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Year 2003 Tributes

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Early thru Ezra

Early, 08/01/03

Early was born a day earlier than the rest of the litter. He had a congenital hip disorder. Through my rn mom's advice and dedicated friends he received physio 3X a day until his hind legs didn't drag behind him. He talked and cuddled, and somehow was strangely clumsy for a cat. Perhaps he spent too much time snuggled up to Bart the dog. We lost him when he walked in front of a car. The Blessing is that it was quick. You are loved and missed Early boy.

Andree Beauchemin

Earnhardt, 11/93-3/19/03

My best friend of nine years died 3/19/03. When I got my cat "Earnhardt" as a kitten, I had no idea that he would be the closest friend I ever had. I have had some tough times during the last ten years and if not for him, I don't think I would have made it. He always knew how I felt and how to make me feel better. His love was unconditional. Even though he was an inside and cared for cat, he somehow contracted FIP, which is not curable. I have spent many hours blaming myself and trying to figure out what I did or did not do for him. I spent the entire night with him while he was dying. I petting him, talked to him and promised him that he would always be my special boy and that I would take care of him. I couldn't keep that promise. I yearn to hear his voice or to touch his beautiful fur just one last time. If there truly is a heaven with pets, I look forward to the day that I can be with him again. Earnhardt, thank you for your unconditional love and loyalty. I will always love and miss you. I am glad you were put on this earth for the short time to help me, how I wish I could have helped you. I love you dearly, your mommy. Sheila Smith

Earnhardt, 01/27/03

Earnhardt was a special dog. In his prime he weighed 100 pounds of solid muscle. He had special needs. He wasn't expected to live past eight years old, but God let me have him for 13 years. He was loyal, comforting, and protective. He was a gentle giant, he loved babies, both the furry kind and the people kind. On that last day, he looked at me, begging me to help him. I took him to the vet, and with him in his favorite position, me on the floor and his huge head in my lap, he slipped quietly away to the Rainbow Bridge to meet my other pets who have gone on. He was so close to my heart, closer than any other pet I've had. He was my special friend.

Jean Strong

Earthquake, 11/18/03

My loving friend, my guardian angel.
We will love you always and wait for the day we'll play together again.

Joni Lauck

Ebenezer, 09/20/03

I miss my special friend with all my heart. Those big brown eyes under his shaggy brow would make me melt. He was always there when I needed him-to make me laugh, to cuddle and hug and to astound me with his elegance and beauty. Who would have thought a heart as big as his would ever stop.

Kay Scolaro

Ebony, 11/11/03

A roly-poly bunny who brought happiness to us for 5 years.

Judy Fallon

Ebony Aka Black Cat, 06/22/98-08/04/03

Black Cat was paralyzed...broken pelvis...I hope I made the right decision to send her on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Shirley Salter

Ebony, 06/93-07/31/02

Always dumb, but never stupid! (even if she did answer to 'Hey Stupid!') Full of love, joy, and vivacity. It was too sudden and unexpected - we were not ready. We miss her very much.


Ebony, 26.05.86 to 29th June 2000

My Heart is broken without you Ebb..I miss your smell..your sweet nickering to me..your warm breath on my face...may God look after you form me..until I can be with you again and ride the Heavens with you darlingxxxx Mummy misses you so bad it hurts xxxxxkisses always. I think of you every night and day

Pat Davis

Ebony Andria, 05/19/86-08/01/03

From the day I saw her right after she was born until the day she passed away in my arms, Ebony was my baby, the princess of my family. Pure black Persian with golden eyes and a smooshed in nose, she let it be known that she owned you and ruled the house. Everything had to be on her terms or not at all!
I'll miss her sitting there waiting for me when I open the door coming home after work. I'll miss her laying on my chest (or head), purring me to sleep.
I'll even miss her jumping up on the bed at the ungodly hour of 5 or 6AM, pawing at my face and hair to get me to wake up and feed her.
Life certainly won't be the same anymore.
She'll always be in my heart and never far from my thoughts-she was the best and my unconditional friend for 17 years

Ebonye, 07/25/88-10/21/03

The best friend a guy ever had, Ebonye listened to me when no one else would do so. She was getting so feeble, but went so quickly. I was not ready for her to go, but I told her it was all right to go on and wait for me. I told her I would see her someday. She seemed to understand as she looked at me with those big brown eyes and I could just tell she understood like always. She was my "little girl" and she will be sorely missed. Goodbye my friend. I will see you again in awhile. I miss you terribly. Be sure to watch over me until I get there.


Ebonye Louise, 07/25/88-10/21/03

I will forever hold in my heart my best friend, one in whom I confided and one who listened unconditionally. I will see you again my love, and the reunion will truly be joyous. I love you.

Roger Butler

Ebony Shadow VII - Abbie, 07/31/96-11/16/02

Abbie my sweet little heartdog. You will be missed by me forever. Your doorspins are gone from my life, your sweet excitement when I walked through the door will forever be missed. Your heartlight will be forever with me. I miss you dear friend.

Martha Clausen

Echo, 06/21/01

We miss you buddy

Jenni Gerbig

Echo Marie, 11/14/95-11/08/03

Echo Marie, your antics will be sorely missed. Thank you for giving us permission to let you go, you seemed to understand it was not an easy decision for you to make. I know that you have joined your angel siblings Stella and Foxtrot and are awaiting the arrival of Mama Dog, Jasmine, Mom, Dad, Amy and I. Can't wait to see you again. I love you my "blonde bomber"

Jessica Buchanan

Eddie, 04/02/03-12/02/03

I'm so sorry I did not make it home sooner last night Eddie, I may still have you if I had. You were still warm when we picked you up off the highway & you looked like you were just sleeping but you were gone. You were such a handsome kitty & I will miss you just laying your head on my shoulder, you were such a mellow fellow.
I know you're in a better place and not alone, just know that you'll always have a special place in our hearts.

PJ Collins

Eddie, 11/15/96-08/22/03

Eddie was the best dog anyone could have asked for. He was loving, loyal and most of all my best friend. I miss him every day and hope he knows that he will forever be in my heart. Mommy loves you Eddie!

Eddie, 01/09/98

My Friend Eddie

The sun peeks thru the window, a new day has started .wash my face, hurry downstairs, Eddie is waiting
Open the yard door, we both have our jobs to do.
Eddie chases away the squirrels and I put out the bird seed.
Breakfast is finished.
We both walk to the store for the newspapers. We greet the children going to school and the people going to work or walking their friends
Back at the house we would have our own seats on the front porch and there we would sit and read the papers
Me and my friend Eddie would take a walk
Someone would always remark that he is such a gentleman and so friendly, I'm happy with my friend Eddie
One day an angel needed a friend and asked for Eddie

Now I sleep a little later ,the squirrels eat the bird seed and something is missing at breakfast.
I walk to the store with my head cast down so no one can see the sorrow etched on my face
I read the papers alone and dream of the good times we had in his 45 years.
I know Eddie is always with me, but
I can only see him in my mind and feel him in my heart
The leash and collar hangs in the hall is unused and gathering dust belonged to
My Friend Eddie


Eddie, 02/17/00-07/12/03

I cannot even explain how much I am hurting since you left. I love you and I miss you. We will see each other again.

