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Year 2003 Tributes

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Nadia thru Nyx

Nadia, 07/31/88-03/02/03

Our Dearest Nadia,

When we gently assisted your mother in your delivery so many years ago, our joy was overwhelming. You and your brothers and sisters were all so special, but it was you that we chose to keep as a member of our family. You were truly a child to us, and you delighted us each day of your life. We didn't notice that you were growing old; you were always "the puppy". So we were unprepared for the day when you breathed your last. But we know how lucky we were being able to love you from the moment of your birth until the moment of your death. So Nadia, thank you for having made our family complete, and for making each day special. Your mother, Natasha, and we love and miss you dearly, and we have faith that through God's miracle of everlasting life, we'll again be together with you, and our family will be complete once again!

John & Diana Weiss

Nadine, 10/30/03

My best friend and companion never again will any animal love me in the same way that she did......

Michelle Simone

Nago, 10/02/03

Tribute: This is to our best friend, and loving companion Nago who was always there to comfort us. We hope that you are happy up in doggy heaven, and that you have an unlimited supply of cheeseburgers, pizza, hot-dogs, and of course steak!!! We love you more than anything Schnagoling-Nago, and can't wait to see you again. Much love and kisses poohead!!! XOXOXO, Sairzie and Channer

Naketa, 11/19/96-5/17/97

She suffered all would ever need and lost her life in trying to live.

Amanda Inman

Nala, 4/26/03-7/26/03

We only knew you a few days but we loved you with all our hearts, and will miss you greatly. Meet you at the Rainbow Bridge .

Nala, 11/21/02

Nala, my baby who has been there for me no matter what. its been so hard without you. I still cry myself to sleep even after 4 months but I know that every tear that I shed you wipe from my face. I never thought it would be this hard. Although I feel empty and torn I know that you are always beside me telling me to be strong. I miss feeling your fur next to my head when I sleep, and the feel of your heart beating. I love you so much and do often regret handing your leash over to the vet that night. I know you understand that it was for the best.. I will miss you so much baby. I will see you again someday. You may not be with me in person, but you will always be in my dreams, my thoughts, and everywhere that I go....because you will always be in my heart, walking me though it all. I love you baby girl. Goodnight Nala


Nala, 01/01/96-02/08/03

My Dear Sweet Nala,
We all miss you so very much and wish you were still here with us. It has been hard letting go because you were so special. I hope you gave you the very best life you could have because you deserved it and gave us so much love the short 3 years you were with us. Poohbear, Princess and Ria send their love. Nala honey I hope you don't think we got Ria to replace you. We got her before we even took you to the vet and we never expected your death. I wanted so badly to make you better.


I would just like to say a few things to Nalah who was and always will be my best friend and my baby. I would like to say that I am deeply sorry that this time I failed you, and I was unable to cure the problem. I never meant for this to happen ever. You were my million dollar dog, and I was determined to make you live forever no matter what the cost. Except this time I was to late. I had no idea that it was so bad until the day I took you to the doctor, and by then it was to late, and I failed. I will always be sorry for your death, but now all I can do is remind you that you were very much loved by the whole family, especially me!!! I will love you until the day I die and then I will be looking for you. You were the greatest friend a person could ever ask for, and you always knew how to make me smile. Even when I was having a horrible day, and nothing was going my way all I had to do was look at you, and I would smile. The whole family will miss your middle of the night barking fits, and your wonderful spaz attacks that no matter what we had to laugh at everything you do will be missed. If allowed I want you to know that you are more than welcome to come home and visit when ever you want or can, all I ask is that you make sure you leave a sign to let me know for sure that you were here. I would love it, and I can't even express how incredibly happy that would make me. Please, Please never forget how much I loved you, and I hope you know that I would of done anything at all for you, and your health. There will never be anyone or anything that will ever be able to replace you, you hold a very special place in my heart that is yours and only yours until the day that I die, and we are together again. Until then I love you with all of my heart, and rest in peace. (I promise just once more, and then I will leave you alone, and you know what I am talking about my baby bear.) I LOVE YOU NALAH MAY!!!

Nameless Dog From The Shelter, 03/03/02

This is to the Nameless dog who I wanted to foster but couldn't because I was over my quota in foster dogs. What a stupid rule, because of this stupid rule you had to die. I begged them to hold on to you until I could adopt out one of my fosters. I was over the quota by ONE!

They didn't even have the courtesy to call me and tell me that they were about to put you down. I'm sorry sweet thing, you had a heart and soul I am angry at the person that had once owned you and loved you and then tossed put like garbage. I'm angry at the employees at the shelter for not letting me know that your life was about to end and I'm angry at myself for not fighting for you harder for you.

It's not fair that you lost your life and I hope that you can forgive me for not acting. I know that I've only know you for a very short time but I love you little girl and I'm sorry.

See you at the Rainbow Bridge, stay with my Cassie she will take care of you.


Linda and Al

Nameless Kitty, 02/18/03

A kitty who spent the last hours alone abandoned and left to die in the freezing weather. You are now in the hands of God and receiving the love you deserve.

C Rogers

Na Na, 1992-07/04/03

It is with a heavy heart that I had to let my dear sweet Na Na go. I am so sorry I didn't know you were ill sooner. I hope I did the right thing by letting you go. You were my big brown bear and you will live in my heart always. I miss you dearly. Where are you?


Nannuk, 05/22/91-09/06/03

Nannuk shares the same birthday as my daughter. She had to be put to sleep on Saturday, 9/06/0e. My mother and father, who she lived with, are grieving very much. Nannuk, we miss you and we love you so much.

Rebecca Sampietro

Napoleon, 05/89-09/15/03

For 14 years Napoleon was my "Baby Boy". Greeting me at the door every day, meowing "hello" made everyday special. Everytime I needed him, he was by my side. Each morning he helped me get dressed. Everyone loved him! He had a hard fight with diabetes for 6 years. We both did all we could. I know he is in a better place waiting for me and his sister, Nitosha.

Napoleon, we love you with all our hearts and we miss you dearly. Thankyou for the gift of having you fill our lives with unconditional love. Thank you for letting us love you so much. Remember your my baby boy and always will be.
We love you forever, Nikki and Nitosha

Napoleon, 08/27/90-04/25/03

Dearly loved and missed.

Napoleon, 08/05/02

My darling "junkyard" son,

When you wandered into the office as a baby little did I know that you would bring 14 years of joy and love. Elizabeth still misses you terribly, as do Daddy and I. We cry for you often. I can't believe how intuitive you were. From the day we brought our little girl home, you were her love and guardian. You taught her to be kind to animals. I can't believe you hung on 'til we got home so we could all say goodbye. We had no idea you were so ill and I'm so sorry I didn't see any signs. You never showed us anything but your gentleness and love. I could see in your eyes your readiness to go, but it didn't lessen our anguish or grief at having to say goodbye. Rest easy my son. We'll take care of "your" baby and some day we'll all be together again at Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mommy

Narc, 05/25/00-06/16/03

Narc was a special dog. She was going to become a police K-9 but I loved her too much so I made her my pet :)
She has been a loving and caring animal. She loved kids and was very happy running and playing. I will miss her deeply.

Matthew Smith

Nash, 11/88-09/17/03

Nash was our little girl for all but one year of our 14 year marriage. She would swim with us, even diving underwater to try to get to us, would bring my bobber back until I had to learn to fish without one, would put cigarettes out for us and would play as much as she could. I remember putting my hand under the covers and she would scratch at the covers until she got my hand. Wed GOD got another hero in heaven, must have needed a guard dog at the gates more than we needed her here. She may be gone but she will never ever be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend and smile down on us as often as you can.
We LOVE and miss you baby...

Nasha (Nasha Nesha Nusha Valentine Shirk Harbert), 02/14/89-05/02/03

My dog Nasha was very close to me and my family. We loved her very much. Her full name was Nasha Nesha Nusha Valentine Shirk Harbert. She was a dog, a beagle. She died today, on 05/02/03. Her birthday was Valentine's Day, on 02/14/89. She was exactly 14 years, 2 months, and 36 days old. My name is Stacy Dianne Shirk Harbert. Nasha has been my dog ever since I was born. She's older than I am! I'm almost 13. My Mom got her when Nasha was 6 weeks old. I just wanted to tell a funny memory about Nasha.

Well, it was Hanukkah in 2002, and Nasha was very hungry. But she couldn't eat any of the people food! It was bad for her. But when no one was looking, Nasha snatched up a whole piece of salami and hid it in the couch cushion. No one noticed until my Mom went to eat some of the salami. Instantly, we all knew Nasha had taken it. But where had she put it? She couldn't possibly have eaten the whole thing! But later that night, My Mom and I were petting Nasha and we both felt a big lump at the bottom of her stomach! It turned out she had eaten the whole salami! It was very funny.

Of course, it's hard to come up with a really special memory for Nasha, because everything about her was special anyway. All I know is that she is in heaven right now, and she is very happy. I miss her terribly, but I will have to get over it, by remembering that going to doggy heaven and being restored to her natural puppy-ness is just what she needs. I hope she is being taken care of. No, I know she is being taken care of. I will always love her. Nasha will always be in my heart and mind. She is my Valentine, now and forever.

Nasher, 11/10/99-29/04/03

I'm not sure if you have passed away or just moved on but I will always remember you and I miss you very very much. Strings and the boys are missing you too, you were the first loving bond I made with an animal and I wish you were still here. Take care or come home. I love you, Jo xxxxxxx

Natasha (Tasha), 06/26/94-07/23/03

My Little Angel:

From the beginning I had a very special bond with my Natasha. When I first got her, she fit in the palm of my hand, and everywhere we went, Tasha went too.

