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Year 2003 Tributes

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Face thru Fuzzy

Face, 4/15/87-4/26/01
Rowdy, 4/15/87-7/03/02
Pudgy, 4/15/87-8/9/02
Skippy, 4/15/87-6/20/03
Samantha, 6/83-12/21/96

My heart hurts everyday in missing you, but I am so grateful for all you gave me for so many years - untold joy !!
The pain is lessened in knowing you are all together as a family again, in that beautiful Rainbow Country. I love you with all my heart. Mom

Fagan, 08/16/03

Fagan, our happy little trouble maker is gone but not forgotten. We were blessed to have had 14 years of love and laughs from one really great dog. So many wonderful memories of our skunk chasin', sandwich stealin', snuggle buddy pup. His antics brought us many laughs, some well after the fact. His struggle is over. He battled kidney failure for the last 8 months, developed GI problems, probably some sort of cancer. He didn't want any more pills, or tests... we did our best to keep him comfortable until the end. He passed on in our arms, surrounded with the love he so freely gave to us.

Nelson, Kate, Carl, Kevan & Beth Swanberg

Falcore, 03/12/95-07/27/03

Falcore was a special dog who was a therapy pet for many years bringing joy and courage to our country's Vets. He loved to swim. dance, play with his Frisbee and be with him Mommy. His illness made him old before his time and we lost him far too soon to Cushing's. He often protected his mom as they lived in the country. He would get along with both the cat and the turtle as well as his older brother who all shared one house with him. He will be missed and has been called the "heart beat by my feet". That heart beat is now silent and it hurts.

Lynn Millette

Fallon, 06/12/98

Fallon was in a dogs home in February 1987 and we took her home with us. She joined our happy group of rescues and was one of our family. She took care of us, protective always. Would rather have lived in a tent with me and lived on bread and water, than lived in a palace and lived on the best of foods, so great was her devotion. Love you always, Fal, miss you still. Will always ache for you. Love you. Nanny Madeliene. x

Familiar, 08/15/88-12/29/02

I miss my Familiar - my steadfast companion. She stayed with me through late nights through school and through writing a business plan. She would greet me in the driveway when I came home - trotting or running from the neighbor's yard to be there when I got out of the car.

She slept beside me, annoyingly locking down the covers on one side of the bed, my husband on the other. I'd hate to move her out of bed in the morning so that I could get up so sometimes I'd get out of bed on the other side just so she could stay planted there.

She would sit on the toilet lid while I showered, insisting that I pet her while I dried off.

She brought me gifts of birds, snakes and lizards always announcing them with her mouth full while she came down the hall with them. I always told her what a good girl she was as I either released it back outside or bagged it up for the freezer.

When I read in the backyard, she would hide down in the grass near me or lay in the grass under my chair.

I keep looking for her to be curled up on the electronics or the TV in the living room. Almost every time I enter the room, I glance over to see if she's there.

Portia, my other cat, misses her too. Even though they seemed to fight like, well, cats, it was a sort of playtime for them. Portia stared out the back door for a couple of days (looking to ambush Familiar when she comes in?) and now has been sleeping nearly constantly for a couple of days.

I miss just having her lying around in my office while I work.

Stephanie George

Fancy, 11/12/03

She is the most loving gift we could receive. Fancy gives so much and has the most wonderful personality.
Fancy gives so much and receives much love. We thank God above for sharing her love with us for these years. She is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.

Claudia Flynn

Fancy Free Casey (Studpuppy), 12/17/87-05/15/03

This dog was the best companion anyone could ask for. He will be missed greatly. The rest of the animals wish him well.

Chris & Gay Medina

Fancy Lynn, 4/21/01-5/19/03

May my sweet baby girl rest in peace . Fancy will live in my heart and soul forever until I see her again. I miss you and love you Fancy Pants!

Fang, 11/30/98-03/09/03

Sweet Bird - you have gone on to a place even better than the loving home we shared with you. The horsies will remember you always. Lucy is so very sorry, she didn't mean to hurt you. She looks at your place and wonders where you have gone. Papa is so sad and Mama will never forget you. Thank you for bringing so much laughter and joy to us. We hope that now you can soar with the other birds that you watched from your window. We hope that we will see you again when it is time for our souls to soar. Until then, little one. rest and be happy. We will miss you always.

Mama, Papa and Lucy

Fangora, 12/10/03

Fang, I just lost you to God, I hope he loves you just as much, my whole life calls out for you and aches for your special light I love you Momma girl I'll see ya when I get there lotsoflove memories and hugs mom and dad and Hitch and Gogo & fiches, & fish and kitty your in our heart

Fantasia, 10/03/03

Fantasia was a beautiful kitty and very dear to my heart. I know she now is free and happy. I honor Fantasia for her loving service to me.

Victorie Adair

Farfel, 03/2002

One of the most loving, brilliant, unique cats to have roamed this earth. Greatly missed. Still much loved. I miss having to sleep with a cat on my head. Rest well best boy!

Deana Baker

Fastrac, Toby, Spaz, Misty Blue,

The pet's or children that we hold near and dear to our hearts will never be forgotten. They each touch us in their own special well. Whether it be my loving cat Fastrac that I rescued when I was in college 11 years ago who passed away in 2000. He always knew when to come and comfort. Whether it was my young Toby who lost his life at a young age of 10 months to FIP. Who would have known he would have touched my heart so much in the short time I had him. Then there is my faithful companion of 13 years My beloved rottweiler Spaz. She was always there and always knew when I was home. She is greatly missed. Then some may not realize but there are those who are much bigger in our lives that touch us and help us to escape the busy world we live in. My wonderful horse Misty Blue. She was lossed very unexpectedly from a heart attack. You see I know the grieving process and miss my wonderful friends greatly. Yet they are always as close to my heart when I need them. Whether it be the pictures I have or the memories I have shared. Losing a member of my family is hard because they are my kids and to lose 4 with in 5 years is difficult. But you get through and you move on. They will never be replaced but your heart is always opened up again for a few more beloved furry kids. To those out there who have lost a pet I know it is difficult. You lose apart of you. I see it every day in my line of work and it does not get any easier whether it be my own beloved family member or someone else's furry companion. You all are thought of often and are not alone.


Fatchou, 01/07/98-11/14/02

In memory of a real little fighter-although he was really sick for over three years, he hung on like a real champ. Saw me through a serious health problem like the true pal he was, and then said, I will never forget you!

Sylvia Stamou

Fats, 10/17/89-11/19/03

To my devoted and wise old friend of 14 years. I will miss you. I pray that I served you well.

Connie & Stephen Ruggirello

Fatso, 03/19/03

She was only here long enough to let us love her. Then she left.

The Moy/Robin/Morrison Family

Fatty (Biskit), 01/01/80-08/14/03

You where the best friend I ever had it was so hard to let you go but I knew it was time. I miss you so much-hope you found grandpa when you got there and susie!!! I love you so much----love mom


Fatty, 11/05/03

The only friend I have ever had that I never had to call on, because you were always there, from the moment we met until the moment you left.

Ed Lease

Fayr Wynds Bronze Star (Brooke), 4/1/90-3/1/03

Rest in Peace Brooke....go find Bunny and Ashley..
I Love you,

FB (aka Tubby, Striper), 04/92-04/28/03

Our cat FB was a loving, happy cat that was always had love to give to everyone and loved to be around people. Our hearts are so very saddened at his passing. His companions Willie and Sydney miss his terribly and although we have many happy and fond memories our hearts and house will never be the same and we cherish his memory... we love you FB.

Stacy Maxwell

Fearless The Wonder Dog, 03/03/03

This dog was my best friend. From the day I was born he was always with me. He was playful, fun, and always happy. For 18 years he lived. He lived for all 15 years of my life. My parents loved him too. Eventually, age and sickness made us finally admit that we had to put him to sleep. I miss him now, but I know he's in a better place and that I'll see him again.

Tyler King

FeFe, 06/30/91-08/08/03

My dockies help me make it through hard times as well as having the Lord on my side they are always there, when my children went off the college and got married they were there to be with me and my husband each day.

Darlene Strickland

FeFE, 7/04/88-04/07/01

We miss you and love you forever

Kathleen Kenneth Robotnik

Feistie Ann, 04/12/85-04/29/02

A beautiful Little Girl I so miss

Felice (Pretty Girl), 05/25/03

"Felice" (also "Pretty Girl") was one of the greatest gifts of my life. I found her and it took three days to get her into my car. On the third day at 10:00 p.m., I desperately prayed to God out loud asking for help and I had her on a leash within less than one minute. So I called her the "God Dog". She had a wonderful temperament. She was my shadow. She was closer to me than anyone. She taught me much about faith and life. I miss her terribly. Our 13 years were wonderful. I love you. Felice !

Felicity, 09/96-11/21/03

Gods speed Felicity we all love you and will miss you forever


Felicity, 02/20/98-01/24/03

Felicity was a fierce guardian of her home and territory, a tenacious and impressive hunter, a loving and generous companion, and the Light of Barbara's Life. She was known for her striking physical beauty and strong will, and was possessed of a pure and joyful spirit, a brave heart --and a wild streak of abandon that made her both a challenge and a delight.

Felix, 08/05/00

Baby-boy, Beep's Alive, I miss your mooing-cow self and the way you had to touch some part of me as we slept. I know the earthquakes freaked you out since birth--you'd feel so much safer in our new home.

I miss you terribly but I wouldn't want you to have suffered any more than you already did. I wish you & Ti-Ti weren't so good at masking your illnesses. I'm so glad I got to say goodbye.

Now that Laydy has joined you, I hope it's happier for you.

Love, your mommy.

Felix 1, 10/02/00

She came to our family in Feb. of 1994. She just adopted us and soon found a home. She was around 3 or so. She was really a family cat, but in November that same year I found out I had breast cancer and Felix became only my cat. She would lay with me after I came home from my surgeries, my chemo and radiation treatments. She would lay next to my breast and not let me out of her sight. She seemed to be waiting for me when I came home. When I was well, she once again became the family cat. My husband and I soon separated and I took Felix with me. She slept with me and would plop down next to me and just hang out. Then, in late September it was discovered that she also had cancer and I had to gently have her put to sleep on October 2nd, 2000. She died in my arms and I buried her in one of my breast cancer walk T-shirts. What is so strange is that on of my daughters friends found a small kitten that same day alone on the road with its dead mother. Its eyes were still closed. We took that kitten and nursed her. That little kitten was named Felix 2 and I think she thinks she is human...LOL...I miss Felix 1 and will always remember the love that she gave me during my illness and divorce...Thank you Felix 1.

Felix Frisky, 10/17/01

Felix will always be in my heart, I will never forget him. He was my best friend for 8 years of my life, and those 8 years were filled with love and happiness. I still miss him to this day, but I look forward to seeing him again someday.

Marisa Adams

Felixx, 04/30/92-02/15/03

My beloved friend, your unconditional love and friendship will always live in my heart. I will never be able to recover from losing you. My heart is broken and my tears won't stop because I miss you so. I love you so much and will see you in heaven.

Liz Messina

Felonie, 09/06/03

Felonie died at 6:15am while I was checking on him. He had feline AIDs, and it had caught up with him. I'm glad that I was there and he wasn't alone, though. He was such a people-cat. I'll always miss him.


