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Year 2003 Tributes

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K9 Ben thru Kyrou & Sjiva

K9 Ben, 03/21/91-12/15/03

K9 Ben. First Ulster County Sheriff's Dept. K9.
Saved many lives, sniffed out a lot drugs, found many lost people.
Retired Sept. 2000.
Rest in Peace Buddy - you've earned it and you deserve the best!

Mary Vansteenburg

K-9 Rocko, 03/26/99-05/07/03

To my friend and my partner, Rocko....
While you were here, you were the finder of drugs and bad guys. You were loved by the children and feared by the crooks. You were respected by the other officers and the citizens. You were fearless and courageous. Your devotion to our job was selfless and unconditional. Your badge hangs silently on your picture frame. You are the defender of the children of Heaven now. Take care of them. There are no drugs, drunks or bad-guys in Heaven and K-9 Dee-Dee waits for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Your french fries will always be hot and your tennis balls will be clean. I will see you again. I love you.

Marty McNeely

Kachina, 02/10/84-07/10/95

Kachina was my sweet dog.
We walked every morning at sunrise.
She made me laugh.

Zoe Anderson

Kachina, 6/92-3/21/03

You came to us like a spirit from the woods on a rainy day, yet you were totally dry. You lost your tail, you were scarred and near death, yet you survived to be the sweetest little girl anyone could have. You gave us twelve years of happiness and then you had to leave - so suddenly. Our hearts may be broken but we have such good memories of the happy times, when you were queen. We will meet again someday, precious one.

Connie and Lou Lamoureux

Kadi, 07/10/03

Kadi was our best friend. We thank her for all the unconditional love that she gave us and all the happy years we had with her. She will always be in our hearts. We Love and Miss You Kadi Bear.

Chris and Lori Tyburski

Kahlua, 11/17/03

My precious Kahlua, my heart aches without you beside me. I know that you are peaceful now and that you had to leave me because you were suffering. I hope that you are happy and not feeling any more pain and that you know how much I love you and miss you. Thank you for the years of joy and for being there for me through all my sorrows. Thank you for having the strength to fight to stay with me as long as you did and for the last moments we had together. I know you waited until you knew I was strong enough to accept that you had to go.
You will always be my "little koo-ah baby dog" and I will always hold you in a special place in my heart. I will never forget you and no other will ever compare to you. Wait for me my little girl at the Rainbow's Bridge and take care of the piece of my heart you took with you. One day I will be sent to you and together we will live happily ever after. We all miss you (Me, Jay, Valerie and Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Russell) and your friends too. (Prancer, Snickers, & Rebel)
Until we meet again take care my baby koo-ah, my love will always be with you.
Hugs & Kisses Forever,
Your momma, Shannon

Kahlua, 12/17/01-05/23/03

We'll never forget you and always love you.
You are really missed around the home.

Dorila León

Kahlua, 09/03/86-07/14/03

Nua Puppy, you were a pleasure to know. I will always miss you!

Carol Epstein

Kahlua, 06/91-01/07/03

It's not just my opinion when I say she was one of the most beautiful cats anyone has ever seen. People told me that literally right up to her last moments here with me.

Her name came about because she looked exactly like a Kahlua and milk drink that wasn't properly stirred. Her colors ranged from white to various shades of brown, to almost black.

Her personality matched her looks. She was very warm and affectionate and loved to be with people. She was very flirty.

She almost always waited for me at the door when I got home from work. She'd get upset with me after I had been away on a trip for any extended amount of least for the first few minutes, just to let me know she wasn't pleased about my absence, and then she'd be back to normal once she made her point.

She used to make the cutest little "coo" types of sounds when I walked near her and woke her up, and she'd yawn and do her little 'kitty stretch' and reach her arm out to me as I walked by.

She was often the reason I woke up in the morning and often the reason I went to bed at night. When I was up too late fiddling around with the TV or the computer or whatever, she would come and get me and walk me to my bedroom. She was a great snuggler and purred me to sleep for many many years.

I will always truly miss her and I feel so lost without her.

David Struffolino

Kai, 12/08/96-12/09/03

We all miss you terribly, but are comforted by the fact that you are no longer in any pain.

Mom, Angus and your "bruvver" Kiki

Kaishagirl, 4/15/90-7/16/02

Kaisha my beloved companion. I will miss you eternally. I will remember you always, no more devoted friend have I had. Be well sweet girl on your new journey. I know in time I will see you again. I love you Kaisha your best friend Meg

Kaleb, 11/27/03

Kaleb, buddy. You were such a good dog. A great protector. You brought many hours of joy and excitement to our lives. We'll miss our adventures, hiking, swimming (aka. chasing ducks) and sneaking you hotdogs and leftovers behind dad's back. You could always put a smile on Athena's face. She'd just have to see you and give you a big hug and the day would always be better. You are truelly loved and missed by all of us.

Athena & John Otto-Freeman

Kaley, 10/30/89-12/08/03

Kaley you were my first baby. I was the first to see you born. I miss your wake up call in the morning. Mommy loves you and will never forget you.

Kali, 4.5-11/18/03

Kali, you are so beautiful, both in body and in spirit. You were always there for us, loving us unconditionally, a love we returned in full. We tried our very best to try and get you better. We knew that your spirit was always fighting, and that you never gave up. We're so sorry that your body couldn't fight any longer, and that you couldn't pass away peacefully at home. We miss you so very much and think about you every single moment. You will always be our little girl, you will always be with us in our thoughts and in our hearts. We miss you so very much, and we're waiting to join you on the other side of the bridge. But in the meantime, we know that you are here with us, forever and always.

Luc Gareau

Kali, 02/11/94-09/08/03

When I first met Kali she was 3 months old. I had never wanted a dog and was more of a cat person anyway. But when I saw her it was love at first sight. She belonged to my roommate and it wasn't long before that unmentionable person felt a dog was too much responsibility and gave Kali away one afternoon while I was at work. I was heartbroken. I followed up on her whereabouts periodically until she was in her 5th home in 6 months and was removed from the household by the RSPCA due to abuse. I took my chance, got on a plane to Toronto 3000 miles away to finally go and get my Kali. From that day on there was hardly a night that she did not sleep at the foot of my bed (or on my pillow for that matter). We've had our ups and downs but my love for her never dimmed. She stuck by me and vice versa. She was the first constant thing I had ever had in my life and I will be forever grateful. She was diagnosed with lymphoma a few weeks ago. I chose not to put her through chemo. She passed away this morning and I just don't know how to thank her enough for her love. She lived 9 1/2 years but 100 years would not be enough for me. Goodbye my Kalidog, I will love you forever. Laura

Kali, 11/03/96-05/05/02

A girl with only love in her heart; Our inspiration

Laura Leah & Jeff

Kalispell Kate- (Katie)

Katie came into my life when my husband and I separated -- I knew I couldn't get through that time without a companion. I got Katie when she was about six from a breeder that had decided she had had enough puppies. As I had to adjust to being single again, Katie had the adjustment of learning how to be a "pet dog". Needless to say we were both needy -- and she was a perfect dog to be with during a very difficult time. By the time we had weathered the adjustment "storm" we were the best of friends and Katie continued to be a very special companion. Her last couple of years were a struggle, and I know she stayed with me as long as she could. I think about her often, and always with a smile. She was one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs I've ever seen -- and a treasure that I will always value.

Eileen Ervin

Kalla, 03/15/94-12/14/03

We miss the tap tap of your small paw as you try to get our attention. We miss your contented purr and the feel of your soft fur. We know you had to leave and are glad your suffering is over. Someday we will all meet again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Brenda & Barb Lougheed

Kalley Kay, 03/22/84-02/10/03

You comforted me through many heartaches - oh that you could only be here now for the greatest one of all.

Kalli, 05/84-12/20/03

Kalli, I always told you that you are "Grade Quadruple-A Extra Nice," and you are. I remember your sweetness, your affection, your love of a lap, and I hope there are those at the Bridge who are making a lap for you. It breaks my heart that I couldn't give you, these last two years or so, the kind of home that I wanted to; I'm sure that you now understand - and know that I have never stopped loving you, even when taking care of you became more difficult. I'm sure you were met at the Bridge by Merlin (whom I told not to torment you) and your good friend, Cassandra. You are happy in their company, and I know that you're young again - and even prettier than you were here, although that's hard to imagine.

Thank you for loving me for almost 20 years; in spite of everything, I find that I miss you terribly.

Much love, "Shar"


Thank you for letting me be your owner. We will miss you extremely, but hope you understand why we had to let you go. I must assure you that was the hardest decision in my life. I promise from now until the day I join you that you will never be forgotten. I thought surely the vet vaccinated you against the leukemia virus, at least she said she did, but obviously not. Please understand why I couldn't bring you back home. You never let me suffer when I was sick and I couldn't do it to you. Please say hello to everyone there and cuddle with Soleil (she was waiting for you). You know she had the virus too, but thank you for letting us know. I will always love you and please be waiting for me.

Love your momma and daddy:

Holly and Troy VanMeter

Kallie, 01/28/03

My husband brought Kallie home from the Humane Society the week before our wedding last May. He said that she kept circling him and finally she just sat on his feet and looked up at him, like "You're not leaving here without me." Everyone thought we were nuts when they heard that we'd gotten a dog so close to our big wedding. Then they met her and immediately understood why Perry couldn't leave without her. Kallie was a beautiful, friendly, smart and loving pup. We called her Kallie-girl. She loved her friends, Toby and Jasper, 2 big Labs that live next door and would go berserk whenever she saw them outside. She loved to cuddle and often time we'd take naps on the couch together after work and she would literally snuggle up with me. She had a basket of toys, but LOVED her pig ears and this beat up plastic tupperware bowl. She'd just push it across the wood floors and chase it. It was hilarious. She was a great companion when my husband or I went running and she loved to play in the creek behind our house. We feel so fortunate to have had the chance to love her. Even though she was only with us for 8 months, we will miss her terribly. I know that she's up there playing with my other dog, Sydney, as they had VERY similar traits and personalities. Show her the ropes, Syd. We'll see you later.

Lisa and Perry Pearson

Kalli Girl, 04/15/96-04/13/03

I will miss you my precious shadow

Kally, 11/22/03

You were our little Kally walley, our little wiggle butt & our no no bad dog. even when we called you our little no no bad dog, you came to us with your wiggle butt. when we took you to the wide open spaces you ran so fast & with a big smile on your face until you rolled over in the grass. you will be in our hearts forever & we will always have our warm comforting arms around you. it was a comfort that you crawled into mommys arms to die & not alone in a cold cage at the vets office. thank god the vet cancelled your appt that day. we will never forget you or your spunkiness & strong personality. you were the boss. your love will live in our hearts forever. we miss you so much. we love you, your mom's beanie & michele, your brother & sisters, oliver, diana & mandy ps: grandma & aunt stella loved you & miss you oceans, so does chris we hope that you are laying next to your boyfriend lukey

Beanie & Michele

Kamiko, 08/21/90-11/14/03

Dear Kamiko, I miss you very much. I could not do a sled thing with you.
Even though you were born in a working kennel in Minnesota.
I think your "pet" home was better for you.
I will remember the two mile walks for all your life.
We had some cold, cold days on those walks, too.

Zoe Anderson

Kamoli, 06/01/84-10/13/02

My cat was the most gentle, special friend I have ever had. I miss her.

Jean Swan

Kansas, 03/11/03

In Memory of a very special girl, you are greatly missed.

Sue Howson

Kaos, 12/06/95-08/13/03

We will miss you Koas 'till we meet again


Kaos, 05/09/84-03/25/03

What do you do when a good friend dies?
When all of the tears have all but been cried.
No matter how much, no matter how hard you try,
The only thing to do is say farewell.

Lora Bauer

Kara, 07/07/03-08/11/03

Kara I miss you madly although I only had you for a very short time, you was my baby of the family. You will always be in my heart where you belong. I'm always thinking of you every day.


Karisma's Trademark, 10/31/91-05/13/02

Mark was my special friend, he was not only my constant companion, but my Helping Dog. He was my shadow and had my devotion and heart. He was the friend anyone would dream of having, He was pure joy, I will never forget him.


Karl, 05/16/92-04/13/03

When you came to live with me you were six-months old and a real pain in the neck. You chewed up the carpet, the bookcase and my new sneakers. But you were beautiful and full of life and just what I needed to fill the void in my life from the loss of both my parents and the loss of my previous dog, Lady, all within the space of a year. Even after I got married you were my dog. She had the cats but I had you and we went on long walks every morning and runs too and those moments it was a boy and his dog even if the boy was approaching and then passing fifty. But you were aging too and this year it all caught up with you; anterior cruciate tear, arthritic hips, swollen prostrate and finally bladder cancer. Oh Karl, my friend, my buddy, my running partner, my little guy, thank you for your unconditional gift of love and loyalty. Thank you for your exuberance and forgiveness. Forgive those times when I was less than the ideal master. I miss you so much and I will never forget you. Your loving and grieving master Ken.

Karnak, 04/01/82-12/31/02

Karnak was 20 years old. I adopted him from the San Francisco SPCA in 1982.
He was 10 weeks old. We have been together since that date, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He was generous, kind, comforting, and beautiful inside and out.
Karnak never complained about all the changes I put him though:
Moving cross country to NY
Getting married and including a "stranger" into our life
Adopting 2 rabbits
Adopting a dog
Adopting 2 cockatiels.
Renovating our home, while we tried to live in it.
Karnak also suffered from kidney disease, and tolerated daily water infusions, with only minimal protests.
Our love and ties to one another got us both through many rough times.
I am hopeful that our love will help heal the hole in my heart.

Eileen White

Kasey, 04/04/90-02/24/03

Kasey, what can I say? You have been my best friend for almost 13 years, my shoulder to cry on when I felt alone, and the best kitty anyone could ask for. I hope wherever you are you have plenty of mice to chase, miles and miles or Doritos, and you are keeping Wesley company. I will think about you everyday, and I just hope that you know that I love you more than I could ever say in words.
Until the day I see you again, Love Tab

Kasey, 08/91-01/09/03

I adopted kasey from the humane society. She was my buddy for the past 11 years and went through so many life changes with me. I miss her so much. At night especially, it's so hard. She used to follow me into the bathroom to get ready for bed and then sleep with me, keeping my feet nice and warm. She was a gentle, kind creature and her loss has left an empty place in my heart and home. I pray she is in a safe, happy place and that we will meet again.


Kasey, 06/30/02-01/06/03

We miss you deeply & wished this had not happened to you. You gave us a wonderful few months with you. You will always remain in our hearts. We love you...


Kasey-Jo, 11/01/93-04/02/03


How does one say good-bye,
to someone as special as She?
Even though she was just a dog,
She meant so much more to me.
Kasey was my little girl,
She knew this to be true.
How I was lucky enough to have her,
I hardly have a clue.
She wasn't here long enough,
but touched so many lives.
Her little heart was filled with love,
But now it's time for our good-byes.
To know her, for this short time,
would always make my heart sing.
I never imagined, what great joy,
a little dog could bring.
For now my heart is breaking,
I pray, it will heal with time.
But the passing of her beautiful soul,
took a piece of mine,
No longer in my footsteps,
I miss her dear, sweet face.
Wherever you are my little girl,
I know you're saving me a place.
So, I'll have to wait, till that special time,
when I see Kasey-Jo again.
I can hardly wait to hold you close,
my sweet, little, forever friend.

