Princess Likety Lick, 11/17/94-07/12/03

To my special baby I helped you take your first breath and I was here when you took your last. I want you to know I miss you so much and there will never be any other who can take your place I don't know why God took you at this time, he must have known something I didn't. May you rest in peace Love momma

Princess Peanut, 11/17/02

A special little dog that needed our help. She was a puppy mill dog that lived a cruel life. I hope to see her again. Love and kisses from Mom & Dad

Princey, 10/30/87-11/10/03

Mommy loves you baby. Forever.

Prints, 05/04/86-10/05/02

My heart's darlings, my little Printsie, waiting now at the bridge with his litter mates, Dominique and P.Jib II, and Little Kitty.

Donna Cox

Priss, 10/09/03

Priss was my heart. Now she is gone and so is a big part of me. I will love her and miss her always. I hope she is at peace and is happy.


Prissee, 06/18/03

A Tribute to Prissee. By her mom Gloria Taylor.

She came into my life 9 years ago, a gift from my stepson. She and I became soul mates from the first moment. She was a beautiful pom mix and just as full of life as she could have. She loved to go fishing with us, which she always decked out in her little life vest and purple sunglasses, she thought she was the cats meow, and she could put the wow in bow-wow just by being herself. My Prissee was and gave the new meaning to the word devotion. I know that I will see and be with her again as God blessed me with a dream allowing me see her in a beautiful place that only could be Heaven.

Prissie, 11/15/90-09/25/03

To Our Beloved Prissie:

There is a void in our hearts because you are not with us. The house feels empty and quiet without you. You will be forever in our hearts. We love you,

mommie and daddy

Prissy, 11/16/02-11/26/03

Prissy was a delight to be around, she loved my grandson, Carter, loved to play tug-0-war with him, loved to play chase with him, loved to play catch with him, loved her Lammy Wammys better than her dog food, and I loved her as much.
You could hold her in one hand when I got her, she was not AKC registered, only in my heart.
I miss her so much, she can never be replaced.
I am sure she is in dog heaven, along with Ike, my cocker spaniel that I lost several years ago.
She lies next to him in her little grave up on the hill behind my house, wrapped up in her old red sweater that she loved as well.

A E. Giles

Prissy, 04/2003-10/2003

You were taken away so quickly but we will remember you forever in our hearts, if there was a way we could climb up to heaven and take you back we would. but you are with god and his angels now in a better place, and one day soon we will be joined again we miss you so much and we love you we will never forget our precious prissy

With all our love


Prissy, 05/03/03

Prissy had been abused before she came to us, she was loved and loved us, she is missed so much.

Sheila Weaver

Prissy, 10/89-04/03/03

She was nothing but a ball of fur when he gave her to me that cold November night. She has been the light of my life ever since. Prissy I miss you so. I held you in my arms during your last breath. You are now at the Rainbow Bridge where all pain has gone. You can run free as the wind. I love you.


Priti, 11/13/02

You were so special. You arrived on 7th August 2002. You had heartworms and kidney failure. But you were so strong. You had such a will to live. In the short time you were here, you gave so much. I hope you last few weeks were happy.

Vivek K

Prizie!, 01/10/87-02/10/03

Prizie!, when you woke us in the night with your "chainsaw" purring, we knew you were truly happy.

Keith and Kay Blom

Psyco, 12/01/91-04/28/00

My precious yellow "tiel" guard bird. Today makes 3 very sad years since we lost you to the "bridge". You are missed more now than ever. We know that one day we meet again. Take care my precious friend. Until we meet that day, fly free!!

Steve Clough

P The P, 04/95-12/02/02

You were truly beautiful and a sweet and loving friend. I am so sorry I was gone when you passed over. I will always be sorry that I wasn't there for you, and I will miss you forever. Love.


Pu, 11/16/91-06/09/03

Endearing, Intelligent, Loyal, Dignified, Independent. Chow.

I am so blessed to have had you come into my life. You taught me so many things.

I miss and love you, my Pu Bear.

Puci, 12/15/98-02/07/03

Rest in peace sweetie. I am sorry I could not make your pain disappear without losing you. We will be together again and have our "cookie time" dates. I will always love you Honey. Your mom.