Anna Prosniewska

Eddie (Night Deal), 08/06/94-05/06/03

Eddie, you were my buddy. I called you my "knucklehead". You were very special to us. We worked hard trying to find the right home for you. We finally did. Ours. Pam and I fell in love with you. Now you join you angel sister Penny and angel brothers Timex and Gus. We love you and we will miss you. Goodbye sweet knucklehead, goodbye. Race with the wind.

Bob and Pam Mowery

Eddie, 12/30/02

To Eddie - my best friend and Booga Boo

You came into my life ten and half years ago and changed it forever. You were always my shadow - to the end you were by my side. You were happiest when you were with me.

I will remember the other things you loved. You loved being outdoors, the cold, even the rain. You loved chasing thunder, airplanes and car horns - racing from tree to tree - jumping, circling and nipping at the tree. You loved digging and pouncing at imaginary friends in the ground. You loved running with sticks and throwing them in the air. Indoors - you loved playing with your puppy, baby or a sock - running back and forth and throwing them in the air. I will remember your unique sneezes w

Thank you for your daily gifts of love and loyalty - warming my heart and lifting my spirits. You have truly lended a touch of grace to my life and many others who knew and loved you as a 'special - sweet Eddie'.

Thank you God for Eddie - he is a blessing and a gift to be cherished.

It will always be hard for me to believe that tomorrow I will not see you at my feet looking up at me and smiling - but I will forever be holding you - no longer in my arms - but in my heart.

Eddie - please forgive me for any of your suffering - especially in your final days - I only wanted what was best for you.

God - please take Eddie to heaven and make him healthy and young again where he will always be 'Mama's sweet boy'.

I love you - Booga Boo - Sweet Boy Eddie

Eddie, 07/01/93-01/28/03

Eddie, you came into my life when I needed you most.

You transformed my house into a home and gave me a special reason to come home to see you and take care of you.

You taught me not to be self centered and I cannot thank you enough for that, you took care of me and loved me, no matter what stupid things I did or how bad I was feeling.

I miss you Eddie, I wish you where here with me, I will always cherish the time we had together.

Good bye sweetie, I love you.

Tom Richards

Eddy, 05/30/01-12/08/03

My beautiful boy was the most gentle and trusting creature who was my inspiration and my best friend. He endured more than anyone should and without complaint; I truly thought that he had "made it" --against the gravest of odds-- and that now he would live a long and happy life, that he had had his share of suffering. He died suddenly and unexpectedly literally minutes after being declared healthy. My only consolation is that it was a painless death. So many were inspired by his good fight. So many were made happy by his visits to people who felt they had no reason to live. He had captured the magic that made everyone smile. People would say, :Oh, I had a brown tabby cat", and I would say, "Not like mine!", and then they would meet him and immediately agree. He was a blessing and an angel. I still don't understand why he left so suddenly-- I can only think that we are given such gifts for a short time. I had been preparing for the deaths of my seniors, and I had expected at least a decade to prepare for his. I hope that in his spirit I can create such beauty, compassion, gentleness, and love. I have worked with cats for years, and although I love them all, he was truly the most special. He came to us as a dying tiny stray, he survived disease, he survived orthopedic surgery, he survived so many things. His gentle soul never wavered, and indeed I felt that if anyone had any reason to hate people, it was him. He was the embodiment of uncompromising love, friendship, trust, warmth. I pray that he is being honoured for this now. I love you Eddy. You are still my best friend and I will never forget you.

Jen Bilous

Edgar, 03/29/01-08/08/03

Edgar went to the bridge 5 days after his buddy, Piglet. We will miss our little male "nurse" who took care of all his rattie friends.


Dan, Sue, Josh, Amos, Riley, Celeste, Mojo and Angelo

Edy, 08/29/03

To the original "Kitty Girl". Edy was a wonderful friend and companion. Her time with us was entirely too short. She brought love and warmth into our lives. She was well loved and is dearly missed - she will be loved forever. Edy thank you for being our sweet kitty girl. Love Mom and Lily

Eeko, 07/01/93-01/03/03

"Eeko" Hitchcock AKA Honey Pot came into our lives and our hearts on 8-25-00. We adopted her from the animal hospital where her mom works. She was the feline resident blood donor for about 7 years. She was diagnosed with heart disease known as FHC 4 months after we got her. We were blessed with her for 2 years & 4 months. She was the most loyal, loving and wonderful friend we have ever known.

Paul & Bridget Hitchcock

Eevee, 04/01/00-02/17/03

Bye-bye my cuddlebug, from Mama.

Our baby couldn't stay with us for very long, but his short time was very happy. We know he is still happy and feels that he is loved. We will miss him very much.

Eeyore, 10/25/96

You will forever be in my heart, my precious baby girl.
Your little sister loves you and thanks you for being her guardian angel. You have left your mark on my soul and you will be with me for all time. I love you.

Linette Berniard

Egypt, 04/17/03

We adopted Egypt last May of 2002. Had no idea what age he really was but he was geriatric. Before coming to us he lived his life tied to a tree outside in the warm weather and in the winter he lived in the basement. For the short time he lived with us, we gave him the best life he every had and he enjoyed it. He had a warm home, a dog bed, clean bowls (not muddy), squeaky ball and love. He will be missed. May he find happiness and peace.

Jennifer and Greg Hazen-Symonds

Ehlo, 02/26/93-12/01/03

My traveling companion and best friend, I miss you so much. How do I go on without you. I'm so happy I was with you at the end. You showed me how much you loved my by passing in my arms. But you will always be a part of me for the rest of my days. I love you, Mommy

Eileen's Own Aka Suki, 1965-1976

Suki was my first dog -- and the first Boston Terrier I had ever seen. We had always had cats, so I never knew how much of a dog person I was -- but Suki showed me. She was an active, feisty, and smart little dog -- but more than that she was my best friend. We moved from one state to another, and even though I had lost all my friends with the move -- I really hadn't because Suki was always there. I couldn't take her when I finally moved away from home, but I saw her often, and she was still always that little friend. She had to be put to sleep due to cancer -- I was still living away from home. It took me a long time to go home again, since walking in the door and not being greeted was something I couldn't face. But in time I moved on, and honored the memory of my first girl, Suki, by taking in Dusty, then Katie, and now Mandi and DiDi. Suki will always be my special girl -- she was the first, and she opened me up to the world of true friends -- dogs! I miss her, I'm sure I always will. But I also treasure her memory.

Eileen Ervin

Einstein, 07/04/03

Knowing that all the love we gave our babies was returned ten fold, We pray that they understand how much they are still loved and missed. Till we meet again.

Jim & Diana Sexton

Einstein, 10/31/87-07/19/03

Goodbye, old friend. I loved you like no other. You were the most perfect dog and best friend anyone could have asked for. You touched the lives of so many people, all who knew you loved you. May your gentle soul go straight to the arms of our Lord for safekeeping until we are together again. I love you, Einstein.

Nancy Nisson

Einstein, 09/13/96-04/30/03

Einstein was a tribute to his breed and our family. Having been abandoned by his original family, we adopted him in December of 1999. He was the best companion and he was also wonderful company and security when my husband was out of town. He was a perfect gentleman when it came to our cats. He helped me cope when I suffered from a severe bought of depression, giving me a reason to get moving in the mornings. He was so gentle and tolerant; he would let them walk across his face without moving. Even when a friend stepped on his ear in high heels, he didn’t snap or bite, he just yelped to let us know what happened. He was a “big brother” to Murphy, the kitten we adopted. Murphy loved playing with Einstein’s tail, batting at him from above, and doing the scary cat dance to tempt Einstein to chase him.