Karen Anne Francis
April 2, 2003

Kasey Jo, 3/14/87-4/4/03

Gone from our touch,
Never from our hearts.
Pain subsides,
But memories endure.
Time passes,
And love remains.

Kelly and Jim

It was two years ago today we were separated,
and we miss you as much today as ever.
You were our first thought when we woke up this morning,
and will be our last thought before we go to sleep tonight.
When you see the stars, think about us and wink at the brightest one,
And know we'll be on the other side thinking about you and winking back.
We miss you, Jojo.

Momma and Poppa

Kasey Jones, 11/07/03

In loving memory of my baby, my life, my everything. You brought so much joy, love and meaning to my life. I miss you more than I could ever describe.

Karyl Stelger

Kasey Jones, 07/31/96-10/09/03

My best friend and companion, I will miss you dearly. I will see you at the Bridge!!!


Kasey Needleman, 06/23/93-02/27/03

To honor and remember our beloved dog, Kasey, who was the sweetest, most gentle and loving canine family member. We miss you so much. We miss the warmth of you in our bed...and your "smiles". We miss our "daughter"... "sister" and "grand-daughter". You will be greatly, greatly missed by many people. We will remember you always. We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.........

Kasey Rae, 05/21/90-07/09/03

My old girl Kasey passed away yesterday..she had been with me for more than 13 years..a faithful friend, for sure.she has been a lot of places and seen a lot of things..she was a lucky dog, but I think I was even luckier for having her for so long. 13 years is a good piece of time and I am going to struggle to move on for a little while..when you have such a good friend, it's tough..I am going to miss her terribly..Rick Gregg

Kashmir, 05/05/92-11/08/03

Kashmir, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss everything about u, the camping trips, squeaky toys, tennis balls, the drooling over food and most of all the Love you gave me and everyone who knew u. The times we spent together were the best parts of my life, you gave me nothing but Love and I will never forget. I promise u my baby boy I will c u again someday. I Love You Kashmir w/ all my heart.

Love Daddy

Kashmir, 1992-11/08/03

Kashmir was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen in my life. Everyone who saw him, any age, would be drawn to him. He gave out such love to me and my family, unconditional, kind, forgiving and caring. His tail used to wag in these huge circles when he was happy, and he'd talk back to you no matter what the subject. His eyes were so warm and so full of love for us. His smiles were glorious, he lit up a room. He was so content to be just in our presence. He did what no one person could do, love with all of his heart, and give only to make you happy. He loved pizza crusts, he wouldn't let you eat until you gave him one, and he'd smile. I thought he was an angel, in fact I know he was an angel, coming down to watch over us and bring us the happiness we had lost from watching others we loved pass on. He reminded me that I was loved and I didn't have to do anything to earn it. Now he is gone, but his life and his love will be with me in my heart forever. I LOVE YOU KASHMIR, ALWAYS!!! MY LITTLE KASHMIR, ALWAYS!


Kasie, 03/12/03

Kasie was and will always be #1 in my heart. She was so Loyal, always there for me when needed and will be missed every remaining day of my life. Everyone that had the chance to meet her was touched by her kindness and love. I miss her everyday and know when God has decided that it's my time, Kasie will be waiting for me and we will cross the rainbow bridge together. I miss you Kasie and love you with all my heart. I'll be with you one day again!

Kasper, 05/1994-10/2001

I remember when we took you and Spook from your mom in hopes of providing safety since her owners didn't take care of you. I remember we took you on the fourth of July and used a baking dish for a litterbox in my room, because we weren't prepared for you just yet. You grew into such a handsome and faithful young man. Every night when I'd call, you'd come in and sleep with me. Whenever I'd go out at night, no matter how late I got home, you'd be faithfully waiting on the front porch for me. Thanks for all the presents you left me. I will always remember your loving attitude towards me and your grumpy attitude towards everybody else. I always thought it was quite funny. Thanks for always being there when I came home from college. I am sorry I had to leave you here. I would have taken you if I could have, but I wasn't allowed to have cats until after your passing. I am glad that I took the doctors suggestion and had pre-anesthetic bw done before getting your mats taken out and your teeth cleaned. I don't want to know what would have happened if I didn't. Your poor kidneys! I still don't understand what was wrong with you in the end, because you were mad at the world and even me for the first time! I will never know if I made the right decision or not, but I didn't want to leave you do die alone while I was at school either. I am not trying to justify what I did by any means. You gave me the impression that you were in pain and all I could do was buy time, but I didn't how if it would ever be enough for me to be with you in your final days. This way, I was with you until you took your last breath. I still can't believe you, the baby of our cats was the first to go and you all went from kidney problems. I am happy you are not hurting anymore. I'm sorry I couldn't keep your ashes, I wasn't expecting you to leave so soon. And don't ever think that Little Ecoh was a replacement for you, for no cat could ever do that. Take care of her for me. And make sure you don't pick on Dudies and Baby too much Kasper - I know how you are. We'll be together again some day. Always remember how much I love you.


Kasper, 4/1/94-11/14/01 and Omar, 4/16/94-11/1/01

Though it has been nearly 2 years since we lost our dear cats to feline leukemia I would like to honor our family. Kasper and Omar gave us so much joy and love. They were both 7 years old when they passed 2 weeks apart and this broke our hearts.
Our "kids" were both so different. Kasper being so refined and Omar a bit slovenly.
We do have a mini memorial of pictures in our living room of their finer times. We will love you always and hope your times out at Rainbow Bridge are as happy as you have made us.

Kasper Charton III, 05/89-05/16/03

You are the love of my life, I will miss you forever. Thank you for all of your wags and love. Mom

Kass, 06/19/92-08/13/03

The most loving, caring pet anyone could ask for, she'll be so sadly missed by us all.

Matt Fearon

Kassius, 6/1/96-6/17/03

A wonderful friend and companion to my daughter, Kathy, and her son, Roman. Kassius will be missed by everyone who loved his big black face (and short black tail).

Judy Cullen

Kate, 09/08/03

We're surely going to miss dear Kate. We have many happy memories of her and will love her forever.

TJ and Stacia Cornog

Kate, 11/24/87-03/15/03

My puppy girl, you gave me sixteen years of unconditional, unselfish, and consistent love. You've been gone only a little over three months, and yet I feel your loss daily as deeply tonight as I did that first terrible day. A day does not go by that I do not grieve you, and miss you with all my heart. What a joy you were - loving, playful, obedient (OK, well, maybe not about sleeping on my bed). How I miss you. I dream of you - healthy, strong, ears up, bringing me "bunny" or "chewie" when I first would come in the door. Oh, Katie, I miss you so. And now, only a few short weeks after your death, precious Mother has joined with you somewhere in Heaven. How my heart aches with grief for both of you. Please take care of Mother as you did me - lovingly and with such sweet puppy kisses. I carry you both in my heart always. Love, Puppy Mommy.

Katelyn Marie, 2/28/94-2/12/03

I will love you and miss you forever. We saved each other and you kept me going through the hard times. I just wanted to do the same for you, but I couldn't watch you suffer anymore. You were my little girl, and my best friend ever. Katelyn, run free and play. I love you!!!!!

Kate Malouf, 12/18/03

Kate was love and happiness wrapped up with sweet puppy kisses, and warm snuggles....Kate loved with her whole being and was loved with the depth of Heather and Patrick's hearts...she will be missed beyond what words can express....she'll forever leave her paw prints on their hearts ...then in time her memory will bring comfort, pride and joy...until one day they're joined again across the Rainbow Bridge.

For: Heather Johnson

Kathren Elezbeth, 11/17/03

Kate was rescued from a river where someone had tossed her from a car as a puppy. She spent her remaining years as a beloved pet happy and caring as a gentle, yet sometimes large lap dog.

Greg and Family

Katie, 02/01/92-12/13/03

I loved you Katie more than you can know and will miss you for the rest of my days.
I pray that you are happy and healthy now where you are and there will always be a spot in my heart for you.

Denise Kessler

Katie, 1992-11/30/03

My Katie-kins...Oh, how I miss you!
I miss your smile, your kisses and most of all your unconditional love.
We had 10 great years together -- you were my friend, my confident, my solace, and many times, my strength.
Your departure was a little sudden -- but the Vet said there was no way to tell that you had a congenital heart defect.
I'm only glad that you did not suffer.
Know that Mom and Dad miss you so much, and that we will see you at the Bridge.
Go find Jesse, Odie and all stay busy until we get there.
I love you!

Norma Pruss

Katie, 07/92-10/92

Our princess

Liz Patrick

Katie, 08/12/82-05/18/96

I still miss you each and every day. You were and always will be my friend, my protector and my partner. You protected me in dangerous situations for 14 years. You were a good cop and I miss you terribly. Will see you when it's my time. We remember Kate.........

Blair Lamere

Katie, 07/07/87-05/20/03

Katie was a wonderful cat, who first lived with my mom until 2001 when my mother become ill. Katie lived with me for her remaining years fighting her own illness. I love her and miss her very much. I know she is in peace now.

Katie Newman

Katie, 10/24/03

My Katie, loved without condition. In the 14 years she was in my life she was never more than 2 feet from my side. She loved people, and was happiest when we had company. She loved children and had a way of making them love her. She slept by my side every night and would greet me with a kiss every morning. She was my best friend who helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. I love her so and will miss her so much, my heart hurts and no one understands

Katie, 9/15/86-7/19/03

My sweet mama, words can't say how much I miss you. In every way you protected me and brought me happiness. I hope that the other side has given you some peace from the pain you felt in life. I am so blessed to have been the one to find you. I came to you to save you but you were the one who rescued me. I love you and miss you everyday. Sam tells us that you are in a land of treats and I hope that he is right! We miss you wuggins! Love, mama, daddy and Sam

Katie, 05/90-08/03

Katie "Puff", we miss you so much.

Anita Rio

Katie, 08/02/87-08/08/03

Katie was our baby for a wonderful 16 years. A beautiful gray and white long haired sweetie. A real little princess, that's for sure, she knew it too. That is what we loved so much about her. She was just a baby when we found her and she turned out to be the best sweetheart cat you would ever want to have live with you. She will be MISSED!

Tom & Glenda Sprayberry

Katie, 28/10/93-03/07/03

For Our Darling Katie, we will always love you. We are all so sad without you, you were always there for us. The garden is so empty now, you no longer greet us at the door. Your red ball is where you left it, no one has the heart to move it. Nothing is the same. We wish you didn't have to get so sick, we hope you didn't suffer too much pain. Katie Darling, you will always be in our hearts and we will never stop loving you. We will never forget you or the joy you gave us. Rest in peace little friend, God Bless.


Katie, 3/15/01-5/16/03

Katie girl - how me and your daddy loved you. You were so much a part of our life and we will remember you always. May you be well on your new journey and know that one day we will see you again.

Mom & Dad

Katie, 08/89-06/01/03

To Katie, who was gentle and sweet and brave and always there for me - and always will be - all my love and gratitude for having been a part of your life.

Laurie Mansell Reich

Katie, 03/21/03


Mommy and Daddy miss you so very much, your brought nothing but 13 years of joy to our life. We know that you are in heaven and some day we will see you again, but till that day comes please know that we will never forget you and your warm puppy loves.

Mommy and Daddy

Katie (Ms. Sugar Bar Jack), 04/18/97-02/27/03

Oh Katie, I am so sorry....I feel I failed you. I am not sure what I could have done to save you, but I do think I could have done something. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Poor girl...I am so sorry...I should have been help you...I hope you didn't suffer too much...You didn't deserve that...You were so good...and so patient with Kaitlyn...even through all her mistakes...all of our mistakes really. You were our 'project' for had been through it all dozens of times...but it was all new to us...but you were so good and so willing. I'm sorry Katie....Forgive us....if there was anything that we could have done to prevent this...or to help you...please forgive us for not doing it right. We will miss you... and love you..... and think of you everyday...There will never be another Katie for us...never another Ms. Sugar Bar Jack....


Katie, 03/15/03

Another little angel in heaven

Kristy Regner

Katie, 02/27/03

We rescued her from the shelter and shared her wonderful life for a year before she left us unexpectedly.


Katie, 4/20/89-2/11/03

You were an Angel on you are an Angel in Heaven....

Katie, 8/8/94-1/28/03

To Our Katie,
Mom and Dad miss you with all our hearts.
We are so sorry you had to leave us so soon. Until we meet again my love we will think of you with much love . . .

Mommy and Daddy

Katie (Caitin), 04/04/94-01/19/03

She was my best friend and was always there for me. In the end I failed her.

Janet Wootten

Katie, 12/25/98-12/25/02

Katie, Baby girl your daddy misses you so much. I know you were a tough little girl, but your injuries were to much. I have always been a tough person, but never have I shed so many tears, as I have over your loss. I constantly think about you. You came into this world on Christmas Day and You left me on Christmas day. You were the best present ever sent by God. I will be looking for you, When I get to the pearly gates. Just remember Daddy loves you.

Katie Ann, 03/29/88-08/31/02

My best friend all the way to the end. The best Christmas present ever. Certainly a December to remember. I still miss you as much as I did the day you passed on. You will always be 'my baby girl.'


Katie Jo, 10/06/03

Our little bundle of joy - our "Special K" - our Katie did it her way-our rule was "whatever Katie wants - Katie gets".
After losing our little Gumdrop in 1993-we went to the local
dog shelter and chose "Courtney" the same cage was a little dirty, ratty looking little thing, full of personality - she captured our hearts not to mention our souls! She came home with us, along with Courtney. From the start she was the leader...a true example of big things come from small packages! She was always Ms. Sociable, whenever someone came to our house-what a show she always put on.
I knew it was time to send my Katie to the Rainbow Bridge when I was holding her and saw the Light had gone out of her eyes. That day she joined little Courtney, Fluffy, Gumdrop, Puppy and Grand-dad. I know Grand-dad and the "gang" was waiting for my Katie to cross over. I can just see them all playing now, with Katie, as usual, being the leader.
I miss her so very much-I think a little sunshine left my eyes too.
Grand-dad take care of my angels.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Madelyn & Bob Wiscour

Katie Lambert, 09/23/03

Your mommy and daddy love you dearly. We hoped you would be able to last until your daddy got home from his army duty - just four days - but your little body was too riddled with cancer.
I'm sorry for any pain you endured in your final hours. I am glad that I was able to comfort you during your last hours on this planet. And I am very happy that I was holding you as you breathed your final breath.

Katie, we will always miss you - and love you.

Meet us at the Rainbow Bridge and keep my Boy and Bunny company. We love you Katie.

Sandra S. Cathey

Katie Lynn, 02/12/88-08/22/03

Little wild ball of fluff.
Thank GOD you we're abandoned at our door by your pack.
We miss you baby.