Pud, 06/08/89-21/07/03

Miss you Puds mum

Puddie, 08/27/03

Very good cat to the end will be missed now she can join up with the other two pets and the one that recently passed 01-29-2003

Joseph Samella

Pud D. Lee, 12/08/03

My beloved Puddy Lee was the light of my life, I miss him so much 18years of our life together was the most loving experience I have ever known.

Marcy Hanson

Puddles, 02/06/93-03/18/03

You have only been gone for one week and I miss you so much. You were a special friend that can never be replaced or forgotten. Rest in peace sweet baby. Love, Denise

Puddles Lee, 11/22/03

Puddles Lee was our closest and best friend. He loved getting his belly rubbed and the taste of milk. He never had a mean bone in his body and he only wanted to be loved, and he was with all of our hearts. He will be in our hearts forever and always.

Lamanda Wells and Sandra Robey

Pudge, 1996-11/05/03

Pudge gave his all to other cats and people. When anyone needed anything, Pudge was there. If he was a person, he's be a saint. He helped me bring his feral family inside my apartment and helped them be calm. He helped his family get acquainted with the cats I already had. When his family got lost and scared, he brought them back to me. He loved them, and he loved me. He went into the storm drains to look for two other cats I lost. His family died before he did, and now he's gone to be with them. Pudge gave me strength, hope, and love. I will miss him so very much. Pudge, I love you, and I'm glad I knew you. Your unselfish deeds I will never forget. I'll always see your face and hear your purr. I'll always remember how you were willing to do anything to make everyone happy. You made me happy. I could not be sad around you. Pudge, I'm glad you're with your family now and you are happy. I can't wait to see you all again and hug you. I love you.

Marty Thomas

Pudgie, 11/21/03

I miss you so much that I can hardly stand to come home knowing you are no longer there to greet me.
I am so sorry for the many times I complained about your constant need for attention and belly rubs.
I guess you knew better than I how to be a loving companion.
It just did not occur to me that our time together was limited.
Thank goodness you made friends with Harly. Greta, Hannah and the Kids are trying to make up for your departure.
You taught them well.

Gayle Carter Simpkins

Pudgie, 10/20/98-10/04/02

My sweet, precious Pudge...I miss you so much. Sometimes, I think I hear you barking in the distance. I know that you're with Amy...both of Momma's girls, whom I love so very much. I will never forget you, Pudgie. You'll always be, "Momma's little, brown-eyed, baby girl". Until we are all together again...I will keep you in my heart.
Now & Always...Forever and a day

Malisa Pitts


To my beloved friend and ruler of my heart, Puff.

I've only had the blessing to know you for the last 4 years, but you have enriched my life beyond measure.

I will forever miss your sweet companionship, your purr, your precious presence in my life.

You will always be the most special fur-person in my life.

I love you always!
Your mommy

Puff, 02/16/83-05/19/03

Puff Muffin, I miss you so much and think about you every day, I hope you know I loved you enough to let you go be with Brandy, Bonnie Belle, Buckwheat and Koko, I love you and will see you on Rainbow Bridge one day.

Sandra and Bill McCullough

Puff, 08/84-04/05/03

To my pretty kitty, you've been a part of my life longer than you haven't been. You've been with my through happy times and listened to me and helped me get through sad times. I will miss your beautiful face and hearing your precious purr. I will miss lying with you and feeling your warmth. Your my little angel and I will miss you every day. I love you, my puffalump.