She loved going "bye-bye" in the car, she loved us unconditionally and she always went above and beyond what was ever expected of her.

When I was sick, she would be right there with me until I got better. She would sleep with me at nights, always creeping down to the end of the bed and always under the covers to stay warm.

Tasha was my best friend. She knew things about me that no one will ever know. She would sit and listen to me, and she would always have plenty of kisses to make me smile and think that things weren't as bad as I thought they were.

Tasha was brought into my life in August, 1994 at 8 weeks old. She was what I needed at that very bad time in my life and for many more years to come thereafter. On July 23, 2003 at 6:16pm, my little angel took her final breath and I had to say goodbye to my best friend. Tasha's job was completed and God said it was her time. She brought me happiness and joy for 9 wonderful years and now that my life has changed for the better, God felt as if her job was completed and it was her turn to return to Him and the Rainbow Bridge.

I say "so long for now my little angel" and there will come a day that we will meet again. Until that time, rest easy my friend, always a part of me you will be.

I love you and miss you terribly, my little angel, Natasha. God Bless your little heart and soul.

Missing you,
Mommy, Danny, Josh, Brian, Pedro, Sheba & Sabrina

Natasha, 01/04/90-08/04/02

Our sweet & courageous Natasha who left us is so dearly missed by her mom & dad. We have not only lost our baby, but we lost a friend. Companion, pal & confidant, a friend we will not forget, you will live for always in our hearts, our sweet, forever pet. We love you Mama Tash! Love, Mom, Dad, Alicia, Sarah & Sammy

Natasha, 01/05/02

Natasha, you came to me because you belonged to my mother who passed away on July 20, 2002 at 3:30 am. We had all lived together, you, me, my mother, Redmond (who was at the Rainbow Bridge to meet you) and Princess. You were buddies to all of us---you were so loyal, loving, sweet and always full of energy. When mom died you became my charge--since you were buddies with Princess and there was no way to have you two separated. We had a good 6 months
and you were happy again after you grieved the loss of your mom and mine. Princess is looking for you and is already sensing you are gone, Robin had just stepped into our lives and boy did you two bond fast. Death came quickly for you, you had congestive heart failure and there was nothing that could be
done for you and the but the night before, you had a great time with the family friends--Everyone loved you were happy and getting so much attention--you loved it...We will always remember you as being so sweet and such a good girl, there are so many things to day, but I pray the most that God and his heavenly angels look after you. I know that Mom and Redmond will take care of you.
Miss you little girl...we will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Judy, Robin, Princess and all your friends....furballs otherwise


Naughty, 11/10/02

Dear Naughty,

If only God could have taken me in place of you are my angel, & I feel you always by my side. I love you very much, & miss you even more. Papa, Mama, Didi, Kalu & Biji, everyone misses you so much. Be with us always. Thankyou for giving us immense joy & happiness.

Chote chote paon, door hai tera gaon
Chote chote paon, door hai tera gaon
Ruk ja o billi dilli door hai, door hai
Ruk ja o billi dilli door hai, door hai

Wish you could stop, & never ever go....


Nauti, 10/05/00-12/16/03

Nauti's name came from the word Nautica, because she was born to a feral mother in the bilge of a winterized speedboat. Nauti was a tiny black kitten, runted and weak, and her mother and siblings finally moved on, leaving her behind. She came into my home and made it her's, and became a wonderful member of our family. She was shy and reclusive, but loving always. Nauti was sickly and allergic to everything, but she stayed with us for 3 wonderful years. The end was quick and quiet, and at last you know no discomfort or pain. But the other cats still hold your place on the couch, and the house seems so very quiet without you. I will cherish my time with you Nauti; goodbye little kitty. Rest in peace.

Michael Page

Navajo, 04/15/01-11/14/03

My sweet angel , how loved you were . I miss try to brush my teeth with you drinking from the sink . I am so sorry I did not keep you close to me that day. You are my heart .I love you more than life . You are forever in my thoughts and I brought you home . Planted a beautiful tree with you . As the tree grows , so will our love . I love you Navajo !!!


Navajo, 03/01/90-06/02

You have been gone only a few months but you are thought of every day. There is nothing in the house that does not remind us of you. You were our best friend and companion. There will never be another animal that can fill your paw print. You taught John how to love an animal and that there was more to you than dog hair. I know you will be waiting for me... I will always remember you.
I miss you so much.

Pam Clemmer

Navaeh, 12/24/00-07/14/03

Although Naveah was my yorkies father and I never had the joy of meeting him, his passing unexpected passing has affected so many... He was so young, so handsome. May he be greeted at the Bridge with loving friends to romp and play again.

Sparky, I know you'll take care of Neveah and show him around the bridge and tell him that we are taking wonderful care of his little boy Tyler! I miss you Sparky, and a special candle is lit for Neveah.

Nazareth, 06/17/83-11/16/03

Nazareth..20yrs. and 5 months of love you gave us. People were amazed you lived as long as you did and in our hearts you live on.
We miss you terribly and wish you were at the door when we get home..or in the car going to the store as you loved to do.
Your with others that loved you as well.
Tons of hugs and kisses until we're together again.

Donna, Doug, Shane, Josh

Nebula, 03/02-05/05/03

Now she will always be on my shoulder.

Carla Lee

Ned, Princess and Sam, 2003

I am writing on behalf of three German shepherds who died in a rescue.
I feel bad for these dogs, because they never found their forever home.
I am wondering if they could join the Rainbow Bridge list where everyone could light a candle for them.
Ned, a handsome black/silver shepherd, died in a kennel, while waiting for his forever home.
Princess, a wonderful classic black/tan shepherd, died of old age, after suffering from neglect all her life until she was finally discovered, to live out her last 2-3 months peacefully with lots of TLC at the animal hospital.
Very recently, Sam had to be put down because he bit a person who was interested in adopting him.
Probably he was a little scared and confused.
These three dogs never had anyone who cared enough for them to give them a forever home so they died without their special person.
It would be really nice if all the members of this website could light a candle for these three wonderful souls too!


Neeka, 01/20/03

I love you and miss you Neeka. I'm so sad to see you go. But I know you will be at peace now and not in pain.
We'll be thinking of you daily and sending some prayers up above, because we know you're in heaven. Farewell, little one.


Nefertiti, 07/21/03-09/20/03

When I get her, she was only 3 1/2 weeks old. I nursed her back to health from a bad sickness...But she had a relapse...And I lost her. She was my baby; I may be pregnant but she was my baby...She depended on me for everything...and I am eternally grateful for the short time I spent with her. God keep her in his loving embrace and may I see her again one day - She was everything I've ever wanted in a pet.

Sabrina Norton

Neiko, 11/12/03

I am grateful that you feel no more pain,
but being without you, just isn't the same.
I wish there was more I could have done,
but the nights will pass, and arise will the sun.
I look forward to us meeting sometime soon,
it stirs something in me, like for some people, does a full moon.
We can play in the grass and I can chase you out of harms way,
You mean so much to me, I look forward to the day.
I try to remember all the good times we shared,
even when you'd bite my ankles, I never really cared.
Sometimes at night, I think I hear or see you,
wishful thinking perhaps, but I wish it were true.
Once again we will meet up my dear,
then things will be fine, happiness, no fear.
You've been my best friend, it's hard without you around,
at night, from you there is no sound.
I'm going to miss you, but I know it will be all right,
before I know it, I'll see and share with you the same light.
May it be as beautiful and warm as you are,
I'm sure if I look close, it's not too far.
Thank you for all your years of love,
Please continue to look down on me from above.

Kelly Lovick

Neilsen Burke, 07/05/03

Neilsen, You were always there for us. At our feet. No matter how hard my day way you always rubbed my feet and laid on them as if to say, " You are home now and I am here looking after you" You laid with me when I was sick, you sat with me when my daddy died as to say you understood. Never sick a day in your life until I had to say goodbye, So unexpectedly. I love you and you wait with your Daddy Al at the bridge. He has been there a month and now you can join him. We love you and the kids love you! See you soon buddy.

Neikko, 10/13/94-07/26/03

Neikko-You were the light of our life, and now will be our light in death. Be happy & safe till we meet again.

Love you, baby boy.


Nella, Fudge, and Nibbles, 2003

My little babies,
We miss so much and love you dearly. We think you are the cutest little rats in the whole world, even though many people do not like rats, which I don't understand. We're sorry you left us, but we're glad you' re not in pain anymore. We'll always love you, and you'll always be in our hearts. Miss you dearly,
your loving family.
Nella: 1998
Fudge: 2003
Nibbles: 2003


Nellie, 12/2003

We love you and are grateful to have had the chance to make your last years happy ones. We will miss you being here but know that you are with us. Thankyou for being so beautiful.

Tammi Wells

Nellie, 08/31/03

Nellie, you arrived shortly after our wedding, and you brought us joy every day of your life. You fought so hard until the very end, when your little body couldn't take it anymore. You will be sorely missed for as long as we live. You were our first, and your memory will live with us forever.

You were the toughest living creature we have ever met. You fell ill four years ago, and we never thought you'd last as long as you did. We hope that it was the love in our household that kept you clinging to life.

Until we reunite with you at the bridge, we love you and miss you very much. So long Nells Bells.

Vince and Becky

Nellie, 8/5/03

We love her and miss her terribly. She has left a big hole in our family, and we are just brokenhearted. We wish her time with us could have been longer. We hope she is at peace.