Felony von Axel, 07/15/93-05/29/03

Felony you were the best dog in the world. You helped me when I was sick and I regret that I could not help you with the cancer that took you from me. I cry every day since you left me. You were a legend at the ahdra drag races there were alot of tears when the news hit the track. You went every race with me and nothing was ever stolen from our pit. The whole pit crew misses you dearly. I just can not get over you not in my life anymore.
I love you my best friend

Fenway, 02/26/95-11/08/03

Thank you for your love and companionship...we will love you and miss you forever.

Jill and Justin

Ferdinand, 10/15/03

We lost our beloved Ferdinand in a house fire on October 15th, 2003. I used to take him everywhere with me in the car, since he loved riding so. That day I decided to leave him at home. I will never forgive myself.


Ferdinand, 04/10/01-02/04/03

Ferdinand was a very sweet, mischievous little ferret who used to rest his chin on my foot when he would get tuckered out. He was the baby of the family and when I first got him at age 5 weeks he couldn't stand to be left alone in his cage and would cry until I picked him up, so I had to carry him around in my shirt the first few days until I broke down and brought home Seersha from the local ferret rescue. He was the only pet I've ever had who almost never, ever "made a mistake" and missed the box. He loved canned pears and Ferretone and paper bags. He would come when I called him, even when we were playing outside. He had beautiful sable point markings and his fur was as soft as peach fuzz. He was the most affectionate ferret I've ever met and I miss him so much. He got sick suddenly last night and we had to put him down this morning. We still don't know what was wrong.

Fergie, 3/17/86-04/14/03

Our beautiful Fergie gave us many years of loving companionship and we will miss her dearly. She led an exemplary life that all cats deserve but rarely get. She was the smartest, most loving, loyal cat we ever had but she left us last week to be with her old friends Bumble (d. 1997) and Honky (d. 2002). I like to think of them together again over the Rainbow Bridge.

Cora Snyder

Fergie, 05/21/88-03/26/03

You were my sunshine, my only sunshine.

Vickie Catton

Fergie, 1/31/02

How can I thank you girl?
You saved my life from intruders and loved me unconditionally.
You found a way into my guarded heart with your sweetness and nobility.
How can I thank you girl?
for always putting yourself last.
For being selfless and loyal and never holding a grudge for the past.
How can I thank you girl?
For giving me the time I needed to open my heart to you.
For filling it with joy and sweet moments that will always be too few.
How can I thank you girl?
For helping me through so many times when I was down.
You brought warmth, laughter and joy and made this empty house a home.

My dear Fergie mamas, you were a loving mother and a trusted friend.
Our home will never be the same without you, but we will remember you always and cherish our memories. Thank you baby.

Max and Dora

Fergie Duchess of Roanoke, 03/28/00-08/17/03

A very special fur baby. She gave us many hours of love & devotion. Sadly missed.

Carolyn Duncan

Ferlin, 06/?/91-05/09/03

My boy Ferlin. I saved you so many years ago from being put to sleep, and you repaid that a thousand times over by adding so much love and joy to my life. I am so sorry I could not save you this time from the cancer that caused your illness. I know you tried so hard to fight it and I thank you for that last good day we spent together. I knew it got harder for you to hold on and I didn't want to see you in any more pain. There will always be a part of my heart that is missing with out you here beside me. I will love you forever.
Until we will meet again at the bridge.

Love Mommy XOXO

Fern, 10/05/92-10/23/03

This is in memory of our beautiful baby Fern. We miss you and love you so much. You were the greatest gift from God we ever had and you will always be with us in our hearts. You will be with Mommy and Daddy again and we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ferrtett & Wuf Wuf, 17/07/03

My babies, I am so sorry. I promised you I would protect you forever and I failed. I lost you both to illegal baits, when I don't even poison rats. It seems so unreal to me.
I have cried for you every day since you left, and the pain in my heart is unbearable. I miss my girls so much. I wish I could see your smiling little faces, greet me at the door at night, and I long to give you a big cuddle, and for the little kisses you used to plant on my nose. Your squeeky toys sit silent, along with Podge (who is so sad), and dad.
Our house is no longer a home without you. Love always, Mum.

Fia, 10/15/95-02/16/03

The sweetest and most obedient dog. She had a black and tan coat, which was softer than silk and which shone in the sun, like a horse's. I will miss her a lot.

Henza Dantier

Fida, 6/17/98

Fida, I miss you. You were always that "little" angel and the friend I could talk to. I remember when I had to let you stay in that nasty place with that nasty Tita Gely, but you knew I would come back for you and I did. Fida, I miss the days when I could cuddle you and you'd just be there.. on my bed. I remember if was raining then when I lost you and I was drenched but I had to look for you and found you.. You always came back to me.
I know that during the days when my grandma was dying you were dying too.. I hope I was there for you. I came home when grandma died.. and when I looked for you no one could say a word. You were gone too. I love you, Fida.
Now I have this HUGE Bugsey.. and I wonder sometimes if you sent him to take care of me. I love you Fida and I know that you're with my grandma Addie in heaven with Jesus and the angels.


Fidele, 06/91-01/31/03

We grieve at the loss of our beautiful, faithful companion. The house is empty without you. We know the blood clot in the spine paralyzed both of your legs, we know that a swift runner like you could not continue to exist in that condition. We know that you were in pain. But it all happened in a split second. One minute you were walking in the doorway; the next minute your whole back end just collapsed and you were writing in pain, struggling valiantly to get back on your feet, and crying that most pitiful sound we had never heard from you before.

And now you, our magnificent, regal companion, are gone. Gone forever from our home. But you are still in our hearts and always will be. We sob and grieve throughout the days and nights. We cannot believe what has happened. It is so difficult to accept.

We will always love you, dearest departed one. Your mother won best of breed at the Westminster Show. Your father was the leading sire in the country. But you, were the champ of all champs to us. We miss you so terribly, Fidele.

We know that we will someday be reunited, for Heaven would not be Heaven without you in it. Lorraine & Russell

Fido Cat, 10/10/87-01/16/02

Avery special friend who took care of me for 14.5 years. miss him dearly.


Fiend & Dupas, 1996

Even the smallest of creatures need lovin.

The Azua Family

Fifa Gomez, 05/??/00-04/19/03

This pain that I'm going through is nothing compared to the joy I received from you. I love you and I know that you loved me too , for you tried with everything you had just to jump on my bed one last time and sleep beside me. I loved how you always convinced me that it was okay to take those extra five minuets of sleep in the morning. you'd always look at me from under the covers while I put on my make-up and got ready for school. Like you there will never be another. You were so special God decided to take you on Easter Sunday. I hope you're enjoying heaven, I sure hope you found your dad up there. I know we'll meet again, so I can finish teaching you to play jacks. I love you so much , thank you for the unconditional love that I didn't think was possible. You're not here anymore but you'll always be in my heart , and I cant wait until I can see you again, with love Roxy p.s. Tison, tita, and cookie miss you alot.

Fifi, 02/14/84-05/24/03

In memory of a loyal, loving little dog who always had a smile (well, 'most always!) for her people. The years went by too fast, Feef. We miss you. You're in our hearts and memories, 'til we meet again...

Trey & Debra Ward

Figaro, 04/09/94-10/13/00

"The cat has too much spirit to have no heart" -- Ernest Menault

Rose & Greg Washak

Fingers, 07/82-02/02/03

Fingers was a very special little girl in our family. We will miss her deeply and loved her very much.

Jackie Porter

Finigan, 06/23/03

Finigan, Thanks for the amazing 15 years you gave us. We will always miss you and think of you. There will always be a hole in my heart and your pawprints will forever be across my heart. Miss you so much already.


Finja Von Der Holme, 11/13/03

We brought our Finja from northern Germany as a tiny puppy to her new home in the USA 13 years ago. She was our loyal companion, so often making us laugh. She was our pride and joy, our loving "super Teck" who loved nothing better than snuggling with us on the couch.

Our sweet darling fought so hard and strong against congestive heart failure. For eight weeks she had mostly good days, sometimes acting as if she were completely well. On the night of Nov. 12, 2003 she began to fail. She was struggling so hard to breathe all night long. She was suffering and in such pain. The next morning her eyes seemed to ask, "You have cared for me and loved me all my life. Why can't you help me now?" We knew it was time. She was peacefully put to sleep in our arms this morning. Although we are glad she is finally at peace and in God's hands, we are suffering here in our home. Our sweet Finja is gone, but her spirit will remain with us forever.

Jackie and Carsten Schmidtke

Finn, 05/28/01-11/12/03

We love our little boy, Finn.
He was a social, vibrant, playful little guy.. very affectionate and loving.
He made our first two months of marriage an absolute joy as he was our little baby.
We will always remember you, Finnah.

Daniel and Meghan

Finnegan, 04/21/03-10/11/03

I love you and miss you Finnegan. You brought such joy into my life, and have left far too soon. I take comfort in knowing that you are in a place now where there is no pain, no disease; only peace and happiness. Until the day arrives that we can be together again, you will forever be in my heart.

Caroline Halliday

Fishie, 09/86-04/11/03

Fishie, we know that you are with your first human Mommy Lisa because she picked her special day to come for you. We know that you are playing in the meadow of flowers by her feet and your old friend Mannie is there too. We know that you are young again and playful, frolicking and happy. We know baby. We know.

Please don't mind us if we grieve. We love you so much. You were always the sweetest baby from the moment took you home to our old apartment, to the sad day Daddy and I had to take you to live with us when she passed. You were always so warm and loving, compassionate and intuitive. You had the gift of knowing just when we needed a little paw reaching out to us, or your loud, loud purr to cheer us when we were down.

These last few weeks we knew you were not well, but you wouldn't let us cry for long. You still tried your best to cheer us and make us believe that all was well. You were absolutely the kindest friend to us. What more can I say. We are going to miss you so much, but we wish you happiness at the Rainbow Bridge with Lisa and Manny.

Love you forever and ever, Mommy Pam and Daddy Pat

Fishy, 02/01/03-07/07/03

Sweet pup. Lost in front of my ice cream shoppe to a car hit. Watched it happen. I'm a pet fan. Tough on me. Watched her chest heave to breathe. Had my hand on her her big heart stopped. Never knew her, but I did....... That was someone's joy. That was somebody's smile tomorrow. Tomorrow, someone will wonder and worry. And three days from now, they....will....internally know what happened. they will not see her again. they won't find her body.....I buried any respectable pet owner would. But I'll feel their pain. Keep them close guys. Love on them.


Fizz, 04/12/03

I can't forget the first day you came into my life, there was a knock on the door, and when I opened it, there you where, in his shoulder, a little tinny skinny black kitten, bright yellow eyes, wide open. I immediately reached to hold you, and you fizzed at me, that was how you got your name, I never had before any pets, and suddenly I had you, you helped me learn and you where so patient with me, I never saw you a my pet, you became my son, my reason to come home, my companion, you grew up in my shoulder taking long walks and drives, people used to stare at us because people don't usually walk with their cat in their shoulder, it was fun. You taught your grandpas, your aunts and everyone that came close to you to love you, you were so smart, so loving. You taught poor Victoria to become a cat. My dear little one, you are so missed, I know you are in a better place now, still it's hard to come home and not find you waiting in the sofa, it's hard to leave Victoria alone, it's so hard to let go, please know I love you more than I can possible express, that you where the best of cats, that I cherish the brief time we had together and that I consider it the best time of my life, and that I only hope we can someday meet again. So long, my little tiger drop.

Flaca, 04/11/03

a wonderful and charming cat; the most feminine cat I've ever known. always so full of life, and taken from us so suddenly and without warning. we'll always miss her.

Cyn Oszust

Flamebo, 11/11/90-12/15/98

You were the best dog I ever knew. I miss you and I love you.


