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Year 2003 Tributes

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Dafney and Mr. Bunny thru Dylan Thomas

Dafney and Mr. Bunny, 07/21/03

I am so sorry I was on vacation and unable to protect you (in our fenced in yard and you in a totally (top, sides, and under the ground) wired pen which I thought would protect you both from harm but apparently not from the panther or otter that killed you both (in the middle of a subdivision I might add). You were both as children to me and will be missed very much.

Daisey Mae Renee, 05/25/88-03/16/03

To my Daisey..I just sat here for 5 minutes watching the cursor blinking trying to find the words. You brought so much love and joy to our family, you were the perfect pet. it's amazing how you were always there for me, to cheer me up when I was having a bad day, you always knew what I was feeling. I used to look at you and think to myself "what will I ever do without you". In the last year I watch you move a little bit slower, and noticed that you really couldn't hear my voice anymore, and again thought to myself "what will I ever do without you". in the last month I carried you up and down the stairs to go outside. Saturday night I laid with you and told you that even though you couldn't hear my voice, please FEEL what I'm telling you.."it's ok to go now". Well Daisey, it was the first time in your long life that you didn't listen to me. your spirit was willing, but your body just wasn't. so we had to make the decision for you on Sunday morning. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life, for the last time I said to myself "what am I going to do without you". you will forever be in my heart, love mom

Daisy, 12/26/03

Our dear and faithful friend is forever in our hearts.

Rob and Family

Daisy, 05/23/99-12/21/03

I love you, Daisy.
You will be greatly missed.
You will be in my heart always.
See you in heaven, my sweet princess.


Daisy, 07/27/89-12/11/03

Daisy was the love and joy of our life. She traveled everywhere with us -- from Portland, Maine to Charleston, S.C.; to Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon, just to name a few. We were inseparable. We miss her more than words can ever say.

Ronald and Joan Regrut

Daisy, 11/29/03

Daisy was a sweet happy friend, always content to be sitting close to one of us. She lived to chase pinecones and golf balls
and waited patiently staring at them til we threw them again and again. She brought us much joy and tons of unconditional love and we looked forward to seeing her bright and furry little face. She left a huge void in our lives and a gaping whole in our hearts when she passed on. Everyone who met Daisy loved Daisy. She'll be sorely missed. We love you Daisy!

Sandy and Jim Velte

Daisy, 10/30/03

Thank you to my bubbly, persistent, loving and always smiling girl for sharing your life with me. You are my best friend. I will always think about you with a happy heart even though it is broken for awhile right now.

Ellen Rowe

Daisy, 11/09/03

To Daisy, the coolest cat in the whole world.
The whole neighborhood and all of us at home miss you so much.
You were the happiest cat we've known.
You are a blessing we will never forget.


Daisy, 01/01/03-10/28/03

You gave me the most incredible 2 years of my life and you were amazing. You are my heart and my soul and this is not the end. When it is my turn, I know you will be there for me and we will finally be home together again.
Much Love,

Daisy, 09/13/03

Tthe most beautiful girl in the world


Daisy, 05/15/00-10/11/01

In our lives for a short time, but in our hearts forever.

Billy and Debby Kenney

Daisy, 04/93-09/12/03

We love and miss our sweet little Daisy who brighten our days with her wagging tail!

Laurie and Daughter Kaity

Daisy, 09/05/03

My precious bundle of fur passed away from old age. She received lots of love and attention, but gave me so much more. I am recovering from illness and she had brought me so much happiness. Something to get up for and look forward to. Rest in Peace, my dear sweet friend.

Ayan Sanyal

Daisy, 04/02/92-08/30/03

Thank you Daisy for all the love, and happy times you gave me. I miss having my little companion with me. I miss the walks we took, the times we played frisbee, the fun camping trips when you would stay up all night to protect me. Most of all I miss the times we spent at home. Thank you for always being a true and loyal friend. Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Thank you for being so brave and trusting in your final minutes with me. Thank You Daisy I will always love you.

Chris K

Daisy, 07/29/03

She was my best friend for 9 years and has left me her only child. She was better than the best and will never be forgotten.


Daisy, 01/01/93-08/02/03

You gave me such love - how can I ever thank you enough? You were the best friend and most loyal companion a gal could ask for. I hope I gave you back "in good measure."

I will miss you, here by by side, but you will live in my heart forever.

Thank you, my friend. Til we meet again...
I will love you always, Daisy.

Daisy, 04/09/94-06/30/03

Daisy you were a wonderful friend and I miss you incredibly I'm so sorry that you got sick. It broke my heart into a million pieces the day that you left me. I know that you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and that you are happy. I love you Daisy, I miss you.


Daisy, 04/20/03-07/03/03

Our dear Daisy...
We only were able to love you for a short time, and we hope your stay with us was comfortable and safe. We are so sorry that you could not stay longer and we had to make such a hard choice to let you go...we didn't want to see you suffer any longer. Your little body couldn't take it, and we saw that in your eyes each time you gasped for air. Never doubt how much you were loved and are missed each day.

Bethany & Rich

Daisy, 06/05/03

Aloving angel of a dog.

Jane & Stephan Pietrowski

Daisy, 06/02/03

Here's to a great little friend who came into my life and left all too rapidly. I miss you so much and would give anything just to have you around one more day. I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you. I'll always love you.

Peter Dimas

Daisy (Duk), 05/08/03

I will miss your daisy tipped tail and perked up ears.
I will miss your presence in the kitchen during meal prep time.
I will miss your shining brown eyes.
I will miss seeing you walking about the yard checking for something to eat.
I will miss your soft head fur under my hand.
I will miss your bark to eat, to be let out.
I will miss your "where are you bark?"
I will miss my Duk...................

R. Pelouch

Daisy, 04/14/03

I've lost my best friend in you.. You were always here for me, especially when I was unhappy. I'll always love you and remember you, and I hope you'll wait for me.

Kathy Dowler

Daisy, 04/26/88-04/21/03

Daisy was the best! A faithful friend and companion who gave totally unconditional love. We miss her immensely and look forward to seeing again when we meet her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Cathy and Lee Bittner

Daisy, 01/18/03

Daisy, our little hound dog, you came into our lives as a lost soul, and now you are embedded in our souls forever!!!
"Sniffing, tracking and following trails, the Basset Hound always wags its tail. It doesn't matter what you do they're always happy when they're with you."

Brian, Sue, Ann, Corey

Daisy, 06/01/89-01/12/03

Daisy you were such a special friend to both of us. The love and friendship you gave to us will never be forgotten or replaced. We hope that you are happy were you are now. We love and miss you so very much.

Jocelyne and Terry Gilliland

Daisy, 02/21/85-02/22/02

Best cat ever, still miss my baby girl.

Patricia Lakinger

Daisy, 03/19/93-01/19/03

My little baby, my little bulldoggy I miss you so much & will never forget all the love & joy you brought into my life & the lives everyone you touched.
you were such a gentle soul, so happy, so sweet.
you always fought to pull through & I know you fought so hard to stay with us, but your poor little body just couldn't take it.
you will forever be in my heart because held such a huge place in it. I love you.

Daisy, 03/31/91-01/04/02

Daisy, you were the most wonderful dog to us, we will always remember and miss you. We hope you and Casey have found each other and are playing. We know she was waiting for you. We love you so much, thank you for being in our lives the past 11 years

Barbara Boyack

Daisy, 11/08/88-01/07/03

Daisy had a heart of gold. Our fond memories of her will be with us always.

Jim & Sue Axton

Daisy, 12/05/88-12/28/02

Dear Daisy,
Thank you for over 13 years and 10 1/2 months of love. You were always my "sunshine puppy" - full of life and enthusiasm. You were always glad to see me even if I was gone for five minutes. I will miss you forever.


Daisy Apple, 4/3/93-8/18/03

My dearest angel, I feel as if I lost my heart when you left. I will always love you and cherish the 10 years that God let us share on earth. Please know that I will always carry you in my heart until we are together again. Love to you forever. Mom

Daisy Bell, 04/02/85-08/10/03

Hello Daisy Bell Sweetheart,
We are so sorry to see you go. We will see you again soon though, so keep that beautiful tail wagging and your cute little bunny ears listening for when we join you! I am so glad you do not hurt anymore, and I wish you could have out lived me, for parting with you and your sister was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. We love you girls and hope you keep each other company 'till we join you. We love you Daisy Bell. You are an amazing little girl who will always be the "Boss" I promise.

Glenn & Cynthia Maloy & Kids

Daisy Bittner, 4/26/88-4/21/03

Daisy, you were one of my best friends and I cherished growing up with you. Mom and Dad, as well as I, miss you very much although we will all see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget our games of tug o'war or playing fetch with the Kong toy. You were the perfect, loyal companion and brought us fifteen years of happiness and funny, endearing moments. My favorite memory was when I would lay my head on you as you were sleeping and you would faintly and playfully growl. I love you and miss you, old girl. Say "hi" to Frodo, Romana, and the gang for me.

Daisy Doo, 10/27/03

Daisy was my soul mate. She slept, ate and went with me everywhere. She is so desparately missed. I will always love and miss her forever.

Pamela Rowlett

Daisy Mae, 03/15/90-11/28/03

Our sweet, sweet baby Daisy girl. It's been a week since you left and we can't get it straight in our minds that you're gone. We see you out of the corner of our eyes, and at times, hear your girl beagle bark. I find myself watching my step in the kitchen, so as to not trip on you. I imagine you watching to see if some food, should just by chance, drop to the floor while I'm cooking. We miss your warmth lying next to us on the couch, (covered in blankets) as we all watch TV. We miss your waiting to go to bed until the last person has turned out the lights. And the look you give wondering who you get to sleep with tonight. Your mate Kippy, misses you something awful, and has moments of melancholy. Although, I know he understands, and I'm glad he was able to be with you when you passed. He truly misses your warmth and essence to snuggle against. He is learning to speak for himself, now that he doesn't have you to remind us it's time for bones. You were his best friend, as you were to all of us. Oh Sweety, be in peace, and without pain. Be happy and make friends. A day will come when we can be together again. We miss you terribly and love you dearly.

Mike, Libby, Sally, Brett, Kipper, Cuddles and Buttons

Daisy Mae, 03/24/97-11/20/03

My Sweet Daisy Mae

Betty Friday

Daisy Mae, 11/12/88-10/21/03

Daisy, You sweet old dog. You were our kids Christmas present when they were babies. You took care of our boy's Alex and Bubby, when they both were little. (Bassethounds). We always called you Aunt Bea because you took care of the boys. When we lost Rusty on my birthday (Oct. 12th) you couldn't stand the grief so you went to be with him on mom's(21st). Take care of Bubby and we'll take care of Alex. He misses you both real bad. I love you, You lop eared Gallue! Dad

Daisy Mae, 10/26/03

Daisy baby, you were the most special little beagle in the world. You always knew I could help you - until yesterday when I couldn't give you the strength to come back to me. You were my dearest friend and my treasured baby. I don't want to believe you aren't in the chair behind be while I type. I can't believe you are not going to snuggle with me ever again. I can't and don't want to believe. I miss you more than I ever missed anything. Thank you baby, for being there for me. You know I love you so much and miss you even more. Please help me if you can again and help me live in the house you loved. Right now it's just a house and not our home. Daisy I understand you could not stay because of something much bigger than our love. My baby Daisy, don't forget me. Always yours, Mary

Daisy Mae, 05/14/76-02/05/95

To the most beautiful little girl I ever had the blessing of being part of her life. I love you and miss you !! Until we see you again. Mommy

Daisy Mae Elizabeth, 2/16/91-12/27/02

We miss you so much... We love you and thank you for always being there for us..mommy is sorry . I hope you and pepper are playing together . He was your first and only boyfriend.
All the love you gave. I still can't believe you are not here but keep on with your memory and belief that we will see you again...I love you forever and ever, amen,,,, mommy and daddy and Whiskers

Daisy Mae Roemisch, 11/24/97 9/28/03

Daisy Mae,
We love you- you will bring happiness to all the Angels.
Run and play--- roll in the grass--- smell the flowers--- chase the squirrels--- and always remember your family loves you VERY MUCH.
Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge...
We love you Daisy Doodle.

Daisy Pearl (aka Precious, Angel, Gorgeous and Tiger Lily), 06/05/03

She was an exceptionally lovely dog (pet) with exceeding inner beauty. She possessed the beauty and soul of an angel. She embodied grace, goodness, beauty and obedience. She was definitely special in many ways. You would certainly recognize the fruits of the spirit in her immediately upon knowing her. She had a very loving, caring, kind, sensitive; loyal, generous, open and obedient spirit. She was also intelligent with a heart of gold and an inner strength unsurpassed. Most of all, she was respectful towards all she encountered, whether her peers (domestic animals) or human. Although she was in her senior years when she passed, she was still young at heart and even looked just as young as she did when she was a puppydog.

It broke my heart when I lost her. Losing her has been devastating for me. She was a very special and unique dog in every way. She never disappointed me. She was one of a kind and irreplaceable. I feel like I've lost a part of myself to a large degree. If it's true that dogs (pets or animals) are permitted into heaven - that's where she is or definitely will be.

She is greatly missed and revered by all whom loved her and the many others whom lives she has touched. She was faithful til the end. GOD BLESS MY BABY'S SOUL AND KEEP HER IN YOUR CARING & LOVING HANDS. She may no longer be with me in presence, but she WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART just as I have ALWAYS BEEN IN HERS.

Valerie Gandy

I have additional comments to make in honor of my Daisy-Pearl's memory. I cherish and honor her memory and what she stood for. She gave me the most precious gift - loyalty and unconditional love. She was my pride and joy. She taught me so much about love and giving. I would have never imagined that I could learn so much about true love from a dog than I could from my own species.

As I had mentioned earlier, Daisy-Pearl embodied innocence and grace. She was a very obedient, loving and disciplined pet (dog). She was very sensitive, caring, kind, generous and always put everyone else before herself. She stood by me and was there for me through the roughest of times. I could count on her no matter what. She was among the most unselfish, loyal and respectful dogs I've ever known and had. She had eyes and a face that will make you melt and pierce your heart. Without saying, she truly epitomized the ideal pet (dog). These are few of many great things I can truly say about my angel dog, Daisy. She was definitely a gift from above (God). She was innocence.

Daisy Victoria, 04/04/86-09/22/03

My precious angel, I miss you so much. I am sorry for how you died, and wished I could have made it easier for you. You were the best cat in the world and I don't think I will ever love another as much as you. You were my best friend and confidant. Your brothers, daddy, grandma, and aunties miss you too. You were so smart and sweet. Waking up isn't the same without my little alarm clock waiting to be fed. I love you! Love, mommy

Daizy, 06/24/00-09/24/03

You are so missed Daizy, the twins, daddy and I still look for you every night. We miss our "bug catcher". I'm so sorry you had to be in such pain those final minutes, but I'm so happy that you knew I loved you very much and was with you till the end! I miss you pumpkin head! Love Mommy

Dakota, 05/02/95-11/26/03

Kota died much too young and very suddenly. His mommy was not with him when he passed and feels terrible about it. She did not have a chance to hold him and say goodbye. Kota, please know that I love you and miss you more than anything in the world. I will hold you in the most special place in my heart forever. I am sorry I was not with you. Please forgive me.

Dakota, 10/26/03

Dakota will be missed, he was a part of our family, that made all very happy and totally complete.
We will miss you Dakota. RIP

Nick Borzelli

Dakota, 12/07/99-09/18/03

I am so sorry to see you go my big yellow puppy. I hope there is a field full of Pheasants and Duckies waiting for you. I miss you so much. Hey boy, you were the best hunting dog I have ever known. Heaven must of needed a big playful puppy like you. Linda, Christopher and I want you to know that we love you. And I am looking forward to that day when we can hunt again. Please be a good boy.
Love always and forever. Brian.

Dakota, 12/01/97-08/04/03

Dakota was truly a special dog. He had the best personality and he will be missed by our family.

Nancy Garner

Dakota (My Guy), 12/08/95-06/03/03

Thank You for being in our life. We miss you so much. You are home!!!

Michelle, Amanda, and Jessica

Dakota, 10/28/02

Kota was one in a million. He can never be replaced! He took care of his Jake so well and watched over all of us. He was such a big lap dog, all 130 pounds of him!
We love you so much Kota. You will forever be in our hearts. You were loved by so many...not just your immediate family. Everyone that ever met you fell for you immediately. You were/are the best! I hope you are having fun with your buddies.

Steph, Jeff & Jake Siatta

Dakota, 04/2002-03/27/03

Dakota was a lover. Once he stopped barking at you that is. He squeaked when he yawned and when he was told to go wake dad up, he would lay down with dad-head resting on dad's legs, and go to sleep. He would lick everything. He loved to always be around us. He was happiest when we were nearby. Dakota loved candy and anything we would feed him from our plate. Dakota was a fighter. I don't know if he or us fought his illness the most. "Kota" will always be our "tinkerbutt", "momma's love", and "momma's boy." He will never be forgotten!

Dakota, 4/22/93-8/2/01

Dear Dakota~
How we have missed you! It has been a year and a half since I had to do the unthinkable and I still think about you every day. Especially now that Sadie has passed too. I hope you understand that I had to put an end to your suffering. Daddy and I both know that you were not feeling well, you just were not yourself. I blame myself for your illness. You were such a good dog! Daddy and I still laugh about some of the things you did! Your memory is still alive and thriving within our hearts. We moved just a week after your death. You knew that we were going. You would have loved our new place, so much property to smell! I miss your velveteen rabbit ears. I hope that you are happy Schmin. Please watch over Sadie, she is so young. I will always love you.


Dakota, 01/16/03

So loving and trustful. Her time on Earth, too short but she brightened our world with her sweet personality and loving heart.


Dakota Fuentes, 04/29/03

Dakota (Cody) as we called him, was a very special dog. I only had the pleasure to have him with me for a short time. He was my sister's dog, who gave him a wonderful life. When she married and moved away he was loved by our mother. I only enjoyed him for a short time, about the last 6 months of his life. He was a very kind and loving dog. Well mannered, and took the recycling cans, and newspapers to the trash by himself. He is greatly missed.

Dali, 12/10/03

I love my cat Dali so much.
I can't believe that he has left me so soon.
I'm not sure how long the pain of the loss will stay with me but my memories of my wonderful cat will stay with me forever.


Dallas, 08/24/03

My baby left me Sunday. I can't believe the pain I feel. He was my joy and my best friend.