Denise, Corey, Henry, and Orvis

Nellie, 03/25/90-02/08/03

Nellie was a great friend who gave unconditional love to her family. We all miss her greatly.

Michael Burke

Nellie Grey, 08/01/03

Nellie Grey was adopted from my vet's office.
She had been in 2 other foster homes but was rejected because those other families said they were allergic to cats or something.
I had taken in our youngest cat Gilly, to have her spayed and went to check on her after the surgery. She was sulky and groggy from the anesthesia but was OK. In the cage across from her, I heard another cat meowing with the most unusual she was asking me to turn around. I did and it was an instant rapport...I knew that I had to take her home. I found out afterwards about her unhappy past and was even more motivated to provide her with a loving home.
That was in the spring of 2000 and we have since provided Nellie Grey her with an abundance of love and care.

She died suddenly today from some sort of seizure. She had diabetes and we were treating her for that but the vet thinks that some secondary condition caused her death. I am very, very sad because I was not home to be with her at her passing.....but was stuck in traffic on my way home from work.... a job that I hate and that is so far from home. I feel awful that I wasn't there for her....thinking that maybe if I was, I could've noticed something was wrong and taken her to the vet sooner.

I will miss her peculiar and wonderful qualities and the affection she showed me...... the only affection anyone has shown me...sad to say but it's true.

Nelson, 11/16/96

Pal to Buddy, string-eater, sheet messer-upper.
I loved you with all my heart.


Nelson, 10/1/03

Dear Nelson,

You were my very first pet. You taught me everything I know about being a good cat mommy. Now you've taught me how to tell when it's time to let go. Thank you for all of those lessons and for all of the wonderful years we had together.

I saw a rainbow today, and I immediately thought of you.

Love and cuddles and scratches under the chin,

Nelson, 3/30/96-8/14/03

To our special Nelsie Babe, always in our thoughts. You were one in a million and you suffered without complaint and were courageous to the end. Love you heaps.

Nelson, 01/08/01-07/24/03

Our sweet little Nelson. You stayed with us for only 1 1/2 year. We miss you so.

Susanne Johansson

Nelson, 04/05/03

He was my constant companion.

Rosemary Rosolek

Nemo, 09/09/99-02/12/03

Nemo was my one of my first rats to show me how great these little guys can be. He was very dear to me.
I was so lucky to have him the precious 3 years 5 months I had him with me. He loved to give ratty kisses to everyone and cuddle. Although he was weak and paralyzed at the end, I'll always remember him at his best. I like to imagine he's back with his brother Badger 'over the bridge' content and healthy.

Til we meet again Neemers, I miss you terribly,
Your RatMom Jenny

Nero, 08/21/95-10/22/03

I lost my best friend to cancer today. I promised him I would keep him alive in my heart. I have no words to express the sadness I feel now. I'll miss him.
John Wenke

Nero, 12/19/02

Jeeng-kin, you're a biggle. You are and you will always be one of my very best friends. You changed my life and that changing will never end. You never spoke a word, and we know not words to speak of how rich and how blessed we are in this family to have loved you so and been the recipients of such selfless devotion, endless excitement, and all-encompassing love. Those gifts are tremendous. And I know if you could, you'd tell us not to forget, but instead to develop, and to continue to share them amongst ourselves, to share OF ourselves, as there would be no better way to prove that, indeed, your example made it's mark. Dare we recall some of those special faces, corny voices... the many parts of our own selves...entertainment for the morning games, the walks. You've been gone, and the me I loved, the self we knew, slowly disappears too. Goofy, laughing, crawling around on the floor. How I do miss that funny me, but I miss YOU so much more. We'll keep busy. Busy filling our hearts with wonderful memories. Thank you Bucka, for all the joy you brought, the way you'd talk when you'd hear the word 'walk', and for being the biggest boy on the block, you pretended to be oh so tough, and you were good-- at being a baby. Why with you Nero, we never knew a day that didn't include treats and parades, you dancing in excitement, waiting out the afternoons to hear a familiar engine so you could wiggle around and bark like mad, and of course the way you'd always retire, curled up right next to your Dad. And how is it you never thought you grew out of sitting in somebody's lap? Or the way you refused to step through the gate like the side-yard was some kind of trap? I'd give the world to press my nose against yours; You loved us and with such fervor, you were utterly amazing. When Mom, Sean and I finally crossover, I know you'll probably have run your fastest and be there greeting us first! See you then Big boy, gimmie a kiss. We love you.

Nessie, 01/95-10/29/03

My Dear Nessielu,
You were my soulmate and the love of my life.
I am so sorry we were taken from each other so soon.
May you be chasing all the squirrels and cats you like and digging as many holes as your nose would take you.
I am left alone by your death and the void in my heart with your passing will never be filled.
Please feel me petting your belly and telling you that I love you wherever you are.
I miss your kisses and your morning and after dinner rolls on the bed.
Sleep gently on all the pillows you can find and know that the day will come when we will be together again.
I love you more than anything in the world sweet girl.
Love your mama Aileen

Aileen Boos

Neuf (Stinkey), 03/11/99

God how I miss your "smile" and the head scrathings! I only hope and pray that one bright and warm sunny day I will feel you and hug you never to let go. I also hope and pray that you will foregive me for putting you to sleep. I just couldn't stand to see you suffer any longer and I was being most selfish in trying to keep you with me for as long as I could. Your body has been gone for 3 yrs now, but you are in my heart and soul and I can't wait to be with you again! I love you more than you will ever know here on earth.


Newman, 04/17/93-02/15/03

I love you, Newie.

G. and A. Peters

New Mouse, 05/12/01-09/26/02

My sweet New Mouse, When I saw you there on your own in the pet shop I knew I had to take you home with me. You immediately fitted in with your two new sisters, no fighting or squabbling. You were so gentle and quiet I loved holding you knowing you would give exactly back. I'm so sorry you had to leave us so soon and the youngest of the three angels. Now I'm happy as you are all together now on the Rainbow Bridge. Together forever, New Mouse, Honey and Marmite. Rest now my babies. xxx

Sarah Cramb

Neysa, 03/01/84-11/25/01

Neysa was my devoted companion for over half my life. I may have other pets, but none can ever compare to my baby, Neysa. The day she unexpectedly came into my life, my heart grew a little. (Many thanks to Mom & Michelle) Neysa was a trooper and always ready to play or go to the beach. Later she survived a difficult surgery to remove an abscessed kidney. The doctor thought if she lived, that she would live only 6 months to a year with medication & special diet. I was very lucky, she stayed with me eight more years. When Neysa died, part of me left with her. The only thing that gets me through her passing is that I know she is in heaven with my Nana waiting for me. I may be a while, but I think of you both everyday & love you dearly.

Nibbles, 11/05/98-02/27/03

Even though you are far away, in my heart you will always stay.
the nite you left my heart was sad , but knowing we will be together again soon makes my heart glad.
you were four when you went to the RainBow Bridge, and I know that you are happy there. Nibbles I miss you still. and I will never forget you, you will always be my little Nibby.

Linda Richey

Nibbles, 07/31/88-09/13/03

Nibbles was one of the most loving souls that has ever touched my life. She came into my life in 1989, and quickly became part of my heart. Over the last 14 years, we shared 3 homes, a disastrous marriage, and the many joys and tribulations that life brings each of us.

She was always there for me, and loved to rub her face against mine. Her tail always proudly and happily pointed upwards, and I don't know of another cat that took such pains with her grooming.

Her purr alone was enough to melt away the troubles, and there was nothing like having her sit in your lap, curled up, purring away. She loved to give kitty kisses, and she was loved as unconditionally as she unconditionally loved me.

She'll always live in my heart and my memories, but there is a void in my heart that will be hard to fill.

Bob Wear

Nibbles, 06/06/02-09/05/03

Nibbles was a wonderful, sweet little hamster. She never bit, and had the sweetest temperament ever. She would always greet us when she woke up at night, just as we were going to sleep. She was a very kind pet and will be remembered forever.

Emily Shelton

Nibbles, 06/02/85-05/20/03

Eighteen years ago, an abandoned, lost and lonely ball of fir lay outside the entrance to a fitness center. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that this gray ball of fir would evolve into a beautiful blue-gray feline with piercing green eyes and a major part of our family for 18 years. Nibbles was mischievous, playful and curious. He was also very perceptive and comforting in times of need with his songs. Nibbles was not just a "cat" but our "Little Man". He was our baby boy. We will grieve greatly over this loss but will strive to find comfort through the 18 years of wonderful memories we shared together. There will never be another Nibbles. Thanks for the memories, Little in peace without any pain. You were PURRRR-FECT in every way.

Rhonda Martin

Nibby, 12/17/95-05/20/03

"When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things is going to happen: there will be something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly." - Barbara J. Winter

Nicholas, 12/25/91-09/09/02

Nicholas, my little buddy, today is one year since you left me, and every day has seemed like an eternity without you, but it was:


It seems like only yesterday,
Just a few sweet dreams ago,
When Heaven sent you my way,
With all that exuberant puppy glow.

It seems like only yesterday,
That we were joined heart and soul,
While we laughed and played each blessed day,
With forever as our goal.

It seems like only yesterday,
You were doing all the puppy things,
After all, life was made for play,
With shoes and sox and most everything.

It seems like only yesterday,
You were suddenly in your prime,
And all too soon, tomorrow became today,
As we lived our lives together, oblivious of time.

It seems like only yesterday,
Just a few sweet dreams ago,
That I knew you could not stay,
That those wonderful things we shared must go.