Einstein and I both dealt with his neurological deterioration of his hind end, leading to urinary retention necessitating daily catheterizations. Rarely would he complain about our daily sessions, tolerantly putting up with the procedure. He maintained an enjoyment of life to the end, masking his own pain for our sake, even as it became more difficult to stand up. I will always remember how much he would love to run with me, even in the end. He would initially stay by my side, his nose almost touching my left elbow. Then when he was sure I was going to keep running, he would run ahead looking back occasionally to make sure I was still with him.

He touched so many lives while he was with us. I am glad in some ways to be moving out of the area since I am sure there will be so many frequent reminders in California, both from well wishers asking about him and from so many places that we went together. I know that he is in a better place now and he will always have a place in my heart. I am infinitely grateful of the time we had together. I just miss him terribly.

Emily Turner

Einstein (Tiny) Kendall & Little Rascal Kendall 9/6/88-05/09/03 & 16 1/2 years - 05/09/03

Tiny was the most loyal, forgiving, intelligent, protective and loving dog I have ever encountered and it was an honor to have had him in our lives. Rascal brought a lot of joy and companionship to my now deceased parents.

Elbee, 04/17/96-06/22/03

A more loving and faithful partner could not be found, my friend thru difficult times, I miss you dearly.

Joe Minahan

Ele, 04/24/94-03/04/03

To my best girl, always, ku'u Ele.

Heather Lord

Elektra Boo, 08/16/92-07/29/03

Elektra was such a special and sweet friend. We are still trying to cope with the fact that she is gone. Elektra, we miss you every minute of every day. We were better for having known you. We love you forever, thank you for loving us back. You'll always be there in the shadow - our little boo bear.

Shari Cox

Eliot, 12/08/89-12/13/02

My sweet dancing dog, whose lovely chestnut brown eyes became opaque sky blue with blindness, but this never slowed you down; who never forgot someone you knew, even if you had not been with them in years; who hated to be held still, and seldom sat still voluntarily for a full sixty seconds -- I want so badly to hold your warm, sweet head in my hands one more time, and hear your breathing as you sleep by my bed at night. I want to bury my nose in your warm, living fur, and feel the delicate articulation of your paws and wrists between my fingers. I love you -- God grant that you are bounding and sniffing through the safe green fields of heaven, with God's caressing hands and embrace whenever you want them. I'm sorry for any earthly happiness that I denied you, and that I was unable to ease your suffering in any other way but to end your life. Please forgive me, and be happy.

Linda Cody

Elizabeth, 01/90

Remembered with love

Mary Hutchison

Elke, 09/08/90-01/27/03

I will always love you !!!!!
You meant alot to me and you taught me how to love


Ella, 12/15/97-04/06/03

Nanners b rammer was our best friend. We will truly miss all the joy she brought to our lives. Ours souls are empty without you.

Rob & Melissa

Ella, 01/1997-07/2002

Ella, my beautiful girl, gone but not forgotten.

I will love you always.
In my heart with all the love, hugs and kisses I never got to give you.

God Bless

Love Mummy
x x x x x x

Ellbee, 2/22/03

He followed me everywhere. He slept next to my head at night and when I was home, he was with me. He would steal things off of Rick's desk and carry them around, then drop them in odd places. He would sit on the edge of the bathtub while I took a bath, or sit on the toilet while I was in the shower. He would patiently sit on the bathroom counter and wait for me to dry my hair in the morning, then play in the water while I brushed my teeth. His favorite treat was eating peanut butter off of my finger as we watched tv in the evening, He was a well loved little guy, and is sorely missed.

Ellie, 12/06/03

Little Ellie was a light for our family.
Even now that she's gone, her light keeps burning warm and bright.
It is so hard to say goodbye to a spirit that is so loving and gentle.

Belinda Poed

Ellie, 11/21/03

She came into my life unexpectedly at the age of 8. Ellie had a special soul and life and taught me many things. She touched not only my life, but many others who are family and friends, and she will be sorely missed by all. Wayne and I love and miss you, and we always will!

Andrea Alves Dos Santos

Ellie, 11/01/91-11/18/03

Ellie was the most loving dog I've ever known. She had a way of gazing lovingly into your eyes and making all the bad things go away. Ellie Bellie, don't forget the promise I made you. We'll see each other again. I love you and miss you terribly. I hope you're feeling better where you are now. No more sickness. You just chase your squirrels and sleep your days away in the sun until I see you again. Bye, baby. Kristen

Ellie, 06/22/98-11/04/03

Ellie Sims
June 22, 1998 – November 4, 2003

Sweet girl, you came to us after your last owner couldn’t keep you. Since we had your brother, Nicholas, your foster mom decided you were better off at our house. You made such a wonderful impression on our family. You sniffed your way onto our couch, into our bed, and our hearts. We will never forget the walks we took, family outings we attended, holidays we shared, or the emergency trip to the hospital when you decided to eat a marble. All the special and exciting moments we shared with you, have branded your image into our hearts and our minds. We enjoyed a wonderful, full life with you for the short three years you were with us. Then you got sick, and our world changed. We did everything we could to fight the cancer, but in the end we realized we were going to have to let you go. Daddy’s sweet smelly girl, he is lost without you. Just know that you have enriched our lives, and no matter how long we live we will never forget your sweet face or the way you touched our souls. We will love you always, always.

Love and Sloppy Kisses,

Daddy, Mommy and Bubba Nick

Elliot, 4/18/02-7/29/03

This was a very young cat, who has a very special place in my heart and also in my son's Tyler. Elliot went to the vet this morning ( 9:15 am est)to get updated on his vaccines. He had a very severe and rare reaction to the 3 yr rabies vaccine. Within 20 minutes of having the vaccine he started having breathing difficulties, vomiting, and diarrhea. I returned to the vet's office with him and after a very long and trying time, and with tremendous effort on the vet's part, Elliot passed away at 10:45 PM est. I was with him when he left this world, and a part of me has gone with him. I will always remember him giving me kisses on the nose, watching him groom my son's hair, and being there for me when I got home from a very trying day. Elliot, where ever you are, I Love You, and miss you deeply. And know that you will never be forgotten.

Elliott, 10/01/95-11/10/03

Love of my life....
Known my many nicknames for his spunky personality...mellytat, smellycat, beastie boy, bootie L, kitty love

Pam Carr

Elliott, 10/09/03

Elliott was a dear companion and more than anything I miss seeing him waiting for me at the door when I come home. His passing has left a massive whole in my life. I am, however, happy to have had the opportunity to know and love him. I have only had one other cat. He lived many years with me. I can only hope that the two of them are together and still loving me in their own ways.

Jeff Morrison

Elliott, 05/14/83-04/01

Elliott was my best friend and a real trooper during his bout with diabetes. I hold him in my heart forever.