Jeanne Rankin

Dallas, 03/21/01-07/27/03

He came into my life when I was sad--He brought joy and unconditional love--He asked nothing in return--He was only with me 2 years but it was the best 2 years for me..He was my friend and buddy and I will miss him--Dallas forgive me for not being with you at the end but know that I loved you deeply you brought such joy into my life.


Dallas, 03/81/92-06/12/03

My baby, my son, my best friend, my companion, my guardian angel, my life. You, Dallas, were all of these and much much more. You were always there for me through all those tough times. Your portrait will always hang on my wall and you will always be in my thoughts and in my heart. I will always miss you with your golden eyes and your enormous heart. I will always love you and I pray that when I pass, you will be waiting for me, there. I love you, Son. Mommy

Dally Mae, 05/13/90-11/03/03

We were better people for having you in our family and the world will be less than it could be without you.
I will never forget you, I will never stop thinking about you, and everytime I see water, I will think of your splashing around.
Run free my dear spot.....and know that you are loved.

Jim and Sheila Volpe

Dalton, 09/01/92-09/12/03

Dalton was our beloved boy who's spirit outlasted his body. Everything we did, Dalton did twice.

How cruel that your body couldn't keep up with you. Nothing seems quite right without you, Dalt. We are comforted by the fact that we feel your presence everywhere. I can see you running up to me to check if I'm still on the trail and just as quickly, jetting off to a new adventure. I will always remember your last loving look and bark. I love you Dalty; I will see you again.

Brian & Kathy Cross

Damian, 10/28/92-3/1/03

Damian was given to me by my husband as a gift and an answer to my prayers. You see, I always dreamed of owning a rottweiler and my husband who loves me dearly has made it his personal mission to see to it that all my dreams come true. Damian was a year old and somewhat of a wild child but from the first moment our eyes met, I knew he was there for me.

He was there from that moment on. Damian was my savior. He helped me to get thru many a bad or stressful day and when the day came that someone stole him I would not stop looking until I found him...he was on the brink of death but I saved him.

You see if I was sad he would walk up to me, lean on me and let me hug him until my crying subsided. He listened to me laugh and would bark out loud as to say that is funny Mom!...

He wouldn't leave my side of the bed until I got up whether it was 9am or 2p. He was there. When I was sick and close to dying...he laid by my side. He knew me better than any human.

On March 1, 2003 I came into the room where he laid. (you see arthritis had hit him hard and for the last month he didn't move fast and sometimes it was only when absolutely necessary) I knelt down beside him and looked deep into his beautiful brown eyes. It was time. His old body was tired. Tearfully I said "its ok my boy its ok!) I got up and called my vet and left a message and said it was time. I went back to his side and held him. He reached his head up and licked the tip of my nose. That was his way. He didn't give you the big sloppy kisses. He gave the most special delicate kisses. I then noticed his gums had turned white and I knew instinctively that it was time. He rose to his feet and slowly moved towards the backdoor. My husband helped him while I ran to get a special blanket for those few seconds he collapsed and was unable to get back up. His breathing became labored until I told him he was Mamma's boy...Mamma's beautiful boy. He calmed down...he relaxed

We then carried him to his favorite room and laid him down in front of the fireplace. For 3 hours I held him and comforted him, begging God to take him now...stop his pain. Then it dawned on me...He was waiting for my Daughter. At 10p, her normal time of arrival...he sat up, she walked in the door and I looked at my daughter and said it is time and he is waiting to say good bye. She ran to him and he reached up and licked her nose ever so gently...we laid him back down and he passed while we all held him.

He was my friend, my confidant, my heart and my life. He will be greatly missed.

Run Damo Run. Swim in the best ponds and save me a place under the best tree. We will be with you soon. I love you My pretty pretty boy.

Damian, 07/03/89-02/11/03

To Damian: You were my best friend and the best doggie ever!!! Thank you for the last 13 years. I miss you so much. Words just do not do justice to the feeling I have for you.

Tracy Hill

Damien, 12/23/03

For 2 1/2 years, Damien lived as part of my family.
My daughter found him along the road while coming from work one night.
At one year old, he began to have seizures.
He lived the rest of his life on medication.
Despite his health problems, he was a loving cat.
He slept with me every night and was the first to greet me every morning.
Damien was a gentle and loving cat.
He will be missed .
I look forward to seeing him again on Rainbow Bridge.

Laura Hart

Dammit, 10/24/94-10/08/03

You will always be my Dammy, my best friend. I'm so lonely without you and will never forget you. You will always be in my dreams. You and my mother can take care of each other now.

We will always love you and miss you.

Elizabeth Stella

Dana, 05/02/03

My tribute to my ever loving true loyal, trusted friend and companion Dana, who was with us for 4 years, who chose us when we visited a rescue centre in Leicestershire. She is, and will always be forever in my heart.

Missing you
Lots of love, hugs and kisses my darling


Dancer (Danny), 11/26/91-09/28/03

He was my Heart of hearts. My rest, my peace, my joy, my love, my dear Pal. He greeted each morning with Joy, and greeted evening rest with peace. I am at a loss without him. My heart will always be with him, and when the time comes that my eyes close for the last time, when I begin my journey home, his face will be what I will be looking for.

Thomas L Grubbs, M.D.

Dancer, 03/12/90-05/29/03

To my golden girl Dancer you were my best friend we shared so much the dog shows, the walks, the talks and your puppies. You were such a good dog you welcomed our other dog Dax when he arrived and looked after him we called you "Nanny" for him he is missing you now. We brought you both here when we moved from England it was a long trip but you did well and you have had two and a half years here, you watched squirrels, wandered round our wooded garden, played in the snow when it came and really had a good time but then you got sick it didn't bother you at first and for a few months but then you got worse I hated to leave you alone when I had to go out. I hated the fits that attacked your poor body but you kept coming back good as new but then your poor body got so tired I carried you outside when you needed me too I blended your food so you could eat but you got so tired I had to let you go. I stayed with you while you went to sleep I am so so sorry you had to go. I miss you so much the house and my heart are so empty without you but you can chase bunnies and swim in the lakes where you are and I will see you again one day my golden girl.xx Sue.


Dandelion Wilson, age almost 18,crossed Rainbow Bridge on March 28,2003. She leaves her mom and dad (Jack and Ann), her sister, Marianna, and her fur sister, Grizabella. She was preceded across the Bridge by her sister Dilletante.

Our beautiful girl began life as a feral kitten (we had to catch her with a salmon net!)but she quickly imprinted on me, and I was hers, forever. She wrapped her little paws around my heart.
She was my comfort when our first daughter was stillborn, I held her when my arms were aching to hold my baby. She was so smart and funny..she played catch from our balcony, we would toss toys to her, she would snag them in midair and then after a bit of time would drop them back down to us. She loved watching "BIRD Tv" from our big window (she was an indoor kitty). She was a devoted ap sitter, and always had purrs for us.
She was so beautiful, her tabby fur was so soft, like bunny fur, and her coat was so thick and fluffy. In summers her underbelly fur took on an orangey tint. Our vet said she had some lynx or bobcat in her family, since her coat had very unusual markings. She had the most gorgeous hazel eyes, with dark markings all around them, as if she were wearing heavy eyeliner. That was the first thing people remarked on when they met her..what beautiful eyes! She had typical tabby markings, with a tiny sot of white on top of her nose, a little white around her mouth, a tiny bib of white and then one more little spot, as if she had dripped the cream down her chin. She loved her big sister Dilly, and later, her younger sister Grizabella was tolerated!
She was graced with hundreds of nicknames over the almost eighteen years that we were blessed with her presence:
Dandelion, her first name, came about since she was a tiny puffball and so fierce when first caught..she tried so hard to spit at us, but was too little to manage more than a "kkkk!" noise. My husband added the nickname of "Bugfart" because she was so little and so "stinky" in attitutde...that , being not very socially acceptable, became Bugaboo, Buggy, Buggerbaby, Buggafurd, etc. She was also know as Bookitty, Miss Boo, Boobaby, Booser, Booserbabe, and many other variations of Dandelion, ie Danders, Dandygirl, Dandybaby, Dandybug, etc.
She had a stinky streak as well, and if she was really angry with you she would occasionally go find an article of your clothing and wet on it... she was also my assistant in teaching the children to pick up their clothes...if they left them laying around she would dampen them, too! And she knew exactly what she was could tell by the look in her eye!
She slept in my bed, and always wanted me to put an arm around her and snuggle her up..that was how we fell asleep for years. In the last couple years, as kitty arthritis made her less mobile, she did not go upstairs, but preferred to sleep on her heated mat. She adored the propane fireplace and luxuriated in the warm air; she'd stretch our full length on her hot mat, with the warm air ruffling her bellyfur, and we'd say "Oh look, we have a blissed-out Bookitty".
She was an extraordinarily skilled lapsitter and cuddler, and quite a talker as well! I miss her little good morning chirp so much..She loved a good sniff of catnip and feathery toys to chase.
She developed kitty lymphoma, and her last days were spent either on her mat or in my arms, and when it came time, she crossed the rainbow bringe as we held her and whispered loving assurances to her. She will be forever in our hearts.
We look forward to the day when she meets us at the Rainbow Bridge...our beloved Dandelion..farewell for now....

Dandiprat, The Magic Cat, 03/97-01/01/03

He loved me. I loved him. He died of widespread lymphoma while I was on vacation. At the vets. Without me. He was a cat who would spend all day (between naps) finding where you'd hidden the toy, or the treat, or the CATNIP! Or he would spend all day, including naps, at my side when I was unwell. I got him during a period when I was mostly unwell and he came to bring me joy. When I called out his name he would come to me.

But to my surprise what I miss most is his snore. He snored all of his life. More towards the end. And now the house is so quiet.

He loved me and I him.

Diana Egly

Dandy, 01/08/89-11/17/03

The most beautiful black and white cat in the world. She was gentle, kind and dedicated to her cat friend Rudy, whom she tried to even protect from a Doberman.

Joyce Burns

Dangermouse, 02/16/87-12/11/02

A very special friend who is greatly missed by all.
The physical pain of your passing is still very real, the tears still flow for the love that you gave so freely.
You will always be in that special place in our hearts.
We love and miss you Dangermouse.
All our love Julie & Mark

* * * * * 

Dangermouse passed onto rainbow bridge a year ago today, we still miss him so much, he was such a kind and loving cat, he will always be in our thoughts.

Mark & Julie

Danielle, 04/16/02

Danielle was the love of my life for 13 years. I got her from a cattery when she was a year old, and she was very shy and didn't like people. I kept her in my bedroom, watched a lot of TV and just sat on the bed. After three weeks, I felt a soft furry thing crawl up against my leg, and she had never left my side since. I miss her very much.

She was not only the love of my life, but the start of my love of the Colorpoint Shorthair cats and she gave me my very first litter of CPSH in 1990. Danielle, there isn't a day go by that I do not think of you!

Sandra Douglass

Danny, 07/28/98-08/2/803

We know that you are now at peace and having a ball with all your friends at the bridge. We miss you so much and I know you miss us dearly and will be waiting for us and all the other critters to join you and be reunited. Remember you were the joy of our life and it was you that brought mommy and daddy together as a whole. Our hearts ache with joy and pain at the memories that we have created in our short time together. Someday we will be together for eternity. By the way thank you for the mouse. We will cherish that sight everyday.
Love Mommy and Daddy, Poopoo, Maggie, the birds, Max and Cassie
P.S Please tell Maggie that you are doing Ok. She is lost without her friend and bother

Danny, 06/22/92-07/10/03

Danny was the most loveable, beautiful, goofy, fun angel sheltie anyone could ever know. I miss him terribly. Danny you are in my heart forever along with Sam, Snoopy, Tony, Teddy, Paco, Ryan, Corky, Bobby and Tommy.
Tommy has followed you to heaven. Please look after him. And please be Tinker, Packy and Timmy's angel.
I love you and always will.

Tamara Dooley

Danny, 27/07/00

Remembering you with love, Danny, we tried so hard to save you, play at Rainbow Bridge with Tim, Kyllie and Penny as you all played when you were young together. Love you, Danny. Nanny Madeliene, human, canine and feline family

Danny, 12/13/91-04/12/03

Danny came to us from Danville, thus her name. She crawled up under a semi truck and rode 75 miles to meet us. She had one special trait. Anyone could sing the song "Oh Danny Boy", and no matter where she was, she would come. It was an odd thing. You could sing any other song, or call her and she ignored you. But Her song would never fail to bring her out of hiding. We will miss you Danny. We love you.

Cathy Redman

Dante, 09/30/92-03/27/03

Dante was a beautiful boxer furbaby boy. He was truly this man's best friend. On Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 4pm, Dante started his journey to the Bridge.

He was a typically boisterous, nutty, friendly boxer boy. Springing and spinning in the air with joy when his people especially, but really, when any people came to the door. He was a stoic, gentle, loving soul. While his physical presence will be dearly missed, I take heart knowing he is waiting at the Bridge.


Danu, 04/01/89-09/19/03

Danu was from the East Valley Animal Shelter; the last to be adopted of a litter of 3-month old kittens. from the moment we met she'd been by my side (talking loudly the entire time!).

She was by my side during a tumultuous marriage and subsequent divorce. Together we survived a flood and the Northridge earthquake. She has spent these last 6 years or so far from noise, pollution and the hazards of city life. Basically always an indoor cat, she did love to follow me out into the garden and have a nice roll in the dirt (then she had to rub against me to wipe it off of course!).

She was 14 1/2 when I let her go today. I'll never forget her and everything she gave me.

Laura Greenfield

Daphne, 09/12/03

"But we know that nothing loved is ever lost, and no creature that has ever touched our hearts can really pass away, because some beauty lingers on in each memory of which they've been a part."

Lee, Sarah

Daphne D, Approx 09/13/91-02 26/03

Daphne came to me 02/02 she bonded to my three males within minutes. Her owner was going to put her down as she didn't fit into their lifestyles and Daphne was kept in a heated garage during the day while they were at work. P.a.n.t a rescue org. Called me and the owner brought Daphne to me. I added the d to her middle name as my three males have middle names. The groomer had to give two baths at different times to get her clean. I had the vet give her a full physical and reported to me that Daphne had kidney problems. I called the owner to tell them and they said if the dog is that sick put her down. In the meantime I was emailing these people to tell them of Daphne's progress once Daphne was put on meds I noticed the difference she had looked sickly when brought to me and then she perked up. Two weeks ago she started to not act right and not eat and she was losing lots of weight. I brought her to the vet and she was going into kidney failure he gave her intravenous and lots of meds and I was at the vet every day. On valentines day he wanted to put her down but I wanted to try a few more days with the meds. I prayed to God to help me make the right decision. And Saturday she wouldn't take her meds and lied on the couch I tried to give her some applesauce and it just hung on her mouth until it dropped onto the couch. That night she vomited again and Sunday morning I had to hold her walking down the stairs from the bedroom. Friday we had cuddled on her bed and sat. We cuddled on the couch and sun I called the vet and a friend took me I had a second opinion and then had her put down. I couldn't wait another day I knew a snow storm was coming in and she didn't want to try anymore. She was pleading with me in her eyes to let her go. That was last Sunday 2/16 I had her individually cremated and on my birthday 2/21 brought her ashes home and she is now under my bed in a beautiful mahogany box with my mothers shawl wrapped around her. I know I did the right thing she was not in any pain but the second opinion matched the first. And here I sit with my other three dogs heartbroken. I still pet her as if she was at the side of the couch. She was a wonderful little girl and I only hope that I gave her the best year of her life. We will miss her deeply. Thank you for listening.

Bonnie Goldstein

Darby, 12/16/95-9/12/02

You were perpetual motion from the day you entered our lives. I can only imagine what it must be like at the Rainbow Bridge. Give Duffy a hug. We'll always love you.

Darby, 04/30/95-04/09/03

Darby is a very special cat - small in size (7 lbs) but big at heart. She stole our hearts the moment we met her at the shelter six weeks ago. When we brought her home, she was so happy she purred until her entire body was shaking.

Her favorite place was on the bathroom counter. Every time we came in, she got up and walked over to the sink, waited until we turned on the faucet, and drank the water drops one by one. She also liked to sit on the windowsill and look outside all day, and watch TV with us in the evenings.

Her eyes are agate green, and changed with the light. Her tail constantly swished to and fro, sometimes like caresses on my arm. She's so small she fits in a ferret lounger, which we put on the bathroom counter next to her favorite sink.

Two days ago, she came down with what seemed like a cold. We took her to the vet in the morning, and he said she was getting ready to die. She was on IV fluids and antibiotics for two days, but did not get better. He thinks it's kidney failure. Today, he recommended that we send her to kitty heaven peacefully.

Goodbye Darby cat. You are such a good cat, such a loving cat, and we love you so much. We'll see you on the Rainbow Bridge.

Teresa & Jim Luther

Darci, 06/29/87-12/31/02

In loving memory of Darci (Hideaway Song O'Rownde-Robin), my beautiful Dalmatian girl who left the earth this morning to go to the Bridge. Darci suffered from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome for the last year or so, but even with her increasing disorientation, she never forgot who I was and always responded with kisses whenever I put my arms around her. In my short 15 1/2 years of being loved by her, I have been truly blessed. God bless you and keep you safe, "Mookie-Pooch," 'til we're together again.

Susan Robinson

Darcie, 1/1/99-2/6/03

Darcie, you are my SPECIAL angel. From the day you were born until you took your last breath, you gave me such joy. You were a beautiful girl, and your eyes, they were soft and brown. You didn't need to see to know how much that I loved you. Buffett, Heather, and Miss Piggy were waiting to take you over the bridge, and now you can see all that was dark before. I love you and miss you.

Catherine Greeson

Dark Prince of Clare, 07/25/90-03/22/00

"Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet Prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest" (Hamlet)

Not forgotten and always loved

Linda, Ian and Emma

Darlene's Little One, 10/20/91-07/29/02

She was the best, the brightest and the cutest of all. I will never forget her as long as I live! I have a very large hole which will never be filled from my loss of her. I have a picture of her on my computer smiling back at me as I work! I take comfort in knowing we did the best for her possible.

Darling, 1990-02/11/03

A most loving little feline who will never forgotten as long as I live. Loved and missed so much.

Larry W. Branstutter

Dash, 06/02/03

Dear Dash, You filled our hearts with love and joy and were the very best girl we could have asked for. You never chewed or touched anything that wasn't yours. You let us in to your magical world and constantly brought smiles to our faces.
We are so very proud of you for your courageous spirit and willingness to please.
We will cherish your memory always, and feel very privileged to have had the many years with you that we did.
Thank you for choosing Laila at the SPCA so many years ago.
Until we meet again Squirt,
Love and hugs from your Moms.

