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Year 2003 Tributes

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Cable thru Czarina

Cable, 01/01/86-10/14/03

To my beautiful baby girl Cable. God has blessed me for the last 17 years. You are my joy, my laughter and my best friend. I will miss you everyday of my life. Nicole and William were very sad to here you left. But know that you will no longer suffer. So go my sweet angel and I will see you when the Lord permits.

Nicole and William

Caesar, 12/05/96-07/25/03

Caesar was my first rescue, and at the time I didn't think we were going to make it. He was soooooo unsocialized. He had never been in a house, on a leash, for a walk, or part of anyone's family. He had been kept tied to the bumper of an old mans car. His home was the car, his family was another dog who was tied to the other bumper...

And in the end, he loved to go for rides in the car and walks (anywhere I wanted to go) and he loved to go visiting, but most of all he loved to come Home. He is the one who made me TRULY believe rescue's are the best. I will miss Caesar everyday.

Carol Ennis

Caesar, 04/04/95-09/05/03

Our beloved boy, our moose, always there for us. My protector and my best friend, how will I ever be the same. With such a empty feeling in my heart that I know no other can ever fill, I must try to find the faith to believe that we will someday meet again, forever without pain and forever free to lay in the morning sun which I would give all I have to see once more. Tonight I will light my first candle for you and hope that you will see the flame of love we send to you. We love you our big boy.
George and Ruby Yun

Caesar, 05/23/97-07/18/03

In memory of my little puppa who perished in a fire.
I miss you little guy. I'll see you again soon. Be a good boy in heaven.


Caesar AKA Newt, 03/06/88-07/30/03

My tribute is to you Caesar you are one of the calmest, gentlest huskies a person could ever encounter. Although you were always quiet I knew you were always there. I only wished for the past half year you were indoors with us. I miss you and hope that my comfort helped you in the end. I did give you love in the end times. I held you with each wimper, and yelp. I hope that you will find it in your heart to remember me when you are chasing kitties up on Rainbow Bridge. I adopted you knowing you were an old man. You were twelve. The first moment I laid eyes on you I knew I wanted you to spend your final years with us. I didn't find out until the day we picked you up about your previous owner. The old man loved you and he didn't abandon you. It got to be too much with his medical condition at the time. I know he loved you cause he did such a great job in training you and you were in the greatest of health. The first day I saw you your grandmother Helene pointed you out. I fell in love with that fluffy white face, and those sky blues. I wanted you even looking at your age. I know you had some spunk left. I took you on walks occasionally and I do have to say they were peaceful. You were a gentleman on a leash. Curious. But who can complain. Apache misses playing with you. Sabrina somehow seems different since you left. Your little girl Bryanna is missing her doggie. My little girl loved you most out of all the other dogs and cats. You were her big white fuzzy polar bear. I wanted to write you to say that I know that you sent me a sign on the day you died. Your grandma noticed a cloud in the sky that looked like you. Fluffy white cloud with wisps around it like you were running. You left me fighting for life. You gave me a life long lesson the final past few weeks. You didn't give up. Despite seeing the frustration in your eyes you tried. I would sit there crying and you fought to stay alive for me. It didn't go unnoticed. You would look up at me crying and give me a strange look. I heard there are some puppies Husky puppies but I don't want one right now. I don't want a replacement. That to me is wrong by you and wrong by the puppy or dog that I would get. You were one of a kind my old man. You took a part of my heart with you and even with you being a quiet dog I always knew that you were there. I guess that saying is true. You don't know what you got until it is gone. In the end I wanted to give you a steak and liver dinner. I hope that you are having all the food you can eat. Caesar I really miss you buddy. I love you and your always going to have a unique, special place within my heart. I look forward to seeing you on that bridge. With a wagging tail, and many kisses from you. You gave me kisses when you were home and I always treasured them. Cause I knew they were special kisses. Well, old guy I love you lots and don't get into too much trouble up there. Be good to the kitties. Love you and miss you.

Caesar, 07/94-07/28/03

Caesar was our miracle cat. He came to us after being disposed in a garbage can. He gave so much joy and love. His last year of life being diabetic which must have been painful for him, he did not whimper or complain. We loved him so very much!

Jason and Annie Corbett

Caesar, 2/8/03

Our Pet donkey, Caesar, Passed on 2/8/03. A post mortem showed he had broken his neck (and so didn't suffer) in the bout of bad weather we had been having. He was about 3 (in an animal that can live to be 40). He was a truly noble fellow and we wish him to be remembered as a playful and affectionate friend.

Lorrain Browning Patricia Wilbourne

Caesar, 06/08/91-02/04/03

To Caesar Oosht:
We will always remember you and hold you in our hearts. Remember we all love you!

Katie Ward

Caesar, 12/01/87-01/20/03

To Caesar, no matter how bad things were you were there to brighten my life. With your smile, bark and wagging tail. Even at the age of 15 you were still a puppy to me and now always will be. I don't know how the gate got open or why you left the yard. But you never should have been taken from me by being hit by a truck and left in a ditch. I took you home and you will be with me forever.
Your Best Friend

Caesar, 09/26/86-01/09/03

Caesar, we all love you. You are a very special kitty. We miss you so much and hope that you are at peace now. Love, hugs and kisses to the prince of our house.
Mom, Dad, Sarah and Tim

Caesar, Max, & Cassie Dilla

We miss you all terribly and can't wait to join you at the BRIDGE. Kisses and love forever

Pam & Jason

Cagney Lanigan-Fowler, 12/06/03

She was the oldest out of five beautiful dogs and always had the strongest personality.
She always knew when you were talking about her by the stare in her eyes. She loved snowballs and car rides. There isn't anyone I know that wouldn't spoil her as much as we did. She'd even sit next to the dinner table knowing all the handouts that we would give. She never left your side, even if nature was calling she was right outside the door waiting for you. Every night she would watch out our front window waiting for mom to come home. And she loved to give kisses and "talk" your ear off. Now tonight, she is playing in the snow along with Murphy, Zipper, and many others before my time. Miss ya girl!


Caiman and Apollo, 2/8/88 & 1995 to 11/04/01 & 6/11/02

I just want to pay tribute to my two pets Apollo and Caiman. Apollo went through my dads death and my divorce with me.....I guess you could say he was my support group. He watched the tears fall, and appeared to understand what I was going through. He will always be in my heart and I love him dearly. Caiman was there when Apollo got sick and passed away suddenly. She then became my baby, and then a year later they found a mass in her lung, which we decided to have removed, but within a month she was gone. So I just wanted to pay tribute to the two most wonderful pets I've ever owned.

Thank you
Sheila Moreland.

Caitlin Emily, 5/29/89-9/29/03

To Caitlin Emily: My baby girl, I love you! You went too soon! I hope you felt safe and warm and secure when you left in my arms. I will miss your smiling face and wagging tail always. I'm glad you're not suffering any more. I can't wait to see you again. Love, Mommy

Calahan, 1/16/96-8/14/03

We miss you so much you were our sweet boy and you will be in our hearts forever

Phil and Maureen Wetteland

Caleb, 10/18/03

Caleb was the sweetest dog I've ever known. All he wanted was to be near me. He'd follow me from room to room. He was always happy when I came home and would howl whenever we left him. For his first ten years with us, Caleb was our youngest dog. When we finally adopted a "second generation" little dog, Caleb showed what a good older brother he could be -- wrestling and playing with little Joey when our other dogs were too grumpy to pay attention to him. I hope and pray that we will see our sweet Caleb again.

Paul & Emily Williford

Cali, 07/25/92-02/03/03

I have lost my Cali gal, my best friend
But I know she will be there in the end
She was my baby, my child, part of my heart
There will be a day we won't have to part
Until that time I will hold her memory close
Remembering she was the one that loved me most

Carol Klemm

Cali, 04/12/95-01/29/03

Cali,... Calers, were so little when you picked us as your family. We might have passed you over for another for her color,.... but you choose us. You lay in my daughters hands and licked their fingers,... then curled up and slept as they held you. The runt of the litter, expected not to do much,... you were the first to potty train and the first to eat real food,... and you had the most beautiful black fur and green eyes I had ever seen and many people commented on it. You slept with us every night,... greeted us at the door,.... and loved us unconditionally. Cali,.... you cared for me when my life changed and stuck by me. I tried so hard to stay by you when yours did. I made the best decision I could,.... I pray now that you are at peace and that I will see you again in Heaven. You truely were my partner in life and I will miss you sorely. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you Cali. I miss you Cali.


Caliban, 08/08/98-12/31/02

Caliban, God we miss you.

Brad Goodwin

Calico, 05/15/87-05/28/02

For my Calico is like my child is to other people. She would always listen to me and talk in her on way to me.
She would pick me up when I felt down. She would look at me for when she needed something. I miss her voice and her laying in certain spot's around the house. She brought me so much happiness and love. For she had alot of spirit and fought to live until she got tired and had to go. She will be so greatly missed.

Cynthia Lott

Calico, 4/14/91-12/30/02

Calico was my best friend ever and my heart is breaking...he has only been gone for 2 hours as I write this and my arms are aching to hold him...he will always be in my heart...I love you Calico!
4/14/91 - 12/30/02
My sweet orange tabby cat
Candi Layser

Calico Kitty (Cali), 09/16/03

Cali was my bed partner for 13 years of purring me to sleep. Nights are so hard now. I miss her nose kisses, her kneading and her "clunking" down on my nose as she lay to curl into the curve of my arm. Her leaving me was so unexpected. I found her dead when I came home from work that day. Saturday, 9/20/03 is her cremation day. I hope I survive it. Thanks for this site. I need all the support I can get. I hope I see you soon my lovely Cali. Stay near and watch for me at the bridge. I love you.

Mary Reeves

Calleigh, 09/21/94

Calleigh and I were inseparable from the first moment we met. We had a connection that transcends understanding. Speech was not necessary. We just knew what each other was thinking and feeling. She was joy. She was comfort. She was gentleness. She was beauty. She was love. She was companionship.

She was God's gift to me when I needed her the most. Heaven won't be complete without her by my side, playing, cuddling, laughing. God knows.

Nancy Smilinich

Calle Rose, 05/15/02-07/04/03

Calle Rose was my very special friend. She would follow me around the yard like a little dog. There is not an hour in my day that I do not think about my little friend. I miss her badly. I wish I could bring her back.

Kathy Hernandez

Callie, 09/25/89-11/17/03

Callie you were our little "engergizer bunny" but you just couldn't go on any longer for us. You are by a lilac bush with your little bunny. Have fun at Rainbow Bridge and remember your friends there and back here. We love you baby rest in peace. Love, Mom, Dad, Jennifer and Steve Steve wanted to get here in time if only you could have made it another week to be with your Daddy!

John & Anna & Jennifer & Steve

Callie you tried to make it till I got to you but just couldn't go on.
I loved you and will remember you always. At least you went in your sleep.
You didn't suffer.
Hope you are happy wherever you are.
You were "MY" dog.


Steve Zurawski

Callie, 1996-2002

I brought Callie in from the wild.
I was the first one she trusted, and she trusted me with her young family.
Callie was special and needed so much love.
I wish I could have loved her more.
I thank her for coming into my life with her family that I loved so much.
They're all together now, and I do fervently hope that they experience peace and eternal happiness.
I love you, Callie.

Marty Thomas

Callie, 09/01/85-10/08/03

Thank you for nearly 14 great years together, Callie. You were so loving and loyal to your mom and dad. I am glad that you are at peace now. We shall meet again. Until then, know that you are in our hearts forever. Love, Dad and Mom.

Callie, 08/14/90-08/16/03

Callie was my snuggle buggles. Never did she stop purring even at the time of her death. She was the most loving animal I have ever had in my life and I miss her so much. There is a true emptiness in my heart for this sweet kittie and I will miss her always. I cannot wait to get to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her and my doggies.

Vicky Plush

Callie, 03/03-07/11/03

Callie - my beautiful female tabby with such a sweet face, had been ill for a long while and I hope she is happy now. I saved her from the road the day before we lost her, but the next day she was gone. "Callie" was short for Calandra Jane, and had the most precious little girl's face on any cat I have ever seen. I love you, my little one.


Callie, 06/28/93-04/11/03

Dear Callie,
I just want to say thank you for being my friend for 10 years and for the times you were there for me when I really needed you, with your unconditional love. I will never forget the night that I was so upset due to a family tragedy, and you never left my side, but stayed with me, licking the tears off of my face. That's one of my most treasured memories of you. Thanks for being my special little friend. Though you aren't with me in body any more, you will always be with me in my heart, and I look forward to seeing you again some day, as we cross the bridge together. I look forward to hearing you purr again and I will let you lick my tears of joy from my face when we meet again! You were such a pretty girl and I miss seeing you every day, but until we meet again, have fun my pretty girl, and enjoy playing, and basking in the heavenly sunshine. I miss you and will love you forever.
Love, your Mommy, Annette

Callie, 05/01/03

She was not a "cat", she was my best friend.

Nancy Gentry

Callie, 08/27/87-12/27/02

You were my friend and comfort for nearly 17 years and I will miss you everyday. Your face at the window when my car pulled into the driveway was the high point of my day. When I was sick for a year, you sat in my lap for hours. You had the most compassionate eyes. You always looked at me like you could feel my pain. You made it easier for me.
Our years together were the best and you were always a faithful friend. You're still here with me for, as you know, your daughter is here with me.
Wait at the Rainbow bridge for Duffy, he will find you. The two of you can run (as you both so enjoyed)and play until we see each other again.
We loved each other well.

Calliope, 11/30/03

My darling Calliope, sweet little girl piggy, fat and happy only three short weeks ago died in the early morning hours on Sunday. After the loss earlier this year of our three other dear piggies, Calliope now leaves only her best friend, Persia, behind. Calliope will be missed dearly. Her sweet pudgy little cheeks and tummy, her sweet kisses, the way she tilted her head up to have her chin and cheeks scratched and stroked...I loved her very much and am devastated over her loss. I hope she knew how loved she was. She fought hard to stay with us, but lost the battle. I am sorry, my baby.

Beverly Leaney

Calvin, 05/01/00-12/20/03

I lost my Calvin today..very sad..he was a trooper ..suffering from asthma and a heart disease..he was only 3yrs 7 mos...he gave so much and was so beautiful. My heart is breaking..everywhere I look I see life will be forever changed. A.

Calvin, 12/03/03

Calvin, you were our best friend in the world. You came as an angel to help us through the most difficult of times. You were a joy and so precious. You were my best friend - you were always there to listen and "talk" to me when I was so down. You made me so happy - you made me laugh. You went entirely too soon and I miss you more than anyone knows. It's especially hard coming home from work and you not meeting me at the fence with your smile and wagging tail. I hope you have met Cricket, Barney, and Lucy and maybe they'll teach you to enjoy the water. Till we see you again - know that we will always love you and miss you terribly. We love you Calvin!!!!


Calvin (Aka Faera's Playin' With Hobbes), 04/11/93-11/17/03

From a heart of gold and the purest of souls, Calvin's selfless love forever unfolds.

Sharon Anchak

Calvin, 08/20/90-10/30/03

Our special boy who came to us at a special and needy time in our lives....we miss you very much. Always happy, always active and such touched everyone you met. You can now roam and run again in the hills and woods till we meet again.

Patricia Shinkosky

Calvin, 04/25/00-10/03/03

My cat was very special. He got me through a divorce and some very lonely times. He died in my arms this evening. He will never be forgotten and I will meet him again someday.

Wendy Hamilton


Calvin was adopted in 1992 when he came to the hospital where I worked as a therapy cat. I've never loved anything like Calvin. He was like my soul mate. The years we spent together kept me happy, sane and able to face every day. He was so beautiful--orange with enormous blue/green eyes. And his voice! He could whisper, among many other exciting voices. It is so hard to loose a being that means so much--but I feel so privileged to have been with him.

Calvin Franklin Furlotte, 06/17/94-04/05/03

Calvin was our cat that had attitude. He passed away today of Pancreatic cancer that gave us no warning that he was so sick. We will always love our beloved Calvin, now he is in heaven with his best friend Babe dog. Rest in peace big guy we love you and will miss you dearly

Heather Tom Melissa Angie Tigger Zoe

Camile, 1/4/87-8/18/03

Sorry I wasn't with you when you left. I had said goodbye earlier and I know you were okay with that. You are with Sam and that makes me smile.......I miss you Camile. We have alot of memories.

Cammie, 05/11/00-03/04/03

Cammie was a dream made of gold dust, the daughter of a champion, and the daughter of my heart.

Laura Watkins

Campione, 04/30/01-04/08/03

Campione McGehee, a.k.a. Campi-Baby, The Babyoni, Sir Campi

Little boy....I had no idea when I left this morning that you would have passed on by the time I came home for lunch. I'm still in shock, although you and your siblings and Tira have been fighting leukemia for 18 months, you were SO healthy. The only thing I can hope for is you left suddenly and peacefully. We can only guess your little heart suddenly gave out. I guess there was just too much love in it, for us and for life, for it to handle.

I already miss you "doing the Babyoni" on the front door glass, your own little "Campi Dance" (like the Hamster Dance!), when I was outside. I'll miss your supervision over EVERYTHING I do (hence Campione!), and I miss you laying in my lap when I'm on my computer. You were such the lap-kitty!! Even Greg warmed up to you, little boy. And that was a major accomplishment. He gave you your title of Campi, Crown Prince of Babyoni. He is sad about your passing, too.

I can't look at the big scratching post without seeing you scrunched up at the base, head kicked back, doing this little scratch that was so cute. You loved getting featherbird and leatherbird, and I think you must have been left-handed. You would cry SO insistently at the closet door where featherbird was kept, and when I'd ask "where is it???!!" you'd stand up and stretch with your left hand and try to turn the doorknob, and look directly in my eyes and cry at me as if you were trying to open the door and show me. You knew where featherbird was!! I can honestly say I did not install doorhandles that were the lever style because I KNOW you knew how to open them!

You were one of the most affectionate baby-ki's I've ever known, right along with your sis Phiki. I hope you are with Phiki now, and you two are playing while you wait for the rest of us. Tira misses you terribly, little boy. She knows her best playmate is gone. It will take ALL the rest of your sisters Cricket, Chloe, and Arashi to try to play with the same vigor you did!

I just pray, like I always have, that all of us will be together again in Heaven someday.

I can't wait to see you again, sweetheart.

All My Love Forever, Melissa (and Tira, Arashi, Cricket, Chloe, and Greg)

Candy, 01/13/03-11/30/03

Well my beautiful Candy passed away peacefully in my home on Nov 30 in the evening, I will remember her for bringing mi so much joy to my life with her short life she brought happiness to my whole family, her warmth her joyfulness of waking up every morning with her good morning kisses, and her needs of always wanting to be by my side wherever I would go, I will truly miss that so much as well as her cozy snuggling with me in the cold nights I felt her warmth. I know my darling Candy is with God making him company and keeping him warm as well and giving him all the love she gave to me. My dear Candy where ever you are I will never forget you.

Eliza Orozco

Candy, 11/90-11/22/03

I would like to thank Candy for teaching us how to love. She was a tremendous gift to us. We loved her so much, but no matter how much we loved her, she always loved us more. Thank you for the wonderful years, and thank you for your unconditional love. You will be in our hearts forever.

Gene Rosinski

Candy, 06/77-10/16/85

Your life was short but we loved you so our baby girl


Candy, 04/01/88-10/16/03

We love & miss our little dog who passed on 10/16/03; we know she is in a better place and is happy and painfree.


Candy, 11/60-1973

With Love always, Mom, Dad & Cindy


Candy I love you baby! I miss you so much! I'll see you in heaven ok?


Candy, 01/15/90-03/23/03

You are my spiritual companion. My dearest friend. A guide, who taught me the meaning of obedience, loyalty, love. Your soul filled my home, my heart and my life. Without you, I'm emptied, lonely and sorrowful. I miss your kisses and kissing your sweet face. I miss your welcome and your faithful presence at my side. Our family and friends miss you . . . you were so special to so many. You will forever be my Candy girl, my love, my soul mate.

With deepest and eternal love,
"Your Annie"

Candy, 12/2002

You were such a loyal dog. We will keep you in our hearts always and forever. We miss you so much and will always love you.

Kim & Al

Candy, 07/93-01/04/03

Candy dies unexpectedly today. I am so sorry. She was given to me because she had been abused. I received her 7/1994. I am so sad. God help me please.

Mary Calkins

Candy Castro, 01/15/90-03/23/03

My dear Candy doggie,
You are my spiritual companion. My dearest friend. A guide, who taught me the meaning of obedience, loyalty, love. Your soul filled my home, my heart and my life. Without you, I'm emptied, lonely and sorrowful. I miss your kisses and feeling your warm body lying next to mine. I long to kiss your sweet face. Our family and friends miss you . . . you were so special to so many. I miss your welcome and your faithful presence at my side. You will forever be my Candy girl, my love, my soul mate.

With deepest and eternal love,
"Your Annie"

Candygirl, 04/20/92-08/29/03

To my most loyal friend, thank you for all the wonderful years you truly enriched my life. See you on the other side girly. Mommy loves you...


Candy Rubas, 2/11/93-5/21/03

Our little girl was only 10 years old when she was taken from us. We always thought that we would have many more years to love her and cherish all the love and joy she gave us, but it was time to say good bye to our sweet princess. It was the hardest decision Daddy and I had to make but we didn't want to see you in pain and we knew it was your time. You are missed so very much. Our hearts are so broken and we feel so empty inside. We have cried every day since you've been gone.

You were our first pet, but we never thought of you as that. You were Daddy's Little Girl and Mommy's Girlfriend. You loved taking walks in the woods with Daddy, and couldn't wait to get in the car for a ride. We loved terror time, when you would run all around the house. You had both us so well trained whenever you wanted a cookie, and you loved getting snacks from the table, especially Daddy's pancakes. Mommy would sing her Tiny Tuba Song and you would dance for us. And how you loved us to rub your belly. We can still see you stretched out on the couch, sitting on the deck, sleeping on our bed, waiting for your dish to be filled with some special treat, or just laying on Daddy's feet so you would wake up if he moved, and you wouldn't miss going out with him. You loved chasing those squirrels and chipmunks and we will never forget when that skunk got you. Our home is so empty now and losing you is so hard to accept and understand. When you left us, part of us went with you.

You will always be our precious baby. We will always love you. One day, we will all be together but until then, we will cherish the times we had with you and never forget all the love that you gave to us.

We miss you very much, Little Girl.
Love from Mommy and Daddy

Candy's Midnight Teddy Bear, 03/18/97-11/17/03

My life will never be full again.
I will miss you always. Be happy and walk with god. Give my dad a kiss from me.
be happy.

Candy Howard

Canila, 06/01/01-02/26/03

Canila, you were a candle in my life in a strange new town. You were my guardian in my time of illness. Mommy knows that freeing your soul was something that had to be done. I am so glad I was with you until the end, and that Dr. Burg was nice enough to let me be the one that set you free.

Cano, 03/05/97-09/25/03

Cano you'll always be special and I will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts.

Francisco J. Jimenez

Cano you'll always be special and I will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts.

Francisco J. Jimenez

Canys, 06/01/84-03/29/03

Our Dearest Canys,
You have been gone for almost two months now and we still miss you so much! Sara Kitty and MaMa Kitty miss you too.
It was so hard to let you go but we knew it was your time to cross that bridge. We know you are comforted by all the cats and kittens in kitty heaven and are enjoying your play. Thanks for all the joys you brought us!
Love, Steve, Wanda, Parker, Matt, Sara Kitty, and MaMa Kitty

Cappuccino, 08/12/95-05/23/03

Cappuccino, was very special she was our best friend. Closer to her mommy of course we did everything together. We never saw 05/23/03 ever coming, she had pancreatic cancer once diagnosed she lasted a week and a half. She brought nothing but sunshine and happiness to our home, a wise man once told my husband that you know a boxer is sick when they stop acting like a boxer. This wise man said that a boxer will act like a boxer till the day you bury them. My fondest memory would be our nail painting parties, and bagel Sundays. I'll miss you baby go sleep with the other angels, and mommy will be with you one fine day till then my love. Mommy, daddy, mike, and jess

Carrie and Tom

Captain (Aka Snookums), 03/03/90-04/04/03

To end his pain and suffering, we had to let Captain go a month after his 13th birthday. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done. I thought the pain would never ease, but over time it has. He will always be in my heart. It's been a few months but I still think about him EVERY day and I know I will think fondly of him for the rest of my life. He is and always will be the love of my life. He will always be my special angel.... I love you, Snookums... till we meet again....

Captain Morgan, 12/08/03

Morg, you will be missed every day for the rest of our lives. You brought a lot of smiles to us and the people around you when we took you out. I can't imagine not seeing your daily antics anymore. We'll see you again someday, until then - roam free buddy. Roam free...

Robin & Nathan Vaughn

Captain Morgan, 06/14/97-08/14/03

The best buddy a family could have.
He loved TRUCKING and just being a part of our family.
He died so young, but was loved so much.

Ev, Mike and Michael Holden

Captain Nemo, 12/30/96-11/01/03

Dear Nemo, I will never forget the first time I looked into your eyes the day I took you home with me from Gainesville Pet Rescue. That day changed my life forever. You radiated such calmness, strength, and love- even as an 8 week old puppy. For the next 6 years you were my constant companion and best friend. You were with me at my worst- and still gave me endless kisses, love, and tail wags. You were there to celebrate my highs- with even more love. You never left my side, you never doubted me, you only loved me. You changed who I am, and who I will be. You made me more accepting and open to love- more trusting of those around me, you made me feel safe. I will never forget all that you brought to my life. I hope I made you feel the same. Now my house is empty- all that is left behind are my memories of you. I feel like a shell. I hope that you did not feel any pain when you left this earth- I hope that you felt us around you comforting you. I am not afraid of death anymore- I know that you will be waiting for me on the other side. I love you, Nemo- constant companion, cherished friend, angel on earth. Love, Heather, Paul, and Sadie.

Captain Sisko, 06/01/01-06/24/03

My cat Captain Sisko O'Shields was a very loving and adoring cat, who loved to play with dogs in the neighborhood and was killed by unknown means probably doing what he did best.

Nancy O'Shields

Cara, 11/14/03

Thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for all you gave to me in those years. Thank you for the love you gave so freely and openly and for putting up with me when I didn't know what I was doing. Thank you for your patience and understanding and knowing that I was only trying to do what was best for you. Thank you for being my best friend and lifeline. Thank you for making me laugh and making me cry. Most of all thank you for entering my life and giving me the best years. I only hope I made you half as happy as you made me. I love you and I am grateful for the time we had together, especially this past bonus year. Sleep well, my love, til we meet again... Monica

Cara, 06/25/03

You were only 9 and it came as such a shock when we innocently took you to the vet for a routine check up and were told you had cancer. We wanted to give you the best chance so you had surgery, which went well. For two short weeks you were like a puppy again, But our joy was short lived when you took a turn for the worst. We had to make the hardest decision of our lives, but you had suffered enough and we sadly had to let you go. That was two weeks ago and we are still in shock. We miss you so much our big teddy bear. We miss your cuddles and kisses and our walks in the park every day. The house is so empty without you, our loyal and much loved friend. God bless you darling "CARA" you will be in our hearts forever.
Love you, Kim, Gary, Dean, & Jodie

Caramel, 01/21/02-11/06/02

The day my sweet Caramel was hit by a car and taken from me, was perhaps the saddest day of my life. I felt like I was dieing inside. I remember I kept thinking, "But she was just here yesterday! She was sleeping beside me! She can't be gone! She's not gone!" I was so angry and felt so guilty. I said to myself, "If you had just come home an hour earlier, you could have called her inside and she would still be here. I was so incredibly sad. I could do nothing but cry and read the Rainbow Bridge story over and over again. The next day I stayed beside her body on the back porch, stroking her fur, hoping to find some sort of comfort. I just couldn't accept it. I asked god over and over again to please bring her back, let her come home. I had a dream the night after her death that she, by some unimaginable miracle, had come back to life and was the same old Caramel as always. In my dream, I was calling my other cats in to eat, and suddenly she was there, by my feet, purring like nothing had ever happened. I was so overjoyed to see her. I scooped her up and hugged her, determined never to let her go. She looked at me, and it was like she was peering into my very soul. A tear fell down the side of my face. She meowed, and jumped down. I tried to pick her back up, but she ran away. I was so scared she would disappear, much as it seems she did the day she was hit. I ran after her, calling her name. Then, right as I caught her, there was a blinding white light. I shielded my eyes so that I could see what it was. I was amazed to see an Angel before me. He smiled at me, and Caramel meowed. I felt a wave of an incredible sense of peace and understanding wash over me. Caramel looked at me and meowed again, in a pleading way. She was telling me that it was her time to go. I hugged her tight, one last time, and placed her on the ground. She ran towards the Angel, and looked back at me. I smiled at her, and told her to go on. She turned back to the Angel, and he scooped her up and held her close to him. He smiled at me, and I knew she would always be with me. Then, the Angel spread his wings and flew up into the sky. A beautiful rainbow appeared, and I knew they were both okay. This dream has helped me deal with the horrible guilt I felt, and has numbed the sadness and never-ending pain. I feel more love for Caramel than I ever have, and I know that she did not die, she merely moved on to a better place. I love you Caramel, and I will never forget you.

Kelly Catherine Fuller

Carebear Coffey (a.k.a. Bear), 1988-10/01/03

Bear had a zest for life until the very end. She had arthritis and other age related problems, but still loved to play and have her butt scratched. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She will be badly missed by our family (both human and fuzzy). Thank you Ms. Grumble Butt for all the joy you gave us. See you on the other side.

Monica (Momma), Todd (Daddy), Wrigley, J.D., & the "dog-cat" Charlie

Carioco, 08/21/88-11/28/03

For a great dog. Who kept me harm at night and put a smile on my face everytime I see him. Will love you always.

Monica Ferrer

Carissa Sapphira, 05/04/84-05/31/03

Carissa was assisted in making her transition today to rejoin with the All That Is. She was an extraordinarily loving, nurturing, (to me and in recent years to Philip, as well) feisty, intuitive, adventurous and beautiful feline spirit. She is greatly loved and will be greatly missed. Carissa was my little kitty soul mate and my world will never be the same again without her (though I know that we are connected spiritually and through our love forever). She is free now to bask in the sun and seek her adventures beyond the beyond forever more. Until we meet again, my precious baby—you will always be in my heart.

Pamela Venus

Carl, 04/01/91-03/08/00

My dearest Mushman passed away almost 3 years ago. I keep thinking that as time goes by your absence from me will be less painful, it is not. All of our trips to the mountains and the sea I will remember forever ! How stoic you were when you were sick, preparing me for your passing. When you left this world in the middle of the night, I knew you had passed on, I awoke and looked out the window and you were gone. I pray to god that we are reunited one day and you will sit on my feet and give me kisses and I PROMISE to have a banana peeled for you ! I love you forever.

Lockie McNeish

Carly, 8/3/87-10/22/03

I bred, showed, trimmed and loved this little proud girl. A dog with unbelievable grit and she showed 'em all! She was met by her Mom, two sisters, and her brother. I just have to wait my turn to see them all again.

Carly McComb, 05/25/03

Carly was the best girl ever. She was brave and loyal and the best friend anyone could ever have, and we have no idea how we can go on without her. Your brother Tuffy is heartbroken, and so are we all. We will love you and miss you forever, Carly-Moo. We will never forget you. No matter where you are and no matter where we are, you will always be at home with us. We will see you under the Rainbow Bridge where we can all be a family again. We are with you always. Please stay close to us until we meet again. There will only ever be one Carly for us. We love you with all our hearts, Boober.
Love, Jen, Tara, Tuffy, Emmy. Bean, Sprout and your grandparents.

Carma Jones, 01/03/91-29/11/03

You are so loved, please forgive us, we couldn't let you suffer anymore. we love you so. you were mummys only friend. we don't know what to do without you. you never complained our angel. please come visit soon. sara, daz, shez send all their love.xxxx

Viv, Gary Jones

Carmel, 01/26/89-10/04/03

We love you and miss you Carmel. May you footprints dance in our hearts forever. Special love from

Mom, Dad, Michael and Emily

Carmel, 12/05/91-01/05/03

Carmel was my beloved doggie who sat with me day after day when I was in deep depression, several years ago. He was my first beloved pet and he was a good boy. We had fun together. He has a little sister, Bunnie, who sits beside me now. I miss him so..........

Billie Schwab

Carmen, 09/24/87-11/27/03

I will miss your cold wet black nose everyday and forever.


Carrie Anne, 04/23/88-10/05/03

Carrie Anne was our special little girl. She brought so much joy to our lives and we miss her so.

Rick, Julie & Andrew, Tiger, Too!

Carson, 10/29/89-12/16/03

Carson was the best Christmas surprise ever back in 1989.
From bouncing puppy, to exuberant Labrador adult, and through agedness, he was loved by many and will be missed by all.
Goodbye, my friend.

Signe Strawser

Carson, 07/01/88-11/07/03

You always furred and purred.
You were always so loyal and faithful. We love you and we will miss you.

Diana Franco

Carson Comstock Kitty, 04/77-07/09/03

In memory of our precious little girl, Carson Comstock Kitty, April 1977 - July 2003.
Your mommy and daddy miss you so much. We will see you in heaven.

Love, Ranger Roy and Sagebrush Sue

Carter, 1990-06/01/03

I love you, baby. I'll always love you.

Karen Loop

Caruso, 03/01/03

Caruso CDX, TT, VC, CGC. You were a little dog with a big heart and you touched the lives of every person and animal you met. You were a gentle soul and we will miss you so much. Sleep easy little buddy! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Casbah, 10/14/90-07/31/03

To my fluffy, blind baby Casbah; You wouldn't leave my side while I was at home. You were such a good boy, I wish I would have told you that more often. You survived bladder stone surgery and eye removal surgery and were still so happy to be alive. You loved to play fetch with me every day. I'm so sorry that I let the Coyotes get you and that I didn't protect you better. Please forgive me and wait for me at the Bridge for me with Peabody and Fyodor. I love and miss you Casbah and I always will. Your Mom.

Casey, 09/22/91-10/30/03

HE was a one of a kind boy.
There will never be another one like him.
He is missed greatly by his mom and dad, sister, many Aunts and Uncles and his Grandparents.
I look forward to the day that I go to the bridge to see my fur babay.

Cindy McCalyne and Dave Flaugher

Casey, 12/02/03

Casey was a loving dog who brought joy to all. She was gentle, kind and loyal. No one took better care of her than Bernice. We loved her dearly and she will be missed by Bernice, Bob, Matt and Amy.

Casey, 11/25/03

Our will be missed so much.
We love you.

John & Dianne Defelice

Casey, 04/91-11/23/03

Exceptional friend, happy and easy to please. Very gracious throughout her illness, she survived thru cushings disease and a bear attack last fall.

She died peacefully in our arms and in our bed on this Sunday morning.

A sweet soul that we will miss.

Mike & Michelle O'Brien

Casey, 10/24/03

Casey, you were one of the best friends I have ever had and I am so sorry I couldn't make your heart better. I will always love you and will remember you forever. I hope that you will be there to greet me one day and when you look at me with those loving eyes, I'll know I am home and safe.


Casey, 01/22/03

He loved his mommy and his mommy loved him.


Casey, 01/30/87-10/07/03

To my dear Casey - may your spirit now be free and you roam in the fields of heaven, chasing soccer balls, lying in the cool green meadows, and basking in God's love for special creatures such as you. I love you. We will be together again, my dear.

Sherry Morgan

Casey, 1987-09/19/03

Casey was a wonderful friend and we will miss him so much. Tonight is lonely without him. Casey, thank you so much for the wonderful years you have given us. You will be missed so much. It doesn't seem real that you are not with us.

Laurie Jones

Casey, 09/01/96-09/19/03

My dog Casey a shelti/boder collie cross was only 7 years old, very young still always acted like a puppy. He had a lot of heath problems through his life, but was always a fighter. On September 17th he developed liver problems and deteriorated quickly. He slipped into a coma, so sad. I had to let him go today so I could end his suffering. He always was such a good boy, full of life and always bringing joy into my life. Gentle, caring and loving, never mean to anything or anyone. I will always remember my sweet little friend.


Casey, 05/20/03-08/25/03

Casey - You were a great dog. So well-trained and so well-mannered. It's sad that bad things have to happen to the best of dogs like you. Thank you for being a great member of our family for the short time we had you. We'll miss you!

Brent Hodgeman

Casey, 09/24/00-08/23/03

Casey, I miss you every day. I start the day with a prayer that you forgive me. Aunt Jayne says you have and that you know I had no choice. I hope she's right. She promises me that you are well now. That none of the demons that plagued you on earth are with you now. I will never forget you and I look for a sign daily that you are still with me in spirit. Luna seems to feel you around, but I'm lost. Please send Luna images of being around people, happy and relaxed and loving the attention. She needs help to get over being afraid of people she doesn't know. I will never forget you Casey Bella, I'm so sorry you're not with me anymore.