Jerry & Mary Vansteenburg

Katie Lynn, 01/01/87-10/04/03

To see your beautiful big brown eyes and the licks you used to give us on the backs of our legs everytime we'd come home, to let us know you were there and you missed us...we will never forget. October 4, 2003 was the hardest day of my life to let you go...I wanted to keep you were the sweetest, most precious dog anyone could have ever asked for. I will try to remember all of the beautiful memories of our lives together and never forget you! I love you Katie...and we'll miss you forever!

Katherine & Budd Kamins

Kato, 04/27/95-05/30/03

To a wonderful pet, protector, friend and snuggler... you are desperately missed and we will meet you at the Bridge. We love you.

Diana & Zachary Sleiertin

Kato, 11/3/01-6/15/03

On June 15th 2003 I lost my best friend again. A little boy Yorkshire terrier came into my life on January 11th 2002. He was a present for my mother on her birthday. In April my mother was murdered right in front of him. After both of us loosing our best friend we became each others comfort and each others new best friends. My Kato became ill and nobody could figure out what it was. # days after he was diagnosed with Portosymetic Shunts he died. He had 2 very bad months, but he always made sure to wag his tail and come running to me when he heard my voice. He came to me in the early morning hours and looked at me with his sad eyes, then once he made sure I saw him he turned and walked away. That morning I looked all over for him and later in the day I found him in the back of my closet laying on my mother's pillows, where he had died early that morning. My heart was broken for I had lost my best friend all over again. Kato you were my strength. Without you I would have gone crazy. When all the humans were full of words to try and comfort you would just come to me as if you were saying "it's ok to cry I understand" and you would lay next to me and we would grieve together without saying a word. You loved to be held and hugged, and I loved to hold and hug you. I was determined that you were not going to leave me, but maybe someone else needed you more. You were so much more than just a dog Kato, and you will always be remembered and be in my heart, when you left you took a piece of my heart with you and I will always be with you. Until I see you again Kato I Love you my precious little Kato Potatoe (nickname)


Kato, 01/16/03

To my "Baby Girl", KATO, Thank you for spending your 13 and 1/2 years with me. You were my friend and constant buddy - whether it was hiking and climbing all those mountains, or just resting in the dirt beside me as I puttered in the garden at home. You loved all your walks and never kept me out of your sight. I miss you terribly and only time will dull this pain. You were loving and grateful for my companionship, even more so when you were not feeling well. Thank you, my loving companion.


Kato Kitty, 12/07/02

Kato Kitty and I had only about 4 years together but I did my best to make them good for her.
She lived in a penthouse, had her own chair and of course lots of love although I was away when she was really ill, I know she knew I cared.
She is greatly missed and has a special place in my heart.

Doreen Davies

Katrina Fowler (Katie), 7/2/95-4/5/03

Katrina was a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent cat. She was full of personality and love. She passed away too soon and too young. She is missed so very much by her family, and we look forward to the day that we are reunited. We love you Katie.

Katty, 10/25/03

She "talked" all of the time. Sweetest dog I've ever had.


Katy, 02/83-11/03


I can't wait to see and play with you again. We spent nearly 21 years together and you shared so many important moments in my life. I was so blessed to have adopted you. You were my beloved friend and I miss you so very much.


Katylyn, 08/2003

Katylyn, You were a unusual Chow, you loved the barn kittens and let them sleep with you to keep them warm,
The helped groom you and now they still look for you.
Keep China and Gizmo safe and warm until I can be with you all.
I know you are in a better place but I love you and miss you.

Kavik, 11/15/79-7/30/94

Gone but never forgotten.

Kaycee, 01/13/03

We miss Kaycee so much. There is a void in our family and we love her so much.


Kaydee, 08/25/03

Rest well our darling Kaydee. I hope you are having fun and have lots and lots of balls to play with. We will miss you forever ...till we meet again.

Sharon and Di

Kayla, 07/13/92-06/19/03

To a beloved friend.

Irene Libby

Kaylah, 03/01/90-19/06/03

Tribute. To my beautiful big girl, I had you for the first 5 years, grandma had you for the next 5 years and we shared the last years together. I hope the sun is shining on the water and that the waves are not to big I can see you strong and whole again as you chase what ever's been thrown. I know you're not alone up there as friends have gone before so enjoy your new home and when its time I'll join you in the sun. with lots of love Mummy xxxooooo

Kayla Wuppers McKay, 01/16/88-11/08/03

We love you. You are a part of our family and we will never forget you. Best dog in the world! You had such a kind and loving disposition. Our children, your brother and sister, loved you as well. When they were little you always let them do whatever they wanted to you. You were so gentle, loving and protective. We miss you desperately, but we are comforted that you are running, and playing, free from pain. We love you. Goodbye and God bless you.

Nicole and Danny

Kaylee, 04/01/90-07/22/03

We all will miss you Kaylee


Kaylee, 01/09/95-04/02/03

To my baby girls. You will always be on my mind. I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

Carrie Cameron

Kaylee Delite, 11/26/03

Kaylee you will always remain in our hearts, We miss you....
You are free of pain and suffering. Heaven has no idea how special of a dog you are and how much you have done for me.
Till we meet again Kaylee know that I love you and always will my best friend.

Dawn and Gayle Jones

Kayleigh, 02/01/88-03/13/03

Kayleigh, my beauty. you are my little princess and I miss you so much. I miss your meow, your kisses and your hugs with those delicate little white paws. I can still feel you hugging my neck. Kayleigh, mommy will see you again. I love you, my angel. wait for me in your field of flowers.

Mommy xoxo

Kaytee, 12/03/03

Kaytee was one of my best friends and losing her has broken my heart.
I will always remember how whole and loved she made me feel.
She loved to be brushed, loved looking at the birds and playing with the laser pointer.
She had a huge appetite and would gobble up any yummy treats put before her.
She was a joy in my life that will be sadly missed.


K.C., 11/18/02-07/31/03

Fastest dog I ever saw. Not foot speed, he was the fastest into your heart. He had us before we cleared the kennel driveway. Seven months was not enough, what spirit, happiness and joy. I should have watched him better...K

KC, 07/30/91-06/20/03

Lady "KC" of Eagle River, technically was a rescue dog. Little did I realize that the one rescued was me. From the beginning I promised her that all decisions would be made insuring her quality of life and dignity. She lit up my world, changed its direction and made me better than I was. Her kidney and liver failed and nothing I could do would stop it. So, on Friday 20 June 2003 I kept my promise and she died in my arms. I am shattered, but firmly believe we will meet again on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Tom Kee

KC, 03/06/89-06/15/03

by Lynne Sparks

You really were My KC-
I picked you out; I named you;
I kept you from the others and only with me
because you seemed so small and helpless.
We formed a special bond that lasted 14 years.

You never forgot that closeness we developed,
for it was to me that you came for comfort and peace.
You looked for my lap before others;
you snuggled and rested with me
and purred that special contented purr, just for me.

It was your quiet, solitary personality that I loved most.
Being alone, finding that special hiding place made you, you.
Yet when I needed a snuggle or to hear your purr,
you somehow knew it and found my lap
before I could find you and ask for some love.

Aging worked its way into your life, and
I could only guess at what was wrong.
You tried to fight but even your strong will gave up.
I wanted to keep you forever, yet I knew that would never be,
so you went peacefully, sleeping the forever sleep.

My heart and life are sad and empty now.
The tears flow as I think of coming days without you.
If only I could have been there to say goodbye.
Still, I had 14 wonderful, happy years with you;
and it is those memories that will someday take hold.

You are at peace now, no longer aging or hurting-
free to romp through grassy fields and beds of flowers,
free to play with those who have gone before you,
free to enjoy waiting until we can renew our bond
and you will again be My KC.

K.C. (Kasey) Kitty, 03/17/02-05/30/03

Dear K.C. Kitty,
We want you to know we love you and miss you very much. You were the BEST KITTY! Barney & Ginni miss you too. We know you'll be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. Please have fun there while you wait for us.
Love Always;
Mom, Dad, Jeff, Joe, Kristi, Jaime, Curtis & Chelsey
Barney & Ginni

KC, 05/06/95-01/14/02

I am posting this in loving memory of my beloved dog, KC. She was a loyal, faithful, and loving dog. I loved her dearly. KC will be greatly missed. She was my protector, always letting me know when someone or some thing was near by barking. I have one of her pups, Max, but KC will always have a special place in my heart.

Debbie Moore

Keebler Pendleton, 02/14/90-07/07/03

Keebie, when we found you outside as a stray that Labor Day, you leaped high in the sky to try to catch a Monarch butterfly....missing you greatly, I tended that area of the yard to prepare it for you...and a Monarch flew by...God was sending me a message that you were okay....we love you, our baby boy...Mom and Dad

Keela, 10/25/03

Keela, I hold you deep in my heart; I await the moment we are reunited. I'll never forget the day you came to live with us; the most adorable, fluffy white, cuddly, furry little bundle, with adoring eyes, and unconditionally love. You stand always by my side, then and now, I feel your presence close to me. I want to pet you, I want to hold you, hug you...but alas, I must wait until my time comes, so we can once again be reunited, my dearest friend. Play with your siblings, run in the wide open fields, enjoy the beauty, the companionship of those who are amongst you, Blondie, Shandy, Beauty, Mya, Cujo, Spotty, Gina...some day my I shall come calling, and we shall be together forever at last. We are bound together thru our unconditional love for each other. Please know you are dearly missed and so very loved; you are the best! You are thought of with smiles and great love.


Keeleigh Rae, 01/05/97

I will always love and miss you

Nancy Avey

Keesha, 10/01/01

Keesha passed on 2 years ago and she is still thought about and in our hearts to this very day. She had cancer and lived a good 2 years prior to being diagnosed. Even though time passes she and all her brothers and sisters who have also passed on will never be forgotten.

Teresa/Patrick Brown

Keesha, 04/96-11/16/03

Late Sunday night, my cat Keesha took her last breath while her head rested in my hand. She had been sick her whole life with constant colds, eye infections and respiratory problems. She most recently had developed an inoperable tumor that was attached to her larynx. In the end, it made her struggle greatly to breathe and it had stolen her lil voice. She was dying and I had to let her go.

I will never forget the first time I saw her when I was working at the humane society. She did her trademark move, she tossed her had back and spouted out a lil "Muurr!" like she was asking "what's up?" She owned me from that moment.

The Human Society knew that she would be a costly investment for someone with her diagnosis that she would always have colds and they can't adopt any animals out with health issues. One day I came to work and saw her actually waiting in a line to be put to sleep. I grabbed her and took her home for good. That was almost 8 years ago. You would never know from her personality but I was told that the lady had brought her in had never even held her in her 1st 3 months of life. Keesha hadn't given up on life, how could I give up on her?

When I look around my apartment all of these things about her keep rushing into my mind. My eyes dart around the room to all her favorite places as if I think I might find her there. I think about the way that she like to swat at the other cats when they went walking by the table she sat on. There are so many things I miss... She loved to eat popcorn. She loved to have her head scratched. She had a sassy walk where she strutted, swishing her tail from side to side unless, of course, she heard my key unlocking the door when I came home or her food hitting the food bowl because those occasions called for a full on run! Every morning, after she had gently patted my head to wake my up and greet me with her excited "Murrr!" she loved to sit and watch me put on my makeup. It was our special daily time together. She had an obsession for anything that sparkled, especially my necklaces. Just a glimpse of twinkling light from a necklace would put her in a frenzy and she would race across the room like a crazy black furrball rocket, with the determination to get that sparkly thing as close to her face as possible! Sometimes she would just sit back and plot to steal her favorites of my earrings and necklaces and take them to her secret hideout under my bed. She always batted at my shoe laces when I was trying to get ready. She loved to play and she loved attention. She also spent a lot of time sitting back and soaking in every thing going on around her. I often wondered what she was thinking about and how the world was interpreted through her eyes.

I think she knew our time together was coming to an end. She had started to sleep directly on top of me at night and allowing my other cat to snuggle up with her during the days. When I discovered how sick she was on her last night, I told her to get into her carrier and she ran to it, panting, barely able to breathe, and curled up inside. I realized that she thought that from her experience from her many vet visits that getting in the carrier meant to her that it was a chance to feel better. I knew that this time it meant that she probably was not coming home again.

I will forever be looking for my Keesha every time I walk through the door. It is something I have done for the past 8 years. I miss her. It's hard to say goodbye to such a sweet, faithful little friend. Small things, even ones that are not perfect, can bring so much happiness to your life. You might not ever know just how much until they are gone. One of my small things was Keesha. Maybe yours is something other than an animal but everyone has something. When you find it, hold tight to it, savor every moment, and don't be afraid to love it with all your heart. My comfort is knowing that my pain is a measure of how special she was and how much she impacted my world. I was lucky to have those times that warm my heart and make me smile. Given the chance, with knowing how much I would miss her when she was gone, I would do it all over again.

Thanks Keeshy for all the cuddles, "Murrrrs", pats and love nudges but most importantly, teaching me that friendship from a lil furry being can be one of the most precious gifts in this life.

Amber Chenoweth

Keesha, 07/26/96-10/31/03

Keesha will forever be in our hearts and the memories of her are now treasures that we hold dear.
She is missed beyond words by her Mom, Dad, Nana, Pappy and Uncle Howie.

Keiko, 12/12/03

I realize that Keiko wasn't my pet, but in a sense he belonged to all of us, and I was deeply saddened by his death. I hope it isn't considered a violation of rules to remember him here. He deserved a better and longer life than he got. May he rest in peace.


Keila, 10/91-02/06/03

For our precious Kelia, thank for letting us love you for 13 wonderful years. A day shall not pass without shedding a tear in your memory. We will miss you desperately

Jennifer Wagnon

Keisha, 11/03/03-12/23/03

Mommy will always love you

Kim Hodge

Keisha, 09/24/01

Always loved and never forgotten

Tracy and Phyllis Allman

Keisha, 05/31/01

We were separated a number of years due to circumstances beyond our control, but we still managed to get together in the end.
The last few months you were with me were Heaven.
I miss you so much and you will be forever alive in my heart.

Rhonda Bartlett ( Mommy)

Keisha, 04/07/03

Keisha's Poem by Mildred Traister:
The little boy knelt down to pray
He pondered long on words to say His folded hands,
his tear stained face his childish mind controlled the pace of words that stumbled from his lips
Held close his trembling finger tips-
"Dear God, I thought you had to know
we couldn't say "goodbye" and so
point stars that show us Keisha's light
to guide our kisses every night
Make sure before she goes to bed
you scratch her ears and pat her head
And whisper low so she can hear that,
though we miss her, we have no fear
You'll help us take the hurt away
and make us stronger when we pray.
It isn't much to ask, it's true
We know our Keisha's home with you".

Donna Doyle

Keitza, 11/18/03

Keitza was my second cat and companion to Scamper.
Being a calico she had many mood swings, and as she got older, and started having health problems, she started attacking people, except for me. However, since she was not feeling well at all anymore, and we knew that we'd have to put our older cat Scamper to sleep also, we thought it was best for both of them to go together.
And now they are together, but free of pain and sickness.