It seems like only yesterday,
That we lay together side by side,
And you left me to go your lonely way,
Which was as inevitable as the tide.

But know you this my gentle friend,
Our love will span all time,
And surely we will meet again,
Dearest little pal of mine.

It seems like only yesterday my dear little Nick.

Ben Potter

Nicholas (Nikki), 09/19/88-09/01/03

Nikki - Our sweet, precious puppy you are missed so much. We had you with us for almost 15 years and yet I can still remember like it was yesterday the day we brought you home. Big furry belly that almost touched the ground, little bow legs and tiny ears. You were so cute. But you grew up to be regal and proud, a beautiful majestic animal that held your head and your tail up proudly. The pain in my heart feels like it will never go away but I know it will someday and taking it's place will be fond memories of all the good times instead of the pain you endured the last few weeks. I only wish I could have taken your pain away but I couldn't. I miss waking up in the morning and not seeing you sleeping by my bed. And I miss seeing that precious face as I leave for work in the morning and the first thing that greets me when I come home from work at night. You will never be forgotten. I hope that Alex and Nikki were there to greet you at the pearly gates and that you are all together again, playing, romping in the green fields and having the time of your life, free of pain and finally at peace. We love and miss you Nicholas. Love, Mom (Carol), Stefani, Bryan, Jake and Raider

Nicholas, 12/15/94-05/30/03

Nicholas, you were the love and joy of our lives and you will be with us forever. We know your spirit is with us each and every day and that is what helps us to move on in life. You were our best friend and we love you more than you could ever imagine. We miss you dearly and thank you for the time we did have together. We love you.

Mitch Rowland and Paul Robinson

Nicholas, 2/14/93-3/31/03

Dear Nicholas,

Star light,
Star bright,
How is my angel above tonight?

I look towards the heavens,
and envision your place,
neverending toys and treats,
and friends to sniff and chase!

Luscious, green grass,
and big, blooming trees,
Fire hydrants around every corner,
all for your neverending "pee-pees!"

A cozy little house,
to keep you safe and warm.
A bed piled high with pillows,
and teddy bears with the noses torn!

A special little friend,
snuggles close to you at night.
Jesse met you at the gates,
and greeted you with all his might!

Long walks outside with God,
and his Angels too.
Neverending fun and playtime,
with friends both old and new.

Freedom to run,
and freedom to explore.
Neverending tummy rubs,
and health and happiness forever more.

Never too hot or cold,
and never feel sick,
never thirsty, hungry, or lonely,
and never short on things to lick!

I take one last look,
at the heavens above.
We'll be together again one day.
I smile and send you all of my love.

Mommy loves you Nick!

Nicholas, 12/24/97-12/31/02

He was the sweetest Cat I have ever had, with the most personality and the Biggest heart, I will truely miss him, and love him forever.

Nick (Big Nick), Summer 1993-12/11/03

Kind, Tolerant, Loving, Selfless, Brave, Strong, Peaceful, Sweet... Always loved and forever missed.
I always tried to do right for you, and hope I did.

Lindsay Stevens

Nicki, 07/06/99-05/23/03

To my Best friend Nicki who loved me unconditionally

Robbi Steele

Nicki Derer, 08/03/85-05/21/03

I would like to pay tribute to my cat, Nicki, who passed away on Wednesday. She was a blessing to our family for almost 18 years. We will miss her.

Nickie, 05/22/89-12/02/03

We were truly blessed to have you in our lives. You always made me laugh with your antics. You were the sweetest dog in the world and my heart aches for you. I know that we will be together someday. I know that at least now you're not suffering anymore. We love you Nickie.

Renee Bartlett

Nickolas, 10/09/03-11/27/03

I know we only had you for a few hours. When we found you at the shelter you were the sweetest little thing. As the hours passed though, you began to weaken, and your breathing was troubled. When we found out at 4 am that you would need to be put to sleep because you had FIP, we were devastated. I wish things could have been different. I feel that everyone should know of your passing, even if you were only someone's pet for a
few hours. You were loved and cared for before the hours of your death. I hope you will know how important you are. We love you.

Caitlin & Andrew

Nicky, 11/81-03/31/91

You will forever be with me.. I can feel your love. I miss you so much!

Laura Lambert

Nicky, 06/86-06/08/02

Missing my special little girl, you were always kind and gentle, even though you were a bit of a live wire when you were young, till we meet again, My Lovable Rogue!! Lots of love to you, keep Megan and Ringo company,

Sallyann Moorey

Nicky, 01/01/91-07/10/03

At the time I was searching for a companion for my dog Max. I had something particular in mind. I was working for the City of San Francisco and was on a project at Animal Care and Control. Each time I visited I would look at the dogs. The last dog in the kennels was this floppy eared thing that had a funny throaty welcome. But she was not exactly right. After several visits and some frustration I decided on her. She was the only dog that I knew who slept tense. She was a great companion to Max and when he passed to me. Always a challenge and often a source of frustration I came to love her deeply and respect the spirit that kept her here longer than many with the same disease. After a long and successful fight against cancer she went to sleep last week.

It is funny how we can seek that particular and by fate find a special and loving friend.

Nicky Aka Nick Nack, 05/31/89-06/16/03

Rest in peace angel, until we meet again. We love you and miss you. Gone, but never forgotten.


Nicky, 07/01/87-12/17/02

My beautiful, affectionate, happy cat, you are so precious to me. Fourteen years was not enough time, but I thank God for every day I had with you. I am so lucky that I got to be the one to take care of you. I am sure going to miss you. You are the most beautiful boy in the whole world, but I love you because of who you are—silly, friendly, mischievous, sweet. I’m going to miss carrying you around on my shoulder and taking you for walks. You were such a comfort to me. I love you, Nick.

Nico, 02/20/03

Where do I begin to explain how devastated I am. My precious dog, Nico, was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease back in Dec.2002. We were treating it with meds and things were going ok. Until about 2 weeks ago. That was when the snow started. He would go out and lick the snow so much that when he came back in he would be shivering from the cold, or al least that's what I think it was. So, we started not letting him lick the snow so he wouldn't get so cold and that helped somewhat. Then on Sunday morning, the day of the blizzard here in NJ, my mom took him out to go do his business and when he walked into the garage she said he threw up and then passed out. She thought he had died. She rushed over and picked him up and he seemed to be ok. But then, on Tuesday, when I explained to the vet what happened she suggested I bring him to the Univ. of Penn in Phila. so that they might be able to figure out what was wrong. So I dropped him there on Tues. night the 18th of Feb. They called me yesterday and told me he was ok they were running tests and he was fine. That was at 6:00. At 9:00 I get a phone call and was told that he had taken a turn for the worse. They think he blew a clot into his lung because he had such a hard time breathing. They had to put him on oxygen. We rushed to him and found him in such agony. My heart is breaking as I am writing this, remembering the look on his face and in his eyes. My mom and I talked and decided the most loving thing we can do for him is to let him go. My son was with him till the end, telling him we loved him and hugging him. I am in so much pain right now, but I know deep in my heart that I did the right thing. I will never forget him and he will be in my heart forever. I love you Nico, wherever you are. Hopefully you are on Rainbow Bridge waiting for us to come be with you. Thanks for the wonderful years you gave us. I am sorry I went on and on, but I really needed to get this in writing and tell someone. Take care all. Vera

Nicole, 11/73-12/14/90

You were our first pet we miss you very much

Carol and Francis Yafchak

Nicta, 05/?/88-03/10/03

May 1998 ~ March 10, 2003

Nicta was not an ordinary cat; we understood each other in our own special way.

Our lives revolved around him, while he was a very important part of our lives.

He gave us love and affection; in return we gave the same along with the best life a cat could be given.

There are many who do not understand the bond that is possible between animals and humans.

Our dearest Nicta was our friend and companion for 16 years. Like a child only he had fur.

Nicta lived a long life for a cat. But it is never long enough when you love a cat as much as we loved Nicta.

We are saddened, our hearts are broken, and there will always be a part of us that is missing.

Nicta is in God's hands now, at peace and we are sure he is in that special part of heaven for special kitties.


Nigel, 01/15/98-11/15/03

We had Nigel in our lives for three short years - he was always so happy-go-lucky for such a rough start (we were his fourth home when we rescued him at 2 years old).
He has left a hole in our lives and will be missed so much.

Dawn & Karl Miller

Nigel, 1986-9/23/03

Nigel came off the farm to the city life. He battled fights, infections, dog and wild animal attacks, during his years. Always bouncing back. Nigel continued to survive , even after having his front leg amputated after receiving a gun shot. Nigel lived a good life, and was loved by his family very much. Nigel truely lived out those nine lives over and over. He will be missed very, very much.

Nigel/Spooky Do, 07/01/02-09/14/03

Your mission in this life was so short lived, yet so vital.
Mom was close to death, and you brought her joy, laughter, and a will to live. You adopted her and comforted her; and although she wasn't pleased with your (lizard, frog, bird) gifts, your antics soon brought smiles and happy barks from the rest of the family. Mom spoke of your deeds and "misdeeds", rather than her health issues; and probably used her camera more than ever before. Although I am deeply saddened by your passing, I am forever grateful for the joy you brought to all of us. You are deep in our hearts.

Cathie Lundin

Nigel The Dogg, 07/29/03

Nigel was picked up by the Humane Society in October 1995. He was lost and was never claimed. My mother adopted him for me in November 1995. He was skinny and had worms. I did not feel I needed a pet, but soon he won mine and my family's hearts. In June of 1996, he won a role in the local Light Opera Guild's showing of the Will Roger's Follies. The rest is history. He was a special member of our family and was my best friend through some of the loneliest times of my life.