Casey, 03/08/94-05/24/02

My beloved Casey, the crater left in my heart by your passing seems to have no end and your presence in our lives and in our home is sorely missed. You were my angel on earth and now you are an angel in heaven; be well my baby. I look to the day we are together again. We love you so much.

Andrea & Alan

Casey, 08/12/88-07/14/03

Casey was an abused puppy who came to us at 6 months of age and for the next 14-1/2 years brought joy, laughter and love into our home. He was with us through the difficult teenage years of our children and the center of my life after they grew up and moved on. He was just a joy and I miss him terribly. I know he's in heaven now making new friends and able to walk, hear, and see again. I love you Casey-dog!


Casey, 09/11/99-07/06/03

My Casey passed away suddenly today - he was a young a vibrant pussy cat, full of mischief, and fun. We'll miss him deeply, and never forget him...

Penny Evans

Casey, 6/7/03

Casey, you had quite a unique personality. You were the softest, cutest little guy, but you had a lot of spunk. Your sudden illness broke our hearts. As hard as it was, we had to let you go. Sam Cat is there at the Rainbow Bridge before you. She'll introduce you to Krysty, an old friend of mine from years ago. I'm looking forward to the day I can see the three of you again. I love you and miss you so much.

Casey (alias Casey Maru, Kitty Boy, Sugar Paws and Punkin Boy), Summer of1987 to 6/6/03

Casey, a small black-and-white shorthair cat, came to me in November of a very difficult year--loss of my first cat, Leon, at age 13; death of my father; and breakup of an 8-year relationship. I found him through an organization called "Last Hope." Casey had been hit by a car--both kneecaps were loose and half of his tail had been crushed. Last Hope took him to the vet, where his tail had to be partly amputated. When I met Casey, his LH volunteer foster Mom said, "He is a very sweet cat, but with a tail like that, not one person in a hundred will want him." I looked in Casey's beautiful green eyes and knew I was that person.

When I got home with Casey, he leaped out of the makeshift carrier, came right over and jumped in my lap. There was no period of adjustment to each other. We knew from the beginning that ours was a "forever" bond.

For the next 15 years, Casey always made a special effort to sleep by the side of anyone in the family who was sick. We actually began calling him our "nurse cat." He was a great mouser and a loving companion. He always greeted us when we came home from work and missed us terribly when we were on vacation.

Casey was very much afraid of thunder and lightning, so whenever there was a storm, he would go down to the basement and huddle in the storeroom. My partner put a folded afghan on the floor, which we called his "storm blanket."

Yesterday, after a 5-week illness that caused his liver to cease functioning, Casey laid down on his storm blanket and didn't come upstairs for supper. We made several trips downstairs to see about him and became more concerned about him with each trip. At midnight, I was awake on the sofa and Casey came upstairs to see me. He was very weak and wobbly, but he managed somehow to jump up on the sofa and curl up on my lap. As I patted and soothed him, I realized he was saying goodbye. After about 30 minutes, he jumped down and went back downstairs to his storm blanket.

This morning he was even weaker and seemed very dazed. I knew he was ready. We wrapped him in his storm blanket and made the last trip to the vet, where Casey went to sleep for the last time, as I held him in my arms and rubbed his ear inside out, a special stroke that only he and I shared, so he would know I was with him.

Somehow, the thought of dying is less frightening now, because I know when I pass into the spirit world, Casey will be there to curl up in my lap, make sure I'm okay, and once more get his ear rubbed inside out.

Vicki Glasgow

Casey, 01/19/95-05/21/03

Casey and I had a very special relationship. When she looked into my eyes it was as if she was trying to look into my soul. She was always such a happy dog and coming home to her welcome was the best thing on earth. Just being around her was like standing in a ray of sunshine. She loved me so intensely and I returned that love to her. Her beloved companion, Bonnie, misses her. She is disabled and truly needed Casey's companionship. We will miss her forever.

Casey, 05/19/03

Casey was so much more than a pet. We miss him so much and are happy with thoughts that he can run and feel free of any and all ills that he had. Until we meet again Casey!

Randy and Shirl Wood

Casey, 05/01/85-05/21/03

Thirteen years ago Casey came into our lives. I had recently adopted Sweetie as a puppy, and he was lonely while I was at work, so I went to the Humane Society to see if I could find him a companion.
Casey was a full-grown (5 years old) buff colored cocker spaniel. She looked freshly groomed, and she was gorgeous and friendly. I adopted her and took her home. She and Sweetie hit it off right away.
Casey was a great dog. She was also a great mother, even to critters of a different species! Once I brought home some kittens that had been taken away from their mother too soon and Casey thought sure I'd brought her new puppies. She took care of those kittens as if they were her own.
And once, Casey saved my life. Coming home from shopping one summer evening, I stepped into the gate and came down the walkway to flip the light switch on. Casey was barking and kept brushing up against my leg. Just as I flipped on the switch by the garage door, I heard the noise. If it hadn't been for Casey pushing me out of the way, I would have stepped right on a coiled up rattlesnake. I may owe her my life.
Casey loved to ride in the car. She was a good traveler. She would get in the back seat and just sit looking out the window. She also loved it when we took her down to the lake. She really liked to get in it, but didn't care for the doggie pool in the front yard that Sweetie liked.
Casey dearly loved her food. She would eat just about anything, but she was especially fond of liver. Sometimes when we went out to dinner, I would get a side order of liver to go for the dogs. She loved it.
But lately, age began taking its toll, as it does to all of God's creatures. She'd had a bad hip for years, but it was getting worse. She gradually became totally deaf, and recently became partially blind as well. She was having a hard time getting around, and sometimes her leg would not hold her weight and she would fall. She became incontinent and I had to banish her to outside. She developed sores on her paws that she couldn't keep clean. Because she was also banished from the front porch (because she would pee on it, and it started to smell bad), she would pace up and down in front of the porch and pant. She seemed in constant discomfort, even pain. Everybody kept telling me it was time, but I kept hoping that one day she would just go to sleep and not wake up.
It was not to be, however. Yesterday I noticed a bad sore on her paw; she fell several times; and when I went to touch her she would pull away and pant like she was in pain. As much as I did not want to do this, even I became convinced it was time for her last ride.
So, this afternoon we drove to the vet's office. He did a thorough examination of her. I kept hoping that he would say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. But in addition to all the other things, he found a large mass on her kidney. I was certainly not willing to put her through cancer treatment at her age. I would rather she went out with some dignity. She deserved that. So, at 3:30 this afternoon, Casey went to sleep for the final time.
My comfort is in knowing that now she is free from pain; she can hear again, and see again, and run again. She is safe in the arms of Jesus, Whom I know will take care of her until I come. Mitzi has gone on before, and I imagine them lying in the cool grass together, no fences, no leashes, with plenty of sunshine and plenty of water, and lots of doggie treats.
God bless you, Casey, my girl. You were a wonderful dog and terrific companion. Keep Mitzi company until I come, and then we'll cross Rainbow Bridge together. Love, Mom

Casey, 04/19/03

I have never cried over the passing of a loved one until Casey. She died after contracting AIHA after only 2 days. I had no time to say goodbye. Right now it feels as if things will never be OK again. The world was a better place with Casey in it.

Paul Mickelson

Casey, 03/27/88-03/10/03

Casey was the love of my life. We were together since she was 8 weeks old. This past Monday, March 10, 2003 I had to have the vet put her to sleep. She was 17 days shy of her 15th birthday. She was the most beautiful Irish Setter you have ever seen. She was gentle and loving and always there for me in good times and in bad. Although she had all her mental capabilities, her physical body was failing her. Little by little her quality of life eroded away. She never gave up though and I believe she stayed alive for me because she knew how much I needed her. Her last weekend was very difficult. She could barely walk and kept falling down despite the steroid injections and numerous medications she was on since last November to keep her going. To keep her alive any longer would have been selfish on my part. Putting her to sleep was the hardest thing I've ever done and was the worst day of my life. I miss her so much and am totally devastated. I think I hear her and look for her in her favorite spots.

Casey, I believe you've crossed the "Rainbow Bridge". The only hope I have right now is that you have been made well and are with your friends and relatives and that someday we will be together again. Casey, always remember that I love you.

With the Greatest Love, Your Mommy

Casey, 07/19/89-01/28/03

Please give my little Casey a kiss at loved him more than anything.

Teresa Adair Mullins

Casey, 02/12/89-12/05/01

To my beautiful Casey. You were the love of my life. My angel. I never would have made it without you. I know God sent you to me to help me through the tough times. You were always there for me. I loved you so much and I miss you and Cady. My life is so empty now. I hope you and Cady are together again. I know she loved you so. I miss you my baby and nothing will ever take your place in my heart. I wait for the day when I will see you and Cady again. Watch over me and don't ever forget me because I will never forget you and Cady. Love. Mommy

Casey, 05/16/88-01/22/03

Casey, Ever since I picked you out of the litter I knew you were special. I fell in love with you on the five minute ride home and never looked back. You were my best friend, my confidant and such a great listener! You helped me through my teenage years and were there when I found my husband a few years ago. Do you remember how he helped me clean up your mess? I know you were just upset mom and dad had gone on vacation, but I knew he really loved me then! I had hoped that someday my children would get to meet you, but we will have to wait until we are all together again someday. It is so hard to think of the house (and yard and neighborhood!) without you. You made us all friendlier, more loving people with your unselfish and unconditional love. Everyone that knew you loved you and misses you now. You had such a sense of humor and yet were such a dignified lady. I love you so much--and I truly believe I will see you again. I know you'll be whole again, running and playing like you should have always been able to. We all love you and miss you dearly. Take care puppy girl, I love you.

O'Daniels Family-- Pat, Mary, Christa, Tim, Katie & Cory

Casey, 07/92-12/23/03

She showed us joy in being and gave us joyful love.

Jim Marks

Casey, 01/20/03

No need to worry about me anymore, Rest in Peace.


Casey, 07/10/89-03/08/02

My best friend Casey who shared both the good times and bad and was always there for me. He will be with me in my heart forever.


Casey, 04/06/85-10/14/02

Casey was a joy to my husband Barry and my life. She was so full of life right up until about one month before we realized it was time to let her go. We had her since she was 3 months old. She was a stray someone had dropped off on a lonely country road. She shared her life also with her best feline friend VB. They had been together since VB was only 2 weeks old. We have pictures of VB's head in Casey's mouth. Those two together were better than any cartoon. We had Casey for 17 great years. All we can say is she made our lives complete. Missed so much Mom Dad and best friend VB. Run now in lots of green pastures my lady.

Sandi Bradfield

Casey, 10/24/91-12/19/02

Casey was a sweethearted GSD. She loved herding and retrieving and made us laugh with her head tilting inquiries when we were speaking with her. She died very suddenly of a heart problem. We miss her so much. Mom, Dad, Andrew and the other furkids: Fergus and Bronwen

Casey, 05/01/91-05/13/02

To our sweet girl Casey, we miss you so much, but we know that you are ok and running free. I hope you and Daisy are together now, I'm sure you are having a wonderful time seeing each other again. It's so hard to have lost both of you so close together, but it helps to know you are both free from pain and suffering now. We miss your sweet personality, Casey and will never forget all the joy you brought to us. Love you

Barbara Boyack

Casey, 01/06/87-12/24/02

We love you Casey forever. Thank you for all the happiness and love you gave. We miss you so. You will always be my little guy. You will always be with me. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kelly and Morad

Casey-Ann, 01/20/87-09/10/03

Casey wasn't just a cat. She was our very special angel for 16 years. From the time we brought her home until she was called home. She was our companion, nurse, co-pilot on our trips, and alarm clock in the mornings. She is very sorely missed. And now our special angel sleeps with the angels. We miss your gentle presence on the bed at night. We miss you Casey Angel Kitty. God keep you safe until we meet over the Rainbow Bridge.
All our love Mommy and Daddy Cat

Casey Brown, 04/27/03

Casey came to us when she was a still a young dog. Casey had a light in her eyes, even though she had been beaten, and had retaliated by biting. We gave Casey our love and she came to love and trust us. She became our fiercest protector. Casey loved to run and play with our kids, she loved giving kisses, she loved being brushed and petted, but most of all she loved going for a ride in the truck. If you didn't get the tail gate down fast enough she would jump right over the side of the truck to get in! Casey had a litter of puppies a few years ago; Casey and those fluffy black and white furball puppies gave us so much joy. I have many pictures of my daughter Ashley, Casey and the puppies. Last year when my mother's house had been broken into we decided to let Casey live with my mother to protect her. Casey was happy at Mom's she could run free in a much bigger yard with woods to play and chase in; all safely protected within a fence. Needless to say, since Casey was there, no one dared come in the yard without being invited first. Last week Casey stopped eating and drinking. We rushed her to our vet. He tried in vain to save her from a cancer that caused her kidneys and liver to fail. She died yesterday, a week after Easter. Casey was about 7-8 years old. She is buried in the woods she loved so much. We already miss her so much, especially me. I will never forget the meaningful way she always looked at me, understanding and obeying, never failing to protect me. I will never forget how she laid her head in the crook of my arm when she was dying, silently asking me to comfort and protect her from something I could not. I will never forget her. Her unselfish, caring, protective ways have changed me forever. No dog will ever compare. I love you Casey, and I always will. Till we meet again..

Stephany Brown and Family

Casey Lee, 03/21/87-07/25/01

Our golden treasure, how we miss you. We talk about you often. We'll never forget or stop loving you.
Mommy, Dad, and Jeff

Casey Sullivan, 05/27/96-03/17/03

Thank you for the years that we had to spend with you. You taught us all so much about dogs. We will all love you and miss you more than words could ever express. May you rest in peace and may there be no more pain for you.

All our love
Papa, Big Mama, Shawn, Vicki and Fluffy

Cash, 07/22/91-02/26/03

Cash, Cash, Cash, we miss you so much already. You were 7 pounds and 7 weeks old when I picked you up at the breeder in Long Island, and you grew to a beautiful and power 125 pound amazing animal.

We had almost 12 years together and we were so lucky for that-- we took you to the office everyday, because we loved you- you were so much a part of our lives, it became even difficult to leave you for trips where we had to fly--- but when we did, we knew you were in "good" and "loving" hands at the Dog Spa.........didn't they love you, didn't they treat you GREAT............... like the great dog you were!

In the last year, I worried so much about the cancer that was growing inside of you. I knew that it would eventually take you from me, and from your "Mom." And, it did last Wednesday.

I only thank God that I was home when you passed from this world. I thank God I could be present as you stepped from this Earth.

We had so many WONDERFUL years with you, and we were so Blessed to have had you in our lives.

Good night, sweet Angel Dog, good night....sleep tight and take care of your Za Zee.
Until we meet again,

Your Papa

Cash Wallingford, 12/19/89-05/13/03

Cash was a gentle soul, a true friend. She sensed things deeply. She loved us and our children with an incredible, selfless spirit. It's only been 3 days since she passed, but our house is so empty and lonely without her. I will miss her for the rest of my life.

Steve and Tena Mulvey

Casie, 06/95-03/30/03

We love you and miss you. Our sweet baby

Debbie & Bill

Casino (Cassie), 03/11/95-12/27/02

Cassie was a truly exceptional kitty. She wasn't very big, just a petite little thing. She was the first pet my husband and I ever had fact we got her a week after returning from our honeymoon. Definitely like our first child. She was grey & white, and full of love. Cassie had many talents, but the most unique was that she loved to catch bottlecaps in midair (think of a much smaller version of a dog jumping to catch a frisbee in it's mouth). My husband spent several nights when she was just a baby teaching her, and it quickly became our favorite game. We decided a few months after bringing her home that she needed a friend, so we adopted her best pal, Sigmond. They were completely inseparable, until last Thursday. Cassie seemed to become very sick, so quickly (now that we see in hindsight, there were signs that we missed.) On Christmas day it was clear that she wasn't feeling well, and by the next morning we knew it was serious. It ended up being complete kidney failure, horribly so, that she was not going to be able to come back from, unfortunately. It breaks our hearts not to have her with us, but we are lucky that we continue to have the gift of Sigmond still being here. He is helping us with our grieving, as we are hopefully helping him. We love you and miss you Cassie, our pretty little kitty-girl!!!

The Rivera Family

Caspar, 05/01/93-10/20/03

My Sweet, Gentle, Little Boy,
You brought so much love into our lives and filled the emptiness of my days banishing fear, loneliness, and pain of past griefs so difficult to bear. You were a bundle of love wrapped in a furry Skye body. All you accepted into your 'pack' fell madly in love with you and your passing has left a void which is so very great. If you only knew how many hearts you touched in your life and how greatly you are missed perhaps you would understand how very special you are to all of us. I am so sorry none of us realized what the underlying cause of your health problems was all these years but know you have taught a small army of vets a great deal about Lyme Disease here in Michigan and they as well miss you fiercely. We all fought for you Caspar, as hard as was humanely possible. Unfortunately, the Lyme Disease was stronger than are efforts could eradicate. You knew it was time to walk across the Rainbow Bridge the day you passed. Your 'Aunt Katy' and I always said we would let you lead the way and 'tell us' when it was time to stop already with all the heroic measures and with your usual Skye style that is exactly what you did. The most difficult and paradoxically the easiest thing I have ever done in my life was to assist you in taking that final walk across Rainbow Bridge. I will always and forever remember how you snuggled against me one last time and passed from 'Aunt katy's and my care' across Rainbow Bridge into the hands of God. I have an image in my mind of you walking across the bridge with 'Barney' firmly grasped between your teeth into God's embrace where now you can breathe easy and once again play puppy tag running
as fast as you can. I imagine you and Salty and my other bridge kids all nestled together at night comforting one another until we can come for you and all be together once again. You will always be special to me Caspar. My heart is relieved you are no longer ill or struggling to breathe and breaking because I cannot feel you in my arms or watch you nuzzle the flowers or feel you lick away my tears following a nightmare or feel the comfort and security your little self provided me following a seizure. Rest now sweet boy. You fought the good fight and brought so much love into the world. We are all the richer for it. Now is your time to rest and play and soon I will come for all of you.In God's time it will be but a blink of an eye. It just feels longer for those of us who must wait to be reunited with you. I love you Caspar and will miss you each and every day. How could love not be missed when it was with me 24/7? Sweet dreams my little one.
Mommy, 'Aunt Katy', 'Aunt Peggy', 'Aunt Sally', 'Aunt Shirley',
'Dr. K and staff',
and everyone else who cared for you so deeply.

Casper, Summer '88-12/19/03

Casper, my baby cat. You were the most handsomest, most beautiful cat in the whole little prince. And I know that in the end you reunited with your mama dog, Josie, and that you are both now happy together on the other side. Casper was a special cat. He was raised by a dog, so he never meowed. He liked to paw at the door to go outside and, when given the opportunity, rang the doorbell to get back in. His bark is a special gift he leaves to his two people sisters, Anne and Katie, who always use his "myeah" as a way to communicate that something is just so. Casper loved to hunt. He loved to eat his kill or to bring it in for his family. He loved to sleep in Dad's big arm chair or pee in his shoes --only when he needed to be heard! He loved it when sister, Katie, put her reddish hair over his face --kind of like a mama cat-- or when sister, Anne, would brush him. His special dog friend, Josie, passed on ahead in December of 2001. Casper will always be remembered for being a cat with an attitude, a loving friend, and for having a big lion-like mane. We love you, baby.


Casper, 05/12/90-09/06/03

I wish I could say I have closure, knowing you are gone, being able to bury you. But I know you left on September sixth, because you were being called to a better place. You left because you wanted me to remember you how you were, loving, full of life and playful. You didn't want me to see you sick and dying, so you ran off. I know you are at peace now, happy and healthy. I will always remember you for all you did for me and for the unconditional love you gave to me.


Casper, 10/31/92-08/25/03

To by special and loving Casper who never questioned but always loved me. I miss you by buddy.

A. Van Dusen

Casper, 01/01/88-03/25/02

Casper was the best friend I ever had - full of personality. Humorous, gentle, loving and faithful. Cassie boy, you may not have been the child of my flesh, but you were most certainly the son of my heart.

Heather Hogle

Casper, 07/10/02

This poor little girl had a rough life of neglect. After taking her in, only 1 month later did she pass on. I did my best to make her comfortable and loved at least for the last part of her life. She would always love to be petted and she would lick your hand while you were petting her head. You will be greatly missed!!

JT Gerbec

Casper, 11/05/95-06/05/03

It has been almost two weeks since you were in my arms. I miss you more than words will ever say. I really hope you understand why I had to give you the gift of final piece. I know you loved when mommie rocked you on the chair and held you so tight you could feel her beat, but you were suffering my baby. I tried my hardest for you and I would have went to the end of the world with you, if I could have made you better. You were in pain and mommy could not bear to see you that way anymore.

My life will never be the same without you. You will always be my best baby in the whole wide world. Your little brother Oscar misses you terribly. Oscar will never replace you but I sometimes wonder if you are coming back and teaching Oscar some of your mischievous ways.

I hope you are having fun with Cuddles, Lady and Teddy Bear. Please wait for me and we will be together again one day.

I love you baby!!! Mommie

Casper, 06/01/95-04/29/03

Although I have had many cats over the years and still have 3, Casper was my closest and best friend ever. He was a very smart cat. he followed me everywhere and wanted to be held and played with. he died way too young at 7 from a burst bladder - he had been having blockage/urination problems since November '02. He watched Tv with me most nights and snuggled up with me at bed time. When we adopted a feral cat, it was Casper who "taught him the ropes" and always looked out for him. The other cats miss him and either hid or howled all night looking for him.
Casper may you find peace in heave with your old pals, kato, Tiki and yr sister Orca.
See you soon.
Love Always,
your mommy

Casper, 10/91-01/03/03

She is my daughter, and I'll never forget all she did for me, even though some don't understand, I'll always miss her and can't wait till I meet her at the rainbow bridge.


Cassidy of Song Mountain, 07/16/89-12/17/03

To the guy in the golden pajamas who brought so much love light and happiness into our lives and made us a complete family

Chris & Wendy Appleby

Cassie, 1988-12/18/03

Cassie, our baby girl, with your Elizabeth Taylor unforgettable eyes, we will always love you

Steve and Bonnie

Cassie, 08/30/03

To my special Cassie, you brought such great job into my life, I miss you so much. I hope you are having fun in heaven and enjoying hunting. Please come and see me in my dreams. I love and miss you.

Penny McClelland

Cassie, 10/21/03

Thank you my dear Cassie for 5 wonderful years together. I don't know what your life was like before that because you were a stray. Run and play and bark in peace until we meet again.

Lynda Voigt

Cassie, 01/12/91-10/02/03

Cassie, you were such a kind and gentle friend. You loved us all, no matter what. We never had to worry about you being around the babies/children. I have an aching in my heart, but I know you are in a better place now where you will are not suffering. I will remember all of the happy times, starting from the day I saw you and brought you home. I love you! Thank you for all of your love, and for the chance for me to say good-bye before you passed on.
Love, Mommy

Cassie, 11/01/89-09/04/03

Cassie was a wonderful little girl who loved everyone and everything she was introduced to. Truly, she had a heart of gold and she will be missed greatly. She was my baby girl and best friend for 14 years. I love her and miss her with all my heart.

Brent Turner

Cassie, 01/01/91-06/13/03

You are one of the best friends I ever had and we've been through alot together. I hope you know I love you so very much. I will miss you each and every day. Wait for me at Rainbow Bridge.

Stephanie Capo

Cassie, 08/01/90-05/26/03

Cassandra Josephine Wigglebottom Hamlin-Rolfe was her full name, but most people called her Cassie. Cassie was a very special girl. We adopted her, her husband Bruno, and their son PeeWee in February of 1999. She loved Bruno, PeeWee and her Pugdads SO VERY much! She gave us all LOTS of kisses and always wagged her tail! One of her favorite things was being held like a baby and have her tummy rubbed! Cassie, we will miss you terribly! We love you! We'll see you and Phoebe again someday!


Pugdad Michael, Pugdad Lee, Bruno, and PeeWee

Cassie, 05/22/01-05/23/03

Our family dog, Cassie met an early death on May 23, 2003. She had just turned 2 years old the day before. No one could have asked for a better dog. Our daughter, Stephanie, received Cassie (formally named: Lady Cassandra of Stephanie) from a breeder who attends our church. Stephanie aspires to one day be a veterinarian. Her love for animals amazes everyone she meets.

Cassie wondered away from home in the wee hours of Friday morning. My husband found her this morning (Sunday) by the side of a busy highway. She had never done anything like that before. She must have been doing what retrievers do best, hunt and retrieve. We believe she was on her way home when she was struck and killed.

You can only imagine the difficulty in having to tell your children, ages 9 and 6, that their best friend was killed. We brought her home and gave her a proper burial.

Cassie, wherever you are, please know that no matter how many other animals we may get in the future, none will take your place in our hearts. You will FOREVER be a member of our family.

Thank you for being not only a loyal companion to our children but the BEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

We Will Miss You Greatly!

Ted, Miki, Stephanie and Michael Deese

Cassie, 02/14/89-03/01/04

Cassie passed away yesterday, March 1, 2003 after living a wonderful life with me for 14 years. She was my child, my baby, my companion and my friend. I loved her, I adored her.

Unlike most kitties her age, she still looked very young which made the last few weeks more difficult. She became ill 3 weeks ago, she was diagnosed with cancer. It quickly spread through her little body and a impossible decision had to be made yesterday so she wouldn't suffer at all. I miss her so much, it's unbelievable how much it hurts.

She was always there for me and with everything I did, she was there in between it all. I know it will get easier, so I'm told, right now I find that hard to believe. So many things remind me of her and at all times she brought me so much happiness and comfort.

I want her to be remembered forever, I want to celebrate her life even though I am deeply hurting inside. I will always love her and look up to the sky and hope she's watching me. So here's to you Cassie, the cutest and sweetest kitty I have ever known. Again, I miss you like crazy and always will. Mommy will always adore you.

Cassie 26 October 2002

Our beloved Cass went to heaven 26 October 2002 aged 14 1/2 years. In 1989 we decided that something was missing from our lives and went to an animal shelter to see if we could 'rescue' a dog. It was so hard, so many dogs all eager to go 'home'. We walked round several times just looking, and all of a sudden there she was.! Cassie , standing all alone and looking so dejected , we fell in love with her . She was a beautiful Collie - cross , aged about 18 months and for 13 years filled our lives with love and joy. We had to make the hardest of decisions and let Cass go to heaven to save her from further pain and suffering.

It is now 12 weeks since that most awful day and the pain of what we had to do is still as intense , we miss her terribly. We look at photos of her and try and recall happier days. We know that the pain and loneliness will ease , and we are confident that we will be re-united again. Thank you Cass for the unconditional love you gave for those wonderful 13 years.
See you soon , we love you.
'Dad and Mum'

Cassie, 04/02/93-11/11/02

How we miss the welcoming footsteps
Of the dog we loved so dear
You are gone but never forgotten
Oh how we wish you were still here
You are in our hearts forever.


Cassie Kay, 06/22/98-05/23/03

Cassie was a beautiful calico girl cat! She came home with me when she was 3 weeks old! She and I shared a special bond! She always climbed up on top of me when I was sleeping and put her tail in my face.....she would get in my closet and do a tightrope act on my hangers! She was a very friendly girl and she loved the other cats! She and Lucky would curl up together and snooze! She got sick 6 weeks ago and ran a temperature and lost 5 lbs! I denied the fact that she was sick and on Friday May 23rd.....I saw her laying on the floor and I knew it was her time....I had to work that morning so I called and left her at the vets! She was too week from being dehydrated to be upset about being in the carrying case! The vet called me and said she was too sick to be turned around so I went to the vets after work and looked into her eyes and told her I loved her and I said goodbye! Rest in peace Cassie and play with your sister Peaches and brother Morris who went ahead of you....Grandma and Grandpa are going to take care of you until Momma gets there! Your brothers Inky, Lucky Smokey and MoMo and your sister Sammie all miss you! Lucky does not have a curling up partner! Until we all meet again sweet Cassie Remember we all love you!

Momma, Inky, Lucky, Smokey, MoMo and Sammie

Cassie Lou, 10/23/03

We adopted our little Cassie about five years ago when she was scheduled to be euthanized at a local shelter.
She had an odd little personality, which we later learned was the result of abuse. In the five years we cared for her, she began to learn to trust humans again, and moreover trust men. She loved my husband so much that she ALWAYS slept on his side of the bed. She had such a sweet temperament, and once we earned her respect, she became even sweeter. She has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, but we will be looking for her on the day we join her.

Dean & Candy Wittmayer

Cassio, 6/01/99

As you can see, it has been 3 years since my baby died. It is still very hard to cope with. She was a very special cat for me, not only because of her beautiful personality, but the fact that I found her by my father's grave, which had died 1 month before finding Cassio. I thought that she was an angel because she was pure white, not deaf, and had the most beautiful golden eyes. Just to give you an example of her personality, she would talk to me every night, lie by my head, and to wake me up in the mornings, she would nibble on my nose. She was unbelievable, and deep down inside I really feel as though she was sent to me, to help me with the grieving of my father, who died unexpectedly. Then 3 years later, of enjoying this wonderful creature in my life, I lost her too, unexpectedly. Someone in my household, accidentally let her outside, and the neighborhood dogs, took after her. I was so broken hearted, and still am. The hurt just never goes away. I have two cats now that bring some joy in my life. I have had cats all my life, but never have I had one like Cassio. She was so special, and I pray so much that I will get to see her again.

Catalina, 12/23/03

Dear Catalina was my husband's dog until he left home. His parents kept her and loved her until she was stricken with uterine cancer. She leaves behind a family who loves and misses her very much, especially our niece Sara who is 7 and heart-broken.

Wendee Molano

Catalina, 09/04/89-11/18/03

To my loved cat who was by my side during 14 years. I will always love you.


Catera, 1989 or 90 to 05/27/03

Catera was a wonderful, wonderful pet. She was the only cat I have ever known who would lick like a dog! She will be deeply missed by myself and my family. We will see you again Catera, my sweet, sweet girl.

I Love You,


Catie, 07/07/03

Catie, our 14 year old, almost 15 year old Yorkie, was such a special pet friend. Her health started failing this past year, and on July 7, 2003, she was so weak we felt it was time to let her go. She loved to sit on our laps, followed us just to be near us in the house or on the porch -- she was sleeping more and more in her bed beside our bed, but she gave us so much love these past years -- we will miss her so much! It is so hard losing her even though we know she isn't suffering anymore.

Fred & Susie Summers

Catira, 05/22/83-05/29/01

Dear sweet beloved Catira: You have left us and our hearts are broken. Now we understand that phrase. We remember all your little happenings:
how you unwound all the toilet paper roll when you were little, came running and climbed up my back as I cut cantaloupe for lunch " I want some,..want some ", jumped off the deck chasing a squirrel and found yourself
swinging from your leash and harness, ding dong!! stalked and attacked Raul's ankles as he walked by, enjoyed long motorhome trips curled up on our laps as we drove along, or watched things go whizzing by, slept eighteen years curled up against our legs at night, and finally instead of sitting tall and elegant as you used to do, sat all hunched up like the
old lady you had become. You are always in our hearts and we'll never forget you.

Raul and Estrellita

Catmandu, 05/10/87-03/02/03

Catmandu was a beautiful flamepoint Himalayan Persian. He was not only beautiful but a sweet and balanced soul. He was full of love and beauty. I am a writer, and he kept me company at my desk. He was sixteen years old. I will miss him very much.

Joan Goldsworthy

Cauti, 1987-11/15/03

Cauti came into our lives as an adult. She had snapped at the owner's girlfriend son who was using her for a trampoline. Our grandson was 1 year old at the time so we were concerned about her biting. In stead, she showed extreme love for children. Where ever there were children, Cauti would sit close by. She did not know how to play but she always wanted to be with them. If they sat on the couch she would curl up beneath them so they had to climb over her to get up and down. She would simply curl her tail up against her so they couldn't step on it. When our grandson tried to climb over the gate to a busy road, she gently took his diaper in her mouth and pulled him from the gate. For years she has been our companion and friend. We held her in our arms when she passed over the Rainbow Bridge, as we have all for all our furry friends when they have passed on. I know that she will wait for us with our other friends across the Rainbow Bridge. Cauti, we love you and you have left a legacy of year's of love and devotion behind you. I look forward to the day that we will be reunited. Enjoy your youth and energy again. Play and be happy. You will be missed by all of your family.

Kathleen Reilly

Cavallino, 08/15/00-10/16/02

I loved having him as a companion if only for a short while. I miss him dearly and think of him often. I know he is happy and pain free across the bridge. I look forward to the day I will see him again.

Cassey Howard

CB's Amtrack (Tracker), 11/15/92-08/18/02

Tracker was a retired racer but the most wonderful heart dog to both of us. He helped us work with the many, many fosters that came through our home. Tracker, we love you and miss you so much. Fly with the wind as you did here on earth. We'll meet you and all the others at the Bridge one day.
Nina and Fuzzy

Ceara, 08/04/93-02/24/03

My neighbor's precious white shepard Ceara passed on to Rainbow Bridge today. I wonder if she was called by her husband who passed on last year in August? She was a wonderful dog and loved with such passion by everyone in the neighborhood. I know she must have been broken hearted for her daddy, they were inseparable. I hope they meet now, she is going to be cremated and her ashes will be put in his grave. Good Bye Ceara we will miss you.@--}---

Ceasar, 06/08/76

Best friend ever.
I miss my ceasar so much.

William Galbreath

Ceasar, 7/16/88-10/31/03

Our beloved Ceasar, you were such a playful kitten and such a gentle adult cat.
You have lived with us all our lives it seems. You have accepted each child into your space with love and grace. You have allowed them to dress you and bathe you and use you as their pillow. You have warmed feet and purred children to sleep. We love and miss you terribly. You will be in our hearts till we see you again...

Kathryn Taylor

Ceasar, 7/18/91-1/13/02

To my Ceasar. I love you and miss you, there is a hole in my heart without you. Thank you for always being there for me waiting by the door, thanks for your unconditional love. You were a true friend. One in a million. Thanks for the many years and many memories. You have touched the hearts of anyone that knew you. My heart aches for you. I'm sorry you had to get sick, I'm sorry I had to leave you there. I hope you know I was there w/ you when you died holding onto you. You will always be in my heart. I love you!

Sadly missed and loved by, Tracie, Joe, Gina, Josephine, Pops, Lynn, Carm, Tammy, Anthony Jason, Rascal and Clifford

CECE, 05/25/90

My dear CECE, I was so heart broken today when I found your body in a little compartment that you crawled in and couldn't get out so I assumed you suffocated there. I looked for months for you baby and it wasn'like you to run off so I just couldn't figured what happened to you. I am not sure had long you had been there but now I feel so guilty that I should have heard you meow or cry out when I was around where we found you. I just hope God made your suffering short as your were a doll and a very faithful companion, Sing with the angels now baby and I will be there someday to sing with you. You have plenty of family there so take charge of them and give them all a hug for us. Thank you dear baby for the years you spent with us. I love you CECE. Mama

Cecilia Marie, 04/27/98-03/29/03

She was a lively little dog and brought such excitement into this house. It is quite empty without her. She will be missed by all of us. We will love you always Cecilia. Good bye.

Jennifer Valestin

Cefa, 05/13/91-07/13/03

Cefa was a very special "Lap" cat. She loves to sit on my lap or Cynthia's lap when ever we were working on our computer. She also love to eat potatoe chips. We will miss he dearly, she was the eldest of the cats that we have.

Be at peace

Bobby B

Ceilidh (It Is Pronounced Kaylee), 12/17/03

Today was my little man's last day with me. He had lost so much weight (only 7 pounds today) and gotten so frail during the past weeks that I thought the time was coming soon for him. Today when I took him in for a checkup the vet said there was nothing else she could do so I held him and scratched his ear while the vet put the needle in his leg that let him go in peace.

You were small when you first came home with me, even for a Sheltie (under 12 pounds), but you were a very large, cheerful, gentle and beautiful part of my life. I only had you with me for a very short 7 of your sixteen years. I wish our time together had been much longer. Whoever dumped you outside that shelter door lost all of the joy and love you so freely gave me. Now you can run again and see and hear.

Ceilidh I will always miss you and the way you always looked for your chew treat and jumped on the leg of my chair to get your ear scratched, and then leaned into the scratching so that you almost fell on your side you were leaning so hard. I've never know a dog to get so much enjoyment out of that simple thing. I'll never forget you and I hope that we do meet somewhere again. I promise I'll scratch your ear as long as you want.

The others dogs here, Shelley, Megan and Snow all send their love.

My love always

Becky Dodge

Ceilidh Rahne, 01/01/87-10/25/98

My best friend and my beautiful, little girl.
I'll never forget you.

Cindy Laufenberg

Celeste, 06/24/01-09/09/03

I can't believe our "baby girl" is gone, right on the heels of her brother Edgar and pal Piglet a month ago. You must have missed them, too. The worst part is that the vet and I had to make the decision to end her suffering, because she could hardly breathe. I know you have been reunited with the "boys" and Joey, and your sister, Bella. See you soon.