Kela Metzger, 03/14/03

Kela, Queen of flirt-kitties, beloved friend and companion for 21 years, will leave us today. We'll miss you more than we can ever express, Kela. Even though we know it's the only act of kindness left to give you, this parting is terribly hard. Thank you for all the wonderful years we got to share with you. Even a life as long as yours feels far too short when it comes time to say goodbye. May angels, friends, and loved ones surround you and guide you safely home to a place full of sunbeams, joy, love and all your favorite foods. Love forever and ever, Dad and Jo Ann.

Kelev, 02/12/96-01/09/03

We love you Kelev. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into our lives. We will never forget you.

Staunton Family

Kelli, 01/27/01-07/09/03

I am so grateful for my floppy eared puppy who was such an important part of my life for so short a time. She gave me so much and required so little in return. She will be remembered forever.

Patti King

Kelly, 12/06/03

My sweet Kelly passed away today. I had him for 21 yrs, since I was in the 4th grade. I pray that he is happy now and that he can run like he used to love to do, and that I will see him again one day. We love you Kell and we miss you..our sweet angel.

Amy Jansen

Kelly, 08/17/91-10/02/03

I know Kelly will be waiting for Mommy & Daddy at the Bridge. I love you and miss you.

Kelly, 05/01/89-08/24/03

I loved this cat for 14 years. He literally saved my life 2 years ago when I was given an incorrect dosage of medication by my doctor. He woke me up on a Sunday morning at 6:00 am (he never knew what a weekend was...:) ) and if he had not done that I would have literally died....I ended up in ICU but HE saved my life......I loved him and still do....I marked many moments in my life with him....I let him die with dignity that his disease was not going to let him do...I miss you Kelly...see you at the Rainbow Bridge my sweet friend.....


Kelly, 09/12/98-07/20/03

She was gotten for my husband.. but since I am home all the time she became my best friend and protector..She will be long remembered..and very much missed..

Charlotte Hissong

Kelly, 10/92-07/30/03

Kelly was a true companion. She was a great protector and friend. Our hearts were broken the day we had to send you home. Wait for us at the bridge, sweetie, and we'll go for the walk that you no longer had the strength for. P.S. Thanks for the kiss goodbye.

Sandy, George, Nick, Eric

Kelly, 07/09/93-10/16/01

Kelly passed away on October 16, 2001 when she was 8 years old. She was on the lawn playing with my younger sister, running around as usual, and just laid down and died. It is believed by the Vet that Kelly had cancer that no one knew about and passed away without any pain...We still miss you Kelly and you'll never be forgotten...


Kelmar, 07/17/88-02/21/03

Kelmar was a wonderful companion for 14 1/2 years. I brought him home at 6 weeks and he enjoyed a great life until the last few months. I was truly blessed to have him all those years. He enjoyed humans and dogs alike and a swim in the lake or canal. I could trust him with anyone, and he brought so much love to all he met. Kelmar will be greatly missed. In honor of his 14th birthday we celebrated with all his 2 and 4 legged friends at a birthday party. Till we meet again someday big guy, I love you. Mom Thank you God for sharing him with me.

Kelsey, 09/01/88-10/30/03

My most darling Kelsey. I love you so much. I hope I did the right things for you and that you understand.

Denise Boggs

Kelsey, 08/17/95-07/23/03

You were my heart...go play with Charlie now.

Vivian Park

Kelsey, 01/19/03

My dearest angel girl, Kelsey~~you left just yesterday and I so miss you. Your cancer was just diagnosed one month ago after spinal surgery. Once the reality hit of the terminal status of this ugly disease, I prayed to god that he would let you stay through the holiday and perhaps have a bit of quality time. This was granted to you and me by our loving father in heaven who you know well and who you are with at this very moment. Oh sweet, Kelsey girl, I love you so so much!!! I miss you and I will always, always hold you close in my heart, my mind and in my spirit. We will meet again along with Poncho, Bear, Champ, Buffy, Muffin, Heidi and Barney at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then have a joyous gleeful painfree happy life and prepare a spot for me. I so miss you. I love you, my special angel girl. I love and miss so much all my angel babies. Until we meet again, god speed! Mama

Kelsey Mae Roderick, 07/05/89-10/21/03

Kelsey Mae:
I miss you so much. I can only hope that time will help my pain to lessen. The house is so empty without you. I keep hearing sounds that sound like your nails on the wood floor. I am so glad that you are free from your pain and confusion though, and I hope you were able to perceive me in the end sending you all of my love and strength. I hope so very badly that you were met on the other side by someone with love who told you what a good girl you had been for us. My little angel. Thank you so much for every day of comfort and love you gave to me. Thank you for saving my life when I tried to end it. You were EVERYTHING I could have wished for, and I hope that someday our souls will meet again.
Till me meet again boo-ba-lu. I love you always.

Kelsey Shanna Star, 02/21/90-07/02/03

Kelsey... you have been my "baby girl" and loyal companion for the past thirteen years. I love and miss you deeply, but I am comforted by knowing that you are now resting in peace and will not suffer anymore. There will always be a special place in my heart for you that will never be replaced. Thank you for the wonderful memories... you were a sweetheart! :-)

Kender, 08/18/99

I still miss you so much

Marianne MacLeod

Kenny, 16/04/03

I loved him so much, I'll never forget him. See ya soon Kenny. xxxxxx

Lyndsey Warnett

Keno, 09/2001-11/15/03

My Pet, My Companion, My Child;
It is with great reluctance and a very sad and broken heart, that I send you to Rainbow Bridge. I ask God to take and bless your soul for he knows you for the true angel you are. Until we meet again......With all my love,

Kenya Chi, 06/03/93-01/06/03

My Kenya is the sweetest girl I can imagine. She was with me in physical form for nine and a half years, by my side, running with me, loving me and helping me smile, laugh and play. She helped others, too, going with me to work and helping everyone who came through the door to feel welcomed and safe. Everyone knew there was something special about her. She is a blessed spirit I am so grateful to have held in my care for too brief a time.

I love you, my Kenya. I wish you grass to roll in, toys to hold in that gentle mouth, sticks to chew and rocks to dig. I pray that you have companions now who can hug you and pet you, give you toys and feed you whatever you want. And I know you are young again, free of the tiredness and the pain.

You did such good work here on earth. Everyone who knew you is writing me and sending both of us prayers. So many people love you.

I am a better person for having you in my heart and in my life, and so many others can say the same.

Thank you, my dearest friend and companion. I think of you with full heart and more gratitude than you can imagine.

Wookies and joy to you. Come visit whenever you want.

Pam Younghans

Kenzi, 01/27/89-09/24/03

My friend, my teacher, my shadow, my companion, my laughter, my loving protector. Forever in my heart, forever on my mind, forever the best part of me, forever by my side.

Jennifer Morrow

Kerry, 07/14/88-10/01/02

Daughter from my dog Chicos (also listed) first litter. An intelligent, friendly little dog who lived with my aunt and uncle. Her ears were so big we called her Skippy! She had a gorgeous woolly coat and shared her dads little grin.

Mandy Jane Todd

Kess, 02/4/98 to 12.Nov.2003

My baby Kess, only hours since you went to Rainbow Bridge. l miss you so very much, my precious little boy. l will never ever get over you. l ache for you, love you always and forever, little Kess. You are with me in my heart always.


Kibbidle, 05/23/91-09/12/03

To my best friend to my son to the love that completed my life. I love you
your daddy

Kibby, 04/15/89-05/07/03

Kibby, a very pretty calico cat, was a runty little thing, and not always the wisest cat in the world. But of all the pets I have ever loved, she had the biggest heart. Even when I was not nice to her, it was never long before she came jumping into my lap, purring away. I'll always love the way she used to lay down, paw outstretched onto me. Sometimes she would just lick my hand, happy as could be. She especially touched me because she was often the only personal contact I had on any given day. For that, I cannot be more grateful.

Kibby, I'm lonely and I miss you terribly, and I'm so sorry we couldn't be together longer. But I know you're healthy and happy again at the Rainbow Bridge, and we will meet again there someday. Until then, I will never let a day pass without being grateful for our 14 years. I love you.


Kid, 07/13/99-09/08/03

For his "sister livvy" little beagle; to be happy and healthy


Kid, 1988-05/19/03

In Loving and Beloved Memory of one of God's greatest and miraculous gifts to ever touch our lives.

Kid "Beauty Boy" 1988- May 19, 2003 11:30 a.m.

You are my miracle,
You are my song,
You give me hope,
You keep me strong.

A love so pure and true,
All that exemplified you,
There's no other in this world, that compares to you.

The love in your eyes,
So full of wonder and delight,
Whenever I was down,
You shone your light ever so bright.

Your magical touch, majestic and healing presence,
I've never known such joy and content.
Everything sincere, honest and true,
You are its very essence.

Forever faithful and devoted,
You always knew when I was in pain,
From your unconditional love, empathy and compassion,
My strength I would always regain.

You entered my life and made it infinitely whole,
A beauteous majestic creature,
You captured my heart with your loving and giving soul.

My debt to you is great,
To be in your loving arms again I await,
In the wondrous magical kingdom beyond,
Where my love and I once again will bond.

Come with me and we will fly,
High, high where the sun, moon and stars shine their beam
of light upon us together as one, in love's embrace.
Where the birds will greet us together, you and I,
Riding their colourful protective wings,
They will keep us safe from harm on our merry flight, gliding as they sing.
We are free to be, uninhibited, you and me, together forever endlessly.

Our Love Forever,
Your Beloved Mommy, Daddy and Brother Sprouty.

Written by your loving Mommy, Ann McEntee, June 11, 2003.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

May God Bless, love, protect and watch over you forever Kid, our Guardian Angel, on this your 1 year anniversary. You are the greatest gift, blessing and miracle to our lives and you will forever be our Hero. You are the love of our lives, our Dearest Loving Precious Son and Brother, and we love and miss you more than anything in this world.
Our love, hugs and kisses are forever with you until the end of time!
May St. Patrick love and hold you in the palm of his hand.
Love furever, Mommy, Daddy and Sprouty Love

Kieara, 02/04/03

Our little Kieara girl. Thank you so much for being our little girl. You were brought to us to brighten the life of a little, very shy Chester bunny. You fell in love with his cute face, and he adored you. We had no idea just how much you were to change us too. You were your daddy's little girl, and your mama's sweetie. May you never feel pain again, and thank you for the way you touched so many lives, human and bunny.
We know you heard us tell you it was ok to go, if you had too. There were friends waiting for you, Dancer, Daisy, and Annie. You are never alone. Chester misses you, and no one could take your place. Max and Dexter miss you too. Words can't tell you how much mamma and daddy miss you still.
We still look for your cute little ears in the bedroom when you and Chester escaped. Look in on Chester from time to time, he is lonely with out his sweetheart.
We love you. Till we see you again...

Lauren & Neil

Kiefer, 05/03/90-09/11/03

The best cat in the whole wide world!

Teresa Glover

Kiesha, 09/24/90-06/29/03

To a great dog.

Bill Button

Kiki, 29/09/01-19/11/03

My darling Kiki. Zsa zsa and I are missing you so much. I'm so sorry you had such a short life which ended so suddenly. We will remember all the fun times, gentle times. I will miss you gentle taps on my face to wake me at the weekends, and your talkative ways. We miss you trying to vie for the best position on my lap. Everyone is missing you, all the neighbours, even the postman. You made your mark and we will never forget you. I love you so much, and your sister and I will go on loving you forever.
Bye bye my sweet, see you someday soon. M xxx

Kiki, 04/84-01/22/03

Kiki, you were my best friend, immediate family, and warm companion. I will miss you under my feet in the kitchen, on the bed looking for a brushing, near me when I'm sitting quietly. I love you. I wish you were here.

Natanya Diamant

Kiko Blueboy

A tribute for my beloved Devon Rex Kiko. Such a bright light that touched my heart. He shone for only twenty two weeks but forever will he remain young. Be happy little one in your magical place, hope you have many friends to cuddle with!! Miss your warm little body and looking at your tiny curly whiskers, you are just handsome.
Thinking of you my blue boy
Sending lots of hugs and kisses xxxxxxx Sasha

Killer, 01/01/89-04/04/03

Killer was not only my loyal friend for 14 years but he was also my child. His needs always came first and my life revolved around him. His loss is devastating to me and I have a hurt in my heart that is hard to bear. He will be loved and missed for the rest of my days.

Cathy Glover

Killian (K-Dog), 08/02/95-02/11/03

Dear Killian (aka K-Dog, Super K, Tubby)

We love you and miss you soooo much. I hope you are having fun running through the Mines of Spain and playing in the Mississippi River. Try not to get swept down the river swimming after a tree. I have decided to keep your favorite log to remember all the fun times we have had. It's hard to believe you carried that log over 1 mile back to the truck but that just goes to show your determination for what you wanted. We all know you got what ever you wanted.

No dog could ever compare to how wonderful you were. I will never forget you. Take care and will see you soon….

Shannon Mike and Guinness dog

PS. Guinness is still looking for you.

Kilroy, 03/93-03/18/03

Our big white angel is now in heaven and our world seems a little less bright. He brought so much joy everyone he met, our sweet boy, our gentle giant. Please, God, look after him and keep him safe and warm. A dog who lived such a good life on earth deserves nothing but the best that heaven has to offer. No more pain, Kilroy. No more suffering. We love you so much and we'll never forget you. Someday we'll all be together again and it will be a happy reunion for us all. xoxoxo
Kim Ivora

Kima, 11/25/03

My beautiful Kima. You gave me nothing but joy in your 17 years on this earth. You were my constant companion, confidante and best friend. How lucky I was to have you for 17 years. I miss you so much. There truly is a hole in my heart but I know you are in a better place. Thank you for all you have given me. I love you.


Kimba, 03/25/99

My sweet little Kimba, you were a little dog, but had so much love!!
We miss you very much. I'm so sorry you had to suffer so in you last days.
I know you are in a good place now, with no suffering.
I will met you one day & we can play together again.


Kimba, 10/15/03

We will never forget you sweet boy.
The day you died, I died a little too.
But I know that someday we'll meet again at the Bridge.
Until then, I hope you know how much you were loved and that you'll never be forgotten.
You touched our hearts and souls, and our world is a little less brighter without our "White Lion".

Nancy Mercurio

Kimba, 03/31/91-06/27/03

Kimba was my birthday gift... in point of fact, we grew up together (I through my turbulent teens and Chocolate through his.) He was like the brother that I never had - my first partner at the waltz ( not willing mind you, but there :)), there are so many memories to mull over, so many of the scolds that I wish I could take back - I just hope that you know puppy, how much you were loved , are loved. All of us look forward to meeting you at the rainbow bridge- so make sure you wait up okay...

And puppy ? - no running ahead smelling the 'smells' when we are together..