Puff, 1996-3/27/03

Dearest Puff,
Mommy misses you so much. Thank you for bringing joy to my life and beautiful music with your singing. I loved you every day. Fly free my friend and know you will be thought of and missed. I will see you again my pretty little birdie. Find Shadow, he will be waiting for you over the rainbow bridge. Love always,
Mommy (Julie), Jess and the puppies

Puffin (Aka Schnuffle), 11/02/03

Puff, my sweet little man, there are no real words to describe what you did for me in your short time on earth, I will miss you more than you will know, yet I hope in some strange way you did and do know, and that it's only temporary until we see each other again one day.
I hope you can forgive me for not being by your side at the time of your passing as it kills me to think that I let you down, and that you felt I had abandoned you when I hadn't.
I love you my darling boy.
love forever, Prue (Mumma)

Puffinstuff Clayton, 09/01/96-06/01/02

Our little Pufferdoodle. You were such a cute ball of fuzz. We will always remember you bouncing in the back yard and having to chase you around to bring you in at night. We loved you, and still love you, and will always love you. You will live on in our hearts forever. Mommy and Daddy

Puffurs, 07/89-4/21/03

To my big fat furry. Mommy loves you and is very sorry you have to leave me. You will always be my pride and joy, my number one and you will never be forgotten. I don't know how I will go on without you, without hearing you "murrff", without having you near to cuddle. I will miss the way you would wrap yourself around me and Daddy's arm, and miss the 8 o'clock treats. I will miss your silky smooth puffy-furr and feeling you purr. Despite how weak and sick you were this morning you still managed to greet me with your good morning murfff, and made it for breakfast. Your will to live to stay with me is amazing, but it is time to let you go. It is the hardest thing I will ever have to do. I am sorry that you are sick, I have done everything that I could, but God has other plans for you. I was hoping we would have a few more years together, but it is time to say goodbye. I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and I will bring "weed friend" and your brush. Daddy and Bud love you too and our days will be empty without you. You will be with me always and forever. Mommy loves you so very much and can't wait until we can be together forever. Thank you for being my big baby boy.

Puffy, 01/05/89-09/14/02

Puffy on this One Year Anniversary of your passing we still miss you so much.
You are always in our hearts and thoughts.Some day we will be together again.
Love Mel, Jill, Mary, John, Emily Kissin, Pie and Baby

Puffy (Huffin' Puffy), 10/07/02-02/05/03

Dear Little Puffy, As I promised, I will love you for an eternity and I will never forget my baby boy. You gave me trust, your heart, and chose me to be your mama. I miss you very much; however, I find comfort knowing you're soul is free and you're my Huffin' Puffy again; frolicking at Rainbow Bridge and waiting for me to join you some day. We all miss you baby boy and wish you happiness and peace of mind . Until I see you at the bridge…Love ALWAYS, Mommy

Pugsley, 12/01/97-06/17/03

He was the son they never had. He loved life, rivers and being in the truck with Mom and Dad........
He finally became a lover of cats, and did more sniffing than the law allowed. It is a sad place without him, but we know he waits at the Rainbow Bridge for us to come.

Kelly & David

Pugsley, 08/31/88-05/18/03

My beloved buddy stayed with me through thick and thin. He was my rock for 15 years he gave me unconditional love. I am so grateful that I could be with him as he passed at home in my arms. I will miss his soulful, understanding eyes and invincible, determined spirit. You inspired me and I thank God you. Bless your journey and I hope we shall meet again in the next adventure.

Candace Hamilton

Pugsley, 01/07/97-02/06/03

Pugsley, it has been so hard to think of you and your are no longer here with me. You came to me sick, I but did not realize how sick you were for quite a few months. We tried so hard to help you in your sickness, but in the end all the tests, medications, special food did not seem to matter. We did give you lots of love and that seemed more important that all the other stuff we had to do for you. You were a beautiful flamepoint persian or himlayin as some people called you and we loved you. I know you are at peace and God is taking care of you. We will all be together someday buddy. God bless you...your mom