Sue, Dan, Josh, Amos, Riley, Mojo, Angelo and Frances

Cella, 04/15/90-11/11/03

Your unconditional love and all the strength you gave me through the years during difficult times will not be forgotten. I love you very much and I know we'll meet in heaven some day. I will not live another day with out you in thought each and every day. You are by far the most precious thing ever in my life.

Joe Perez

Celo, 04/08/03

My mom's pup she had her before I left home. Lived the longest life and a very happy one at that. she traveled more than I did :)


Cha-Cha, 06/30/99

We love and miss you and will never forget you.

Phyllis and Tracy Allman

ChaCha, 9/2000-4/17/03

I will always miss you ChaCha. It is so hard for me to wake up in the morning and not see you on top of your dog house and hear you bark as I go to work. You will always be missed and loved forever.

Chacho, 01/24/89-08/27/03

We were blessed with a furry child -- a feisty one year old white pomeranian whom we re-named "Chacho" when we got him. ("Chacho" being short for "Muchacho", meaning "boy" in Spanish). He came to us from a neglected and abusive situation that he somehow managed to survive in his puppyhood -- and he shared his precious soul with us in our home until August, 2003 -- when his battle with liver failure won, and we had to give him back to God. But in the l3 and one-half years we were given this little blessing, he touched our family in the deepest of ways, teaching us how to give love so unconditionally--to be brave and courageous; how to enjoy each day with its simple pleasures, each morning being another gift, just to be able to wake up and go for walks together. And of course, he taught us the joy of just being joyful, too...all the cute antics he developed -- always needing to bark at and "kill" his food and cookies before he'd eat them. Our daughter, Anita, showed him how to "sneezy for cheesy" -- (sneeze at the cheese you were eating if HE wanted a bite) -- and we had songs we'd sing together for everything we did....a "go inna car-car" song; a "drink 'o water" song; and a "beddy-bye" song, which made him growl because the mention of going beddy-bye made him a little cranky, like a little kid!

He chased and tried to scare off anything that flew, or just looked chaseable --- ducks, birds, fly-flys, cats, bubbles, postal workers, UPS & FedEx people, and even some friends and family. He'd let them come in and visit, but when they'd get up to leave, he'd race for their ankles! Yet in his entire lifetime he never bit anybody.

Though he actually enjoyed taking a bath, (I'd put my swimsuit on and we'd "take a bath together"), it was just the IDEA -- the asking him "Do You Want To Take A Bath?" that sent him growling! But then he'd willingly get up, so I could put him in the tub on my lap.

Our sweet little ball of fur endured two knee surgeries when he turned eleven -- one of which included an implant in the right knee, with weeks of recuperation that followed each operation -- but soon he was walking as good as new!

Being one of the best travelers, he went everywhere we did -- he moved several times with us, and eagerly looked forward to adjusting to new territory -- simply happy just to be wherever we were.

Chacho was a very special little boy .... a loving little spirit that will forever be sorely missed...

He was a wonderfully welcome fixture in my arms, on my hip and in my car, happily going everywhere and anywhere with his "momma doggy"-----

He was the enthusiastic 'welcome home' at the front door to his "daddy doggy"-----and he was the best "little brother" our (now grown) daughter could have had - they teased each other mercilessly, and he always waited up for her to come home from her dates, no matter how late it got.

His teddy bear face with its permanent smile will be etched in our mind's eyes FOREVER....His passing left us with torn and broken hearts, and we can only try to patch them up with the precious memories of him, and everything he did, and was ....

Chacho went from our loving arms to Jesus' strong, everlasting ones -- and what will keep us brave and strong now -- like our little boy was to the end -- is knowing that someday we will be with him again, over the Rainbow Bridge.

Candy and Alex Fernandez

Chad, 20/02/93-23/10/02

My dearest darling Chad. You were the very start of things for me, the start of our kennels, the star of our lives. Your legacy passed on to a fourth generation now, you live on in so very many others, it has been more than a year now since I had to help you to leave, you did not want to go, fought hard to the last. I miss you so much my darling boy, Logan your great grandson has taken up your mantle, you would be so very proud of him Chad he has achieved all that you did and is a worthy successor to your crown, sleep well my dear boy until we meet again....................


Chad, 30/05/00-27/05/03

God Bless you Chad. We'll never forget you. You were so brave in your illness. Chad suffered from Syringohydromyelia (Arnold Chiari Malformation) which is becoming more and more in the Cavalier breed. Chad's skull was malformed at the back and therefore his brain was pressing on his spinal cord. This caused a build up of fluid which damaged his nerves in his neck and head area. He was going worse and worse until he was in so much pain we couldn't even cuddle him. Sadly he had to be put to sleep. He wasn't even three years old. We miss him so much but we know he's happy now at rainbow bridge. We'll be with him again one day. You can see Chad's story on his website at God bless him.

Angela Baker

Chadwick, 01/21/93-07/14/03

Chadda was an award winning persian show cat who touched my heart for over 9 years. I loved this little guy with all my heart and on July 14, 2003 I let him leave his weak body and failed hips and legs to go to a place where he could once again run and jump and feel no pain. I miss you!!

Donna Watts

Champ, 07/04/90-12/01/03

Champie we will always love and miss you.
Your nursing home volunteer partners will miss your wonderful personality and gentle nature.
Your Aunt Rose will take care of you now and feed you all the watermelon you want up in heaven with the angels.
You were a true angel here on Earth.
I love you sweety, and always will.

Anna Lamoreux

Champ, 11/06/88-01/25/03

Champ - Daddy, Kayla and I miss you. So does your brother JR. We know you are in a better place. I think of you often when I am reading in the mornings and when I go to bed at night... I think of you and how you would lay beside me and sleep. I miss you little buddy. I will always love you!

Kim Midkiff

Champ, 06/90-08/24/03

You were the light of our lives--our shining star.
You brought us more joy and happiness than we thought possible.
You taught us compassion.
We miss you so--
But you will always be in our hearts.
Til we meet again.
Mommy & Daddy
Sue & Terry Taylor

Champagne Taffeta-Taffie, 01/27/87-02/18/03

Taffie girl you were my baby but I think you knew that. It's only been two weeks since you surrendered but I miss you terribly. There will never be another dog daughter that can take your place. Some may try to bring comfort but there is no comparison to the first true love. Your sweet trusting face, your short wiggly tail that never ceased and the unconditional love with a sweet disposition are the things I will miss the most. You are never far from my thoughts and your memory will be with me always. Love always Momma. P.S. Mamaw misses you too and had a good cry right in the middle of the bank when I called her as I held you in my lap.
Until we meet again.

Momma Terri

Chance, 07/02/02-11/30/03

I do believe that Chance was an Angel sent down from Heaven for a brief period of time to help mw get through a really tough time in my life.
He brought so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul.
For that, I am very thankful to have shared with him the year and a half that he was placed on this earth.
He will be greatly missed, but will always hold a special place in my heart.
For he was very loved!

Stephanie Oakes

Chance, 10/14/95-11/25/03

It hasn't been a week yet, Chance, and the pain of losing you is still so very strong. I struggle with going on each day and I know that it will be a very long time before I ever get over this. You went too fast and too unexpectedly. Maybe I knew something was going to happen cause we did have some good last things we did together. I have you in an urn on top of the Mantle, to remember you always. You and Bo Dog will have your ashes with me when I go. I have Josie and Jasper left here with me. They miss you so much. I don't know what to do for them. In time, I hope we will all heal soon. I know that they were your best friends next to me. I come home every day and they stand in the kennel and look up at me to see if I've brought you home. They are so quiet at times. I told them you said to say goodbye. You were a good girl, Chance. When I had to put Bo down eight years and five days before I had to let you go, I felt like God gave me a second "Chance" at happiness and a second "Chance" of giving and receiving the love of another Dog. And you did that for me, girl. I will never forget you! I just wish my heart didn't hurt so much. I love you Chance. And I know that someday when I cross Rainbow Bridge, that you will be waiting for me with a stick in your mouth and together we can run again and play on the shores together. Until then baby, you'll be in my heart-always. Take care of Bo for me, ok? I'll always be thinking of you.


Chance, 10/07/96-10/12/03

He was my best friend. My heart aches because he is gone.

Mitchell Spartman

Chance, 10/08/03

Beloved precious friend who I will never forget. You made me smile every time we met. You came to us from a dark place and bloomed in our light. We are so very lucky to have been granted custody of you for all these years. Run, play and be content at the Bridge while you wait for us. We WILL meet again. Until then - love, and all my thanks for all you gave.


Chance, 03/22/03

We were blessed to know you, even if it was only for the last year of your life. I know that you'll be waiting for us with the rest of the rescues at the bridge.

Chance, 02/03/03

You've been a good friend thru good times and bad. I'll miss you deeply. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge ! I'll be looking for you.

Don Korta Jr

Chance, 12/25/96-7/1/02

To most beautiful furrbaby in my life. I still grieve so deeply for you, I do not know how to get throe this. You are best, kindest and the love you had for me, I was so lucky that you just appeared in my life, You never left my side, I never knew a dog could be so totally loyal, but you are so apart of me, I cannot heal my broken heart, I cry for you every day. I will never have any one as close to me as you Chance. Thank you Chance for finding me. I wish so much you had not left me so soon, my world is so empty without you. I love you so deeply Chance, with my whole heart and sole, I which you were here so I could smell you hold and love you. Chance how do I go on without you?

Love always, Mom

Chance Endicott, 6/27/01-7/10/03

You were taken from us so suddenly; words can not express how much we miss you and wish you were here with us. We look for you when we walk into a room, and mourn the now vacant spot at the foot of our bed as we try to go to sleep. We will always love you, our baby, our precious "Doodlebug".

Chanel, 03/01/92-09/19/01

We love you Chanel. I am so sorry you had to struggle that last two weeks. You were a very loving & funny cat. We miss you very much and will never be forgotten. See you in heaven.

Your family

Chanel, 01/14/93-05/02/03

No es fácil decir adiós para siempre a aquellos seres a los que hemos amado infinitamente y de quienes hemos recibido gratitud, lealtad, compañía y muchos momentos llenos de amor y felicidad. No es fácil despedir para siempre a un buen amigo aun sabiendo que algún día , en algún momento de nuestras vidas nos volveremos a encontrar.


Gracias por haber aparecido en nuestras vidas, por habernos regalado años de infinita felicidad, por habernos dado de si lo mejor.

Donde quiera que se encuentren queremos que sepan que jamás habrá nadie que lograra borrar de nuestras memorias los mas bellos momentos vividos ya que por siempre perduraran latentes en nuestros corazones.

... Trataremos de no mirar hacia atrás porque es allí donde está el dolor de no tenerlos a nuestro lado, trataremos de no mirar el hoy porque es allí donde la nostalgia se apoderara de nuestro ser al no encontrarlos junto a nosotros y trataremos de mirar hacia delante, hacia un mañana porque será allí nuevamente donde Dios nos unirá para siempre...

Espérennos algún día en aquel lugar: El puente del Arco Iris y mientras tanto sean muy felices.

Por siempre este amor perdurara y nos mantendrá unidos. Con gran amor para ustedes... Papa, Mama y yo!

Chang, 11/89-04/23/03

Chang, you were such a loyal and loving companion. We love you so very much and know how much you love us. We miss you desperately! We are all struggling because of your passing. I continue our walks in the park because I find peace in those places we loved to visit. I feel your presence still and I need to continue to feel your presence. You are never absent from our hearts. Rest in peace Chang, rest in peace my best friend. We will be reunited and oh what a joyous day that will be!

Tina, Mike and Allie

Char, 01/90-06/12/03

For 13 years you graced us with your presence. Your quite, strong self. It's hard to believe you're gone. We will miss you laying in all your favorite spots. You're Chessie pal Kerry misses you also. It's really not the same on the boat with only one dog. I miss watching the wind catch your ear as you stood on the bow waiting to beach so you could swim. You were the best big black dog!! You raised both the brown dogs to be good & kind like you. You're with Sienna now and the two of you are swimming & playing I'm sure. We miss you old black dog. You were always such a good girl about everything. Treating your diabetes for 6 1/2 years you never complained about your shots & blood tests. Your kind gentle heart & soul is greatly missed but will never be forgotten. You will live in our hearts. We will look for you at the Bridge.
Love Eva, Dan & Kerry

Chardonnay St. Pierre, 01/11/85-03/05/96

Our light, our love. You were our teacher. The teacher of unconditional love, loyalty, understanding. You could not be bought. You taught thru example. We would have spent every cent we had in our pockets to keep you here with us, but that was not to be. We will unconditionally love you forever. You were/are a gift from God. Thank you for living with us.

Evelyn and Norbert St. Pierre

Charish Ann DeSanti, 04/15/90-4/26/03

Charish was and always will be my special baby, I love her so much. She has for the last 13 years of my life been my best friend, my light, my everything. Losing her is one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. She will always be in my heart. I always told her that she is the only one for this mom. I will love her forever and I thank God for putting her in my life. I know she will be there waiting for me to join her one day.
Charish I miss you soo much!

Charity, 04/90-03/21/03

To Charity
My best friend for 13 yrs. You were the most loving, special, beautiful, and understanding little furbaby I ever had. Your eyes were like the windows of your soul. We fought together to keep us together, but you were taken far too soon by cancer. I hope you are happy at your Rainbow's Bridge Residency. It is 6 wks. today(05/02/03), and I haven't stopped crying for you, missing you, and hoping for a sign from you.
I will always love you.

Charlee, 01/16/93-12/15/01

He was the best dog ever and is very sadly missed, we now live on a farm and I know he is with us in spirit

Joan Clinton

Charlemagne, 04/02/03

My sweet Mainie....It's been almost a year since you left us. I'm so very sorry I wasn't home with you when you went. We were sad for a while, but now we smile when we think of you. You ruled our domain with your funny "diva" attitude, and ruled our hearts with your sweet devotion. We miss you. I hope Dobber has found his way to you now, and that you were happy to see him again. You didn't seem to love him as much as he loved you sometimes, maybe you just didn't show it. But I hope you can comfort and love each other while you're waiting for us all to be together again. Please take care of each other and know that Mommy loves you.

Charles, 08/32/03

Charles was a brother, pet, best friend and hero to all who knew and loved him. We are all going to miss him very much but are glad that he has gone to the Rainbow Bridge where he will be able to play and be happy forever.

Aunt Donna

Charley, 2000-12/2003

Charley was a joyful, sweet standard poodle whose tail was always wagging. Our dog sitter called her Peter Pan because she refused to grow up!
What a wonderful dog.
We will miss her so much.

Susan Ryan

Charleton James (Charly) Thompson, 11/25/93-09/17/03

We love you forever Charly........always #1 in our hearts - always & forever.

Charleton Ludwig Christopher of Crissinger, 04/26/92-12/03/03

Charlie Bear, Sissy loves and misses you.
I keep going knowing I will see you again someday!
Life will not be the same without my Charlie bear!
I love and miss you,

* * * * * * *

Charlie Honey, Mommy, Daddy and Simon will never forget your loving spirit, your dear sweet face, your giving nature, and the love you spread to everyone you met in this world.
Please know that we miss you and can't wait to see you on the Rainbow Bridge!!!!
Love always, sweetheart.

Sharon Booher Wall

Charlie, 12/03/03

I Love you more than anything and I will miss you dearly! You were not only my puppy, but 'my little girl'. There will never be another 'Charlie'...ever! I will see you at 'Rainbow Bridge', my love... Visit me in my dreams. xoxo


Charlie, 02/03/03-11/21/03

We had so much fun with you Charlie.

Les and Pat Martin

Charlie, 12/08/03

Charlie was the last dog my parents got before I left home.
She was blessed with abundant love and care from my mother.
I am grateful to my mom for the long walks, brushing, removal of porcupine quills, after-skunk baths, treatment of hot spots and all around love she gave to Charlie after my father and I brought her home from the pound.
Most of all, I thank my mother for her sound judgment in keeping our dog.
When Charlie's former owner called saying they regretted taking her to the pound after their son did not keep up with caring for her, my mother was kind. She told them she was sorry and understood they now missed her, but was resolute in telling them that we loved Charlie and would not give her back.
My mother gave Charlie a wonderful life and we will all miss that girl.


Charlie, 12/09/03

I'll never forget the times we only had each other.
You traveled with me through more of my life than just about anyone. My prayer is that you are again young and healthy and beautiful as I will always remember you. You will always be with me.

Cheryl Webster

Charlie, 08/27/03

Charlie I miss you after many happy years together letting you go was the hardest decision but the right one. Rest in peace now.

Pamela Jones

Charlie, 04/11/03

Dear Charlie,
You my sweet were never a cat but and angle sent to help me at a very bad time. Now I'm better I believe God has an other job for you and that's why you have been taken. Thank you for guiding me to you that terrible night. I'm glad we found you and laid you in you’re favorite place. Good night my wee soldier. I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge; you’ll never know how much I love you and I thank you with all my heart for the Joy you gave. XXX

Susan McManus

Charlie, 03/12/98-11/28/03

Charlie was a best friend.
The best pet I could ever have.
I love you, Charlie and will miss you forever

Rebecca Miles

Charlie, 02/28/80-10/22/03

In loving memory of the other half of my heart and the only soul in this whole world I ever really cared about. Nothing or no one could ever replace you. You will be deeply missed, I love you and I will think of you always. Rest happily, my big bear.

Matthew D

Charlie, 01/12/92-11/15/03

Our dear Charlie who has left us to go to a better place, free of pain and sickness. You will always be in our hearts until we meet again.

Gill Dicker

Charlie, 11/01/92-02/12/94

We did what we did because we loved you. You gave a screech and flew happily across the bridge.

Angela Ryan

Charlie (Chaz), 05/24/01

Your passing left a huge hole in my heart. I think of you all the time and remember how truly loving you were and how I had never experienced such an unconditional love, ever! this world lost a beautiful treasure when you left it. I will never forget you my precious boy - be patient and wait for me at the bridge, I will be there someday to hug you and kiss your head again. I do not wish this heartache on anyone - be at peace my beautiful Charlie.

Sending you my love and arms to comfort you - mommy

Charlie, 09/13/01

Charlie we miss you - you are always in our thoughts - Love, Lisa, Kaleen and Kristy

Lisa Hodyl

Charlie, 10/28/03

I will always love and miss were my angel


Charlie, 10/27/03

Farewell, Charlie, a loyal and dear friend and companion. If she's out there somewhere, Champagne will greet you and guide you onward.

Karl-Heinz Hartmann & Family

Charlie, 10/27/93-10/27/03

We love you forever...

Gloria, Chip, Jackie, Chris, Nicole, Sam

Charlie, 08/02/92-28/02/01

To my proud dane warrior who will be never forgotten.
See you one day, my dane angel-

Carla Massazza

Charlie, 8/1/5-9/30/03

This is for my Char-Boy. He was only with us eight short months. Your owners wanted to put you down lie it was nothing. I couldn't let that happen. When you came to us you were sick but I never gave up on you. I hope you know that. I wish I would have know it was your last day buddy. It was so sudden. I hope you felt my last kisses on your face. Winston is helping, he kisses my tears away at night. I hope you are happy and health now. I love you boy. You were never just a foster dog to us. In my heart I knew you were ours and your last home was with us. We love you and miss you.
Jen, John, Lucy, Oliver, Winston, Sids, and Happy.

Charlie, 8/23/03

U may think that only humans can get cancer, but that's not true. My horse that I have had for 10 yrs, had a rare cancer in his jaw and mouth. And yes I thought that I would have him 4-ever..but as we all know that if there is no cure that the day would come when u have to make a big decision on letting him rest in peace with no more suffering....and on august the 23,2003,i let him go..And that is just like telling ur own flesh and blood good bye 4-ever..but the main thing im trying to say is ,I know it is hard to let a loved one go .but it is certainly better then seeing them hurting....and now he is the horse I had 2 yrs ago no pain and suffering.....I do so, still wish he were still here with me but I know that he is happy where he is right now frolicking with his stall mates that have also passed on....and I now for a fact he is watching over me .and I know he is and will always be my guardian angel!


Charlie, 10/23/91-07/25/03

Charlie passed away Friday, August 25, 2003 after living a wonderful life with us for 12 years.

We were together since he was 8 weeks old; he was not only our best friend, he was our loyal companion. Charlie was gentle and loving; always there during good times and bad.

I will miss Charlie for many reasons.

He was my alarm clock, waking me with his gentle voice or the touch of his cold, wet nose on my arm.

He was always trying to help around the house. He would help while preparing our meals, no food that dropped to the floor had a chance with him around.

He would always come in while I was blow drying my hair; I would do mine for about 2 seconds and he would get a few minutes.

He would try to help with the vacuuming, and would insist on becoming the vacuum himself.

He would treat us all like celebrities, welcoming all like he hasn’t seen them in years even though you just walked out of the house 5 minutes before.

He would climb on the couch for only 2 reasons… after his beautification visit to Claudette’s and when Mark was not home.

He had a remarkable awareness of fashion; he was always ready to join me for a walk when I wore pants, but ostensibly remained in his chair when I wore a dress.

But I think I will miss Charlie the most because he knew what time I would go to sleep, and he would escort me to bed, regardless of what others in the house were doing.

We are thankful for the years we had with Charlie, and our lives were much better for having him in it; we are all better people because of his unconditional love. No one could have asked for a better dog, companion and friend. It is comforting to know he is no longer in pain.

Renata Jablonski

Charlie, 05/19/90-04/20/03

Mommy and Daddy love and miss you very much!!

Charlie, 12/03/88-05/17/01

You were my best friend, and will always be in my heart & soul. I love you baby. 6 weeks later Sheba joined you, so I know you 2 are now together again and that eases my pain a little.

Maryann Staron

Charlie, 03/25/03

My precious boy, we all miss you. Oliver wants you to come snuggle with him on the snuggle pad. Lydia needs someone to play with who won't always win. I miss your snooternosing, baby. We all love you with all our hearts.


Charlie, 03/22/86-03/08/03

I just want Charlie to know that we will never forget him, he was the best cat ever, and that we will meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Eric and Julie Keats

Charlie, 09/97-03/18/03

Thank you so much Charlie for giving us your friendship, for always being a protector of the children, for making us laugh, for singing along with us, for being gentle with babies and especially for your love. We will miss you every day for the rest of our lives. Our home will never be the same. We love you.

Charlie, 07/04/88-02/15/03

To my beloved Charlie who in his old age, patiently tolerated the many foster dogs and puppies I brought into our home.

Carol Mielke

Charlie, 08/05/85-01/10/03

He was my best friend. I will miss him very much!!


Charlie, 07/87-12/30/02

Charlie brought a special love to our family. He was an atypical cat in that whenever you picked him up he was content to cuddle with you. Everyone in our neighborhood loved him. We put in a cat door and he left each day to make the rounds of the neighborhood, where everyone hugged and fed him. When my husband died, he went into a long mourning period where he wouldn't eat and wouldn't sleep in the bed where he had always slept between us. When I moved he was 10 years old and I had to make him an indoor cat. He adjusted amazingly well and used his new window perch to look out at the street. He ran down to greet me at the door, and was always available for hugs and kisses. His illness was sudden and fast moving. My children and I were devastated; they said they felt they had lost their baby brother. I am comforted in that we were able to peacefully say good-bye to him before he experienced the pain that we knew was coming. I am grateful that I shared 15 years with this remarkable, loveable cat, and hope that someday we will be reunited over the Rainbow Bridge.

Muriel G. Feinstein

Charlie and Lucky, 12/12/75-11/15/02

Mother and daughter together again at last.
Charlie Girl taken from us one horrendous night with a broken leg, long before the advancements in vet science could have saved you girl, I never had a chance to say goodbye and howled for a week at your passing. You were only 11. Your daughter Lucky was devastated too. Loved and missed and never ever forgotten.
For Lucky, you were ill for a long time, arthritis and all the other problems old ponies get, we did what we could and gave you as much time as we could, and one day you refused to eat, we tried everything and rang the vet. However you decided that you weren't going to put up with him one more time! You waited till I came home from work and you slipped peacefully away from us with your head on my lap and your friends Kelly and Ruby standing in the stable door. You are buried at home and we always greet you when we walk past.
My two beautiful mares, run together again at last and wait for me at rainbow bridge.

Love Sue, Kelly, Ruby, Shea, Val and George

Charlie Boy, 07/25/95-11/25/04

Charlie was a loving, caring, special part of our family. He will be greatly missed. He was the best protector that I have ever known. I will have to learn better safety habbits without my friend.

Brenna Nielson

Charlie Chambers, 12/04/89-09/30/03

This is a tribute to my very best friend my dog charlie


Charlie Chaquita aka Chickie, 03/12/03

Charlie was my best friend, my baby, my muse. Sadly missed.
Died after frightenly fast illness..liver lymphoma tumor secondary to leukemia.

Sharon Perrin

Charlie Martin, 06/09/03

Charlie was our friend, our companion, our child, our protector and a source of eternal joy. Our lives were so much better for having him in it. We were better people because of his unconditional love. We are thankful that his brother and litter mate Patrick is still with us and we ask that you remember them both in your prayers.

Charlie Mike, 08/14/03

To CM: we will all miss you and know that you will always be here with us in spirit. When we hear the jingle of a bell we know that you are there. You will always be in our hearts.

Everyone in your fanclub knows that you are in peace and that there is no more pain.

You will always be the "president"

Cathy, Steve, Gabi & Sam

Charlotte, 1996-2002

Charlotte, Callie's quiet daughter and Pudge's sister.
What a sweet girl.
A heart of gold and devoted to Callie, she loved me to sing "Hush, hush Sweet Charlotte."
I sing it to her now and know that she hears me.
I hope she's blissful and not scared anymore.

Marty Thomas

Charlotte, 03/22/03-09/27/03

My mother died on Thanksgiving Day of the past year. She was 45. I was a 21 year old girl who was not ready to lose my mother. I went into a deep depression and finally decided that getting a dog would help me tremendously. I had never had a pet and when I saw Charlotte she was only 2.6 lbs. I fell instantly in love. She helped me through the hardest time in my life. She gave me love when I lacked it the most. She was hit by a car outside my house yesterday and for a moment I felt the horrific pain that I felt when my dear mother died. Its only been a day without her and I miss her so much already. It was so great coming home to a happy little face every day. She was there for me when I needed someone the most. I thank you for that, little girl. You are and will always be my princess. It comforts me to know that my mother is enjoying your presence right now. I know you will be well taken care of. I love you, Charlotte. Mom, make sure you put the blanket over her face when she sleeps. That's the way she likes it.

Charlotte, 07/10/96-08/13/03

This sweet kitty crossed the bridge today and we will miss her so much. She will now be with Yum Yum, Scalley, Sam, Rosco, Rosie, Heidi and Lucy and all our furbabies of years passed. We love you all.

Karen and Olivia Guerra

Charlotte (Balotta), 1983-05/31/03

Charlotte, better known as "Balotta", an Italian word for "ball", because she was a beautiful ball of white fluff,
died on Saturday, May 31. Born in late 1983, she was rescued from an animal shelter on March 31, 1983. She was the joy of my and my mother's life. Balotta was with me and helped me through my mother's death in Dec 1999.

She was a wonderful gift from God...thank you God for giving me this precious gift for so many years.

Sleep well.


Charlotte, 06/91-05/12/03

Today is for grief today is for sorrow
My black fur guardian angel has left me
Kneeling on her grave my heart feels so heavy
Only the light of candles until tomorrow
The humid black night surrounds my baby
Silence in the trees nature feels so empty
Love and despair tonight lingers in the air

Camille Nayrolles

Charlotte Amalie, 1999-2003

Ode to Charlotte Amalie - 1999 to 2003

Across the floor she twinkled,
sealpoint toes
effortlessly lifting and laying
their shadows across the floor.

Tiny pointed chin led the way;
Sapphire eyes demanded
a necklace of lapis lazuli
to match.

She was no more than
the whisper of the wind.

(c) Janine Law, 2003

Charlotte Amalie died suddenly on July 25, 2003, at four years of age, from kidney failure. From the time of her diagnosis to her death was only 72 hours. She is deeply, deeply mourned and missed.

Charly, 11/23/03

Siempre luchaste por la vida. Llenaste nuestros corazones de alegría y felicidad. Te extrañamos muchísimo. Gracias por todos los años que nos brindaste tu amor y cariño.

Claudia Sallés

Charlyminx, 23rd Dec. 2002

1 year ago on Dec 23rd you left us for a better place. You will never be forgotten Charly, and you will always be in my heart. Come Precious Girl.xx

Mary Parkinson

Charolais, 09/09/99-07/29/03

Dear Charolais,
It pains us deeply that you are not here with us. Your spirit is free and we will always cherish the short time that we had together. Only GOD knows why these things must happen. You much to young and we should have had more time together. The family, especially Michael will miss you terribly.

Until we are together again, you will be kept in our hearts and mind. We love you soo much Charolais.
Your family,
Audra, Bryan, Michael and Breanna

Chase, 07/97-12/04/03

We will miss you Chase forever. Forever our Good Boy.

Lina Lodico

Chase, 3/28/98-12/25/02

Chase you left us way to soon. You are missed very much by me, momma, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Sherri. We will never forget all the great times and laughs that you brought us. You were my first dog and no other dog will ever compare to the love I had for you. I want to thank you for giving me the four happiest years of my life. I would have done anything to keep you around longer, but your illness didn't allow it. Although it hurts not to have you by my side, it comforts me to know that your are not in pain anymore. I am also very grateful that I got to be with you and hold you in your last moments. Coming home or going up north will never be the same. But we will meet again one day and we will be able do all the things we used to do. Do not forget me as I will never forget you.


Chase Gamache, 11/03/02

Chase, Lil' Chase, was the happiest ferret that ever lived.
Chase's innocence was only surpassed by her passion for life and the tender parts of my legs.
Chase was truly a rescued baby, found in a distant place either discarded or lost.
My wife took Chase into our lives and dedicated herself to nursing our "baby" back to health time and time again.
Chase repaid her debt with love, affection and play.
In her twilight, Chase's body aged, but not her spirit.
When her time came, she had her three sisters at her side and her Momma watching over her.
Sleep now, Chase... Sleep.

The Gamaches

Chassis, 10/01/03

Chassis waited to hear her Mom's voice before leaving to join her friends on Rainbow Bridge. She was a sassy, and bossy little dog who brought much love and joy to all those in her 20 years of life in this dimension. She will be much missed.

Roxanne & Deloris Anderson

Chatito, 12/21/91-11/28/03

Sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll never know, puppy, how much we love you.
So please don't take our sunshine away.
Juntos siempre Chatito.....

Martin and Maria

Chay, 1990-07/19/99

Chay, our beautiful white boy! We adopted you and loved you until your time was on earth here was done. God wanted a special pet and he called you home. We miss you so very much! Still after all these years, we miss you so much! There will never be another you. Run and play and chase those kitties and we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge! Your "sister" misses you too!

Kiss our dear wolf, Mom & Dad

Chaz, 03/14/94-10/23/03

Our sweet boy, we miss you so much! Sophie keeps looking for you and so do both mommy and I. Rest in peace.

Lawson Chabot

Chazer, 02/14/86-01/19/03

A Tribute to my dog, CHAZER, who passed away on Sunday morning, Jan. 19, 2003 at the age of 17.

Chazer, you were my best friend, my favorite companion and my most trusting confidant.
You loved me unconditionally and you were always there for me when I needed you.
You were the cutest pup I've ever known and remained the cutest dog in all of the universe! You were so photogenic and I am so glad I took loads of pictures of you throughout the years. You not only meant so much to me, but to my sister Coreen, who was like another owner to you. And, all of my family and friends thought you were great, even though you were a trouble maker sometimes. Grandma loved you and was inspired by your spunk, energy and will to live. I was always so proud of you! You were a smart little dog and you were so strong and healthy for most of your 17 years of life. People were always amazed to find out how old you were, when they thought you were just a young pup. The vets said you were doing very good for your age. I am so sorry your heart got sick! But, your heart never stopped loving and I am so thankful for that.

You were very good for me, Chazer. You taught me what it is like to be a true friend.
You taught me to be responsible and to trust others. You taught me to enjoy life to the fullest and how to love unconditionally. I thank you for all of this.

We shared a love for the outdoors and had many great times together. Everyone is telling me that you had a good long life and that I was a good owner for you to have. I tell them that you were the best thing that ever happened to me. You became such a part of me and now I feel very empty and lost without you. I know you were in pain early Sunday morning and that you had suffered on other occasions. I am happy that you are at peace now, with no pain. I hope you could hear me and feel my hand on your head when you were leaving. I am sorry I wasn't next to you to catch you when you fell. Please forgive me!? I couldn't save you this time. I love you Chazer.... I miss you.... until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge... be good... stay out of trouble... Love your buddy, KESIA


I bought Chazer at the SPCA in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada back in Sept. of 1988. He was a year and a half old then. They had him in a little cage in the cat room, away from all the other dogs, because he wasn't neutered yet and was very hyper. I knew I wanted a little dog because I lived in the city. When I took him out of the cage he went nuts licking me and squirming in my arms. It was if he was saying, "Pick me! Pick me!"

It took me a few days to come up with his name. I called him "Little Buddy" while I tried to come up with something more appropriate. He was a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier Cross. I soon found out that he had a lot of energy and, surprisingly, a very deep bark! He was very tough and aggressive, but at the same time, cuddly and loving. I knew someone that had a German Shepard named "Chazer". My new dog was little, but he had an attitude. It was like he thought he was a German Shepard! So, that is how he got his name... Chazer!

Chazer had a good life with me. He loved to just be with me, no matter what I was doing or where I was going. This little dog has probably done more than most dogs could ever dream of. I am really into outdoor pursuits and Chazer was always my sidekick. He came with me when I went canoeing, camping, hiking in the mountains, mt. biking, quadding and even cross-country skiing. He did real good keeping up, considering he was only 8-10 pounds. He ran much faster than I ever could, but always ended up behind me because he had to stop at just about every vertical structure to sniff, etc. Most of the time he caught a ride in my back pack or in my saddle bag on my bike. If he saw me getting my bike out he would stand at the saddle bag and scratch at it, pleading to go with me. He hated to be left behind.

Car rides were one of his favorite things to do. He like going through fast food drive-thrus and sometimes he almost crawled thru the window and into the restaurant (greasy burgers smelled too good, I guess.) He hated Halloween and usually growled and barked at every little goblin that came to the door. He loved getting treats and would always sit pretty and shack a paw. Every summer we would go to Dairy Queen and he would get his very own soft ice cream cone (baby size, of course). His eyes would practically bulge out of his head when he saw his cone coming. He finished his quickly and would then beg for some of mine!! "What a "Crazy Dog!" I would always say to him.

Chazer loved his walks and usually went on three a day. Sometimes he would even break out of the yard and go on his own. (yeah, he was a trouble maker!) He got lost once, on a rainy day, and had me real scared. I found him, via the help of the radio station, at an identical apartment block a couple of streets over. He was having a good time playing with the household kids and another dog.

We always joked that Chazer had some cat blood in him because it was like he had 9 lives. There were several close calls where I could have lost him. Three weeks after I got him he was run over by a car. Luckily the tires missed him. I witnessed him come rolling out the back end of the car. That was horrible, but he came out of it fine, with only a bit of grease on his back. In his next life he was mauled by a big dog at the park. He came out of that one with the other dogs slobber on his neck. One day our house got robbed and we were sure he got hit or kicked by the burglar because he couldn't jump up on the couch for awhile after that. His worst accident of all was when he was attacked by a coyote in the summer of 1997. We were out mt. biking on trails within the city limits and a coyote lured him into the bush. All of a sudden I heard him yelping a terrible cry. I was off my bike in a flash and running into the trees, calling his name. I heard some rustling and saw him coming. He came right to me and plopped down at my feet, panting and eyes bulging. I bent to pick him up and he bit my finger... out of shock and fear. I had to wrap my sweater around him and bike him out of there to get help. He ended up with a hole the size of a dime in his side and some torn muscles around his chest and shoulders. The coyote had probably picked him up in his mouth and threw him. If I hadn't gone into the bush right away, one more bite probably would have got him. Chazer bounced back fairly good from this ordeal and still did stupid things like chasing cats and growling at bigger dogs. (that German Shepard attitude coming out in him) I was so thankful that I still had my little buddy with me. I wondered how many lives my little cat-dog had left??

Chazer's biggest fight was his one with degenerative heart disease. He developed a heart murmur around 1999 and was put on heart pills. We could literally hear his heart beating and feel the vibration when we sat close to him. It bothered us, but it didn't seem to bother him. He still had lots of spunk and energy. He continued to go on long walks, but the real hot days bothered him. Once in awhile, usually at night, he would pass out and have a seizure. After a few seconds he would be fine. This went on for a couple of years, happening sporadically. But, he always came out of it fine. He started to loose his hearing, but could see well and had his wits about him.