Mom, Dada, Hutch, Madha, Hissy and Mr. Fit (both of whom wanted to meet you but missed the opportunity)

Kimba, 12/12/00

Written back in 2000:
Thank you for this site. We put my dog to sleep on Tuesday, December 12, 2000 and the vet gave us a copy of "the Rainbow Bridge". I did nothing but cry for two days. We got Kimba (my dog) on Christmas Eve 17 years ago. She lived a long good life and was with me through everything. I was in grade school when we got her. My Dad never wanted a dog because of this very reason, but she melted his heart right away and he fell in love with her. My Mother, Father and I were all with Kimba when we had her put to sleep. It was very quick. They gave her a shot and she just went to sleep. I worry about where she is and if she is making friends. I hope she is not scared because we are not with her. She has never been around other dogs and I just want to believe that she is ok. I had never heard of the Rainbow Bridge before that day and I can only hope that there really IS a place where she is waiting for us and we can see her again. Christmas will never be the same again because she won't be with us and this time of year can no longer be happy for me because I will always remember my little girl. I read the story "Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge" and this will be Kimba's first year there-I pray that the Bridge Keeper will treat her kindly and show her around. Again, thank you for this site. God Bless you and every animal lover that listens. Mary Bonfiglio

Kimba, 04/09/90-01/14/03

I lost my beloved white lion, Kimba, Tuesday, January 14. He had been ill for five weeks. He went very quickly, and he did not suffer. I loved him so much. I spent 12 years, 7 months with him. He gave me unconditional love and devotion, and I loved him dearly. I was with him until the very end. He will always be in my heart.

Dolores Movahedpour

Kimber, 10/01/87-12/23/03

A good and faithful friend.

Pamela Sanford

Kimmy, 09/21/90-01/02/03

We got 12 years with the most wonderful dog. She gave birth to 2 litters, accepted every other animal that would come into our house. She willingly and lovingly shared herself with lots of people to whom, except for the family she became a very special dog. She was born in Sweden and traveled with us to Canada and then on to the States and back to Canada. Yesterday, she left for the Rainbow Bridge, to reunite with dogfriends, human friends that has passed on, and to With love and gratitude we are thankful for all she gave us. Thank you Kimmy. Tack min flicka. Vi ses igen. Maria, Denise, Kattis, Alex, Peter, Tanja, Erik och alla andra.

Kindlecoons Kiona, 10/02/01-02/10/03

Kiona was my very special baby girl. A truly spirited girl who lived a life far too short but which was packed to capacity with Love, Happiness and Laughter. She will forever live in the most special place in my heart and we will never forget her. I think her for sharing that life with me.

Fran Hepburn - Bennie

Kindra Harlequin Evergreen Buckley-Randall (Bearbear), 09/10/90-08/05/03

In loving memory of Kindra: the most loving, exuberant, friendly and smartest dog we have ever had.

Marion and Celia

King, 10/23/03

KING..We miss you baby girl..We loved you so much and always will..You will NEVER be replaced..We know you had to go cause you were suffering..You will be greatly missed and remembered .WE LOVE YOU..Mom N Dad

King, 06/14/90-10/13/03

We love you.

Suzy James

King, 05/31/03

Mommy and daddy grieve your loss and miss you so much already.

King (Buddy), 12/09/02

King (Buddy) Fahrion was the epitome of love and loyalty. He loved fully, without holding back. He lived to be with us, protect us, and please us. He was a very cherished family member, and he is so very missed! We love you, Buddy!

King, 05/27/96-12/21/02

He was born into my hands on a sunny May day. He was the biggest in his litter both in size and spirit. King brought a new level of joy to our home. He was a big lovable guy at 140lbs, most of it heart. He could snore with the best of them, chase birds with unabandoned joy and loved to be with his family. He loved to watch television especially shows with animals, he loved to chase the cheetahs and wondered why they didn't come out the other side of the television. King was lost to a quick illness. He left behind 3 furbaby friends, one his mother, one his brother and one his half-sister. We all miss him dearly and know his pawprint will long be imprinted upon our hearts.

Christine Lundgren

King Kong, 09/11/94-02/12/03

A tribute to the conditional love that Kong showed me and my family. For the morning kisses while we waited for the bus, the nibbling on my face...with nothing but love, for the thousands of times he knocked my down with his huge body, for the times that he road in the car, went to work with me, swam and took walks. I keep thinking that I am hearing you bark. My ears are playing tricks on me. I am so lost without you. When I look for you, you are not there. I cannot sleep. I am so emotionally drained and tired. I just want it to be all a bad dream. You didn't deserve to die in pain. I hope that you remember, that I didn't leave you. I was there by your side, kissing you, holding you and crying until the end. "No more pain" the vet said, and I felt your heart stop beating. That was when my heart stopped too. I hated to leave you, you looked so cold, but I knew that you were in a better place. King Kong, I love you dearly, and I will live for the moment when you and I can be together again, where I will get my morning kisses, where we can wait for the school bus again, you can ride in the car, go to work and knock me down all you want. I love you friend, I truly love and miss you dearly. I have such a heavy heart. I just want the pain to stop. Be well my best friend. Love Always, Susan

King Mitchell, 10/24/03

A loyal and loving friend who showed us God's love.

Scott & Linda

Kingsford, 06/16/85-12/08/02

Kingsford was the "King" of all Lhasa's - not only in size but in heart. Everyone knew Kingsford as he went everywhere with me. My son's friends use to say King saw more sporting events then their parents did. He was a wonderful companion and he helped me through a very difficult period in my life. I miss him so much especially when I arrive home from work. Everyday he would be waiting by the door at 4:30 p.m. or looking down the road for me.
Seven years ago Kingsford met his new daddy (John, my second husband) who loved him almost as much I did. We know Kingsford had a wonderful life and is waiting for us someday.

Patricia Geckler

Kinsey, 05/01/87-01/25/03

I miss you so much! Please watch over our family, as you always have. I love you so much. Rest in peace my sweet beanie girly girl.


Kip, 06/18/90-11/03/03

He was my baby and my best friend. He stuck by me for 13 years through thick and thin. There is a terrible hole in my heart and my home. We miss you, Kip!


Kip, 06/27/94-08/13/03

To my dear friend and constant companion, Kip, you will be missed. There is an empty spot on the floor where you used to lounge and sit. My heart weighs heavy with sadness in your absence. Memories of taking you swimming and running make me smile and ease the pain.

I feel good knowing you wagged your tail and smiled to the end. You were young. Damn cancer, it was the right thing to do -- I hope you understand. See you again pal.

Jeff Dragovich

Kip, 11/89-02/26/03


We will truely MISS you. You were the best "BUFF" Cocker spaniel in the whole world. You never complained about a single thing and you were always faithful. We always new that you had a "BIG HEART", even though the vet said it was from a heart condition. The heart I know you had was big and full of love from all of us that gave you our love.

We knew that when your mate, "Cuddles" passed on and went to Heaven, it was hard on you. We know now that you two are running and jumping in your heavenly youth. Zoe and Oreo already miss you just as much as we do.

We LOVE YOU and can't wait for the day that the Heavenly Father unites our family together again with you and Cuddles so we can kiss you, hold you, and pet you for eternity.

Love always,
Dean, Tami, Michael, AJ, Zoe, Oreo, and Jett

Kipling, 12/02/03

Kipling, you left us so quickly and so soon I still can't believe that you are gone. My heart is just filled with how much I miss you! I hope you are happy, I hope that where ever you have gone that you have friends and love. Please know that we did our best for you and could not have loved you more than we did. I expected to have so much more time to show you how much you were loved. You will always be in my heart and my love will always go out to you. You were the strong, spunky, curious one in our little family, I had no idea how much you filled our home until you were gone, the space that you have left just seems so huge and over-whelming right now. I keep thinking that we are lucky to have had so much love in the first place that it makes it hurt so much when it is gone - but I don't feel very lucky right now. I hope that you know how much you were loved, how much you will always be loved. You will never be out of my heart and will always be in my thoughts. All my love to my little boy, that little face that I love so much, mummy.

Kipper, 07/20/03

Our darling little kipper peacefully sleeping. No more pain sweetheart. Love you lots, mum and dad, mark, tracy ,james richard ,lianne and Margaret. Sleep tight precious.xx

Kipper, 05/05/91-05/11/03

My precious baby boy. I was with you 24/7 for 12 years and 6 days. Lymphoma just took you from me, sweet baby. Oh, how Mama tried with supplements, chemo. and everything available to give you more time. But, you only lived 4 months after diagnosis. You were so healthy and happy all of your life. Never sickness, never pain....then, lymphoma reared it's ugly head and took you from Mama and Daddy. I am sorry I let you go on as long as I did, baby dog. You were suffering, I know that now. You hardly ate anything for about 24 days before I helped you to the Bridge. But you tried so hard. You were a real fighter sweet baby. We were praying for a miracle Kippy. You had never, ever been sick or hurt in your life nor turned down your food in all your life...until all of a sudden in April you wouldn't eat. Were you in much pain, baby? Mama and Daddy prays you were not. But, you kept going. You just kept trying. You were responsive, as alert as you could be in your weakness. Then, on the last day I heard your deep moans. I knew you were in pain. And that was the ultimate sign that I had to let you go. So, it being a Sunday and also Mother's Day, I called the Doctor to meet us at the hospital. It was time sweet baby. I held your precious head as you looked into my eyes as you laid upon that table. Oh, you were so weak. I hugged you. I hope you heard me tell you how much Mama and Daddy loves you baby, before your last breath. I so hope you understood why I poked vitamins, herbs, and medicines down your throat after you stopped eating. I hope you understood that Mama was trying a last ditch effort to save you, baby. Mama and Daddy has cried so much for you. It is so lonely without you. Your bed is still on the floor beside our bed, Kippy. I put your special bones, toys, toothbrush, clippers, and clippings of your beautiful hair in a bag and it's in your bed. There is a picture of you there too. Your bed with stay where it is. It belongs to you Kippy and it will stay right where it always has....where you slept. Oh how I'll miss you following me every step I took thru out the house. You never let me out of your site baby boy. And I'll miss saying, "I knew my baby dog was coming" and then I'd hug you as you wagged your tail. We never had to scold you, raise our voices to you at all. Kippy, you just seemed to always know what to do and not to do. How did you know? You just seemed to read our minds, Kippy. Oh, how special you were. We'll never, ever forget you my precious baby boy. But, you are out of your suffering now. And again, Mama is soooo sorry that I didn't recognize it sooner and let you go. If I could just take it all back. I'm so sorry Kippy. Please forgive Mama. Someday Kippy, Mama and Daddy will be there with you. Just try to be happy baby boy, until Mama and Daddy gets there someday. We love you precious baby dog!!!

Kippy, 04/17/92-05/24/03

You were strong, smart and independent. You always were so special to us. We will miss you but will never forget you and how wonderful and joyful a friend and family member were to us.

Satoshi and Jean Kojima

Kirby, 05/03/87-12/13/03

Anyone that says dogs can't smile never met my Kirby. My life and home are a little emptier now......

Jeff Kramer and David Glaser

Kirby, 10/31/94-11/04/03

To my beloved Saint: you will always be in my heart. You were a part of my life and I was a part of yours. May the heavens treat you gentle and kind as your spirit soars.

Linda Rolls

Kirby, 04/17/94-06/07/03

Kirby was the best dog I've ever known and I was lucky enough to have him in my life. Kirby loved everyone and was loved by everyone. He and I had a special bond that only he and I understand. He was an exceptional dog and I'll miss him terribly.

I'll see you again Kirbo, until then keep Mom company. When I get there we're gonna play fetch all day long. I love you buddy. You'll always be my dog and be in my heart. Thanx for always being there, you're the best!

Mark Loy

Kirby, 12/23/88-05/05/03

Greatly loved and sorely missed.

Kim Barnett

Kirby K, 06/01/85-07/26/03

Kirby K. was our special tough guy. He loved to box and terrorize vets. We miss you very much. Sleep well.

John, Maryann and Laura

Kirstie, 08/27/00

My special soulmate. There will never be another like you.

R. Penny

Kisa, 1991-04/14/02

"For Kisa"

Dear Lord, embrace this precious soul,
That comes to you today.
As her tiny paws cross the Rainbow Bridge,
Into the sunlit fields to play.

May she be free of pain, and young again,
In the carefree meadows above.
And may she always be cradled,
In the memory of our love.

For though it seemed too short a time,
We had to spend together.
A love as deep as hers,
Will live in our hearts forever.

So please Lord, watch over our angel cat,
And keep her safe in your hands.
Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
In the flowered, sunlit lands.

We only had Kisa for 10 years, but her memories will live in our hearts forever,
Mom & Dad

Kismet, 08/02/03

Thanks to my best friend for so many years of unconditional love and acceptance.
You never complained, never cried, were always there, so trusting and full of love.
I could never have asked for more, for you gave it all, and then added a bit more.


Kismet, 7/18/95-05/05/03

Kismet, Siberian Husky, born 7/18/95 died on May 4, 2003 of lung cancer even though she lived in a pure, mountain environment.
She taught us to live for the moment, to express joy at the simple events in life, to be patient and compassionate. Her passing has left us so grateful for the years we had but longing to talk with her just one more time. Larry and Sharon Baylies

Kismet Steve, 05/18/03

You were a little fighter for for five weeks. I hope we did all we could for you. We love you and miss you so much.

The Whitt Family

Kisso, 01/13/03-10/19/03

My good boy, Kiddo..

Susan Wijaya

Kit Kat, 12/09/03

Your lonely Kingdom, this empty house was your domain where you would run or play or hide from the thunder or when the rain would beat on the metal roof startling you from your favorite napping place on the porch.

On sunny days like today you'd seek the brightest spot. I'd smooth your beautiful coat that felt nearly hot to the touch.
Your jade eyes, those electric jewels in the sun would look up at me and you'd let me pet you until you had enough.
Then I knew, you wanted your privacy to dream whatever cats dream. You loved your lazy, serene life as an only pet, so unconcerned about the affairs of the world lying in the sunshine.
Your calming presence gave me peace of mind and it set my soul free just to watch you sleep.

Now I see you everywhere I look, for your tiny body filled this house. In the bedroom where you'd wait for me to come back up the driveway with the mail.
In the kitchen window when the birds were feeding right outside. In the hallway waiting to here the car pull in the garage.
Sitting on the sill when you heard the water running.
Leaning over for a dainty drink from the faucet, then bounding off the counter to your favorite rag rug in the kitchen, where you'd insist on being patted or brushed or given a special treat. Then a loud Meow in front of the French door.
My que to rush to the door so you could prowl the porch again.

You'd be out, then in then out again.
I'd rush to your service each time. I was the doorman of your castle, your personal servant, waiting eagerly
to see what you wanted next --to give back the happiness you had given me these few short years.

You will always be in my heart my sweet precious babycakes.

Alonda Potts

Kit Kat, 1995-09/06/03

My sweet baby,

you were hit by a car almost 3 months ago. I still cry everyday, have problem letting you go. I miss you so much, I regret every single minute of the days that go on of bringing you the other side of the street, I wanted you to play on the lawn where you played for 3 years, you just ran in the street in panic, I feel so responsible for your death.

You chose me 8 years ago, meowing in my window screen, I let you in and we both loved each other from the start. I cooked your food, you kissed me every morning, you slept with me every night, I loved you with all my heart.