In April of this year, he was diagnosed with lymphoma sarcoma, a type of cancer of the lymph nodes. We treated him with chemotherapy, which for a while he responded well to. He returned to his normal healthy self. His outlook was good and he was expected to live another year or more. However, earlier this month he began getting slow and the tumors returned. We tried another treatment with no success. On Tuesday, July 29, Nigel lost his battle with the deadly disease. One of the hardest and worst days of my life was when I had to make the decision to end his suffering.

I love you, Nigel!

Philip Townsend

Nightmare, 10/22/93-06/29/03

A brave soul that was my happiness, joy and life for so long. He fought hard and gave love so freely to everyone he met. No one could prevent themselves from loving him. I will miss him forever and yet hold him in my heart until the day we meet at the rainbow bridge. He is now with his brother and they can once again play, romp and run without pain. I love him dearly. Goodbye my sweet eternal puppy. Your loving person, Tricia

Nika, 04/10/97-12/02/03

Nika, you were the sweetest dog and I will miss you so much! Please know how much we loved you and we hated to see you in pain. We will enjoy the many pictures we have of our beautiful girl.

Peggy O'Connor

Nike, 1993-11/17/03

To the love of my life. I will always love. Thanks for all the love and the wonderful memories.

Robert Ojeda

Nike, 12/14/89- 03/26/03

Nike was my special baby. He was 4 weeks old when he picked me to be his mom. He was with me through some really rough times in my life and was always there for me. He knew how much I needed him in my life and managed to fight off what we think was FIP for 10 months. I just hope he knows how much his Mom misses and loves him and how hard it was for me to make the decision to end his suffering. I love you Nike! There will never be another you!

Niki, 10/23/91-10/13/03

I miss you baby . . . you were my friend, confidant and amusement. I keep looking for your sweet eyes and your larger than life attitude. I don't know why I'm so surprised how devastated I am, I open the door expecting to say, "Hi Niki, how are you?" only to feel the constant slam of pain knowing that I'll never be able to tell you how much I love you. I miss your comical ways and how we fed off of each other. I can't express how much my heart and body is aching just to hold you again or have you get up and move away when I try to smother you with affection.


Niki, 07/03/03

My loving friend Niki was put down today. She's been with me for 14 years. She will be missed by her Aunties Sarah, Marish, Tami, Helen, Kellie, Tana; Uncles Jay and Jose; Gramma Gail and Grampa Phil and cousin Abraham (cat). She is preceded in death by her sisters Patches (cat) and Barfy (dog) as well as her Grampa Graham, Great-Gramma Phyllis; Great-Gramma Daphne; Great Grampa Harry.

Niki loved to watch TV and listen to me sing (especially Frank Sinatra). When she was healthier, she loved to go hiking all over the place and loved walking with her Mummy.

I will miss you baby girl.

Jennifer Alcock

Niki, 4/06/91-2/08/03

To my loving, precious companion. A tail that always wagged even in sickness. May you finally be at peace with all the other loved and lost pets. Know that I miss you terrible and think of you nightly.
God bless my precious pretty girl.

Niki, 09/01/88-02/21/03

Wonderful pound puppy that was a part of my life and then my families for the past 14 and half years. She went camping, trail walking and swimming with me over the years. She was very gentle with both of my children and is a great loss for our family.

I chose to tell my daughter (six years old) that and how she died and not to tell her she went to run on a farm, hoping to teach her that it is OK to be sad and to have her talk about her feelings. My daughter is doing well and telling me about her favorite times and how Niki is missed. My eleven month old son has walked around the house today saying "Da" which was his word for dog.

Niki, you will be missed by all of us.

Lance Allred

Nikie, 02/01/03

Dearest Nickie

You are now playing with Tina on the pearly bridge, but here on the earth your friends all miss you and never forget your beautiful head and bushy tail. Thank you for giving birth to such beautiful puppies. They are well looked after and loved. You broke our hearts by going...

We never forget you Nikie.

Shery and Shirin

Niki Renee, 10/89-07/03/03

You were a special friend to a special person. You will be dearly missed and fondly remembered.


Nikita, 12/20/97-11/03/03

We lost our little baby girl way too soon. We will never forget you keetergirl. We will see you again someday. love and miss you so much Mom and Dad

Nikita, 1/18/97-2/8/03

To the Sweetest Thing: We love you more than anything. Our lives are changed forever in the short time we were privileged to know you. You showed us how to love unconditionally and we promise to love one another as much as we love you. Meet us at the bridge with Jesus when it is our time. All our love, Mommy and Daddy

Nikki, 11/23/91-12/26/03

We lost you today and our hearts ache for you our baby. We have had you since you were born and we miss you so much it hurts. You will be in our hearts forever. You were so special and loving. We love you so much. We will cherish every moment we had with you and we will see you again some day. Love your mama and daddy.

Nikki, 11/08/03

Nikki, We finally got around to picking up your tennis balls! You only had 93 of them! You just wait there in heaven for daddy and me we will have some more balls for you!!

Wayne & Patty Haworth

Nikki, 08/05/95-11/18/03

Wherever I went, she went. She was so precious. She was my baby. I'm lost without her.

Lou Ann

Nikki (Noodles), 06/20/96-10/13/03

My Dear Sweet Girl.
Next to letting you go, this is the hardest thing I've ever done; writing a tribute to you.
Loving you, was the easiest thing I've ever done.
You gave me more joy, love and friendship in 7 years than some people ever receive in a lifetime.
I promised you on your bed, in your bedroom, the morning that you slipped peacefully away in my arms, that I would be with you again one day.
I kissed you over and over again, repeating how much I love you.
Me and "daddy" think of you every day, and will miss you every day of our lives.
Stay with me my girl, and give me some of your strength.
I promise you again my angel, me, you, daddy, Jude & Butkus will all be together again.

Donna & Guido

Nikki, 10/14/96-11/11/03

Hey Nickster,
Things just aren't the same around here without the sound of your pitter patter on the hardwood floors, the flap of the doggie door, or your persistent paw on our leg as you insisted that the next bite of food should be yours.
I miss my walking and hiking companion, trips to the park, and swimming in the Snoqualmie River.
Daddy misses your company at the business, helping him greet customers or lying quietly by his side as he did his paperwork.
Vacations just won't be the same without our Nikki in the back seat.
You slept so peacefully while we drove down the highway, and that little head popped up with alertness as we backed off the gas pedal.
What's the new adventure?
Where will we walk, hike or explore?
Will it be exploring the ocean beaches, or a walk in the woods?
Will there be other doggies to meet and greet?
All the neighborhood dogs miss you, too, especially your best friend, Gizmo.
He came to see you on your last day.
It seems he knew.
You're in our hearts, sweetpea.
I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Nikki, 05/15/85-02/14/02

I found Nikki in the streets of LA, and she was my best frieds 16 plus years. She has been through a lot with me and always there to comfort me. She is loved so much and missed very much.

Nikki, 10/21/91-03/12/03

Nikki was a very special dog. We love her and miss her every day. I hope that she is running without pain now.

Sharon & Dick

Nikki, 04/08/93-09/19/03

My dear beautiful Nikki,

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories were a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven,
And bring you home again.

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before I knew it,
And bring you home again.

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knows why.

My heart still aches in sadness,
And secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you,
No one can ever know.

But now I know you want me,
To mourn for you no more,
To remember all the happy times,
Life still has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten,
I pledge to you today,
A hallowed place within my heart,
Is where you'll always stay.

Tell Kimo for us we miss her also,
And will always love her too.

With love, Tasha, Zena, Sassy, Angel,
Mom and Dad..

Nikki, 06/14/90-09/25/03

I helped my baby, Nikki pass over to the bridge today. She was my love, my baby, my best friend, loyal to the end. She stopped walking November of 2002 and I have kept her alive until today when the vet came to the door to give her that shot. I am heartbroken. I will never be the same without my "Anna Belle". I love you my sweet Nikki, more than you will ever know. Please know that I let you go out of love for you, I hope I did the right thing. I can't stop crying. You are not here anymore. I looked into your big brown eyes for the last time as we talked about riding in the car again and going to Traverse City again. I love you my sweet baby. Please come meet me at the bridge. I pray to God you are running and playing again. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more...I love you with all my heart and soul.

Debby Accetta

Nikki, 12/09/02

Nikki was my special buddy she was my baby. Nikki was only 8 weeks old when I adopted her from Animal Control in October 1990. I had just gone through a divorce and wanted some company. She was the smartest dog! We had lots of time together to bond at that crucial age as a pup. If she was bad...all I had to do was look at her and she knew. She would look guilty and turn her head away. But that was a rare occasion. She was my companion and went almost everywhere with me. She loved riding in the car. Overall, she was a healthy girl, but in 2001 she had a large lump develop rapidly on her right hip. It was cancer and the Vet removed a tumor about the size of a softball cut in half. Even as an old girl she recovered from the surgery and was back to her old self. On Thanksgiving Day 2002 she became very ill and the next day I took her to the Vet. They found a large cancerous spleenic tumor. She went down hill rapidly. The Vet told me I'd know when it was time. As I stood there looking at my dog, I could not comprehend how that would ever happen. Eleven days later, I understood! I watched her go outside and she was so tired and weak, she fell over in the snow. I knew it was time. Later that evening our Vet put her to sleep while I held her and talked to her. I felt that I needed to be there with her as she had been there we me through tough times. She went very peacefully, but God was that hard. You know it's the right thing for them, to ease their suffering. But it just begins our grieving. She had a good life, and was spoiled rotten, I wish she could have stayed with me for a few more years. Unfortunately the cancer decided to take her away long before I was ready. It's been nine months since I lost her and it still hurts like it was yesterday! I guess time will take the hurt away... I hope there truly is a "Rainbow Bridge" and that some day I will see my "Nikki" again.