Chazer was in good physical condition throughout his entire life. Unlike most little house dogs who get fat, or get slowed down with arthritis, he never did. His vets in the later years were always fascinated with him. He continued to go on three walks a day and could still jump up on the couch and bed. Unfortunately, this past summer he pulled his ligament in his knee when he slipped on the wet step. He couldn't put any weight on it for over two weeks and then it gradually got better. However, he then needed a little stool to get onto the couch by himself. Our walks then became shorter, but he was still excited to go.

Chazer's condition worsened in early 2002 when he started to get a bad cough and had to go on water pills. They worked for a few months and then his cough got worse. The vet said his heart was enlarging and his lungs were getting fluid on them. Even then, he kept on living a fairly good quality of life. I took him for more car rides, just to get him out and about. We sat or laid together a great deal and I would pet and massage him. I thought his muscles must be sore from all the fast breathing and coughing. He loved the massages!! Some of my family members said I should put him down, but the vet never mentioned it and when I asked he said that as long as he wasn't delirious, or walking into walls, etc. that he would be okay. He said his heart condition will continue to get worse. I said I wanted him to die naturally at home with me, if at all possible. But the little guy just kept on fighting and was doing pretty good until this December. A few days before Christmas breathing became a real struggle for Chazer. He kept stretching his neck and had to sit up all the time. We went to the vet and he said his heart was enlarging and pushing on his breathing tube, making it difficult to get air. I took him home and loved him lots. He stopped eating and lost weight real fast. On Christmas day he felt better and was begging at the table for some turkey. He ate a little plate of all the fixings and for the next few days his breathing got better. After New Years he had a complete turn around and seemed to get back to normal. He started eating again, followed me everywhere around the house, and breathed easier. On the mild days I took him for walks, but I carried him, letting him down to do his jobs at his favorite spots. He walked a bit, but fairly slow. He was doing so good and wasn't even coughing very much. He even slept right through the night for 3 nights in a row. On Saturday, Jan. 18, he had a great day. He ate a lot, didn't sleep much, and followed me everywhere. But, that night he got up 3 times to go outside. Then around 5:00 in the morning he started breathing very fast and heavy. I sat with him for awhile and tried to relax him. Then I tried to go back to sleep. I laid there and listened to his wheezing and thought that I might have to take him to the vet. He was quite for awhile and then back came the heavy, fast wheeze. He was sitting on the living room floor and I was lying on the couch. He would get up and walk to the corner of the room and then to the other and then sit down again, like he was looking for a place to go. I closed my eyes and listened to him. Then I heard a thump and it was quiet. I jumped and went to him and he was lying on his side and he was still. I immediately began petting him and calling his name. He moved his leg and then took several very long deep breaths. I watched his little chest rise up and fall until it stopped. I put my head on his chest and listened to his heart pumping softly and quietly until it slowed to nothing. It was 6:30, Sunday morning, January 19th. It was sudden and it was quick, all over within 2 hours. I was shocked and deeply saddened. I cried like I had never cried before...........

I took Chazer up to Northern Saskatchewan where my brother lives. We spent a lot of time holidaying up there - walking through the woods, camping, swimming, etc. Chazer loved it there! My brother helped me build a box for him and then my 5 year old nephew, Kadin helped me draw pictures on it of things Chazer liked to do (walks, biking, canoeing, etc.) We had to leave him in the box in the garage because the ground is too frozen to dig a hole. I have a special place picked out for him under a spruce tree overlooking the lake near a trail we always hiked. I will be able to visit him there in the peace and solitude of the north country.

I know he is better off now, but I sure do miss my dog. May my little buddy rest in peace............... GOOD-BYE CHAZER!

Checkers, 03/23/98

The best friend that I ever had. I have missed you all these years. I will never be able to forget you my little Checkerdoodle!

Mary Ellen

Checkers, 01/01-06/30/02

My dear little friend, your life was way too short. A day does not go by where I don't think about you and how you made me smile and how you made me cry. You were a "once in a lifetime" cat. I knew that when we took you in and I still know that now. We miss you, "Checka-poo."

Cheddar, 12/15/03

Cheddar was my special boy. The bond he and I shared will never be repeated with anyone else. There will never be another Cheddar.
I love you and miss you, Handsome.

Cheryl Cornell

Cheeba, 07/14/89-07/11/03

Where does one start or how does one descibe the loss of your absolute best friend? When Cheeba was abandoned on me, I was happy because I had a dog - my very first. Sometime later, I was happy not because I had a dog, but rather, I had Cheeb. I took her to school, to class, to work and everywhere I went. Thanks to her, I hate a fur-seat in my car. She loved to hang out the window, mouth open, just taking in all the sites and sounds. She loved to just lay beneath my feet. Best of all, I loved to lay next to her. I miss her growling at me, teeth showing, wanting to play and wrestle. I miss her chasing squirrels. I miss her getting dog hair all over my girslfriend. I miss her chasing Sadie. I miss her going nuts for my father and girlfriend. I miss jogging with her. I miss taking her to the basketball court. I miss nuzzling my head in her next. I miss her smell. Most of all, as the time goes by, I realize I simply just miss all of her. She was a blessing - without disguise.

She developed a degenerative condition and could no longer walk in 2001. Thankfully my girlfriend found a company that sells doggie-carts (thank you, and found a cart for her and she was able to walk for over two years, using the cart, before she passed. When she was no longer able to walk, even with the cart, I carried her from room to room, and she still looked so happy. She had a zest for life that I have yet to see elsewhere.

Cheeb: I am so thankful for you!! I am so lucky for just knowing you. I miss and love you.

Bye baby-girl.

Mark H

Cheepers, 09/2003

Cheepers, I'm so sorry my sweet kitty. You and I made it through some rough times together, and you were always there to sleep next to me at night, or to cheer me up. And now you're gone. And we never knew what was wrong with you. The Dr. says it was all psychological, and there was nothing we could do, so we had to put you to sleep. I'm so sorry I couldn't have been there to say goodbye. Grandma and Grandpa loved you so very much, and I know they meant well. I just want you to know that even though I had to move away, I always missed you and wished you could've come along. I love you sweet girl, and I always will. See you on the Bridge - keep Seuss and KC company until we get there.

Cheeta, 07/18/03


You are a very special girl and we miss you very much. Go run and play with all the angels, do the things you were not able to do the last few years. We will always keep you in our hearts and know you are not far away. Please keep an watchful eye on us, you are our angel now and we will see you when it is time.
Love you always
Daddy and Mommy
(Kevin and Paige)

Cheetah, 09/25/03

Cheetah we love and miss you with every breath...You we're the most kindest, warm and caring companion a family could ask for. God has called you home, and you will forever be our "Nee-Nee". We will meet you at the Bridge. We love you..

The Raines Family

Cheetah, 10/06/00-11/30/01

Cheetah was a very special part of our lives. He was our gentle giant. He has since passed on from FIP. our hearts go out to all animals who have slowly passed on because of this deadly virus. To everyone, spend as much time with your pets, love them, hold them, talk to them, be part of their lives, and most of all, make sure they are a part of yours, because at some point they may be taken away. Treasure your pets in the time you have with them.

Cheetoh, 03/01/85-03/26/03

For 18 years he was a wonderful friend to me. He was always there when no one else was, always listened when no one else would and never cared what I looked like. I had a true friend in Cheetoh and 18 wonderful years with him. Though, I had to make one of the toughest decisions in my life, thus far, I know in my heart he is no longer suffering. I will miss him dearly, but I will always love and remember him in my heart.

--- Lamar & Rachel Singletary

Chelsea, 08/01/88-04/04/03

We loved you and miss you sooo much!!

CJ, Roberta & Corey Atkins

Chelsea, 01/08/86-12/01/03

An angel sent from heaven,
To be a big sister and friend to all.

Robin & Brian Sponaugle

Chelsea, 11/19/03

To my best friend - always there with an outstretched paw and wagging tail - in my heart forever.


Chelsea, 11/23/03

Prayerful wishes for my sweet crooked-headed kitty, who lead a long, long life and never complained. She was the essence of sweetness.

Jennifer Paire

Chelsea, 11/16/03

My friend through it all!

Rennie Finck

Chelsea, 11/13/92-10/10/03

My sweet little girl...even at 130 lbs! <VBG> The minute we rescued you three years ago I knew we had a special bond...our time together would be had come into our lives for a special reason...

Oh, we poured so much into you to get you as healthy as possible...and in return you gave us love and joy and laughter...and wonderful memories...

I know that Chelsea knew how much we loved and cared for her and in the end, when the decision was made to take her to the Rainbow Bridge, she welcomed and accepted our decision to let her go. Now she is free of any and all pain.

Thank you for three beautiful years :o) Love, Janet & Family

Chelsea, 12/01/92-09/27/03

Chelsea waited for me while I had a bone marrow transplant and was gone for 6 weeks... she was moved from house to house as I went through 2 divorces and several moves. I had just moved back to WV because of waiting on disability and Chelsea and I had not been back but less than two months when she lost her life. I had to live in Government housing and she had to live with my mom and dad "granny and papaw". She was the most wonderful person I ever knew and I will miss her forever. I blame myself for her death of kidney failure... for moving her so much and not being able to be with her 24 hours a day.

Paula Talbott-King

Chelsea, 05/28/87-09/02/03

I wish to pay a special tribute to my best friend Chelsea. You will forever remain in my heart, and I will miss you terribly. I love you baby girl.


Chelsea, 08/24/91-08/26/03

Chelsea, you were so loved and you are so missed. Your smiling face, wagging tail and gentle spirit will always be remembered. Thank you for so many years of devoted companionship and unconditional love. Our loss is heaven's gain.

Dave and Teri Thomas

Chelsea, 06/21/02-08/07/03

Our beloved Chelsea will long live in hearts and in our memory. Mom and Dad will always love you. We always remember the joy you have brought to our lives.

Kathy and Mike Normant

Chelsea, 10/10/90-04/10/03

A Happy Little Girl So Gentle And Kind We Were Proud To Say " She Is Mine" Love From Your Family

Chelsea, 10/85-07/28/03

chelsea, I love you so much and miss you beyond belief. you were my child, my best friend, my therapist; in other words, you were my everything. there is a huge hole in my heart that is almost unbearable, but I believe you are in a wonderful place and I believe in the rainbow bridge. take care, my precious chelsea. I will always love you. Amy

Chelsea, 05/12/91-06/24/03

I miss your kisses baby cakes

Diane M Cebula

Chelsea, 06/27/03

"He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh." We have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain, not because we did not love you, but because we loved you too much to force you to stay.

Chelsea, 11/22/88-06/06/03

Thank you, Chelsea, for sharing our lives the past 14-/12 years. You were a devoted, loving and very unique little dog. You will always be remembered for your funny personality.

Love always,

Your Family

Chelsea, 02/03/91-03/07/03

Chelsea, We miss you with all our heart. You were our first baby. We know that you knew we loved you dearly and will always miss you. You were so sweet and gentle. I will never forget how you always made us feel... even in your last days, you had the strength to comfort us by wagging your tail and licking our face... We will always love you for bringing such happiness to our family. Take care of Bonnie, she loved you too!

Cindy and Joe Schafer, Brian, Nicole, Ashley

Chelsea, 10/16/88-03/10/03

Chelsea was a wonderful friend for over 14 years. Through the bad and the good, she loved me with all her heart and I loved her with all of mine. I held her yesterday and made the choice none of us wants to make. She sleeps with the angels now.

Amy Petrus

Chelsea Bum Bum, 04/20/91-12/09/03

We had 12+ wonderful years with you and we love you so much!!!
We know you're still around us and that you will be with us forever, Chelsea Bum Bum.
Until we meet again...

Barb Evans & Pat McCarthy

Chelsea Lynn, 05/12/92-12/20/02

To Chelsea Dog, the best friend I could have ever asked for.
I miss you girl.

Chelsea Q-T-Pi of Camelot, 04/27/89-09/05/03

I very sadly and with tears in my eyes report to you the loss of my sweet Chelsea. On September 5, her last day, she spent the whole day with me in quality time, including a trip back to her favorite haunt of all time--to the famous Stone Bridge at Bull Run and on the National Battlefields in Manassas, VA, to take one more small slow hike over to see Stonewall Jackson on his horse and the Henry Hill House. When she was on the battlefields again, I could see how happy she was. She sniffed around the cannons and had lots of treats, including steak off the grill, yogurt, and other cookies. She became tired easily though, and I carried her most of the way. She died very peacefully and sweetly in my arms. She is buried on our property at a lovely animal burial ground amongst wildflowers and ferns. There have been many tears and I ache at her being gone, but I rejoice having had known such a lovely Tibetan Terrier who has brought so much joy to my life and to others. The sun was shining that day, and it was cool and fresh outside. When she passed, we were near a beautiful farm by a pretty fence...a rooster crowed a few seconds after she started her journey.

Her favorite place in the last year has been on a blue wingback colonial-style chair on a homemade quilt made just for her in her favorite room. She loved to sit and look out at the pretty gardens below. She gave me the opportunity today to assist her checking out of the "Earth Hotel" where she enjoyed many amenities. She allowed me the honor to accompany her to the front desk, drop off her key, and escort her through the lobby before she made her trip to The Rainbow Bridge. She did so with sweetness and dignity. She has brought many wonderful friends into our lives....beautiful and very caring fellow Tibetan Terriers, therapy dogs, other lovely breeds, and all their people.

Christine Gresham

Chelsey, 12/03/88-11/04/03

Chelsey truly taught me what unconditional love was about.
She was with me through an abusive first marriage when we had to hide.
When I met Billy she knew that she didn't have to take care of me anymore.
She had been doing that a long time.
Thank you Lord for my blessing.

Billy and Yvonne Coleman

Chelsey, 05/06/86-06/18/03

She was the most beautiful, loving cat we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Intelligent, kind and wonderful girl. Always eager to greet every visitor. Very healthy until the month before passing. She is missed by four children and Mom and Dad. Someday we will reunite....

Chelsey, 11/23/91-7/16/03

"Chelsaroni" or what Daddy would always call you his little "Chesee Lee", how we miss you. You were the little Rock that kept the family going and in charge of everything as you always desired. How loyal you were to us and always knew what we were feeling. It was so hard losing Joy and then to lose you just a couple months later has been more than I can bare, but I do know that you're much happier and not suffering any longer. Joy was probably waiting for you to play with again like you two used to. Sierra has been busy tending to Vinnie and teaching him the rules of the house, she has some pretty big shoes to fill now that you're gone! We will love you forever Chelsey, rest in peace my love until we meet again. Susie, Jerry, Kayla and your K-9 sister Sierra and brother Vinnie

Chelsie Lu, 01/08/03

Chelsie was an integral part of the family and will be missed. We will especially miss her "Wooooooooooo". We affectionately called her 'Tippy' because of her claws and the sound they made on our hardwood floors. She is in a better place. I thank God that she had been a part of my life!

Elizabeth and Jeremiah Colgin

Che-mok, 10/03/86-03/29/03

A Dog's Soul

Every dog must have a soul
Some where deep inside
Where all her hurts and grievances
are buried with her pride

Where she decides the good and bad,
The wrong way from the right,
And where her judgment carefully
Is hidden from our sight

A dog must have a secret place
Where every thought abides,
A sort of close acquaintance that
She trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly
And she cannot speak for herself,
Rebuked she finds within her soul
The comfort she must seek.

She'll live tho' she is unloved
And she'll serve tho' badly used,
And one kind word will wipe away
The times when she's abused

Altho' her heart my break in two
Her love will still be whole,
Because God gave to every dog,
An understanding soul.

I miss my baby girl so heart feels like it is breaking in two. I did not know true love until I met her.

Cherokee, 10/06/94-02/23/02

Cherokee was the most loving, understanding & wonderful dog a human could be owned by. He was always good and happy to see us no matter what time of day. He was our "Big Red Dog" and our lives will forever be richer for having had him. We will never be the same without him, he was a member of our family and a piece of us died with him last night. You will be greatly missed Cherokee, We Love you.

Jeff, Tammy & Josh

Cherokee and Harley, 7/20/2002&6/17/99

Mommy and Daddy miss you boys very much! Cherokee-Mandy is always at my feet knowing that is what you would want her to do. She still goes and sniffs your collar that I have hanging up and then goes and pouts. Harley-We have another boy like you, but he is not you. We miss you boys so much! Merry Christmas and be our "Guardian Angels" 'til we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge!
We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

Amy Kellogg

Chervil, 03/10/03

A very loved kitty passed on last night. I like to imagine him lounging in a water fountain for eternity waiting for his momma to join him.

Angel Vick

Chessie, 09/15/03

You fought a good battle and now the time has come to cross that bridge and end your suffering. You've been my loyal friend for 19 years thru so many good and bad times, how could I ever thank you. You knew how much you were loved and how much you will be missed and that was the only way I could tell you what an important part of our family you were. Your memory will live on in our hearts forever. We love you and miss you.

Dottie Craig

Chessie, 12/01/94-02/14/03

Chessie was beautiful and gentle. Her best friend was her dog Sinnamon, they were special buddies and Sinnamon is grieving. I too have lost a friend, my lovely and mysterious Chessie, Sleep well .

Lyn Stevens

Chester, 03/01/99-11/16/03

To our Chester.
We tried so hard to save you but it was just your time-we know that-but it doesn't stop the tears. You left too soon-much too soon. You were our first baby. Your daddy brought you home and you were so instantly adored. We found that you were lonely for a bunny of your own so we got Kieara. She had to leave us too soon. We know how lonely you were for her. Sydney and Hope came to cheer you up and keep you company. We knew that no one could take your girl's place and in the end-you were just too lonely for her. Keep each other safe. We love you so much. My little guy-momma's baby and daddy's big guy. We never knew it would be this hard to be without you. To still look for you every time we go look into the bunny room. We can still see you nestling in the hay pile. You are not lonely anymore. You and your Kieara are munching in a green field nuzzled together. We are so glad that you are no longer in pain and we are so sorry you had to go through that pain-we were trying to do our best-we don't know if we held on too long for our own need-we know you understand now. Just know that the sadness we are feeling is a testament to what a wonderful little bunny you were.

Take care Chester. We miss you so much. Give Kieara a kiss for us-for she too is still so greatly missed.
Love your momma and daddy-Hope and Sydney-Max and Dexter

Chester, 06/01/89-06/12/03 little booboo bear...

I miss your happy, shining eyes and black licorice nose every single day. We went through a lot, you and me, didn't we? Your unconditional love and loyalty saw me through the worst days of my life.

It was so hard to leave you with your grandparents when I moved last spring, and harder still to know that you were taken from this earth before I could bring you back by my side where I so dearly wanted you to be. It leaves a scar that will never heal. I'm so sorry my little one... I love you so much and hope I helped to make your life a happy one by rescuing you from the shelter 9 years ago.

I would give anything to hear your happy barks and see your beautiful coat flying in the breeze as you run in joyous abandon across the grass... I hope you're running in a new place now. Wait for me, I'll see you again one day, I promise.

Your loving mommy

Chester, 09/01/89-07/28/03

He was the coolest cat around and he let you know. He just loved his Lion cut and he had the coloring and attitude to pull off the miniature Lion. His whole personality was unique. He would play fetch or prance or just curl up next to you and give you love. We will miss you Chester! Give Rylie our love. She is up there waiting to guide you around and show you the ropes. We will see you someday soon! Love Daddy and Mommy.

Chester, 2002

It has been nearly 1 year since my baby passed away. Chester I miss you so much and think about you every day. You were so cruelly taken from me, you were only 7, only a puppy. We have just celebrated your 8th birthday, you should of been there. I love you with all my heart and u are with me always.

Chester, 07/07/03

Although you didn't live with me and I didn't know you very well.....I feel as though I knew you all of my life. The first time I met you, Chester, it was as though you were my instant friend and I fell head over heels in love with you! You had a zest for life and lived it to the fullest and you will be deeply missed. My heart aches knowing I will never see you again. God Bless You and Keep You!


Chester, 03/13/03

Chester - our beloved pet, friend, and member of our family. You gave us so much pleasure and comfort, and we miss you terribly already. You are in our hearts now and forever. We'll see you at the Bridge.
Laura & Marc

Chester, 03/10/94-04/23/03

Chester, you brought us 9 years of unconditional love & happiness. You were exuberant and full of life, and today our lives feel empty without you. Thank you for your companionship and love. We will miss you greatly, but when our pain begins to fade, I know we will feel you all around us again. We will meet you again one day, at the Rainbow Bridge.

Julie Amundson

Chester, 04/04/92-02/01/03

Chester, you were the best dog anyone could have. You gave us pure joy and love, you have touched our lives in such a way that you have changed us for ever. Please know that we are at such a loss without you, our family will never be the same. You will never ever be forgotten, memories of you are everywhere in our house. Thank you for the love and devotion you gave to us all. We love you with all our hearts, now and forever. Miss you always! Love Mom, Dad, Vanessa, Ashley and Adrienne

Chevy, 05/10/93-12/21/03

To the My Best Friend in the entire world.
You have given us 10 great years and you will live on in our thoughts and hearts, we miss you terribly and we know that you are at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us.
We love you and miss you!

Galen & Sylvia

Chevy, 12/01/88-09/08/03

Chevy, we still can't believe you're gone. You were so special to us and the family. You gave us so much joy and love, precious things we'll never forget. I believe you knew we loved you, too, because on the day before you left us, my mom looked into your eyes, and you stared back as if to say...thank you for loving me. Chevy, we miss you terribly and your memories will remain in our hearts forever.

The Smith, Ramos and Johnson family

Chevy, 11/25/89-01/01/03

Thank you for being my very special little boy, who has given me so much happiness and joy for the past 14 years.
Your funny little squeeks and your "sort of purrs" gave me comfort.
I still avoid stepping near your bowls that are not there anymore, and I still catch a glimpse of you in the corner of my eye, but only to learn that its just a grey shadow.
Baby, FIV caused your body to not fight other badies, and if only I had been a better mum, you would not have gotten it at all. You were and still are my world little fluffy face. I love you...
Very sadly missed.

Mum x x

Chewbacca, 02/18/01-09/13/03

The best dog anyone could ask for...he was too young to go.

Greg and Melody Woods

Chewbacca (Chewee), 2000-4/1/03

We got you from the Humane Society; you were a "second chance" boy.
Into our home you brought so much laughter and joy!
We named you Chewbacca or Chewee for short.
You were always such a good sport.
Although you were only in our lives for a short while,
A big goofy boy, you could always make us smile.
With your big floppy ears, and your tongue that flapped in the breeze.
Always playing and doing just whatever you pleased.
Running around the yard, or chasing after your ball.
Or just lounging on the couch, or doing nothing at all.
You were always so loving and so very sweet.
Especially when trying to con us out of an extra treat.
Your soft, fluffy coat was a reddish gold.
Your personality was so loyal and bold.
We miss the warmth of you snuggled up by our side
How excited you were whenever you got to go for a ride.
On April 1st Two Thousand and Three
We had to let go and set you free.
It's ironic, a real cosmic joke one could possibly say.
A clown crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, on April fool's Day.
We held you as we said our final goodbyes.
There were tears in everyone's eyes.
As you were drifting away
I selfishly wished you could stay.
But, I know you are in a special place.
With a big, goofy smile pasted upon your face.
Playing with the ones who went over before
Your spirits mingling together; as over us they soar.
Watching over and protecting us until again we meet
And, are again able, to hand you a treat.
Until that day we are never that far apart
For we keep you close to us in our heart.
Kisses and tail wags, a life filled with joy
Thank you for being with us our special boy.

Chewey, 12/18/03

Chewey you will always be in my thought's and have stolen a piece of my heart.
I miss you and I will always love you.

Annette Albert

Chewey, 09/15/98-03/10/03

You really WERE special, so smart so beautiful so loyal, and at the end SO brave. We owe you much and will never forget.

Helen, Holly, Chris

Chewy, 06/17/88-03/06/03

My sweet and easy going little guy. A loving dog that will always be loved and missed.

Dottie Wilkerson

Chewy, 11/16/91-02/05/03

You were a wonderful friend and we are going to miss you so much. My heart is breaking without you here but we know you are running and playing with diggy now and eating all the snow you can find!! We are so happy for the 12 years we spent together and we will spend to rest of our lives loving and missing you. We love you


Cheyenna, Adopted 2002-06/18/03

My beautiful Cheyenne was a joy to be around (even in her moods).
I wish I had known that you had gotten out--I am thankful for the neighbor who had come to your rescue even if it wasn't in time to save your life.
I will always feel the guilt of your passing and know that when it's my turn to leave this world, you will be there to bring me joy again.


Cheyenne, 05/30/96-12/25/03

To our gentle giant we miss you. There will be a place in our hearts for you now and always.

Fran and Pat Miller

Cheyenne, 06/10/97-11/08/03

Cheyenne, You were the baby of the family. You couldn't wait to get your daily scratches and hugs. I hope you are warm enough in heaven without your quilt. Wait for daddy and me we cant wait to hug you again.

Wayne & Patty Haworth

Cheyenne, 10/20/03

We have lost a wonderful dog this week. Our hearts grieve.

Peggy Zurn

Cheyenne, 12/17/96

My Cheyenne girl was more than a dog to me, more than a possession or something to brag about. She was always near when I needed comforting, that famous Husky grin upon her playful face. If I stayed in bed when she wanted to go out she would shove her nose into my face and sigh heavy, if that didn't work she would jump up on the bed and falling down sideways roll her head back then pedal hard with her paws. That got us up.

I miss that head cock she would give me as I went out the door without offering a treat. I soft woo woo of reprimand as she gently took the offered treat. She would often talk to my husband or I, it didn't matter what it was about, she knew what she wanted to say and we became fluent in "Huskese". She also loved to curl up in the corner of the couch when one of us was sitting on the other side and go to sleep.

She is missing, slipped her collar and no one has seen her since. I only pray hard that whoever has her is treating her with all the love they have as she deserves it and so much more. If they see my flyers, I pray too that they return her to me, she is on medication and going blind from a hereditary disease.

My heart aches, I am weary from looking and I can't stop the tears that come at any time. How does one cope when they have no closure or don't know and may never know?

Karen Attanasio

Cheyenne, 04/17/90-06/30/02

She was my "baby girl" and love me extra special.

Lenora Johnson

Cheyenne, 02/09/98-06/02/03

Dear Cheyenne,

I fell in love with you the minute I saw you. You brought so much fun and joy to our home. I am so lost without you and it hurts so bad. I hope you know I did not want to let you go but when you were diagnosed with HD at 4 months old I kept you and made you a promise. You remember I am sure as I told you many times as we laid on the bed together snuggling. I would do everything possible for you and take care of you but I also promised you I would not let you suffer. I knew your life could be cut short but I never could have prepared myself for that. I was devastated last year when the DR said you would not be a good candidate for hip replacements. I knew that was the only hope to fix you. You were giving me little signs and I just did not see them. I had no idea what a high pain tolerance you Mals have. Please forgive me if you did any suffering. I hate myself and will live will the guilt forever of not staying with you while you went to sleep. I think though it would have killed me but that was selfish for me to think that. I know the night before when you stayed awake with me all night you knew. I did get to tell you good-bye and I hope you know I love you with all my heart. It hurts so bad not to have you but I knew in my heart what was right for you. I do not blame you for anything that took place. I understand now you were trying to tell me something. We all love and miss you and I will take good care of Sambo.

Mommy Linda, Daddy Steve, Sis Jenna & Amber and the little one Mariah. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

"I know I will see you again one day with brand new hips and we can run and play again."


I found it so difficult to let you go today, on the outside you were your happy self, and I know that you did that for me. You were always my "Chippy" always there for me when I needed a hug and a kiss. You were so good at making sure you kept everyone in place. I will miss coming home to your wagging little tail and your circling dances. Thank you for giving me 10 years of unconditional love and today I did what was best for you. I never wanted you to have a bad day, because you never let me have one. Run and play with vino and the day will come when we will all be together again. Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with. You will always be my "Princess"
I love you,

Chibbie, 08/25/03

My Beloved Chibbie:

Letting you go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do even though I knew there was no other choice. For 16 years you gave me unconditional love and sending you on to the Rainbow Bridge was my last and only way to show you that I loved you in the same way. You brought sunshine to many cloudy days. I miss our conversations and yes, even your little back talking. There is a whole in my life but you will forever be in my heart. I know that you are playing with Bandit and Whiskers now and feeling like a little kitten again. I miss you every day and long for the day we are together again.

Love Forever,

Mommy, Daddy, "Deion", "Blaze", "Sammy Cat" & "Booter Boo"

Chica, 06/04/98-10/28/03

Chica, I hope you know how much you were loved, and how much you'll be missed. You'll always been in our hearts. We'll always miss our little girl.

Momma & Daddy

Chi Chi, 07/27/94-09/06/03

You are our Princess and Always such a little lady-Thank you for coming into our lives and loving us unconditionally! You were so Brave and such a hero and We Love You so much! God needed a special angel and he chose you. We miss you so much and so does your little baby and your Mom! We think about you every second of every day and I cannot wait until we see each other again - Then it will be us together forever! We love you Beautiful Girl! Your little eyes always so bright when you see us and sleeping under the covers we will never forget! Until we meet again - Love You XOXOXOXO

Mandy, Kathie and Billy

ChiChi, 03/10/92-6/10/03

Our ChiChi passed away very suddenly of congestive heart failure. We loved her so, so much. She was six pounds of pure love and joy to those who loved her. We took her love for granted--thought she'd be with us much longer, and now how I wish I could hold her in my arms again and see her smile (yes, she could smile--I'm sure of it!) The Rainbow Bridge story is sweet and how I do hope and pray that it is true! My heart aches. I love you, ChiChi.

Chi-Chi Gathing, 01/15/03-11/12/03

I miss the way she would be waiting on me when I come home after work jumping on me and kissing me ,the way she would sit at the door in the morning when I would to come to work, I would wave goodbye to her and she would put her paws on the window as to tell me bye also. and the way she would sit in the kitchen while I cook dinner everyday waiting to see if I'm going to give her something or not sometime I would my family thought I was always feeding her . and the way she would follow me around the house sometime she would catch my back leg with her two paws and I would fuss at her in a fun way. I miss her sleeping next to me at night are if I'm just lying in bed watching tv, I the time she layed across my back with her two paws hanging over my chest that was the cutie thing you ever saw. The way she had me running from the front of the house to the back trying to take this bird she had caught in mid air I was so mad at her I didn't think that was normal but her vat said it was. So I felt bad about fussing at her I just miss chi chi so much. I've cried everyday and night since it happen .I just want my chi chi women back .I'm trying so hard to find some comfort my heart hurts so bad, I find my self calling her from time to time. I loved her so very much my first pet of my own. was!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela Mullins

Chichi Marie, 12/03/03

We will miss her always, our little Chichi.

Tara Suzanne Pena

Chicken, 04/19/99-04/07/03

Dear Chicken,

I sit here today missing you so very much. My heart is broken. I keep looking out to your chicken condo to look for your beautiful reddish orange and white self. I did not realize that every time I look out the kitchen window that I look for you, until today and see that you are gone.

I never knew that I would love you as much as I did. When I took you on as a baby and you were paralyzed from the neck down I was not sure I could pull you through. The vets did not know what was wrong. Some people told me to give up. I turned you every few hours and I hand fed you your chick starter. I would also do your chicken physical therapy and bicycle your legs and move your body so you would not atrophy. For three months I did this and you were always a happy and cheerful girl. I will never forget that first morning when I opened up the horse trailer where I would have you spend the night and found you perching! It was an honest to god miracle. You got bigger and stronger. You had your grown up feathers and we finally knew you were a girl. I had been calling you CHICKEN so long I decided that would be your forever name.

We built you your Chicken condo, right outside the kitchen. When the weather was bad I would put you in your smaller cage and bring you in the house. I never let you spend time out in in climate weather. I told everyone you were my "personal" CHICKEN ! I would brag about you to everyone. I would have them meet you because you were the most personable chicken in the world. I was so very proud of you! Every morning I brought you your treats and every afternoon you got your veggies like my indoor birds.

Just this last Saturday I showed you off to some other friends and told of your story. I can not believe that just a few days later you are gone. You got sick so fast. You died while I had the vet trying to help you. I did not even get to hold you and tell you goodbye. The doctor said you had some kind of an internal tumor which is why you went so fast.

Oh CHICKEN, I will never forget you. I will never forget how you would run to your gate when my car pulled up, or how you followed me and made your chicken noises when I talked to you. You were a huge part of my life for these short four years.

I love you my CHICKEN.

I pray that you are with my other kids and my dad and that I will see you again one day.

You were not just a chicken, you were my CHICKEN, and most importantly you were my love and my friend.


Chico, 10/24/03

Go, my angel Chico
to meet your friend of not too long ago.
Webster is waiting for you
with open paws and heart.
He will cradle you like I did,
love and care for you always.
I will miss you angel Chico,
and remember you forever.

Thank you, Sue Hynes

Chico, 09/06/88-04/27/03

My friend ! Thank you for the special moments that we shared. You were my constant companion for nearly 15 years ! Wow! What you taught me ! From you, my child, I learned what unconditional love is . You were so truly my "love bug." I know that you are bringing to Rainbow Bridge the love, loyalty and humour that you shared with Phil and I while you were with us. If I had to do it all over I would choose you again and love you even more (if that was ever possible!). You left so suddenly and I am so grateful that you didn't suffer and that I was with you! Find peace with my mom and dad and be assured that I will be with you again one day....and we will run and play forever across the B ridge. Until then , my friend I will be with you in spirit...every step of our journey!
Love, Your Mom, Gail

Chico, 08/94-05/23/03

Chico was my Moms dog. She had him for 8 years. She got him after her husband died. Chico had cancer and had to be put down. We miss him a lot.

Connie Ratajczak

Chico, 07/01/01

One mad, crazy and independent-minded pooch who will always be missed. Got him when I was three, lost him when I was 19.

Mandy Jane Todd

Chief, 02/28/89-12/16/02

Chief was the most wonderful of all dogs. He had unconditional love for all of our family and was always there for us, almost in a super-human way. He will never be forgotten, and he will always be loved and missed. It is hard to imagine life without him.

Barbara Renicker

Chief Wylie, 6/89-9/11/03

We will miss our little Poi-doggie boy from Hawaii, who always loved us unconditionally, loved all people and was always a very good dog!

China (Aka Baby Girl), 06/10/92-10/09/03

I was there when she entered this world and I was with her when she left this life. Throughout the years we spent together she was always my special friend and confidant. She was there when I came home waiting for me with a quivering body and tons of kisses. She never judged me or made me feel unwanted. She was friendly with every person she ever met and was especially gentle with children or any small animal. She seemed to understand everything I said and loved going for a car ride or a walk in the woods. She will always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget her. She was always able to make me feel better no matter what the problem was, or how bad my day had been. I miss her so it breaks my heart. I pray to God that someday we will meet again and never be parted. Good bye for now my little friend, my babygirl.

Scott Carey

China, 04/18/03

We knew you for only a short time, but you touched our hearts so deeply. We will always miss you and love you.

Mommy and Daddy

China Rose, 06/08/89-06/30/03

You were the best friend I ever had or will ever have again.
Your sweet face and chowling smile won me over at age 6 weeks.
You came into my life with ever ending kisses and love to give to all. For 14 years you were my constant companion in good times and in times of illness you were always there to peek in on me or to lay at my side as if we were one.
I cared for you with all my heart and love as you did for me. I know you are feeling no pain and can run and play as you did as a pup. My heart lives for the moment we can be together again forever in time and to never be separated again.
I know your with Gizmo and Katylyn and will watch over them like you always have in the past.
You are my heart and my life! I love you China Rose.
Love Maribeth

* * * * * * * * * *

China Rose, My best friend, The holidays are so sad without you. You made my life complete. You are at a better place and I know we will be together again some day. You have my heart with you forever. Mary

Chin Lei Ling, 04/21/87-10/03/03

I miss my Chin Lei so much.
He was the sweetest, most lovable pet anyone could want.
His sister, Sebastian, Chihuahua misses him too.
She hides her treats thinking he will find them.

Peggy Dankowsky

Chinook, 08/09/90-01/26/03

Agood dog ~ rescuer of kitties ~ walking companion ~ gentle Malamute

Phil Mason and Catherine Garrigus

Chip, 12/23/02-11/15/03

I will always miss you Chip.
my life will never be the same without you.
I will love you always.