I adopted an abandoned cat who looks like you after your death thinking it would help me cope with the pain. She doesn't replace you, nothing helps the pain go away. I keep seeing this car hitting you, I keep remembering I yelled so hard when you were hit, you heard mommy yell like a crazy woman in your last breath, instead of hearing me whisper that I love you. I hope my yelling didn't terrorize you to death. I wish you heard a whisper instead of my hysteria. I can't change the past and I just can't presently live normally, my baby, I miss you so much, I needed to write it down. I wish I could say a final goodbye to you, I wish so many things... I talk to you every day, but I think that you can't hear me.

I love you Kit Kat. I will always have a place for you in my heart. I hope you don't hate me for bringing you the other side of the street that day, I have so much trouble living with it every day. Love you. Miss you. Hope I see you again, one day...


Kitten, 06/07/02-07/10/03

To Princess, the light of my life. Thank you for all your love. I miss you like crazy, even more than words can say. Hope I meet you someday again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kitten Baby, 11/94-11/08/03

Always loving, I miss you BabyCat.


Kittens 1&2, 12/13/03-12/23/03

Little kittens so innocent an pure,

Russell Youngman

Kittles, 08/01/91-08/30/03

To Kittles:
You were my best friend for 13 years, we've been through alot, but your unconditional love was always there. I not sure how or why you left me I just pray you never had to suffer. I Love You and You'll always be "my little ya-ya"
I'll see you again. Thank You for sharing your life with me, I miss you and will never forget you. Your Mama

Kittums, 06/01/96-06/23/03

In Memory of Kittums Garber, he was mostly and indoor cat,, but loved to go outside to roam. However, this is how he caught Feline Luekemia and FIV. He was weak over the weekend and when I took him to the doctors, I couldn't believe the diagnosis,, I thought he just had a flu! the vet said he would never get well, that he was too far gone, so me and my two children made the decision to send him to heaven. Luckily my two other indoor-only cats were tested and the tests came back negative,,however we need to re-test them in 6 months to make sure that they are okay. Please pray for my two cats "Nemo" and "Chloey", so that they will be spared these horrible diseases. It's only been three days without Kittums,, and our house just isn't the same without him!! We miss him terribly! I know we will someday be able to kiss and hug him again at the Rainbow Bridge!! WE MISS YOU KITTUMS!

April, Arielle, and Zachary Garber

Kitty, 09/01/87-12/26/03

Kitty, I thank you for all the years that you brought me happiness. Never in my life have I , or will I ever meet something as wonderful as you. You always brought a smile to my face. Even towards the end, while you were in pain, you always purred and made every attempt to act normal. You are no longer suffering.

Nancy Lynch

Kitty, 03/01/03

I will never forget you Kitty, I thank God for bringing you to us, and the joy you brought us for the short time we knew you.
We love you.

Ali & Sue

Kitty, 06/1983-11/23/03

Kitty, I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you at the end. I know how sick you were. I will always remember growing up together. How you got stuck in the tree way back when, and how you would run out at night and sit in the middle of the road (naughty kitty!) How you would always sit or lay on my chest when I was watching tv, or how you would ask to be under the covers on cold nights. You were a fighter, that's how you got to be 20! Your entire litter got distemper, but you didn't. When the doctor told us your kidneys were going, you held on for a year and a half. I'm going to miss you so much. I don't remember life without you. You always wanted to cuddle and love....thank you.


Kitty, 1991-10/31/03

Kitty, you adopted me as I was in my back yard by the alley one night. You were a stray, a true alley cat and such a tiny thing as you ran to me and clung to me with all your might. Mom didn't want another cat but I talked her into letting you stay. From then on you were my baby and I was your daddy and you knew it. You grew into the best cat in the whole world and you knew that too because I told you every day. During our twelve years together no matter the ups and downs life brought you always loved me and I knew it. Cancer finally parted us this Halloween. I cried and cried, and when I was through I cried again. Kitty, please wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. We will meet again.


Kitty, 04/26/76-06/30/93

My first cat, my first love, the one who waits at the bridge with her best friend, Laddie Buckles, and all the little ones who never knew a home...


Kitty, 01/01/97-07/30/03

You were the prettiest and sweetest boy. I can only hope I brought you a fraction of the happiness you brought to me. I will miss you always. Sleep peacefully.

Dave Beatty

Kitty, 05/20/03

She was our special little friend...always cheerful & so happy to spend time together. We love her so.

Carlee T

Kitty, 06/03/03

I loved my kitty and I will miss him. He died suddenly and unexpectantly of FIV today, the first sick day he has ever had in his 12 years. I love you Kitty!

Tina Smothers

Kitty, 01/12/84-09/20/91

Always in my heart.


Kitty, 05/12/03

I lost a special little cat on Mothers Day. It was truly a sad Mothers Day for me. I have no children and consider all my pets my "kids".
Kitty came into my life at a difficult time for me. I was out on my own for the very first time, living in an apartment. I went to the pet store to see if I could find a special friend. I wasn't supposed to have any pets in my apartment but I can't live without some four legged love.
In the store sat this tiny little gray kitten with a little patch of butterscotch on her nose. She was such a tiny little thing and so very quiet. I thought she would be perfect.
I brought her home and named her Kitty. I was wrong thinking she was a quiet little cat. From the moment she came home with me she talked and talked. Every time the landlord came to collect the rent I had to hide her in the bedroom.
Luckily not too long after that I was married and we moved where we could have pets. We got Kitty a sister and named her Paws. They were best pals from the start.
We moved two more times after that and each time the "girls" adjusted nicely. Our last home is a 30 acre farm where Kitty would go out with me in the yard and stay by my side. She was never one to roam. Even when we brought home dog after dog till we had 4, she never complained, just made friends with them all. We lost her sister Paws two years ago, but Kitty just kept on ticking. She never got very big and at her heaviest only weighed 5 lbs.
Everyone was amazed that this little cat could live so long. In the last few years though she had slowed down and was getting thin. Her last vet visit she only weighed 3 lbs. She was thin, but she never lost her voice. She talked right up till the day before she died.
My sister and I were preparing a clamboil that day and Kitty was on our porch sitting in the sunshine, talking all afternoon. We joked that we were asking her questions, and she was answering them all with a firm "noooo".
The next morning she collapsed in front of her water bowl and when I picked her up she had lost that beautiful voice. Just a pitiful little mew came out. It broke my heart. The vet told us that her time had come. It didn't take much to send my little girl to the Rainbow Bridge and she went so very peacefully. She is now buried in our special pet cemetery with her brothers and "cousins" around her.
I miss her so very much and it's so very quiet without her voice.
I was so fortunate to have been able to share 22 years with Kitty and I look forward to seeing her again with her sister on the Bridge.

I Miss You

Kitty, 01/15/96-05/04/03

I just can't stop crying... She passed away 5 days after a spaying surgery. She was a very docile cat, mother of about 10 kittens, I still can't believe she's gone. Sorry, it's so sad. :'(

I miss her so much, and she'll be forever in my heart. My only comfort is knowing that at this moment she's flying to the heavens where she'll be at peace, healthy and happy for all eternity. I hope to find her someday. Thank you...

Frederico Sardi Ayestarán

Kitty, 04/21/03

Kitty adopted us about 7 years ago. She was our constant companion who got along so well with the other animals that it made us wonder how much 'cat' she really had in her.

With her loss our hearts feel heavy, our eyes wet and unseeing, our minds clouded. Dearest Kitty, you will be missed.

Rick, Debbi, and Random Craig

Kitty, 04/16/01-04/02/03

I lost my friend today. Kitty, I love you more than anything. You lived such a short life and I took for granted that you would be around for a long time.
You were the sweetest kitty ever and I will always hold a place for you in my heart. Right now I am clutching your favorite ball and remembering your cute little face, and the extra long hairs that sprouted off the tops of your ears and between your toes. And the way you chased your toys down the hallway and ran to the kitchen and did circles when you heard the clink of silverware. I just hope you know that I love you and that I think I did the right thing but am eternally sorry if I let go too soon. I love you kitty.
My little sweetheart was taken from me by a monster called FIP

Kitty, 1992-03/30/03

My beloved Kitty. You found me 11 years ago, and it's been a journey I will never forget. I miss you terribly. You were so beautiful and I loved your spunk. You were definitely a female who knew her own mind. You brought me such comfort through the years. Each and every moment is difficult without you, but I know you're laying in the sunshine and chasing rainbows. You will always be in my heart.

Until we meet again...

Kitty, 03/20/01-03/23/03

I love you and miss you kitty.

Mollie Sebok

Kitty, 2/1/03

We all miss our pretty, funny, loving, friendly Kitty who saw us through a lot of laughter and tears in her 15 years in our family. We are grateful she passed peacefully over the rainbow bridge, where hopefully there are lots of blue herons and all the other river wildlife she loved, plus lots of sunny days!

Love, Bill, Alyce, Jamey, Jann, Sara and Drew

Kitty, 05/12/98-01/30/03

Kitty was a truly special little cat. He had come a long way in his short life. He started out as a feral homeless cat who crawled into my apartment window in the Bronx, NY. After almost a year of tiny steps toward trust, Kitty let me finally stroke his back. Five years later, Kitty was sleeping with me every night on the pillow in the bed, enjoyed every aspect of my life with me, including loving my new daughter. He moved into a new house, with lots of room, a fire to keep him warm and a new world to explore and enjoy. He loved his life to the fullest and appreciated every moment of every day. He learned about love and gave love freely. I will miss him all the days of my life, for he was my beloved friend and companion.


Kitty, 05/02/88-1/27/03

My kitty was my best friend, she was there when I needed her and loved me unconditionally. She slept on my bed every night. She sat with me when I was sad, she played with me when I was happy. She was my lifelong friend.

Karen Jensen

Kitty, 11/14/83-12/24/02

My darling Kitty, you lived your 19 years very much on your terms, with such dignity and grace right up to the end. You are such a wonderful teacher for me. I love you very much.

Diane Dyer

Kitty, 08/23/87-12/28/02

To the best cat ever. You will always be in our hearts.

Stephanie Judge

Kitty Bob, 1990-09/06/03

Kitty Bob - You and God decided that it was your time on last Saturday afternoon, the sixth of September, 2003. You felt my struggles when I held you earlier that day, my struggles in deciding what to do. But, you took care of me and did things your way. I was not here for you, and I only hope that your passing was easy and peaceful and that Melanie was there at the Bridge waiting for you. You two were always great buddies. Watch for my candles on Monday nights. I'll be lighting one for you now too. Love always, your human, Gale.

Kitty Joe, 1981-05/02

A former feral cat, Kitty Joe was one special cat. He was exceptionally smart and very affectionate. Kidney disease took him to Rainbow Bridge last May

Linda Boumarafi

Kitty Kitty, 12/01/03

Kitty, we loved you, but now you are at peace and playing with Sunny, Rebel, Spottsy and all the other animals.
Please leave the Birdies alone.
Kitty we loved you so damn much. We will all meet some day!

With Love,

Bob & Linda

Kitty Kitty (Lucky Aspro), 05/10/00-28/02/03

Kitty Kitty was a wonderful gift. A small bundle of white fur that we rescued as a kitten. He loved walking with the dogs in the park and had a great personality. He didn't deserve to be bitten by a Tiger Snake.

Jen and Ruth

Kitty Kramer, 6/15/99-3/8/03

To my best little friend-I love you big dog forever love mom until we meet again.

Kittypuppy, 06/01/93-11/11/03

We'll miss your beautiful face!

Susan and Dave McCullers

Kitty The Musher, 12/10/03

Kitty will never be forgotten...letting go is one of the hardest things to do...he is no longer suffering, forever purring in heaven.
He is now an angel in my heart.


Kitzel, 07/15/83-01/07/03

Kitzel had the face of a lion and long Persian fur. She was tiny and in her last weeks weighed only 4.5 pounds, but her purr could be heard across a crowded room. She was a loyal companion for more than 20 years.

Jill Cohen

Kiwi, 10/89-11/11/03

To our beloved girl: mom and dad love you and miss you.

Andrea Dvorak-Grantz

Kiwi, 10/12/87-03/11/03

To my little buckaroo, I write this with tears in my eyes, but so many loving memories in my heart. I will miss you until we meet again. Mommy loves you!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

* * * * * * * 

This little note is to let everyone out there know just how much I miss my little buddy. To me the only thing that I can compare his loss to, would have to be the loss of my mother fourteen years ago. There is a void in me that will never be replaced.
When my time comes we will be together again my little buddy, mommy loves and misses you so.... much!! I have to sign off now because of the tears. Love you always little buddy!!! XO XO XO XO

Kiwi, 1999-2/18/03

To our dear Kiwi,

We love you so much. Thank you for all of the love you gave us in return. We will never forget your sweet chirps, head bops, kisses, cuddles, beautiful feathers, and excited greetings. You leave an empty space in our hearts and we will miss you.

Love, your mommy and daddy

Kiya, 07/19/98-08/19/03

Dear Kiya, You left us only yesterday, and we miss you so very much. Words can not express the love we feel for you. We would give anything to have you with us. Kiya, You were there for us through good and bad times, you always gave us unconditional love and always made us laugh. Kiya, we hope you know how very much we love you and hope you are watching over us, especially Boogie and Roxy they will always miss you. Until we all meet at Rainbow Bridge, we will cherish our wonderful memories you gave us. Thank you for everything Kiya, and even though we can not see physically, your spirit will remain in our hearts forever and always. Hugs and kisses.
We Love You Peaches, Love Mommy, Daddy, Boogie, and Roxy.

Kiyara, 04/26/86-03/17/03

Kiyara* did not pass on because of old age or anything, she passed because of a freak accident. It was raining and her and her buddies were running around the pasture and were jumping over a ditch. Well, she could not decide if she wanted to jump or run through it. The ground was very slippery and mushy, and her front feet caved in a section of dirt and made her fall on top of her neck. She broke her spinal cord and neck and passed away instantly. You will NEVER be missed or forgotten. You were a dream to have, to own, and to compete with. By the way, Seeker says hello and still watches over your "place" to make sure no one steps on you or forgets you. I love you!


Kizzie, 02/24/88-09/26/03

In loving memory of my best friend.
I'll miss you always, Kiz... for being my side, for keeping me warm at night, for running around the yard with me when I felt like being silly, for sitting next to me on the piano bench while I played and looking so interested in listening, for being my best critic, and always being excited to see me whether I'd been gone for 3 minutes or 3 hours... I love you little man!!

K.K., 04/23/03

K.K. was my best friend>> He never judged and he was always fair>> He got his name because he was the kraziest kat I had ever seen >>> Playful and wild >>> He will ALWAYS be in my heart and I will think of him with loving thoughts every day of my life >> He will ALWAYS be my K.K.!!! I LOVE YOU K.K. >>> ALWAYS AND FOREVER, YOUR MOM

Klondike, 12/18/01-11/22/03

My best friend, I miss you so much. You were the most loving and loyal dog. I still hear your whimpers in the early morning. I know you weren't with us long, but you left an impact that will last forever.
I love you.

Denise and Bob

Klondike, 11/05/92-10/22/03

To our "sweetie boy,"
Mom, Dad, and I miss you so much.
We await the day we will be united at the Rainbow Bridge.
You left your pawprints on our hearts, and you are loved as much in death as you were in life.
Thank you for all the love and joy you brought to our lives.
I'll never be able to smell corn chips without thinking of you. "If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven, and bring you home again."