Flash, 06/24/03

Dear Flash: I am so lost without you! You were truly my "rock" when your brother Jake passed. I know you and him are both with god now, wrestling around like we used to together! I love you so very much and your absence is devastating! Keep your brother company always and save a place for me when the good lord calls. I love you boy! You will always be my little "pork-chop"! Give Jake a nice big "tumble" in the grass and we all will one day be together again! I miss you something awful! GOD BLESS !


Flash, 06/15/90-06/09/03

Dear Flashie,
We'd do anything to have you back with us. Oh how we want to have you playing peekaboo with us; to have you sprawled across Mommy's pillow every night; to have you playing mountain goat on Daddy's chest only to curl up like a big baby; to hear you galloping like a horse with your sister Coco; to have you pounding the shower door every morning to come into the shower; to have you greet us at the door every time we come home. We so want to watch you chirping at the birds outside; to be able to hold your big 6 toed paws; to feel your thick beautiful coat; to watch those bright mischievous aqua eyes. You were so feisty, so funny, so bad, so totally full of life and so much fun! You were so sociable and such a huge and important part of our family. We are so sad not to have you here but we just didn't want you to endure yet more procedures if your getting better was still so elusive. We pray you understand. Your absence is so profound-you were such a special big boy and we will always love you and wish for you to be here. Coco looks for you all over the house and cries all night long because she misses you too. She always loved you too. Please please come back to us someday.............Mommy, Daddy and Coco

Flash, 10/27/89-02/08/03


Fe know you are with Alta, and that makes us all happy. Have fun together! We love you.

Julie, Brian, Sadie & Luc Louther

Flatbush, 05/27/03

Flatbush, my beautiful brown tabby, came to me through a friend at work. The friend couldn’t keep him anymore; he was moving into a building that didn’t allow cats. I took Flatbush sight unseen, but when I did finally lay eyes on him, it was true love. I’d never seen a brown tabby before, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. As it turned out, with his big yellow eyes, lush fur and good nature, he was an easy cat to love. Smart, affectionate, opinionated, and with the spirit of an adventurer, Poose always kept things interesting.

The first thing I learned was that he had a lot to say, and everyone who met him discovered this quickly enough. In fact, in the first couple of months that Flatbush and I were together, a neighbor told me he’d meow throughout the day; I figured he was lonely and got him a little buddy, an orange tabby that I named Merlin, who became his boon companion. First Flatbush was his older brother, teaching him The Way of the Cat; occasionally he was Mommy—Merlin even tried to nurse on him, which was pretty hilarious. But mostly, they were best friends, sleeping together, cleaning each other, playing tag.

Flatbush had a habit of getting into scrapes he couldn’t get out of. His first was escaping onto the roof of the first apartment we were in together. That was my first act of animal rescue. The second was his Sunday Morning Fire Escape Escapade, which started with him climbing out of the window of our second-story apartment and ended with me climbing a fire escape to rescue him, with an audience of about 20 people on the ground who applauded when I finally grabbed him. His third was the Great Balcony Fall of 2001, from which he recovered with barely a scratch--but he never did get the hang of walking on balcony railings again. He was a climber of furniture, my pillow-sharing buddy, and he had the heart of a hunter, bagging seven feral mice at our first apartment before we moved to a place.

When we got to Seattle, he mellowed a bit, learned to love the rain as much as a patch of sun on the carpet, slept to the right of my pillow nightly and learned the joys of hanging out on the balcony to watch the birds. This was where he learned to live with an upstart kitten named Spanky, and where he lived out the rest of his days.

He was a good, dear cat and a stalwart, empathetic companion. He'll be in my heart forever. He was my sweet Poose.

Janna Silverstein

Flea, 06/06/94-12/04/03

To our beautiful greyhound FLEA, our "crappy-cuddle dog". Thankyou for nine and a half wonderful years. So many more were planned....
You will always be our "puppy-girl", bunnying with Mackie at Rainbow Bridge. We will love and miss you forever.
Happy bin-raiding darling. We wish we could hold you again XXX

Helen and Martin

Fletcher, 05/09/89-11/14/02

Our big boy Fletcher! We miss you so and all your silliness! You will always be our special boy dog. Love, mommy, daddy, Jaxon, Datil and Frownie

Fletcher, 06/22/03

though we only had you in our lives a very short time, you touched our family in countless ways. Rest in Peace Baby Boy


Fletcie, 03/01/02-08/01/02

Fletcie came into our lives out of nowhere and left far too quickly.
After his death we found a kitten who was virtually identical to him.
I truly believe Fletcie is Frieda's guardian angel who crossed the bridge in order that she would come to us.

Sheila Emanuel

Flip, 06/15/03

Flip was the most affectionate and loving animal I've ever had. He was always there for me if I was down and he survived so much illness I was always amazed his little heart kept beating for so long.

He died peacefully at home yesterday and we miss him terribly. I love you always Flip and will never ever forget you. Perhaps some day we can be together again.

Nanette Blanchard

Flipper, 12/17/93-02/08/03

Take my love with you. My baby, my little girl.

Flippy, 02/18/87-01/11/03

We loved our flippy. We had her for over 15yrs. We will always remember her.

James Jackson

Flo, 08/05/03

You were the best dog I've ever had, and I miss you very much. Your love and kind heart will be with me forever. I love you Flo!

Scott Raile

FloJo, 06/15/99-06/03/03

FloJo was a wonderful, exceptionally intelligent and docile pet. She loved to go for car rides and visit Petsmart and ride in the shopping cart. She gave a lot of love and sat with us when we didn't feel well to offer whatever comfort she could. And she left us much too soon, the victim of a vicious attack. No one could ever replace her in our hearts.

Chriss Pagani and Christa Haight


We love you Floppsy! You will be missed until we meet again. You'll always be in my heart and you'll never be replaced. You were and always will be the best bunny in the world. Kisses and Hugs my little bunny baby.

Flopsey, 07/08/03

Flopsey was a wonderful friend to me. He was always a comfort to myself and to the many people at the retirement home he visited once a month. May he always remember how much I love him and how grateful we all are for being able to share his life with him.

Flossie, 01/01/93-06/02/03

We will miss you Flossie! Hope to see you in doggy heaven one day!


Flower, 02/06/88-09/13/96

Nothing I could say would be an adequate tribute to my wonderful little friend. She was very fun and loving and I miss her terribly.

Donald J. Hennig

Floyd, 12/12/03

Last night, sweet boy, after 10 years together, we let you go. Our hearts were broken to have to say "so long" to you. Take our love with you on your journey "home" and know that in our are never far from us. The tears we shed can never wash away the happiness you gave to us or the memories that you left us. You are our good boy now and always.

Candi McClintock

Floyd, 08/24/88-10/12/03

I'll always remember and love you Floyd. Forever Together, Forever Love.

Kevin Cogan

Floyd, 02/01/89-06/18/02

I miss you. Keep an eye out for Sinbad. He has joined you. Mom.

Floyd (Big Kitty), 07/28/03

He got behind the car as I was backing out this afternoon and I ran over him. He died in a minute or two as my son and I petted him. He will be missed. Any and all thoughts for me and my family would be appreciated as my running him over has been really traumatic. Thanks

Bill Radke

Floyd, 06/21/03

Today we said goodbye to our dear kitty Floyd. Floyd, we consider ourselves fortunate that you chose us to spend the last year or so with. Floyd was a stray that adopted us. He lived in the canyon behind our house and came to visit us daily. We provided Floyd with food and water and a patio for shelter if he choose to use it. Floyd only let Jen and I pet him. We would play with him as much as we could and administer first aid as needed for him. Although we could not fully pick up Floyd and bring him in to share our home with our other kitties, he was a valued member of our family. Floyd became sick about a week ago and we really just noticed him in bad shape yesterday. We took him to the vet this morning and did everything we could to save his life, but unfortunately Floyd passed over the rainbow bridge as the Dr. was trying to diagnose his illness. Floyd we want you to know we love you with all our hearts and we will remember you forever! Although our time together was brief, you left some very special paw prints on our hearts! Try not to fight to much with the other cats in heaven Floyd. We know you will be a good boy. Rest in Peace our dear Floyd! We will all play together again someday our dear friend! You were our friend here are Earth, now you are our angel in heaven.

Floydie, 04/04/88-11/29/03

See you at Rainbow bridge, Horace. Thanks for your love, your loyalty and your lovely wee

Patrice Kinloch

Fluffanutter, 10/15/03

We adopted Fluffanutter at a young age in 1999, not sure of his actual age. Fluff was a reddish brown and white male bunny. He was small his entire life. We already had 5 other bunnies at the time but couldn't let Fluff go to a pet store. Fluff was great! He had a habit of stomping his foot first thing in the morning when we went out to feed all the bunnies. Actually he did not stomp at me as much as my wife. Fluff was my buddy and I miss him very, very much! I would hold Fluff as I watched TV, or play with him on the porch.

John & Ann Hickey

Fluffer, 06/97-07/28/03

A very special cat, I'll love you always.

Fluffer, 7/01/86-1/10/03 & Sunshine, 6/01/88-1/10/03

For Fluffer & Sunshine Gagnon, passed on 1-10-03. The happiest day of my life was bringing you both home. The most gut wrenching was the day I sent you both to heaven to become angels. You were my pride & joy. The loves of my life. My two babies. So wait for me at Rainbow Bridge & run & play & be happy until I can come for you & we can be together again. Thank you for letting me be your mamma. I will love you forever & a day! Mamma Sandy.

Fluffers, 02/04/89-11/08/03

"flufferino's" was by far a very brave, loving and exceptional cat.
I miss her terribly and can only pray that her new journey in life brings her all the peace and love that she has given me all these years.

Maureen L. Daly

Fluffo, 08/18/03

Beautiful longtime companion, gentle soul.

Deb Dunbar

Fluffy, 08/01/87-12/10/87

Good buddy, I miss you!
Flurper, Fluffer, Chubs.
You were always there with unconditional love.
Hope you are happy with Ginger Baby. You'll always be in my thoughts.


Fluffy, 10/10/97-09/16/03

Fluffy, you will never see the tears that glisten my eyes while mourning the loss of you. I will never see your sparkling peridot eyes ever again, nor will I hear your musical meow You will never know how good it felt when you gave love to a freak like me. Fluffy, no matter what other pet I may have, it will never fill the void that was centered around your existence.
,....Why did you have to die?

Kayla Duffy

Fluffy, 10/13/03

Fluffy was a stray my Mom took in that was sitting outside her mobile home. She took her in. A few years later my Mom was dying and I would take Fluffy to the nursing home to visit. Fluffy would lay on her bosum and purr. It made all the difference in the world.

After my mother died, Fluffy had another God-given mission, to win my heart. He did. Nuzzling up to my face purring. Fluffy stole my heart.

Recently he had a lump on his chest. It was cancer. The vet said he was a lot older than we thought he was. He had surgery and he was bouncing back, then a set back. We brought him back to the vet, and she found a mass in his abdomen. So it was care and comfort time. Fluffy continued to decline. The vet came over and he was put to sleep in my arms.

The love he gave and I received was immeasurable. The love that he brought out in me was beyond belief. That's why I'm grieving. I miss his wrestling matches in the morning with his "brother" Seamus, like the World Wide Wrestling Federation while having morning coffee. Fluffy was a treat beyond compare.

He is with God now. His work here is done. He up there with my Mom, enjoy the show Mom!

Fluffy thanks for winning my heart, softening my nature, filling me with love.