Jennifer Paulding

Chip, 06/20/93-10/07/03

For Chip Aka Cookie Max's Gold Chip June 20,1993-October 7, 2002JUST A BUD When all is said and done, there was only just one Chip was always there at the end of the day and ready to play No matter the mood, willing to go the extra mile to make you smile Someone to confide in and share your thoughts as time went by No words necessary as he rested his head on your thigh Thinking life was good, and never asking why. Times passes, and so do all things dear But even with age, the memories will always remain clear There is a certain bonding that is very rare And while you can’t put your paw on it you know that it is there. So as we go on without that extra light in our life We look down at our new bud, Bear, and know that Chip is still near. Love Dad

Chip, 06/20/93-10/07/02

Dear sweet Chip, I still have trouble believing you've been gone from us for 1 year. Why do I still feel your presence yet when I reach for your soft head it's not there? I still see you strolling so casually from the room at the vet to go for your bath--why didn't I hug you just one more time? How could we know that in just a little while that unseen tumor would rupture and you'd be dead in a heartbeat, never to hug us again. How I wish we'd had just one more hug. You care of us for you and is easing the loss like I know you would have wanted. But you're still my boy and my heart still breaks when I think of you. It's comforting to think of you there, at the Rainbow Bridge, with your big brother Nik, his sister Tasha and her brother Baron. I'm sure you're happy together waiting for us to join you. And I know when little Breezy arrived so suddenly you were there to protect her and watch over her. She was so tiny and her time on earth so short, but so very special was her place in our life and I know it was your doing. You will always be in our hearts. And on the 7th, I'll take your ashes out to the lake Huggies from your Mom

Chip, 7/29/00-5/19/03

Chip was in our lives a very short time and taken very quickly by cancer. Just under 3 years old he brought untold love and happiness to our lives and to all he came in contact with. He was a special being.
He passed today, quietly and with dignity, his daddies held him until his last breath was taken.
Chip is survived by his mother, Gidget, who he was fortunate to have spent his short life with. His two daddies, Michael and Gerard, who have broken hearts but are comforted that he will no longer suffer any pain or suffering.
He will now be able to run and play for eternity. We love you with all our hearts, Chippy!

Chip, 10/07/92-04/02/03

Dear Chip.
I just wanted to let you know that I miss you since you left me. I also wanted to say you were such a sweet bird. You never caused me any trouble. In your early years you were a great friend to Casey. After Casey passed on you became great friends with Kelby.
I had no idea you were sick, since birds hide their illness so well. When I realized you were sick, I rushed you to the vet, but you passed away just as we got there. I know that Casey and little Birdy Bird were at the Rainbow Bridge to greet you and the three of you are having a great reunion. I also know you can see everything you want to see since you will have had your blind eye restored to you.
Take care of each other and I'll be looking forward to reuniting with the three of you someday.
You were a sweet bird and missed very much.

Love, Mom


Chipper, 09/17/03

Dear Chipper,
Even though you were only here for a short time, you have a special place in my heart. I miss you so much, little baby. I love you and I won't forget you.

Chipper, 1/25/98-05/08/03

Chipper (a/k/a "Doodle Bug") was born on 1/25/98 and went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 8, 2003. He was, without a doubt, an angel in a golden retriever suit....and he is so sorely missed.

I had the honor of fostering this beautiful boy during his final months on earth. Never have I known a creature who, as a dear friend so aptly put it, "always saw the glass half full." In spite of all the pain he must have endured prior to coming into Rescue, he never stopped grinning, spinning in circles, or wagging his tail.

We miss you Doodle Bug...Godspeed, and see you on the Other Side!

Chipper, 03/86-03/04/03

Chipper was a loyal and loving pet. He always gave love 110% of his life.
There was never a moment where he would be there to ease my pain or comfort me when I was sad.
Chipper was very unique in his own sweet way. His tongue was always the laughing moment at any given time, either it would be sticking out at command or sticking out when he was asleep. But neither less he was LOVED by his family and anyone that had contact with him.
Chipper we love you sweetie and your family misses you dearly. Rest now "puppy" cause you're no longer in pain. You will always been our hearts......FOREVER

Teresa Mitchell

Chipper, 12/20/95-02/08/02

To my best friend whom I miss so much-your trusting eyes, unconditional love, and calming presence! Chipper, I love you and miss you always!

Terese Raines

Chipper and Nadja, 2003 and 1997

This tribute is for my friend Melanas kitty Chipper and my baby girl dog Nadja.
Chipper passed away last week and will be sadly missed. He was only 3 months old but his light will always shine.
Nadja lived 14 years and she was a yorkie. She was my baby girl dog. I miss her.
Like I told my friend Melaina, they only came here to show us how cute they were. An animal love is wayyy to precious for this world. Nadja and Chipper are needed more in heaven.

John Scott

Chippy, 12/04/90-07/04/03

I miss you so much Chippy, you were No more pain, my darling. I will never forget you and what such a special puss cat. a wonderful friend you were. xxx xxx

Chips, 4/1/90-9/26/03

Chips was a prince among dogs..he loved his family as sibling, comforter, confidante, soccer player, snack grabber, bird chaser, referee. He seemed to know there was sadness long before he saw or heard the sad person. He knew when the car was at the corner even when it was our daughter coming home from college for the first time. He sat up with me, an insomniac, night after night with a paw on my knee. He had a wisdom in his eyes that made us know he understood. We loved him. We miss him. He left us less than a month ago due to a cancerous tumor, but he will be with us forever. We were blessed to have him in our lives.

The Solstads

Chips, 01/05/92-03/20/03

What a good dog you were. The hair you lost in the house seems trivial at this time.
We took Chips to the vet thinking we could make her better but was not to be today. Her stomach problems for the last few years were catching up with her.
We will always love her.
Jim & Peg

Chiquetta, 08/06/02-08/13/03

Chiquetta was a very personable bunny who loved to cuddle and give bunny kisses. She was as loyal a friend as any dog and will never be forgotten. I miss her every minute of every day.

Amy Tiller

Chiquita, 04/02/85-01/04/00

Hello Chiquita,
Today we thought of you. Your sister Daisy was laid to rest and is going to join you. We hope you will both be happy and know that we look forward to being with both of you again in the future. We love you and we sure do miss you. We hurt inside without you, but look forward to being back with you soon. Bye Sweetie, Your family

Chiquita Rosa, 01/08/01

A sweetie she was.

Debbie and Merrell

Chiti, 10/10/00-07/13/03

Rest in Peace my sweet, sweet Chiti. We miss you, we will love you forever. Until we meet again, my Neena linda. Mami Eshie

Chloe, 17/12/03

Our darling Chloe, such a sweet and precious girl. We miss you so much. Your passing was such a shock to us all. We all love you so much darling. God bless you always. You will be loved forever. Your loving Mum, Dad, Lauren, Winston and all our other babies in heaven xxxxxx

Chloe, 12/26/94-12/09/03

Chloe was the most special friend we have ever known. She will be remembered and missed eternally.

Kelly and Olivia

Chloe, 06/87-01/08/01

Chloe, please know you are still in our hearts.
You always will be.
It will soon be three years that you have been gone.
Everyday I sense you are still here...Our Che senses you too.
I miss you terribly, what a sweet precious pup!
I love you Chloe.


Chloe, 2002-2003

Chloe, you were and always will be my special little girl. I watched you enter this world and I was there when you were leaving for a better place. We will all miss the sounds you made and the way you looked at us all filled with love. We love you so much and even though your last days were hard I wanted you to leave this world like a human being when your time came. You will never be forgotten. You will always remain in our hearts. You may not be here with us physically but I know you are with us in your special way. Be happy my little angel you are now at peace, you will always be in my heart till we meet again.

Love Mommy

Chloe, 06/16/03

To the best friend I have ever and will ever have. I miss you every single minute of every single day. Baron still goes to your corner looking for you. Till we meet again sweet Princess.

Kimberly Barlow

Chloe, 02/01/97-08/19/03

Chloe (Moo Moo) ~

My angel, my light, my love, my world, my best friend. The memories of the six years we shared will always be treasured in my heart. I will never, ever forget you. I love you now and forever. Safe journey my little princess.

Maree-Louise Quay

Chloe, 6/27/02-7/20/03

Sweet loving companion and friend, I will always miss you.

Denny Ferguson

Chloe, 7/15/87-7/9/03

Chloe was such a sweet cat. She lived a long life but in the end she was very tired and needed to rest. Chloe gave unconditional love, companionship and loyalty. She joins her sister Ping who passed away on 2/2/98. We miss her very much and will always remember and love her.

Amy Lee

Chloe, 03/22/'90-04/18/03

To our Sweet Chloe,
How we miss you, our "Honey" pup! You were a most extraordinary dog in so many ways. You were smart, loyal, sensitive, curious, playful and loving beyond all. We will never forget all the car rides, ice cream sharing and ball playing that we did through the years, and of course "playing Piggy". I knew you were special the very first time I held you. That proved out even more with your lifelong demand of being held like a baby. Now you are at Rainbow Bridge with your sister, Camille, and no doubt chasing after all the cats! All our love to you, Chlo pup, until we meet again!
(aka Sandra Evans)

Chloe, 07/05/97-07/05/03

Hey sweet baby,

From the moment you rode home on my lap the day I picked you out, all scrawny and rumpled looking but the most adorable thing in my eyes, and you purred the whole way home and tried to crawl in my shirt to get closer to me, I loved you so much. You grew into such a happy, healthy, clever, eager-to-please, trusting, tidy, funny, playful and thoughtful cat, I never imagined you would have to leave so suddenly after only 6 short years. I kept hoping it was all a bad dream, and that when the alarm clock went off and I hit snooze enough (you knew how many times), you would hop on my bed as usual and it would all be OK.

The last day we spent together was so important to me. I knew you were going away and it was one of the saddest days of my life, but I was so glad to be with you and so thankful that you got to hear all the nice things I wanted to tell you. I didn't know about the Rainbow Bridge, but when we went out on the porch and I saw not just any rainbow, but a huge bright double rainbow across our entire courtyard, I knew it was not a coincidence and I knew you would be taken care of. I am so sorry for any suffering you went through that I didn't see, you were always such a sweet baby and you didn't deserve such a rough time. You took care of me when I was sick or upset, and I know you knew how upset I was when I realized how sick you were but you were just so worn out you couldn't do anything but look at me with sad eyes. You were my pillow to cry on when I needed you, and you were always on my pillow in the morning. You were simply amazing, and losing you has broken my heart. I will miss you always. You were the best.

Love and kisses, Your mommy

P.S. I will take care of Marty & the rest of your little mice until I am ready to find another kitty who needs love and can take care of them, but no kitty will ever replace you.

Chloe, 12/18/90-06/21/03

Chloe was the best thing that ever happened in my life. She was a brave and dignified lady. Chloe-Thank you baby for keeping me safe and all of the love and joy you gave me. You filled my heart and my life. You live on in your greatest gift to me- your son. We will miss you terribly. It will never be the same without you and we will miss you forever. I can't wait to be rejoined. I know you will be waiting for me on the other side of the bridge. You are my angel and I know you will continue to watch over me. I love you forever!

Alexandra Mackenzie

Chloe, 11/30/95-06/04/03

My friend.
My confidant.
My free spirit.

It breaks my heart to say goodbye.


Chloe, 05/16/03

Thank you for all of the years of love.


Chloe, 04/15/02-04/23/03

Dear Chloe,
We are very sorry, we will never forget you and we will always miss you.
Yvonne, Katharina and Harry

Chloe, 04/16/03

I'll never forget the 16 years we spent together, they were the best years of my life and you will always be in my heart. I love you and will always miss you!


Chloe, 03/01/03

We miss her SOOO MUCH, PLEASE take good care of her.

Arnie & Doreen Abegg

Chloe, 02/98-02/27/03

Gone too soon and gone in too cruel a way.
A dear little cat who had a tough start in life, but found her way into my home and into my heart.
Paddy wanders around the house looking for his good mate and I look at the paw prints in the dust and think of her wondering why this had to happen.
To all the other cats I've said goodbye to, please look after the little one as she sleeps in the back yard.

Love Tracey and Paddy

Chloe, 01/01/93-02/13/03

I added Chloe to the prayer list and I received so many emails from so many caring people.
I want to thank everyone for all your words of encouragement.
I had to put Chloe to rest last night feb.13, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I miss her so much.
I would like to thank you all and thank God for this website.

Brenda and Chloe

Chloe Grandon, 04/01/82-03/03/03


Imagine spending almost 21 years with the same pet! Chloe lived with her parents in peripatetic fashion throughout this country of ours and included stops in Texas (her birthplace), New Mexico (twice), Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Being a Southwestern cat, she loved lounging in the sun. She could spend hours just lying in the window or by the door taking it all in. At the age of six weeks, Chloe had the biggest, deepest blue eyes I had ever seen, pleading with me to take her home from the pet store cage she was clinging to. I did and our decades long love affair began. Early on, I was the one who fed her and cleaned her box so, of course, she became my cat. But that was the plan all along. Throughout the years, she would only "tolerate" Mom and, later on, our daughter, her sister. She and my wife went through many, many years of playing "Attack the Foot Monster" where she would hide and leap onto my wife's instep, playfully biting and scratching. Luckily for "Mom" Chloe didn't have her front claws but she had the sharpest teeth I've ever endured. Last April, Chloe got really sick and she almost died. The vet diagnosed her with chronic kidney failure and told us to prepare for the worst. Chloe, however, wasn't ready to go anywhere yet. She responded very nicely to her new diet (a shameful plug here for Science Diet Feline K/D in cans) and her meds. We were fortunate to get almost a full year of extra kitty love from our darling Chloe. She took a dramatic turn for the worse in early March and by that first Sunday she couldn't walk or even raise her head. After much soul-searching and a family meeting, we decided to make final arrangements for the following Monday. My 13-year-old daughter and I made the solemn trip to the vet's office - my wife just couldn't join us. Chloe's end came peacefully and the medical staff was just wonderful. I'll say this was probably one of the hardest, if not THE hardest, things I've ever had to do. Thankfully my family and I have almost 21 years of wonderful memories from one little old cat. God Bless Her. I personally am looking forward to visiting the Rainbow Bridge. It sounds like a place Chloe will love.

Harry, Linda & Dana

Chloe's Coco Puff, 11/30/98-04/05/03

Coco, you were such a sweet, tender-hearted, pretty little baby. I wish there was more that we could have done for you, as you were much too young to go. We have some comfort in knowing that you are at peace now, at Rainbow Bridge. We couldn't stand to see you suffer. We had hoped to have you around for several more years. We miss you so much, and will never forget you. I still wait for your bark, you know, like when you hear a spray or noise and you would run in and bark. Or at Dad doing his funny arms, or at Jeff when he walked in. Or Jodee when she would come home. I know that Conan and Doodles miss you too, and one day will join you at Rainbow Bridge. Even Daisy knew something was wrong last weekend...we all miss you! We Love You!
Your loving family,
The Johnson's

Chloe Wakefield, 06/10/94-02/29/03

Our beloved little Chloe, we will miss you so very much.

Mom and Derek and Rich

Chloe of Windstorm, 01/04/92-07/25/03

My kitten, my Queen... she left her pawprint in my soul

Wendy Wojewodzki

Cho-Cho, 11/12/03

We love and miss you Cho-Cho. You will be in our hearts forever....

Mindy Hyre

Cho Cho, 06/09/02

She died of cancer. She was the sweetest, happy dog. Even when she was sick, she didn't complain. Her motto was, "Hi, I'm cute. Pet me." She'd wag her tail and give a greeting bark inviting other dogs to play with her. She was my little social butterfly. She was also know as Snootsie-far-far, Toe-Cheese, Sparky, Fifi, or just plain Cho. I miss her so much, and I want her back. After all this time, it still hurts. Blessed be, my little sweetheart. I will always love you. Nerf!


Chocolate, 01/01/93-02/07/03

Chocolate was a wonderful dog with a big heart. We used to call him our emotional guide dog, because whenever we had a problem or were upset Chocolate would be right there waiting to petted, nuzzling his wet nose under my hand. He saw me through six weeks on bedrest never wavering and through my mom's final illness. He was the gentlest soul with the children, even when they tried to ride him. He loved dipping his nose in the snow and tossing it up in the air. He died on a snowy day here. He went out for his morning walk as usual and seemed to spend extra time saying goodbye to everything. He laid down on the entrance mat and never moved again. He is deeply missed.


Chocolate Mousse, 4/86-7/1/00

My babbie kittie. It has been 3 years today since you passed on and the grief is still fresh. I wake up expecting you to be beside me and you are gone. So many years you carried and comforted me through the dark filled nights, keeping me going when I didn't want to. I am and will always be in your debt. My love is with you until we meet again.

Your Dad...

Chooch, 04/04/89-03/24/03

Chooch, no matter what was going on in our lives, you were always there to bring us joy. What am I going to do without you? Even in your final hours, you still managed to try to wag your tail to let us know of your unconditional love for us. Rest in peace my little puppy. You will be dearly missed. Until we meet again, in our hearts you will always be Chooch.

We will always love you, Julie and Sarah

Chopper, 02/11/03-10/29/03

In memory of Chopper, our beloved puppy.
We miss you and love you and hope to see you again someday. We will always keep you in our hearts and in our minds. We were so very lucky to have you in our lives, however short the time.
Meet you at the Rainbow bridge someday little guy.
We love you Chopper, fly with the angels!

Jen, Dave and Tristan

ChouChou, 03/10/93-02/28/03

Our best friend who shared her ten years with us and daily brought joy, love, laughter, loyalty and heart into our lives. We thank you and are honored, Chou, for every precious second. We'll see you on the other side, Chou -- never to be separated again. We love you, pretty girl (((()))), a tummy scritch and gentle kisses. Let's go, girl

Dr. Joe, B.J. and Frisco

Chrissie, 8/21/91-04/10/03

To My Chrissie...(Mommy's Girl)
You left us too soon. We love you so very much. I am so sorry you had to get so sick. You did not deserve what happened to you. You were always full of life and love and it killed me that I could not help you. The Dr. did all he could and all we could do was pray for your recovery. Unfortunately you had to leave us and we only hope that you are still with us. We all miss you so very, very much! You were loved by everyone and everyone misses you. Thank you for all of the joy you brought to my life. No matter what you were always there to show love and affection. My only wish (besides having you back) is that you are at peace right now and you are back to health in heaven. Please come to visit me now and then and know that you will ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART AND ON MY MIND. Mommy loves you so very much and so does Grammy, Poppy and Grandma. Until the day when I can hold you again....... I LOVE YOU and sleep peacefully with all of the angels. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxooxoxoxoxoxxoxoxooxxoox

Chrissy, 12/28/03

She was so special and loved us so, Please God look after her and please give her fields of flowers to run in and lots of wonderful new friends to play with. She was the best dog we ever had and will miss her terrible.


Chrissy Thayer/Snow, 08/10/94-09/23/03

I'll miss u my sweet angel...u brought me happiness with your smiling face. Go rest my dear with your brother now in heaven......I'll love you always..

Tom Thayer/Poppie

Christian, 11/21/03

I miss you sooooooooooooooooo much You and I was born on the same day just minutes apart I love you so much

Jessica Clark

Christie, 02/14/94-05/13/03

My Angel Cat

Shirley Covington

Christine Cagney Forst, 05/27/92-02/28/03

Our Christine was stricken with cancer suddenly in the beginning of February. The vets told us that her type of cancer didn't respond to chemo or radiation. She was operated on and the vet believed that they got most of it out, but it was very close to vital organs and they didn't want to mess around the area being it was very close to her chest. We were told she could either live 3 months or 2 years, and we thought with our baby she would bounce back & beat the odds like she did so many times before. She was an avid athlete, and had torn ligaments in her knee. We were told after her operation she would never run again, well low and behold she went back to full time frisbee playing 3 times a day & sometimes more, running with our younger German Shepherd Ginger who was 8 years her junior. She was also a trained attack dog and did many demonstrations for training schools with my husband who is a police officer. During one of the demonstrations she slipped on the floor and developed bone chips. Again we were told she'd never run again by an orthopedic specialist. Once again she returned to full time frisbee and chasing Ginger around. We figured again this time she would show them all. Unfortunately she did not last long after her operation. She seemed to recover again romping with Ginger, but then suddenly the cancer attacked her heart, and very quickly consumed her. She died in our arms at the vets office. Dan, myself & Ginger along with the rest of the family were absolutely shocked & devastated. She was our whole world. She had a temperament that was an absolute dream. She saved Dan's life with her attack training, but would be gentle as a lamb with my best friends children, and Dan's grandmother. A more loyal, loving, sweet dog you could not find. Go with the angels our darling, Mommy, Daddy, Ginger & the rest of your family will join you at Rainbow's Bridge and we'll all be together again. We love you & miss you terribly.

Dan & Shari Forst

Christmas, 06/86-10/19/03

Christmas was the light of my life. I got him when I was 19 (he was 5 months) and had him for 17 years. He was my soul mate, my companion, and the best pet I could ever have. He was a great cat. I am sad to have him leave and I hope that he is somewhere nice and peaceful and that there is plenty of cheese up there (he loved cheese) :o) I will never forget him. I love you Mas and miss you deeply.

Christopher, 06/10/85-04/04/03

My beloved foowie (Christopher) You were the best dog ever. I love you so much and always will. My sorrow (may?) fade, but my love for you and the memories we made never will. I miss you so much!! You were the air that I breathed, my sun in the sky. I know you are at peace now, and far from any discomfort. Rest my precious angel. I can't wait to see that shaking tail...God is taking good care of you now until I make it up your way. I will be with you again....I promise.

With all my love and gratitude,

Your mommy

Christopher Snow, 12/05/00-12/27/03

My little Christopher, you will always be remembered and deeply loved.

From Mama, Daddy, and Gramma

Christy, 12/27/89-08/19/03

You were our shinning light. You were always there with kisses and lots of love. We will all miss you so very much. We know you are smiling down at us, and are very happy..your 3 other fur kids miss you also. We love you very much , Christy

The Edell Family

Christy, 04/14/96-08/17/02

To Our Dearest Christy,

Happy One Year Anniversary in Heaven! We continue to love you with our hearts and souls. We miss you so much and cherish you forever. We will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, we dream of being with you again. We love you always & forever, Christy!

Mommy, Daddy, Brandy, Juley, Skylar

Christy & Lady, 09/26/03

Love you both but we knew it was time for peace for you. Christy girl you did such a good job always watching over mom!!!!!!! Lady, you were for pretty looks and yes you did your job too!!!!!! We'll miss you and never forget all the joy you brought to the family.

Sherri Elder

Chubba Kitty, 04/14/99-11/04/02

My beloved Chubba, you left us so suddenly in the middle of the night, we never even got to say good-bye. Mom and your brothers and sisters miss you so much and think of you every day. I hope you have found Miss Kitty, Bootsie, Mr. Cat and all the others waiting for Mom at the Rainbow Bridge. I will see you someday and hold you in my arms once again. I Love you and miss you, Mom

Chubbles, 02/22/88-10/25/03

She was truly one of a kind. She was with me for 15 years and I loved her so much it hurts.


Chubby and Calico, 03/03/89-03/22/03

Chubby was actually born in 1989 (and died 2 years ago) and Calico born in 1990...They were best friends. They had a good life, loved by everyone. I love the RAINBOW Bridge Poem it is so sweet and soothing. I miss My kitties but they are together now and happy...Chubby was named this because he was huge when he was born, he came stumbling out of the closet with eyes barely open and ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him into the kitchen when I was cooking bacon! MEOWING loud as a kitten could...HeeHee ::wiping tears:: And Calico though she was born with backward hind paws and thumbs on her front ones, also she had seizures SHE was a great hunter!

Nikki Lucero and Tribe

Chuck, 10/19/03

We will miss him dearly.

Cindi Meyers

Chuckie, 7/12/02-7/24/03

Chuckie was a very special cat. He was a stray cat without a home of his own who was searching for a family. One day he followed Maiead home and let us know that he had found his family and was determined to stay with us. So, we neutered, inoculated, and loved him and he loved us back with every bit of his great, big feline heart. He never missed an opportunity to tell us how much he loved us. We were blessed to have him in our lives and are going to miss him very much.


Chuckie was a sweet, beautiful boy. I don't know why he was taken so young. We will miss him always. He had the sweetest face with big green eyes and a shiny white and brown tabby coat. Never was a bad boy even when he broke his little leg. He never got mad at me even when I had to give him medicine. Just a quiet, sweet-natured kitty. And now he's gone - for no apparent reason.
Good-bye, sweet boy! We'll miss you terribly! We love you very much!
Your Mom & Dad

Chucky, 08/24/88-02/13/03

Our dear sweet Chucky, We love you and miss you more than you will ever know. You will always be near to us , and your memory will live on forever in our hearts. You will always be our sweet little guy. Mama's little baby and Tatau's big boy. Sleep well baby. We love you.

Sam & Lynda Speen

Chutnei, 06/09/88-06/28/02

It will be a year tomorrow that I had to lose my best friend & the pain is still great. I have never been so close to anyone person or pet in my life. It feels like I lost part of my heart. I know she is with GOD & he wanted her home but I am so lonely without her.

No one seems to understand how I feel, they say it is just a dog but she was the world to me & will always be. We were like two peas in a pod, we did everything together. I do know that she is no longer suffering so I am glad for that. I just miss her so much, not a day goes by that I do not think of her.



Chyna, 11/26/03

Dearest Chyna-I miss you so much-wait for me on the bridge-will always be thinking of you -love you "daddy"

Chyna, 11/07/03

God saw he was getting tired, and a cure was not to be.
So he put His arms around him and whispered "Come with Me."

With tearful eyes we watched him suffer and slowly fade away.
Although we loved him dearly, we could not make him stay.
A golden heart stopped beating, playful paws were put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.

Erin Schmidt

Chyna, 11/02/98-10/28/03

My beloved Chyna was put down today. That was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. I miss you terribly my sweet Chyna! I see your pictures and it brakes my heart! I thank the Lord for these wonderful years that he allowed you to spend with us. You will always be my "MAMITA." Thank you for being such a loyal and wonderful girl. No more pain, and no more suffering my love. I see you in the little gift you left me, your baby Chip. Now rest and spread your wings and fly through the angels. Until we meet again, Chyna I LOVE YOU and we Miss you terribly!!! Your family Luis, Angie, Alexis and Chip.

Chyna Tomarelli, 02/24/00-06/14/03

She was and will always be my best girl. I remember her everyday in my prayers and hope she knows how much she is loved and missed. Though I cry every day I know she is in a better place. Someday we will be together again and it will be as it was. With all my love honey.

Chynna, 12/07/90-04/04/03

We will miss you very much we know it was time. you were hanging on for us my sweet dear little doggie you gave me many years of love and companionship. We will miss you so! You are in heaven now and we will meet again someday. I love you and I hope you get all the tennis balls you want. My little doggie bynna boo.

Renia & Kris & Diesel

Cicero, 07/04/94-02/22/03

My sweet little guy, you will always be missed. Love, Mommy,Grandma, Rob, Raul, Daisy, Kaukat and especially your lifelong pal, Keara.

Ci Chi (Mr. Poo), 12/26/03

My Mr. poo got chf and left so fast, its so hard to believe he's gone, he took my heart because his was so bad.


Ciena, 09/29/88-11//20/2003

Ciena not only brought the joy into my life, she was the joy in my life.
My constant companion, I enjoyed viewing life through her eyes; it brought a new dimension to mine.
I will forever miss her and only hope, and pray, that there is truth in the Rainbow Bridge, and that I will meet up with her again one day.
She was my soul.

Tina Gervasini

Cindee, 10/01/02

Dear Cindee,

We still love & miss you more than words can say. Please stay beside us in spirit, & know that love remains until eternity ends.


Mommy & Daddy

Cinder, 07/13/96-01/13/03

Cinder was a rescue dog that we took in to keep our little maltese, Brandie company. Although she was only with us for 2 and half years, the impact that she made on all of us will last a lifetime. She had such a personality, that sometimes you would forget that she was not a human! She is so greatly missed, but not forgotten. We had her cremated and have her urn, along with her picture, on our mantle.

Scharf Family

Cinderella, 03/88-12/22/03

You were the one who taught me about cats and the joy of owning one and now the pain of losing one. You will always be my special girl.

Doris Hearn

Cinders, 02/22/89-10/26/03

To our "wheel of fortune" dog, our baby, our brought us nearly 15 years of joy and you are so dearly missed...we love you so much.

Melissa and family

Cinders, 06/01/81-04/15/94

Former stray, former fire dog for Gilford Fire Dept, Fire Prevention Mascot of Interlakes High School, beloved pet. Cinders changed many young peoples lives.

Kelly Bennett

Cindi, 12/25/92-01/15/03

To our very special little girl who we love very much, you dear girl were the best friend a person could have. Cindi babe, we miss you so much, hope to be with you again.

Sandy Raven

Cindy, 01/04/95-16/11/03

Cindy, we miss you so much, thank you for giving us eight wonderful years, rest easy, you've got your big sister Kim to look after you...wait for us eh!!!!

Nicky and Dave Sommerville

Cindy, 08/19/92-11/03/03

Cindy was a shy gentle soul. She was appreciative of everything and everyone. She gave unconditional love. She was smart and observant. She followed us around the house and always came when we called her. She was beautiful and her fur was soft and colorful.
She loved watching moths and butterflies near the window. She purred and wiggled the end of her tail even when we just said her name or looked at her. She was a happy cat and she was a full member of the family. She lived a short life (11 years) but she touched the hearts of many. Cindy was born with a heart-shaped marking of fur on her upper back. Her spirit for life and family was amazing. She didn't want to leave us and we didn't want her to leave. She was one of a kind, a special gift from God,
and she will always be remembered and missed.

Noreen Grice

Cindy, 04/30/??-05/03/03

My baby, I wish I could of been with you when you passed


Cindy, 03/21/03

Cindy was such a sweet cat. She was found by my son Mike when she was just a little kitten, and was my Mom's (Mike's grandma's) beloved friend until Mom passed away almost 7 years ago. After Mom passed on, Cindy came to live with us and we loved her so much. She had dog and cat friends, 3 of whom have gone to the bridge before her and I am sure they welcomed her only just a couple of hours ago. I know she is safe in my Mom's arms and seeing again Bonita, Goliath and Rocky. Cindy is the 3rd of my precious pets that I have had to make the ultimate decision for in the last couple of years, and it just doesn't get any easier. I am just so sad, and I was just thinking how this is the first time in probably 20 years that I have not had a cat in my house. It's going to be a very long night.


Cindy Lou Bair, 06/14/84-01/22/02

It has been one year, 9 months & 19 days since our most beloved Cindy Lou was put down. I have never had anything literally break my heart in two, as the fateful decision we made that morning. I mourn her just as much now as I did on that January afternoon, it DOES NOT get easier, but we have the wonderful consolation that our precious little Cindy Lou is now in our God's loving care,& she knows we will be joining her in the future & we will all live out our lives together with God in eternity. Bye-Bye sweetheart, mommy loves you so much. Love, Your Mommy

Cindy Sue, 09/94-06/03/03

My letter to Cindy:

Thank you for being so brave
Thank you for being so loving
Thank you for trusting me to take care of you
Thank you for letting me be your 'Mama'

Thank you for your sense of humor
Thank you for your comforting ways
Thank you for loving me for who I am
Thank you for always being so happy to see me

I am so sorry that I couldn't help you more
I feel like I have let you down
Please know that I didn't understand that you were suffering
Thank you for fighting to the end

You will always be my 'little Princess'
You will always be in my heart
You will always be on my mind
You will always be my hero

I will always love you and remember you, Cindy Sue!!!

I'm sorry 'Papa' wasn't here at the end, please know that his heart was with you always. None of us know what to do without you....
Teddy and Shelby sure do miss their 'little', Big Sister!

Cindy Sue Victoria, 06/13/90-01/25/03

My Cindy was the sweetest, gentlest, nicest dog in the world. I miss her so very much. She was a special girl and will always live in my heart. I love you Cindy. No one can ever take your place. My heart aches for you. I'm so lonely without you, special girl. You're with Terry and the other angels now and at peace.

Barbara Hegler

Cinnamon, 03/01/91-11/09/03

Dear Cinnamon,
it has been one month since I had to put you to sleep. I miss you more everyday I just cant believe that you are not here with me anymore. Everything I look at in the house reminds me of you. Christmas will not be the same without out you. We have shared almost 13 of them together. I hope that you are happy now and pain free. Please watch over me and help me to heal over your death. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life
the decision to end your life. God bless you cinny you will always be my little girl.

Laraine Murray

Cinnamon, 03/01/91-11/09/03

Sunday nov 9th,2003 was one of the saddest days of my life. that is the day I had to put you to sleep. You were with me for almost 13 years. They say you had cancer and pancreatitis. The guilt I feel is unbearable I hope I did the right thing. I took you to the vet right away but they did not feel you were that sick they told me you would be alright. You died less than 3 months later. How did they miss it. My heart is broken you were my little girl. I will always love you. May god bless you and keep you until we meet again.


Dear Cinnamon,
it has been one month since I had to put you to sleep. I miss you more everyday I just cant believe that you are not here with me anymore. Everything I look at in the house reminds me of you. Christmas will not be the same without out you. We have shared almost 13 of them together. I hope that you are happy now and pain free. Please watch over me and help me to heal over your death. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life
the decision to end your life. God bless you cinny you will always be my little girl.

Cinnamon, 07/27/88-11/25/03

My little friend and companion for 16 years, we loved you so much and I know you adored us.
you were my shadow everywhere I went you were never far away, now the house is quiet, toady looks for you and listens for your footsteps. We will see each other in dream time and one day be reunited, find dad he will look after you till then.

Jackie Moody

Cinnamon, 03/30/90-10/19/03

I will always love and remember you, Cinny.

Heather Poreda

Cinnamon, 10/13/87-07/20/03

Cinnamon I am so sorry I was out of the house when you had a stroke. I hope you did not suffer on your last day before you passed over. You will be missed by everyone, and will always be in my heart. You were the sweetest baby and I apologize when I had to brush the mats out of your fur. I am glad that you were able to eat treats while waiting in the emergency room. I will never forget you.

Cinnamon, 06/92-7/17/03

Loving friend, loyal companion, always at our side, waiting to greet us with kisses and wagging tail. Even at the end, when we could no longer see you suffer and had to make the awful decision to give you peace, you consoled us with kisses and trusted us. Holding you in my arms, your last act of love was to give me a kiss before you took your last breath. Was it to reassure me that you were ready, that you loved me, to forgive me for having to make that difficult decision? While I know you were suffering and getting worse each day, and there was nothing the vet could do to help with your pain, I can't get over the guilt of making that appointment and going through with it. We all miss you so much, our hearts are broken and our home is empty. Thank you, friend, for 11 years of happiness, love, play, affection, laughter, and company. You had the sweetest temperament of any dog I've known, and I pray that someday we'll be reunited. We love you Cindy!

Cinnamon, 12/03/89-07/10/03

We will never forget "Cinnamon" our beloved golden retriever. She was more than just a pet, she was our child. Since we do not have any children. Rest in peace.

Dan and Kimberly Gallemore

Cinnamon, 4/29/03

Beloved Cinnamon, I hope you forgive me for any suffering and pain I was unable to keep from you. I now realize that you meant more to me than words can say. I have come to the conclusion that it was time for your passing. Do know that when I told you I was sorry and that I love you when I held you in my arms as I listened to your last breath and felt your spirit leave your earthly body, I meant every word. I would give anything to have you back and to know if I have your forgiveness.

I will never forget the joy you gave me in your short life. There will never be another like you, for you were one of a kind. Your sister Kallie and I will continue on and we will miss you dearly. You will always be in our hearts from now until our time to pass, it is then I know I will see you again.

Love Lisa & Kallie

Cinnamon, 03/17/84-04/14/03

We will miss our boy very much. He was such a joy to us and everyone that knew him. He never met a stranger. Everyone was a potential hand for petting. Bye Cinnamon, we will meet you on The Rainbow Bridge.

Lena Livingston

Cinnamon, 10/02/01-11/13/02

Cinnamon, you were only in our lives for a short while, but you left little footprints on our hearts. We miss you.

Suzanne & Dan

Cinnamon Toast (C.T.), 02/17/03

My special "puss-puss". Very much a part of our family. I miss her greeting me when I come home from work, and her special love. She gave us many special memories. I miss her so very much.

Linda Bradley

Circles, 08/15/03

We found Circles walking down the side of a very busy street in our neighborhood about 1 1/2 years ago. Little did we know that day when we picked her up that she was blind, deaf and had a severe mobility problem which the vet said was probably due to her back. He estimated her age to be about 10 years.
We called her Circles because that was the way she walked, in circles. We figured that she could not see where she was going, so she tried to stay close to the point at which she started.
There were so many good times that we had with little Circles, it would take alot of typing to relate to you, but just understand, Circles brought alot of love and joy to our home in the short period of time she was with us.
We love you, Circles, and we are looking forward to crossing the Rainbow Bridge together with you some day.

Matt and Christie Kelly

Ciri, 01/31/03


My little buddy. I will never forget the times we have spend together. I will miss you very much my friend. Jasper is waiting for you today at the Rainbow Bridge. Give him a hug from me. I love you both and will meet you one day. Love, your friend forever.


Cirque, 10/01/00-03/18/03

in the few short years I had you in my life you brought such joy and happiness. Leaning your head on my lap always brought a smile when I was down. It is fitting I suppose on your last day and your sudden death that we got to play once again in the heavy snow falling around us.

I will miss you so much....

Cisco, 05/25/00-03/16/03

Poor Cisco, your kidneys failed, sorry about the suffering.