Rachel Nahrwold

Knickers, 11/01/85-01/22/03

My beautiful friend of 17 years, Knickers, went to the bridge on January 22, 2003. Thank you my darling for the gift of you. I miss you and will love you forever. Have fun on the bridge with Torbie. Til we meet again, I love you and miss you. Love Mom

Knightshade, 01/01/00

Of all the friends I have ever had He was the best
I miss him more everyday. Knightshade my friend and brother
I look forward to when we meet again.


Kobe, 04/19/98-11/22/03

Kobe, you brought so much joy and happiness to my life. I miss you so much. You will live in my heart and in my thoughts forever.

John Vasapoli

Kobi, 05/22/97-06/23/03

Kobi you were my best friend, my buddy, and my protector.
You will not be forgotten in my heart and your memory will be with me always.
I'm so sorry and sad that you had to go. I'm the one feeling the pain of losing you, but I know you are free of pain and in a wonderful place now.
I hope we can be together some day.

I miss you and will always remember your happy face.

With Love Always


Kobi, 03/25/95-02/28/03

Kobi came into my life when she was only 8 weeks old and I was only 16 years old. She was my dream come true, for I have always wanted a German Shepherd Dog. She became much more than that—she became part of me; she was my best friend, companion, my laughter, my tears, she was my heart dog whom I loved more than life itself and through her eyes I knew she felt the same. I watched her grow from a clumsy, big-footed ball of fur to a magnificent, intelligent loyal dog. She always knew each emotion I felt and laughed when I laughed, cried when I cried and played when I played. She protected me with her life and only asked that I give her a hug in return, she just loved it when I gave her a hug. She loved taking long walks and field trips to the Diamond Head dog park. Friends and strangers alike were always surprised of her friendly nature, she loved everyone and she knew how to show it—the ways she just always wants to be near you, made you feel so loved and like you were the most important thing to her.

She was a special part of my life. Her loss was so sudden and I was very unprepared for it. Within a matter of 24 hours she was taken so swiftly from me due to Hemangiosarcoma, better known as the "Silent Killer." I always thought she would be with me until she passed on due to old age, and even then I couldn’t imagine my life without her—Kobi was my everything and what makes it difficult is that I was her everything more so. I think this is by far the hardest thing I have ever had and will have to go through. Sometimes, I think I will be okay, but at times I just break down and cry in hopes she will come around the corner and lick my tears away.

I know one day the hurt will fade and I will be able to talk of her without that knot in my stomach and tears forming in my eyes, but her love will always be a part of my heart and her memories will stay for eternity within my soul. I know everyday from now she will be sitting right by my side as proudly as she once did, protecting me and loving me. She will never be forgotten within me and when “my day” eventually comes, I know she will be waiting for me to protect me and love me once again with her tail wagging as it once did.

I miss you so much Kobi!! I love you Kobi, forever and always--You are such a "Good Girl . . ."

Angela Bailey

Koby (Kitten Mitten), 05/19/91-02/19/03

In loving memory of Koby (kitten mitten)
Words cannot describe how much we miss him, but we will never forget our precious friend. He gave us his unconditional love and tender consideration We are forever grateful that his wonderful spirit touched our lives and gave us so much joy.
Les, Roxanne & Meko (the dog) Scattergood

Koby Lee, 01/14/88-07/03/03

We will miss you so very much Koby. Thank you for being such a special friend. Thank you for the wonderful memories. Run free healthy and whole again old friend. We know you and Candi are together again and that gives us peace.

love you baby............................

Koby's Family

Kodak, 02/15/92-07/07/03

We love you with all our hearts, today tomorrow and always. You were the absolute best doggie anyone could ever ask for, everyone commented on how unique you were and how even if they were not "dog people" they loved you too. Please know that we wish we could have all been there when you passed but even though we couldn't have, we will always love you forever and ever, we will always be together at the cabin, your favorite place where you are at rest. Hugs, love and eternal peace......Your Family

Kodak, 8/17/91-3/15/03

Kodak was a very vocal boy. He would sing to me every afternoon when I came home from work. He was also under my husband's feet every morning when he was fixing breakfast.
He is missed so very much by his mommy and daddy.

Kodey Foulds-Schink, 09/92-09/07/03

Our dearest boy Kodey...... You were a good boy, the best boy. You gave us 11 wonderful fulfilling years. We're sorry for the pain, but you were so brave, braver than we. The Lord blessed us to spend that one more night all together. We didn't want you to suffer. Please be joyful over the "Rainbow Bridge". We hope you Chloe' and Daphne have found each other. Now all of you, keep watch, we will be together again with our Lord when he sees fit. In the meantime, please stay in our hearts and warm us, we are so lonely with you gone. We love you soo our Kudee Buggin'. Mom & dad (Doreen & Willem)

Kodi, 10/20/89-12/01/03

I love you Kodi, you are in my heart forever...I will see you soon!

Steven Zopfi

Kodi, 12/11/87-09/17/02

I would like to celebrate the life of our beloved companion a black and white male basenji named Kodi. He came to us when he was 8 weeks old and stayed 14 wonderful years. Kodi was a good natured dog. Anyone arriving at our home would be greeted with loud yodels and a wagging tail. Kodi loved people. Kodi and I were especially close. We cherish his memories and miss him terribly.


Kodi, 02/05/04-10/22/03

It's hard to believe you're gone. Loyal, beautiful, unconditional love. We love you. You will always be a part of me. Thank you Kodi. For all the years.
I will see you when I get there. That gives me comfort.
You were always my protector. I know you are my guardian angel now.
Love and miss you so much it hurts.

Marge Farrington

Kodi, 01/??/93-05/07/03

Please pray for Kodi. A tough, heartwrenching decision had to be made today for her to be put down. She started having problems these last few months, no energy, not eating, etc. Her blood work came back showing it was way off, she had an enlarged heart and she had to have a transfusion. She made it through, and was eating heartily once again and even barking at the squirrels in the yard as she used to. But the last couple of days, her health took a bad turn again, and today she was put down. Pray that she is reunited with Mom now, that maybe Mom was waiting for her when she arrived, and she is now at peace at the Rainbow Bridge where she will be waiting eagerly to meet with us all again eventually, just as we would like to remember her.

Kodiak, 07/30/91-11/27/03

I loved my dog like a daughter. I have no children but4 surviving dogs and one cat. Kodiak was the mother of two of my remaining dogs. She was my number one dog - my momma dog - a day will never pass that I will not pray to be reunited someday with my sweet Kodiak. she was smart and beautiful and I will love her always. my heart is breaking.

Monique Gingras Ahern

Kodiak, 10/01/88-08/15/03

He was my first love. From the day he entered my life and to this day he has taught me so much. He was a noble beautiful boy who gave me his unconditional love and his trust, always and until his last breath. I am forever grateful for the memories but feel like I will be forever in pain for his loss. I miss him so much.

Leilani Vierra

Kodiak, 01/12/01-07/07/03

My buddy & dog Kodiak the Samoyed has passed on, I want him to be at peace, and to say you will be missed and always loved as a member of the family.

Denny Moore

Kodiak, 06/18/03

Kodiak-my buddy, my friend--
I will always carry you with me and I know you will watch over us from your place in heaven. Know in your heart that we love you and miss you. Peace, light and love will always follow you. I am honored and blessed to have had you in my life. Mitakuye oyasin.
Love always

Kodi Clark, 04/30/92-01/04/03

In loving memory of Jerry's Kodi, one magnificent Alaskan Malamute

Linda Allen

Kodiak Czarevna, 05/09/90-09/25/03

Kodi- we miss you more than words can say.
Be the "goodest
doggie" and we will meet again someday at The Rainbow Bridge.

Carol & Tom Filbin

Kody, 12/05/90-09/10/03

To our special boy. We love you so much. Today was such a hard day for all of us, without you here. We know that you were not feeling well, and now hopefully you are in no pain, but we miss you more than we ever imagined. Mommy already misses you begging for a snack and meeting her at the door when you hear her car pull in. Hopefully in time the tears will stop and the pain will lessen, but no matter what. We will always love you and miss you. See you at the bridge sweet baby....

Dave & Angie, David, Amanda and Caitlyn

Kody James, 04/03/03

To Kody...You were my dear friend Tracy's best friend! You will never know how much you will be missed. It was by fate that the two of you were brought together, but I can't imagine a better match! It will be hard to see Tracy drive up to my house without your fuzzy red head in the window of the truck. She will be lost without one to "go to the shop" with her....your head would tilt so cute when she said that!! Lacey will miss you too I'm sure, even tho she would steal your treats from you! Thank you, Kody, for giving my friend so many wonderful years full of memories that she will no doubt cherish. I know that you will wait, ever so patiently, for the day you will be together again...I can see you know, head tilted, ears perked up, and those cute little fuzzy paws running to greet her! PS.....between you and me....see if you can find a funny little puppy thats needs lots of love, and send it her way!

Patty Doxtater

Kody Sterling, 10/21/96-08/30/03

To my sweetbaby Kody,

I can't thank you enough for the years you have given me. Your precious life was cut short my little angel, but the love, companionship and loyalty you have given to me, daddy and Kelsie these past 6 years have been more than we can ask for in a lifetime. Nothing in this world will ever take your place in our hearts. You will be truly missed my little angel. We all miss you deeply & when you feel our sadness, don't worry, it's only natural. As long as we know you are healthy and happy, we will go on. We will love you forever my sweet boy! Please visit whenever you can! Until that day comes when we can be together again, run free and be happy!


Koffy, 04/29/01-11/19/03

My special friend brought so much joy to my life. He will be missed dearly, he always brought a smile to my face. I will forever be grateful for all the special moments we spent together. He was a true friend always loyal and very loving. We spent a lot of time together because we really liked each others company. I will miss our trips to the store, the lake, and most of all his energy and enthusiasm when he welcomed me home. "Koffy" Thanks for all the good memories, we all miss you. You may be gone but not from our hearts.

Roger Rodriguez

Kokee, 10/01/03

Kokee, we miss you so much. You touched our lives in so many special ways. We will never forget you. How often I described you to others as being such a "source of joy" in our lives. It hurts, missing you like this, but I will try to hold on to the joy that you gave us. You were so special, kind, gentle, a real gentleman, always trying to please, and you loved us unconditionally. Until we meet again my friend.

Dwight Byrd & Joseph Kenny

Koko, 07/20/88-11/10/03

KOKO was a good dog He will be missed by me so much I dearly loved him. God please take care of him until I meet him in heaven

Anthony Collins

Koko, 04/16/83-10/27/03

Precious lady, you were by my side for over 20 years.
Life will never be the same without you.
I only hope I gave you as much joy as you gave me.
You are in my heart forever.

Marty Munson

Kokomo, 11/02/95-09/04/03

He was the best friend I ever had and the love of my life.

Kola, 06/10/00-06/23/03

I just wanted to find a virtual rooftop where I could shout my grief...and say goodbye to my trusted friend of 13 great years. Here's to Kola, one of the all time greats. I'll miss you.

Jon Monetti

Kona, 01/12/89-11/12/02

In two days it will be One year that my Kona left my world and I miss my Kona. I love you, my bestest friend in this whole wide world. You never betrayed me, you never hurt me and you never not loved me unconditionally. I felt your last breath. I knew you were sick but I feel guilty because I asked the doctor to keep the suffering away from you. You know I loved you and still do to this very day. One month before you know Grandma went to heaven and I know she is taking care of you now as she did then. Peace be with you my sweet innocent dog. Because you brought me inner peace for 14 years. And Mom, thanks for keeping an eye on her. I miss you both.

Frank Hunt

Kona, 5/21/03

To the sweetest soul we have ever had the blessing of knowing and loving. Your parents and brothers all miss you very much, but we all know that you are in the place you are supposed to be. We will continue to rejoice in your life, as it was one of happiness and high spirit.

You have taught us so much about life, love, and what it means to be a true companion. We all love you forever, and one day we will all be with each other again.


Mom, Dad, Boo, Beavis, Tigger and Cisco

Kontessa, 10/06/03

Tessa was a beautiful cat who was abandoned and I got her when I lost my last cat. She had fur as soft as a rabbit and she suited her new name Kontessa. She certainly was one and I will never forget her. I was in a meditation circle today and saw her chasing a butterfly. She is happy and whole again, but unfortunately I am not doing so well. I adored her, she was my faithful companion and I still cannot rationalize her passing. She endured ministrations to keep her alive such as having her tail amputated and chemo, now I am sorry I did this and should have let her go with dignity. I am devastated and miss her so much. Thank you for having the venue of being express my sorrow without ridicule and bless those who prayed for her during her ordeal. Thank you again.


Kooch, 03/25/84-11/18/03

I miss you so much its just not the same without you no one greats me at the door no one to sit and watch tv with and no one to snuggle with
I hope you know how much I love you


Koolio, 07/15/03

Koolio was the neighborhood tom cat when we moved to our home in May 01. It took until October of that year to get him to come to the back door to allow me to pet him for the first time. He soon made his way through the rooms passed the back door...and then right into our hearts. He was an incredible addition to our home...although Karma, the first adoption did not think so : ) they soon were able to tolerate one another...then we got the dog...Koolio showed him he was the alpha in this house. He was loving, loved to be brushed, loved to be held, was spunky...and always remained independent...

Last night I found him laying in the garden as I always have, although this time it was different...I picked him up, carried into the house...and knew immediately something was wrong...Koolio and I spent our last night together with me laying on the floor next to him letting him know...he was home, he was loved, and it was ok for him to go to sleep, the place he would go to would take the pain away. Today we received the was time...I had the privilege of being with him through his final will be missed my good boy...

Mark & Suzi Corradetti

Korkie, 06/01/92-04/03/03

Korkie chose to be with our family. My mom had always wanted a weiner dog. After my cousins funeral, the dog across the street was chained up outside barking at us. My mom knocked on the door and they gladly gave him to our family. We think he had been abused and neglected by this family.
For the next 5 years he lived with my parents and sister. When my sister went away to college. He and his sister Bailey came to live with my husband and I. He had 4 years with us. Unfortunately filled with seizures and cataracts. When Korkie went completely blind a couple of weeks ago and was bumping into walls and doing nothing but sleeping, the hardest decision I've ever had to make was to put him to sleep. He wasn't playing or enjoying any of his normal activities.
We love you Korkie and although it's only been a few hours...we miss you so much it tears our hearts apart!

Mary Kominek

Kory, 4/20/91-3/13/03

No one knows how you will be missed, my sweet, wonderful, perfect pup. Never a wrong, always striving to please. See you on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Reilly is waiting for you. I love you.

Holly Logue

Kovacs, 08/28/94-02/25/03

The joy you brought to our family was immeasurable, the void we feel at our loss is so very deep. Your pain and suffering is over and ours has just begun. We love you "Beaner" and you will always be in our hearts. Our family will be complete again when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Your Loving Family

Kovu, 10/01/01-07/27/02

Kovu was a beloved soul mate to my daughter. He could not stay with us long enough and we miss him terribly. He still comes to visit with her and we are grateful for that but wanted to leave a special loving tribute to the joy and happiness he brought to our family. Thank you big boy. We love you.