Farewell and a Following Sea

To you FLUFFY - healer and patriot

Fluffy or 'Baby Fluff', 03/01/98-09/06/03

You were the sweetest, kindess and best Baby anyone could ever have. Grammie and PaPa miss you so much. We will always love you, our "Baby Fluff".

Fluffy, 05/14/80-09/04/03

Fluffy was my loving dear and faithful friend and companion. She was with us for 23 wonderful years and I sure will miss her dearly. I thank the Lord for the time we had together. I will see you at the bridge, Fluffy, Love you dearly, John and Linda.

Fluffy, 05/06/86-08/25/03

Gave 17 years of love

Pam & Frank

Fluffy, 7/25/03

I'll see you and Patches at Rainbow Bridge, you silly thing. I love you. Don't ever forget that.

Fluffy, 1995-05/17/03

Fluffy was a very special, loving dog who was extremely loyal, loving and watchful. I miss her deeply and cry often because I miss her so much. She leaves behind her buddy, Muffy, a medium sized black retriever mutt who she "raised" from a little puppy. Together they looked like Mutt and Jeff patrolling the backyard. Thank you God for the little companion you gave me!

Ginger Worrell

Fluffy, 05/12/03

Fluffy was my best friend for sixteen years. She passed on this morning from heart failure. But I do not want to remember the hard times, just the happy. We got Fluffy from the humane society, and she became my instant best friend! She stood next to me throughout countless bad relationships, life changes, and growing up. I love her always, peace be with you my friend, until we meet again!



Fluffy, 02/17/03

Fluffy died alone at the Emergency Vet. We couldn't get there on time before the injection since she was in too much distress. She was a small ball of furr, but a very strong cat!! She was so cute! We thank her for her time with us and hope that we enabled her to have a good life, even if we couldn't keep her alive... We'll love her always!!

Folond, 5/10/03

Dear God,

Please accept our friend "Folond" into your kingdom, protect him, make him young again, and remind him always that he is missed, loved, and will be in our hearts forever. He was a son, brother, and best friend to many. He will be missed dearly

Fonzie, 06/10/03

I love you, my darling, my heart's dearest, my baby, my friend. I love you.

Foo-Foo Dog, 10/15/87-09/06/03

In March of 1988, a wet ball of fur appeared on our doorstep. I was away on a canoe trip at the time, and when I returned, I really didn't want to keep her. But when I sat down and my wife released her, she bounded into my lap and stayed with us for sixteen years.

On Sept. 6th, we had to let her go.

I never realized how the loss of something so small could leave such an enormous hole in my heart. We never knew how this wet ball of fur could change our outlook that a dog is not an animal, but part of our family.

We love you and miss you Fuji.

Foolish, 04/01/89-01/08/03

The best co-driver a girl ever had. Remember, HOLD ON!! Good dog. Go find Daddy, and I'll be there when I can. Here's a bone. I love you Fool. Mommy

Foot, 86-08/28/03

I love you, tinkey pooh. We've been through 17 wonderful years. Mommy is so sorry she couldn't fix this one. Thank you for all the love you taught me. I don't know how to let go. Please come see me in my dreams. You can take care of Moma now and play with JC & Jingles. I will miss you so, you are my heart.

Forrest (Gimpy), 9/5/01-07/17/03

You made our lifes so bright with laughter and joy. We will always love you and have you in our hearts. We miss you gimpy boy. Your sister misses you and so does your brother. We will make it through this and you will help us. Keep being sexy gimpy.


Foxway Gaylord's Boomer, 01/10/91-03/21/03

To a loving companion of 12 years who was dear to the many heats he touched. Your unique personality warmed the heart's of everyone who came in contact with.

Go chase your little football now! Until we meet at the bridge.

John Lang

Foxy, 04/29/02-08/03/03

Our sweet Foxy died tonight after being run over accidentally by a neighbor. She was the light of our lives, especially my daughter Rachel. Rachel even wrote a book about her and took it to a writer's conference. We will miss you Foxy. Love, Your family


We got "Foxy" from a Pomeranian breeder. That day, he was the only one left of the litter - when asked of the breeder "why is he the last one", she remarked "someone has to be last". We chuckled, immediately fell in love with the little guy and took him home. named him "FOXY", as his Daddy looked like a Fox. He was now a member of our family forever.

His first summer with us was fun. We had a big weeping willow tree that hung down close to the ground. One afternoon we looked out the door, and saw "Foxy" grabbing hold of the end of the willow branch and swinging from it. What a joy - we knew he would be a "foxy" dog.

As the years past, he grew up to be a healthy, happy 16 lb bundle of Pom. Loved to go riding in the Van to the various parks. Only the last two years of his life did he develop problems. He had been diagnosed with a cataract in his left eye, enlarged heart, as well as an inoperable tumor on his heart. Vets gave him only a couple of months to live with the heart problem, that was 1 1/2 years ago. But with medication to keep the tumor from growing rapidly, he lived on and happy until two weeks ago. His "quality of life" finally gone.

Our "FOXY" will be truly missed after 14 1/2 yrs. - now he has gone to the "Rainbow Bridge", happy, and with no pain. Only the pain in our hearts exist.

Merrily & Bill Gieseking

Foxy (Lick Lick), 05/01/97-05/06/03

Atruly loving gentle soul who loved everyone. Your brothers and I miss you so much.

Eleanor Mead

Foxy, 06/24/87-05/02/03

"It is the experience of living that is important, not searching for meaning. We bring meaning by how we love the world." Bernie S. Siegel M. D.

Thank you for all you taught us about life & love, Foxy. We'll always love you!

Mom & Dad

Foxy, 11/04/00

My dearest one, I loved you so and you took part of my heart with you. We were together for 16 1/2 years, the best, sweetest little dog I have ever known. I would give anything to hold you close one more time.


Foxy Lady Pack, 04/17/03

Precious gifts are all to few, that's why God made just one of you

For my little angel - Foxy Lady Pack.

Fozzie, 07/02/93-06/10/03

My dearest friend, I will miss you until we meet once again. One day a small bundle plopped at my feet. You picked us that day. Why you were chosen to stay on a scant 10 years, I will never know, but thank you. You will be missed. Enjoy the sun my dear friend, until we are together again.

Charles and Wendy

Fozzie Bear, 07/04/91-12/23/02

Fozzie, You are sadly missed. You were our True Friend. You will remain in our hearts forever. We will meet at Rainbow Bridge!

Ron & Debi Pike

Frack, 12/05/03

We rescued Frick & Frack off the highway a few years ago and gave them a nice safe loving home but they decided to dig out last Thurs and ended up getting shot. I don't know how anyone can do such a horrid thing. Frick survived but will be Frack-less forever. We miss our sweet friend.

Sally & David Thomas

Francis Bridges, 10/10/92-03/21/03

Fran, we love and will miss you always. Thank you so much for the time we spent together. You always gave us so much. For protecting us when Dad was traveling the girls and I can never thank you enough for the piece of mind you gave us. When we were not feeling well you were always right there to help make us feel better. Life will be soooo much more quiet without you here. We enjoyed having you in our family you will remain forever in our hearts. Rest easy Fooman it's time...
We love you
Daddy, Mama, sissys: Aubrey, Moriah, Mikayla and your little bro Cappy

Francis Peters, 05/05/94-07/08/03

Francis Peters Born May 5, 1994 to a litter of 9 puppies. He was the largest puppy of the litter and grew to be as big as 136 pounds. His mother, Shadow, was a Rottweiller, and his father was a black Labrador Retriever. Francis was black and brown with markings like a Rottweiler, longish fur, the body of a large Rottweiller and his head was shaped somewhere between a Rottweiller and a Labrador's, but larger than both. Even as a puppy he was very head strong and independent, but extremely friendly to man and beast. While still living with his mother and litter mates, one evening he lifted his head to the moon and began to howl. His litter mates followed suit. I saw all these puppies sitting up and howling at the moon together. He loved to howl and did so with beautiful tone, if not perfect control. His large barrel chest was almost like the base of an instrument. He would howl to music, especially harmonica music or guitars and would often modulate his tone to match the chords being played. He also would join people singing and would never miss a chance to howl to a fire engine siren. He howled with my band the Foxgloves through many rehearsals and performed on stage with the band on a few occasions. Although, his desire to greet a friend would sometimes distract him from the performance. I last heard him howl on Saturday. He loved to swim (He swam in Lake Saint Clair this past Sunday), go for walks, get petted, eat pizza and ride in the car. His favorite thing of all was meeting new people, new dogs and visiting old friends. He was an excellent guard and I only saw him show fear once: we were at Clark Park, and he spotted a mounted policeman across the park. I don't think he realized how large the horse was, and he dragged me with him as fast as he could to this giant creature. When he got close enough to realize how much bigger it was than him, he crept under a park bench. However, when I reached out to pet the horse, he jumped up from under the bench and got in between me and the horse. Francis growled and bared his teeth bravely at the giant creature in an attempt to protect me. He was extremely smart for a dog. We had to continually change the words we used for his favorite things, to prevent him from getting to frenzied, because he would learn the meaning after just a couple of uses. He seemed to know many people's and dogs' names, and when you mentioned a friend's name, he would look you right in the eye and then go to the window to see if they were coming to his home. He loved almost everyone he ever met and there was no food he would turn down. He was full of life and brought me an immense amount of joy and comfort in the nine years he lived with me. He was diagnosed with bone cancer this week, and his bones were cracking easily. He broke his front leg last Friday. Because of his chronic hip problems and problems with one of his front pads, his veterinarian did not think the usual course of amputation and radiation in the case of bone cancer would be a humane route for Francis. The last week was very difficult for him, and I believe being put to sleep was a relief from the pain for him. Caleb and I were with him as he quietly passed this morning at about 10:00am. He is survived by best friend Emily, cat Uncle Lou, his loving owners, me and Caleb, and many friends of man and beast variety.

Sarah Peters and Caleb Garrison

Frank, 11/06/03

To Frank, who loved his human companions:
we will see you at the rainbow bridge....

Carolyn Wheatley

Frank, 12/18/99-07/20/03

For Frank who left us too early but is loved dearly and will always be remembered.

The Menard Family

Frank, 20/12/88-15/12/02

To Frank I love you more today than yesterday still can't believe your gone love you lots see you soon xxxxlove mum


Franke - Chairman of The Board, 11/19/94-10/23/03

This tribute is for my beloved pekingese dog who died this evening. is breaking my heart. I loved him so. He was a wonderful friend and like a child to me. When I worked in a nursing home Franke would come to work with me 2 or 3 days per week and you could never imaging the pleasure he gave the residents. They loved him. He was so patient with them. He would sit with them for hours. Lay on their beds with them and just seeing these people smile gave me great pleasure. Franke I love you and I will miss you to my dying day. I pray that there is really a doggy heaven because you belong there. Please all pet lovers take care of your pets, tell them you love them each day. Please light a candle for my "little man" and thank you for listening.


Frankie, 01/12/91-11/10/03

We will love you as long as we live.

We will miss you everyday we are alive.

You were the most wonderful part of our lives.

We hope we see you in heaven some day.