Cisco, 06/15/88-01/14/03

We said good-bye to our precious little kitty Cisco on Jan 14th. Our grief cannot be described. She shared our lives, our home, and our hearts for 14 1/2 years. We discovered a lump on her leg the day after Christmas, and she had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on New Years Eve. She came through the surgery great, however 3 other medical conditions arose that made her recovery impossible.
God dropped Cisco off on our doorstep 1988 as a 12 week old kitten. It was the same month my mother had a stroke. I believed then, as I believe now, that God gave us this precious gift to help relieve some of the pain & stress of those trying days. She brought her special joy to every facet of our lives. She enhanced the good times & helped us through the bad. How I wish she were here to help us through this! She was much loved & will be GREATLY missed. Cisco, we loved you SO MUCH! Our reunion in Heaven will be so blessed & so sweet!!

Bob and Gloria Benson

Cisco, 01/13/93-01/03/03

Cisco was the sunshine in our home. The last week of his life, it seemed to rain every day. The morning after he died the sunshine came out as if he was trying to tell us that he was still with us and everything was okay.

We had many pet names for him including Cissy, Ciscette, Cisco Nabisco, Cis, Sweetie Petitie, Boo Boo, Booty Boo, the Baby.

Cisco was diagnosed with an inoperable bladder tumor on December 26, 2002. We hoped that he might benefit from drug therapy but sadly the pain of watching his quality of life diminish outweighed our fervent hope for the miracle that would keep him with us. He died peacefully and lovingly in my arms with my husband, our vet, and me supporting him as he entered the Rainbow Bridge.

Cisco had a wonderful life and brought us so much happiness in those too-short 10 years we shared.

Cissy is missed greatly by his adopted mom and dad and canine brother, Duke. We all loved and doted on him (especially Duke).

God, please take care of our special angel.

Ginger Wingfield McCall

CJ, 04/01/00-06/15/03

For only 3 years I had you my beloved "child" and I gave you my life revolves around you and you around was like you were meant to be with me, meant to make me happy, dry my tears, make me laugh..and you did indeed..I thank you deeply from my bottom of my heart to at least given you 3 years of happiest the best way I could..and I am sorry I could not save you...but thank you, CJ for these 3 years of happiest and one day my time will come and I will be with you and my other "children" forever and forever...

Cynthia Menke

CJ, 04/16/84-04/15/03

CJ was with me longer than anyone else in my entire life. She was a wise cat with plenty of 'tude! She was closer to me than anyone ever was. I'm happy that I could help her have a good, long life, and a loving, peaceful death, but I feel so empty with her gone that I don't feel like I'll ever be complete again.

Remi Gonzalez

Clancy, 08/1999

My precious Clancy, I am still dealing with losing you and the empty place you left in my life. You were my shadow, and I belonged to you without question. At the vet's you were known as "Baby Jaws" because you had always threw such a tantrum when we went there. But you would never bite me, and it was my duty to keep you from eating the staff alive. What a temper you had! You never showed your temper to us, your humans. When you passed on I thought my heart would break in a million pieces, and there are still times when it all comes back and I hurt all over again. Some day we will be together again, and you will meet me on the Bridge. Until then, I love you and miss you, sweet Clan-Clan.

John Brown

Clancy, 02/13/03

To think that I will never see your goofy face or nubby little tail again is almost unbearable. You have been a source of great joy in my life for the last 12 years. I'm sad now but the memories of all the good times and yes even some of the times you were a bit too much of a beastie fill my heart with gladness and bring a smile to my face. You were loved and I'm glad that you picked me to be your owner. There will never be another "Nubby Tail" in my life because you truly were one of a kind....I love you Daddy.

Clarabelle, 04/20/89-03/15/03

My faithful, loving companion for almost 14 years left my side but awaits for me at the rainbow bridge

Debbie Curren

Clarence, 04/90-01/24/03

"A faithful, lovable true friend whose short life greatly enriched ours."

Mark & Cathy Ciullo

Claude, 04/27/02-12/01/03

A true gift and blessing to both of us.
Claude was my first baby, my sunshine, and will always be.
He has left an impression upon my heart that will never be erased.

Tanya and Mark

Claudia Sophia Amigo

Claudia's health had not been well and a severe heart murmur was discovered just a month ago. She took a drastic turn for the worse last week. Mark, Claudia, Garbanzo and I moved into our new house just this past Friday and it was my hope that the larger space with so much light would bring Claudia's spirits up and somehow improve her health. This was not the case; our first two nights here involved great distress as her legs failed her and she was unable to care for herself as she once did.

I watched my sweet girl cat transform almost to the tiny size of her youth; I wrapped her in towels and changed them as needed, sang to her and told her the stories of our life together. Her little face and body were often wet from my endless tears -- it is painful to watch a beloved creature become so helpless and ill. It's fairly common to attribute human emotions to the faces of animals, yet Claudia's eyes were huge with fear and pain and it seemed at times that she was searching my eyes for hope. When it became clear that she would not recover, I carried her out to the porch of the new house, sat with her on the porch swing, letting the warm early-fall breeze wrap itself around her. She fluttered her eyes and purred and I sang to her as we slowly rocked an afternoon hour away. I wanted her to feel that goodness of sunshine, to hear the birds that once made her leap around and chirp back at them -- there wasn't anything I wouldn't have done to make her feel better, yet all I could do was make her comfortable for small bits of time.

This morning, Sunday, September 29th, 2002, Mark and I carried Claudia in her wicker bed to a nearby veterinary hospital where she received two injections. One was an anesthetic to make her sleep and the second was the euthanasia injection. The doctor and his assistant left the room so that we could share Claudia's last waking moments with her and we both cried and held her and whispered our good-byes. When the doctor gave her the second injection, it was only moments before she was gone. As you can imagine, I have been weepish all day long and the streams have begun again as I write this.

Claudia came into my life when I was 25 years old and she was 6 weeks old. Rare were the nights that she did not sleep with me, wrapped around my arm. While some might say, "C'mon, it's just a cat," I would counter that by saying that this little furry creature was a comfort, a friend, a comedienne and a wonderful listener. I can hear her funny little chirps in my mind and that makes me smile and weep at the same time. There were times when Claudia and her adopted brother Garbanzo were my only friends and there were even times when they kept me alive.

Garbanzo has been very concerned and watchful for a month and he is now looking about the house for his big sister. I hear his cries as he makes his way from room to room. He came to live with us as a wee baby kitty himself, when Claudia was one year old, so has always known her. (And oh, the stories I can tell about those two together!)

Claudia saw me at my worst and I hope I am truthful when I say that she saw me at my best. She loved me unconditionally whether I was drunk (in the early days) or sober (in the "new" days), chubby or thin, sloppy or neat as a pin. I know that she and Mark had a special relationship, too -- she was the first of the two kitties to become friends with him when we first began dating.

This is a long message about a small creature who was an enormous part of my life and it's only by sheer will that I am not writing even more. My heart aches and I never knew that so many tears could flow from my eyes in a single weekend, but this is how it is tonight.

To those of you who have known about Claudia's declining health and the decision to release her from pain, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and support. It is a blessing to be loved by people as well as by animals, and I know that I am truly rich with blessings today.


Cleo, 11/17/03

Cleo was a loving cat and a member of our family for 17 years.
We love her and we will miss her very much.

Zambrano Family

Cleo, 06/25/97-11/09/03

You were my special friend.
How could you leave without giving me a chance to say goodbye.
My heart breaks.

Maryann Micillo

Cleo, 02/29/92-08/03/98

My love, my life, my special kitty.

Becky Hagan

Cleo, 06/25/03

You sweet little angel, I miss you so very much, and you have been gone only 8 hours now. Your spirit will be in my heart always in a place just for you. I will miss your funny ferret war dances and your cute little sounds. Your sisters know you are gone and I know they miss you too. Although you can not play with them now, you have Jake to keep you company and your little lizzard to carry around, hide it well! I will see you at the bridge, but until then, watch the evening star for I will wish you sweet dreams every night. Until then, I send all my love to keep you warm. Say hi to Jake for me and tell him I love him and miss him too.
Love you so very much. Your adopted Grandma

Cleo, 07/24/03-06/09/03

My most precious Cleo,

The day I met you at 37 days old, I asked you if you were going to be my baby. And I looked in your eyes and already felt like I knew you forever. The first picture I took of you, those deep brown, beautiful eyes, that look, etched still in my mind, almost 11 years later.

You are a light that has touched my life in every way imaginable. My best friend, my soulmate, my traveling companion, my baby, my girl, my earth, moon and stars. Only God knows how much I love you. You are the epitome of "nothing but love." Affection for everything and everyone you ever met; a heart with nothing but curiosity and playfulness and fun. You made me laugh like crazy. And you always knew it.

How did I get so blessed to have a girl like you? Now I will I live without you?

I won't. I won't live a day without you because you will never leave my heart. Not for a minute.

I made a point of cherishing you to the fullest every day. You so patiently sat through snapshots, frame after frame, roll after roll, month after month, year after year. In the goofiest costumes imaginable.

You hated it, but you were so good. This was no small hobby on my part...I had this planned from day 37.

So, with the gallons upon gallons of photographs, I hope to be able to remember all the fun we had together. Someday.

Please find a safe spot with my guardian angels. They all love you and will protect you. And if you care to look for him, pain in the ass that he was, I'm sure Boo Boo is waiting for you, too.

Most of all, wait for Momma.

My lovebug, my Goonerbelle. My most precious treasure... "I'll be right back."

Sugar Ray's Creme Filled Cleo. The Sweetest Girl On Earth. July 24, 1992 - June 9, 2003.

Cleo, 05/21/03

Cleo was a beautiful cat, very loving. Such a sweet disposition. She purred louder than I've ever heard a cat purr, but she didn't meow, she squeaked. She was with us a long time, but never long enough. I miss her already, the house is too quiet. Enjoy the bridge Cleo, and say hello to Caesar for me.


Cleo, 8/87-3/28/03

Cleo was my best friend for over 15 years. Thankfully she wasn't sick for very long. When the vet told me that nothing could be done for her, I brought her home where she died peacefully in her sleep with the family that she loved. I will always remember her.

Cleo, 06/24/93-02/25/03

My sweet, pretty little Cleo.
Your passing was so sudden...the lord must have really needed you to be with him.
Selfishly, I wish you didn't have to leave us so soon, and I wish you were still here with me, Craig, and Cameron.
You were beautiful and very special. Nobody could have asked for a better companion than you. I will always miss you and love you dearly.

Lisa Pollock

Cleo, 07/01/01

Cleo, I miss you so much.

Cleo, 04/01/01-02/04/03

Cleo - We love you baby - it breaks our hearts to wake up without you every morning. Your sister Tabitha is so lonely but we are trying to give her extra love and attention and trying to find her a kitten friend. You were only 2 years old when, for some reason, you tried to cross the road and were hit by a car. You were the funniest, most intelligent and most full of life cat we ever knew.

I went out in the morning to look for you and prayed the ball of fur lying by the road wasn't you - but I knew it was. I bought you home, we cried and said goodbye, and then took you to the crematorium. Your now at home with us again.

Sleep well baby. We miss you.


Jason Helen

Cleo, 10/20/89-01/03/02

It's been a year since you left me, and I still miss you so very, very much. No furry friend has ever loved me as you did. The moment we met, along with your 12 siblings, you chose me, cuddled with me, and asked me to bring you home. Little did you know that a 75 pound dog was not a lap dog So you were. We had twelve beautiful, loving years together, and you were a joy always. (Maybe not the time you ate my mother's coat.) You were so brave at the end when you got so sick and showed such heart while it hurt that you were an inspiration to me. Some day we'll be together again, along with Lucky, Poppy, Bo, Thatcher and Patiens. We'll meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you.


Cleopatra, 06/14/89-10/00/03

Cleopatra was the love of our lives.
She grew up with our son Michael, was always there to protect him and to wake him up for school. She passed very peacefully today as "My Old Lady Cle".
We love her and miss her but know that she is now with Grandpa and Poppa and Captain, who just recently passed as well.

Ev, Mike and Michael Holden

Cleopatra (Cleo), 09/01/89-05/30/03

Cleo, you came into my life on Valentine's Day, 2001. So young and vibrant, but very much a lady. We learned together--you, how to eat real food, use the stairs, walk on grass, receive COMFORT. I learned how to love and nurture such a magnificent and stoic creature. The years brought many changes, and I feel honored that I was allowed to know and love you. I hope you feel the same. Rest in peace, my darling.


Cleo Poplick, 04/15/98-02/27/03

Cleo - you were the sweetest girl. You were taken so suddenly - we all love you and miss you terribly. You were a rare gift in life and we will always treasure our memories that we created with you. Your passing has left a hole in our family but we send you on to better things knowing that one day we will all be reunited. Be at peace and run in the sunshine through the fields until we meet again. Love your family.

Cleo and Roosevelt Foster, 03/15/89-07/29/03 And 08/05/03

To my sweetest friends, Roosevelt and Cleo, who shared our home and our lives for most of their 14 years and retired to the country when we had to move on... we missed you every day and we will think about you always. Cleo passed napping on the guest room bed, and Roosevelt followed soon after her. Littermates and friends for life, I know they are taking a round out of each other right now, and I'm sure Roosevelt will be winning the Prettiest Cat and the Longest Tail contests at the Rainbow Bridge Fall Fair.

Cleo-Spotra Alias Spot, 09/18/83-06/06/03

September 18, 1983 - June 6, 2003

Spot lived with diabetes for over 7 years.. But in the end, it wasn't the diabetes that ended her life... she had developed a mass in her lungs and with that, plus old age, her little body just began to shut down.. The doctors said that they have never seen a stronger 20 year old cat. I carefully (as carefully as one can with diabetes, a ***** of a disease), monitored her blood sugar every day and gave her PZI insulin as needed.. She was so good and brave about this ritual that when it came time to prick her ear, she would not even budge from her sleeping spot, but instead, just tilt her ear.... She seemed to know that it was for her good and she completely trusted me.. purring through the whole thing.

Spot has been with me since she was 1 day old. I had her and her 3 siblings all their lives as well. Snowball lived to 18 and Smokey was 12 and died of lymphoma and little Midnight died at 1 month old in my arms. Spot was the last of the family. She was a character... she went everywhere with me, wearing various hats while riding in my red convertible... Most recently she was proud of the fact that she would tool around Safeway in the child's seat of the basket and point to her own brand of cat food on the shelf with her paw!! Everyone in Safeway knew her and always asked about her when she didn't accompany me. She also would go with me to the Post Office when I had mounds of Ebay packages to send. She would sit up on the counter in her red cowboy hat, and everyone there would say "Hi Spot!". They are going to be devastated when they hear the news.

She would ride with me in the car over the Golden Gate bridge, her whiskers blowing in the breeze... Cars passing us, would do double takes when they saw a black and white cat with a red cowboy hat on sitting up looking out the window!!

Spot and I grew even closer since her siblings died, and it was just her and me against the world. That is why this day has been most difficult for me.. I have cried until there is no liquid left in my body and feel absolutely drained of energy, with a huge hole in my heart. I will miss her warm, purring body above my head on the pillow tonight, but I know she is at the Rainbow Bridge running toward her sisters and dog brother... Tonight I put on Yanni's 'Celebration of Life' and lit a candle... I know that she is now in heaven listening to Yanni's music like she did in life... Goodbye my little precious Spot, who never judged, never got mad, never held a grudge, and loved me no matter what I looked like... I know I will meet up with all my fur babies again someday and strongly believe that it will be then that they will be able to speak to me and I to them in a common language. A FAREWELL LETTER TO SPOT

My dearest little Cleo-Spotra, or as you were known in your everyday life, Spot…. My best friend, my confidant, my heart of 20 years.

This is the moment we must part for awhile. It pains me so deeply to say goodbye to you. But we will be together again one day, all of us; Smokey, Snowball, Midnight, you and I, and we will all be able to speak to one another in a common language.

You were one of a kind and so very brave. You were such a trooper, not only surviving so long with diabetes, but allowing me to prick your little ear every day to test your blood sugar without so much as a flinch, and knowing and trusting Mama with the needle of insulin. How very brave you were to just look up at me and tilt your little ear, knowing somehow that I was doing it for your own good.

How I will miss you riding in the car with me. You were my Corvair cat and my driving companion. I will miss seeing your curious little face as we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, went up and down hills and through tunnels. I will miss you sleeping up against my head on my pillow and hearing your deep, rumbling purring and the feeling the warmth of your little soft body. I will miss your little pink nose, pink from the day you were born, and even still pink now as you sleep eternal. I will miss your nagging ways to get your snack! I will miss taking you home to Grandma's and seeing you in your little house there. I will miss how you walked on your leash ever so proudly and how you would gallop up the stairs at Grandma's house. I will miss you greeting me at the door every evening I came home from work and waiting in the hall for me to pick you up and cuddle you. I will miss how you would lay in my arms like a baby upside down and put your paw over my nose.

How can one little cat who never spoke a word have made so much noise in my life? The house is so quiet now. My heart hurts as I have lost my best friend. God brought us together and God will unite us again. Please go now to the Rainbow Bridge to meet your little sisters and your brother Snoopy… They await you with open paws and have your little angel wings ready. There will be butterflies, little mice and birds and lots and lots of catnip and snacks. Be brave now, little one, as you were in life. Mama will miss you so much.

I love you forever, my Egyptian soul mate, my little Spot… Your Mama Karen

Cleveland, 12/23/90-11/17/03

We would like to share our joy in the life of a little basenji named Cleveland who passed away. She was the first pup born two days before Christmas. Cleveland came into this world with help from the loving hands of her human mom Lori. She left it while in those same loving hands. Cleveland joins Jinx and Kodi at Rainbow Bridge.

Dale Peterson

Clint, 9/24/03

You have filled the last 12 years of our lives with such joy and have left your pawprints on our hearts forever! Your love was unconditional. Even when you weren't feeling well, you were still a happy, loving, good dog. Our hearts our broken right now. No other pet will ever replace you. You really weren't a pet, as your daddy would say, "your a little man in a furry suit". You had a unique personality and were loved so much by your family and even non dog people. We hope that you are at peace at Rainbow Bridge and that there are unlimited supplies of your favorite cookies, because you really were the "cookie monster". We love you so much! Mommy & Daddy.

Anne & John Capaldi

Clipis, 07/08/03

My Baby,

I just posted a tribute to you, but I feel it is not enough, cos you where such a small little sweet guy and at the same time so so big in your heart that I need to say more to the world.

I am never going to forget the day I found you. It was a rainy day and you where lost in the streets, all wet and wounded. I was driving my car and suddenly I saw you in the distance, all alone. I stopped my car and run to you and we looked at each other's eyes and fell in love. I knew I had found a jewel, an angel. And I wasn't wrong.

You didn't deserve all the pain that humans gave you before and I tried to make up for it. It was so cute when we took you home and you spent two days under a big big blanket sleeping and getting back to life. You where so shy, so sweet, so gentle and I felt so close to you and now you are gone and my heart is bleeding. It has been such a short time my baby, but so intense, and we will be together forever and ever because you will stay within my thoughts and prayers every second of my life.

Wait for me in the Rainbow Bridge my baby. Now you are safe and nothing can hurt you anymore, you have finally found all the peace and light you so deserved, play with God and all the angels and wait for me cos we will be together again.

Love you always,


Clover, 12/25/92-12/16/03

My bunny girl, I hope you found Chestnut right away and now you are together and happy. My beautiful bunny girl, Clover.

Heidi Costello

Clovis, 05/20/90-08/26/03

I love you Clovis and miss you so much. Always know you are my number one kitty.

Angelica McWilliams

Clyde, 04/12/02-06/02/03

Always happy, full of play. Still learning about the world. Didn't understand the word "no," knowing he was such a good dog that it didn't apply to him. His family loved him very much, and all looked after him. A sad accident took him too soon. We love and miss you very much. Godspeed.

Bill and Shawn

Clyde, 01/01/93-01/26/03

He was my heart.

Katrina Jones

Clyde, 04/07/95-01/12/03

If I was to describe my Cat Clyde, it would be his devotion, and his total unconditional love he brought to my family, he will be missed greatly, he wasn't only just a cat, he was an Angel here on earth, we love you Clyde.

Sheri Wetterlind

Clyde, 1/1/94-9/11/02 and Storm, 6/20/02

Clyde, our 9 year old foxhound, went to the rainbow bridge with his cousin, Storm, on 9/11/02. He was born on 1/1/94 and was adopted with his sister, Bonnie. Storm, a Norwegian Elkhound, was 12 years old and died on 6/20/02. Both boys finally lost their battles to cancer. Clyde was a great fisherman. He could hunt sunfish all day long in the summertime. There was nothing he loved doing more. (Unfortunately it was all in the name of exercise because he never caught anything!) There was no braver dog. When Clyde lost his rear leg to the osteosarcoma and underwent 9 rounds of chemo, he kept on enjoying life. No words can describe how proud we were of our brave boy and no words can express our sadness at his loss. We miss him every day and know he is chasing the fish under the Bridge until we arrive. Storm was my mother's dog and the dog I grew up with. He was a regal, intelligent man whose pride shown from afar. Everyone who met Stormie loved him. He was the king dog of the family. Our consolation in the loss of these two wonderful animals is that they passed together and have each other until their people arrive. Rest peacefully, Clydie and Stormie. We loved you before, we love you today and we will love you tomorrow, always and forever.

Valerie, Timothy, Eric, Bonnie and Callie Kovel  
Josephine, Richard, David and Thunder Kaicher

Your loving families

ClydeO, 09/08/01-05/10/03

ClydeO was a very special cat. He was very very loving and would cuddle with us all the time. He got very very sick and we had to send him to God. We miss him very much.....

Pam & Jackie

Clyde Superville, Nov 1997 to 22 Sept 2003

Clyde, my special boy, I am lost without you, I need you and miss you so much. Please be safe where you are, please be happy, mommy misses you so much, and I am sorry for not being there, I am so sorry. Mommy loves you so so much. You're such a good boy.

Coby, 11/05/03

To my best friend for the past 16 years.
I will miss you with all my heart and look forward to that day when we meet again.

Donna Tischler

Cocaine, 08/01/88-09/10/02

Cocaine was such a great, smart cat! He had a gentle heart and soul. I miss him very much!!


Coco, 12/24/81-06/29/01

Every day I think of you and miss you so much.
I know your dear "briggs" is with you now.
miss you both so much.
love your mommy

Coco, 08/30/91-12/13/03

Love You my Codie always

Ferozie Wadia

Coco, 02/21/97-12/13/03

My best friend, companion, and inspiration. Words cannot and will not fill this empty void I hold in my heart for you. I nursed you back to health and sat by your side. I know that you appreciated that and returned that same compassion and love everyday that followed your recovery. This time I could not be there for you, to protect you from the car that took your life so quickly, and I apologize that I was not there for you.

Kim Oldaker

Coco, 04/26/89-12/01/03

Coco was such a special girl!! She loved her family so much & loved to "take care" of them. She was a great comfort whenever tears were flowing. I will miss her so much & look forward to seeing her again someday...........With all of my heart, Pumpkin-Girl, Mommy loves you!!!!!!!!!

CoCo, 11/15/03

CoCo, You were the best little gerbil in the whole world. You brought sunshine when there was rain and you brought rainbows after the storms. Especially after Daddy died when I got you. You made me smile so much when I was sad, and laugh when you did funny little things only my little things only little CoCo could do. You are missed by us.

Love, Rachel

Coco, 10/26/02-10/26/03

I love you always

Courtney Stewart

Coco, 07/01/92-10/01/03

You were the total joy and love in my life.

Coco (Aka Honey Girl), 01/15/94-09/04/03

Coco was the light of my life. She was the perfect example of "unconditional love". She had such a sweet, loving personality that almost everyone would ask if they could have her. It was such a joy to have my Honey Girl excitedly welcome me home every night and be right-by-my-side until I turned off the lights for the night. Her loss leaves me in unbearable grief and pain :-( Kathy Pavlicek

Coco, 08/2003

Coco, I met your mom this week, don't even know her name. She told us all about you, and how you passed away. I saw how sad and empty her heart spoke to me, she held back her tears. She walked along my sidewalk with your two little siblings. I wish I would have thought of asking her her name, but that was far away from my mind, I didn't want to interrupt her thoughts of you. She misses you immensely. She also spoke about how she hears your little footsteps. She loves you, and misses you, don't ever live her.
I love you too,
A friend she met by the sidewalk.

Coco, 08/01/02-06/28/03

Coco, for such a short while, you enriched my life. Memories of you and your great personality will stay with me forever. Minky and Suzy and I miss you. We wait to see you again.

Mary Chaniewycz

Coco, 1982-03/01/03

Coco was my baby and my best friend. If I was sick or depressed she knew it and would lay on me and I really think she tried to hug me. She always knew when I needed some tender loving care. I loved her with all my heart and four months later find it's like she just left me. I had her for 21yrs. She was as much a part of my family as my daughter. She had kidney failure, which the vet had told me years ago that this is what kills most cats. I think she lived such a long life because she was so loved. She died laying in the bed with me. She moved her head to rest on my arm and locked up at me so lovingly and then she was gone. I had bought her a pretty pink blanket, I wrapped her, told her good by and my husband put her in the little coffin he had made for her several months ago. We buried her on a little hill at our house. I sit on my patio and cry looking at her little grave. I put a white fence around her grave and have several butterflies around her. The Rainbow Bridge helped some when I read it. My 5yr old granddaughter called this week and forgot and said she wanted to talk to Coco. I love her and miss her but she had a wonderful long life that I am so happy it was spent with me.


Coco, 05/92-07/16/03

To my beautiful "little girl". We had eleven wonderful years together. Your passing was so unexpected, but you let me know that it was ok to let you go. You're so much stronger than I am. I've learned so much from you. I don't think you ever realized that you were a cat. I keep seeing you running with the "boys", and putting them in their place when they needed it. I remember how you mourned when we lost PeeWee, then how you took care of Barkley when he came into our lives. He mourns for you now, as I do. This house will never be the same without you. Until we meet again, my little angel...... Love, Mom

Coco, 06/18/03

Coco baby we love you and miss you terribly. We are so sad that you had to go so soon. You will always be our little headbutter and shawl with that unmistakable Coco meow.

Kevin and Gena Allsop

Coco, 07/25/89-04/10/03

Sweetie, you were my first dog, but you won't be my last. You will always have a special place in my heart that no other dog will have. I didn't want to let you go, but I knew that I had to. I hope you will understand and that you will still love me as much as I will always love you. I know that you're still here with me. Stay with me and remember that I'll always love you...

Love Always,

Coco, 09/03/01-04/19/03

My Sweet Little Coco,
Your passing last night shocked us all. I didn't even know you were sick. You were a sweet, calm and funny hamster. You made me smile every day!! I hope I comforted you during your last precious hours. It broke my heart watching you leave. I'm sorry that you suffered and I hope you knew that I was there for you. I only had you for a short time, but I will miss your little cute face forever. Rebecca & I love you dearly. Say 'Hello' to Tami and Max for us.


Coco, 07/24/93-02/13/03

My puppy Coco,

These 10 years have gone by too fast you have filled my heart with so many memories.. I remember every Christmas time the family always got you a toy you would sniff under the tree and all the presents to find which one was yours cause you knew you always got something for x-mas just like everyone else... you loved kids I remember how when Jeffrey and Kaylee would come over you would whine and lick their face you were so loving and sweet like that. Your favorite foods were without a doubt cheese! You would never eat your dog food unless we sprinkled some shredded cheese on it, you also loved french fries, cheetos, potato chips, I cant remember a table scrap that you didn't like. Even though mom was your favorite in the house I still loved you with every beat of my heart and I will continue loving you until the day that I die. I never thought u would pass on so soon it was so unexpected, we took you to the vet cause u were having problems with your eyes and the doc said that u were going blind , we thought that was the worst thing that was gonna happen and we would deal with your blindness just fine and love you just the same. But the doc didn't think that was the only thing wrong with u, she checked your heart and said that your heart beat was irregular and u were having trouble breathing, she also noticed your weight loss, all of us noticed that you were breathing hard all the time but we thought it was just because u were hot cause of your thick fur coat..we were wrong the doc took chest x-rays and then gave us the most devastating had cancerous tumors on both lungs and she said you didn't have much time left. When me and mom took you home we were crying so hard and told the rest of the family the shocking news. Only when you got home you got worse you started going deaf as well. when dad came home we all talked and decided that it was best that we put u down that night because u were in pain and we were afraid u weren't gonna make it through the night....neither did the vet. I gave u one last kiss goodbye and said I loved u and will miss you I remember crying and crying when I watched dad pick u up and put u in the car. I wanted to be by your side till the end but I couldn't bare watching my puppy get put to sleep. Dad said that when u were in the car on the way to the hospital that u didn't wag your tail and your nose was so dry , u were lookin up to the light out the window like u knew it was your time to go. Coco puppy I love u so much and I will never stop, I will always keep u in my heart and cherish the times we spent together. I know this isn't the end and that I will see u again someday in heaven and that makes each day worth living. I always listen to the song "wind beneath my wings" by bette midler everyday now while I look at your pictures, cause u were my hero and u truely are the wind beneath my wings. Goodbye Coco, sleep with the angels and I will see you when I get there.

With all my love,


Co-Co, 04/12/88-09/02/03

My Tribute to Co-Co

Heaven's shining brighter,
because my Co-Co just went there.
I know that she's an angel now,
without an earthly care.

I questioned God and cursed him,
for taking her from me.
But then I sat and really thought,
what better place could she be?

She's with her brother Sasquatch,
their both healthy and young again.
So I'm sorry God, for saying those things,
I wish to make amends.

I am thankful for the time with her,
and good times that we shared.
She was the best cat ever,
for her I immensely cared.

She almost reached her 15th birthday,
but didn't act that old.
I was her heart that failed her,
from my vet it's what I was told.

Along with hers, my heart broke too,
I'm feeling so much pain.
But I thank God for I honestly know,
I'll be with her again.....


CoCo, 08/01/00-02/07/03

CoCo, Too young to leave but yet you had to go. Know that you'll be loved and remembered forever.

Kim, Jim, Kyle, Mandi, Jake

Coco, 03/17/03-02/06/03

Coco's entrance to my life was filled with strange and wonderful circumstances. I worried at first that he and I would not bound. But soon, he became the love of my life. Such character and love in this cat. I thank him for coming into my home and taking over, showing all of us what pet love is all about.

Carolyn Lucia

Coco, 20/09/98

We first met when I was seven and you saw me through various tales of heart ache and anguish. You are missed by all the family but we'll look for you on the rainbow bridge. Glad your suffering is over my Sweets. Thank you for visiting me after you'd passed on. Still feel you around me Coco. I was blessed to be your human for 17 years xxx

Mel Fishlock

Coco, 4/26/97-12/25/02

We lost Coco Christmas night to a brain tumor. We miss her tremendously; our home is not the same without her gentle presence. She was only 5-1/2 years old and her passing has been very hard on us. Pop, please take care of each other til we see both of you.

Cindy & Robbie Szakos

Coco, 03/10/92-12/19/02

Our dearest Coco Bean, you have passed on and met Nestle and Onyx at the bridge. We know you have a had a wonderful reunion with your babies and are running all over Heaven with them. We will miss you all here on Tompkins Pt. Please watch over us and keep our family safe. Please also watch over Carol, she will miss you lots too. Til we meet again.....
Daddy, Mommy, Colby, Kiya & Lannon

Cocoa, 07/08/90-12/03/03

We loved you so much.
You were our precious baby!

CJ, Roberta and Corey Atkins

Cocoa, 5/97-9/9/03

Cocoa was rescued by my family on 11/10/97. His original owners no longer wanted him or his sister. He had been abused and had the scars to prove it. We lived in BKLYN at the time where there are many unwanted animals. My neighbor and friend took the female which I re-named Mocha, and I took the male and decided his new name would be Cocoa. He had beautiful Hazel eyes, and in the Sunlight you could see the black part of his coat was actually a sable brown. He was tricolored. Hence his name. In Jan. of 98 we bought a house in NJ, completely fenced where he could run safely to his hearts content and chase away any squirrel that dared venture into the yard. Cocoa was a very happy and what seemed to be, a very healthy dog. On 3/1/99 we took Cocoa to the Emergency hospital because his abdomen was swollen, we thought It might be bloat. After a thorough work-up ,he was diagnosed with liver disease. It later turned out to be Copper Toxicosis ( after a biopsy), a congenital disease in which the liver can't get rid of excess copper , which builds up, and eventually leads to Liver failure. Cocoa fought this horrible disease all his life. He was taken from us this past Tuesday morning. He was 6 years old. RIP Cocoa, until we meet again.......

All our Love: Angie,Tito, Mike, Gladys, Norma, Robert, Rocky,Isis, Gigi, Max, Jack, Dovey and Rudy

Cocoa, 11/20/98-06/28/03

It has been a year since my dear Cocoa went on ahead to the Rainbow Bridge. I had his name added to the Candlelight Ceremony but was not able to write a tribute to him at that time. The tears blurred my vision too much. I have thought of my little guy every day since he passed on last year. He was the sweetest little cat. He came to me when I lost my first cat Keoki. It was just a few months after Keoki passed on that I brought Cocoa home to live with me. In the year that has passed since Cocoa has been gone, I have toyed with the idea of getting another cat but have decided nothing could replace him. He was always waiting for me at the door when I got home after a long work day. I knew that he began to be sick when he wasn't there one day when I got home. He began to lose weight and was not eating and I knew that the time was near that I would have to help him go to a better place. It was a hard decision as he was so much a part of my life. I miss him and will always love him with all my heart. Wait for me little guy, I will join you one day and we can go on to heaven together.

Barbara Lieb

Cocoa, 1/02/88-6/19/03

Cocoa, I will always love you. Words cannot express how much I miss you and life will never be the same without you. I only hope that you are happy and no longer suffering. I hope you are with Daddy, Tootsie, Tammy and Tara. Please know that I did all I could for you and would have kept doing it with my last breath. You are my family, my best friend and you will always be in my heart, and in the hearts of Daddy, Thomas and Jesse. I hope you are now able to breathe fresh clean air and take naps in the sun. I hope you will be able to see again and run in large green fields. I hope you will continue to feel all the love I have for you forever. God Bless you Cocoa! I will always love you!

Cocoa, 04/15/91-05/26/03

You had a heart as big as the universe, with a personality to match, and absolutely "no fear". Those of us left behind by your crossing will never forget you. We love so very much! Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge...peace be with you, our darling angel, "Cocoa Bean".

Cocoa, 05/13/87-04/22/03

Cocoa you were a good dog till the very end. the best anybody could hope for. You will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts.

Anthony, Pat, Mark, & Natalie

Cocoa, 10/05/87-03/31/03

Cocoa, you were my constant friend and companion. You had such spirit and heart. Whether hiking in Maine, Cape Cod or just walking around at Mystic Seaport you always had a glint in your eye and bounce in your step. And when I was in the garden or sick in bed you were always there for me.

Right now I am heartsick with your passing but your spirit will always remain with me. They'll never be another Cocoa.

Shirley Clarno

Cocoa, 02/10/03

Cocoa, my little princess, I will never be able to thank you for all the wonderful times you gave me. Even though we were only able to share eight months together they were the happiest eight months of my life and you gave me a lifetime of love and memories in that all too brief span. You and I knew no greater happiness than each other's company. Everyone could see that you knew that my heart belonged to you and that I would have done anything for you. I wanted you to enjoy life and I know you did once you found Marguerite and I and the rest of my family. There is nothing that I would not have done for you yet I will never know if I could have done better.

You were so beautiful, even on your last day on Earth. The walk we took that early mist-filled morning will be lived over and over again in my heart for the rest of my life. Thank you for being my little miracle. Because of you I know what Heaven can be.

Cocoa, 12/31/02

I love you Cocoa. I will always love you. I am so sorry.


Cocoa Bean, 07/04/89-03/05/03

My dear sweet Cocoa Bean. I miss you so much...I am so sorry that you aren't with me anymore. You were such a sweet loving girl...I miss you so much...I can't believe you are gone. I know that you are with Ashley, Max, Picasso and Grandpa but I really needed you here. I'm so sorry that you never got to see the great backyard I found for you in England. I know that you had a great time at your Grandma's but I really wanted us to be together. I keep waiting to see you lying next to the couch and waiting to go for a ride in the car. I feel your presence everywhere. Everytime I see a tennis ball..I I remember your collection...and the funny way you ran like a rabbit after your balls. Everyone misses the "hairy alligator". You were so dignified and regal in your stance, your loving eyes and trusting soul. I knew as soon as I saw you in Panama that we would love each other forever. You brought me such joy and happiness through thick and thin, armed conflict, divorce and our many travels throughout the world. I know you are no longer in pain but want you to know that to let you go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do..and I did it because I love you so much. Please forgive me and know that I will always love you. Play with your sister, cousins and give a great big kiss to Grandpa for me as you go for nice long walks together. I love and miss you, Cocoa Bean, love, Momma

Cocoa Jean, 02/19/03

Dear Baby,
I will miss you, the times we went swimming in the river and playing in the woods, the time you ate a whole frozen chicken and the cake I baked for a party; I'll miss the way your eyes lit up at the sound of a squeakie toy or the way you smiled when I came home. You somehow knew when I was sad; you comforted me in my darkest moments and licked away my tears. I will love you forever and always.
Love, Mommie

Cocobean, 12/25/96-11/18/02

You were my little girl Who. I miss you very much. Play well with your big brother across the bridge.