Kozy, 02/16/90-11/14/03

Kozy, you will always be in our hearts.
WE love you so very much.
You were the best!

Karen and Earl Bennett

Kraemer, 6?-04/19/03

Kraemer - We all really miss you. I hope your happy up there & have someone to give you chips & crackers. The house is so quiet without your greetings to us when we come home. Rocko is also up there now, so please go find him & hang out with him.


Jennifer Oldenburg

Kramer, 11/21/03

Thank you God for giving Kramer to Judy and her sons at a time in their lives they needed her most. Everything is in your time, and I know how much this very loving animal meant to this family, so thank you for providing her during that and this time through their lives. She was very important to them and meant so very much and will always be remembered. Take care of her now Lord until they see her again, and help them to remember all the great memories she provided.

Sarah Beyenberg

Kramer, 06/30/03

To Kramer
My Once and Future and Forever Cat. Found on the streets - small of stature and disabled, you had the spirit of a true soldier. Always commanding respect, not pity, through your many medical crises. I will carry your bravery and confidence in my heart forever. You are always the "General of my Heart".

Melodie (Mom)

Krissy Holiday Ford, 11/30/94- 02/24/03

My dear sweet Krissy girl....we will miss you greatly and it will be very hard to go on day by day without you, but we also know that one day you will there to meet us and have all of that unconditional love, that you always had for us, once again.
May God keep you safe and happy in his I already know that you are there making God happy.
We love you VERY much..and will be in our hearts and souls forever.
Your loving family
Mom, Dad, Randi & Tara

Kristi, 07/18/03


My old yellow lab.. you will forever be the "best" dog in the world to me. I will miss you forever.

Cindy Thomas

Kristian, 05/01/03

She showed no signs that anything was wrong- where I could have taken her to the vet. We miss her so much, the pain is unbearable. She never bothered anything in the house when she came in.

Debbie McNelly

Kristi Coy, 06/12/90-04/08/03

To you Kristi, my girl, you are and will always be the love of my life. Be free, be happy. I want to be with you so much. I pray for that. Love Mom

Kristopher, 07/05/89-05/24/03

No other stayed at my side,
Through good times and bad.
Kris always looked me in the eye
And told me don't be sad.

He led me through woods and fields
He chased bunnies, butterflies and bees.
He loved ice cream, burgers and dip,
but his favorite treat was cheese.

And when his vision failed him,
Almost two years ago,
Then I took over and led HIM,
Through the woods and fields we'd go.

His tumors grew so rapidly,
He lost his will to eat.
We buried him near the barn,
His favorite place to sleep.

Bartles and Jaymes, feline buddies,
Even shed a few salty tears,
We all thank ol Kris for being with us
For the last fourteen great years

Hang tough, ol Buddy and Pal of mine,
I'm sure you'll be there waitin,
For when I come through the Pearly Gates,
Once again we can go playin....

Karen Monje

Krosh, 06/20/91-02/08/03

He was a great dog. One of the best show dogs in our origin country. Real working hunter dog and my best friend. We spend almost 12 years together and I really miss him. I still don't understand that he is not with me anymore. But cancer is cancer-nobody can fight it for long. He died in my hands.
But his soul will be with me forever lake souls all my 6 dogs


Krystal, 02/01/85-06/13/03

Krystal was my best friend and saw me through alot of difficult times in my younger years (and hers). She will be missed terribly by her entire family.


Krystal, 06/22/87-11/13/03

My precious cocker spaniel KRYSTAL. You gave us such joy. Our house is empty and hearts are broken now. We loved you so.

Janice & Rick

Krystal, 12/28/91-02/18/03

When I began the search for our first show dog, I spent hundreds of hours talking to people at dog shows, on the phone and through the mail. I wanted to find the best SHOW girl ever. Little did I know that I would find the best GIRL ever. When I first set my eyes on you, I thought "Oh my God, she's the most beautiful puppy I've ever seen". It was all worth the time and effort. From that first day, you planted your personality in my mind and in my heart forever. It didn't take long to discover that you were the total package: beautiful, full of energy, intelligent, loving and always in the middle of everything. You were a talker from the beginning, from embarrassing the heck out of me at the national specialty to letting me know it was time to eat, at every meal. You always had something to say but your most effective way of communicating was with those beautiful eyes. You were like the mother hen that would sit at a distance and watch what was going on. I believe you were always two steps ahead of whatever was happening.

You were always the strongest one of all the babies. When we found out about the cancer, I just knew that if we worked hard we could beat it. If any one of the babies could beat it, it was you. We fought a hell of a battle. And as I look back, the beginning and end of our time together consisted of hard work and hours and hours of love. And just as you set the tone for most everything you were in the middle of throughout your life, you and God decided how the end would come. I really believe you picked your own ending, with God's help, rather than letting the cancer win the battle. As far as I know, you didn't suffer, there was no pain and you died in my arms, the best ending possible.

Now, it all still seems like a dream. I can't believe you're gone. I don't want to believe you're gone. Even the empty bowl at dinner time, the empty pillow at bedtime and the silence don't seem real. I know some day reality will set in and I'll miss you that much more. You were perhaps the most special baby in my life and my world will never be the same without you. But I know there's another world where you're at. Happy again, young again, feeling good again and with the other babies that left before you. All waiting for that day that we'll all be together again and will never be separated ever again. I thank you for bringing so much love, enjoyment and happiness into my life. You are one of the greatest loves of my life. I will love you forever and I will see you at the bridge.

Doug Daggett

Krystal, 01/30/03

Krystal was a pretty cat, the color of the sand on the Gulf of Mexico...which inspired her name. She was a sweet kitty, a bit on the 'chubby' side her entire life, who purred like no other cat has purred before. You could whisper her name and she'd start up like an engine. She will be missed. I will hear her purr again someday. She was so sweet. I love you Krystal.


Krystal, 11/22/99

It took many weeks for me to be able to sleep in my room again. You spent nearly every waking moment of the last months of your life there, and I see you everywhere. I'm glad you're not in any more pain, but often I wish I could have that last day back. That sounds awful doesn't it! I want so badly to hold you again, and comfort you, kiss your fur again. I miss you terribly. You were with us for so long! You were such a part of the family. You didn't like to be held, and you weren't much of a lap cat, but now I think, if only they could all be like you!
You could see the progression of the cancer, some of it may have been old age. Although up until a few months before you left, all your health tests came out normal. Everything was fine, except for that one small problem. I thought that you were doing okay at home, I thought that you were comfortable and not in any pain. I still believe this, but I now think that I was being a little selfish. You couldn't hear or see well, I often had to help you use your 'box', you were not eating very well and losing weight. I hope you feel that I did a good job caring for you. But could I have made it easier for you sooner than I did?
I knew when I woke up that morning that the time was close, there was no mistaking that. After spending some time with you, I called your vet and set up an appointment for the following day. I finally went to work for a few hours. When I came home, and you couldn't get up and cried out when I tried to help you up, I knew I had to take you in that night. For what happened that evening, I am so glad I was able to hold on to you until the end. It was the longest you had ever stayed in my arms.
I remember....
I thought of you the other night when we were eating french fries. You used to go after pizza and fries with such gusto! That little bit of leftover milk that you used to drink goes to waste now. I remember how you used to caterwaul in the hallway, and the bathroom. What on earth were you asking for? Or was it a touch of senility like we teased?
You had cracked your left front canine tooth years ago, and I finally had it pulled during a dental. From then on, your upper lip would get caught under your bottom canine! We called you snaggletooth, and laughed because you would be poised and looking regal (as you often did), yet you were wearing such a funny face.
I'm sure there will be other cats in my life, but there will never be another one who means as much as you will always mean to me.
I am missing you.


Kubus, 04/25/93

Kubus you were my first ever dog-we took you home when you were just 6 weeks old. I was 6 at the time and so excited. You hated sleeping downstairs and would always sneak up and climb into bed with me-you'd put your head on the pillow and sleep...but if Mum came upstairs looking for you, you'd hide under the covers until she'd gone. You were always ready to play with me, you were always ready to sit on my lap and be cuddled. On my 9th birthday you managed somehow to climb on the table and lick all the icing off my birthday cake. When you were diagnosed with cancer the vet said you had 6 months to lived for 6 years after that not 6 months! The end came far too quickly for me-one day you were OK, the next you were in pain. You couldn't walk or eat or drink. The vet said he could do nothing-your kidneys and heart were failing. We decided we couldn't let you stay suffering. I was the one who held you at the vets, I was the one who stroked you so you wouldn't be scared. You looked at me all the time until your eyes just closed and your breathing stopped. I cried and cried for you, and we took your body back home and buried you in the garden. I kept your collar and dog tag. I miss you so much. I look forward to seeing you at Rainbow Bridge and hope you are running and jumping there.

Kasia Antosiewicz

Kucing Sperring, 2/2002-12/2002

Our darling, darling Tingtongtang. You were here for such a short time, only 10 months. But how we loved you! Remember when we found you when you were a tiny little tacker. You yelled so loud we couldn't help but find you! And you had such bad colic and were in pain, but Linda loved you and massaged you for hours every day - and took you to the vet for an ultrasound when you were only three weeks old! You grew up to be such a beautiful, lively, healthy little girl. So loving and curious and playful. Your little sisters are still here, playing and growing and being naughty all the time! We miss you so very much. Linda has a beautiful framed photograph of your angel face, so we see you every day. Be in love and light always, Kucing, terimah kasih for everything you brought to us. Goodbye little one. Much love, Mum & Aunty Avalon x

Kuhio, 08/01/85-08/06/02

Goodbye Princess Kuhio. We miss you so much. Please know that Daddy searched for you so hard. We're so sorry that we didn't find you in time to spare your life. Until we meet again...

Bob and Lisa

Kukla, 02/89-11/30/03

Kukla was a warrior: brave, strong and fiercely loyal. For almost 15 years he owned me and let me know this every night by lying on my chest and licking me, purring his proud contentment.

He always made his presence known in this world as I am sure he is doing now in the next one. Kukla, I hope your journeys are happy ones again! I will see you in the next world.

All my love, sweet cat.

Good bye, wonderful Kukla.


Kuma Zumo, 3/4/94-10/18/03

Akita dog - Kuma Zumo - born 3/4/94, died 10/18/03. Sadly missed by Candi, Mike and John Lefebvre. Kuma was our gentle giant boy and we can't wait to see him again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Farewell big boy.

Kundun, 07/04/01-08/14/03

My baby and my darling, you were named for a great man of peace, and you truly were peace in my life. Two years wasn't nearly long enough for you to be with me and I miss you so much.

You were the only cat I ever knew that would play fetch, would open doors, and would never leave my side. You waited for me at the door when you heard my key in the lock, you snuck underneath my covers and licked my toes, you sat on my keyboard everytime I wanted to type. You liked to play in the bubbles of a bath, and you loved disassembling the artificial Christmas tree piece by piece--triumphantly dragging each branch to a different room.

My friends called you "the cutest kitty in the world" and you were. You were certainly the most loving. You were my special buddy when no one else was there for me, you always listened, and even in your final, very sick, hours you purred in my arms.

I never thought I could miss anything this much. There is a void in my heart that I don't think will ever be filled again. I love you baby, and I miss you.

Kwala-T's Like A Rock Aka Riggs, 08/19/91-04/11/03

My darling Riggs we waited for so long for you - you were everything and more that we wanted in a chow. You were a chow that everybody and anybody could love. And what a couch potato you were, how I remember the hours of sitting with you on my lap or sleeping next to me, you always knew when I needed that extra time with you. And to make it even better you were my first home-bred champion and you were so sweet, how could I not love you and you have passed that sweetness on to all off your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You will forever live in your offspring and most of all in my heart. Give Daddy a kiss for me and try not to argue with Stomper. You will not be alone, nor will you be in pain anymore all of your old buddies will be there to greet you give them all kisses for me. I love you Riggs.

Penny Spencer

Kyahra, 07/15/01-11/21/03

The last girl of the first group... finally you'll be united with your sisters. You've been sick for quite some time and today was the day you are given eternal peace. We'll miss you lots and lots and lots....

Hester & Andre

Kyle, 9/27/03

Our trusting loving friend. We love you and miss you.

Jim and Melissa

Kylie, 23/04/89-08/04/03

My Kylie I will love you forever. I got you at 4 weeks old after you had been dumped and the love we have shared has been so wonderful how am I going to live without you now. The pain and emptiness is so bad I wonder if it will ever go away.

Bernadette Walker

Kylie, August 1988 to 24th January 2003

You have been a huge part of my life. I don't know how I will fill the hole you leave. Much love- go peacefully


Kyli-Rho, 04/12/85-12/28/01

This would have been your 18th birthday, Kyli.
We all still love you, miss you, and think of you.
And it wasn't just us; everybody loved you.
Lianne, the nice veterinary technician, only
saw you once, but still remembered
you after all this time, so special were you.
She described remembering how you purred and
rolled on the floor and wanted to love
everybody. Everybody loved you back.
The nice doctor at the end a year later
took the trouble to make you look
sleepy-bo-bos, because he knew you were
special. We keep you close to our hearts.
Much loved, gentle, intelligent, cuddly
little darling Rho, with your stubby little
legs. We love our toffee-boy.
Mummy still loves you, and so do I.
Your earthly cremains are beside your
brother Gussie's. We keep them safe.
But more importantly, I hope you're with Gussafang
in Heaven, and that you've introduced him
to Yorick. Have you met Daddy yet?
Happy birthday, beloved adorable little soul.
Kyli-Rho baybeeee.....if I get to Heaven,
I'll give you Meester Comb. And Mum will cuddle
you all the time, as you love.

Katharine and Sadie

Kyllie, 11th.August 2002

Kyllie, you were with us so many years and always loved. lt has been terrible losing you, Penny, J.C. Ronnie and my sweet Bobby-Jo and Fallon. All young together and grew older together, my darling rescued dogs and cats never ever forgotten by Madeliene, human, canine and feline family.

Kyomo Kurio Kuma, 06/09/93-08/08/03

We love you FIERCE Black Bear miss every day!!!!!!

Sandra Pipitone

Kyra, 04/11/87-12/20/03

Kyra ~ you were loved.
You are missed.
Your meow, your eyes, your heart, will always be with me.

Nancy Debaere

Kyra - Homestead's Shadow of The Son, 02/15/95-12/09/03

You gave me the most wonderful days of my life. You were the best friend and most loyal companion I could ask for.

Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of LOVE.
Thank you for being so brave and trusting.
Thank you for being what you were.
I know now, you fought so hard to stay with me, but your body just couldn't take it anymore.

You will be forever in my heart because you held such a huge place in it. I will always love you.

Thank You Kyra


Kyrou & Sjiva, 29/09/03 And 08/10/03

My very dear catfriends Kyrou & Sjiva,
you've died so shortly after each if it was meant to be after a whole life together..
I just want to thank you for all those happy, naughty, furry, tickling, loving, supporting years we have spent together!! Finally you both have found peace after illness at your little hearts, together again at last..
I miss you both so very much, I miss your little noses and your purring..but I do hope you're happy together over there..


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