Davin, 10/05/03

I got my hamster as a reward for my kindergarten graduation ceremony. I loved him very much and I will be with him in my heart.

Bethany Ahrens

Davis, 08/13/00-12/23/02

We're so sorry, Davis. We love you and miss you. You'll always have a place in our home.

Stephanie Hight

Daw, 04/11/00-12/27/02

In so short a time you became the center of my world. you have left a hole in my soul and I hurt so much. Know dear baby how much I loved you and how sorry I am that I didn't see the problem until it was too late.

Noreen Parsons

Dawson, 10/26/00-08/05/03

Dawson: you will always be in our hearts, we miss you so much. Your spirit went through my heart when you passed, and you dwell there as well.
Your memorial over your resting place reads:

{ Dawson }Oct 26, 2000- August 5, 2003
"Here lies love... Unto heaven on a moon beam."

Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge.

PS your new brother; MacGregor, and sister; Abby will be living with us, but will never replace you.

John, Susan, CJ & Whitney Oughtred

Dawson, 01/01/00-23/05/03

Dawson, my beautiful Devon Rex baby, you were always so ill from dermatitis but we always seemed to get it under control for a while till the next episode. You must have been to the vet at least 30 times in your 3 year life and I was always so worried that your condition and medication would shorten your life. But how was I to know, that it was your love of food that ended your precious, sweet life. It all happened so quickly...if only I had cut the chicken necks into smaller pieces, if only I had got to you sooner and noticed that piece of meat stuck in your throat...if only! I miss you so much Dawson. I sleep with your little coat and cry by your resting place. We held you for hours before we buried you, not wanting to let you go. But you are still with us, and your mummy will remember you forever as her special boy. I love you Dawson!

Daxi, 10/18/96-01/8/03

My dog, Daxi, was the best beagle anyone could ask for. She was a true family dog. I will miss her sleeping under the covers with us, or being with me on the couch if I was there, she was always next to me, no matter where I was.
I will miss utter joy she showed when we came home from work, She was so smart, and helped us save our cats kittens born outside. She protected the cats, who joined us on our walks down the street. She chased the cats that weren't "hers". She was a great protector of the house, and I think she believed she was a great Dane with her brazen barking at Dobermans and 90 LB German shepherds. She was quick with a lick to all who came in...but mostly she was my very very good friend...the best. I will miss her so badly, I still can't believe she is gone.
How long does it take to "get over" this pain? Never, she will always be in my heart.

Little freckled legs,
Running towards me ~
Tail wagging,
Tongue hanging,
Lips smiling.
Sweet paws tapping me for more
Never enough, always more.

Little brown eyes ~
Looking up at me, eyes piercing ,
Body quivering, tummy wishing for that treat.
Sweet Little puppy, my good friend,
I wish our time together didn't have to End.

Dayzie, 11/15/03

My beloved beagle, Dayzie, was with me for 18 months.
I will always remember her cute little face and the kisses she would give me when I would hold her.
She will be dearly missed!


DazyDuke, 12/26/97-07/27/03

DazyDuke was such a sweet loving "Little Missy". She loved her Barron, who went to the Rainbow Bridge a week before she did. Miz Dazy had epilepsy and was so very very sick and physically tired. She was much loved by us and her Barron.

Dan and Bonnie OConnor

Dazy May Jervis, 11/24/87-5/10/03

Miss Dazy May went to the Bridge on Saturday. She was 16 years old and had a long, happy and healthy life with us.
When we picked her out of the litter she stood out cause she gave me kisses. She was actually the runt of the litter, but you couldn't prove it by me. She had no idea she was a dog, she thought she was human, just like mom & dad.
She was a hyper Basset Hound and loved to "talk" to us and make sure we kept to our daily routines. If needed she was an excellent nurse. She ruled the house and kept us hopping. She did not have an enemy in the world, and she knew everyone loved her, she had an air about her. She loved smelling roses and hanging out under our pine trees or laying in the clover we planted for her. I know we did the right thing for her, but it is so hard right now. As she passed on we told her we love her, which she knew, and Thanked her for sharing her life with us. She went with a Rose from our garden by her side, as was finally at peace, and free from pain. She is greatly missed. She truly made our lives complete.
God bless you Dazy May. I know you are with Pennie & Fred, keep them in line.
Love momma & daddy

DC, 04/16/02

You will always hold a very special place in my heart. I miss you so much.

Stephanie Kypuros

D.C., 7/18/03

We miss you D.C.

Erin Dechristopher

D.C., 06/14/92-06/14/02

She had a brain disorder all of her life. She had no control over her back legs, and still managed live 10 happy years. She died of a stroke from the brain tumor in her left ear.

Kristy Buchele

D-D (Diamond Dottie), 07/14/91-03/13/03

D-D was a wonderful part of our family for many years and will be missed dearly. May she rest in peace and have no more pain. We will never forget you and know that Francesca is missing you too!! All of the times you two just chilled on the couch and kept each other nice and warm; we just sat there and thought about how lucky we were to have such wonderful pets, it now seems just too good to be true; but we know it was true for a long time. We'll always remember all of those long walks on the beach and how you loved the ocean. You will live on in our hearts forever. Your sweet smile and wagging tail brought much happiness and joy to our family, you will be missed be never forgotten!! we all love you and know that you are in heaven, everyone knows "All dogs go to Heaven"!! we love and miss you. we have shed many tears for you, we get by each day knowing that you are no longer hurting and in a better place, we love you, you are a sweet young lady!!!! Everytime Francesca goes out to potty I tell her you watching her so she better behave!!! You have taught her well!!

Deago, 02/12/02-06/17/03

We will always miss u here.
Your Family

Dean, 12/15/89-10/03/03

Dean, you were my buddy and my pal. You were the one who never let me down. The one who was always there for me. We traveled far together and I'll always carry you with me.

Andy Vogel

Deanie, 03/24/03

Deanie...sweet angel straight from heaven. I will miss you so much! Your were my precious baby for 10 years. Now you are free from pain. Look over there on Rainbow Bridge! That is your sister Phoebe waiting for you. Go my sweet little angel. I will always love you and miss you forever.

Sunny Burg

Decker 'Missy Whiskers', 11/03/03

My beloved, darling Decker was the most affectionate, loyal and caring cat. She'd been abused before I adopted her from the SPCA when she was either 4 or 5 years of age. It took years for her to be comfortable being cuddled and kisses, but I was patient and she slowly grew to trust. We traveled so many places together too with her sitting on a couple of cushions on the front seat looking out the window. As long as she was with me, she was safe. I loved looking into her eyes and having her sitting on my lap and purring. For her, I think that was ecstasy and the ultimate in contentment. She gave me so much without even trying and now she is only with me spiritually, I miss her sweet little face coming round the corner of a room looking for me. I know we will be reunited again and for now she is with me and still loving me the way she always did. I know that God is keeping her in his care and that she is happy and healthy once again. I loved her with all my heart.

Wendy Alden

Dee, 03/29/03

Dee, you wandered into our lives 12 yrs. ago this spring. You chose us. We are so glad that you did. We new you were sick, but weren't prepared for you to go. I sometimes used to get very annoyed at your black fur being on everything, but I sure wish it still was!!! We love you big guy, and we will miss you. Our hearts are broken.

Tracy, Harry, Harrison Winegarden

Dee Dee, 08/20/02-02/05/03

Our Special Beautiful Dee Dee - You were my first dog. Your charisma, intelligence, absolute beauty and cuteness made me love you the moment we met. You will forever have a HUGE place in my heart. I am with you daily and think of you every second. You are always remembered and forever loved. Thank you for all your unconditional love and attention and for allowing me to love you. Our bond so strong, our love so pure. You will always and forever be our precious little girl.


Delilah, 06/91-10/04/03

We wanted to adopt a former racing greyhound. On August '94 we went through GPA. When we went to the adopting house we saw many greyhounds. A pretty white/black female caught our eye. Adoption arrangements were made an we left you at the temporary house for acclimation. A week late my husband came to pick you up and it was as if you knew you were meant to go home with him. Our then lab mix Samson had a Delilah for a sister. We have loved her ever since. She was the best dog to walk and loved them so. We fought at least six years with a skin sarcoma. Yesterday it became too painful for you and we had to say goodbye. Now there is an empty space in our hearts. Take care lady dog we miss you so.

Doris & Arley Morris

Delilah, 06/25/03

The soul of sweetness and innocence. Thank you for all the unconditional love and the joy you gave to us. You will be deeply missed. Please forgive Mom and Dad. We'll love you and remember you always.

Delilah Dawn, 10/31/91-01/29/03

She was a great companion, she loved her family and gave more love than we thought possible.

Terryl and Allen Ferdinand

Delstar, 01/31/90-11/18/03

Beloved Delstar, You are sadly missed by all of us. We think of you daily, and talk to you like you are still here. The kitty and the pesky puppies still look for you. We will meet again, until then all our love to you in Heaven....Mommy, Daddy, Your Kids, Rayne & Kimber (pesky pups) & your Feline sister Annie

Demon, 7/2002-8/15/03

Demon, you will never be replaced in our hearts. We miss you head-butting us to wake us up in the morning. We miss all the laughs and smiles you brought. We miss everything about you. We know we will meet again but untill then we will keep you in our hearts forever.

Angie and Mike

Dempsey, 01/04/98-01/27/03

Dempsey was the most loving, caring, dog we have ever had. He was brought down by Pythiois at the age of five. It will be difficult to forget my buddy trying to keep up with me on walks towards the end. His kisses were as sweet, his actions were slower, his body was failing him, but we loved him even more. We struggled with the disease for 2 months, feeding Dempsey with a feeding syringe, but we lost. Heaven must have needed Dempsey more than us. We love you buddy! Please wait for us. Mom & Dad.

Dennisport (Boo), 09/05/86-01/23/03

Boo wasn't really a cat. He was a little boy with fur, he owned the house and held the deed. He was nice enough to let us live here. For 16 short years, he was so much fun. We played tag, hide and seek and peek a boo. He had a sprit and personality that would light up the room. Thank you for all the memories. We love you so much


Deoge, 01/30/91-03/03/03

I lost my child Deoge after 13 yrs, I love him and miss him so much. Love daddy & mama

Derby, 02/04/02-11/25/03

Derby was a lively and fun loving pug that was killed instantly by a reckless driver whom did not even brake after running over him.
Derby loved to run and play and took every opportunity to "play" this game of catch with me.
He is missed terribly and loved dearly.


Derby, 1998-10/30/03

A sweet, playful dog I only knew for a week or so. He'll love the other side of the bridge


Derby Meow Meows, 08/12/03

Derby, Since I was 19 yrs old, you've been with me. Through Kaitlyn growing up, (she's almost 7 now) we shared so many wonderful moments with you... You will be missed dearly. I hope you get all the tuna up there- and have someone call you those goofy nicknames that I called you... Voodoo, Gracie, JoJo, Zoey, Chelsea, Boomer and Ginger will miss you too- We all love you very much! Be safe and be happy!

Desi, 12/28/03

I miss you greatly

Kristin Curry

Desi, 06/06/99-02/15/03

We will always love you Desi. You were not just a cat, you were our friend. Thank you for the love you shared with us. The short four years seem like a lifetime. We will light a candle for you. Until we meet again in spirit. Your buddies forever.

Linda Griffis and Michael Heath

Destino, 04/92-06/04/03

My forever dog...brave and understanding and full of spirit...his compassion permeates being.

Amy L. Hoover

Destiny, 11/18/03

We will always love you. Come visit in our dream.

Nicky Johnson

Destiny, 02/01/03

It is hard to say goodbye to such a dear old friend. You will gallop on in my dreams forever. Someday we will ride like the wind together. I know you will be waiting for me. I love you Destiny!

April Bartlett

Destiny Grace, 12/05/98-02/21/03

Destiny was a very special girl, an angel in a rott suit. An amputee at 6 weeks of age, she never let her handicap get her down. Destiny had the most positive attitude imaginable, and loved everyone she met. She was responsible for millions of smiles all over the world. She provided inspiration to others that resulted in the adoption of many other homeless and formerly-unwanted rottweilers. To know her was to love her. She was happy, energetic, goofy, incredibly smart, infinitely patient, and feared nothing. She trusted everyone. Destiny touched many lives and has left her pawprint on many hearts. The world was a better, brighter place with her in it, and she is deeply missed.

Karen Mayer

Dever Dog, 07/08/03

Dever Dog, beloved cat of Marcia and Tom Price and Brenda Wagers was put to rest after a courageous battle with kidney disease. We will miss him dearly.

Devianna (Devi), 12/26/03

Devi was one of a kind. She was full of energy and loved to be handled. We will miss her brilliant huge eyes and her racing her sister Bianca on the wheel during the middle of the night. Bianca always trying to keep up with her, it was fun to watch them. We will love you and treasure all the memories you have shared with us. Bianca misses you too.

Lisa and Karen Weaver

Devo the Wonder Whippet, 12/89(?)-07/14/03

To my beloved Devokins...You and Watson now rest in eternal peace together. I will always love you more than words can express, and I will never forget your gentle, great, and loving spirit, which can never be replaced. I will love you forever - Mummy

Dewey, 10/15/90-11/13/03

Dewey saw me through some of the most difficult times of my life; he was the very essence of a friend. His loyalty and love will never be forgotten. His bright blue eyes will shine forever in my heart. Dewey came to me at a time when my life was filled with great joy. Through the years, I experienced deep sorrow as well as great happiness. I was but a boy when Dewey came into my home, but now I am a man. He watched as I changed and grew, and he never wavered in his affection for me. He readily accepted new pets into our life, sharing his home and his human friend with them.

Dewey's final day on this Earth was difficult for him, but he fought hard and reaffirmed for me my faith in the sanctity of ALL life. He did not want to leave, yet he passed on when I told him it was OK. He purred for me even when he could no longer walk or hold up his head, and his beautiful eyes remained clear and blue and deep, even after he had gone away.

Daisy and Dixie remain, and they also share my loss and my grief. They are a great comfort to me nonetheless: it's amazing how flawlessly animals do the job they do best -- giving love to the humans with whom they share their life.

There is no such thing as "just a cat," or "just a dog." These creatures are our friends, and their unconditional love is more than something to be admired; it is a goal that we humans can set for ourselves, so that one day we may learn to share our love with those around us as freely and easily as our furry friends might do. We can learn a lot from "just a cat" or "just a dog." I know I have.

Dewey, I will miss you always, but I will never forget you. I hope you know that you helped make me into the man I am today. I will do my best to pass along the happiness and joy you have given me. I will share your story with those who wish to hear it. I will always treasure the time we had together, and I will always consider you my FRIEND.


Dex, 28/10/87-14/03/03

Dex was not just a dog but my best friend and I miss him dearly.
I hope you are happy, Dex, wherever you are and I love you always my baby. Every Monday at 9pm I will light a candle for you sweetheart. I will never forget you and you will never be replaced.
All my love Sarah and family.

Dexter, 07/25/01-12/15/03

Dexter, my beautiful friend, you have given us joy for 12 1/2 years, and we will always have you in our hearts.
You were the most gentle, kind and loving creature I have ever known.
May you rest gently above the trees and always in our souls.
We miss you bo-bo.


Dexter, 07/7/89-09/26/03

The Little Black Dog with the Long Black Nose

Today I lost a part of me, a true and quiet friend,
A little dog named Dexter, so loyal to the end.
All he ever wanted was to sit close by my side
And I would feel better with the love he couldn't hide.
He asked for nothing in return, a friendly pat or two.
A kind word and a little hug, that would always do.
But now that he has left this world,
An empty space will grow.
For my very special Little Black Dog
With the Long Black Nose.

In loving memory of Dexter July 7/89 - Sept 26/03

Dexter I will always love and miss you

Dexter, 09/01/96-09/24/03

Dexter was my wife and It's 1st kid. We had him through 4 moves and 2 children. He developed cancer and we had to put him down. I just want everyone to know what a special cat he was and that he will always be with me and my wife.
Thanks for all the memories buddy!! we love you.



Recently some very nice people lost their precious dog, Dexter, because of bad veterinary advice. Their names are Bonnie and Steve. I would like to post a tribute to Dexter as he was a most loved dog and will be sorely missed by his parents and Grandma Tuuli.

Dexter (Dex), 07/13/91-04/20/03

Dex was my buddy, baby and best friend for 12 years. He read my every thought and need and knew how to comfort me. The only thing I could do for him was to be with him when he left me. He fought for almost 3 months after the first onset of vomiting blood, we had to give up on him eating about 7 weeks ago, I had been syringe feeding him. We do not know what exactly happened to Dex, either a tumor or poisoning from a house plant. I could not bear to put him through anymore pain and decided he knew it was him time to leave me and when that time came it would be at home with me by his side, he took his last breath at 11pm Easter Sunday with me sobbing by his side, he tried so hard to stay with me as we both need each other so much, he will be forever missed and loved and always have a special big part of my heart. His body lies in my flower bed a stone is on order for his grave, but I know he is with my Dad who passed away 2 February's ago, they were bud's also, Dad also called him tuxedo (Tux) and I had a dream the night he died that he was sitting proudly on Daddy's lap both of them looking at me as if they were both telling me they were fine and happy. Until I see you again Dex all my kisses and hugs to you now. I love you and miss you so much and I am sorry if I made you hurt in anyway, instead of listening to the vet and bringing you in when you told me it was time, you didn't tell me until the day before you died. I love you forever.

Your Mom

Dexter, 11/03/94-03/07/03

Every now and again, along comes a dog that is slightly different than the ones before; a match seemingly to good to be true. How you and the dog ever got matched up so well is their little secret. And when their time is done on earth, their spirit will take a moment to thank you - by revealing their long held secret: "When I was born, I already knew, that I would go home, with no one but you."
Thank you for sharing your secret and picking me, Dexter. You will forever be remembered and loved.


Dharma, 11/08/85-01/17/03

It has been over two weeks since your departure my best friend. The empty hole in my heart is so bigger than any you used to dig next to the house. You are everywhere and no where. You lived and loved. You are loved still. May your spirit always be present in your favorite places my girlie girlie. I feel it when I am there. Thank you for the great times, we had a great journey together. I miss you terribly.