Tom Knouf

Coconut, 01/15/86-09/22/03

My dear sweet Coconut, I LOVE YOU. You were the gentlest, wisest, and most playful cat ever. HARLEY AND I MISS YOU SO. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND I WILL NEVER, NEVER EVER FORGET YOU.

Julia Banning

Coco Puff, 09/22/03

Coco you were such a sweet and funny kitty. You always made us laugh with your clownish ways. Gael always got a kick out of your love for skate boarding across the kitchen floor. We were always amazed by your burst of energy followed by a sudden and unwakable sleep in the oddest positions.
We are saddened by the loss of you and in so tragic a way. I hope you didn't suffer when the car hit you. I wish I had know who had done such a thing so they can see what pain and loss they have cost us.
I hope you are as happy go lucky as you were on earth. May we meet again.
-love from us all Karen, Robert, and Gael

Coco Chanel, 30/07/96-01/12/03

Coco, you were my best friend, I will never forget playing at the beach with you, or snuggling in bed when hiding from dad, or teaching you to hit the ball back, sit, paw and everything else. I am sorry I left you to move away, but I never stopped thinking about you, and I am sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me.
I will remember you forever.


Codeman, 09/19/02-07/07/03

Codeman was a long haired white persian with large orange spots. He was so extremely mile mannered and a wonderful cat. I only had him ten months but he was so loyal and loving. Not a day went by that he wouldn't love up to me. He lost his life July 7, 2003 when someone put him in an old abandoned well. My life has been miserable since that day.


Cody, 07/28/90-12/20/03

We will always miss you Cody. You have been a huge part in our lives and you will always be a huge part in lives. No one will ever replace you, you will always be cherished. You may have gone away, but through the memories, you will always be in our hearts. Since you have gone, there is an emptiness in our hearts. An emptiness that only you could fill. You had a personality that is unmatched. You will always be missed. We love you Cody and we will always miss you.

From your loving family,
Geraldo, Delida, Ferguson, Mario, Elsie, Timmy, and Oscar Maria

Cody, 12/11/03

I will miss you. You were my friend. You didn't deserve to doe like that. You were going to be adopted tomorrow and get to leave the shelter, but that dog had other plains for you. she got out and killed you. I will never forget this horrible day, the day I seen you be killed. You are in my dreams and prayers. If only you could have Had a happier life. You came to us as a stray then when you are supposed to go to your home you get killed. I hope you get to be with the other bunnys over the bridge

Beth, All The Greenhill Staff and Vollenters

Cody (Fluffy Butt), 07/12/00-11/01/02

I only wanted you sister because she was black and white. But your daddy said that we were going to take you and both your sisters home. you became my best friend. you had the most loving face and personality of any cat I have ever owned. I think about you every day. You were way too young to pass but I guess you served your time and it was time for you to go home. I'm sorry that you got sick and there was nothing I could do for you. Even though putting you down was the best thing for you. You were the first pet I have ever had to put to sleep. Your daddy said that I shouldn't watch while they did it but it just did not seem right to let you go alone. You really never did purr alot until they gave you your shot. It really broke my heart. I love you so much. Mommy

Cody, 11/20/03

Cody, you went so fast, which is what makes this so hard on mummy. Fine the day before and yet we couldn't find you all day and when we did you were curled up in a box in so much pain. Deciding to let you go so you wouldn't suffer any longer was the hardest thing I ever had to do and I'm sorry I didn't find you earlier. I love you my special girl, I will miss you sleeping on my hip and your rough kisses that you always gave me. I will meet you one day again, until then my baby I love you


Cody, 11/03/03

Cody We Love You So Much. You Gave us unconditional Love. We rescued You from the humane society and although we only had you to love for four years you have left us with a big hole in our hearts. We will miss you always.
Love, mom & dad

Cody, 10/19/03

A tribute to a wonderful and loving companion, who will be greatly missed by your Daddy and Mom. I will miss our rides on the 4 wheeler, swimming in the pool and your love for going fishing. You will always be in my heart and never forgotten.

Mom and Daddy (David and Chris Cash)

Cody, 1989-04/09/02

I cannot find the words to express the depth of your loss.
"love knows not it's own depths until it is gone"
You were my best friend, my confidante, my camping buddy, and I will love you forever. Until we meet again my friend.
Your bed is still next to mine.

Colleen and Ted

Cody, 06/15/02-10/13/03

Dear Cody,

We all miss you so much, precious boy. Life is so empty without your loud purring and continuous talking. We miss your kitten face and sagging belly. Gabriel wants you to know that you were his best friend and his heart is broken without you. Frodo cries for you every evening and misses sleeping beside you and chasing you through the house. Carli, Sammy and Chauncey wonder where you are. You have impacted our lives for a lifetime and yet you were with us for such a short while. We have cried, begged and pleaded for you to miraculously return. We must accept that you are in our hearts forever and that we will see you again someday. We love you, Cody!!

Forever remembered and cherished by,
Gabriel, Lia, Susan, Steve
Frodo, Chauncey, Carli, Sammy

Cody, 12/24/01-09/27/03

Cody was a special friend. I adopted him from a shelter on Christmas Eve last year. Even though he was a young guy, God must have had other plans for him. He died in his prime with energy and vibrance that I will never forget. I reflect on the car rides where he used to lay his head on my hand and the little was he used to scooch his head under my arm at night. He learned to dance and play and forgot the days when he was neglected. I know now that he is up in heaven entertaining the angels as he did every day for me. I miss him greatly, but I know he is still around. I can smell him in my blankets, and I see his shadows in every room in my house. He will forever be my "noodle", and I want him to know he is forever in my thoughts and prayers. Keep him safe, Lord, and let him know I will be there some day.

Garret Stolte

Cody, 05/05/94-09/11/03

My dear sweet Cody (codster) mama misses you soooo much my little sweety pie. I will always miss our times together whether just sitting together or going out for our runs. You are the reason I got up and always seemed to know even if I was just thinking about running. Up you'd get and start tapping those feet on the floor as if to say ....lets go mama, lets go. That right there would get me up off my bum and off we would go and I just I enjoyed every second of being with my pal. It was our own time together (a bonding moment with my boy) and I enjoyed every second of seeing you hop along so happily just you and I. Running is just not going to be the same but I will run and I know you will be right there by my side every day whether running or whatever I am doing. We had a great life together and you brought sooooo much sunshine and laughter into my life. Angel and Houie are missing you wondering when you'll be coming home. Papa and I never expected seemed to be such a happy healthy puppy but I guess you were just fighting to be with us that much longer. Oh my baby I love you sooooooo much...I just can't believe you are gone. Please wait for me in heaven by those pearly gates because I will be looking for you and Lou. I hope you two have found each other and are now playing in the meadow chasing birds and bunnies together. Your papa and I will miss you forever baby.........Love your mama

Cody, 06/09/89-07/15/03

we recently lost our beloved friend and family member Cody, after 14 wonderful years . the joy and wisdom he brought to our lives cannot be measured in words, if ever a perfect dog existed, it was surely him. he always knew what I was thinking before I did. he grew up with all my children , and watched over them throughout their lives, as well as welcoming every new member in to the house with open arms . everyone has said what a lucky dog he was to have been in our family, but I truly believe that we were the luckiest ones to have shared our lives with him. we will never forget him, and want to thank him for the most precious gift he could have given us , to know the joy of sharing your world with a beloved pet. he is resting comfortably in our back yard under the little maple tree, where the deer graze every morning, and I can go out and say how much we miss him. as his eyes began to fade, and he could no longer hear us call to him, we knew it was time for him to start his journey to the rainbow bridge, where they too will welcome him with open arms , just as we did 14 years ago. we all love and miss you Cody. the west family, and your sisters mya and meg and brother tucker.

Cody, 02/87-06/21/03

Cody was with us for over 16 years. He was a gentle giant. All the kids loved him. He enjoyed going for rides and going for walks and his tail was always wagging even as he got older and weaker. It feels so empty now that he is gone. We will miss him with all of our hearts.

Cody, 11/05/91-06/28/03

My Dearest Cody,

You gave me so much more than I gave you. You left me with a broken heart, but all the wonderful memories of you are flooding back: the time I couldn't find you and you were right next to me with your head on the pillow, the time, one hot summer, when I couldn't find you and you were sound asleep in the bathtub, the time you caught the little fish and placed it gently at my feet, the time I threw the ball too close to the geese and, water-fowl retriever that you are, you wouldn't go near the geese or the ball, the time, which wasn't funny at the time, you rolled in the mud and turned your beautiful brown coat into a completely black one 2C all the times you would stick your head into someone's shrubs and pull out a hidden tennis ball, all the love you let me give you. You were beautiful and full of life. I will always love you, my Codyboy.


Cody, 07/13/95-12/04/01

I miss you more than words can express. You were so beautiful inside and out and gave me so many years of happiness. God just took you to soon. You were so young. We tried to fight the cancer but it won. You will be forever in my heart. You will always be my heart dog.

Debbie & Anthony

Cody (Codystarr), 01/06/96-06/02/02

My beautiful Cody. It has been one year already since you passed on to rainbow bridge but it only feels like yesterday. My heart is still broken and I will never be over the loss of you. You passed on June 2,2002 and you sent me a beautiful Siberian puppy that was born on June 3,2002. I know this gift was from you Cody because he looks just like you and he is your fifth generation cousin. I found this out when I ordered his AKC papers. Thank you Cody, this is the most wonderful gift anyone could receive. I have named this beautiful puppy CJ after you Cody. I also know he is a part of you because CJ has a similar personality as you do and he has alot of love in him just like you Cody. Thank you for filling some of the emptiness of your loss by sending me CJ. You will always be my special angel. Daddy loves you, I will always miss you, and my life will never be the same without you. I am always thinking of you and I know that you are always with me .I love you Cody. My beautiful Me Mee. Love Daddy

Cody, 08/30/92-05/27/03

In loving memory of a most special dog, best friend, and play mate to Savy. You are missed terribly.


Cody, 12/25/98-05/14/03

To my Little is not the same without your presence and sense of humor. We all love & miss you. Mommy, Daddy, Alaina & Schultz.

Brenda Cornell

Cody, 10/19/92-03/31/03

Cody- I miss you more than you will ever know. You were the best kitty in the whole world and I will never love another pet the way I love you. I miss you following me around the house everywhere I go, giving you belly rubs(your favorite), your beautiful and loud constant purring, and going to sleep every night with you on my pillow and seeing your sweet face when I woke up every morning. Adopting you on October 1, 1995 was a very special day for both of us. I hope you know I did absolutely everything I could to keep you here on earth as long as I could. I know one day we will be together again. Just remember, Momma loves you...

Cody, 07/04/94-02/06/03

My Cody was a gentle loving soul, my constant companion and shadow. Born into my hands, she was my Cody-girl for 8 wonderful years. She's with her mom Nelson playing together in heaven and waiting for me, Dan, Bo and Chagall. Missed terribly every day.

Lynne Gilbert

Cody, 00/00/8?-04/95

SHE was my best friend for 16 great years she also made another friend with the cat we had. She has been gone for a long time but not forgotten. She was very close. And then she had made another friend years before which he is gone now.

Joseph Samella

Cody Coyote Maguire, 04/13/03

Cody entered our lives on 3/21/96. He left our world but not our hearts on 4/13/03. We miss him terribly. Cody please let us know you are okay. You are so very much loved. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Mommy, Daddy and Christopher

Cassandra, Mike and Christopher

Cody Dog, 11/13/03

We lost Cody very suddenly to an immune system disease.
He gave it a good fight but didn't win in end.
We miss him so much.


Cody Einstein, 05/20/90-01/20/03

Cody was a very special dog. He was very close to Mary and followed her wherever she went....He would not let anyone hug her without her saying it was okay...He was a watchdog for her and he always laid his head upon her lap when she was sad.....only today, her lap is empty as Cody had tumors that began to swell up so around his heart and chest that a 3:30pm today, he had to be put to rest....our hearts are aching, our tears are overflowing but our lives have been forever touched from the age of 6 weeks until the ripe age of 12.....he will never be forgotten...

Roy & Mary Creech

Cody of Gabriola Island, 09/2003

You stayed with your master many a day
To comfort him in your own special way
Always there, close by his side
Your love for him you did not hide
But all to soon you started to age
and the battle with pain your body waged.
But now the pain has gone at last
Your free to walk and run so fast
In fields of green and hills so high
Playing and jumping in the sky.

In Memory of Cody of Gabriola Island
passed September 2003

Cody Simpson Windbeam, 03/06/90-05/02/03

Dear Cody,

We love you and miss you very much. We pray that you are across the rainbow bridge and are feeling well again. Running, chasing your football and maybe a bird or two. It was so hard to let you go but I know you are feeling better now. We love you!

Love, Mom, Dad, Ashley, Amanda and Austin

Coho, 08/01/93-07/23/03

Words lack wisdom! for the wise in heart
Morn not for those that live, nor those that die.
Nor I, nor thou, nor any one of these,
Ever was not, nor ever will not be
For ever and ever afterwards.
All, that doth live, lives always!

The Bhagavad-Gita

I love you and I'll forever miss you. I'll bet Frankie was waiting at rainbow bridge for you, so she could smack you a good one , huh ? Someday I'll see my kitties again.

Coki, 02/23/03

I love you, my Pretty Bird. Go keep Mark company. I'll see you again someday.

Megan Staples

Colby, 06/01/87-11/28/02

And think of him as living in the hearts of those he loved, for nothing loved is ever lost, and he was loved so much. So very much!

Gerri Himberger

Colby, 05/12/03

Colby-You were my best friend and companion for so many years. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. I hope you do not hurt anymore and are watching us. I wish you could meet your baby coming in the next few weeks. Life just isn't the same with out you. We love you our sweet angel. You will always be in our hearts.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Cole, 07/00/02-12/06/03

My 1 year old kitty, Cole, got into a fight with another cat that came onto our property. Naturally, Cole lost because he's still a baby, & had to be taken to the vet to get his arm stitched up. While he was there, he tested positive for feline-aids. He has to be put to sleep today at 10 am...


Cole, 01/23/00-11/17/03


I miss you terribly.....I don't know how I will go on without you....My heart aches so bad for you....
Thank you so much for giving me the chance to spend the last 2 yrs for you, I was very lucky to have you in my life....
Mommy and Daddy :(

Cole, 01/16/00-10/27/03

Cole was and always will be the love of my life. He gave me more than I ever gave him. As long as I live, he will not die. I love you, my precious little boy.--Mommy

Colen, 1993-12/01/02

c. 1993- December 1, 2002

Colen if only you could read this.
My sister Ruth ann brought you to me. You were just a kitten, so small, so cute and full of energy.
You had a shiny silky grey coat with big pink ears, looking so cute.
You came into my life in 1993. I believe that was in April of '93. I just moved on my own in a little bachelor apartment on Richmond Street. It was just me and you!!!
You brought me so much laughter Colen, I learned alot about myself through you. You taught me about inner peace, love, sensitivity and compassion.
You had such a beautiful presence about you Colen. Many people commented how spiritual and wise you looked. I saw this too. You had an incredible essence, it was very strong!!
You and I would move around from place to place, living a very interesting life together.
I remember the times you'd prance yourself around others, showing off how cute you looked! It was very funny seeing that! I remember smirking, watching you as you showed off!! You cutie.
I know there were hard times you faced in your life with me baby, and I'm sorry for that. I felt your pain and I still do today.
I'll miss your "little button nose", talking to you in my kitty voice, calling you to your dish, giving you snacks - a time you liked the most! And singing to you exclusively, like you were my audience, and you were! - I'm sure your not missing Tori Amos, but hey maybe you are???!! I'll miss flipping you over onto your back from your bed to rub your (rolly polly) belly up and down and asking you "what is this Colen?" "what's that?" as I continued to rub your big belly!! I'll miss seeing you come over to greet me when I would get up in the afternoons, I would always say "you were such a greeter!" - how thoughtful and caring you were. I'll always miss giving you "sweet, sweet kisses" and rubbing your chin and ears and feeling your fur, petting you, and touching you.
Colen, "Mister Colen", "Mister C", "Colen Meister", and "Baby", I will miss EVERYTHING about you.
My heart feels empty, and I wish I could do things over. I wish I cuddled you more, slept with you and gave you many more kisses. I LOVE YOU COLEN.
I'm sorry for not catching your sickness baby. I wasn't aware you were sick. I didn't catch it.
You were my first kitty and a VERY SPECIAL CAT!
Frisky and Moonbeam will always miss you too sweetheart.
I LOVE YOU COLEN, I love you so much and I will miss you always.
Please come visit me in my dreams, in the house, and in my ceremonies.
I LOVE YOU COLEN. You were my baby.
I can just imagine all the attention your getting now!
You play sweetheart, dance, rest and fill up on love. You and I will meet up again, and I will look forward to that day. I'll be talking to you baby.

Love always Martha Troian.
Martha and Colen Forever

Colleen, 03/14/03

Colleen was a special little cat. Nearly wild when I met her as a kitten, later adopted by my family after she'd been socialized, she quickly became the darling of my parents' hearts. She was very attached to them both, and usually slept with either my mom or my dad. Later, she was a great comfort to my father after my mother's death in 1996. After my father passed on and I was alone, she shared her love and affection with me as well. She missed them terribly, however, and was much cheered up when I married two years ago-- I think she needed a guy in her life! She almost never meowed, but greeted us all the time with a sweet little trill: 'mrrrrt?' which I already miss hearing. I loved her dearly, and oh, how I will miss her...but I am comforted, knowing how long my dad has been waiting to hold his little Colleen again, and have her standing on his shoulders or purring in his arms.


Colonel, 11/01/91-07/1/03

Colonel ~ Kerney ~ The Corn Dog

I know there's a doggy heaven,
And I know that's where you are--
About a billion miles away,
Standing on a star.
It's a doggy paradise;
No fences and no leads.
There won't be any do's or don'ts.
You can do just as you please.
There'll be lots of bones to chew
And lots of holes to dig.
There'll be lots of other dogs--
Little ones and big!
You can romp and play with new-found friends
Forever, don't you see?
So, why are you sitting at that gate
Just waiting there for me?
Be a good little doggie, Colonel, and go and play!

Colonel C. Chip, 02/01/92-06/30/03

For the special soul that kept my life alive, and on many occasions, saved my life, in so many ways...and will never, ever be forgotten, I will love you, until the end of time

Kande Dixon

Colour, 11/07/03

My Dearest Sweet Colour; I woke up this morning and you weren't here. I went to walk the dogs and found I had lost you to the road. My heart is so broken. I love you with all my heart and soul. I will never forget you my sweet friend. Thank you for your cuddles and snuggles. Thank you for your love. Thank you for being with me in this life. If only for such a short time. I cant believe you're gone. I hurt so much. I feel so empty without you. You were my baby. You are my soulmate in fur. I remember you coming on our dog walks. 7 large dogs and me and you. Everyone laughed when they saw us all. You came in rain and snow and sun. You just wanted to be with me. And I with you. I hand raised you from a kitten when your mother died. You were so tiny and small. Only 2 weeks old. That was 6 years ago. We didn't get enough time. I cant believe you're gone. My heart is shattered. Please wait for me across the Rainbow Bridge. That I may hold you in my arms again. Goodbye my love. My sweet gentle friend. A part of me died with you. Goodbye Colour, until we meet again. Love you forever.


Colty Von, 01/10/92-04/15/03

Dear Colt: This is a message to our black beauty who's spirit of life put a smile on our faces daily. You are gone but will be forever in our hearts. Many humans could take a lesson from you. You are our Piggly Wiggly and will be forever missed. We love you. Mom and Dad

Columbo, 11/14/02

Not a day goes by where I don't think of you.
You were (and still are) my best friend, and I love you so much! I miss your furry long ears, and your cuddly-ness.
Lying on the couch or in the backyard just isn't the same without you.
I miss you and I love you more than anything.
You will always be a part of me.


Comet, 11/14/03

Comet was adopted from the local humane league in 1996. His previous owners must have spoiled him rotten because he expected a place at the dinner table and to be petted all the time and he was quite loud about getting his way. We had to give him some positive training about behaving properly. He could easily jump a 4 foot fence, so I had to make ours 6 feet. Two years after adopting comet, he had to have cancer removed from between the middle toes of his left foot. This did not slow him down after the healing process, but did require daily medication and care. His back legs gave out this Fall and with declining health we decided to release him. We have his ashes as a final reminder and a lot of fun memories.

Henry, Karen, Grandee Bretherick

Comet, 09/97-07/17/203

Comet, you were my best friend. I still listen for your jingling collar down the hall. I still wait for you to jump on the bed with me at night. I miss you chasing me and your loud purr as you sat behind me on the sofa. You still are the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of at night. I get to pick up your ashes tomorrow and I promise to hold them near me always.
Love Mommy

Comet, 12/19/89-06/25/03

Comet, you gave us so many happy memories during the 13 1/2 years you were part of our family. You kept Grandpa company while sitting on the front porch. Grandma loved holding you on her lap while you watched TV together in the evenings. You went on family vacations (always the first one out of the van when we stopped) and were part of every event we celebrated, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holiday dinners. You especially enjoyed my Christmas sugar cookies. Looking back, we only regret that we did not realize sooner that you were sick and not just getting old. It is comforting to know that you are in a better place, happily chasing squirrels up a tree. We miss you very much, but we know you are not suffering any more from kidney failure. You will never be forgotten. Looking forward to seeing you and holding you in our arms again. You will always be my Turkey Dog. Love forever, Bev, Dean, Justin, Lisa, Grandma & Grandpa

Conan, 03/15/91-11/20/03

Conan, although his name is barbaric, he was the absolute best cat in the world. He was so patient and loving and sweet. He always knew when I needed him to comfort me. He'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Davi Westcott

Conner, 12/18/01

My dearest Conner, I am so sorry, I hope you will forgive me. if I would have known I would of never put you in that danger. I miss and think about you everyday. I am so filled with guilt. I blame myself for what happened to you. I love you baby. And I miss you always.

Until we meet at the bridge. I love you. mommy

Connor, 09/15/02-09/21/03

Connor was beautiful, playful and made me laugh when I was sick and lonely. He was attracted to who ever gave him love. A part of my heart died with him. I will never forget the joy he gave me and all who had the chance to know him. He was just one year old. I miss him to the point of pain. I feel empty inside. I will see my angel again in the next life and we will run and play together again then. I love you.

Philip McAlary

Connor the Cat, 6/24/00-4/03/03

Connor - It is hard to put into words the amount love that we feel for you. Your time with us was short but the amount of love that you gave us in that time was enough to fill a lifetime. We only hope that we meant as much to you as you did to us. I (Mom) knew you were sick. Everybody kept telling me that you might just have a cold, but I knew. You must've fought for so long before I knew. For that, I am sorry. I know in my mind, that even if we knew sooner the outcome would've been the same but it truly hurts my heart.

Connor I will miss the way you would want to be carried on my shoulder, when you would sleep on my back, your "MEOW", I miss my shadow, the way you would eat corn chips, . . .everything.

You never gave up on your sister (Nallie) the princess that she is. She misses you. She meows now like never before. We know she is calling to you to tell you she loves you and that she is sorry for all the times she hissed at you.

Everyone who met Connor knew he was special, he was such an outgoing cat. Connor, we love you and miss you everyday!

Conway, 06/05/88-07/08/02

Conway gave me 14 very special years. I miss him so!! He was given to me by a dear friend and he went through a lot with me. He was born June 5th, 1988 and I named him Conway after my favorite singer Conway Twitty. [June 5th,1993 country singer Conway Twitty died on my Conway's 5th birthday.] My Conway could sing too! He and my other dog, Shorty-Lamar, would sing whenever I would ask them to. Conway loved toys and if you asked him to go get any certain toy he would go get what you asked for! The last toy he loved was his "Zoie-baby", she was like the Elmo doll that giggles, she did too and he loved that! He could sit up like a pretty boy, he could give low five, high five and jerry springer "its over, five!" OH!!! He could talk too, YES! he could talk, if I was eating something and he wanted some, he would have to sit-up like a pretty boy and say "I want it!" and he would say "I want it!" He did!!!! He had his special "Conway's Corner" bed in my bedroom, his pet porter, and my grandpa's old old vinyl recliner that he loved to sleep in. He didn't like hair cuts or baths until they were over and then he would strut around. His favorite foods after his dog food were my homemade popcorn, French Fries (Happy Meals), Fritos, his egg taco from the taco stand, ice, popcicles, gravy and once in a while special treat of a McDonalds ice cream cone. Yes, he was spoiled! He was my baby!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU CONWAY!!!!!!!!! sing for the Angels, baby, cause I know you can.

Sandy Traylor

CONWAY, I can't believe it has been a year since you have gone. I still miss you so!!!! I felt you deserved another tribute here, so I am doing this again with my eyes full of tears. We still talk about you often and Shorty-Lamar still looks for you. You will never be forgotten. I hope the Angels love your singing as much as we did. You were the most special dog in the world. I LOVE YOU CONWAY!!!!! "Conway's mom" Sandy Traylor

Sandy Traylor

Cookie, 03/85-12/23/03

My dearest Cookie:
today I had to send you to the bridge and join your daughter pebbles and taffy. You were the sweetest most gentle sole and never complained. you had cancer just like pebbles, on the same spot. was it in the genes? my hart and daddies hart is broken. You were born in Arkansas, and we got you when you were 6 months. you were so laid back, almost polite. When it was supper time, you let every body else eat then you stepped in, at your own time. we knew time was getting close, when you were hiding in the house and we had a hard time finding you, and last night you came to us, and spend the night with me and daddy which you never did. the cancer had eaten half of your jaw, but you were still eating and drinking and all this medicine I gave you was hopeless. so now my Cookie, my hart is hurting, but you have no more pain and you have peace now. you were also crying and looking out the window, where pebbles was buried in the backyard, were you calling for her? or was pebbles calling for you? you are together now again, we will never ever forget you my sweetheart and rest in peace. one more kiss from mommy.

Margriet McClure

Cookie, 12/25/03

My little Cookie was such a happy & friendly little friend. She used to chatter so happily when any of us held her.
She has had a few things go wrong with her the past 5 or 6 weeks and yesterday, on Christmas, I knew she was dying.
My husband heated a baby blanket and held her for many hours as she lay dying.
It was painful to experience her death and suffering - I think I will be crying for a long time.
She joins past pets of mine who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you for letting me post this.
God bless you, my little baby Cookie.

Natalie Elpert

Cookie, 07/01/01-01/14/03

Cookie, I don't know why you left.
I miss you and pray to God everyday that he is watching over you. I will never forget the times we had and thank you for being such a blessing.
You will always be in my heart and in my prayers.

Raquel Picatoste

Cookie, 11/01/97-07/29/03

Cookie was a wonderful ambassador for her species: good-natured, affectionate, clever, and full of purpose and grit--all in a two-pound package.
Her coat and markings were beautiful. During the five years and 12 days she lived with me, Cookie accompanied me to church services, farmers' markets, outdoor concerts and on location for radio broadcasts. Wherever she went, she made friends. She offered pet therapy to toddlers and accident and stroke victims.
She was my daughter/roommate/buddy/partner. My world and my home are very empty now without her.

Nanci Gordon

Cookie, 06/22/03

Cookie was my dog daughter, a magic dog, with a genuine sense of humor, good spirits, fierce love. We played a daily cuddle game or find the carrot. She chased squirrels and brown eyes, a laugh, a golden bib and feet, a gray-white underbelly. I loved her as much as you can love a creature. The day I adopted her, 8 years and 8 months ago, was a momentous day and represented one of the best decisions I could make. She was given to me to take care of, and I was given to her to take care of. I miss you Cookie. Go with God. Love, Mom

Cookie, 07/90-08/24/02

Dear Cookie Monster,

Your mommies hope that you and your sister Pearl and brother Sidney have reunited and are having fun playing in the clouds. No claws in Pearlee's butt!!! She learned her lesson on earth! Have fun baby. I'll see ya when I get there.

Cookie, 05/12/03

My “Cookie” baby was just that a very young baby kitty. Her mother belonged to a family in divorce while having kittens. They were going to either go to the shelter or worse just left behind. A friend and I found homes for all and I took Cookie, she was just 7 weeks old and already at that time was eating kitten solid food.

Cookie was a small as a kitten with big beautiful ears and loved them rubbed. She was considerably skittish, the complete “scaredy cat”, but I loved her all the more. I would go from room to room with her in my shirt (as a hammock); she seemed very content and happy. If I left the room without her she would do her best to find me. She would love to be in the bathroom with me… I think it’s because it was just she and I together.

My baby was strictly an in-door cat and seemed to prefer it that way. Everyday was memorable, but the most memorable day was that day after she left home. She got out and we didn’t even realize it for quite sometime. It was turning dark and I was getting scared for her, she had never been out before (I kept thinking at least she wasn’t de-clawed). We called and called and foot searched (flashlights and all) and car search and had neighbors search, but couldn’t find her. I slept in front of the door that night while it was ajar, waking and calling for her many many times. The next day I made a flyer with picture, personality, likes and dislikes, and a reward… the went to Office Depot and And had 100 color copies done up. Brought them back home and posted them on every home, mail boxes, and stores within a 5-mile radius. When I got home, I did one last search of our yard, got to the back and looked under decks of our home and adjacent homes and guess what… there she was under our next door neighbors deck. Their deck was very closed to the ground barely enough for a craw space. Cookie wouldn’t come when I called her… I ran in the house and got a piece of cheese and persuaded her to come closer so I could reach her. Once I got her in our home she didn’t want me to put her down, I got her to eat and she fell asleep on my lap… dreaming of running, her paws just a flyin’… Bless her baby heart, I thought. I was always close with her but after that I felt like if I didn’t find her that a part of me was lost.

She did, I thought, some very cute things… When I would be cooking she would reach up to the top of the base kitchen cabinet door and hold on to beg for a morsel or more. She was a loving kitty to our whole family but they could see as I could that she thought of me as a Mom. Cookie had a very shy voice and sounded like a kitten every at age 13 and ill. She loved her food and her food loved her, we tried diets and such, which made her miserable as well as us. You will have to see for yourself in the pictures how cut she was.

She got sick rapidly with End Stage Liver disease (she had an abnormally small liver), Today’s May 13th and we noticed her illness on May 8th and she was put to sleep on May 12th. I feel so guilty for putting her to sleep, but I did not want her to suffer. She was losing weight so rapidly; kidney and bowels were shutting down, no appetite. And even through all of that she was still so sweet; when I would lay with her and cry she would try and make me feel better (she was famous for making me feel better when I was sick and or sad).

Not knowing what it’s like to loose a child I just guess it’s close. It’s hurts in my center soul, my heart is heavy with my lose. And it’s not just my pain, but I am worried she is scared and needs her Mom. Now I feel like part of me is lost.


Cookie, 01/10/96-02/27/03

We love and miss you Cookie Monster!

The Castro Family

Cookie, 09/15/92-03/03/03

Cookie was a wonderful and loving dog. I thank God for the 10 1/2 years I had her. She was the best dog I ever had in my entire life. I will miss her dearly. I look forward to the day when we meet again.

Gloria Lagunas

Cookie, 01/17/03

She had been sick and we found out last week she had cancer. She was supposed to go to the vet on the day she died which was a Friday. I asked my mom to pick me up from school early so we could go to the vet with her. So after lunch, the school secretary said that my mom called and said for me to take the bus home instead. SO I did and figured- oh she must have went early or something. Then I get home and she tells me she died around 10:30 at the vet in her arms. She couldn't breath or walk. 10:30? 10:freakin 30?? I was in gym at that time laughing with my friends not caring about the world around me.

She was happiest dog with no brain and she shouldn't have died. She didn't deserve it.


Cookie Monster, 11/87-01/21/03

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,
I'd run right up to Heaven and bring you home again.
I miss and love you.

Cooley, 12/03/02

Cooley- Your daddy, Cissy and I loved you very much. We tried so hard to keep you with us, but God needed you more. Thank you for your love and we will see you in heaven. Please watch over us. Help us find a new little sister for Cissy.

Cool Running, 11/08/03

Goodbye Cool Running. You now have the wind at your back and smooth sailing. You were always the pasture clown with your silly faces and games. I will always remember you as the brave jumper you were and the 10 good years we had after I rescued you. Arctic stood over you while I held you as you passed. The vet was on his way but you decided to leave before he could come to the ranch. I held your head as you passed and there are not enough tears to tell you how I feel. When you see Joey hook up with him and remember I will always hold both of you in my heart forever. Pilot will take care of Arctic - I stayed with her a long time until she settled down - she was so attached to you. Good-bye my friend - I will see you again someday...

Denis Sanders

Cooper, 05/23/87-12/09/03

My roommate of 16 1/2 years had blue eyes, a big heart, loved people and brought comfort to me at all times.
She is missed and I will look for her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kay Debolt

Cooper, 10/23/03

I rescued him, but he chose me. I hope he knew how much I will always love him and that I would have given anything to make him well.
I can't understand this or why this would happen.
I can't get over it, and I don't know where this beautiful, special soul is right now.
I am lost without him.


Cooper, 04/27/03

Our precious little tuxedo kitty was taken from us by a neighbors dog. I hope he did not know what happened and that he was taken quickly. We all loved our Cooper Cat so much. He loved to go for walks around the block...he would follow us just like a dog. He was so comforting. He loved to lay in my lap and watch tv for hours just purring and looking at me lovingly. We will miss you "C", but we feel better knowing that you are with all of your other buddies now, Saidey, Rembrandt, Whiteman, and Dakota. We miss you all so much! Please take care of each other.

Steph, Jeff & Jake Siatta

Cooper, 03/14/03

Cooper was a black lab. He was 4 & 1/2 years old. We had to put him down March 14, 2003. It was the saddest day of our lives. We knew it was coming, so we were lucky that we got to spend all day laying in the floor, talking to him, rubbing his ears. He got to eat a T-bone steak...which he loved. His mind was perfect, but his body gave out. It's unfair, and he is terribly missed. He was the BEST dog smart, loyal, funny and cute! I am very depressed, and lonesome for my faithful friend.

Dianne Voss

Copper, 12/14/03

You are sorely missed

Ryan and Marissa


Copper was the greatest and I won't forget her also I hope she doesn't forget me.


Coral, 08/22/03

Coral, you had a special place in our family. You are missed!

James, Sean-Michael & Julie

Corazón, 09/27/89-04/28/03

Mi Corazoncito, mi perrita, tan linda por fuera como linda por dentro. Fuiste y seguirás siendo un alma noble, gracias por tanto cariño y amor, gracias por tan bella compañía, gracias por haber llegado a mi casa y por darme alegrías. Nunca te voy a olvidar, siempre estarás en mis pensamientos y en mi Corazón. Te amo Corazón.

Corbeau, 11/05/90-03/17/03

Always there through thick and thin, never complaining, tail always wagging, even at the end. The house is so quiet without you. You will never be forgotten. :-(

The Lane Family

Corey, 07/18/86-03/04/03

Goodbye beloved black eyed beauty. You were my buddy & loyal pal for 16 1/2 yrs. You decided it was time to leave. Time to end the suffering & pain. You were loved to the fullest and showed us love in return. Go now and romp with your father whom you loved dearly and grieved for after he passed away in 2001. Hugs & kisses always.



He was such a wonderful dog. He has saved my life more than once! Once I was walking along and corgie jumped out in front of me and and he wouldn't let me pass. When He finally got out of my way I looked down and there right in front of me, slithering off the trail, was a huge snake! If he hadn't stopped me I wouldn't of even noticed it And I would've stepped on it.
The other time was I was walking along with my sister and three brothers and corgie. All of the sudden this big dalmatian started running Down the hill at us! My little brother, who was only about 3, started wandering the other way. As soon as he did the dalmatian changed course and started right at him! There was nothing we could do. None of us would of ever been able to get to him in time but then there was corgie. He shot like a bullet right at that other dog, picked it up In his mouth, and with one shake killed it! If he hadn't been there my brother would've probly been killed! I'll never forget him. ;(

Patti K

Cori, 01/11/86-04/04/03

This is a tribute to my "best friend" cori,
and I love her and she will be missed very much!
May god hold her in the palm of his hands and give her angel wings.
I love you cori "pookie" Reynolds
mom & dad

Corkey, 12/24/89-03/14/03

Goodbye my feathered friend. I will see you again one day. Rest in peace my little sweetpea. I love you baby.

Corky, 11/23/87-11/07/99

It has been 4 years and my heart is still breaking.
I love and miss you, my baby boy!
Love, mommy.