The Bondy Family

Frankie (Franklin Delanor Roosevelt), 02/14/90-02/15/03

Valentines day this year brought nothing but heart ache. Our beloved shitzou Frankie turned thirteen and sadly this was to be his last birthday with us. He had a massive stroke that afternoon and died in my daughter Heathers arms the next day. We had him almost six years. He was rescued from an abusive situation. He had a heart as big as his registered name of Franklyn Delanor Roosevelt. We just called him Frankie. This dear little dog loved every creature he ever met. Frankie we love you so much and although our hearts are heavy with tears now, we know that some day we will be with you in Heaven when we cross that rainbow bridge. Thank you for loving us so unconditionally, baby boy. Teri, Crystal, Eric & Heather Ekrom He was born February 14th, nineteen ninety and lived thirteen glorious years.

Frankie, 03/01/03

I loved her in my heart and I will be thinking about every day and night.

Laura Kate

Frankie l, 11/17/90-09/10/99

Will always be remembered as our family bird who we love and miss very much! "old time rock'n roll" right Frankie

Randy, Marg,Shannon Howell

Franklin, 05/15/88-12/05/03

We shared unconditional love and I shall miss him very, very much.

Gail Ann Capehart

Franklin, 11/06/83-06/11/98

We miss you so much, you were such a good "pupper", even with your rat face. We love you very much, and always will.

Glenda and Chris

Franklin, 03/31/03

Mommy's Baby


Franklin, 03/19/86-03/07/03

You were perfect and we will always love you.

Tom & Mark

Frasier, 03/07/03

A much loved friend and companion...'til we meet again

Mary Dorgan

Fransisco (Sister) Isabella Denison, 03/26/03-06/04/03

Sister, Remember I love you and I'll do my best to keep Seven company but I'm not you, so I probably won't be as good at is as you were. Love, Momma

Frazier, 01/16/03

Frazier...The worlds best cat. I affectionately called "My Fraze." You were always there, ready and willing to give a gentle head butt or two and take your most welcomed place on my lap.
I thank you "Fraze" for all the times you listened to me go on and on. For being their all the time, seeing me off to work, waiting by the door to make sure I have returned. I will never forget your mottled ear, your big round yellow eyes and most of all your "special" look.
You have so unselfishly given your love and affection and the only thing you ever asked for in return was a little bit of love.
Even though you have only been gone a short while, I miss you immensely. I can still in my memory see you in your favorite places in our and your house.
Thank you, "My Fraze" for almost 7 years of irreplaceable love and affection. I miss you. Take care wherever you are.

Frazier "My Fraze"; birthday unknown. Departure: 1/16/03.

Take care, Fraze and God Love You.


Frazier Cat Boudreaux, 12/15/03-05/06/03

Frazey-Man, you were my best friend. I think of you all the time. You were the smartest, coolest, sweetest friend anyone could ask for. Although I know you are at peace, although I know that I told you I loved you every day, although I picked you up and hugged you bye before I went to work that morning, I still can't seem to let you go. I didn't know I was saying bye for always and for the last time. I need just one more hug. I need to see you waiting for me in the driveway and walking out to meet me one more time. I need you to jump up on the counter and drool on my hand once more while I fix your dinner bowl. Your sister Emily misses you even more, if that's possible. I'm grateful for the time you were in my life.



We will always miss you! You were a great dog!

Kaydee & Brooke

Freckles, 05/05/03-06/06/03

You were so small and frail, but your heart was huge. You must have been an angel sent down from God, but being able to stay for only a short time. I knew you a little over a week and tried so hard to save you, to keep you here for a lifetime of love. You were doing so well...I was planning out our day together, looking for a new apartment so I could keep you and then you were dying. I'm sorry I couldn't drive you to the hospital faster. I know you heard my screams to God to save you, to keep you in my life. It had only been about a week, but I loved you so much, and I still do today. I hope you heard me tell you over and over again as you lapsed in and out of consciousness, your tiny body oscillating between limp and alert. I held you to my heart but had to give you away at the ER. I'm sorry I wasn't the last person you saw on this earth. I'm sorry that cold, lonely hospital was your last glimpse on earth. I hope you know I wanted to save you, not let you be hurt. Burying you was the worst; someone else had to do it for me. I wanted you to be buried next to your littermate that I found next to you the day that we met, and there your body rests today.

You've given me the hugest soft spot for cats, which helps me in my work but also weakens me when I see defenseless little animals in pain. Why do they have to suffer? It's not fair. I had been so angry at God for not answering me when I begged Him to save you, but God gave me your little sister who brings me so much joy today. I love you so much, Freckles. I always will, my sweet angel.

Jennifer Matera

Freckles, 08/14/99-03/24/02



Freckles, 12/17/98-09/20/03

Freckles was a good pet. I didn't want him to die. It's sad that someone was going so fast that they couldn't see him. You would think people would know how to slow down once in awhile, because it's mean to go so fast when there could be cats or dogs around on the road free. Freckles was cuddly, playful and especially funny. He used to write on the keyboard when my mom was trying to work. He would mess it up. Freckles would sit on papers specially my homework papers. I just want to say goodbye. I love you Freckles for ever!!



You weren't just a dog at the shelter. you were loved by alot of people. What they did to you was soooooo wrong. May God almighty have mercy on their souls. you Daddy, Misty, and B.B. miss you so much. I wish I had got to know you better. May all the animals who went before you from the shelter stand waiting at the gate to greet you.
Love Misty, B.B., Sassy, Calli, Wodie, Travis, Zoey, Christopher Robin, Liberty, & Smokey

Freckles, 09/10/89-03/08/03

You were so special to us. We did everything we could to make your last days special. You were so sick. We thanked God for giving you to us and that if he thought it was time for you to go that we would not be upset. You looked into my eyes and took a deep breath and it was your last. We will miss you. Love Mommie and Daddy

Freckles, 9/12/87-8/19/02

We adopted Freckles at the age of 12 when his former family no longer wanted him and were going to euthanize him instead of finding him another home. Luckily, the vet I worked for, gave Freckles a 24 hour reprieve in which we would try to find him a home. At first look, that was it. I was his, he was mine. For 3 wonderful years Freckles became one of the family. We have another dog, a lab named Tessa, who resented Freck at first but, like everyone else, over time grew to love him.
I never had an animal so attached to me. I never loved an animal so much. On August 19, 2002, as I headed out for the day, I saw Freckles in the corner hunched over. I grabbed my stethescope and listened to him breathe heavily. His gums were white, his eyes hazed, his chest and abdomen growing by the minute. Instantly I took action. I had seen GDV or bloat on a weekly basis at the emergency hospital I now work at and knew time was short. Before we left the house, I turned to Tessa and let her and Freckles sniff each other one more time. They knew they would never see one another again.
We raced to the hospital and I ran him inside. I was in shock as I stepped aside and watched my friends, my co-workers, feverishly work on my beloved Freckles. All the while he just looked at me and I held him. We decided to try to take him to surgery even though x-rays revelealed he was not only bloated but his stomach had twisted (torsed) as well. I knew he was already 15 years old but nothing would stop me from trying.
I wasn't allowed into the surgery room so I watched through the window. They opened him up and despite the surgical masks the doctors and techs were wearing I knew by the look in their eyes that the situation for Freckles was grim. I stepped into surgery and saw that his stomach was already 70% dead due to the blood supply loss when his stomach had torsed. I went out to my family and we decided euthanasia was the most humane thing we could do for Freckles after all he had done for us. The surgeons closed him up and we kept him under anesthesia as we said our goodbyes. My father and I stayed with him as the euthanasia solution took effect. I held his paws and stroked his ears all the while telling him how wonderful he was and that I would see him again someday. His heart took its last beat and the machines were off. My father left and I stayed in the room alone, holding my passed on beloved friend. After a half hour, I gave him one last kiss, covered him with a blanket and went home, alone.
There are times when I dream of Freck and I connect with him through my dreams. Everytime I see him, he is running toward me, just like in the Rainbow Bridge poem. He always lets me know he is alright and he doesn't ever blame me for making the decision to let him die in peace. I know I will see him again and until that time, I look foward to seeing him in my dreams each nite.
Goodbye old boy. I miss you more and more each day. Thank you for coming into my life, even if it was for only a short while. I hope I treated you as well as you deserved to be treated and I will see you again and together we will cross the bridge.

Fred, 12/15/95-11/25/03

My Knuckle Head Fred...I thought I was going to have more time to say good bye to you, 24 hours was not enough.
I hope you saw Barney when you got to the bridge, Please wait for me, I miss you so much.
I'm so sorry for the way it ended, I hope your at peace now.
I will love you forever, mom

Fred, 11/19/03

Freddie, our best boy, we miss you with all of our hearts.

Michele and Gary Peck

Fred, 07/04/90-10/24/03

You taught me how to Love, how to Laugh, how to Live....You are the King Of Waldstrasse....I will see you again soon at the rainbow bridge....Until then you will live in on in every life you touch here on earth...I love you

Laurie Lem


I know if Fred was able to talk with me he would tell me tales about the times he spent with Krista, Colleen, and Abby and how much he loved them. The "kisses" from Abby and the love and attention from Krista and Colleen will always live with him and during his many travels. Where ever Fred is, his very special humans and dog-friend are with him and will always be with him. I also know Fred would want me to tell Krista just how much he loves her and she will always be in his heart. God Bless You and watch over you always Fred, for there is no bunny that is loved more then you.


Fred, 08/18/03

Fred has been a part of our family for nearly 20 years. We knew he was old for a cat and knew his day would come but did not expect it to happen so tragically.

Fred - We are so have been a very special part of our family and will always remain in our hearts. Say "Hi" to Draco and Preston, ok. We will see you guys again one day.


Mommy, Daddy, Jedi, Lady & Pepper

Fred, 07/01/85-08/12/03

Fred, I love you so much and want you here with me more than you could ever know. I only wish for you to be comfortable and happy. You gave me so much joy for the 18 years you lived with me. I miss you so much. Your loving mama always.

Fred, 6/3/03

I lost my best friend on June 3, 2003. Fred was my life, he made all of my days special and he always made me happy whenever I was sad. He was my baby and he always will be. I miss him so much and it's only been six days, I don't know how to deal with this, all I do is cry. I will always have the beautiful memories of Fred with me in my heart to cherish forever. I feel so empty and alone right now, I'd give anything for one more touch of his feathers or one more nibble from his beak. I know God is protecting him and he's not suffering anymore up in heaven. Fred had a huge tumor on his belly, at first I thought it was cancer but it turned out to be xanthoma, which is a fatty benign growth. Freddy was having trouble sitting and doing normal "bird" things because his tumor was getting in the way. I wanted to give him a chance to live a happy life without any suffering. I found a Vet that would operate on him to remove the tumor and his chances seemed pretty good, although because of the xanthoma, the doctor wasn't sure if Freddy's liver was strong enough for the operation. It wasn't even one hour into the operation and I was notified that Freddy went into cardiac arrest and his liver was not strong enough, Freddy passed away around 11:40 AM. Even now as I write this, tears are falling from my eyes and I'm so devastated. I blame myself somewhat because maybe I shouldn't have had him operated on, maybe he could have lived for a while with the tumor. Fred's doctor told me that he probably would not have made it longer than a month even if I wouldn't have had the surgery done, and also that Freddy could have passed away in a lot of pain and suffering. The way that he went to God was through his sleep and I'm so grateful for that. I love him so much and I'll never stop loving him, he'll always be in my heart. I know that one day we'll be together again but until that day comes, I can still talk to him like he's right here on my shoulder because I know he's listening. And anytime I eat popcorn, crackers, pretzels with cheese, and pizza, I'll have a little smile on my face and remember how much Freddy loved his goodies :) I love you Freddy, thanks for brightening my life and thanks for always being there whenever I needed you. You're truly my angel. I miss you baby. Love Christy (mom)

Fred (Fredders), 05/31/03

He'll always be my first baby! I miss him ever so much!!