Robert Hudson

Nikki, 8/8/03

Nikki, we had to put you to sleep today, I didn't want you to suffer anymore we know as much as you hid it you were hurting. We miss you so much and I know we always will. You protected and always made us feel safe. You were our beautiful little girl. You will forever remain in our hearts. Even if your 13 years with us you were spoiled, please forgive us if we ever did wrong by you. I'm happy you're in heaven with "permanent air condition" since you loved it so much. Our lives are so much more richer for having you spend your life with us. We love you very much and will always miss you. Love, mom, uncle Richard, grandma and grandpa and cousins.

Nikki, 06/30/91-11/13/02

This is a poem I wrote in memory of my Princess Nikki.

"Dogs Have A Special Place in Heaven"

Dogs have a special place in heaven - It's true!
Just as God loves us, he loves them too,
Every creature God makes, is part of his plan,
From birth to death, to eternity grand.

In this place in heaven, dogs' dreams come true,
They glide with regal angels in a cadence anew,
Their howls transform, to a chorus melody,
The sounds so pleasing, in true harmony.

In this place in heaven, my Schnauzer Nikki dwells,
She earned her angel wings, with the sound of winter sleigh bells,
The earthly seeds of love planted, awakens with a song,
When I am called to heaven's garden, never more will I long.

So always remember, God's plan continues on,
Dogs have a special place in heaven - far beyond,
Near to our hearts, but far from view,
Your canine angel still loves you.

Sue Moorhead

Nikki, 03/13/85-07/25/03

The dearest friend and child anyone could have ever asked for. She will always be in my heart. Good bye my Nikki baby kitty.


Nikki, 21/7/03

Nikki we lost you today and miss you so much. You are resting next to Sooky which is a comfort to us. We loved you both dearly and always will. We look forward to seeing you both one day, until then you will be in our hearts.
All Our Love
Janet & Harry

Nikki, 08/15/89-04/14/03

My special girl how much we miss you.

Julie Hafenscher

Nikki, 06/22/98-06/05/03

We will miss your little eyes and happy wiggle every morning. Your joy of life and love for all will be sorely missed. Take our love with you and know that we will see you again some day.


Nikki, 06/09/03

Nikki brought a special joy to my life that no human could ever understand. She was my best friend and my angel. She loved everyone and everything she came in contact with. I have never seen an animal with so much understanding. She was so playful all the time and I will miss her so very, very much.

Leeann Wagner

Nikki, 11/86-04/23/03

Today I lost my pretty Nikki. She was a good friend and I am so glad that God placed her in my life. I am thankful for the years we had together. I love you Nik Nik!

Lisa Clegg

Nikki, 05/21/89-04/04/03

A faithful, loyal and kind pet. A joy to all.

R. Joyce Holland

Nikki, 02/14/92-03/01/03

Rest in peace sweet girl. We miss you so much. Until we met again.

The Wieczorek family

Nikki, 2/11/03

My baby girl, I miss you and love your more than words can express. Everywhere I look, I see reminders of you. Twelve years suddenly became a very short time when we were parted this week. Our house is lonely and quiet without you girl. I'm glad that you're not in pain but I wish I could erase that last day at the hospital. You brought a warmth and love and gentleness and playfulness to our lives that we will keep with us forever. May God take special care of you my angel. Play in the sun and roll in the grass until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you so much Nikki.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Kelliann

Nikki, 01/1989-10/1998

She will forever remain in our hearts for the love she brought to our home.

Richard and Dorita

Nikki, 04/17/91-12/30/02

Nikki was my best friend and my constant companion. A little dog with a huge heart. I miss him so much.

Tena Hough

Nikki Noodle, 11/88-12/04/03

Thank you Nikki Noodle for all the years that you were there with and I spent many wonderful years together...15 years.
I know you are in a much sweeter, safer place and are much happier.
I miss you but know you are much happier.
One day I know I will see you again..I hope you remember me!
Look for Samantha and Mandi.....
Goodbye Nikks....

Dawn Lipscomb

Nikko, 04/23/90-10/15/03

my dear girl nikko........I have never thought I could care and connect with a furbabie like I have with you...I said you were my soulmate....I saw love in your loved me so and I you.....I have such an dear girl. please be there when I come and bring your sisters too

Tina Ruggiero

Nikkoli, 12/29/88-05/19/03

Nikkoli we love and miss you very much. You gave us such happiness and love. We will see you soon. Love Mama, Papa, and Lily.

Roger, Cindy, Lily

Nikky, 15/10/90-02/01/03

Nikky will be in my heart for ever. She was a great companion for more than 12 years and the only time she has made me sad was the time she was gone forever. She will be remembered till the day I shall join her.

Niko, 12/25/89-12/06/03

The most beautiful girl ever.
She changed my life, and saved it too.
No words can describe the joy she brought to Andy and myself.
Our sorrow is endless.
She will be forever missed and cherished.

Stefanie Dierolf

Niko, 01/15/92-12/01/03

I love you more than anything Niko and missing you really hurts.

Jim Beck

Niko, 11/08/99-10/14/03

You were taken too soon.
Niko, you will always be loved and forever missed. I hope I was able to make your life a comfortable and happy one. My sincere gratitude to the person who picked up your body and took you to the Vet so you could be identified.
Until we meet again my friend!

Corey Muncaster

Nilla, 04/48/88-09/13/02

Nilla was the sweetest, most loyal dog I ever had. We miss her very much.

Owen Kugell

Nimbus, 01/05/78-16/08/03

To a special little horse who I will never ever forget !

Lyndsey Skelton

Nimmer, 1992-01/12/03

I found Nimmer in a catshelter, where good people brought him and his siblings after they were found in an attic, left to die. He was a wonderful company for me in gret 11 years. He was very much devoted to me, very loving and caring. Would always try to comfort me, whenever I was sad. I moved several times and as long as he was with me, we could live anywhere. I've had many pets before, but Nimmer was so special to me, we were buddies and I felt a love so deep for ham and vice-verca.

He became diabetic in summer 2003 and in spite of all I did to fight that disease we lost the battle. Nimmer became very neuropathic because we couldn't get him regulated and the days before he died, he could hardly walk, he walked like an animal with a broken back.
He was put down 1. December 2003 12.00 noon, lying next to me, wrapped in his favorite carpet. He died within ½ a minute, his body was so weak.

Peace forever Nimmer - fly free - without pain.
Always loved

Fie Hauge

Nina, 12/13/03

My sweety, my baby, I miss you dearly as I am sure you can tell for my heart aches. How you were taken so quickly from me. Molly even knows you are gone now. Even though you were only with me 3 years you were my pride and joy. Always with me 24/7 by my side even when you departed I cradled you in my arms. I loved you so much... I will miss your friendly greeting at the door when I would come home. I will miss the chats you would give me. when you wanted certain things. I am sure Butchie, Penelope, Beaureguard, Suzette, Blackie, little Blackie, Snoopy, Chrissy, Daisey and RINTY greeted you at the Rainbow Bridge. When it is my time I hope all of you will greet me... Not a day goes by without those thoughts.. With Love my baby until we all meet again. Thank you for your LOVE to me.. Huggs and kisses

Ronald R. Chmiel

Nina, 09/92-05/30/03

Nina went to a Junior High School, and inspired students to write stories. She was a pro with the tennis-ball, and lit the spirit of many, as well as helped students with esteem issues feel special.

Kathy Jendrzejewski

Nine, 11/04/03

Nine only lived approximately eighteen months. When he wanted to go out, I let him go. He had a happy cat life. He was allowed to go where he wanted to go and do as he wished. He was loved and he will be missed. I will miss him more than anyone and I am not even a cat lover. He was the best cat in the world to me. I shall never love another cat as long as I live. No cat can ever stack up to Nine, aka Winky.

Dana Bartlett

Nini, 08/14/02-05/26/03

Dearest Nini, We love you very much and miss you. You were our sweet little baby and we're so sorry that you were taken by tragedy so soon. It hurts bad not to have you but we know you are now in a better place and have met people and animals from our family over there. Please let everyone know that we love them and they are in hearts also. You will always be in our hearts and someday we'll be together again and we'll meet on the rainbow bridge and cross over together. We know you're having the most fun with Uncle Alex. We love you, always and forever…. You're Family.

Nino, 12/01/97-12/22/02

My dearest puppy brought nothing but joy & love into my life. Your passing came too soon, but I will always cherish the unconditional love that you gave to me & the people that you came in contact with. I miss you more than words can say & my heart will forever be touched by you. I wish I could hear the pitter-patter of your paws once more & feel that cold nose that woke me up in the morning....Mommy misses you...I love you.

Nipper, 09/19/03

The Best Dog of my Life, the Love of my Life, passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on Sept. 19, 2003. He had just turned 16 on Sept. 13, 2003. I loved him so much. I miss him so much. He was the sweetest little Maltese who was Love, just pure Love. He loved me more than anyone or anything ever has. No one can top his love for me. I surely hope I am able to meet with him again at the Rainbow Bridge and to spend eternity with him.
Dear Nipper,
I love you and Miss you, Angel, Sweetie, Dolly.
Ma Ma loves you.
Carole Broderick

Nipper, 05/22/03

U ar my sweet wet willy giver and i will always miss you.