Faye Munson

Elliot James Plunkett Boyle, 03/28/98-06/24/03

In memory of the sweet loving beautiful New Englander cat, Elliot Plunkett. Thank you furry angel for your love


Elmo, 12/01/03

Our beloved Elmo. You have brought joy, companionship, devotion to our family for ten years. You could jump after your feather toy as high as a kite. You would lay on your back and stretch out waiting for all of us to notice how cute you looked. You would come trotting to us whenever we called your name. Elmo! It's Elmo! Hi Elmo! Hi Boy! You will never be forgotten. Today is Dec. 10,2003 and dad is bringing your ashes home. It pains me to know the last time you come into the front door you will be in a different state. I can still see you so clearly. I'm so sorry we had to have you put to eternal sleep. Please forgive me. We didn't feel we had much of a choice. You were no longer our precious Elmo. We brought you back from near death in April of 2000 and are grateful we had an addition 31/2 more years with you.

You will be forever remembered in our hearts. Thank you Elmo for your precious loyalty, your sweet friendship and for sharing our home, our lives with us. We love you, Mom, Dad and Maggie

Elmo, 12/11/03

In memory of Elmo with love always.


Elmo, 07/31/03

My beloved cat Elmo who has been with our family through thick and thin. Brother to Elijah and Mary Jane and the most wonderful cat that ever lived. We will miss you but we know you are in a wonderful place shining down on us...


Elmo, 05/11/91-03/21/03

Please, God watch over our dear kitty. We miss her so. We all loved her a great deal and are having a hard time dealing with our loss. Please help her family to heal. Let her know that we will NEVER forget her. Also, as she was taken so suddenly, please tell her are very sorry if we didn't notice that she may have needed attention quicker than we did. We miss you, ELMO. AND WE LOVED YOU VERY VERY MUCH. Love your family, Dawn, Paul and Cherilyn

Eloise True Potato, 08/20/94-09/19/03

ELoise was loved by all who knew her, but she gave back a hundred times the love she received. She was a very small Bernese Mountain Dog, only 55 pounds, but perfect in every way. She was sunshine bright and extraordinarily beautiful, a glossy, thick coat, deep brown smiling eyes, and very agile, a real pogo stick, bouncing joyfully at the sight of a loved friend. She gave me so much love, so joyously, for so long. She was diagnosed with cutaneous malignant melanoma last June, so I had a few precious months of pure lovefest before it was time for her to cross the Rainbow bridge. I am forever grateful to her breeders for trusting me with her as a pup almost nine years ago, she was the greatest gift imaginable, every day, and every night, a being of pure love. Thank you for reading this and sharing a bit of Eloise with me. I miss her terribly, terribly much, there is a big gigantic hole where my heart should be, and it aches in that drafty place. I am hoping time heals this wound at least a bit, but I will always hold her boundless spirit in me.

Jane Boone

Elsa, 06/91-04/04/02

I am missing my sweet little Elsa girl more and more as time comes to that one year mark. I wish that I could hold her again. Pet her face, give her a kiss on the muzzle again. Just hold her in my arms again. I remember all about her, when she would be laying on the floor with her legs crossed and I would walk past her and say, You better keep your legs crossed all the time, and she would look up at me and just be herself. Or walking past her and ask her what she wanted and she would start to talk her gentle little barks. Oh I miss Elsa so much. I wish I wish I wish, but my wishing doesn't come through. But I still have her pictures and memories of her, and I also have her brother with me, 14 years old this year. But at least I know that she is not in any pain any more. And that helps me alot. Just little under a month and her anniversary will be here. I don't want it to come. I am just so glad that I had the time with you when you were here. I love you so much Elsa. Your mommy is here. Oh my sweet Elsa, how I love you so, how I miss you in my life, life just hasn't been the same since you left home. You are still here in my heart. You will always be here in my heart. Just remember how much I love and miss you.

Your Mommy

Elvira, 10/15/88-07/03/03

Elvira just died from CHF & lung cancer complications 5 days ago. Her illness came on so fast that it was impossible to prepare for her death. We are told that, compared to other Shar-peis, she enjoyed an unusually long life. Elvira was the sunny spot in every cloudy day and her sweet personality won the hearts of all our friends and family. Henry & I loved her so much and are blessed with many good memories. We would like to believe that we will see our beloved Elvira again in heaven. God knows how much we loved her how difficult the grieving process has been. Knowing that she is faithfully waiting for us would make everything a lot easier. We miss you, Vi.

Amy & Henry

Elvira, 03/06/03

17 Yrs. of my life you were with me and what a special baby you were. I miss you and love you sooo much and will never forget you. You were my first baby and you'll always be in my heart.


Elvis, 10/25/99

Elvis you may be gone, but your memorys will always be with us, you are not forgotten my little schmoopie


Elvis, 11/10/03

Sweet precious Elvis, I can not believe you are no longer here with us. your mommy is so heartbroken she can barely breathe. you gave so much while you were here, always funny, loving and a joy to be around. your brothers, buck and jerrylee will miss you dearly as well. your daddy must be so sad and heartbroken, I just cant imagine. I will do my best to help them through this - we will remember you always. be at peace sweet Elvis, go find charlie at the bridge, he is waiting for you. love your auntie paulene


Elvis, 03/15/03-09/10/03

Elvo, Saber Tooth Tabby, Eboy, Little Manny, Elvis Pelvis...Please know that we loved you dearly. We will miss you soooo much. You brought more happiness to all of us than you could ever have known. Please don't wait too long to fill out the paperwork to get your little butt back down here. Your sister, Jennifer and I will be waiting to see you all better playing in your garden.

Miss and Love you with all our hearts,

Jennifer, Jerry, Klio and Talos

Elvis, 04/30/89-08/25/03

Elvis, (AKA: Elvis P, "P", "PP")
To my sweet boy. It's now been 5 days since you left us. Momma and Poppy have both cried and laughed quite a bit in this time. I hope you weren't in any pain the last days of your life. If you were, you didn't show it. And you never complained once, which was to be expected for such an easy going cat as you were. Throughout your 14 plus years here on earth, there wasn't anyone who ever met you who didn't remark about how sweet and beautiful you were. Dorothy, Toto and George are all ok but they miss you too. You'll be glad to know that George has started to grow up and behave. I think he was jealous of you. Who wouldn't be?
PP, I hope now that you have gone to the bridge, that you have been restored to your prime, say, about 6 years old and about 26 pounds. With plenty of bunnies, squirrels, birds and lizards to watch and plenty of grass to munch on.
Once again, young man, I want to thank you so very much for our time together. A cat, or living being of any kind, for that matter, as special as you does not come around very often. Once in a lifetime if you're lucky. We were so very lucky and truly blessed that lifetime you chose to share was ours. You will be in our hearts forever!

Rick and Susan aka Poppy and Momma

Elvis, 04/15/90-06/20/03

On the afternoon of June 20th, 2003 I lost my long-hair tabby, Elvis, after 13 years of being curled up near my side... I got Elvis when he was 6 weeks old when I was 9 years old and right from the start I knew he was special.. He had a great personality for a cat. He liked everyone, always very nice to strangers. While I was in high school, I was having a very difficult time with coping. I would always come home and plop myself on my bed and just lay there...He would always come in and jump on to my bed and either sleep on my back or on my stomach, however I was laying on my bed. I would actually talk to him and tell him how my day was going and he would always comfort me with his purring and rubbing up against me.
Up until this year, he didn't start to show any signs of his age...Then he started to get sick off and on this year for various things. He died quietly Friday afternoon while I was at work. I'm so upset that I wasn't there with him when he passed, but I think he didn't want me to be around when it finally did happen because he had been hiding from me the last few days of his life. Elvis was and always will be my little baby. I love him and miss him dearly.