Dharma Girl
She wobbled, and scampered, and ran.
She lived.
She yipped, and barked, and sighed.
She lived.
She pawed, and clawed, and dug.
she lived.
She chomped, and lapped, and chewed.
She lived.
She nuzzled, and begged, and grinned.
She lived.
She basked, and napped, and dreamt.
She lived.
She walked, and stumbled, and wobbled.
She Died.
She Loved to live.
She is loved still.

Norman Simard, Tina Simard

Diabla, 01/14/03

Diablo you will be missed. You started life as a stranded kitten in a bush, to having a hip replaced and then to find your self King of the castle. You were well loved.

Crystal Harvey

Diablo, 1991-05/24/03

Diablo was a pound puppy. He was adopted in San Antonio after being brought there starving from a crack house. A guy tried to make him mean to guard his crack house but he was just too nice. He did not live up to his name. Then that owner deserted her lover and left Diablo behind three years later. My SO kept him and moved in with me eight months later. I couldn't have loved him more if he had always been my own.

My SO had gone on vacation last month and we knew Diablo was in failing health but we didn't dream the end was so near. He died three days after she left in my friend's son's bedroom. He is now buried on my brother's farm. We are trying to find time to do that but hopefully, it will be this weekend.

He is sorely missed by Diana, Jana and the cat kids miss their Uncle Diablo. Two of them now sleep on his doggie bed.

Jana and Diana (the humans) Rusty, senior cat, misses sleeping with his Uncle Diablo Buster, doing his best to comfort his humans Noodles, sleeping on Uncle Diablo's bed with brother Rusty

Diamond, 03/10/92-12/14/03

My best friend for almost 12 years... I never had a chance to say good-bye.
I guess it was better for her that way, but what I wouldn't give for just one more day...


Diamond, 05/2002-08/17/03

Diamond, you left us TOO FAST and TOO EARLY Baby Girl. I wish I knew what stole you from me. I hope you know you are still loved so very much by all of us. You were only with us for about a year but you touched so many peoples lives. You gave us the biggest gift of all your love and devotion. Before you came along we thought about finding Bandit a new home without kids because of his temperament. You completely turned him around. He misses you so much!!!! He's even jumped the fence looking for you. I am so sorry we weren't with you when you crossed that bridge. and I am so sorry that you couldn't come home to us. The house and yard is so empty without you. Diamond, please find my Codybear, Buds, Taz, and Smokey. They have all went on before you. I will see you again, I promise you that, Baby Girl. You will always be my Baby Girl, I just wish I could hold you again.

Love you always,


Diamond, 3/14/99

Diamond, although we adopted you when you were seven and you lived to be ten and a half, those three years we had you were the most enjoyable years of our lives. Who could have ever given you up? You were so sweet and lovable. I am glad we were able to spend time with you and gave you the best years of your life. We love and miss you.
Here is a hug and kiss until we see each other again xoxoxo.

Love you Diamond
Lisa and Pete

Diana-Lou-Ariadne, 11/02/95-11/05/03

Although deeply saddened at what I am about to report, I would like to think that your efforts and the prayers of all those who participated in last Monday's prayer service were answered; Diana-Lou-Ariadne, left us for The Rainbow Bridge, at 5:45 P.M., P.S.T. on Wednesday, November the 5th.

One hour before that, she valiantly tried to walk to the car for the ride to the Vets. After about 10', it was clear to us that this would not be possible, so we carried her. We never heard a whimper or a yelp out of her, the entire time of her illness, diagnosed over 5 months ago, with what the Vet described was a very painful form of bone cancer.

We thought we would be leaving here there for the night to have X-Rays and an IV of fluids to counter the effects of Lasix. Shortly after our return home, the Vet called with the news that the X-Rays showed that the cancer had all but destroyed the femur, and had metastasized to the lungs. --And yet, She'd tried to walk to the car an hour earlier !!!!

When we entered the X-Ray room where she was laying, she 'perked-up' at our arrival; the IV Shunt was in her arm, and she'd apparently made no attempt at dislodging it. She gave me and my partner a "kiss" on our noses, and laid her head in the palms of my hand....and then she left us as we have known Her for the past 13 months ( she was adopted ).

I asked for a "peaceful journey to The Rainbow Bridge," and from all indications, our prayers and the countless prayers of those who participated in last Monday's Service were answered.

Thank you, and thank you to all of those animal-Soul lovers that prayed for us and others in their time of need. Given what was going on medically ( even the Vet was amazed) and how our Dear Diana-Lou's passing transpired, it seems that something else was working behind the scenes.

Jim Dillon, John Leverson, Jumpin'-Jaxx-Orion, and K.C. Bacchus

* * * * * * * * * * * 

Our first abused in youth by others, yet totally forgiving and accepting of every human.
You endured your cancer pain without a murmur, showing your strength as well as your love.
You stole our hearts in the 13 months that you graced us with your presence. Far too short for us, but hopefully they were the best months of your life in spite of your illness. Hopefully too, you felt our unending love for you. We pray that someday in the future we will all be united in a place where there is no cancer, no pain whatsoever---
Find your step-brothers +Apollo-Cu and +Hermes-Cu as well as your San Dimas Cousin who took you into her home, dear +Rhona, and tell them that we miss them too.
We love you "goilfwiend," "sweetheart,"-- there'll never be another like you, dearest Lou...
Always in our hearts filled with your love,
Boyfwiend and Chicken-Man

Diarmuid, 11/11/03

He was our peacemaker cat. He came to us from a horribly abusive background and for 11 1/2 years comforted us and made us laugh and loved us unconditionally. He left us due to chronic renal failure. Goodbye D. May you have an easy life with plenty of catnip, sunshine spots and mousies. We'll meet again, sweetie boy.

Vicki Copeland & Chris Johnson

Diddy, 06/21/00-08/19/03

Diddy was my best friend and was always there for me. He knew when I was sad and he would come and sit on my lap, and everything just seemed better. I know that even thought it hurts so bad that he is gone, he has gone to a better place and I will see him again soon. He was so loving and young, I wish we had been given more time together. I will always love you Diddy and I will never forget you.

Didums, 1980-10/22/85

Hello, frail little one. We still remember how darling and tiny you were. We still remember your antics and your dearness. We'll never forget you. How I wish I'd given you one last treat of ham -- you so loved ham -- before the end. How I wish so many things, Didums. If we ever meet again, I hope you'll let me cuddle you.
I'll try so hard not to frighten you, poor little treasure. We all still think of you, little dear.


Diesel, 05/31/03

Fragile- Sting, From The Album Fields of Gold


If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the colour of the evening sun
Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay

Perhaps this final act was meant
To clinch a lifetime's argument
That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could
For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star, like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are, how fragile we are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star, like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are, how fragile we are
How fragile we are, how fragile we are

(In loving memory of Diesel, taken this day to the Rainbow Bridge)

Dillinger, 12/01/03

This is for my beloved Dillinger who brought us so many years of happiness, we hold you forever in our hearts

Gus Tobar

Dillon, 09/17/93-09/08/03

You were our no.1 son. We miss you every minute of every day. Wait for us at The Rainbow Bridge & we promise we'll be there. Always keep us in your heart as we keep you in ours. Forever our boy. Mummy & Daddy xxxx Always our big brother & playmate. Tazzie & Murphy xx

Dilly, 9/1/00-2/25/03

My Special Muffin Bird, Dilly-
I hope you crossed the Rainbow Bridge knowing that you weren't just my bird, you were my couch potato buddy, my shower companion, my food tester, my singing partner, my snuggle-bird, most of all, my best friend. I lost you today, In my eyes, 2 years wasn't enough time with you. Honestly, 50 years would have still been too soon to part. There will never be another Dillard the cupcake in my life, so, before I finish this, whaddya say we play one last game of Peek-a-bird, ready? Where's Dilly? I love you, till we meet again, your mama.

Dimitri, 01/03/03

A tribute for my wonderful Dimitri we adopted from Spr July 2001, we will love him forever!


Dimm, 05/13/03

Dimm was the best companion a human could ever want. She was sweet and caring and demanded so little. She was my best friend. I would do anything in the world to have her back alive, happy and healthy. I miss her so very very much.

Eleanor Schroeder

Dina Aka Deedee Aka Booboo, 12/07/90-12/13/03

My Best friend and studiomate for the past 13 years.
You were the best thing that ever happened to me.
I miss you so much.

Waldy Martens

Dingo, 02/14/89-04/28/03

One of the best friends I've ever had....he gave us so much over the 14 years he was our dog.
Unconditional love flowed from him always.
He will be greatly missed and we will continue to love him no matter where he may be...unconditionally.

Dink, 08/18/00-07/24/03

Dink was my special boy, I fought to give him a long life but it was not meant to be. I gave him a good life while he was on Earth and will miss him until it's my turn to cross the Bridge. I love you, Dink.

Mommy will always miss his smile and his Dink Dance.

Stephi Luken

Dino Dodge, 03/04/91-06/08/03

Baby Dino,
We all LOVE YOU so much!!! We miss you and hope you are watching down on us. You are sooo missed!!!! We love you Baby Dino, Sandy does too!!!

Dino Radar, 1991-03/24/03

Words can never express the love and appreciation for your dedication to Cierra, Tarrick, David and Myself. You always there, loved us unconditionally, watched over us and took care of us. You weren't and never will be just a dog you are a member of our family and we will miss you so much. Thank You for being the best friend anyone could ask for. I know you will always be with us in our hearts but we will miss holding you and seeing your "smile".
We will always love you and cherish each and every memory.
Until we meet again,
David, Rachel, Cierra and Tarrick

Dinsdale, 04/01/84-06/05/01

You were always such a character. You looked so adorable in the cage at the animal shelter and, when you reached out a paw to grab me, you grabbed my heart (even as I plucked your claws out of my shirt). My heart still aches because you are not here to fill my lap or compete for my bran muffin. I love you, Dins -- then and always.

Pam Schwartz

Disney, 11/03/02-09/02/03

Although Disney was not my pet - she was the daughter of my girl Sarah; I was there for her birth - and the lady who became her human Mother - Marie - was kind enough to keep in touch during her whole upbringing....Disney was truly destined to be a star - Marie was training her to eventually become a champion in obedience....and she was well on her way.....the sudden death of this beautiful spirit has been devastating to say the least....Disney was so beautiful - intelligent - and a very happy little girl. She touched so many lives in her short time here on earth....we will all miss her so very very much. She was a bright light in this sometimes ugly world.....and we are so very grateful for the little time she was allowed to be here on earth.....we are all extremely sad to see her go....but know that one day - we will see her again.....Marie - if you read this....please know this tribute is as much for you as it is for both will always have a place in our hearts......Lisa Bailey

Disney, 04/26/03

I will love you always.


Dita, 11/27/91-12/12/03

Dita was the best dog in the world. Not only did she touch my life, but she touched all of those around her. She and I grew up together, and I will never forget her. Good girl, Dee, we love you.

Stephanie Turcios

Ditto Bean, 06/06/94-07/16/03

She was our first Dalmatian, our good girl, our best friend. She had a smile for every one...

Diva, 05/29/03-09/23/03

Diva entered this world as a very sick puppy. But you would have never known it by the way she lived. She loved to give kisses and make you laugh. She may have had a broken body but her spirit was not. She is deeply missed.

Diva Belle, 12/19/02-11/12/03

my life will not be the same without you, but you have part of my heart to go with you. I'll always remember the way you put your little head in my lap and looked at me with those big brown eyes. take care of the babies you took with you they know you worked hard for them to be born, sweet dreams my little diva belle!


Divot, 07/22/03

We'll miss our sweet little girl who was always so loving. We wish you could stay with us here on earth forever, but know that is not possible. She'll always be in our hearts, but we'll miss those little things that meant so much to us...purring because she was happy to be with us, curling up with us in bed, waiting at the top of the stairs at night after the kids were put to bed...We love and miss you very much sweetie, and we look forward to the day when we see you again!

Debbie Danruther

Divot, 12/21/90-12/23/02

I am so grateful for the joy, laughter and comfort she brought me for 11 ½ years. Our 4 year old golden retriever is lost without her, and we all miss her energy and love.

Gwen Feinberg

Dixie, 04/01/92-12/15/03

Dixie was my "baby dog" no matter how old she got. I remember the day I picked her out at the local animal shelter. I just knew she was the one. That's been the case with every pet I've owned. You go to the shelter, look around for a while and all of the sudden, it hits you. You make eye contact with one particular animal and you know that's the one.

Dixie loved to run and jump and play. She'd chase me through the yard and then I'd turn and lunge at her and she'd take off running the other way. She was everyone's dog. All of my neighbors would come and play with her and bring her food and treats. My brother would take care of her whenever I'd go on vacation. I'd miss her so and couldn't wait to get back home to see her. My brother's girlfriend would always come and take her for walks in the evenings. Dixie's home was my fenced in back yard but she loved to come out when I'd open the gate and she'd stay with me in the front yard while I'd do yard work or work on the cars. She never wandered far (except for a couple of times when she got adventurous!).

Dixie loved rawhide bones and strips. She would never take to playing with a toy or frisbee or anything like that and didn't really like snacks all that much, but she loved rawhide bones. She'd sit for hours with them in between her front paws and chew and lick on them. One Christmas I got her one of those 2 ft. long bones! She looked pretty funny dragging that thing around the yard but she eventually devoured it after couple of weeks.

Dixie got sick just a few months ago. She started having trouble getting around and would have very bad days when she wouldn't come out of the house. The vet was pretty sure it was cancer. Her stomach started swelling and I knew it wouldn't be long. Even in her last few days she would muster a "tail wag" when I'd come out to check on her. On the morning of December 15th I was on my way home and my brother's girlfriend called me to tell me that Dixie had come out of her house and laid down beside the back steps in a sunny spot and just drifted off to sleep and passed on. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to dig a grave for Dixie and say my final good-bye. I miss her so much. I am thankful for the time I had with her and hope that everyone who wants a pet can have one who is as just half as good a dog as Dixie was. She was and forever will be, my "baby dog".

Brian Geiser

Dixie, 07/92-11/25/03

It must have been those dark brown eyes
peering out between the bars.
You sat quietly until we beckoned
And I fell in love.

You filled our home with romping and dog hair
We got you for the girls
But you became mine, by default.
And I fell in love.

Toys spread throughout the rooms.
A surprise find of a tennis ball.
Doggie in the Middle.
And we had fun.

Your dark brown eyes, expectantly watching
and waiting for me.
Your ears perking when you hear our approach,
And you were loved.

So easy to please, so easy to love,
You made me laugh.
Your protectiveness, always at my side,
Always herding me to safety as we
swam on hot summer days.

Traces of dog hair still present on the backseat,
I haven't the heart to clear it away.
Your joy in riding, my joy in watching your fun.
The emptiness hurts as I remove your blanket.

Now your brown eyes are gone
Your bed vacant, my side empty.
Your greeting is missed.
Excruciatingly so.
And my heart aches to show you;
How much I love you, again.

Joyce & David Petrosky

Dixie, 01/09/99-11/18/03

When my FIP-stricken Dixie stopped eating, licking my hand, and basically moving around (except to find hiding places or urinate outside the litter box), I knew her condition had worsened. I took her to the vet for an X-Ray, and it was discovered that there was fluid in her lungs and her abdomen. She was also very lethargic, dehydrated, and depressed. I knew I couldn't put her through any medical misery, so I had the doctor go ahead and perform the euthanasia.

Five months is not enough....


Dixie, 10/30/02

We miss you, Chickle-pup!! You are never far from us. You make our hearts sing, still! Love, Mommy, Daddy, Jason, Datil and Frownie

Dixie, 06/11/85-12/02/01

Our Dixie, was so full of love and sweetness.
She was such a gentle spirit, our constant companion, a real angel on this earth.
It's hard to believe she's been gone for almost 2 years.
We are so blessed to have had her in our lives for 16 1/2 years.
We love you Dixie!

Dave & Lynn Donell

Dixie, 12/19/02-11/07/03

Sweet baby you will be missed.

Katie Hardison

Dixie, 03/20/99-10/04/03

Dixie-girl was my beautiful baby. She made the sun shine. I didn't get to have her long enough. I would give anything to hug her again. I know if she were here now she would lick my face and let me cry on her shoulder.

Jody Leigh

Dixie, 03/01/89-02/25/03

Dixie was a miniature Pomeranian that my wife bought a year before we were married. My wife and I deeply loved him especially since we do not have children of our own. He was very small (about 4 pounds) and was extremely gentle and vulnerable to other dogs and even being stepped on accidentally. The last few years, we had to carry him up stairs and cook for him so he would eat. It was like having an infant and was troublesome. However, a day after his death, I would give anything to have that "trouble" back in my life. I loved holding him because he was so innocent, like a baby. Every time I see something that reminds me of him, I break down and I generally consider myself pretty tough. His death broke my heart a lot more than I expected.

Kenny Shimkus

Dixie, 07/23/87-12/28/02

In loving remembrance of our dear sweet Dixie

Dixie first came to our family in March of 1988, from “Friends of Animals” in New Jersey. Dixie was not a puppy when she became part of our family. The circumstances regarding her birth were not fully known. We were told she was found in an abandon house somewhere in NJ. “Friends of Animals” believed she was born in July of 1987. My two young children, Timothy, 3 years old and Jennifer, 1 year old were so happy to have Dixie as part of our family.

Our family lived in the same house in NJ until 1992. We lived right next door to my parents. Dixie was so young and full of energy. She would run up and down the yard along the fence. Dixie’s favorite game was fetching the ball. We would through the ball, and Dixie would bring it back to us. It seems like she could do this for hours.

In 1992 our family relocated to Memphis, TN. We lived in Memphis up until 1997. Dixie was always such a good dog. She never chewed on shoes and such. She would always try to get our attention if she needed to use the bathroom. She was such a good dog, really never messed in the house, except for a few times when she was sick. All in all, she had a very healthy life. In 1996 she needed to have surgery to remove a mass in her abdomen. It was not cancer, thank God. After the surgery she was back to her same energetic self.

In 1997 our family relocated back to the Northeast. We all missed our family in NJ. We relocated to York, PA, were we now still live. We hope not to move anymore. Dixie enjoyed almost another 5 years of health until Oct. 2002. Dixie started to have trouble walking with her back legs and she started to throw up. We took her to the vet; the vet gave her medicine to help her with her walking and throwing up. Dixie seemed to get a little better. Over the next few weeks she would sleep a lot, and was slowly losing her appetite. Another trip to the vet right before Thanksgiving to have blood work done. The blood work revealed a problem with her liver. The vet informed us, due to Dixie’s age 15 years, and the liver problem, the prognosis was not good.