Nippy, 09/22/03

My kids and I found Nippy in November of l985 when he was a stray, just a couple of months old. My girls were l0 and 5 at the time and now are grown with kids of their own. But dear Nippy was with me all through their growing up years, a painful divorce, a wonderful remarriage; all the good and bad times of 18 years of life. He was just always there, a quiet and gentle spirit. Finally, the day came today when we had to say goodbye when we found that the painful lump on his side was cancer. The grief is so deep right now; I can't imagine life without him. But his spirit has touched all of our lives in such a positive way. We're all better people from having had the privilege of sharing life with him.

Fran Hutcherson

Nitro Arizona Hefty, 09/27/98-02/15/03

Nitro was such an important part of our lives. He was one of a litter of 12 born to Cherokee (mother, wolf/shepard mix) and Comanche (father, black lab). His brothers (Choctaw, Kickapoo, Thunder, and Arapaho) and sisters (Cahill, Tipper, Sioux, Chickasaw, Kiowa, Tyler, and Pawnee) are lost without him. He also had 5 babies (will be 2 on June 2 and 3) that he left behind, 3 boys (Nacomah, Chiricahua, and Tonka) and 2 girls (Maricopa and Kachina) and they miss him terribly. Three of his babies were stillborn, so their daddy is with them now to take care of them. We had a couple of nicknames for him. The first one was "Arizona Skunk" because we were planning on moving to Arizona and he was all black, except for a wide white stripe on his chest. The other nickname we had for him was "Fluffernutter" because he was just so fluffy compared to the rest of his family. All 18 of his family members are still with us and he will live on through them. Nitro will forever be in our hearts and in our prayers and will never be forgotten. Until we meet again, sweet baby, always know how very much you are loved and missed.

Trish, Jan, Dakota, & Jim

Nixon, 10/30/03

Nixon cooner we love you and will see you again love and so many kisses, Mom, Andrew, Kiri and Mike, Pat, Maggie,Winston and Dennis

Susan Mountrey

Noah, 06/10/01-12/08/03

I love and miss you so much. I pray to see you again, someday. Mommies best friend...I'll never forget you. Your spot on the bed will always be there for you. I was blessed to know you for such a short time...I know you didn't want to go.

Darlene Swan

Noel (Bo Belle), 10/25/01

Miss you Nellie...


Noel, 10/01/02-03/01/03

Noel was given to Gordon & Lora by me, their daughter, Eileen Parris and family , as a very special Christmas Gift. She truly proved to be the most precious of gifts. Never have I seen a puppy that looked you in the face with the distinct facial expression saying " there's so much I want to say to you". So smart, sassy, loving, playful....a complete bundle of joy; whose life was so tragically and swiftly taken away ; leaving such an empty space and broken hearts. Why ? It's too difficult to understand. Fly swiftly with the Angels, sweet little one. It's amazing that you could bring so much joy in such a short amount of time, here on Earth with us. God Speed, our little Furbaby Angel. Our love is with you always as your love and loyalty will be with us always.

Noel & Anuk, 22/07/03 and 21/09/03

A Noel,speldido hai accompagnato in qsti anni con la tua discreta presenza ed in 1 lampo ci hai lasciati.
Ad Anuk,piccola e dolce gattina.eri venuta x passare,non x restare.assieme vi potrete far compagnia.vivrete x sempre nelle nostre anime.

Daria & Family

Noelle, 11/12/02-09/14/03

I seen my puppy get hit by a truck and thats something I'll never forget! She was so young and full of spunk! She will be missed terribly!!

Noelle D., 12/25/85-07/04/03

You didn't want to leave us. You were so brave, but when we saw that you were too sick to stay, we let you go. We know that your fur brother, Killer C. Gates was waiting for you on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge". You were a precious Christmas "Present", gifting us with your spirit for more than 17 years. Our hearts are heavy, missing you so much, but we know that now, you walk and run and play again. Will you sit and bark at all the new arrivals from the "Rainbow Bridge" until you get to know them? We will miss you forever but know in our hearts that we will be together again. Love, your "Mom and Dad", Karen and Al.

Noelle HiRose, 09/03/91-09/15/01

My Noelle:

I know it's been a while since you went to the Bridge. I am sorry, mum did not know how to grieve for you and did not know what to do other than thinking of you everyday. But, mum is learning more about how to celebrate and thank your precious life. You were the "man of the house" and always protected us. No matter how small you were, you protected your sisters (and even mum) against bigger friends. I was and am always proud of you and love you so much. Could you take care of your sister, Lily who just joined you there? Love forever and see you soon when I get there.

Noisette, 04/20/03-08/12/03

You have and always will be our little angel. We think of you everyday and you will always remain a strong part of this family.
To the stronger fighter, our little angel, Noisette. We love you very much.

Nok, 12/01/02-07/27/03

I write this through a veil of tears. Yesterday, my most beloved and best friend of 10 years passed away with me by his side. In a way I guess I was lucky, he acted like a 3 year old until about a month ago when he suddenly and inexplicably had a severe seizure. Vets were mystified, all of his bloodwork was normal, vitals normal. He recovered and we spent the last month together as if nothing had happened, he was back to his old self. Then Saturday night, he got up suddenly and wobbled around the house looking forlorn, we sat in the kitchen on the floor together as he worsened, finally he walked to the front door and waited for me. We drove to the emergency vet and they kept him overnight. The next day, Sunday, I was told that he had cancer throughout his body and was bleeding internally. There was no hope. I half doubted the vet's words all the way to the emergency center that day, thinking that he had to be wrong but when my buddy of ten years walked unsteadily into that room and laid his head in my hands I knew. I know that everyone says that they have the best dog in the world. Nok really was the best friend I have ever had. He's been by my side for ten years and he was always up for adventure. His attitude was always, "Alright, what's today's plan? What are we doing now? I'm game if you are." He was sort of aloof with everyone but his closest friends, both dog and human. Even with me I always felt that we were on more of a friend basis than dog and boss or master or whatever. He listened to me and as long as he could understand what I wanted him to do he'd do it. He had his quirks, I never convinced him that he should give up his trash habit, or his love of feline teasing. On the way home from the vet's office, I noticed the back windows of the car were full of his nose prints and drool marks and knew that it would be awhile before I could clean them off. Funny how stuff like that, drool marks, suddenly becomes part of an odd collection of WHAT'S LEFT. Everything like that becomes important. I slept with his collar and woke up crying. People keep asking me what they can do to help and I don't know what to say. I just want Nok back.

Kim Cousins

Nola, 04/15/01-01/02/03

We love you Nola and miss you so very much. Your sweetness and love was never-ending. You always comforted us when we were sad and gave us such joy with your very presence. You are Mommy's little peanutbutter girl and Daddy's little girl. Your beauty always radiated from you like no other friend...inside and out... and always will. Your are so missed and will never be forgotten. The memories of our days and many travels together will always bring us joy. I saw a shooting star tonight driving home and knew it was you comforting me as you always knew how. You have been a sweet blessing from God to us and we will see you heaven. We Love You Sweet Nola.
Mommy and Daddy
(Angie and Matt)

No Name Kitty, 03/09/03

I'm so sorry that there was nothing else we could do to keep you with us a little longer. I hope your in a better place with warm weather, lots of catnip and great food. I also hope that your wounds are healed and that your not scared anymore. You will be missed.

Anni, Marty, Gwyneth & Scott

Noodle, 12/21/03

It's been almost 1 year my boy, mommy misses and loves you so much, I know you're with the angels, but mommy still wishes you were here, so does Tripod....I love you baby.... Love Dina

Nootka, 11/30/03

Oh, my Fuzzbucket. Who would have thought that this little kitten I got from the SPCA would have become a beloved member of my family for 14 years.

I'm glad you went quickly and not slowly like your buddy did. I know you had a good life, but your death still hurts tremendously. It was you and Damien who pulled me out of that death wish while I lay in hospital in Britain: I knew I couldn't leave you alone. I just wish we could have had one more cuddle before you left.

I'll forever remember our mutual adoration times together. They lifted my soul; I doubt I'll ever find another cat like you as your love got me through many a hard spell. And I'm so happy that you forgave me for leaving you at the vet's for all that time while I fought for my life in that British hospital.

Give my love to Maquinna and Damien I. I know that one day we'll all be together-- you, me, Maquinna, Damien I, Damien II, Beesh-Beesh, Buster, and Shadow. Although I don't have you with me any more, I'll still pet you as you and I loved.

Goodbye, Snufflofugus. I love you.


Norm, 02/27/03

Norm - The biggest black and white cat you ever saw. The sumo wrestler of the cat world. He was fearless of dogs but oh so gentle and loving to his mum. The cancer left him a shadow of his mighty, majestic self. Our hearts will break until we meet again Norm. Betty and Angela

North East's American Idol Call Name Reuben, 08/25/03

A Foster from North East Rottweiler Rescue that stole my Heart, And decided to make us his family. The time we had with you although short, was well worth the pain of losing you. You left this world knowing only love, happiness and a release from the pain that the cancer had you in. You my shining Ruby will always stay in Mommy's heart....

Norther, 4/30/91-7/16/03

A truly gentle soul who asked for little and gave everything in return.