Nikki Lewis

Pumkin, 10/6/92-2/1/03

Dear Pumkin,

Hi there baby, you came into our lifes in January 1993 when josh got you for a birthday present. I remember coming to get you and you were with your mommy and you were the only puppy left, and you were so cute. You had this little scar on your nose that you got from your brothers cause you were the only girl when you were a baby and they tried to bite you.
We took you home you slept in a little box next to my bed with a little clock in the box to help you quit crying cause you missed your momma so much. You became the joy in my heart from then on. You were suppose to be josh's dog, and you were you played with him and everybody we had so much fun with you and many laughs. You made our life so complete. You grew to be this big dog but I don't think you knew this, cause you always wanted to lay in our laps like you were this puppy, and we let you. The times you would chase the squirrels outside the only time you came close to getting one was when we had molly and she caught one, and you got to see one for the first time up close gosh you were excited. The time you got squirted with a skunk, I got tomato juice and you bathed in it, and oh how much you hated water god love ya, you hated bathes. You were a special dog and a great friend and so much more. You had puppies and I helped you deliver them cause you were scared and you were such a good mommy. You were hardly ever sick. You were a healthy dog, and all the bones you used to dig into the ground and food you used to dig too, you were funny anything really good I give you, you used to dig a hole for it an bury it. Then about two three weeks later I would go into the back yard and there you would be with it. I could write forever over the things we used to do and how many times I could look into your eyes and you knew what was wrong and how may times I counted on you to be there. I sure miss you when you and I come home are not there. The sound of your little paws and your little talking noises you would make. I know I just buried you a week ago today, but it seems like just yesterday I still hurt and miss you sooo much..
I know you are in heaven and you are not hurting now and your catching squirrels and playing and running and you are happy and you will be there when it's time for me to come.
Daddy and I miss you so much and I know that its ok, and you are fine. I miss holding you and kissing you and being with you.
You know it was time for you to go I couldn't let you suffer anymore, it seems just like a week ago though you were fine that stupid cancer sure got ya. But be good and don't be jealous of the other dogs..hahaha…and we will see ya soon.

Pumpkin, 10/27/03

Everyone loved you so.
You even won the hearts of those who thought they didn't like cats.
Always friendly, affectionate and ready for attention.
Now you are free of pain.
In Loving Memory, The Biewer family

Pumpkin (Mewgie), 09/07/95-09/22/03

To our darling cat Pumpkin, you gave us so much love and laughter in the 8 years you spent with us. Thank you for being such a wonderful cat. Enjoy the "all you can eat" buffet where you are now. We love and miss you!

Neville & Leigh Hudson

Pumpkin, 07/88-07/22/03

Some would say we rescued this sweet kitty when she was a (formerly) abused, malnourished, and ear mite ridden six-month old whose first family had moved away three weeks prior and left her behind to fend for herself. We were just college freshmen, but we knew this precious one was to become a part of our family. We took her in, cleaned her up and got her healthy, taught her to trust, and loved her like a child. She was with us for 14.5 years, and it was not nearly long enough in our opinion. This sweet one was the most loyal and loving kitty we could ever have imagined, made only more special by her unique and unexpected stubborn streak, which only occasionally reared its head, making us laugh more than upsetting us. :-) No, we were not truly the ones who rescued her for it was she who did the rescuing of our hearts and souls...with her limitless sweet love, unfaltering loyalty, and vivacious spirit. We love you always, our sweet Pumpkin Girl!

Julie and Brian

Pumpkin, 09/22/092-05/31/03

Pumpkin picked me when he was just a kitten. He was a one person cat, who obviously adored me. Many times when I picked him up and petted the back of his head, he would pet my hair with his front paw, as the same pace that I was petting him.
When Craig came into my life, Pumpkin didn't like it at first, but when he saw how good Craig was to me and also how good Craig was to him, he accepted Craig into his very small circle of friends. Craig's lap was the only lap, other than mine that Pumpkin would jump into, so he could beg to be brushed. He would then lay there as if he had already gone to heaven, while Craig brushed him.
Rest in peace, Baby, I'm going to miss you terribly!

Pumpkin, 10/07/01-01/03/03

Time was too short. I grew to love you and loved watching you. I am sorry for neglecting you in busy times. And I am sorry for your suffering. Thank you for giving me the joy of getting to know you. You are sorely missed and thought of often. May you find comfort at the Bridge! We love you, Pumpkin!

Sally, Tosha Sue, Dodge-R, Snowball

Punkin, 01/01/86-12/07/03

To a sweet loving cat who always seemed to know when you were feeling bad and helped cheer you up. We'll miss having our 'neck warmer'.