In early Dec. 2002, we started Dixie on a course of antibiotics. Dixie was not really eating anything now. She would drink a bowl of water and throw it back up. Dixie was about 34 lbs. at this point. A year ago she was about 45 lbs. Now my wife and I would spoon-feed Dixie with baby food. Dixie was getting weaker and weaker. She would still get up to go outside for a walk to use the bathroom, but she was so weak. I don’t think she was really in any pain.

On Christmas day we were suppose to spend the day with my brother in NJ. We were planning to leave Dixie home, and drive up and back the same day. Dixie was far too weak to make the 3-hour plus trip up and back to NJ. Our family went to Christmas Eve church service at 5:00 PM. When we left the church, snow was falling, and continue all that night. When we woke up Christmas morning, we had about 8 inches of snow on the ground and it was still falling. We decided not to drive to NJ due to the snow and ice.

I guess this was a blessing, we spend Dixie’s last Christmas together. It seems she hung on until Christmas, and then she was throwing up more and, could not get up to walk outside. Dixie got so thin. Then on Sat. Dec. 28th 2002 we reluctantly decided to take Dixie to the vet to put her to sleep. It was such a sad day. My son and daughter hugged Dixie and said their good-byes. My wife and I took Dixie to the Vet; she was now below 25 lbs. My wife and I stayed with Dixie in her final moments on earth. I gently held her head while she drifted off to sleep. In a few moments she was gone. It hurt so much to say goodbye to our dear friend. May God hold her in his arms, until someday we will all be together again.

Good-bye Dixie.

Dixie was cremated on Sunday, Dec. 29th 2002. We brought Dixie’s remains back to dwell in our home where she played, loved and lived her last years.

We miss you so much!!!! The house feels so empty without you.

Richard D. Marowsky

Dixie Belle, 08/18/88-08/23/02

Gone from this life, but, never forgotten in our hearts.

Linda Parido

Dixin, 06/21/96-06/09/03

For six short years you were a loyal friend and companion. You never hesitated to comfort when I needed it most. I know that with time your leaving for a better place will become easier to accept. You will always be remembered and most of all never forgotten. Sleep well my hound. Until we see each other again. I miss you.

Mark Scott

Dizzie, 09/23/03

How we miss you Dizzie. There is a hole in our home and in our hearts. It was hard to see you grow old and in pain. I hope that you know that we loved you so much. It was just time for you to be with the Lord and I know He is taking care of you. I imagine you with beautiful white teeth and shiny black fur. How I long to hug you again but the timing in your death was perfect but still very hard. Tina and Kitty miss you too. We will miss you everyday of our lives and will love you forever. My wonderful Dizzie with the heart of gold.

Doreen Krzebetkowski

Dizzy, 11/15/03

Little Dizzy came into our shelter a week ago. She was born on a farm to a mother cat who disappeared soon after. She was staying with me as a foster baby as are her sister and brothers. She was too weak....and passed today in my arms, warm and comfortable. This week of love and care is more than a lot of barn cats will ever receive, and that comforts me. You were loved dear Dizzy, even if only for a short time. See you at the bridge sweet little one.

Tina Petraline

Dizzy, 1996-06/02/03

I am so thankful to have had Dizzy in my life, even for such a short time. I cannot find the words to describe how wonderful and special she is. I love her and she will always be a part of me.

Dizzy, 04/23/03

You went way too soon..I will always love you from the bottom of my heart.


DJ, 07/31/90-07/28/03

Yesterday we lost not only our best friend, but our "boy". He brought such love, happiness, joy, friendship and faithfulness these last 13 years. The grief we feel runs deep and the pain is sometimes unbearable. Someday we will meet again, until are always in our hearts, our prayers...we love you DJ.

Dobber, 06/13/95-10/31/03

Our hearts are saddened once again as we say goodbye to our beautiful loyal and loving golden, Dobber. Dobber was such a fun loving dog who loved his walks on the beach, playing ball, or rides in the truck, especially during the holidays as he loved to see all the lights. Dob always had a smile on his face that made your heart melt. I could always count on seeing his smiling face peeking around the shower curtain as I showered. In March, his niece gave birth in our home and Dobber was there for it all. He would come to the whelping box, rest his head on the side of it, and watch the puppies. As they grew older, they looked to him for guidance and security, always walking next to him on their walks or just snuggling next to him at naptime. Words can't express the emptiness in our hearts and home without him as he was truly, one-of-a-kind.

Ed and Chris Ward

Dobber, 04/06/03

My sweet Dobber....It's been a week, a very hard week. I miss you more than words can say. You were my constant companion, my sweet shadow, my baby. You were everywhere. Now you are gone, so gone. I have never done anything so hard in my life as making the decision to end your pain and our time together. I didn't want to lose you but I couldn't let your suffering continue another day. I hope you understand that. I hope you are young and healthy again, and happy, not sad. I know you hate being away from me, but I hope Mainie has found you and is helping you adjust and is comforting you. Hold each other close like you did when you were here and know that someday I will hold you in my arms again and this time I'll never let you go. I love you with all my heart......Mommy

Doc, 11/19/03

I miss you my baby girl.

Jennifer Michelli

Doc, 11/27/88-07/10/03

How do you say goodbye to someone that has been there for you and has seen you through good times and bad? Someone that has loved you unconditionally, that was always happy to see you and that watched over the household and everyone in it?

This morning, my brother, Pam and I walked Doc to the foot of the Bridge. We held him, told him we loved him and how proud were we of him and watched as he walked across the Bridge peacefully and proud. That’s my boy.

Doc, it seems, has always been here. He looked after “My Little Buddy”, Pepper. He always waited for him to catch up as Pepper slowed with age. I have to believe that Doc is again, with Pepper, making sure he is OK. And, if you believe in the power of the Bridge, Doc for the first time will get to see Pepper as he was, when he could jump into your arms, run around in the grass and play with the energy he once had. Doc will be pleased to see his “Little Buddy” able to do all those things.

Sarah would look to him for comfort. If she was upset she would look to Doc to see if he was upset too. Doc never was. He was the most laid back, go-with-the-flow Boy I have ever seen. When Doc was in the house all seemed OK. He had that calming effect on all that knew him.

When foster “kids” stayed with us Doc opened his house and his heart to every one of them. He was never jealous; he shared his toys, his bed and often his rawhide with those that mustered up the nerve to take it. He was secure with his status and, knowing that the others were less fortunate than him, gave of himself and his possessions. He always stepped aside so they too could have some attention and love they were often lacking in their lives. Doc, by example, gave them hope that there is a better life waiting for them.

Doc took on the burden of responsibility as protector, guardian, and over-see’r on his own. That was Doc, the big boy with an even bigger heart. He would patrol the house and the yard to make sure all was safe for everyone in his family. Not resting himself until he felt all was safe and secure.

Your work here is done my friend; you gave of yourself for almost 15 years, never expecting anything in return. Now it’s your turn to have someone watch over you. Sleep well My Boy, until we meet again.

How Do You Say Goodbye?

You don’t. You tell them you love them, give them lots of hugs and kisses and then hold them in your heart and know that they, above all else, held you in theirs.

Tyler J. Feltz

Doc, 03/28/03

Doc was a very special friend that I only knew for a short time. His death was very sudden and a shock to the many humans that loved him. Even though our time together was brief, I'll always remember him for his special little quirks and "dorkiness". Kisses Doc, I'll miss you.


Doccer, 07/15/94-09/08/02

You are so greatly missed by your Mommy and Daddy. There isn't a day that goes by that your name isn't whispered and I wish I could just kiss you one more time and tell you how much I love you. You were Daddy's girl and Momma's baby. I am sooo sorry we couldn't help you more at the end but, I know, you know we tried everything we could to save you. Wait for us and I will kiss your sweet face for all eternity.

Dodger, 11/10/03

Dodger, your wonderful spirit and heart will be missed.
You were the sweetest little fluffy dog and I will never forget you.
You were always there for me, and when your daddy died and it was just the two of us, your love was always there.


Dodger, 09/11/02-09/04/03

Dodger was my special baby who I rescued from being abandoned when he was only 5 wks. old. We had alot of fun times together and I loved him sooo much. He died in a tragic accident and my heart is crushed forever. Please know I love you Dodger and I am so sorry our time together was so short. Love, Mommy

Dodsworth, 01/15/94-08/17/03

Forever in my heart.

Dave Peacock

Doe, 05/29/93-03/19/02

Doe, you have been gone nearly a year, and it still feels like we just said goodbye last night. At times I wonder if you're watching me. You are probably making your silly faces behind my back like you used to do. You were fantastic, even when those annoying neighborhood kids wanted to "ride the horsey". I've heard it said that it takes less time for animals to learn how to be nice than it does for people, and I think that may be the reason you were called home. I have never met a horse as kind or tolerant as you. Doe, I love you. Thank you for staying around as long as you did. You will always be loved.


D.O.Gee, 09/27/01-10/05/03

I should know better than to get so attached. Although I couldn't speak his language and he couldn't mine, we had a special relationship. Our family has lost a true friend. May He rest peacefully in our hearts and at the feet of the true MASTER.

Scott, Sherry, Aimee, Carrie

Doje Powell (pronounced Dough-Gee), 12/25/89-9/24/03

Our beloved Doje is gone, but not forgotten. He was taken from us this past Wednesday, a victim of a hit and run. I still can't believe he is gone. I met him when I started dating my husband. He was the sweetest, most mellow dog. We had many good years with him. I hope he is happy now, frolicking as he did as a pup and healthy as can be! Thanks Doje, for many years of happiness!! We miss you so much! Love, Dad, Mom, sister and brother

Dolbadarn The Magician (Storm), 15/09/98-11/01/98

Stormy we will never forget you I think of you every day you left us to soon tell Starr I love her to as I lost her the year before love you loads until we meet again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Love you Stormy

Dolbadarn Lucky Starr, 17/05/92-21/03/97

Starr you were one in a million I think about you every day you were a total sweetheart you and Storm were best friends he missed you when you left but followed you over rainbow bridge a year later till we meet again on rainbow bridge in those short few years we had great times together I will never forget you love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dolly, 12/06/03

Dolly was the kindest most gentle bird. Her favorite toy was a feather. I am a better person for having known you Dolly. I love you with all my heart. Love Carol

Dolly, 05/29/87-07/25/03

I never have loved anyone as much as I loved you.

Andrea Meyer

Dolly, 07/10/91-06/19/03

She was a beautiful spirit who brought joy wherever she went and to whomever she touched. I miss her terribly, but I know that she is now whole and she can see all the beauty around her.

Elsie Downer

Dolly, 05/1982-03/2003

May 1982 to March 2003

Dolly came into my life when she was three years of age, and left when she was two months shy of turning 21. For the past 18 years, Dolly was not only my horse, but also a best friend. We developed a bond that words could never express. She could always sense when I was not feeling well or having a bad day. She would walk over to me, lower her head and offer me her forehead. I would rub her forehead and immediately feel much better. No word needs.

When I first saw Dolly, it was love at first sight. Here stood this beautiful, dark bay green broke mare that I had to have. I was a teenager at the time, and had to borrow most of the money to purchase Dolly. When I brought her home, it was one of the most proudest moments of my life. The first year I spent with Dolly, I must have fallen off her at 100 times! I think back to what I put Dolly through with my inexperienced hands and lack of knowledge. I believe it is faith or maybe even a miracle that Dolly turned-out to be the great horse she was.

Dolly never had any formal training. I was her sole rider and trainer. I did take a few lessons on her over the years, and competed her in over fences and a few dressage shows. No matter the ribbon we did or did not receive, I was always so proud of her. I always felt like I was the luckiest rider to have such a beautiful, elegant mount as Dolly.

For the past 18 years, Dolly was the stability in my life. Through college, change of jobs, moves, and hardships, Dolly was always there for me. No matter how big the problem, I always had Dolly to look forward to. Our quite rides or just the time we would spend together, it was always quality time when we were together.

Dolly was dark bay with a star that looked like the Canadian Maple leave. She had the kindest eye of any horse that I have ever seen, and her coat always had a shine. She loved to be groomed, especially her mane. She would make a loud squeal when excited, especially after rolling. She loved treats and goodies, and would nicker when her name was called. When she was relaxed or sleepy, her lower lip would hang. She was never aggressive or pushy, and always easy to catch. She did not have a mean bone in her body.

After three years of trying, Dolly came in foal at 16 years of age. She had a beautiful son that I named Rodney. Rodney is almost four now, and exhibits many of Dolly's traits. Looking at Rodney, I see a lot of Dolly in him. Rodney always enjoyed being with Dolly.

I have countless stories and memories of Dolly that I will always cherish. It has only been a short time since I felt Dolly's last breath, but I already feel so lonely without her. I have other horses, but they cannot replace Dolly. Dolly was not only my horse, but also my best friend.

I miss you Dolly. There will never be another horse like you. You were one in a million. You will always have a large place in my heart. Thank you Dolly for everything you have given me. You helped make me the person I am today. Until we meet again, I will see you in my dreams. I love you Dolly.

Love Always

Dolly, 03/01/03

Dolly was my best friend and she left us so suddenly. I will never recover from her loss. She would touch my face with her hand aka paw...she looked me right in the eye and blinked I love you.

Teresa and Freeman Brand

Dolly, 04/30/89-10/26/00

Our beloved Dolly,
Faithful friend, fierce protector, and cherished family member. You will be deeply missed, forever in our thoughts and prayers, and with us always.


Dolly Ann, 09/16/98-06/16/03

Dolly Ann Danbom was a very special friend...she was loved by all that met her. She was always there to greet you when you came home. She loved flying by plane or going for trips in the motor home, or just going for a ride with us. She was always so excited to go fishing or just to the shop with her Dad. We are all missing her so much. Take care of yourself will never leave our hearts.

Jim and Jan Danbom

Dolly Jean Gorman, 1988-04/21/03

Dolly was the best kitty in the entire universe. She loved and trusted me and made me believe in goodness and hope. She was the best part of my life. I hope that all of you have been blessed with this kind of friendship, loyalty and love.
Thank you Dolly for the joy.

Domi, 09/14/90-03/09/03

Domi was a beautiful Rottweiler that when I picked her up for the first time, she became my child. She had the kindest heart and temperament. She was my best friend for so many years. My heart is so broken that she is gone. I am trying to take comfort in the fact that she is not suffering and is with God. I love her so much. She is missed by so many people.


Dominique, 09/01/01-01/27/03

To our baby girl, we miss you so very much. We had no idea when we took you to have surgery on your knee so you could run and not be in pain, that your little heart would not be able to handle it. Dr Scott and Mommy & Daddy thought you were in pain from your knee, but now we know there was more to it. We are so sorry baby, we had no idea, and we thought we were doing the right thing for you. We are so sorry you are gone and we still look for you every morning in the kitchen with your brothers, they also miss you especially Porthos he was calling for you this morning. I miss you coming into the bathroom every morning for a belly rub. We cry and cry and are heart broken over losing you as we did not have the chance to be with you at the end. You were the best, Daddy keeps talking about how you cuddled him when we adopted you from Animal control. We loved you so very much and protected you the short time we had you, we will always love you and be in our thoughts and heart forever. Dommie we feel a lot of quilt for what has happened, but you brought us a lot of happiness when you were here. We know we saved you last year, we just wish we could have done the same thing this time. We know it was your time to run and play on Rainbow bridge without the pain from your knee. You are free our Baby Girl. Until we see you again, peace be with you. We love you and grieve so much for you Baby, but we will talk to you everyday at your grave. Artemis, D'Artagnan and Porthos miss you too!!! With all our love, we miss you so much. Mommy & Daddy.:<(

Jerry and Fran Golden

Domino, 10/24/94-12/12/03

Thank you for the 9 years of unconditional love and for always being my best friend! There are no words that can describe the love we have for you and how much our heart aches losing you! We love you always and forever. God watch over you! Snoopy and Rambo, please take care of Domino!

Lydia & Wilberto Otero

Domino, 01/06/03

My Domino was my best friend. he was an 85 lb. Dalmatian, but he was my baby. I'm 53 years old and I never in my live loved a dog as much as I loved Domino. he came to me because he was alone and nobody wanted him. I took him just for awhile to find him a good home. after several years, I decided to keep him. he went everywhere with me, including to work. I miss him every day and it's been almost a year. I hope I'm a good enough person to make it to the Rainbow Bridge, 'cause Domino was sure good enough. I can't believe anyone was stupid enough to turn a wonderful dog like him out, but I thank them for it, because I was the lucky one to get him.

Judy Ramsey

Domino, 10/11/03

I will always love you.


Domino, 05/01/87-08/30/03

You know I'll always love you, you were with me for so long and were with me during so many changes in my life. I miss you, the house is just not the same without you sleeping in the middle of the hall during the day. Don't worry, I'll come and get you.
Love, Mom

Domino, 12/01/90-03/12/03

He was a very good friend, pet, and family member... We shared a bond that can never be forgotten... For now the rooms are empty, and the chingling of his tags are silent but he is still a vision that I enjoy remembering and will always be there.

I would like to thank him for the years of joy that he had brought into our lives. There will always be a smile on our faces whenever we remember him, for he was a very good boy and a pleasure to raise, teach and play with.

The way he would worry when something seemed inappropriate and those handsome deep trusting eyes that he used for his tools to get something done, whether it was for a treat, a walk or attention, affection or love.. Those memories will be distinct and clear.

His age wore on him and suffered a severe stroke in his sleep on 03-12-03 and had to be put down..

He was a very tuff boy..

Gone but never forgotten... Thank you Domino

Domino, 10/26/96-02/23/03

Domino was my rescue baby. He was raised in a loving home with his companion, Rescue (another Dalmation). Domino was the most inquisitive dog I've ever seen. No closet, box or shoe went uninspected, and many of my hair scrunchies wound up as his afternoon snack. When I didn't feel well he would snuggle up with me, and when it was time to play he would practically drag me outside. My busy house now seems lonely, my trash cans remain untouched, and my heart is broken. I love you little boy. Until we meet again.

Donal, 04/15/03-11/19/03

Donal, you were here for such a short time but you have left a big void in our lives. I hope you aren't mad at us & that you are still puzzing on the other side! What a joyous little man you were!

Linda Kloran

Donald Ducky-Wucky, 04/15/02-12/26/03

He was my special ducky-wucky. My Christmas duck. I love him so much. But now he's happy.