Elvis, 10/89-03/11/03

My beloved Elvis. I suspected your time was coming soon but of course I was selfishly hoping for at least one more summer with you at the lake. I'm sorry I had to take you to the vet (I know you hated that place) but I had to be sure it was really your time. Please know that you will forever be missed and how much I love you. I hope that even as I'm writing this you are at Rainbow Bridge playing with Maxie and meeting Scamp. Have fun chasing those tennis balls. Until we meet again - I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!!

Char, Skip, CJ and Nathan

Elvis, 07/25/96-03/02/03

My Big E was the best dog I've ever had! He had a terrible accident in the woods and I didn't find him until it was too late. We miss him so very much and hope and pray that he is among the dogs at The Rainbow Bridge waiting for us.

Brookie Matheos

Ely, 10/03/94-10/01/03

Husar's Ely Von Fuerstenberg had the greatest heart of any dog I've ever known. I would give anything to be able to look into those big dark brown eyes once more and feel his kiss upon my cheek. His love knew no bounds and we loved him so! He was my constant companion and champion. We will miss him every day for the rest of our lives.

Monika Morris

Ely, 02/20/03

Ely, such a little name for such a big piece of my heart. I'm miserable without you buddy. I'm sorry I didn't bring you home with me the other night. You didn't get a chance to spend your last night with me and Daddy, or your pesky sisters. I'm sorry I didn't know you were this sick, you never once let me know - your own private battle. I hope I gave you enough good times, the ones you gave me are innumerate. Zoe keeps looking for you, Chloe won't sleep. I don't know how to console them, or myself. You're with Benny now, and I can't say "my boys" anymore. I promise I'll never play "plastic baggie" with anyone else, no one understands it but you. Love you pudgy - Mom

Emerald Bruce, 11/15/03

To our beautiful boy Emerald Bruce, thank you for coming into our lives. We love you always.

Adrienne and John

Emerson, 4/7/03

There in the oversized cage, huddled in the corner, was a big ball of fur, shaking. This ball of fur was immediately known as Emerson. I knew he was meant to be mine. Emerson was a devoted friend to me, and would defend me to the bitter end. He loved to swim, going for walks, running in open fields and golf courses, chewing on rawhides, and sitting at the patio door - as if to say I'm on watch of this home. He chased away the birds and at night, he'd bark at the coyotes. Emerson was full of life, and was only 3 but, had a long list of those who he had bit, including family members. We tried medicines, behavior modification, muzzles, all with love, patience and kindness but, nothing would take out that aggressive streak in him. We put him to sleep today, peacefully and humanely. As he was falling asleep from the sedative, I was kissing his head, and he gave me one last growl. We loved him so much. Sometimes, when he looked at you, it looked like he was smiling back at you. Emerson will forever be in my heart. He was my little baby boy. I hope he is having the time of his life running, jumping and barking in doggie heaven. Emerson, remember we love you, now and forever!!!! Love, Mom and Grandma

Emi, 08/24/01-03/01/03

Our little Emi Sue passed away unexpectedly on March 1. She and I and her brother Tucker were getting in the car to take our weekly trip to the land where we are building our house. She kissed on my face when she got in as she always did. Then, she rolled into the floorboard. I held her in my arms while driving to the vet. But, she died 2 minutes before we got there. The vet said that she probably had HCM, a genetic heart disease common in young Maine Coon cats. We are so devastated, and our little Tucker is grieving, too. Please keep us in your prayers. We had tests run on Tucker to see if he has the same disease. We will hear from them this week. She was our little bug hunter. She always slept on top of her kitty condo. She was our little love bug! Emi Sue, our lives will never be the same! We love you and miss you.....Mom, Dad, and Tucker

Emily, 10/16/03

Emily was very special to me. She would come and be ready for our nightly walk which she enjoyed immensely. She loved to play ball and wrestle. She would hold out her paw for me to rub her belly. I thank God for giving me the time I spent with her.

I love you Emily my special pet.

Lee Williams

Emily, 11/03/95-05/23/03

I'll always love you, my baby girl Emmie. You will always be in my heart, you were the best girl.

Grace M. Demore

Emily, 10/13/85-03/05/03

Emily aka Emma aka Emmers aka Emma Lou aka Emily Ann

Oh Emily, how can I put it into words? I can't remember much of my life without you, so the thought of all the years ahead without being able to see your spunky self fills my heart with this heaviness which will not go away. You were always so silly and stubborn and rotten, and we adored you. The 17 years that you spent with us were so wonderful--we were so completely blessed to have you. When I tell friends of your death (because everyone that knew you loved you), they say, "well, you had her for 17 long years" or, "she had a good, long life", or "you had to know that this was coming since she was so old", I want to scream. You have always been there for us, and in some childlike way I believed you always would be. I know that in your last month you were sick, and I didn't want you to suffer, but I just didn't want to let you go. I would do anything to see you turn your nose up at perfectly good table scraps (prime rib, no less!) or hear you bark your full head off at absolutely nothing. Even though it was painful, I am so glad that I went to the vet when we had you put to sleep because I didn't want you to go alone. After they injected you and you slowly turned and looked at my face, I could actually feel my heart breaking. When I saw your breathing stop it was as if a beautiful bright light had just been turned off in an instant--it's amazing that something so special and wonderful can be puffed out like the light from a candle in the breeze. It was the most exquisitely painful moment of my life. Please know that we did this because we did not want your suffering to continue. If there had been any other way, we'd have done it, but death was the only way for you to have the peace you deserve.

Emma--you were our light, our laughter, our friend, our privilege, our joy, our love, and our blessing. Please know just how much you brought to our lives. There will never be another dog like you. I cannot wait to see you again.

Irreplaceable, never forgotten, always loved.

You will always be missed.

Love you always--Megan

Emily, 8/23/96-3/06/03

My love for you grows stronger as it always has with each passing day. You are always here within my heart.. I will never let you go.
With Love Forever... Mom

Emily, 08/10/94-02/08/03

Emily-aka Mimi, was my best friend. When she started getting sick, I knew I wouldn't have her long. The doctor's couldn't find out what was wrong with her. My mom and I tried every test. I guess she wanted to be with our dog Pierre who passed on Jan 31, 2001. When she left me on Saturday, I was so sad. She went by herself. It was like she waited for me to leave so I wouldn't see her go. I was only gone a couple of hours and Mom found her when she came home. She looked like she layed down and went to sleep. She was wet on the side of her face and legs from our dog Sugar. I guess trying to wake her up again. I loved her more than anything and I miss her so much. She was always there for me. I hope and pray that she is happy now and having fun with Pierre, Punkin and all the other beloved animals who have gone. My mom told me about this site and I want to add my Mimi for your prayers and help for her to be at the Rainbow. I love you Emily and none of us will ever forget you, Danielle, Mommy, Daddy and Sugar Babee

Emily, 01/30/03

Emily, you were with us for a short time and we knew nothing about your history, but you sure made your mark. What a strong personality, a beautiful face, and a chatterbox! Everyone who met you loved you and said you had the most beautiful eyes they'd ever seen.