Fred, 08/08/87-05/02/03

My heart aches now that you are not here with me. I miss you terribly. I am thankful for the time we had. You can never be replaced. A true gentleman among the cat world. Mom loves you.

Fred, 10/01/97-03/14/03


We truely did enjoy that short time that we had with you and will cherish the memories that you have left us with .

We love and miss you big boy.

Shane and Candy

Fred, 02/04/03

Be happy and healthy my Dear Fred, we will be together soon for eternity! I love you with all my heart!

Jim Ratcliff

Fred, 1988-01/15/03

We miss you Fred and Love you always.

Carol Alvarado and Chrissy

Fred Basset, 07/28/00-09/14/03

Dear Fred,

My heart weeps and as it feels so empty without you. I miss so much. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for being my bestfriend, soulmate and my child. Fred, may you be near to God, as you wait until we will be joined together again with God's blessings.

I Love you Fred xoxo.


Freddie, 12/22/03

Freddie was my best friend. He loved me for me. Although his physical body is not here his vibrant spirit lives on.

Vicki Muhammad

Freddie, 10/24/03

Dear Freddie, you were only with us a short time but the love you gave and received felt like you had been with us forever. You will be in our hearts and our thoughts everyday and you shall never be forgotten. The day we saw you at the rescue centre we fell in love with you and we shall always love you, loosing you was like loosing a child, you will be with me always. Sleep in peace, no one can hurt you now my baby girl. I miss you so much. and will love you forever. mummy daddy laura emma daisy xxxxx

Freddie, 06/24/94-09/23/03

Thank you, my sweet Freddie, for being my friend, my comforter, my little love. Be healthy, be happy. I'll love you forever. I'll see you again soon.


Freddie, 12/87-05/03

Even now, I can see you
Looking up at me.
Tongue hung through a selfless smile.
Tail wagging as you snag my attention.

And we're off…
You bound ahead, but glance back,
Making sure I'm never far behind.
Me, I'd follow you anywhere.

But now, you're gone.
I stand alone, staring at air,
No longer knowing where to go,
Hoping you're somewhere I've never believed in.

Shad Clark

Freddie Valentine Collier, 06/05/93-10/30/03

Freddie was a loving and caring dog.
He never asked for anything other than love and attention.
Freddie was my best friend in life.

Jan Taylor

Freddy, 07/11/97-06/30/03

Our Handsome guy Freddy. You were such a happy joyous little ferret. You would get into so much mischief with your sister Katie. We remember when you got stuck in the bamboo chair and how daddy literally broke it too pieces to get you out. I Remember when your brother dropped you off at the house and asked if we could babysit you for a few days ,because he was in the process of moving. That was almost 4 years ago. We fell in love with you and we wanted you to stay with us and we talked him into letting you stay. You were daddys buddy for sure. The time you caught a mouse in the kitchen and hid it in daddys drawer so he'd find it later. You loved those furry mice, you had them hid everywhere in the house. Daddy would call them spidey's, because we had gotten you a furry spider once and you tore it to pieces. You loved to play "chase the spidey". You would bring them out from hiding and lay them in front of daddy and the two of you would chase each other through the house, and have so much fun together. Freddy we miss our time together with you, we loved you so much so so much. When you got that lump at your eye we were frightened it was a tumor, we were devasted at the thought of losing you to cancer. You had the surgery and we were told it was a calcium buildup and it was attached to your brain, and the doctor couldn't get it all. The lump restarted growing and it eventually caused you to lose your eyesight and your coordination was off, you could no longer smell your "gary treats" that were put in front of you, and you staggered when you walked. We talked to other Dr.s and we had the option to possibly chisel it away. We couldn't put you through any more pain. You were our "little champ" you endured through the hardest times. Our hearts ached to let you go "Freddy my sir" my handsome handsome sir. But we loved you too much to force you to stay. We will see you again "My Sir".In another place and time, until then know that we Love you forever. Thank-you for bringing so much love into our lives. (p.s katie misses you so much) Love Mommy Daddy & Katie (and your sister Missy and brother Tobias who are with you in heaven)

Frederick, 03/15/03

Frederick, a really cool cat, passed to the Rainbow Bridge March 15,2003. Frederick belong to my brother and sister-in-law and had been very ill for a few days. None of us knew him for long because he chose them to be his family about 3 years ago. While he was with them he became a good friend and I enjoyed petting him and watching his antics when I visited in their home. I will miss Frederick and wish him a wonderful time at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mary in Orlando

Free, 4/19/94-3/14/03

Free 4-19-94 Died 3-14-03. My little Free. What a horrible beginning you had. The moment I held you I was in love. I knew I had to take you from that horrible place. What a fight but we won, thus your name. With much love & patience I taught you the human hand does not always cause pain. It can be soothing, stroke, and caress and feed you, all with so much love. You learned to accept as well as give love. You learned how to play.
I'll miss you Freebbie, more then words can say. You sleeping on my pillow & me nuzzling my nose into your warm little belly. But the loss of your two, other, four legged friends was more then you could bare, so God took you home to Rainbow Bridge to be with them. Run, play, be FREE until mama can come for you all. I will Love You Forever & a Day! Mama, Sandy

Freebejake, 05/20/91-08/30/03

FreebeJake -you were the best anyone could have- we received you free and you were a gift from God. We miss you so much I cry all the time. My heart feels like it is empty- I know you are feeling no pain now and you are healthy. Please wait for us. I can't wait to give you the biggest hug- buddy. I will see you in my eyes and feel your presence forever. Love you and see you in heaven. My old big stinky dog. You are the best. Love, Mom, Dad, Thomas, and Nicole. And you neighbor Paula.

Freedom, 10/03/91-07/09/03

After battling multiple forms of cancer, as well as Cardiomyopathy for the last 4-1/2 years, it is over- the Best Dog in the World has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.
Everyone that met Freedom loved her- it was impossible not to.

No matter how many dogs I have in my lifetime, and no matter how many shows, titles, or awards they win, Freedom will always be my favorite. She was the Best Dog in the World, and my world will not be the same without her in it.

Goodbye baby girl, I hope they have a big comfy couch up there for you.

Lora Bauer

Freeman, 03/19/03

He was a stray I took in for 6 days before he died of feline leukemia. He was a wonderful cat. I was happy to give him some comfort and joy before he passed on. Here's to you Freeman.

Garth Murphy

Freeway, 01/01/90-06/26/03

My Angel has gone to Heaven, where he is now free to roam and jump as high as he wishes. We will miss him so much here, but I know we will see each other again. My beloved Angel I miss you so much. Always and forever will you live on.


Fresh Face, 05/15/90-06/18/03

In loving memory of Fresh Face, a very special fur angel - my teddy bear, security blanket, psychiatrist and Prozac - a most precious gift of love wrapped in fur and purrs, and the cord that binds us will never break. I look forward to meeting again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Marie Willhoite

Freya, 05/20/90-11/04/03

Freya was not just a dog...she was also a true friend and companion.
She was loved by people all over that have met her.
Her human "kids" will miss her watching over them as they played in the yard.
She will forever be in our hearts and could never be forgotten.
We love you Freya!!!! xo xo xo xo xo We will be with you again someday.
Daddy will come home again.

Carole , Chris, Alex, Nick and William

Frisco, 1990-01/25/03

To the sweetest little dog and best companion.

Yolanda Paxton

Frisco Joseph Andrew, 06/19/03

For 14 years you gave us love, for 7 of those years you fought the seizures that wracked your small body weekly. You took your medicine like a pro, never biting me as I put it in your mouth, only spitting it across the room on the days you seemed to know I needed a laugh.

We had to let you go today, the seizures were getting too strong for your small body to handle anymore and the doctor confirmed that this morning. He was sure there was cancer too. I couldn't let you suffer through that too.

While our hearts are breaking, we know that you have joined your original housemates, Tori, Jessie and Mandy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Frisk, you will be missed everyday of our lives. No more seizures, no more pain.

Marla, Rich & Ricky

Friskee, 12/.5-12/01/03

Friskee, we adopted you and your brother when you were 7 years old at the St. Huberts Animal shelter. You came right up to me! When it was just you, your brother and me in my apartment, you would wait by the door for me to come home from work. Through the years, you've always been extremely affectionate, sweet, and loyal. You will ALWAYS be remembered. We loved you even though it seemed like we were preoccupied at times with our new born son. Rest in peace now - you will be able to breath much easier and eat like you used to.

Laura Smith

Friskie, 07/15/95-04/21/03

I miss your pretty face, your strong purr, your good nature, and all your contortionist sleeping positions. The back of the recliner will never regain its original shape. I'm sorry we could not afford to give you the medical treatment you needed. I have never doubted that euthanasia was the right thing to do. It comforts me to know that you left this world quickly, peacefully, and with dignity. No matter how many cats I have, I will always love you and remember you until I see you again at the Bridge. I dedicate all of my schooling in the veterinary field to your memory. I hope I've done you proud so far.

Good night, Friskers...


Frisky, 01/01/90-01/13/03

No words can describe how much I miss you. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I'm so sorry. I hope I see you again, baby girl.

Michelle Bischof

Frisky, 11/24/03

Beloved cat and traveling companion

Roberta & Linda McClelland

Frisky, 06/16/89-10/16/03

Frisky, you were the light of our home. We love you and miss your profoundly. Everywhere we look, your memory is there. But, just so you know, you are snuggled up inside each of our hearts because you brought us so much joy and happiness. We know you are in a much better place!

Love from your family

Frisky, 03/01/83-01/28/03

I lost my beautiful, special, precious friend 2 days ago. I have spent the last 14 months building my life around her after her diagnosis of a terminal illness. We were blessed that she never suffered except for the last 30 minutes or so of her life. We all love our pets, but there are some that touch our hearts in a very special way. Frisky was one of those pets. The pain of losing her I expected, the void and loss of what to do with my life now, I did not expect. Please pray that god takes her gently into his loving arms as she is finally at peace. Please pray that I find the courage and strength to go on now. I pray for all that are going or have gone through such a painful experience. Unfortunately, not everyone understands or loves animals in the same way. Frisky was my child, and I truly believe that it would cause me no less pain to lose a human child. Not too many people would agree with me. I am hoping that by writing this, I will find some peace in this situation.

Tammy Payne

Frisky Silver, 11/29/03

Frisky, You have touched our lives and been a part of our family for over 14 years. Your vibrant spirit has lifted us through difficult times and your companionship made those long night much easier.

We will miss you, and love you always. Thanks for that final lick on the cheek. If I knew that was the last time I would see you I would have stayed longer.
I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

May the joy you have given us be rewarded 10 fold by the Creator.

Love always,

The Silver Family


In memory of Frit, A stray kitten who found it's way into our heart. She was wild and afraid of everyone and everything. We were able to catch her from time to time, but not hold her for long. I fed her with love and tried to get her to come into my home and tame her down. She had a sister I called Frat. One day she was hit by a car, I found her and cradled her in my arms, but she was gone. A woman came by and stopped and asked if she was dead and I think it was the woman who hit her. I told her she was a wild cat, but I was trying to tame her enough to keep her. I told her I would bring her home and bury her where she would always be remembered and loved. I did just that with lots of love and care. Wrapping her in a blanket and placing her in a box. Her sister Frat was there as I buried her and I know that she knew how much I loved her. She will be missed for all her ways like playing with the leaves in the wind, sitting by my door wanting to come in but afraid and for the few moments we were able to hold her and pet her with love. May God Bless Her and May we see her again at the rainbow bridge.