Christy Swartz

Dondi, 01/17/92-05/10/03

You were so special to us Dondi. You picked us, we did not pick you. I can remember that day when 4 other people were looking at you and deciding whether to bring you home. Dave had seen you across the room and fell in love with you. We walked over to see you. I walked away and went to sit on the nearby couch. No sooner had I sat down when you jumped into my lap. The 4 other people said, "He's definitely your dog now." So we brought you home and loved you. You were so smart too! Housebroken in one day! You touched the lives of so many people. We miss you.

Dave & Joan Glacken

Donner, 9/8/02-8/13/03

To My baby,

I love you so much you will never know. In the short time we spent together you made my life so wonderful. You are the best friend I ever had. I wish the time we spent together would have never ended, but I cherish each wonderful moment we had. But I will be strong and carry on until the time comes that I can hold you in my arms again, because I know you will wait for me at the bridge.

Oh my wonderful Donner boy, I love you and I will think of you every day.

Dear God, pleas take good care of my baby, scratch his belly and kiss his nose for me. Thank you for the time you let me spend with him. it changed my life.


Doo, 12/20/88-06/01/03

To our "Pretty Girl" ....
You graced us with your life for the last 15 years. I can't say how saddened we are that you are now gone from our lives. You will always live in our memories. You were our companion, friend, family member, protector, and guardian. I always felt safe with you here. The echo of your voice still rings in my head. You taught your other four legged companions a lot of things, like eating the leaves off of the Mulberry tree for "medicinal" purposes. I know Rocky will miss your presence in the backyard probably the most. He was always taking his ques from you. I will sorely miss saying "Pretty Bird" and watching your reaction. You were a good dog! You watched over this family for a long long time and did your job well, nothing ever got in the front door or the backyard as long as your were on "duty". I thank you for all the help you gave me. You were the one who helped me with my trek into better health, you listened to my sorrows, and gave all the love that you had to give. I hope that on your way to where your headed that your Momma, Pooh, guided you on your journey and that you both have made up for lost time together. You were the last of a line that will never be again. Doo, you will be missed, and never forgotten. Such a brave and fearless dog you were. We love you.....Ruth, Wetzel, Jake, Mike, Angus, Rocky, and Jr.

Doobie, 08/25/03

Rest in Peace Doobie, we miss you!

Sarah Schwingel

DooDah, 11/14/87-01/14/03

This little guy named DooDah gave me more love and joy in the fifteen years we were together than I have ever dreamed possible. I will miss him terribly until that wonderful day when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope he knows how very much I loved him!

Sharon L. Morrow

Doogie, 08/03/90-08/07/03

We miss you Doogie. I know you are happy and pain free. I still feel your presence.
I will always love you.

Sue Christman

Doogie, 07/10/91-07/21/03

Doogie was our best friend and we miss him terribly. The house and most of all our hearts are so empty. I know he is at the rainbow bridge waiting and happy chasing squirrels. He could never catch them so its a game.

Sue Ann Succio

Doogie Howser MD (mischievous dog), 12/22/89-10/22/03

Howser was a dog that was very special to the entire family, there will never be another pet that could ever take His place. He watched over and protected the children and my husband and I, came close to death on more than one occasion, and no matter what kind of mood may be clouding your day He could always find a way to leave you with a smile. He was very intelligent, had a huge heart, and was special to everyone that grew to know Him. He will dearly be missed but never forgotten.

David, Christine, Angel, Zech, Jeremiah and KiraLee Long

Dookabear, 12/26/03

My beautiful child Dookabear, I will miss you more than you could ever know. Your face, your warm fur and your magnificent presence has been a comfort to me since I laid eyes on you! Our time together was too short but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. You were my best friend my bear. Please know I will hold you in my hear forever and ever. I love you.

Lauren Schultz

Dooley, 3/7/02-8/4/03

This is a tribute to our beloved Dooley, a very handsome boxer.

Dooley left this earth on August 4, 2003 at a very early age; he was just about to turn 1 ½ years old. Dooley had a rare disease that took him for us without notice.

I am writing this tribute to Dooley so I can tell him everything I feel towards him. Dooley, your mommy and daddy love you so much, your passing has left a huge hole in our hearts and home. How do I ever put into words how much joy your brought into our lives? From the day we brought you home, you were instantly part of our family forever. You were so full of life, joy and love, I can see why God wanted you back. I can remember the first time we bought you a football, how you loved your footballs and Frisbees. Every time you got a new toy you would toss it up in the air and run all around the house so proud of your new toy. You were such a good boy, you never destroyed anything as so many puppies do - we could have never asked for a better baby boy.

Everywhere I look in the house I see you. You were always the center of attention and that was just fine with us, what I would do to have you back with us. Every time I go to get in the car, I expect you to come running to the door wanting to go as I always took you when I could. Every night when I take your sister Val for a walk, I go to grab your leash as well but your not there. I miss you so much my precious baby boy….how can I ever live without you?

Your daddy comes home from work everyday and expects you to be waiting at the back door to go out and play Frisbee with him until you two can just not play anymore. Daddy misses you so.

Val has been sleeping in your bed, I think she does it to be close to you for she does not understand where you went, all she knows is you left with mommy one day and now your gone. I wish I could make Val understand why you are not at home anymore. Your big sister sure misses you.

Dooley you were so sick and I am so sorry that we did not know nor did your vet how sick you were, I hope your last few days were not painful for you. I am sorry we did not get to say good-bye to you, as we would have liked to. Please know we brought your ashes home and have them sitting on the fireplace mantle with your picture and collar where we can see you everyday.

I know you are with God now and that you are not sick anymore. I am sure you are running and playing with all the other animals having a ball. Please know someday mommy, daddy and Val will be joining you for eternity, but for now please remember we love and miss you every minute of the day. I could have never asked or deserved such a special baby boy as you are… my heart forever.

Love, mommy...

Good-bye Bubba

Doorstep, 10/87-12/02/03

Our cat "Doorstep" came into our lives on 04/01/92, by way of showing up on our doorstep and refusing to leave. We didn't exactly know how old he was but our vet said about 3-4 yrs. His nickname was Steppy, and also "Our Walmart Greeter" as he was always faithfully there to greet us and anyone else who came to visit. He was a very wise old cat and taught us alot about life and growing old. He had a good Run at life and was loved so very, very much. We know now he is most likely the "Rainbow Bridge Greeter" and is once again in his prime! God Bless Doorstep! Say Hi to Klondike for us too!!

Mike and Vicki Q.


Little boy. You've been gone a year and I've visited your grave often wishing I could tell you what you brought to my life. I don't cry for missing you often anymore, but it isn't because I don't think of you often. Because you left I found a way to open my heart again, even when loosing you made me wish I never found another pup to love. Shelley and Munchkin wandered into my life and it is because of your life and the love you gave me that I could answer their plea for a forever home with a resounding yes. Thank you little boy. Even in your passing you've brought me love and joy.


Dora, 9/88-5/19/03

My name is Louis Rider and had the pleasure of Dora's company for 15 years. I will miss her . I know she is in a better place now. Good bye Dora you were a good friend.

Dorian, 11/23/03

I wish I had a chance to visit you again before you were called to the bridge. Much love and ask Mittens where the good Dandelions are!


Dorie, 07/07/03

Dorie, I know you suffered and putting you down was to ease your pain and suffering. It only been two days and I miss you so very, very much. We have all your toys that we will keep forever. You have been the best girl all these years. And we loved you with all our hearts. Don't be afraid of the other dogs with you in heaven they are now your best friends. Dorie-a I miss you so very much............

Wayne Mannion

Dorothy, 10/22/03

You were Miles' first pet, and you meant so much to him and to all of us. You were such a smart little fish! Miles loves you and knows that you are not suffering anymore. We will miss you very much.

Beth Harris

Dorothy, 08/01/87-09/04/03

Dorothy was a wonderful, sweet and gently kitty. We will miss her forever. See you on Rainbow Bridge Dotters!

Carole and Clinton Brownell

Dot, 08/14/91-01/09/03

Dearest Dot - what a wonderful companion you were to us and how it hurts to have to let you go today. Everyone loved you, just as you loved everyone - you will be remembered for a long time by people who loved seeing you ride by in your stroller when it was too hard for you to walk very far anymore. I hope you are out of all your pain now and can play on the bridge with Jenny and Dana. Meggie misses you as she has been your constant companion for almost the last 10 years. You've left a big hole in my heart.
I will always love you and think of you my little one.
Love, hugs and kisses, Anne

Dottie, 07/15/90-12/01/03

Dottie, my precious, so calm and peaceful, with humble brown eyes, you are well and walking with out pain and fear.
We will meet again.
I love you and miss you.


Dottie, 09/10/87-10/28/03

My sweet, wonderful, warm and trusting friend for 16 years. I never thought my heart would be so heavy with grief. Your little body just gave out, but your love will always be with me. I love you, Dottie, and I will miss you forever.

Jewell Metze

Dottie, 04/06/92-09/25/03

My daughters and I are mourning the loss of our dog,
Dottie. We lost her to a liver tumor on September 25th.
She was a beloved member of our family. Although we have three other dogs and one cat, our house seems sad and lonely without her. She was the epitome of loyalty; she was my shadow and slept at the foot of my bed for more than 11 years. I doubt that there will ever be anyone, human or otherwise, who was as devoted as she was. No words can express how deeply she is missed.

Joann, Christina and Anna Bondhus

Dottie, 6/1/97-09/08/03

Oh Dottie we miss you and grief for you I can't believe you came down with IMHA, we never heard of it before, we took you to the best Doctors but they couldn't save you, you were only 6years old and we wasn't ready to let you go. I was selfish I wanted you to stay but you were to weak and sick. Our other pets Molly and Zoey miss you to. Rest in peace. We will meet again in heaven, I love you Dottie.

Dottie, 12/01/97-05/07/03

Oh Dottie, how I miss you! No tail hanging across the monitor, no more head butts for kisses, no more belly rubs and kitty 'hugs'. Dottie, Dot, Dots-a-lot, Dots-a-rama, you answered to all of them. I miss you very much. See you at the Bridge, some day.

Kimberly Emery

Dottie, 12/31/91-02/19/03

It has only been a week since you died, and I told someone that my feet had been cold all that time. They suggested a blanket. It has warmed my feet but not my heart. I try so hard to remember when you were younger and healthier, and I have a special image tucked away. It is of you and Bo running along the beach at the Outer Banks the first year. The memory of you and Bo in Columbus that Thanksgiving, running in the field and handing over the soccer ball. Those were such good times. You have been a loving friend for so long and I will never forget you. As I told you before you died, next time we meet I will be the dog and you can be the mom if you like. Otherwise, we will keep it the way it was. I miss you and love you. Be on the lookout for Sam, Geoffrey's dog, and Tater Tot, Jessica's dog and of course Beth's beloved Bo. Be sure to share your food with him.

Marjean Monahan

Dottie, 01/20/03

I only got to be in Dottie's life for a short time - but the love she came me was immeasurable!

Carolee Eckert

Dotty, 06/07/92-12/01/03

I love you and miss you so much.

Linda Hunter

DQ, 09/2003

"For D.Q."

You came to me just a year ago,
So short was our time together.
But the love you left within my heart,
Shall leave its mark forever.

It's still a mystery to me,
That anyone could ever do.
All the cruel and painful things,
That someone did to you.

The chains embedded in your neck,
How you flinched at every touch.
How they kicked you until you were crippled,
You had been through so very much.

Yet still you gave your heart to me,
Reaching out in love.
I knew I wouldn't have you long,
My little angel from above.

I gave you all the best I could,
Happiness, Love and play.
Now go run free by the Rainbow Bridge,
Where we'll meet again someday.


*I rescued DQ as a badly abused older dog of at least 14 yrs. I knew I wouldn't have her long, but the time I did have, was very special.

Carol Hall

Dradel, 11/14/03

Dradel, Most would wonder why I mourn so much over a little newt, but you were my life line for so long. I grew to love you more than the cats. I was heartbroken when you left, though I know you are safe and happy where you are now. I am happy for all the time we spent together. I only wish it could have been longer. I love you.


Dragon, 11/24/99-09/29/03

We love and miss you Dragon! Be a good boy up there!

Dreamer, 04/23/03

I didn't expect you to go so soon after Dizzy. Your memory will be in my heart forever.


Drifter, 07/07/97-07/23/03

My Dearest Drifter,

It pains my heart that I wasn't here to say goodbye. It hurts me more knowing the pain you must have felt before you left us. Your spirit is now free as you were in life. I will hold you in my heart until we meet again. I love you Drifter.

Audra Wirth

Dr. Siggy, 04/94-04/22/03

I lost my companion, confidant, best friend, and very sweet little boy. Oh, how I miss you my sweet fuzzpuff. You always showered me with special little kissies. You loved so unconditionally. You lived to love all of us, your furz and your humans ~ you continuously entertained and brought pleasure and true love to us all. We all miss you my sweet little one. My heart is grieving and missing you. You brought so much happiness and joy to all of us. I know you are in a far better place now. You are happy and healthy once again. I'm sure by now you've had a pool party or three! You will always be in my heart and your spirit surrounds me. Take care of yourself. It's up to God and Mom to take care of you now ~ UNTIL we can all be reunited at the Bridge.
I will forever love you. Love, Your Mom

Dublin, 03/29/90-11/01/03

To our loyal companion of 13 years who we will miss forever more than words can say.
Our hurt lingers on. This is a Native American Poem in Dublin's Memory and we hope that everyone who lost a pet will find comfort in this.
Dublin is here in spirit with us and he will be always remembered in our hearts each and every day.

Do not stand by my grave and weep
I am not there,
I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glint on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain,
When you wake in the morning hush.
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight,
I am the soft starlight at night.
Do not stand by my grave and weep.
I am not there,
I do not sleep.

Rita and Tony

Duchess, 05/23/03

WE found her at the pound in May 96,This beautiful reverse brindle boxer she was so, so thin but to look in her eyes you could see her kind and gentle spirit, We made a family decision to take her home, We were lucky, we got to spend 7 years with her, before we had to make another family decision, to put her down, she had cardiomyopathy, she went to heaven on May 23, 2003 We love her and miss her greatly and I can't wait to see her, at the gates of heaven wagging her little nubby, just like she did at home

Sandy Denham

Duchess, 03/30/88-05/12/03

She was my best friend though all my life problems, divorce, cancer and almost the lost of my daughter, but she made it.

Rosemary Gallagher

Duchess, 12/06/86-04/10/03

We hope she doesn't drive all the other furbabies crazy with her constant barking.

Dave and Nancy Erwin

Duchess (Baby Girl), 10/20/90-03/11/03

Baby Girl, forever by my side. You told me "It's time," and I heard. Run and play, Baby and play. I'll always love you. Mommy.

Duchess, 04/10/93-01/31/03

Duchess was a kind, gentle, loving pup. She will be sadly missed and lovingly remember by Tyler, Kylie, Ryley, Barb, Sherry, Cory, Pat and Felix.
Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge, Duchy

Duchess, 05/11/90-01/15/03

Duchess was always a very special part of our family and we're going to miss her terribly. She was greatly loved and she was always there for us. We love you Duchess!!


Duckie, 11/20/93-02/19/03 were such a special friend to all of us, and every who met you. We cannot thank you enough for the many things you taught us. The world is a better place because of you...but then that is the Golden mission, isn't it?! You are remembered constantly, especially at bbqs and family gatherings, which you truly enjoyed..your sleeping spot will always be yours. Your boys grew up with you and are better young men because of you. We will always love you... see you again at the bridge. We know that you and others will keep the golden blessings, Fuddy, Gammy, Nate and Mitch

Dude, 07/27/93-11/11/03

Dude, I will always love you and I miss you dearly.
Love Always, Mom

Cindy Crouch

Dude, 02/01/85-10/18/03

Faithful Companion for 18 years. My heart is broke. I miss him dearly.

Nina Bennett

Dude, 09/25/94-06/27/03


We love you so much and look forward to seeing you again at Rainbow Ridge. For now, know that we yearn for you and miss you terribly. You will always be our 1st baby and will live forever in our hearts!! You touched our lives and so many others in such a wonderful way. There will never be another dog like you - ever!! You were so gentle, sweet, incredibly smart and humanlike. You were such a joy to have in our family!! I hope you are peaceful and happy there. Be patient and wait for us to meet you there when the time is right. We love and miss you, Dude, ALWAYS!!!!!!

Love, Hugs & Kisses -
Your mommy, Daddy & brother, Grant Joseph

Dude, 11/08/86-02/20/03

Amazing little dog, the only one I've ever had. Loyal, loving, fun and faithful. He's been gone less than 12 hours and I miss him so. Rest in Peace, my puppy-boy Dude.

John, Melissa, Joseph & Emily Kirkham

Dude, 12/28/99-01/03/03

I will lend to you for a while, a pup, God said,
For you to love him while he lives and mourn for him when he's dead.
Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three
But will you, 'til I call him back, take care of him for me.
He'll bring his charms to gladden you and (should his stay be brief)
you'll always have his memories as solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return
But there are lessons taught below I want this pup to learn.

I've looked the whole world over in search of teachers true
And from the folk that crowd life's land I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love nor think the labor vain,
Nor hate me when I come to take my Pup back again.

I fancied that I heard them say "Dear Lord Thy Will be Done,"
For all the joys this Pup will bring, the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness, we'll love him while we may
And for the happiness we've known forever grateful stay

But should you call him back much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.
If, by our love, we've managed, your wishes to achieve
In memory of him we loved, to help us while we grieve.

When our faithful bundle departs this world of strife,
We'll have yet another Pup and love him all his life.

Dude..........The Man xxx

Lin and Ian May

Dudley, 06/05/96-11/09/03

My brave little boy. Dudley was diagnosed with CHF in April. But he would not give up. He gave me all his love and companionship since that time, alas his heart gave out and died peacefully yesterday.

He was loved by all who knew him. We will miss him

Carmen Wright

Dudley, 09/17/00-10/30/03

I saw your eyes through the hole. So much unknown, no place to hide. Your green eyes filled with fear. Darkness was your only comfort.

I gave you my best, as much as I know. Auto-feeders, water dispensers, even sitters. Your green eyes filled with loneliness. Classic rock was your only companion.

Good times and bad times we shared. You’re always there when I’m sad. Your green eyes filled with compassion. Being together was your only joy.

The same five hour drive the other way. This time with no holes but lots of open sky. Your green eyes filled with concern. My lap was your only assurance.

The new home and brother were good for you. In time you were chasing and playing. Your green eyes filled with happiness. Eating, sleeping, and playing were your only chores.

I thought all was well but I didn’t know. It was too soon when they called to tell me. Your green eyes closed for the last time. Gone too, my very last kiss.