We are terribly sorry that you had to go, and want you to know that you'll never be forgotten. Try not to beat Fluff and Mouse up too much while you're all waiting for us at the bridge!

Love Sarah and Jennifer.

Emma, 12/09/03

I love and miss you.


Emma, 11/29/03

Darling Emma, you were taken from us far too soon. We had wanted to
give you the best of everything in your senior years, the kind of loving home you may never have had. We feel like we failed you little Emma. I think that you're playing with Opus and are with our clan of bridge kids. We love you so very much Emma.

The Skulina Family

Emma, 11/01/94-12/28/01

Emma, my heart and soul, I miss you.
I think of you every day.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.


Emma, 06/2002-9/1/03

Our time with you has been wonderful. You are beautiful and beauty should never suffer. Cancer is a horrible beast that has now taken 2 lives from me. May you be in peace now.
You will never be forgotten. Love, Mom, Joe, Paige, Chloe, Simon, Caleb, Conner, Max, Claire, Sam, and Molly.
Katie Belle, Buddy, and Kobe will watch over you.
Until we all meet again...

Emma, 11/11/93-08/23/03

Emma was adopted from a Lab rescue in 1994. She was a special angel to us at a time when we were grieving the loss of another dog. In the last year, she was a wonderful "nanny" to our puppy who is now 14 mos. She never let us down, was always loving and will be missed by many friends and our family.

Jane & Steve Umstead

Emma, 05/01/96-07/29/03

Our special baby! We loved you more than mere words can express. The last two weeks without you here has been the worst ever for all of us. We see and feel you everywhere. You are here with us honey we know it. We are just glad you are now comfortable and happy. We know you are with Gretchen and Samantha. Be good baby and run and play and enjoy and always remember we miss you being here with us. Until we meet again.
Mom, Dad and Megan

Emma, 12/22/02

Beloved Emma, I called you Auntie Ems as you were always so good to come home to. I miss you every day and thank you for your wonderful love, devotion, splendor and wonderful sense of humor and intelligence. My heart aches for you always. Remember all those wonderful huge rocks you would fish for and catch from the streams? I throw them for you still and know you are there beside me. Thank you for your love.
Sooze Plunkett-Green

Emma, 03/02/86-03/23/03

In memory of a friend and companion for 17 years.


Emma Grace Ballow, 01/01/98- 02/10/03

Only a few people will ever know how much I loved Emma and how she inhabited the softest place in my heart. Few will ever understand the pain and loss that I feel. But I have faith that my God knows my heart and is helping me through this. I have faith - have no other choice- that Emma is in a safe place where she is free of pain, is not lonely, and can experience joy. And I have faith, as I promised her the last time I held her, that no matter what, someday we would be together again. Till we meet again Baby. Love Mamma and Daddy.
Gone from our lives but forever in our Hearts - Emma Grace Ballow - 1/1/98 - 2/10/03.

Emma Krepel Ryan, 07/26/85-06/26/03

Dear Emma, it's been a month or so since you left my side, my heart has been dark & empty, but you will be glad to I'm reaching out to help others just as we talked about before you died. I'm going to see what I can do to rid the world of chronic renal failure so no one else has to suffer like we did. Tilly still misses you we get along better now a bit. you are probably seeing other furbabes to the bridge now. I wish you were here, there is no one like my ol colonel to help now thank you for your love & care during these many years, couldn't have made it thru without you col. I'm praying the Lord really does exists so we can see our loved ones again. I have your ashes as promised so you can be buried with me when it my turn, if the other humans remember. say hi to mommy, daddy sissy & mitzi plus u know who else til I see you again, Good Night, ol Colonel no civil war movie will not be watched the same way again. I love boo love mommy

Emmett, 08/23/01-07/21/02

Always loved and sadly missed

Jen Theel

Emmett, 1/28/03

Emmett was my first but certainly not last of his breed. He had been sick for days and the day he died seemed to be getting better. He was walking around and collapsed in my lap looked up at me then licked my hand. He died in my arms where he should have been. I rescued him a year before that from being shot by his former owners. In return he gave me the best year of my life protecting me and my family and drooling all over my work cloths. We will miss you Emmett but know you are waiting for us at the bridge.

Emmitt, 05/25/03

Emmitt passed away today when he was struck by a car and killed. he leaves behind a family, his mom and dad, who adopted him four years ago out of a high kill shelter. They love him very much and are heartbroken.

Debra Rowlands

Emmy, 04/15/98

You were my sweet and fuzzy little man. My sweet baby with the slurred purr, flat paws, fat round little body, crooked tail and the loudest purr of any cat alive. I remember you riding on my shoulder and playing with my you were fascinated by baseball hats and riding in the hay cart. I remember how tiny you were...with your big blue eyes and black and white markings...such a little tuxedo cat. I miss you my sweet boy. But now you have someone to take care of...someone smaller than you to care for and watch over just as Pumpkin did for you. I love you my little kitten man. Always and forever.

Eng, 3/1/91-1/2/03

Hello all -

Recently one of my beloved Siamese kitties, Eng, passed away. After 2 months of urinary problems, bouts of not eating for days and finally, the beginnings of kidney failure, I had to make the difficult decision to let him go. In March Eng and his twin, Chang, would have been 12 years old.

Eng was my little crossed-eyed "bubbas" with a mustache, very round non-Siamese belly, purr like a Harley Davidson guaranteed to keep you up at night while he slept on your head and razor sharp teeth that he didn't hesitate to use if you should happen to stop petting him!

"Dingers" loved to TALK! Sometimes he would let out a howl and we were absolutely certain he was calling for "Momma" in typical Siamese fashion! Let's not forgot how we all needed to guard our food lest we should fall victim to Eng's 'I'll be your best frieeeeeend' charming antics and pawing, especially when it came to dairy products, tuna, salad, cheeseburgers and hawaiian pizza!!!! WHEW!

Big brother Chang is usually the strong, silent type, but on New Year's Day he was talking up a storm - I think we all knew that we were losing our little "Eng-a-Ling". I'll miss his meeting me at the door when he heard my car pulling up and his incessant cries at 5:30 am nearly every morning because ENG WAS HUNGRY!!!!!!

"King Eng" was a character and a half, and seemed to be most everyone's favorite feline. He had a long, happy life as an indoor kitty and saw the likes of Orlando, New Orleans and Hotlanta in his lifetime. Please enjoy the attached picture of Eng and Chang taken a few years ago in my old apartment.

(See attached file: My Boyz Chang and Eng)

Thank you!


Ensign, 05/18/03

For Ensign.