Frito, 08/23/96-02/21/03

Frito, you were a very special little boy, and we will miss you so very much. I'm sorry we couldn't get you well, but rest now and greet all our other furbabies at the Bridge. We will one day be together again.

I love you, Frito. My little "peacemaker".

Mary Jo Dullum

Fritz, 08/07/03

You are in my heart always. Thank you for the baby.

Laura Lambert

Fritz, 12/24/03

Fritz was a very loving cat who was with me for almost 10 years.
He will be missed so very much.
My heart is broken, because my buddy is gone.

Michelle Burns

Fritz, 04/01/00-11/22/03

My baby and best friend.
He wasn't a cat, he was a little person.

Lise Breitinger

Fritz, 11/20/03

Oh My Fritzie boy, My heart hurts my baby, I miss you so much, your bright eyes, you had the heart of a lion my baby.
But I think what I miss the most is simply the way you loved me.
You fought a mighty fight my friend but in the end we both knew it was one that could not be won.
I am glad that you are not suffering but it does not stop me from missing you, it does not stop my heart from feeling broken.
Rest in peace my little baby.

Mary Baker

Fritz (Fritzer), 1990-10/04/03

This morning I received a phone call from son, to tell me that his beloved companion of almost 14 years crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. Jason had just returned from a trip, and said that Fritz was so excited to see him back home,, he said that Fritz seem especially excited this time. Jason thinks that Fritz was waiting for him to return before he passed, Fritz crossed to the Rainbow Bridge at 2:30 am on 10-04-03, he was at home when he passed.

Fritz lived a very long life for a dog of his size, he was an 80 lb German Shepherd. Fritz had a very good life with Jason who saved him from one of the local animal shelters. Fritz was very well behaved and very smart, he was a big furball. I used to call him Fritzer, he loved to go for walks with Jason and Shauna, especially where ever there was water Fritz was a water hound.

I know how Jason feels losing a great companion like Fritz as I've had to help two of my dogs cross to the Rainbow Bridge in 2000 and 2001. I told Jason that I'm certain that Fritz has met up with Homer and Einstein and that they're playing together now. Run and play with my boys Fritzer. We will miss your funny little face.

Linda Morgan

Fritz, 08/15/90-07/14/03

Our beloved Fritz was almost 13. At age 2 he started to go blind and "daddy" started training him with voice commands so when he went totally blind and age 7, he managed extremely well with words like up, down, easy (which meant something was in front of him, etc.). All his life he faced battles, cyst, enlarged prostate, loss of hearing, but our puppy-dog faced every hurdle in life except this last one. He finally got to the point all he did was walk in circles and he even forgot why he was outside with his little brother Baron, who was his seeing eye dog. It was determined that Fritz also had a brain tumor and we then decided to let him go to heaven where he could see again and walk a straight line. We know he is better off and is healthy and happy, but our hearts are very empty.

We love our "CJ Kaiser Von Fritz", and there will always be a void in our hearts; but we have wonderful and loving memories of our Fritz that will never leave our hearts.

Jeff and Carole Johnson

Fritz, 03/23/94-01/22/03

Dear Fritz,

Thank you for being our wonderful and loving companion for over eight years. Daddy and I are grateful that we were able to do everything possible for you these past four years. Your determination to live for four years after the diagnosis of your kidney disease is the truest evidence of a miracle that we have ever observed. You always had such an amazing sprit, were strong willed, and never gave in to your vets' predictions. Perhaps the bitterly cold temperatures were too difficult for you, for your little body had already been so compromised and thus you knew that it was time. Now your little soul is at peace. Thank you for bringing us laughter, joy and love that exceeded our furthest expectations. We will miss you dearly and your memory will always live on in our hearts. We love you and look forward to the day when we are reunited.

Love and hugs always,

Virginia and Dick Fairbrother

Fritz Koppel-Dinkel, 12/29/92-11/14/03

A magnificent loving animal taken, cancer took him from us at much too early an age.
He entered our lives on a beautiful, cold morning: February 28, 1993 and left us on another beautiful morning: November 14, 2003.
As he passed from this realm to the world of Rainbow Bridge, I felt an angel's wings brush past me.
My beautiful boy at rest at last.
Though the sorrow seems overwhelming, we treasure over 10 years of golden memories of love, affection, and laughter.
Rest in peace, beautiful boy.

Dennis Dinkel/Christopher Koppel

Fritzie, 04/17/80-1996

Our little boy will always be in our hearts.

Eleanor Mascitelli

Fritz Wilhelm Von Schnaps, 10/17/88-03/17/88

To the best companion who was my child I could not have. Always there to comfort me. I will miss you.

A Ruiz

Frodo, 12/16/03

Frodo you went every where with me even to Walt Disney World. You meant the world to me my little goofy rat. I love you I always will my little Dodo bird.

Erica Oisen

Frodo, 08/02/02-02/17/03

My little Frodo,
Even though I only had 2 months with you, they were the best 2 months I could have asked for. You were so very affectionate and always made me smile. I'll miss you, my adorable little baby.

Frosty, 5/12/03-6/13/03

Frosty was the 4th in the litter of foster that we took in that passed on. He was suffering from Panleuk which we found out all of the babies had. Frosty will be missed not only by my fiancé and me but by the wonderful girl at our vets who wanted to adopt him when he got well. At least Frosty had some fun with us and his brothers before passing away Friday night. He was a beautiful little gray baby with green eyes. We love you Frosty - you made our lives better!!

Frosty, 12/23/89-05/28/03

Frosty, you will live forever within our hearts and memories. Love and kisses until we meet again.


Frosty (Flip Tail), 8/27/75-8/9/90

Frosty (Flip Tail), you were a loyal, wonderful kitty. You were my true friend. I will always remember you, especially on our birthdays.


Frosty, 1988?-02/08/03

Frosty was my brother and sister-in-law's baby. His gentle soul passed on today in their arms. He was a wonderful dog, I love him and will miss him greatly.


Frosty, 09/21/86-12/08/00

The years tick by my fluffy white wee man, and never a day goes by when I don't think of you and speak your name. You were one very special little cat Frosty. One day I will hold you again within my arms and stroke your beautiful fur and hear your purr to me. So precious you are and never ever forgotten my angel. I love you so much!!


Fudd, 10/11/03

I made a page for my dog Please sign the guestbook if you visit

Angie Garay

Fudge, 11/10/03

Fudge (Boston Terrier, male) unexpectedly came into my life one hot day in the summer of 2001. I found him on the shoulder of a busy road in 90 degree weather.

I knocked on a house nearby trying to locate his owners. The neighbors told me where the owners lived. They knew his home because this was not the first time they had seen him. He had even spent time at their house. He was over 1 mile away from his home. They told me he was mistreated & that he had been on this road several times. They said it was a wonder he had never been hit. One day they feared they would find him on the road hit suffering or dead. They pleaded with me not to bring them back. After I heard this story I could not bear to bring him back.

I took him home where I gave him water, fed, bathed and removed the choke chain that was worn into his neck. It was difficult to remove. The choke chain must have been put on him when he was smaller & never removed or replaced over the years. I replaced it with one of the collars I had for my female Boston Terrier, Marble. He was starving, thirsty & had a lot fur loss wear the collar had worn his fur away. He was filthy & was also missing patches of fur down his back.

I already had a Boston Terrier (Marble, female) and didn't want another dog. Marble was an only dog for a long time & since Fudge was not fixed he was really upsetting Marble.

I decided I would bring him to the vet have him neutered & keep him until I could find a suitable home for him through the Boston Terrier Rescue. I called my Father to see if he wanted Fudge, since he loved Marble so much & had no pets of his own, but he didn't want him.

I made the vet appointment to have him neutered & the vet recommended I have a growth from his eye removed ($150). I told him that he was a stray & I didn't intend on keeping him so I didn't want to spend the additional money. When I picked him up from surgery the growth from his eye was removed. The vet told me we removed the growth free of charge and provided you with ointment in hopes you will keep him.

I took him home for the recovery. He was a lot calmer since the surgery & stopped attacking Marble. At this point I was considering keeping him. I thought what are the chances I would find my identical breed of dog who was mistreated, be given free medical care and is getting along with my other very spoiled little girl Marble. I though it must be for a reason or maybe even fate. A few days went by & stole my heart. My Father called me & told me he had found a home for him with his friends in Canada. I told him sorry, he's become a permanent part of my family now.

I had decided to sell my home & purchase another home, new construction. I moved out on November 12, 2001. During the move I met a wonderful man who then became Fudge's dad & Marble's dad.

During the interim, waiting for the house to be built, Fudge became ill. He was vomiting, not eating (he always had a big appetite) & not acting like himself. I took him back to vet. They diagnosed him with hook worms. His condition did not improve I took him back the next day to a different doctor who suggested x-rays. The x-rays revealed a large mass in his stomach. She didn't know what it was & suggested I have an ultra sound. I scheduled the ultra sound. The new was endocarcinoma (cancer). I immediately started to cry & asked what could be done. They said they could remove the mass surgically, but could not tell how far of if it spread until the surgery. They also told me if they go in & find out it had spread, the best thing might be to put him to sleep. I told the doctor that was not an option. I told him do what ever he can to save him, but I would not put him to sleep.

We were so worried Fudge would not live longer enough to move into his new house. We had taken several trips to the construction sight, where he would eat the sawdust on the ground or chase the people who were around out off of his property. I was like he knew it was going to be his new house.

During the surgery I was scared he wasn't going to live. I was praying he'd pull through as I held onto his collar hoping that was not the last time he'd wear it. The doctor called & said the cancer hadn't spread as bad as he thought & Fudge was in recovery. I was elated.

We all (my Mom, myself & Fudge's Dad) went to visit Fudge during his hospital stay every day. Finally, he was released & he was allowed to come home. The doctor suggested follow up Chemotherapy treatments, but there were none available in the state we lived in. We had to drive into another state over an hour away. The facility was horrible, there was blood on the floor, they handled Fudge very rough. Fudge was very tough, he didn't like the vets & tried to bite them - they became even more rough with him until they finally told me they would have to give him a sedative. I refused. I called the hospital that did the surgery & asked if there was an alternate hospital. They stated they could get the chemo schedule from the other hospital, but did not have an oncologist on site. I agreed.

We finally moved into the new house. He loved it. There was a lot more room & we put in a special doggie door for him so he could let himself out during the day. He loved his area. It was set up with couches, bed & endless toys. Fudge & his sister had their own little play place. When I came home from work, they would both greet me a the top of the stairs. He loved the outdoors & sometimes I'd catch him just laying outside soaking in the sun.

Soon after he started his chemotherapy treatments 1 month after the surgery. They lasted for 3 months & were administered once a week. After the chemo was done & follow up ultra sound was done. There was no reoccurrence of the cancer. They told us if he went 1 year with clean ultra sounds he is considered cured. The 3 month check up was clean. His 6 month check up was clean. At this point we thought he was cancer free. He was almost in his 10th month when he started to vomit & have a loss of appetite.

He went back to vet where they told me his cancer had come back. I thought no, this can't be happening. He only had 2 more months until he was cancer free. This is not right. He fought so hard for so long - NO, THIS IS WRONG.

After I got over the shock, again I asked what could be done. They told me they can do the surgery again, but they needed to take x-rays of his chest because if the cancer spread to his lungs, there was no point in putting him through the surgery. As I waited in the waiting room with everyone staring at me crying, they came out to tell me they were having issues with the x-ray machine & it would be a little while longer.