Now I know why you needed a home… I needed a friend in my toughest hours. I needed to learn how to love and be loved. I will always have Dudley’s green eyes.



What a special dog he was. We got him when we first married and he has been part of our life since. His characteristics included a great personality, a good traveler, and a wonderful companion. How sudden and untimely his death occurred. While he was getting up in years and beginning to experience health problems, I never dreamed he'd go so fast. I really miss him.

Tom Johnson

Dudley, 04/21/90-09/04/03

Dudley, you were my best friend and faithful companion for eleven wonderful years. I know that you will be there to greet me with wagging tail when I cross over, the day that I will live for till the end.

Guy Charlebois

Dudley, 1/1/91-2/14/03

"My Beautiful Baby Buddha Boy-DUDLEY"

12 years ago, you came into my life…you were just 3 months old and the most beautiful kitten I had ever seen. It was love at first sight. I saved you from your abandoned life outside…brought you in out of the cold on New Years Day '91 and every day thereafter you warmed my heart and soul and gave me the greatest gift of unconditional love. A gift that has changed my life forever and for that I thank you and hopefully you know that in return I gave you the same unconditional love. Together we made a pact-together forever, we will never be apart, and that we will always be there to love, protect and take care of each other. 12 years together…a lot shorter than I would have ever expected…knowing in the back of my mind that someday we would be separated…a thought that I dismissed every moment it entered my mind. So on Christmas Eve ['02], after a month of battling what I thought was just a urinary infection, we found out that something more serious was happening to my baby boy. On New Years Eve, the news that we got shattered me-my Buddha Boy has cancer. Not just cancer, but a cancer that is rarely found in cats, and appeared as a large tumor in his bladder. We opted for the surgery, in a brave attempt to give you…sweet Dudley…one last fighting chance. If at best, this would buy you five more months or so. And weighing the options with the help of the greatest vet on the planet-Dr. Brenn [you are a truly wonderful soul]-our decision was not going to cause you any more pain but would, for the time being, remove the pain from you. I did what I know you wanted-to live. You proved that to me when I visited you in the hospital after the operation…you showed me your belly, had this unbelievable look in your eyes and purred. I knew I made the right decision. With 95% removed, 5% of the cancer remained. I desperately sought out holistic ways to help fight this deadly disease that remained in you. With the help of some special people that specialize in holistic pet herbal remedies, we went that route and diligently I treated you and firmly believed that this would help. The thought of putting you through chemo was not an option I was going to do. So together, Dudley, you and I tried to fight this. And you were slowly getting better…and you were here with me. You even did the one thing you loved most, coming upstairs in the office to work with me…that was always our special time together. I did what any mommy would do for her baby…and I'm so sorry I couldn't make you better. God knows how hard I tried…and I know you did too. The last three days, you took a turn for the worse-and I blindly believed it was not related to the cancer. It broke my heart to watch you be this way…feeling so helpless in not knowing what to do for you…and our last day together [I had no idea it would be] I sat with you all day and night doing everything I could. And there was a moment when I knew that when you eased your weak face close to mine that you were telling me you were trying to hang on but couldn't. I promised you I would not leave you alone and not to be afraid. The last 24 hours, as hard they were on both of us, they were our time together…forever. I knew in my heart the end was near. Your little face and weak body and those small pitiful meows haunt me. That morning the vet told us that the cancer was spreading and your kidneys were failing rapidly. And that chemo or not, this vicious horrible disease was manifesting aggressively and nothing would have stopped it. There was no question in my mind, with the short amount of time left, that I was going to let you die alone and without me being the last person you saw or who held you. And so I went, had them put you in my arms in the blanket I made you…and told you how much I love you and that we will be together someday. You were so weak and out of it, but I know you knew I was there…no matter how hard that was to do, I would never take back that moment-a moment that I know will haunt me forever-but I brought you in as a kitten and held you as you took your last breath, our eyes looking right at each other…and then you were gone. That's what mommies do…I gave you a happy life and held you as you went on to heaven…and I know that you're with my daddy and I'll see you soon, sweet baby boy. You were the love of my life and I will never forget you…never. A piece of me died with you that day…Valentine's Day ['03]. You were the greatest son [my baby] that ever lived. I was so blessed and hope you feel the same. I would have done anything for you. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you. I miss your face, Dudley! I miss you so terribly, now it's your turn to watch over me! In our life, we had a Zen Master named Dudley to teach us to have the valve open and be in the moment… xoxo…your mama will always love you!-as well as your dad, your brothers Ozzy [most of all] and Louie and your sister Vampie! Until we meet again…rest in peace by precious buddha boy-DUDLEY.

Jennifer Rose

Dudley Moore, 06/01/83-06/07/00

Dudley was the love of my life. I loved him dearly and I miss him more than words can describe. I only hope that time heals my wounds.

Joyce Lebrun

Dudley Moore, 06/06/85-04/18/03

Dudley liked so many things; he liked people and animals. When he was younger he always rolled on his back for anyone to rub his belly. He could stay in that position for hours if someone was caressing him. He was always hyper; when I took him to obedience school in 1986, he acted like a kid in a candy store. He couldn't pay attention long enough to learn anything, because he was so excited to see all of the other dogs. His idea of comfort was lying in our recliner on his back with his head hanging off the end. He loved to go for a ride in the car, because he knew he was going to the park, on a trip, or visiting my parents especially during the holidays when turkey was on the menu.

In the fall of 2001, he couldn't walk any more because of a growth behind his stomach. The vets did not know what it was; I thought it was a fatty tumor like ones he had in the past. For over a year and a half, I became his legs and carried him outside and around in the house dozens of times a day. He could sit up and move around in a circle until six days before he was put to sleep. Then he began crying a great deal and was extremely restless; the vet said he was suffering probably from a liver disease diagnosed over three years ago. I didn't know what to believe; I just felt that he was frustrated as usual because he could not walk. When he ate food and treats, drank his water, or was assisted to walk around in a circle there was no sign of pain just satisfaction. I will never know for sure what caused his discomfort or pain or suffering and crying. I just thought it might be time to let him go. He was almost 18 years old-17 years, ten months, and two weeks old. He joins his half brother, Dudley Junior (DJ) who died on August 26, 1999. They loved each other very much. I hope they are in Rainbow Heaven, running and playing together.

I am devastated without Dudley here. We went through many years together and through many good as well as rough times. It's been a long time since I was on my own without any responsibility for someone's care. I don't miss the idea of caring for just anyone; I miss caring for Dudley and DJ. I miss my boys and love them so much.

Paul Moore

Dudley Reed, 05/29/91-10/13/03

My little buddy endured 12 years of life's trials and tribulations right by my side. Along with the hard times were many more wonderful and good times. I will always cherish Dudley's unconditional love and his feisty personality. He was a Great Dane in a Yorkie body. I am so grateful he never had to experience physical pain during his short life and I miss him more than I can put into words. Dudley touched the hearts of many human and canine friends. With Much Much Love Your MOM

Duff Alexander, 11/06/89-02/08/03

Thank you for showing me what unconditional love means. You are such a beautiful spirit, I miss you deeply.


Duffy, 11/02/93-12/18/03

My Duffy,
Momma loves you so much. My heart is breaking because you are no longer here.
I know I will see you soon. Remember I will always love you and think about you.
You were everything to me.
Be the good boy I know you are. Love Momma

Duffy, 3/10/03

To our beloved little dog, Duffy (Yorkshire Terrier)

Our hearts are broken. You brought so much joy into our lives. We learned at the university in Ames, IA that you were born with several severe heart defects. The worst the doctor had ever seen. Although we gave you all the love we had and medication, you passed away at the vet's office.

We miss your loving face with your bright eyes and stub of a wagging tail and our companion of a year and a half. We miss you hogging the bed at night and playing with your teddy bear. Our hearts ache and it is hard to sleep and eat.

God rest your soul, sweet Duffy. Run and play with a strong heart and plenty of oxygen. God did not give you a normal heart, but yours was the best heart. Please wait for mama and daddy, so we can be reunited. We love you and will never forget you.

Judy and Allen Noftsker

Duffy, 03/17/83-11/21/02

If you like my puppy, you can call her Duffy
She will give you lots of kisses
Oh no! you can not have her
She belongs to Rosie and Rosie will love her forever and forever.

I sang this to her most days several times and she would always kiss me. She had been totally blind for the past 2 1/2 years and still looked like a puppy. Only weighed 7.8 lbs and had a lively spirit and temperament which never changed over the past 19 years, soon to be 20. I loved her more than life. Companion, friend, good listener, loyal, very, very affectionate and loved to give kisses. When situations were rough and challenging, she was there and when they were great, she was there. I miss her more then words can express and want her back. I need her. She was my best friend. Is someone looking after her? Can she still be with me in spirit. I close my eyes and see her. My heart continues to ache for a little girl who brought us so much happiness.

Roseann Devyor

Duke, 02/02/03-12/05/03

Duke was my baby, I was sort of skeptical of pit bulls to begin with, but my boyfriend really wanted one... so I bought duke. From the first second I looked at him, I knew he was special. Duke went EVERYWHERE with me when we got him he was 3 lbs so I had a purse that I had gotten from the gap and he fit perfect! He went to the mall with me, grocery shopping... everywhere I went, he went. I took him to the dog park at least twice a week during the summer, he was such a happy puppy. I loved the way he would just look at me, like there were words right there at the tip of his tongue but he didn't know how to get them out, he had a lot of personality. We bought Dutchess when Duke was 6 months old because I wanted him to have company when we were at work or in class, they loved each other he would play so gentle with her, like she was glass or something, it just amazed me. I loved Duke with all my heart words cant express how much I loved that dog... I thought I would die myself the night I found him, lifeless in the middle of Broad St. the busiest street in Richmond, I got out of my car in the middle of the road and just screamed. That was the hardest thing I have ever done, bury my nine month old puppy in the rain on a Friday night. Dutchess is heartbroken and so am I. I still find myself calling his name, hoping he will come running up to me with big slobbery dog kisses. It has only been 3 days and it feels like an eternity. My mother says, "God closes some windows to open other doors" but why this window? and where is this other door? Duke was my everything, I miss him more than words can express....


Duke, 11/2003

May God rest his soul..and make him strong again.


Duke - Blue Devil Duke, 12/11/89-10/06/03

He stood there trembling as he looked at me,

His eyes tired and yet alert.
He seemed to say:
Dad, I'm tired and weak and I tremble from the pain.
His eyes looked as if to say - I love you Dad and trust in you, and Dad, its time for me to go.

Oh, Duke, we miss you so and our love for you will be forever in our hearts.

Bill and Joyce Ellen

Duke, 11/01/03

You were a big clumsy galute from the day we brought you home. Stepping over you at night was a pain and thinking of you being in the way in our small house changed my habits. I could never get to the closet or hamper at night when you slept. I never could eat a single thing without looking into your big beautiful brown eyes and sharing with you anything I had. When I was going through cat scans and hospitalizations it was you and your ridiculous face that I thought of. Thank you my darling friend for always being there for me and making the world a better place. I told you to wait for me at our cottage n the woods before I new that it was called Rainbow bridge. I will be there my love and I know you will be waiting.

Randee Schiller

Duke, 10/01/92-10/22/03

Dukie, my big goofy dog:
The house is not the same without you. I look and listen for you, see you in my mind's eye as my heart aches for you.
I will never forget you, my boy, or the love that you gave me. Thank you for being my truest companion for eleven years. I miss you and love you.


Duke, 10/10/03

In loving memory of Duke who's with Trixie at the bridge. they never met in life but they've probably met by now. I hope Cindy and her kids are surviving with out his special love. he's happier now, no more pain.

Linda Zucker

Duke (aka Mr. Sneedly), 08/01/86-08/25/03

I loved my friend for 17 years. He was very gentle and never ever even as much as growled. He loved everyone who he met and everyone loved Duke. Duke was special he loved to play right up to his passing. He loved cats and was gentle to even the smallest animal. I hope wherever he is now that he is happy as always. He was a loyal companion and wonderful friend.

Duke, 01/01/91-06/07/03

Duke was the greatest. He was a good watch dog and yet the gentlest dog you could meet. He loved children and their were only few people he didn't like. He was a clown if you needed cheering up. He was my personal shadow, went everywhere with me and felt my every emotion. Duke was always there for a hug when I needed one, he was a real love bug. He death was a great lose I will always miss him. I didn't want to put him down but he was in so much pain, I couldn't make him suffer any more. He gave me 12 1/2 years, the vet thought he would have died a year ago but he fought to stay with me and I could not let him suffer. Good buy for now Duke I will always love and miss you. Mom

Duke, 04/18/90-06/21/03

If tears could build a stairway, and memories build a lane, I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

We love and miss you so much.

Kathryn, Christian, Madison, Desi & Mae

Duke, 02/16/03

Duke was my best friend and pal I have lost alot of family in the last 3 years and duke was always there kissing my tears away and letting me know how loved I was there is a void in my life with out a waggle tail to come home to he was the best, with kids and would get everyone to give him snacks man he just filled my life with love and brought joy to all the kids just a cool guy, I don't know what to do when I come home anymore I step over him every morning when I get out of bed that's where his bed was, I go to the door to let him out and he not here it's tough I love him alot

Bruce Marsteller

Duke Edward, 01/03/02

We miss you everyday Dukie, but especially on some of the special days you seemed to enjoy so much like Halloween when all the kids came to the door and Thanksgiving when you would keep your vigil close to the stove where that wonderful turkey was roasting and on the days we open always nibbled at the paper and helped us open the package... Most of all we miss your ever bright eyes, silky black ears and wonderful Dukie Dog kisses. We love you Duke.

Jack & Suzy Reinholm

Duke's Priceless Diamond (Diamy Bear), 1/15/97-2/20/03

Dearest Diamond, you have been the great "mom" of the house. We loved you the minute we came to pickup your daughter Dream. Little did we know that we would be soon taking you home to be with us forever... I will always remember the day you were caught looking out the dining room window, by sitting on the oak dining room table! You were always my bouncy bunny rabbit... You took wonderful walks, never complained, and was the gentlest of souls... You were my momma bear, my quiet time girl, mostly my computer dog... you have been there through thick and thin, and have had nothing but love for us... We all love you and are forever lost without you, but are eternally grateful for the short time you had to suffer... I knew that night when you had your head on my lap that you loved me, and you knew, you just knew.... I knew too in my heart of hearts... I asked God to end your suffering if it was meant to be, and that I only wanted your happiness... I love you and I miss you my diamy bear... You will never have to fight for another pig ear ever again... :) Keep watching for us! We will be there before you know it!

Aimee, Gary, Gabby, & TK Savieo along with Casper, Dream and Sampson

Dumass, 07/10/03-11/09/03

Dumass was a special little angel that loved us dearly. My husband is going through Interferon treatment for Hepatitis C and Dumass was his little therapy buddy. He made my husband smile even when he felt like giving up. His love was so powerful and we miss him so much it hurts. Even though we were only blessed with him for a short time, he will be a part of this family forever and I am forever grateful to him for helping my husband to get well.

Maria Donnelly

Dumplings, 02/07/98-12/07/03

This tribute is for my mother, who lost her beloved Dumplings this past weekend. Her grief can not be described in words, but the love she has for her Dumplings will never end.

Faith Bongiorno / Cynthia Knudsen

Duncan, 08/10/90-10/20/03

We thank you for the privilege of sharing your precious and wonderful life. You gave so much each day. We hold you and Maggie forever as a part of us.

Dory and Bill Kirkley

Duncan, 03/13/90-01/08/03

Duncan was a fine, handsome West Highland Terrier. I always tell people that I got him at a five and dime store, because the pet shop was located in the old McCrorys Store in Middletown, PA (now vanished). I bought him when he was about 14 weeks old which was a little old. No one wanted him because he had a floppy ear. I thought his ear was endearing and anyhow it soon grew straight. He was a blue light special sale puppy.
Duncan loved to chase squirrels, chippers and to tree raccoons. He adored long walks, our cottage in Ontario Canada, and all the kids in the neighborhood. He was favorite with all the students at the college where I teach. He was good natured and admired by all as the most handsome Westie that they had ever seen. He was an Alpha dog who usually got his way with much larger breeds. He was as sharp as a tack and knew how to manipulate his master.
He never had a sick day in his life until this past summer when I noted he was slowing down. By Thanksgiving, I took him to his Vet who discovered that he had prostate cancer. I prayed that he would live through the holidays and God granted my wish. So, I am thankful.
On Jan. 8, we took him to the Vet's for the last trip. Just before the needle was administered, I looked into his eyes and said, "You are best puppy in the world," and then he slowly slipped into eternity. Then I cried for the first time in nearly 50 years.
He will live in my heart always.

W. Wesley McDonald

Duncan Angus, 07/05/89-08/05/03

We will be forever thankful for 14 wonderful years with Duncan, the most special Scottie I have owned.

Irene and Erskine Seay

Dundee, 10/13/88-09/01/03

Dundee, We miss you so very much. You have brought us so much pleasure and joy. You were with us for so very long, and then taken way too soon, but you will never be forgotten. We love you so very much!! Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Mom, Dad, April & Ted

Dune, 03/87-02/17/03

The best companion and friend I could ever ask for...she will be missed


Duppy, Spring 1998-09/26/03

Duppy, you gave me such happiness. You are my sunshine and my precious baby. I love you so much and miss you so dearly. I look forward to the day I can see you again, hug and kiss you and brush your hair. Mama loves you

Becky Snow

Dupree, 08/01/86-03/30/03

Goodbye my beloved white furry feline, with your tinted beige tiger striped tail. Our princess cat Dupree who gave us16 and a half incredible years. You had the most beautiful ocean blue eyes with your poise and demeanor that could even charm those who would not favor cats. I will miss watching you take great pride and effort in keeping that fur clean and proper during half of your waking hours. The effort paid off as it was the softest fur felt by so many of us as I will miss the way you would arch with delight when anyone felt the urge to run their fingers through it. You were so forth coming to every interaction. You were my daily source of therapy, free of charge, my salvation during times of trouble, and my jubilation during times of joy. I will always remember how you provided your own voice that crossed over to human comprehension. How you would howl in the bathroom whenever you needed clean water, or if it was running low, for you knew that is where we as people, used the most water. Just like when you would howl in the kitchen for your treats. Oh and how we captured you on home movie drinking from your water dish. The way you would dab your right paw in it and scoop the water to your mouth. I will miss your tranquil peaceful spirit that was of such a timeless quality. How you would return the favor of being fed by landing in my lap and driving for attention, head butting your way into my hand wanting endless love and affection. I know you appreciated the care you were given, when you channeled my pain with that unconditional trade of love and understanding. Most of all, your silent absence at night will feel empty when I will no longer feel your presence at my side. With your head rested upon my chest, I will no longer feel your purring slumbers that could sing me to sleep. When I was so sick with the flu a day before our final goodbye, you made sure to comfort me by lying on my chest till I felt better. You may have been getting sick at that point. I'll never really know. You seemed quieter than normal no longer purring, and unusually sad. Still you stayed right there till my fever broke. Then just over twenty four hours later, your tail was hanging low as you would go under dark hidden places to lay down. Still you accepted the treats I offered. Then my heart fell deep when you staggered out and sort of fell to your side on the living room floor.