Norton, 06/06/03

Norton was my significant other for the first 6 years of his life. I can honestly say that he saved my life. He was given to me at a time when my life was in turmoil. He was a little ornery, alot of cute, and seemed to be the only soul who really understood me. I've always given him credit for getting my husband & I together. My husband was actually my landlord when he found Norton abandoned in an empty apartment, without food, water, or air conditioning. It was a terribly hot Oklahoma day. Lou knew I wanted a cat, but we weren't supposed to have pets in the building, so he himself could not give him to me, but instead suggested to one of our mutual friends than maybe she could find him a good home, motioning to my apartment. That was 18 yrs. ago. Eventually my landlord became my husband, who is the only man Norton ever liked. Lou saved his life by letting him out of the sweltering apartment and giving him water. Norton was a special little guy, and meant the world to me. This is the first time I ever had to put one of my own pets to sleep, and when the life went out of him, I felt a little of my life leaving me. We brought him home, and buried him in the backyard just under our bedroom window. He never liked leaving the house anyway, so it seemed appropriate to keep him as close to the house as possible. Thank you for letting me share Norton with you.


Not Named Yet, 05/21/03-07/20/03

She was so full of love and joy. She had her life severely shorten by a horrific accident and we're so sorry and absolutely devastated. We only owned her for one day and she had already won our hearts.

Ray and Debbie Yenchick

Nova (aka Puppy), 03/14/02-12/23/03

You left us too soon, sweetheart. You didn't get to open your Christmas stocking or see your second birthday. I can't wait to see you again. We love you so much.

Susan, Ben, Jeff McIntosh

Nova, 02/05/03-11/16/03

Nova - Although I had you such a short time you were my world, I love you always sweetie.

Heather Lardie

Novik, 04/08/93-07/20/03

Our darling Novik - we love you so much. You will always be our special little man and our best friend. Woo woo darling Novie!!
Your best human friends Tony & Carole xxx

Nox, 08/96-07/20/03

Nox, you were the most truly loving cat I've ever known. I think back now about how you always wanted to be on our laps, in our bed, under our feet, and I know how much you loved just spending time with us. Please know that you were truly loved, too. I am so very sorry you didn't get to pass on at home, or in our arms - please forgive us. You were our very good kitty, and we miss you so much! We will try to wait patiently to see you again. In the meantime, we'll give all our outward signs of love for you to another kitty who needs us, but you will never leave our hearts. We hope you enjoy your time at the Rainbow Bridge, free of pain and in the outdoors. Until we meet again, all of our love!

Dresden & John Skees Gregory

Nuala, 07/29/93-03/17/03


Nuala was the gentlest, most loving dog we have ever known. She always loved to make new friends. When we talked to her, she would always cock her head sideways as if to say, "I'm all ears. You have my full attention!" She was our pal, our chum, our companion and our best friend. We will miss her always, but we will try to remember all the joy and unconditional love she has given us through the years. We thank God for gift of this beautiful creature during the past 9 1/2 years. She will live on in our hearts forever.

Nubbin, 03/01/92-12/05/03

Today is a very sad day; and I am so sorry. You were my best friend; always waiting for me to come home; sleeping by my side every night. Running around the house; chasing aluminum balls; eating lettuce; sleeping outside in the sunlight. You were mine; and I was yours. I miss you today; and always; and looking forward to seeing you again; one day.

John/Justine Allen

Nub Nub Meeks, 4/15/95-2/28/03

Tonight I will lite a candle and place it on your grave. I Fell as if you know what I am trying to say. Even though you will not be here with me these coming years.
I hope you know my heart will be filled joy, sadness and tears.
The joy will be for you Nub Nub for a better place you will be. The sadness and the tears I'll save them all for me. I think of our days together and how the time did fly. I wish that you could be here for just a little time. I would hug you neck and kiss your head.
How wonderful that would be. But I will save that for the day when my savor comes for me. I look forward to that day when I will see you once again. Oh Nub I love and miss you.
Here's a kiss till then.
Your Mom Susan
Rest In Peace Nub Nub 1995 - 2003

Nugget, 02/12/00

Dear Nugget,

Your golden feet still walk with mine, and your love adores my sorrowed heart. I love you still through all these years, and my tears still come gently in the deep of night. Your laughter remains here with me, and the colour of your eyes. The lessons you taught me are still taking place, old friend- and I value all life because of you. So greet me gently in times to come, when I feel the wind across my face, and hear the early song of birds. And in all the barks and friends that I love and will love in years to come, yours will always be there, number one- ringing a bell in my heart. I love you. xoxo

Kate Llewellyn

Nugget, 8/28/03

We could type forever. But anyway, You definitely lived an interesting but fun and spoiled life. ;)
And you are by far the smartest, sweetest, STRONGEST dog we ever experienced in our family. It was literally like you were a human, and we know all owners say that, but just wouldn't believe the things we'd tell.
We are sure you are walking again, that's what we know aggravated and upset you the most. Well, Remember, there are no goodbyes. You are really still here with us, and we know it. Oh, and Sara hopes bubba isn't afraid of you anymore lol. He never disliked you. He was just a scaredy cat of ya. Tell bubba we said hello and tell him that his mommy thinks about him constantly, and hopes you guys turn out to be best friends. Nugget, let your spirit fly, and remember, you are always in our hearts and souls...

We love you and miss you terribly,

Daddy, Mommy, Amy and the bunch

Nugget, 11/23/89-05/09/03

She was my heart, and soul. I'm disabled and didn't go away alot, so she was my friend, my companion, my clown. She knew my bad days and did little things to make me smile and forget my problems. Our pets know us sometimes better than our spouse does. She was put down for her crippling arthritis she couldn't walk anymore. She will forever remain in my heart....

Sharon Drescher

Nugget, 11/02/91-05/27/03

Nugget , I felt you kick when you were still in your beautiful mum Blacky's tummy . Since that time you have been with us as one of our family. We have been so privileged to have had your Mother Blacky , your father Bull and you Nugget to share our lives with. We love you all as our children, you are our family. Nugget was diagnosed with lung cancer in October last year . Fortunately we were able to spend another 8 months with Nugget of quality time until you began to suffer. We gave you the only gift we could and had you put to sleep painlessly. You have crossed over to join your mum Blacky .You are survived by your ageing father Bull and us your human mum and dad. The loss we feel for you is unbearable but we are comforted by believing we will all be reunited again one fine day. Until then our love and memories of you make you live on forever in our hearts.

Nugget, 11/09/88-04/10/02

To know Nugget was to love Nugget. Even though Nugget was the loved and special pet of my friends Randy & Terri, he always made me feel like I was his owner when I visited him. He would sit by my chair and push his cold nose against my hand until I would pet him. He was dearly loved and will be missed in a way words can not describe. Good bye my friend..I see ya again someday...and there...I will be able to give you the bone from my steak!

Jerry Dagna

Nugget, 01/25/97-02/10/03

My good friend for six years....I will miss him deeply forever.

Rick Adkins

Nugget, 02/01/02-01/25/03

Thank you, Nugget , for being the best kitten in the world. You meant the world to me, and even though you were very sick, your health will be restored in kitty heaven, and I can't wait to see you again!!!!!!


Nupeedog, 12/25/91-08/23/03

To the most compassionate and understanding pup in the whole world. I miss and love you so very much....and I always will. You left me so suddenly...I never even had the chance to say goodbye...

Donna Lee Metz Milkowski

Nut'Chin, 07/03/92-06/17/03

He was a tiny little guy with the heart and spirit of a bear.

Deb Moran

Nutmeg, 10/10/93-11/12/03

Now you won't suffer any more, my precious beautiful kittie.
Your litter-sister Ginger and I miss you so much.

Ann Rhine

Nutmeg, 11/08/03

The time we spent together was short, but I'm glad you came
Love always mum dad xxxx

Susan Hunt

Nutmeg, 1979-06/16/03

Gleaming like a new copper penny, you never looked better than this Spring. Your shiny coat, your wavy mane, your majestic tail were you very own hallmark. You were my rock during the time of grief since Cinnabar's passing last Fall. Together we wept and from this common sorrow we grew closer, relying on each other more than ever. We apologize for the abrupt end to your life. We had visions of loving care for you well into the years to come and the hope that before long, you could join a great big herd of oldtimers like you, to share your golden years. None of us was ready for you to go. Now the barn is barren; no whinning at daybreak to greet the morning; no nickering at feeding time; no more looking for your coppery shape behind trees and fenceboards; no more flicking tail and ears when belly-deep in grass; no more thundering hooves when you burst from the pasture to come for your dinner oats. A higher power decided it was time for you to join your band of friends, out of our sights. Surely Cinnabar, Jewel and Cowboy saw you coming and greeted you with joy and loud equine excitement. Now you are home on that vast range where you will be a happy horse forever. We thank you for having given us your best on trails and at home. You were an honest, loving horse. We will miss you forever.

Nyla (Little Martha Stewart), 08/21/03

Nyla, our spirited Kitty, who was struck down August 21, 2003, by a car. We love you "Little Martha Stewart."

We miss you Nyla,
Mike, Laura, Jamie, Zecharias, and Daisy.

Nyssa, 12/05/03

Nyssa was a stray kitten of about seven or eight months when she started hanging around our apartment building's front door. Charmed by her gentle nature, we took her in and enjoyed her company for fifteen years. She fell ill two weeks ago and declined rapidly. The vet found cancer on the X-ray, so I had to ask him to end her suffering. We will all miss you, Nyssa.

Pat Dunn

Nyx, 06/10/03

An abused cat, rescued from a shelter. The most sad and lonely looking one there. We took her in in 1999, and for 4 years she made use happy and we made her happy. We loved her as she loved us. She is sorely missed, especially by Echoe, who took 2 years to get used to her but finally became her friend

Ted Kleinert

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