Bill, Timi, Brandy & Jamie

Punkin, 06/89-11/25/03

I remember going to pick you out 14 years and 3 months ago... It was just 3 days after your Daddy and I got settled into our new home after our honeymoon. Daddy didn't want a cat and the only reason why he caved was because I wanted one as a wedding present. He hated cats. But we went down to the shelter to find my kitty. He was the first to see you. He picked you up and said "How about this one." and from that very moment you were his baby girl. You have brought us so many wonderful memories, like when you saved my life from the tarantula, flinging its legs all over the living room, when you climbed up into the Christmas tree and made it shake all over, meowing and cruising the halls at night and dragging around stuffed animals in your mouth like babies and dropping them where we would trip over them. You gave us so much joy little girl and we love you so much. I just wish your daddy could have been here. Thank you for holding on long enough for him to be able to see you on his 2 week leave and remember that we made a deal that you would watch over him for me until he returns from Iraq. He loved you so much. You were our first baby and will be missed so much. Go fly with the Angels my sweet Pooh, and one day we will hold you again. Until then baby girl, we will hold you close in our hearts and in our souls. God bless and keep you Punkity Pooh. We love you always.

Lovingly, Mommy and Daddy

Punkin, 05/89-11/17/03

Punkin was a wonderful male, orange tabby. He loved to sun himself, sleep on his "sisters" bed, and be brushed. He was the sweetest cat. He was a spoiled boy and loved by all who were lucky enough to be loved by him. We will never forget you Punkin. We know you are where the sun always shines and you feel no pain. I am so glad you chose me over 14 years ago and I am grateful to have been able to care for you and love you for all these years.


Punkin, 09/01/93-05/15/03

I think I will miss the head butts the most. Go play with Jack and have fun.

Sarah Applegate

Punkin (Aka Mr. P), 12/01/86-02/04/03

Farewell, my brave one, my best friend, my own special angel in a kitty-cat suit, until we meet again...

Andrea Rovillo

Punkin, 04/10/02

I have had many pets, but Punkin was so special. She comforted me when I was sad and always purred when I picked her up, petted her or even just spoke to her. Her blue eyes could see right through to my heart. Even when she was dying, I believe that she knew she would be leaving me and tried to comfort me. I will miss her every day of my life even though I will still have other pets.

Carolyn Berzins

Punkin, 05/15/86-01/16/03

Punkin's registered name was Dusty Redduster II. Her parents were Lovely Brandi Labow (dam) and Dusty Redduster (sire). She was born in Riverton, Wyoming. Punkin had congestive heart failure and was euthanized at the age of 16 1/2 because she was critically ill. There was nothing else that could be done to help her function or make her comfortable. We nursed her for over a month. Her death leaves a big void in our lives. She is not replaceable. Punkin was always courageous and a fighter for life. She exhibited dignity, intelligence, hope and stability in life, and was so very loyal. We grieve for her -- feeling loneliness and sorrow.

Rene' and Thomas Richmond

Punkin Girl and Little Tim, 08/98-11/04/03

Dear Punkin,
My sweet-faced girl. You were always there. The only thing you ever wanted was to be next to me. You would follow me to the end of the road and then sit there and cry if I walked any further. You were my most devoted friend. You were a wanderer and a hunter- you loved to be outside but yet you wanted to be with me all the time. The end came too soon. You were never completely healthy, and in the end you were so skinny and frail and just a shadow of yourself. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should take you to the vet, or just let you slip away. In the end, you decided when I thought I did. I came outside where I had let you spend a few moments on the porch in the sun and warm breeze, and you were gone. I looked for you. I would have called but you didn't hear me anymore. How I miss you. I wanted to spend so much more time with you, but ever since Sarah has come along, she takes up all my free time. I miss your face. The one thing I am reassured of is that you are with your friend Tim again. That's what I heard in my head when I had decided to let you go- I heard our Father saying: "Let her go to Tim". I'm glad you are both together again but I'm haunted by your last moments- I hope they weren't painful. I feel guilty for not doing sooner what I knew I should've done. But in the end you decided for me, just like you always did. I miss you.