After what seemed like forever, they told me the cancer had not spread to his lungs. Thank God. I scheduled the new surgery for the next day. Before he went into the surgery I told him that he would have to fight the hardest he had ever fought in his life. I told him he would have to fight this like he was fighting a Great Dane. He just looked at me so cute like he knew what I was saying and kissed me on the face.

The next morning he went in for the surgery. The doctor told me since the last surgery & with this surgery this would be the last one, after this there is nothing else that could be done. Between the two surgeries he wasn't left with much intestine or a stomach & he'd end up having diarrhea for the rest of his life. This was his last hope.

He pulled through the surgery like the strong boy I knew he was & I was able visit him the next day. I went to visit him in the hospital. My Mom was already there visiting him. When I pulled up he turned his head around so far to see me. I ran out of the car to where my Mom was holding him in his bed and held him. I was so happy to see him. I missed him so much. The house wasn't the same with out him. He was in such good spirits, considering the major surgery just the day before. He was so strong.

Finally, the day came when he was released. I also scheduled follow up tests for blood work & chemotherapy.

He finished 3 out of the four chemo's. I wasn't sure, but I didn't think the chemo was helping & he would get violently ill from the sessions, so I decided to stop them.

He was vomiting. He also had diarrhea at least two times a day. He was suffering, but when he felt good he loved life. The days after the second surgery were limited, but I didn't want to believe it. I now know the truth.

We had wonderful days with him after the 2nd surgery. We took him to the park. He loved the outdoors. He used to play with his toys and try to eat all the food we packed.

His health started to decline after the last chemo. He started to cough & although I knew it was probably the cancer I fooled myself into thinking it was a cold. I didn't bring him to the vet because at this point I knew there was nothing else they could do to help him.

He would eat sometimes but not all the time. This was not his normal behavior - he really loved food. He got very skinny.

On November 1, 2003 the first day dogs are allowed on the beach, we all (myself, Fudge's Dad & sister Marble) went. We had a great time. The temperature was unseasonably warm. He went into the water a little, chased around some toys, ate a full double cheese burger and soaked up the sun. I carried him back to the car because it was hard for him to walk in the sand. On the walk back to the car, he saw a flock of seagulls. He looked at me, as I was carrying him. He didn't have to talk to me, I just knew he wanted to get down & chase them. I let him down, he ran into the flock, they all flew away. He then turned around & looked at me like, okay Mom, you can carry me again, I'm done with the seagulls. He slept for most of the 2 hour trip home. He was tired. We had a wonderful day. It was like God made that day for us.

On November 5, 2003, three days after the beach trip, he stopped eating. He wouldn't eat at all. He'd turn his head away from the food. We tried steak, hamburger, steak ums, beef stew everything. He wouldn't eat. I called into work the next day so I could be with him. I couldn't leave him alone. I didn't know if it was the end, but I didn't want him to die alone. He needed his Mommy there with him.

He still wouldn't eat, he would only drink. I called out of work for the next day - then it was the weekend, I was off. He still wasn't eating, just drinking, but he was getting weaker. We carried him every where he needed to go.

One night he had to vomit & rather than do it on the bed, he fell off the bed because he was so weak and vomited on the floor. He was such a good boy. Even in his last days, he wouldn't make a mess on the bed.

His condition got worse. Monday came & I called out of work again. I stayed by his side every minute of the day. When hid Dad came home at night I'd shower. I wouldn't leave him. I was crying so hard one day when I was alone with him I went into another room so he wouldn't hear me crying so much, he carried his weak body to the other room & checked on me to see if I was okay.

He died on Monday, November 10, 2003 at 2:55 pm in my arms. He took his last breaths of air while I was holding him on the couch. He kept on looking up at me as he was trying to breath, but I told him it was okay to let go. He was so sick & fought so long & so hard. I knew he didn't want to leave me & I didn't want him to leave but he had to go. I felt the last beats of heart with my hand and then his body went limp & he left the earth & went to the angels.

Some people say I was his angel, but he was mine. We had a special bond. He even gave me a kiss on the last day of his life. I will never forget that.

His Dad who had met him on November 12, 2001 then had to dig his grave & lay him to rest in our back yard November 11, 2003 almost 2 years to the day.

We put 13 white roses on his grave for each year he was alive. His little head is resting on a pillow in his coffin that says "angel sleeping". He is buried with all his toys, his angel blanket, his bowl, his collars, his bath towel, his leash, his bandanas, his placemat, his collars and his diamond initial.

I gave all his beds to the local Human society. I couldn't bare to see them around the house.

We have a video of our day at the beach, but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it yet. The only thing I have left of him are my memories, pictures & the videos. It's so sad.

He was so special to everyone who knew him. He touched so many people's lives. He loved to eat & play - he chased other dogs out of his lawn. He had a stool beside our bed that he jumped up on so he could come to bed with us. He used to walk on the treadmill. He's always get crazy when we'd play a basketball game we had, so we put boxes under the net so he wouldn't rip the net or pop the balls. He liked the water & would just lay in it when he got hot. He used to wait for you outside the bathroom door until you were done, or he'd push the door open if it wasn't closed tightly. He'd chase the darts when you'd throw them at the dart board and hope one would fall so he could get it. He would follow you all around the house, he never wanted to be alone. He learned so many tricks & he loved life so much. He loved to sit in front of the fireplace to keep warm. He'd try to steal his sisters toys & eat her food. He'd would protect you if he thought you were in harms way. He used to suck on his toys instead of chew - he'd make them all wet. He just wanted to be with people because he loved them. He used to give you a kiss when you asked & on his own. He was so loving, caring & tough. I'm so glad to have had him in my life.

I only got to spend a little over two year with him. People have told me that he was being mistreated & God sent me to him to save him & let him have a good life for his last years.

I love him with all my heart and always will. When he left, he killed the cancer - the cancer did not kill him.

I miss him everyday. The house is empty with out him. The window he used to look out of, his doggie bowl is gone, his bed he doesn't sleep in anymore, his toys, his place in the our bed, his seat in the car everything.

A piece of my life & heart died when he did & my life will never be the same again until I can be with him again.

Brigette (Mom) Darryl (Dad)

Fudge, 11/10/03

Today Fudge lost his long battle with cancer. We miss you so much Udges. You were a blessing to all our lives and will never, ever be forgotten. I'm sorry you had to suffer so, but I hope we helped make your time here on earth a little happier. Lord knows you've made ours more magical than any of us could say. Say hi to Cody for us, she'll show you around, & tell her we love & miss her! Love, Aunt Renee

Fugly George Sloden, Fugs, 01/01/94-09/22/03

Words can't describe how you will be missed. You loved most anyone and everyone, which was reciprocated, you had endless energy, and a curiosity that dubbed you with a middle name of George! You taught me so much, most of all unconditional love! Which I will always hold for you.


Fuji Die Weiss Princessn, 11/16/91-02/24/03

You were the best girl! I will love you for always!

Georgellen Gormley

Fuji Owens Bishop, 02/13/88-05/09/03

Fuji was my companion, confidante, my best friend. I miss her terribly. I felt that no matter how much I screwed things up, or made people mad, she never felt any different about me. She loved me for me. What greater gift is that!!

Funnie, 05/24/95-10/02/03

My brave fur buddy, you passed away peacefully in my arm on the way to hospital. But I know you are in the bridge now...Miss you baby!

Ken Pua

Furry, 07/92-03/26/03

A true adventurer and tender cuddler at the same time - he lived a life fueled by curiosity and filled with love.

Aurora Martinez

Fuschia, 08/05/02-03/22/03

Ohhh 'Fushy', how I miss you already. You have only been gone a day. And I find my thoughts drifting to you and I cry. I have cried so many tears for you. I still can't believe you are gone. I expect you to come bouncing and chirping through the house. I expect to see you squeeeeze under the bedroom door, to come see what I am doing. I missed you so much last night as I was sleeping. You weren't there beside my pillow purring as you always did. You were my baby, and you weren't here near long enough. I am so thankful I had the time to know you....but I still wish it would have been much, much longer. I hope you didn't suffer baby. It is so hard for me to let you go. Please know how much I love you and wish you were here with me. Go find Grandpa...he will take care of you 'til I can be with you again. I love my Fushy!

Jennifer Thornton

Fuzz, 04/02/03

Fuzz was our neighbor's cat and we loved him and his cranky ways! We will miss him.

Rachael and Sarah Shook

Fuzzball The Feral, 03/00-07/10/03

Fuzzball was my very special friend. Even though she was feral, she made an effort to overcome her fear of humans and befriend me when I most needed it. She was like that, having more compassion than most humans I know. She would come, early in the morning when I would have my coffee outside, and allow me the special pleasure of petting her and being blessed by her presence. She was a wonderful Mother but I sought to make her life a longer, easier one by having her spayed. Some thing went wrong and I lost my precious friend. I will miss her until we meet again. I hope she finds comfort and companionship with the others who are waiting until that time. Until the time when I see you again Fuzzball the Feral, rest well and be happy. I will join you when my time comes. Maybe you can find some kittens who need a good Mother to help them with this transition. May you play in the sun with them, teaching them what they will need to know.

Robbie Rose

Fuzzy, 03/30/87-06/15/02

I miss you, Fuzzy--please take care of everyone that passes thru the gates of heaven. We need so much help down here. Thank you for taking care of me when I needed it.

Fuzzy, 02/12/03

Fuzzy was a sweet fluffy Calico kitty with pretty green eyes. Unfortunately, Fuzzy had a kidney problem, and went into kidney failure very quickly. She will be missed dearly. I will see her again someday. I love you Fuzzy.


Fuzzy Face, 11/13/00

He was easily the largest cat I have ever had with a head the size of a grapefruit that could knock you over when he rubbed on you. He weighed a whopping 32 pounds at his best.

He was only about six pounds when he died. I got two opinions and could not find anything wrong and they suggested putting him to sleep but I could not do that. I took him home to be with me when he died. He hated being at the vets and I did not want his last memory to be there...

He walked into the bathroom this morning and wanted to be in our bathtub which is where he always loved to be..

I had to help him get in there he was so weak. I knew it was time and that I would not be tucking him in tonight before bed. I was right. He died peacefully in his favourite place in the whole house...

I will miss him forever.....

Fuzzle, 01/08/03

My best friend has gone to heaven on Jan. 8th 2003 and is sadly missed. Its hard to wake up in the morning and your not there by my side. And it's hard to go to bed knowing you wont be snuggled up close. I look for you every day and think of you every minute. I know you are happy and running and playing as you did when you were young. We had the best 17 years together and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I love you Freddie Dust Fuzzle (Fuzzle)with all my heart and will never forget you or replace you in my heart, but I do have room to love again and I'm sure I will, just not now. Look down on me and watch over me till we meet again at rainbow bridge. With all my love your momma Sheri

Fuzzy, 4/1/97-1/7/03

Fuzzy, When we have a bad day, we can still feel your love and guiding light. The sun never stops shining, when we think of you. You represented a life full of possibilities, of compassion, of hope, of strength, of never giving up. You represented so many wonderful feelings and emotions, and you always will, regardless of your passing. We know you are still with us. You're helping us to make the right choices in life and to love others as you loved us. To us, you've been more than a son and a companion. You were, and always will be a symbol of pure goodness and love. Our children will always know the joy you've given us. We will never forget you. We will be together someday in heaven. Until then, farewell sweet love.
Bill and Hana

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