Dupree peacefully made her transcendence on Sunday, March 30th, 2003, at around 5:00 am, in an emergency pet hospital, in Golden Valley, Minnesota. She died of sudden aggressive kidney failure. She still held on to consciousness as I hugged, held, and kissed her forehead. I told her I will love her forever and then the vet did the only thing left to do. The only humane thing left to do. For now she will be sorely missed for awhile, but eventually I will smile with celebration that I had the opportunity to be with one of the coolest cats to ever roam the earth.

Owen Herman

Durango, 07/04/80-08/12/02

He was our "little man" and adored us.

Lenora Johnson

Duster Trouble, 04/17/87-04/15/01

Duster Trouble is gone. But she is still in my heart. To this day I miss some thing she did. The way Duster would look at me when I had cheese. asking where my you know I love cheese too. Duster playing with my wool when I would be work on a craft. Duster would always be a the door when I came in my apt. But Duster Trouble died of Cancer of the Liver. When Duster died I lost my best friend

Lynda Gardner

Dustin, 02/14/86-12/23/02

Dustin February 14, 1986 – December 23, 2002

My precious little Dustin, there are not enough words nor space here to list all the ways you touched my life. You came into my life unexpectedly when my mom and sister bought you, as a house warming present for me, for one dollar at a yard sale. You were only 6 weeks old and cute as you could be. You fit right in with Sinbad, my Golden Retriever I received as a puppy for my 8th birthday. He was 13 years old when you came along and you drove him crazy with your puppy antics.

As a puppy you slept between the top of my head and the wall and would of continued to do that forever if you hadn’t eventually grown too big to fit up there so you had to move to the other end of the bed. Two short years later I lost Sinbad to liver failure and was so grateful that you were there for me. You became my rock, my shadow, and my shoulder to cry on. You became my best friend. From that day forward it was always just you and I. We were inseparable.

There are so many silly things you did that made me laugh. The little dance you did on the porch each day, after you would raced me there from the gate when I came home from work. They way you would have to be the first one in the door so you could run in and grab your birdie then run back to meet me coming through the door, as if to say “wanna play”. The way you would bite me with your front teeth and it would hurt like the dickens when we would rough house together. The way you would roll on your back and bicycle pedal with your back legs in the air whenever I would say “Where’s the Bat Boy”. You even taught your Rottweiler friend Breezy this trick. What a sight you two made trying to out do each other.

Oh how you hated to be cuddled, but if asked “Where’s my kisses?” would always give me one. You never liked cameras and would always run and hide if you saw one, which made it really difficult to ever get any good pictures of you. I just loved the way you cherished your little stuffed yellow parrot (Birdie). Even after 8 years of playing with it, after it had lost all its legs and wings and was nothing more than a yellow body it was still your favorite toy. You were so funny when I would tell you “kill it, kill the birdie”…you would growl, and shake it back and forth, and act so ferocious, you were so cute, I couldn’t help but laugh at you. You would always sit so patiently each time I had to sew something back on, so worried that I wasn’t going to be able to repair it. Eventually all that held it together was the thread I had mended it with. I bought you a ton of toys to try and replace birdie but none were ever as special to you as birdie was. I still have what is left of birdie. I never could bring myself to throw it away, it was so much a part of you.

I miss your cute, fuzzy “Mr. Magoo” eyes peeking over the edge of the bed in the morning to see if I was awake yet and the way you would get on the bed and make a nest to wallow in when I wasn’t home and then you would jump off like you were never up there when you heard me coming through the door. (As if I wasn’t going to notice you had been sleeping up there...silly you)

I have so many memories that I will always cherish of you, all of our car trips we took together. You went everywhere with me, until it became physically too hard on you to get in and out of the car. I always felt so bad that you could not go with me anymore. I knew how much you enjoyed it, and know you probably didn’t understand why I stopped taking you. I loved the way you always patiently waited until I got to the last bite of my food before you would beg, and then it would be just the tiniest whimper, you were very hard to say no too.

One of the tricks I taught you was to “speak” in a whisper because we lived in a duplex and I didn’t want to upset the neighbors. I would tell you “just a little one” and you would make the tiniest whisper bark. You were so smart. One of your favorite pastimes was hunting for lizards and for days after you caught and killed one you would keep taking me to “see it” again and again until it finally decayed. You were so proud of yourself. You were my brave hunter. But my most cherished memory of you will always be the way you reach over the seat and rest your head on my shoulder when you were riding in the back seat of the Honda.

I have your leather “boots” I made for you so that you could run in the field and not get stickers stuck in the pads of your feet. (I’m sorry they were purple but you didn’t seem to mind) and how if you did get a sticker you would just stand there holding your foot up waiting for me to notice, then come and remove it for you. I loved the way you totally trusted me and would hang your front feet over the raft when we would go to the Colorado River and you would just completely relax and float with me. You knew I would never let anything happen to you.

When you were 14 we cheated death my friend, when a cancerous tumor attacked your spleen I had to take you to the emergency vet office because it was Saturday and your vet was closed. The vet on duty suggested just putting you down. I choose instead to take you home and wait until Monday when we could see your usual vet. It was a risk, and the emergency vet said you would probably not make it until Monday and if your spleen did ruptured you would bleed to death. That scared me, but I’m so glad I trusted my instincts and that you held on.

Your vet Nancy knew you were a fighter, so she operated and removed your spleen and the tumor. You came through the surgery with flying colors but you had to stay with the vet for 3 days to heal. Those were the hardest 3 days we ever had together because we had never been apart. Each day I came to visit you but then I had to leave you there again and it was almost more than I could bear. You had a look on your face as if you were wondering what you did wrong. I’m so sorry boy, I know you didn’t understand.

Finally Nancy called and told me to come and get you because you needed to go home for “emotional reasons”. You were not going to get better without me…you wouldn’t eat or anything. Once I got you home, you were up and about in no time at all. That surgery bought you 3 more wonderful years. I always considered it a gift from god…I think he knew how much I needed you.

Eventually time caught up with us and at almost 17 years old it became obvious that your body just wasn’t going to cooperate with you anymore. Everything was starting to become hard for you, and that was hard for me to accept. I knew this time there would be no surgery, no magic, not even a miracle that could help you. As painful as it was I knew in my heart the time had come for me to let you go. I held you in my arms and told you how much I loved you and the vet set you free. I think you knew because on the way to the vet you barked and barked and that wasn’t like you, it just broke my heart. Oh, how I cried Dustin….I have never loved like I love you, and I’ve never felt as empty as I do now because such a huge piece of me went with you to heaven.

I know you are safe now, and free of pain. I know you are with Sinbad. I also know you are with me because I have captured your spirit on film in pictures I took the next day of both the places you loved to sleep. Stay with Sinbad dear friend and wait for me and one day we will all cross Rainbow Bridge together. Forever my love and a part of my life Rest easy sweet Dustin.. Forever your mom Krista Farmer,

Dusty, 12/12/84-12/22/03

I would like to introduce you to my little Dusty.
She left me on Monday
12-22 at about 7:20pm.
I have had a little time to look back over her long life and I have a few laughs and a lot of tears.
My heart is broken into many pieces.
She was sick 3 years ago and I begged God to save her, and my prayer was answered.
I was given the gift that holiday season of having her for 3 more years.
It was the most precious gift I've ever received. When she got sick this time, there was no miracle for her. She and I bonded so tightly over the years. She was always like second skin to me.
She was such a character. Had so much personality. Everyone loved her but no one more than me. The only comfort I find right now is that I will have her ashes back next week and that one day I will be with her again.

Sharon Mayhak

Dusty, 11/04/93-12/08/03

Our Dusty was like a baby deer. He would leap into the air right into your lap even though he weighed 17 lbs. He got an ear infection that operations were not helping with. The pain just got to great for him and I took him to our vet to go to Doggy Heaven. I'm crying so hard as I am writing this. I loved him so much. Thank God for a site like this one. Bless all of those who, have lost a pet.

Mary Jane Lash

Dusty, 10/31/03

Dusty I miss you so Much, My live is so empty with out you.

Mercy Barrera

Dusty, 03/99-12/12/02

To my Dudies~

I remember the first day we brought you home and I named you Dusty because you went between the fridge and the wall and got all dusty. I was only 7 years old and Mathieu was only 3. When you passed, I was 21 and Mathieu was 17. Mom brought you home as her gift for mothers day. I know we didn't do things right with you, but you managed to live a long life with us. I remember when you were my cat. And then Kasper came into the picture and you were Mathieu's cat. We both love you so much. When dad was a brat about you, I took you to live across the state. I felt so sorry for you, because I had to put you in a carrier and in a car for 5 hours! You were so scared. It was your first time in either one for so many years. Then you were in this whole new place and couldn't go outside anymore. But you were my little girl again. You gave me so much love no matter what and you were such a happy cat no matter what. Even when I took you to the vet and they poked your belly with a needle! You were a totally different cat with me and I miss you every day for it. I miss you sitting in my lap when I am on the computer and cuddling with me whenever I was sleeping. I am sorry that Kamikaze was such a brat to you. I don't know what his problem was. Even though Kahlua reminds me a lot of you, he can never ever replace you. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you and couldn't keep your ashes. I am also sorry you had to hurt - probably for a long time. No matter what you were so happy. I knew you were sick - you even showed me in your last two days of life. Thank you for showing me that I made the right choice my Dudies. It was a HARD one to make. I am sorry that you and Mathieu didn't get to say goodbye though. I really wish I could have brought you back home, but I think it was better that I didn't put you through the trip again. I am happy that I could be there with you in death. I am sorry I cried all over you, but I didn't want to let you go. I know it was better that I did, because now you'll never hurt again. I hope you aren't mad at me for giving permission to use your remains for research, but I think your condition could have taught a lot. And thank you for visiting me the night of your death to say goodbye. I know that it was you nudging my hand with your nose and that lick you gave me like you always did. I know that you were saying thank you. And you're welcome. I couldn't stand to see you suffer. I will always love and miss you Dudies. I'll see you again someday.


Dusty, 01/30/87-02/26/03

Dusty was my baby, my little girl, my best friend and the love of my life. I miss her dearly but know she is in my heart forever.


Dusty, 04/01/03-07/07/03

He was the smartest and best dog I have ever owned. We had to put him down because of a health problem at 10 and I miss him so much. I'll never forget him.

Norma Bryson

Dusty, 09/19/01

Dusty was my best friend, I'll never forget him and I miss him.


Dusty, 04/27/03

Dusty was a stray that had been abandoned in the desert. He found us. He had been abused. It took him along time to trust that we were coming back when we left. He was a very smart little dog. he didn't have a cropped tail or ears. and he was my baby. Dusty was over weight and became sick. We didn't realize that he was a diabetic until it was to late. even though the vet tried his best to save him it was to late. I miss Dusty terribly he was less than a year old when he found us. He became fast friends with our old docypoo and 2 cats. Dusty loved us unconditionally in the end and I am glad he picked us.

Debbie Given

Dusty, 02/12/90-02/14/03

To our little pusscat Dusty. Mummy and Daddy will always love and miss you purry-puss. Play nicely with your sisters Jade and Misty and your brother Biscuit. See You Soon Baby. love you lots. Mummy and Daddy

Dusty (Sebastian), 12/04/02

Oh Dusty, how I loved you. I grieve for you every single day, I thought, somehow, that I would get "over" your passing but my guilt gets stronger everyday. My best little friend, my traveling companion, my everything, THAT you were. I will miss you always. For months I wished that I could somehow be with you, wherever you are. Oh... Dust... if I could only hold you once more, see your excitement at the prospect of "going outside", how easily pleased you were. I love you, always. My poor little abused baby, you turned out to be the best dog I ever had because you never lost the "you" in yourself. What a FEISTY little guy you were. My heart died with you, but I have retained just enough of it to share a little more of myself with another "homeless" dog, yes, he is older than you were when you passed away, I feel so much guilt over taking in another when the pain of your departure is still so sharp, but this little guy really needs me, he's old and so good. His "mommy" died and I hope that it might be, in some respect, a tribute to you, my beautiful, oh-so-wonderful, little risk-taker.... I love you, now and always, I cry every night as I bid you a goodnight and tell you how very much I miss you... after 4 months waiting for a shelter dog, I almost gave up. But your passing, I can't seem to get beyond it.

Oh, Dust... My little dog with the great big name, "Sebastian" suited you so well, "Dusty" was so "ordinary", and you were anything BUT ordinary, my most wonderful, precious of friends. I hope that you will bless my relationship with my new dog, "Beau"... I so do, my dear little baby, I miss you with all of my heart, he does not replace you, he HONORS your memory. Dust... You took my heart. Keep it, you deserved it, my darling.... Your memory lives on forever.

Robbie (Mommy)

Dusty, 01/01/85-15/03/00

Amazing -


Dusty and Brownie, 09/06/01 to 08/14/03 and 08/25/03

They lost their mother when they were only a few days old and I took them in because they would never survive outside. They couldn't see or stand up, had to be bottle fed, bathed and cleaned up afterwards constantly and became almost like children to me. They were both very sweet in their own way - Dusty very outgoing and Brownie subdued. Dusty's death was a heartbreaking shock to me because he became ill suddenly and died quickly, I'm still not sure why. Brownie was diagnosed with lymphoma right before her first birthday and was doing quite well. A few days after her littermate past she took a terrible turn for the worse and died shortly afterward. Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel at losing both so young and so close together. They will be forever in my heart.

Dusty Dawg

Dusty came to me from my sister when she was about 6 years old. Dusty enjoyed being an "only child" and when my sister started her family, Dusty wasn't happy with the competition. So, she became my only child and I truly believe her life got much better. Dusty took me through some rough times -- but she gave me a reason to get up everyday -- she needed her walk! The loss of Dusty has been difficult -- only because she was such a good companion and buddy. When work was tough, she was silly. When I was sick, she was near. When I traveled, she always went with me. And twice a day we went for a Dusty walk. Life became very empty when Dusty was gone, and I miss her. She was a terrific dog -- it's too bad we can't have them forever.......

Eileen Ervin

Dusty Girl, 03/03/95-10/01/03

We miss you every day and you will be my best friend forever.

Gina Gonzales

Dutch, 03/14/92-02/25/03

You were our best friend. A very loving companion and sweet as Honey. We miss you and still see your face. You will be in our hearts forever. We hope you have alot of snow piles to play in. We will meet you at Rainbow Bridge. All our love and kisses to you everyday.

Kim & Phil Gore

Dutchess, 02/05/93-10/16/03

To the best most gentle dog we have ever seen. You are sadly missed and will never be forgotten.

Bill and Lorraine Ray

Dutchess, 12/17/99-11/28/02


Dear Lord forgive me for I have sinned
please help me understand

My heart was lonley cold and dark
until I heard her warming bark

I was in a living hell
until from heaven Dutchess fell

She showed me how to love and live
she showed me I had a lot to give

when I was feeling bad and knew she was all I had
I would look at her innocent face, it would take me to a better place.

Dear God, Im on my knees tonight
My heart is filled with pain and fright

The one I love has turned on me
I know that I must set her free

I made a decision I know was right
but in my heart it hurts tonight.

The pain inside is cutting deep
I close my eyes but cannot sleep

Do I have to justify
Why i wept and said good-bye

Dutchess, Darling Rest in peace
while I sit here in greif

Know my love for you is strong
and we wont be apart for long.

Rebekah Willis

Dutchess, 04/92-01/20/03

Hello Dutchess ol girl! we miss you so much. u left our lives yesterday but u will never leave our hearts! you gave us 10-1/2 wonderful years! u were such a wonderful loving and faithful pet. Sammi Doodle and Friskers can't figure out where u are but we have reassured them u are no longer in pain and living in a great place! we are so grateful to have the memories we have. until we meet to cross that rainbow bridge together, your loving family

Stephen, Erica, Lindsay Renee, Sammi Doodle and Friskers

Dutchess, 07/85-01/03/02

Thanks Dutchess for a great childhood and great times. You were loving, caring and the greatest dog in this world. I and everyone here will miss you. I hope to see you again.

the Thompson family

Dylan, 05/94-06/26/03

Dylan fractured his humerus and because of his age and severe arthritis we let him go to the Bridge in the Arms of the Rottweiler Angels to meet Katie Girl. We love you, Dylan, and we miss you.


Dylan, 08/24/89-06/26/03

Dylan was a loving little fellow who gave so much love to me through the ten years I was blessed to be his Mom. He had a tough beginning and had lost an eye to neglect before he came to me and had gotten used to kicks and yelling, but he was quick to learn to cuddle and love again with just a tiny bit of kindness shown. He came through an intestinal hemorrhage and two bouts of a liver infection before I lost him to renal failure. He was a brave and sweet boy and I very much miss him but like to think of him and others at the Rainbow Bridge. Have lots of fun till I can come too, my sweet Dilly.

Deborah Wise

Dylan, 08/16/91-01/10/03

Wonderful cat Dylan, Alpha of the household, Lord Tiger, His Royal Cuteness. Went to the Bridge suddenly, unexpectedly, and mercifully fast. Our hearts are broken, but yours is healed forever.
"I hear your voice inside me/I see your face everywhere..."
11 years you were in my life. I wouldn't trade them for anything. You were happy here, my little baby, and I was happy and lucky to have you.
Cuckoo Clock and Alarm Clock know that you're with Pamina now.

Donna and Brian Dieter

Dylan Thomas, 10/19/93-03/03/03

To Dylan, I miss you so much already. You have been my faithful, loyal and dependable companion and friend for almost ten years. Life could never have been the same without you in it and will never be quite as good without you now. My love and my heart have always been with you and always will be. Goodbye for now, I'll see you again someday. Save me a place and please give hugs and kisses to all the people and animals we've talked about. Please let me know that you're okay and comfortable now. Love, Mommy

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