I still feel the soft velvet of your touch, the tickle of your whiskers on my eye, your loving l'il kitty kiss. I miss the quiet rumble of your purr, the comfort of quiet times, the silkiness of your fur, your beautiful golden eyes. I know you've come back on occasion; I can feel you sleeping between my legs. Have you come back to let me know you're okay? I know you are. Please stay a little longer next time.
Once in a while, I find a picture of you or think I see you out of the corner of my eye, and then remember how you loved your mom, that you loved peas and shrimp, and mousing in the basement was your idea of heaven. Sometimes, I forget you're not here and call Jasmine, Nellie or Gavin by your name. I feel the tears well up, and I try to tell myself that you're okay. Yes, I say, there are furry blankets, sunshine, birdies, lots of soft food, water in a bottle cap, crunchy toys, catnip, and green grass (without that harness) where you are. Samantha, Cocoa, Thunder, Gooch, Spot, Secja, Fluffy, Melody, and all the others (Human and furry) are there with you, so I know you're not alone. You will never be alone. You will always be part of our family.
Your face is as clear to me as if it were Saturday and you were here, playing with Nellie and cuddling with your mom on her shoulders. I can barely see through my tears to write this. You brought light, life and joy to me. I cherish the memories of your love and trust. My dearest Ensign, know that I keep you in my heart. You will never be forgotten, or replaced. One day, we will all be together in the sunshine, warm breezes, and green meadows, chasing mice until you are so tired you jump on your mom's shoulders for a ride up to bed. Until that time, you are so missed, and so loved. We will always love you little buddy.

Sean and Cammy

Entu, 08/01/02-05/08/03

Entu was born after his mother was rescued from the pet store. He and his brothers and sisters all made it. Unfortunately for him, he was the first to leave. Entu enjoyed running on the wheel, eating treats, and having chin rubs. Maurice, Brandon, Trystan, Sylvester, Muffin, Christopher, and Nikita came to help him cross to the other side. Entu is free now to run in the fields, meet girls, and lay in the sunshine. Mommy miss!

Eppie, 04/12/01-05/30/03

Eppie was a beautiful little girl. We will have her in our hearts forever.

Pam Stewart

Eric, 07/26/02

Eric was loved by all and loved all. He was a truly amazing rescue dog who owned me for thirteen years and was my best friend. I miss him desperately.

Debbie Ormond

Erin, 01/08/93-07/05/03

We love you and miss you more than words can say. We were the luckiest family to have you in our family for 10 years. You will always be in our hearts and our thoughts. Although I cannot imagine how we will get through without you, I will have to put my trust in the higher powers that you are ok and one day we will be too.
Take care of Alex and Mrs. Pam.
All our love
Denise, Rob, Tyler & Jessica

Erin Marie, 07/86-07/08/03

Her full name was "Purrdee Kittie Erin Startasia Marie" and she lived up to her name. To me she was and always will be the best.

Rosemary Schuff

Ernie, 12/05/03

Last night I felt you jump onto the bed and walk up to my shoulder. You lay by my side and purred. I felt your weight beside me. You reached out your paw and touched me on the cheek in that old familiar way. I thought that you were really here and it had all been a bad dream, that you really did not die, but were here with me. I turned my head and opened my eyes to see a vacant spot. A dream, a beautiful dream. How I miss you Ernie. How I long for your presence, to touch your soft fur one more time. I will love you forever. Come haunt me again!


Ermie, 08/15/00-09/12/03

I am so sorry I had to make the decision I had to make. You were a great girl with a horrible disease. Bert, Telly, and I miss you.


Ernie, 12/05/03

Ernie was rescued from an abusive home. We spent alot of effort to calm his fears and help him become a pampered housecat. He laid by my side through two cancer surgeries and became a very loving companion. We miss him more than words can say. Our hearts ache for him. Good bye, my baby.

Corinne Kephart

Ernie, 02/08/89-09/24/03

To my beloved Ernie,
Thank you for the wonderful 13.5 years you brought into my life. From a being a playful puppy to a grumpy grampy you were the light of my life.
Always there with a wagging tail and mischievous look, you always knew how to cheer me up when no one else could.
I only wish that I could of done more for you and I hope you realize that I had to let you go as I couldn't watch you suffer any more.
I love you so much and I still cry to think of what I lost.
Until I see you again and here you silly sneezes... I'll be forevering missing you.

Jennifer Tsang

Ernie, 07/01/90-06/26/03

I will miss you dearly. You are a part of me and always will be.


Ernie, 09/01/83-01/27/03

I said goodbye to the light of my life, my beloved cat, on Monday, January 27, 2003. My heart is broken. He had not been well for the past 2 1/2 years when he was diagnosed with IBS. He was maintaining a good quality of life on all his meds. The one thing I would not do for him was let him suffer and the week before his death, he was going down hill. He was nineteen years old and had been loved and cherished by me since he was eight weeks old. He had confidence, dignity and most importantly, attitude. He was boss. He did some amazing things, including chasing and retrieving balls. He had three great loves: car rides (no kidding), fresh shrimp and Beanie Babies, which he dragged around the house and brought to me as gifts. I always made certain to stop whatever I was doing and thank him. He left behind a collection of over twenty-five. I would bring him a new one whenever I went on a business trip. My office is in my home and he was the office manager. As I said, he was the boss! When I divorced in 1986, I often tell my friends that Ernie screened my dates for me. He did not approve of anybody until my beloved Mike entered the picture in 1994. Mike used to say Ernie tolerated him, but I knew differently. I often called him "my little investment" and he was the best investment I ever made. God I loved him and I will miss him the rest of my life. He was a wonderful friend who helped me through some of the toughest times.

Gail Penn

Ernie and Floyd, 14 and 15 - 7 and 11/2003

To our too best friends that we miss very much. It is a same that animals are on this earth for such a short time.
We Love you too and try to be good in heaven.....
Love Dad, Mom and Sissy and your other furry friends

Ernie Seaver, 02/14/87-05/09/03

Oh Ernie,

What can I say? I can't believe you're really gone. You've been alive more than 1/2 of my life! You came into my arms when I was just 12 years old. I can barely remember a day before you there by my side. How am I going to live another 16 years without you?

I hope you know how many people's lives you touched. Mom, Matt, Nana, Nancy, Karen, Rick, etc...They all loved you so much. Please wait for us at the end of the Rainbow Bridge when our time comes so we may hug you again. Until then, go play some ball with Dad and keep him company...he's missed you. We miss you!

We will always love you!

Love Always,

Suz & Mom : )

Ernie The Ornage Cat, 12/06/03

On Saturday December 6 2003, my little orange cat Ernie died. I can't begin to describe how hard this has been for me. Ernie had been with me for only four years, but in that short time he completely and utterly endeared himself to me.

About four years ago, he showed up on my doorstep one warm spring day, a large stray adult orange tabby with green eyes, a white chest and feet, a rough voice and a tough, sturdy appearance. At first I would feed him on the front porch. He wasn't much interested in coming inside due to the weather I guess. Despite his tough guy look, he had a heart of gold. When I would sit out, he would camp next to me and purr loudly as I scratched his chin or stroked his fur. I was amazed at how gentle he was for a large cat. He never once hissed or scratched at me, despite his very formidable claws. At first, I referred to him as "the orange cat', and then as "the Ornage cat", in honor of the way my nephew would mispronounce "orange" when he was small. A short while later, he officially became "Ernie, the Ornage cat". As spring turned to summer, Ernie's visits quickly became regular and he began to get quite at home, playfully rolling around at my feet on the front porch. Ernie quickly realized that we have a family room in the basement and he could get our attention by appearing in the ground level window right above my TV at around 9:30 PM every night. Just as I had sat down to relax! Alternatively, he would appear at the front door or kitchen window, pink nose pressed to the glass, waiting for me to appear and reward him with supper.