Little Tim,

It's been over two years since you've left. I've already said all that needs to be said. But I still miss your sweet face and you loving nature. I miss your curious ways and the ways you made me laugh. I wish I had known you were leaving. Just like Punkin, it had come too soon. You were so many things to me- but most of all, my first baby boy. I prayed day and night for you to come home. I knew you left because it was best for you- you would have come home if you were allowed. The Lord has you now- and Punkin too. I'm left here to always wonder where your bodies lie- but at least I know where your spirits are. Our Father will keep watch over us, while we are apart, one from the other. I will miss you until I can hold you again.


Punky, 09/18/86-05/22/03

Our sweet little Punky passed early this morning.

17 wonderful years together, such a loving little soul. He will be in my heart forever.

Rainbow Bridge was dedicated to him, and we will be together again soon.

Tamara & Gary Richardson

Punky, 1997-05/05/03

Punk You were always there for me with your waging little tail, and them little eyes looking up with all the Love anyone could handle. It hurts to think about coming home without you greeting me at the door. I think it's funny that I walked out on a wife that I was with for 19 years and never cried but god took my little dog from me and it broke my heart in two. You helped me though a lot my little friend. You watched me relapse and then helped me get sober again. Now your gone and I think that's a sin. But what can I do. I'll just pray that we will meet again my little friend. I Love you buddy and I can only hope that your at peace up there with God.

Pupito, 11/23/03

Pupito had Hydrocephalus Doctors said he probably would not make it. I was blessed with Pupito more than a year ago I'm thankful for the time we shared together he was a very strong willed loving puppy and I will miss him so much. Pupito was a very special little guy and I would not have changed him. He was my little peanut, he has taught me a lot about caring for something that needs just a little more time and effort and it was worth it. I LOVE YOU PUPITO.

Sonia Davila

Puppet A Nannies, 24/06/03

My darling beautiful one
Words fail me right now we were so so lucky to have you for this long its going to be very hard for our tears to dry. The house feels so empty we were the lucky ones .
You were so kind faithful and loyal.
We loved you more than life its self.
You were our special girl .
Kisses forever and beyond

Jennie Howard

Puppy, 02/87-11/05/03

PUPPY, 2/97 - 11/05/03 Today was a sad day. I had to say good-bye to my little girl "Puppy". She found me 16 years ago. I loved that dog with all my heart. She had the biggest sparkling eyes. Even after she was aging, and her eyes were cloudy, there was still something so special with those eyes. She put up a tough battle at the end, but we both decided it was time to say good-bye. I will never forget her and know I will see her again. I will miss those Puppy kisses.

Diane, Charlie, Krista & Jenna

Puppy, 02/15/93-02/18/03

Puppy was a very loving and devoted companion....she was our baby...even before we had to put her down she was still fighting hard to stay alive to be with us....she never showed any signs of being sick until she stopped eating...we lost our beloved one to liver cancer and up to the very end she still gave her all to us.....she's in God's hands now and even so I miss her deeply...sad in Alaska....Sandi


My WOLF "Puppycub" was murdered, I couldn't get to him fast enough. I was one day late, no one told me, I just knew in my heart. And now seven months later the river of tears still flow from my eyes. I miss him so much. There are no words that I can find to tell anyone that is human why I am so broken hearted. Wolfs are unlike any other creature I have ever known. My heart has been ripped to shreds. I pray everyday that someone will hear me. But it seams as if turning a deaf ear to me is so much easier. I don't understand humans at all, I can't trust them, I don't even know or understand humans anymore. I would take a bullet for any of "GODS" creatures, before I would a human. Only with the exception of a child. Most think I am odd in my way of thinking. But it is very clear to me. Thank You

Pupster, 07/15/93-06/31/02

Your wonderful spirit and bravery will live with me forever Pupster

Hugh Newman

Purdue Too, 07/02/90-09/25/03

Purdue Too was a therapy dog for 14 years for sexually abused children. She served her life loving and helping those who had known only beatings and torture. Her gentle spirit endeared her to everyone who knew her. To the end her face remained beautiful and kind.