As winter approached and the weather began to get cold that first year, my Wife and I decided that he simply had to have a place to stay so I set up a spot for him in my basement. I guess at that point, Ernie had officially been adopted and was no longer a stray. Despite the cold, he would go out at night and appear on the front porch every morning waiting to come in. A call of "Ernie!" from the basement door would be rewarded with Ernie meowing frantically and running up the walk to give me a cuddle and to bunk out in his basket for the day. Of course, on really cold nights, he would go out for only a short while and appear at the family room window to interrupt my favorite show and be let in again. He loved it when I rubbed his front shoulders and would lean into my hand so much that he would almost fall over. I remember one day Ernie had come in the front door and ran into the kitchen. My 15 month old son bopped Ernie squarely on the nose three times and Ernie just blinked at him.

About a month ago, Ernie came in one morning and just looked terrible. He wasn't much interested in food, which was quite odd. A couple of days later he was still not eating so I quickly whisked him to the vet. The news was completely devastating – feline leukemia, feline immune virus and a bad infection. The vet said he most likely had it when I first found him and wanted to put Ernie down that day but I refused and asked for antibiotics for the infection. Amazingly, after 24 hours on the antibiotics, he perked up and started eating again – three cans of tuna per day! By mid week he was much better and looked to be well. However, a few days later he stopped eating again. I researched feline leukemia on the net and found that prednisone can be helpful and got some from the vet, but to no avail. By Saturday Ernie was so weak that he could barely hold his head up and needed help to drink. He was clearly in much pain and cried when left alone - he relaxed and slept only when I was with him. I was shocked at how quickly Ernie's condition had deteriorated. In just three weeks, Ernie had gone from being happy, strong and robust to the brink of death. In his condition, Ernie had only a short time left. I could not watch him suffer any longer so I brought him to the vet again. He was so weak that he lay down on the vet's table and closed his eyes as I stroked his fur and rubbed his chin. Ernie died in my arms that morning, but he did not die alone and he did not die in the local animal shelter. Ernie died part of my family, secure in the knowledge that I love him dearly and will always miss him terribly.

Ernie, my big orange gentle bear, will always be in my heart.

Dave Hussey

Escher (Fuzzy Butt), 07/03/93-11/30/03

Come find me again when my time comes.


Esmerelda, 05/14/83-10/29/01

Esmerelda was a very special cat. She was taken from a litter of babies that were born in a barn. She ended up producing a few litters of her own kitties, which gave us a few more beloved babies to add to our family. Esmerelda had a great life, she was pretty much a kitten until the day she passed over to Rainbow Bridge. She is missed very much. I will see her again someday. I love you, Esmerelda.


Esther, 05/09/93-01/02/02

Beloved friend're missed each and every day. I hope to see you again.

ET, 12/06/03

ET we love you so much and miss you.


ET, 05/88-12/06/03

To my beloved ET.
I love you so much and will miss you terribly.
You are now in heaven with your beloved sister, Bonnie.


E.T., 12/28/03-01/24/03

Dear E.T. My little darling puppy, you fought so hard to stay with us and last night you slipped away to go home to be with God. We so wanted you to make it, you ate like a little pig, but just didn't grow. We fed you around the clock and it felt like you might survive, but I guess God needed you more. You have left a big hole in our hearts today, but bless your soul you tried so hard. You lived 5 weeks today and only weight 6 1/2 ounces. I just wanted you to know we all loved you so much, each of us taking our turns to feed and love you and let you know we would have taken care of you no matter what happened. Fly with the angels my little boy because I know that is where you are at. We will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Bye-bye my little sweet E.T. Mom & Carma

Ethel, 02/05/03

I want to pay a tribute to my best friend of 21 years. Ethel was born when I was about four years old and she was with me through my entire life. Any time I was sad or lonely as a child she was there, rubbing in my face and meowing trying to put a smile back on my face. As I grew older my bond with Ethel grew as well and I felt like she was the only thing on the earth that understood me at times. She always seemed happy to see me when I'd get home and she was always there to sleep with me at night. A couple of years ago, she was sick and I thought it was her time but she pulled through her sickness and was healthy until just a few weeks ago. A lot of times she would sleep by my head at night as if she was getting energy from me while I was asleep. If I tried to move her she would get mad, insisting that she be by my head so I just let her be eventually and got used to feeling her whiskers on my face while I slept. I have to go this afternoon to put my girl to sleep and I think it may be one of the hardest things I have ever or will ever have to do. I love her with all my heart and it hurts so much to do what I have to do. I took her to the vet on Monday morning and the vet thought she could bring her back to health but after 48 hours there is still no change and I have to do what is right for Ethel. I don't want her to be in pain and I don't want her to be alone. I'm so afraid to hold her while they put her to sleep... I almost decided to not be there but I know that Ethel would want to be in my arms in her last minutes on Earth. I just hope she knows how much she has meant to me and how much I love her and that I'm doing this for her because I don't want to see her in pain. I will never forget my cat and I will always look back fondly on memories I have of her.

Jessica Brooks

Eva, 11/17/03

Eva was a wonderful friend who was the sweetest, easy-going cat.
She would pet us!
She talked a lot and sometimes made noises like R2D2.
She was an absolute sweetheart of a kitty and she is greatly missed.

Evan, Jessi, Tim & Yvonne Hullinger

Eve, 01/10/03

I love you Eve, your time was too short I am glad that we were able to adopt you and give you the loving home you deserved. I love you and thank you for giving me your unconditional love, I will never forget you and I will miss you always. We will be together in the end and I can only pray at night that you are running whole and happy again.
I LOVE YOU my special kitty kat


Ewok, 11/09/88-12/26/02

Ewok was a special blessing in our lives. My husband, myself and our granddaughter, Danielle went to pick him out. On New years eve day, 1988, we brought him home and he was the joy of our lives. He was diagnosed with a hole in his heart but lived for l4 years. The last year he struggled many times and they told me it would be a matter of time. He made it through Christmas, but I believe in my heart Christmas was too much for him. The next day his breathing was very hard and when we made it to the vet, we were told it was near the end. We made the decision to have him put down, but in my heart I was praying for him to go on his own. My prayers were answered and he passed away in my arms. I know there will never be another Ewok and he is in a better place. I have the most beautiful picture of him on our wall so he is always there with us.


Eyes So Special, 06/03/91-01/09/03

Eyeso was a very special boy. He was incredibly loving and sweet. He died of a burst vessel in his lungs, he was far to young to go yet. He helped me over the loss of my first horse, who I had for close to 20 years, and died less than a year ago. I hadn't even had Eyeso for a year, it was far to short of time to spend with such a spectacular horse. I miss him so much, and I will always love him, and keep a special place in my heart just for him. I will always remember his big love filled eyes looking at me.


Ezekiel, 06/01/88-04/26/03

My sweet Zekie, you were my heart and soul, love of my life. You took care of me for 15 years. I can't wait to see you again and I love you so much forever. Thank you for your beautiful beingness and for giving so much to me.

Your mommy Donna

Ezra, 09/20/02-05/27/03

Ezra was sick most of his life just as we were getting to the route of his problem his journey ended. I miss my precious baby too much for words at the moment. I love you Ezra


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