Maureen Burke-Horansky

Purr, 8/82-83 to 8/1/03

The most amazing, courageous, brilliant feline and loving, patient, understanding best friend and nurturer whose roots were the alley ways of the lower east side; a rugged individualist, a cat who knew her own mind and let everyone know, a sensitive cat who dribbled when she purred and always had room for extra chicken. You were, still are, and will always be a blessing, a gift from above. You were my longest and best companion through the good and bad and you never let me down. Thank you for being there. You are so badly missed. I see your funny little smile and beautiful soulful eyes and hear your expressive little grunts and snorts and purrs and occasional bellowing meows. Unlimited love and chin scratches (and chicken!) to you always. Purr, you are the Queen of Cats.

Jane Lev

Purrfect, 04/01/83-07/29/03

Forever in my Heart

Teri Eger

Purrkins, 07/09/03

Purrkins, you came into our lives on a broken leg and left due to complications of same. You made us laugh and were the toughest little cat we'd ever met. We will miss you walking on our keyboards and stealing our sandwiches. We will always love you.

From all of us.

Purrl, 09/20/03

Purrl was a great buddy. We'll miss him sorely, as will his friends Opie and Stacey. We are grateful for our time with him and that he did not have to suffer.

Joanne & Alan Kjosness


My 23 year old kitty! The most beloved cat in the world, there will never be another like you! The adventures we've had and the places we've traveled to. Know that you will always be loved and you shall NEVER, EVER be replaced. We love you Puss!

Mary Gilmore and family

Puss, 1976-2003

Puss, you were more than just a were as much a friend to me as any human ever could have been and, in some ways, even more so. I will always remember you as a source of great comfort in the difficult times and a source of joy in the not-so-difficult times. You were always there for me when I needed you, and I can only hope that I succeeded in being there for you.

Though I know that the sadness will pass and the good memories will remain...this is a hurt that is not going to fade quickly. I feel your absence with every breath I take and in every empty room I enter. When I see a mother holding a child, I ache to have you back in my arms for just one more second. I will forever miss your love-filled eyes, your beautiful soft fur, and your soothing purr.

I am comforted only in knowing that you are at peace now and that, one day, we will be together again.

My love forever, Bobbi

Putter, 11/03/88-01/10/03

My heart breaks
On January 10, 2003,
I lost my Putter.
The pain is so intense,
deep down in my soul.
I've cried so many tears,
they no longer flow.
So this is for you my sleeping Angel.

You came to us so tiny
and brought so much joy.
Bittersweet memories of you invade my mind.
In time I know they'll make me smile
but today they only bring tears.

You left this world so tiny and frail.
Your body tired and worn.
But I take comfort now
there will be no more pain
there will be no more suffering.

Some day we'll meet again,
but until then
Sleep, my sweet baby
sleep peacefully in Granny's care.
Momma loves you.

Puttsley, 10/27/93-09/09/03

They say memories are golden, Well, maybe that is true, I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried, If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one can ever fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, I'd walk that path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same. But as God call us, one by one, the chain will link again. You will always be "mama's little man"

Nancy Ringe

Putz, 05/07/03

Putz was my Valentine's Day gift from my husband a month after we were married, 12 years ago. We picked him out at a shelter in Boise, Idaho, in February or March of 1991. Actually, he picked us. I wanted a tabby cat. But this dorky black and white cat kept sticking his paws out and batting at us. He was ours.

His name was Shasta (yuck!), but we quickly renamed him. My husband said "He's such a Putz." and that was it. Our Putz. Putzie, Puck, Puckie-Poo, and because of his frequent puking, also known as Pukey-Poo.

We will miss our Putz. His name fit him. He was a spaz in his younger days. He would keep us up all night as he flew around the house, bouncing off the walls.

He loved to stick his feet in my glass of milk and lick his paws. Actually, any unprotected drink was fair game.

We love you and miss you Puckie Poo.

Steve, Lynette, Rebecca & Kristin

Pythagoras, 11/21/03

A really sweet kitty

Kerreck Jones

Pywackette, 10/29/89-11/16/03

Py was my baby & my love.
She was a very special part of my life.
She loved to hunt and brought me gifts almost on a daily basis when the weather permitted...The last year and a half, she had really found her paradise when we moved into a house w/ over an acre of land where she could do what she loved most...BE A CAT!


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