Corky, 12/25/97-04/09/03

When we got Corky, she was 4 months old. We got her from a family that had 3 young boys that were to scary for her. She was also with another piggy who was twice her size. So when we got her, she was sacred for a day for so but warmed up to us quickly. She loved running on carpet but not bare floors. She and my daughter who is now in college would sit on the couch eat baby carrots and watch TV. I swore that she could hear the wrapper of the carrots and celery as we opened them because she would squeek so loudly until she got some. Then she would pick up her veggies and run around her cage with them like she won a prize before she ate them, some times she would take them out of the bowl and sit on them at eat them one by one. I told her that nobody wanted her silly veggies. If I tied to give her cut up apples, she would take a bite, turn up her nose and push them to the far end of her cage. Corky, had a litter box in her cage, a plastic silverware tray that was about 6 inches square that was filled with kitty litter, she got really mad when I tried to clean her litter box; she would not get out of it so I could clean it and when I did, she would get back in it and dig to find her piggy poop then grunt angrily that I took it away. We trained her to run in a circle around the couch by purring a ring of carrots around the couch. When I did laundry, I would let her climb on and inside big laundry mountain. She hated getting a bath and getting her nails clipped, boy did she bite and run. We only tried to put her in a leash once, she bite me so hard I cried. She loved sleeping in my bed. She looked like a cow from the side and a skunk from the front so we told her that she was a skow. My 20 year old daughter is devastated by Corky's death, she sleeps with Corky's picture by her bed. Corky even got mail and the highlight from our year, was at Christmas, I would send out cards to my most favorite people with chew marks in the corner so that those people know that Corky wanted to wish a Merry Christmas too. One year, I forgot one person one year who sent her card back to us so Corky could chew it. She will be missed.

Corky, 11/85-06/07/03

I can still hear his tags jingling so I know he must be near by. I know he must be with BJ and they are both waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Corky, 10/07/91-05/03/03

Corky We miss you and love you .our hearts are aching for you we see you everywhere in the house you presence will never leave us. Love Mama & PAPA
Rest in peace little one.

Corky, 11/12/75-9/??/90

My beloved Corky, my friend who saw me through some tough times and who was always good to the cats. I miss you, poobaby.

Kaylen Bennett

Corky, 06/90-09/21/02

We miss you our little bud. Sundays are terrible without you on the trip to grandmas. We love you and will never forget you. You were are buddy. Love Mom and Dad

Corky Lynn Gurdak, 03/06/88-05/08/03

Dear Corky,
You are a very special part of the family, and will always be with us in spirit. You brought so much love and cheer with you, and you will be remembered forever. You gave us your unconditional love and companionship, and never let us down once. You grew from merely bringing in the paper to CEO of CS&L. Thank you for spending 15 great years with us. You will always be my baby.
Love & Kisses Always,

Dear Corky,
You gave us so much love and happiness, and will be missed. Someday we will meet again, but until then, we know you will be by Papa's side from this day forward in heaven. Take care of each other. We love you!
Mom, Dad, Mama, Tina-Marie, Ken, CJ, Duke, & Tiger

Corky Razorback Roberts, 07/04/94-07/05/03

Corky was an incredible dog. He joined us at a time that we needed someone special in our lives. He survived some incredible odds to make it 9 years, including Addison's Disease for 7 years. He provided companionship for Rory, who is battling his own health problems (they boosted each other, to make it through another day), gave David and Diana unconditional love and some *very* protective guardianship, and showed Renee, who chose him at the SPCA, how to not fear dogs any longer. Corky would come to us and just sit with us, for we were his "pack". He would let us know the second anyone came to our door, especially the Paratransit driver who had special treats for him each time he came to pick up Rory. He would go for "special walks" with Renee, and trips in the van just for the heck of it.

Corky made it just a few hours into the 5th of July. He spent the 4th having fun with the family, even going for a walk in the evening. He walked with enthusiasm and happiness, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. We don't know why he was called up, but he is needed more there now. Although we are mourning his loss, we are also celebrating his life.

Corky was one helluva special dog.

Cortez, 11/12/02-10/11/03

He was my best friend and loved me unconditionally and he was with me to comfort me through hard times, I will miss him he was my little man, he can never be replaced in my heart sleep with the angels Cordy till mummy comes to be with you.

Cortez, 07/07/03

To the truest, most uncomplicated friend in my life... I will always: think of you, remember you, honor you, and smile for you. Life will never be the same - you made it all seem better. Now that you're gone, reality is settling in. I miss you, Cortez. I'll see you at the bridge..... mommy.

Cory, 12/20/85-03/24/00

Goodbye dear Cory, we will always remember you!
love, your family

Susan and Mike, Cleo And Isis

Cory Lynam, 08/20/03

You were the best.
You are greatly missed.
sleep in peace.

Karen and Earl Bennett

Cosette, 11/23/01-1/25/03

My Most Precious Cosette, the little blue girl who hatched in my hand.

You would have died had I not woken every two hours for seven weeks in order to feed you and keep you alive. Your mom and dad didn't feed you or your siblings, and it was left to me. I couldn't possibly let you die when I saw all that almond fuzz and your goofy little face and so I carted you around, on trains, in cars, into laboratories and over to friends and family so that you could have your life. And when you finally peeped, well my heart just melted.

You were smaller than my pinky nail when you hatched and a whopping 11 grams when you were your most healthy and mature. I never expected anything in return from you for all my service to you and your siblings, other than that you all live your life to the fullest.
Yet, above all others, you repaid all my hard work and dedication by being my friend, the best friend I ever had.

I never kept you in a cage, you were free to roam where you would. However, now matter where you rambled about in the house, you always came back to me. For a cuddle, for a mealworm, to let me know one of the other birds was sick, to preen me and to be with me. I can still, after all this time, feel the delicate whisper of your wings on my cheeks. The point of your needle sharp beak nibbling my ear lobes and the pull on my hair as you grassdanced with my long locks. I can feel you tugging my elbow and chasing my fingers as they dance across the keyboard as I type this to you. I can feel your weight on my shoulders, your nails on my skin. And I can still hear the scritch of your nails on my chair and your wa-waa song and the way you still cried for Pippy in your melancholy tone.

You woke me in the morning, preening my eyelids, pulling me from sleep and into this world so that I could take care of the babies, your babies as you saw them. You took care of all the other birds in the bird room, you took care of me and yet, when you needed my help the most, you didn't even tell me you were injured so aggregiously by another. Cut down so young in your life, before you could live. I always figured you would live forever. But you didn't. You suffered all night in silence. I woke early only to discover that you were horribly disfigured and dying, and then you were gone. And I lost my baby. In the twilight of dawn on that most horrific morning, you died in my hands. In only a few moments after I discovered you were unwell, you left. The way you looked at me asking for help, and it was too late. I just couldn't. I would have done ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for you Cozy. But then you peeped and you were gone. I just wish I had known before I went to sleep you were so ill.

You never had your own babies - only those you adopted from others. You outlived your love, Pippy Doodle, and it was his memory in you that made you so sacred to me at first after he was gone. You were such a trooper - went on even after I knew your own heart was broken as mine was after Pippy died. You cried for Pippy every day of your life. And so did I as I cry every day of my life now for both of you. But back then, we had each other and through our bond to one another, Pippy was still with us. And I grew to love you as much or possibly more than I ever loved my dearest little lap finch, Pip.

Cozy, now you are gone from me and still, months later, I weep for you. I don't know when I will be able to move past losing you. I was still grieving for Pip and then suddenly you were gone and the two things I loved more than all the rest of the world put together, I now have to live without. Everyday I still long for my two lost blue cap loves. Some, Cosette, I have loved with my heart but you Cozella, I loved with my soul. I continue to miss you my Tiny Dancer, Blue Jean Baby.

may my heart always be open to little
birds who are the secrets of living
whatever they sing is better than to know
and if men should not hear them men are old
ee cummings
Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

Emily Dickinson
(sitting in a tree-)
o small you
sitting in a tree-

sitting in a treetop
riding on a greenest

riding on a greener
(o little i)
riding on a leaf

o least who
sing small thing
dance little joy
(shine most prayer)

ee cummings

So my love, Cosette, Dance Little Joy. You gave me more joy than I can possibly ever tell you and now that you are gone, all the blue has gone with you. I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge with Bleuy, Pippy, Garibaldi, Skye, Solo, Bulli Bulli, KaZaA and so many of our friends we have lost over time. I feel that you are all there together, and I know that Pip was very pleased to see you when you arrived. I can hear his high pitched songs of glee and I bet he went triangular. When you have time, aside from grass dancing and visiting with Bleuy & Garibaldi, please greet all of my friends, feathered and otherwise, as though they were your friends and one day, My Most Precious Cosette, we shall meet again. Until then, I keep you close to my heart and always in my soul.

I am still missing you my little blue girl.

Your Surrogate Mom and Best Human Friend Ever,


Cosette, 08/01/90-03/24/03

I wish to give tribute to my dear chinchilla, Cosette, who has been my companion and best friend for nearly 13 years. She lived her whole life with me and her mother, Ariadne. I watched Cosette's birth and helped Ariadne with supplemental handfeedings for Cosette. When Ariadne died on 3/7/03, I think it broke Cosettes heart. Costte died 17 days after her mother and, and I feel truly heartbroken. May her spirit remain in our house as her home and may she be reunited with Ariadne now and forever. If anyone reads this, please would you say a prayer to the god of your understanding that Cosette, Ariadne and I are one day reunited and that Cosette knows how much I love her. Thank you.

Cosmo, 06/29/01-06/04/03

(Cosmo Bander Esquire; AKC)
Born 6/29/2001 Driftwood, Tx; Died 6/4/2003 Austin, Tx; from Pug Dog Encephalitis

Cosmo, the name given to a spirit so strong, bright, loving, and beautiful it captured the hearts of those who came to know him during his nearly two year life as the quintessential pug. Joining our family following a life-saving surgery and a stressful job loss, he brought so much joy and laughter when it was needed most. Always the animated comedian, his mastery of 100 words coupled with his constant soft verbalizations left so many folks to say, including his vet, he seemed more "like a person stuck in a little pug suit." He liked to wake us with a kiss, once eyes opened lots of kisses followed, finally we would playfully tell him "too many kisses" and he would stop. His first PDE attack would have killed him but for the prayers of those who cared for him world wide. We thank all his friends and care-givers for their help and especially thank Cosmo for being so brave in fighting off the ravages of his disease for 6 more quality months of time together. One of his defining traits was how tears would run down his cheeks when he watched us leave the house without him. Now tears of joy and sadness are ours when we look back at his too short life. Cosmo will always hold a special place in our hearts and our laps. In the Hindu tradition, together with Grandma & Grandpa he loved so much, we sprinkled his ashes in a running stream we often visit. We prayed that his extraordinary spirit finds its way to a worthy host and now hope that whoever is near him, give him lots of kisses, too many kisses for us. Marty & Saloni

Cosmo, 03/08/98-06/14/03

Cosmo will not go quietly, he shared all of his 5 years with us. He lets us know that his spirit still survives.
Old habits still make us think we hear a barking at the door. Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor. Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be, and sometimes coming home at night, we miss him terribly. And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, that one place in our hearts belongs to him... and always will.
We love and miss you MO, thanks for all of the happy memories and pictures we have of you. Peggy and Kirk

Cosmo, 05/01/88-06/14/03

Cosmo came to me at the age of 2 in 1990. He was rescued from a puppy mill system. Since then, he's provided nothing but love, happiness and solace through the roughest and best times in my life. Cosmo passed on June 14, 2003, naturally with me right next to him, holding him. I feel so paralyzed by this loss. The pain is indescribably powerful, but I know that he is free of his illness, enjoying his re-found youth, playing with his new friends. He also awaits me at Rainbow Bridge, knowing I will be there soon enough. I look forward to that blessed reunion.

Cosmo, 04/05/03

Cosmo, you came to me almost 7 years ago. I never knew where you came from so I always said that you floated down from Heaven on a cloud and landed at my back door. You were truly an angel with fur. The hole in my heart that you have left behind can never be filled. You were a constant source of love and joy and I miss my little Cosmo Bear very much. You were such a special baby and everyone loved you so much. You had so many precious qualities about you. I have many wonderful memories which has been a great comfort to me. Cosmo, I hope you know just how much your Granny and I love you and miss you.

Costly Cassidy, 06/05/91-05/13/03

A great dog with a huge heart of gold!

Brian, Kathy, Tommy, and Megan McCue

Cotter's Kelly Feller, 09/09/91-04/29/02

To my precious little Kelly feller--you will always be in my memory and in my heart. I miss you so much. Please wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I'll be there soon. From your mommy

We laid him to rest in the corner
Way down where the wild flowers grow
There's an evergreen fir tree for shelter
From the rain the wind and the snow

He was always with me in the evenings
We sat here together you know
With never a cross word between us
Then the angels said have to go

Oh, I miss you so much my dear Kelly
But I know you'll be waiting for me
By the bridge at the end of the rainbow
Then together for ever we'll be.

Mary Cotter

Cotton, 01/26/93-05/24/03

We will forever miss you. Nothing I type here can come even close to describe what you meant to us. Your sweet angel soul taught us all the true meaning of unconditional love & we are forever in your debt. We are left with a hole in our hearts that can not be filled. Thank-You for being a part of our lives.

Love Always

The Carons

Cotton, 6/30/98-5/9/03

We were not there to save you,
but you didn't die alone,
The angels came from heaven
to gently fly you home
When they came down to get you
they looked at you and cried
"Cotton already has her wings, and she never really died!
Inside the hearts of those she touched
she will live forever, and she left for you with so much love
this beautiful soft white feather.
Keep it as a memory
cause it will be replaced
more quickly now than ever
as she's in God's warm embrace"

Good bye for now sweet Cotton bird
the angels heard us cry

"Do not weep", they softly said
"because you see
she is always by your side,
for hear on earth as in heaven
Angels never die"

Love mommy

You came into out lives one day, beautiful angel bird.
You'd laugh and dance and sing and play, and often speak real words. Sometimes you got noisy and then we'd make a fuss, but you knew in your little cockatoo-ey heart how dear you were to us.
Since the day we brought you home, out lives were filled with love, a gift from heaven, angel bird, sent from up above.
Your kisses, cooing and snuggling, and silly cockatoo-ey ways, never ceased to make us smile and brighten up our days.
One night in May your precious voice, seemed to go unheard, Oh how we are so sorry, our little angel bird, For we weren't there when your angels came, and at last your cries were heard, we pray that you were not afraid and to you we cry these words.
You never ever left our hearts, and it's there you be safe and stay, to laugh and sing and dance in your cockatoo-ey ways.
Forever changed with so much pain, no one else could ever know, how hard it is to say good-bye, to have to let you go.
Your soul has taken wings this time, little angel bird.
They're soft and white to match your own, and it's your voice we have now heard.
You comfort and you sing to us "mommy and daddy don't be afraid, I know forever in your hearts is where I'll always stay"

Fly high and free white angel bird with Cotton for a name, and always know that because of you, we will never be the same.

Our love flies with you, angel bird forever in our embrace, until again we see you and kiss your little face.

We'll be together again one day, little white angel bird, keep us close in your little feathered heart till then........and go and laugh and dance and sing and play in your cockatoo-ey way...

In loving memory of "Cotton" 6-30-98 to 5-9-03 Love, mommy

Cotton, 12/25/97-01/19/03

Hey Cotton,
I miss you TONS. See you up in heaven someday. Say hi to Cubby and tell her that I love and miss her alot too! Keep her company for me! luv ya,

Cougar, 10/25/89-10/30/03

I miss you so much I can hardly bear it. You were a huge part of my life. You taught me about unconditional love, responsibility and commitment. You will be loved forever.

Cougar, 08/10/92-04/27/03

A tribute to a dear friend who passed away yesterday April 28, 2003

Dear Friends,

Last evening, Cougar, my cat, my longtime companion and my friend passed away. As with most things he did, he did this regally. All week he fought a mysterious illness that defied diagnosis. While he had no pain, his appetite declined and he was increasingly lethargic. He spent Saturday night at the hospital where he received great care. Sunday afternoon I visited with him for two hours. While there, we enjoyed each other’s company, snuggled, in our own ways showed how much we love each other, and how we felt lucky to have one another. Shortly before I left, he napped snuggling in my lap. About 20 minutes after I departed, the hospital called to tell me that he had slipped into unconsciousness, was experiencing cardiac failure, and wasn’t responding to CPR. As the doctor said, he ‘received his wings.’ Thankfully, he experienced no pain.

Many of you know the strength of the bond between us. Cougar was a special cat and we had a very close relationship. He was approximately 11 years old (middle-aged) and we had been together for nearly 9 years. Over this time, we had fun, argued, played jokes on one another, and had a great life together. Through the years, he taught me about relationships, unconditional love, and the finer points of snuggling. Nearly every morning I woke to find him sleeping snuggled along my side with his head on my shoulder, and often snoring. In essence, he was a very much my child.

To give you a sense of who Cougar was, I have some remembrances I’d like to share.

One unusually warm December day, I opened the front door of the apartment and the adjacent kitchen window. As soon as he saw the window open, he started meowing loudly, went outside, and jumped in through the window. Continuing to meow, he went outside and again jumped in through the window. Once I closed the window, he was happy. As I did, I recalled that that was the first time I had opened the window since a burglar entered through it six months earlier.

Cougar constantly sought equality. Whenever I came home, he’d greet me at the door. After taking a jaunt outside, he’d come in and announce his presence so I could greet him in return. He was also clairvoyant. There were countless times I’d wonder to myself where he was, and sure enough he’d appear a few minutes later, announcing his presence and expecting to be greeted.

Because of the mystery surrounding his passing, the Vet wanted to do an autopsy. This revealed that he probably had a severe systemic infection that he couldn’t shake because of a compromised immune system due to early-stage lung cancer. Today, with tears in her voice, the doctor reassured me that there was nothing more we could have done to keep him with us.

While I am terribly sad and can’t believe that he’s gone, I am at peace with the way he died. For if he had to go, this was certainly the easiest and most dignified way to pass on; and in doing so he spared me the pain of watching him endure extended treatment for cancer.

As you can see, this little guy made a lasting mark on my life and my heart and I will always miss him.

I greatly appreciate how so many of you have been extremely supportive over the past hours, and thank you all in advance for helping me through this difficult time. If you’re unsure of how to help, what I need most are understanding and lots of hugs.

In peace,


PS If you’d like to see his picture, visit the pets section of my website,

Steve Berley

Cougar Cat Cahill, 05/08/88-06/09/03

I met the little body of brown fur at a very difficult time in my life. I drove my daughter to her friends house to take care of the puppies every day. I fell in love with him and sat with him in the palm of my hand. We were not expecting another dog but God gave him to me for Mother's Day that year. He was a blessing.
We took care of his sister too for awhile until my parents could take her. One night he woke me up and I soon discovered that his sister was almost smothering in the blanket. He saved her life.
He also rescued me. I was being ostracized by my friends for a family problem. Cougar always knew when I was upset and came to my side. He licked my tears away. I cried into his fur so many times.
We were so close. He was sensitive, protective of his family and territory and comical. He acted like a cat by curling up on the back of the couch by the window. That was his vantage point to warn intruders. His full name was Cougar Cat Cahill.
One time he jumped up and down so much barking that he slipped off the couch and landed in a nearby trash can head first! When I was sure he was alright, I couldn't help but laugh. He looked so indignant.
The years went by too fast. In 1993 his sister came back to live with us. Both my parents had died. She wanted to play but he was disgusted. Then suddenly one day after she had been there 3 months, they started playing together. She died in 1999.We think it was renal failure. Cougar kept looking for her.
I could see he was arthritic and slowing down. He had teeth problems but I was afraid of the anesthetic. I knew he was aging right before my eyes and there were 2 things I asked the Lord.
I asked God that he live long enough to move to a new place and that happened on June 15, 2002.
I also asked that he not die alone and I was at his side when he breathed his last.
I doubt I will ever feel such a close bond again. He was so special and I will never stop loving or missing him as long as I live. Part of me refuses to believe that he is really gone. Time will not change my feelings.
His remains are buried under his favorite tree with a gravestone and flowers. We gave him a memorial service too. He will forever live in my heart.
My last request of God concerning Cougar is that he is waiting for me in Heaven until I join him.
I love you, Cougar. Mommy

Countness Natasha May The Second, 05/90-12/15/03

Natasha will be sadly missed, we will see her at the Rainbow Bridge. born may 1990, pass today at 7:15 tonight dec 15th 2003 at home, will be sadly missed. May god keep her and bless her forever.

Donald & Josine Peterson

Courage, 2/28/03

Courage, we know you are being loved and taken care of in Heaven. We thank GOD for the time he let us be in your life, for we have been surely Blessed. We will Love you always, from Riley, Joanne and Camie

Courtney, 05/04/90-11/17/03

To my dearest companion for over 13 years, I love you and will miss you.

Albert Gonzales

Cousin Willie, 03/22/87-04/19/03

To my Willie,

You have no idea how much Avery and I miss you and how we still expect to see you and hear your bark every day when we come home from school and work. Each time we see your picture we get sad and wonder if you think about us. You were loved very much by us as well as by Grandma and Grandpa who miss you deeply. I hope you're behaving in Doggie Heaven and not getting into trouble. You will always be my first "little man" and Avery's first pet.

We love you and miss you so much,

Angela "Mommy" and Avery

Coyote, 1996?-09/01/03

My best friend and a special soul. I hope you are not missing me the way I am missing you, because I could not bear to think of you suffering anymore than you already have. I love and miss you more than words can say. May God keep you safe until I see you again- you will be forever in my heart.


Cozy, 11/27/96-02/20/03

Our dear Cozy had so many health issues in her 6 short years. BUT there was never a sweeter more gentle golden. We did pet therapy & Cozy always was able to bring a smile to the faces of the nursing home residents. She was the light of so many lives. Her life was cut short by osteosarcoma. You will always be in our hearts Cozy. OH do we miss you!!

Cozy, 2/10/03

With boundless love and gratitude for all the sweetness, goodness and unconditional love Cozy brought into all our lives, we honor her and love her always.

Amy, Chris, Max and Jacob Thompson

Cracker (Jack), 09/01/94-01/11/03

Cracker was the first dog I ever owned...and of course I choose a rambunctious Jack Russell Terrier of all breeds. I got him before the Hollywood craze came about from a good friend who worked with horses and who was also a vet tech. The thought process of a Jack Russell was I'd loose a little weight with him exercising me with brisk walks. However, it didn't always work as, he gained a little weight instead. I don't believe he mind, though; saying pass the chips while on the couch with me watching "Friends." Anyway, he was the cutest pup I've ever seen and even before his departure, at 8 years old, little children still thought of him as a puppy.

He showed me much attention and loved kids; kind of like a Wishbone for them. His favorite thing was chasing the water hose outside and of course the Frisbee. His only bad habit was perhaps his most humorous habit...mounting a stranger's leg despite my persistence for him to stop. In fact, this past Christmas a co-worker hand-made a wooden leg for me to give to Cracker as a gift. That was a great gift, Jeff.

Anyway, I miss him and hope to find another pup someday, but I know he won't have the same charm and affection as little Cracker. I miss you, boy.


Crackers, 12/05/03

We loved you very much & will be very much missed.
I wish you hadn't been taken from us so soon.
We love you Crackers


Crackers, 11/18/02

Oh sweet has been more than six months and I still miss you and think of you every single day. It is awful coming home when everyone else is gone, because you aren't there to greet me at the door. I miss you licking my knees. I miss you sitting on my feet. I miss your snoring while I am watching TV. Tommy and Mom miss you too, and we are all so glad that you are buried here with us, but we wish we still had you, instead of just a marker. I am sorry if I ever hurt you or was mean, and I hope that when I see you again, you will have forgiven me for all my human shortcomings. Thank you so much for joining our family, and for showing us the meaning of unconditional love. I will try to remember that now you are in a place where you don't have pain, and where your hips don't hurt, and where you can run and play like you used to. And I will try to remember all the things you taught us in your time here with us.

I love you sweet doggie.


Crazy Dazy, 06/01/96-10/13/01

"Im Dazy, Dazy. I'm just a little bit Crazy. But that's alright, that's OK-Cause my mom loves me that way."

Five years is too short by any measure,
For anyone to lose such a treasure.

And although I cried,
I knew inside,
This was best for you,
And so for me, too.

October 13th, I laid you down to sleep.
I prayed the Lord your soul to keep,
And your pain to leave, so you could play,
Until we're reunited one day.

All my dogs have a piece of my heart,
And it was always hard to part.
But Dazy, My Forever Dog, you have more.
You captured my heart, but also found the door -
To my soul.

Is that why I think I hear you some days;
And feel you lay your head on my legs?
Once spirits unite, they never part -
Your are the soul of my soul and the heart of my heart.

Dazy was my Teammate and Partner - my student, my teacher, my playmate and my protector. Loved and Never Forgotten, not even for a day. Nanci

Crazy Woman River, 05/18/90-12/22/03

River, for 13 years, 6 months, and 4 days you were the best part of my life, you were my family. I knew that I could always come to my big brown bundle of love for your uncontainable love. We were best friends. I will miss you dearly, I can't even express. you stay now river and please wait and watch for me. When I top that ridge, I'll be looking for you and dad. And then we'll hit the woods for some birds, I'll try not to miss. I love you.

Scott Hohn

Cricket, 12/05/03

I miss you horribly. I will carry puppy hugs in my heart forever for you. I know you are in good company with lots to chase and play with. I'll join you one day and we'll see forever together. I love you little brown dog....

Abby Nelson

Cricket, 04/15/85-10/30/03

Cricket was our joy and constant companion for almost 20 years. Words cannot describe how much unconditional love she gave us, and how much we miss her.

William and Betty Holbert

Cricket, 11/07/87-10/31/03

We miss you so much.

John and Becky Hurst

Cricket, 10/16/90-5/13/03

Cricket, you were the best dog in the whole world, and I will never, ever forget you. I know that I will never have another dog as wonderful and special as you, and I will always love you.
Thank you for your love. Goodbye for now, Moo.

Cricket, 07/01/85-09/15/02

Dear Cricket,
When you were here on earth you were a bundle of joy waiting to be opened. You acted like you were not only a dog but a friend, Help and support through tough times. You was always there when you was needed. All you had was unconditional love and did not mind giving it. Until the day you got ill. We all knew the end was near but no one wanted to face the truth. But when your final day on earth came you was no scared and still gave us joy and happiness. We was there to return the support and love you had given to us. At the your last hour on earth we finally was ready to let you go to release you from pain and anguish. We did not you was taken from us because we knew you was going to a better place. And one day I hope to find you there.

Your best friends, and family,
Lance, Adam, Adrian, and Judy

Cricket (Crickie Dickie), 02/18/03

Crickie Dickie will be missed by all. Thank you for giving our family such wonderful memories.--Aunt Ashley

Ashley Kurau

Cricket Bolden, 02/01/03

Cricket, we were so blessed the day we rescued you 14 years ago. You were always such a sweet shy little girl - never caused any problems. You were especially devoted to your Mommy who's heart is broken today. Daddy is missing you so much. And Jiminy, your little pal, is looking for you everywhere. He is so confused and lonely.

How can we have a Jiminy without a Cricket? It's going to be so hard. Wait for us. One day we will all be together again and we will hold you in our arms forever.

Pat, Wayne, and Pal Jiminy

Crickett, 05/06/03

He was a precious Bubby.

Debbie and Merrell

Crickett, 08/01/85-09/2003

Dear Crickett: I was with you when you first came home and when you went back home to God. You gave us 18 wonderful years. You were my very first furbaby niece. I will miss you very much, especially all of your special Crickett antics, like waiting for the baby to drop the toy so you could hide it, and what a fuss you caused when you decided to take a walk (without telling anyone) for almost 6 hours. You were not worried you knew where you were, but we were nuts. Thanks you for all of the love you shared with us. Please kiss all of your cousins for me. I know you are pain free and happy. Love You Schluft Gazunt

Aunt Sheila

Crinkles, 03/18/03

Crinkles, I'm so sorry I had to let you go that way. Too bad you didn't come into my life sooner. I wanted so much to give you the life you probably never had but deserve. I am glad you finally came to me though. You made our home special. It was hard for me to do, but I know you're at peace now and free from pain and suffering. I love you and can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge with all our other best friends.

Crispy, 03/88-06/12/03

lieve allerliefste Crispy
veel plezier heb jij ons gegeven,
15 kostbare jaren van jou leven.
dankbaar gebruik nam jij van al dat geaai,
jou leven was alles behalve saai.
maar de tijd ging veel te snel,
jij kwam met je lichaam in de knel.
je levenslust verloor jij niet,
je lichaam was de kwaaie piet.
lieve crispebeest jij liet het leven,
maar wij blijven altijd om je geven.
lieve kleine knorrepot rust maar zacht.
mutsie rust zacht.
heel veel liefs en knuffels van je baasjes sandra & felix

Sandra & Felix

Critter, 05/10/87-03/19/03

I am thankful that we were able to share 15 wonderful years with this exceptional creature. He lived his life with grace and dignity, and he left this life in the same way. He was truly more human than cat, and our hearts are breaking at the loss. We are grateful that he is no longer weak and sick and we are confident that he is in a better place, whole and well, surrounded by loved ones.

Connie and David Ericson

Csardas Harley Has Four Aces (Harley), 06/10/92-10/17/03

My dear boy Harley,
Thank you for bringing your doofy smile, your perfect point, your oatmeal cookie scent, your waggie butt, your melodious song, and your proud temperament into my life. You've been my best friend for 11 years, and there will not be another like you.

Lindsay Casablanca

Crouton, 11/01/03

In our hearts forever

Ellen & David Chamberlain

Crud, 12/3/84-5/18/00

My tribute to my best friend who is missed so very much you brought me a lot of laughs a lot of worry, a lot of memories, and gave unconditional love. May God hold you in his hands til we meet again.

Cruise, 08/10/94-02/14/03

Cruise was my child, my companion and my bestfriend in the world. He would make me laugh when I cried and mad when he decided to misbehave, but he was always there for me when I needed him. God bless you and rest now for you have gone to a better place.

Robin Cooke

Cruiser, 03/01/03

It is with love and tenderness that I bid you goodbye. Your were my sunshine and sweetness. You loved me unconditionally, without reservation... I miss you....

Terri L. Hamilton

Crystal, 09/03

In just a little over one year, Crystal brought everyone, love, joy, and comfort. she never gave up, and her courage, will be our example for the rest of our days.

Sharon Borne Man

Crystal, 04/23/86-01/20/03

Crystal was the most loving and gentle dog one could ever find. We were so fortunate to have her for almost seventeen years. We miss her so very much. Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into our life.


Crystal (Pookie), 11/25/96-01/06/03

Pookie, we just want to let you know that we are devastated without you.
Home just is not home anymore. We love you and miss you so much.

All our Love,
Royal, Toni-Lynn & Baby Royal

Crystal Ranier Rystal, 05/12/96-10/18/03

Crystal Ranier Rystal (5/12/96-10/18/03)
Crystal, my beautiful baby girl. How much I still love you. I miss you every day. I still cannot believe we are now separated. You were my human in a canine body. They say one day we will be together again, that you will wait for me at The Bridge. I'll be there for you one day, and we'll do that happy dance together. Until we meet again, mommy loves you Crystal Ann.

Cubby, 02/11/89-01/02/03

I MISS you more than I could ever convey. We all do. You always were and always will be my BEST friend. Always remember that I love you and I am counting down the days until we can be together again -forever.
I LOVE YOU, Cubby...
Love always,

Cuddles, 02/14/89-12/24/03

Our Man, You are truly missed.
Our hearts and lives are empty here without you.
Thank you for loving us the way we love you.
You will forever be alive with us in our hearts and in our home.
You are and will always be "Mommy's Sunshine Boy".
We love you honey.
Your brothers and sisters miss you.


Cuddles, 04/17/84-12/11/03

Today I lost my best friend, but he'll always live on in my heart.

Mwanawa Tarver

Cuddles, 07/13/03

Cuddles, it's been some time after you have gone.. But I still miss you all the time. Time never seems to heal wounds, and so I'm still hurting that much. The regret of not being able to see you when you took your last breath brings me remorse.. I love you all always, and till the time I see you at the bridge.. you'll always stay in my heart for always..

Valerie Li

Cuddles, 02/01/02-05/23/03

The best cat I ever had, and I have grown up with cats and had many. This was the sweetest most loving baby I ever had. The whole neighborhood will miss him. I loved you, we all loved you cuddles. You were awesome. Words can not describe.

Jean Bradshaw

Cuddles, 03/15/92-05/23/03

Cuddles was the very best dog anyone could ask for. He was very friendly, playful and loyal.
When Cuddles was a little over 1 year, we brought home his little sister, Kelty (same parents - different litter). We were told he might be territorial, but not Cuddles, he gave up his bed for Kelty, let her eat first and they became best friends.
Cuddles was a wonderful companion, not only to Kelty, but to our entire family. He loved walks and going camping. He protected our house at all times, pacing around the main floor while everyone else (including Kelty) were upstairs relaxing and watching TV.
Cuddles loved company too. He always greeted visitors at the door, friends, sales people and the pizza delivery guy! Whenever we had grandma and grandpa or aunty over, he would show off. He figured that when they were here he should sit at the kitchen table with all of us - I am sure he thought he was human.
We will all miss Cuddles so very much, he was truly a gift to our family. We were blessed to have this dear fellow in our lives for almost 12 years. He will always be in our hearts.

Cuddles, 06/89-05/13/03

To the figher named Cuddles, Cuddle-lump, Miss Missy Miss Missy, Cudds: We miss u so much. We enjoyed having you in our lives and loved your mischievous ways and queen-like attitude. Forever we will remember you and we will always think of you fondly. We will tell stories about you until we all meet with you again. Please watch over our family, including, China, Leo, and Teddy... We love you hun.

Julia Hurst and Family


by Tolford A. Durham
In our barn, many cats and kittens are living,
of different colors and types.
Some are grey, some black and white, and some even have stripes.
But all are wild and skittish,
And run whenever I'm near.
Amid the crowd one stands out and is so dear.
She's black with white feet and scrawny,
Looking like she just came out of the rain.
But a loving friend she was seeking,
A faithful person to trust and remain.
While sitting in the barn looking out at the day,
She came close, looking up at my face.
She opened her mouth as if talking, not sound to say.
Her little green eyes pleading for love with her grace.
Her eyes were sick with infection,
Her sneezes were often and impure.
Her nose was blocked with the problem,
Her mouth to her lungs was the door.
But she had one gift in great store,
Her love and affection she gave freely,
Then came back to give me some more,
As soon as she heard me coming out the door.
As I sat watching the setting sun,
She came to my chair on the run.
She climbed up my pant leg and settled in my arms,
as her purring spoke of her charms.
While I talked to the Lord about the day,
She wrapped her tail around her.
She looked up into my face as if to say,
I love you, old man, I'm here to stay.
We closed the barn door and went into the house,
She climbed into my lap, quiet as a mouse.
As I watched TV, she put up her paw
Upon my face, and told me she loved me in her grace.
We went to bed 'round about nine.
She ate some dry food while I took my time
Getting ready to sleep and cuddle she would,
Sleeping as close as she possibly could.
'Round about one and again 'round four,
She roused me to take her to the litter box door.
Then back to bed away we would go,
As she cuddled again, quietly more.
In the morning as the sun would rise,
I'd take a warm cloth and clean out her eyes.
Then patiently she'd wait while I'd shave, shine and sit
Next to her as we talked to the Lord a bit.
Downstairs we'd go and get her fed,
To start her day out of bed.
She'd go outside and sit in the sun,
Till I came out in the evening and to me she'd run.
That was our days and our evenings too,
Such a loving companion, so good, so true.
She seemed to grow thinner, as her eyes got worse,
It seemed like all the cats carried the curse.
I took her to the vet this very day,
To get her medicine so she could stay.
He found mites in her ears, infection in her eyes,
Worms in her tummy came as no surprise.
Doc George showed me the drops to heal her through,
She'd we well again in a week or two.
The he tested her blood to see if he could find,
Any disease that was hurting her kind.
The sentence was passed as my heart skipped a beat,
She was full of love but went down to defeat.
I left her in Doc's gentle hands and heart so kind,
But no solace for my own was I able to find.
I miss her and there's a hole in my heart.
My tears run freely as I write this part.
We're no longer together as in peace she lies still,
But my arms are empty and will not be filled.

Cuddles, I love you and thank you so much,
For giving me you love, affection and such.
Lord, thank you for the blessing of time with her I spent,
Her loving little body, to me you lent.
My days are quiet, empty and still.
I'll never forget the look of her love,
I will think of her often and her love,
And maybe I'll see her when I get there Above.
Goodbye Cuddles.


Cuddles, 01/29/86-01/11/03

Cuddles was truly a special dog. She never complained through all her pain and suffering. She was always here for us during our times of trouble and sorrow, and it was an honor to be with her through out her difficult final journey. We loved her dearly and are overwhelmed with sorrow at the loss and emptiness we feel at this moment. Only time will help numb the sorrow. We will never forget you Cuddles or stop loving you. Until we meet again, love Ray and Angie Roy.

Cuddles of Guelph, 1982

Mum and I still love you, dear old soul. You were already so old and beaten-down when we adopted you that happy day back in 1979. Just how long had you been in that cage? Mum still talks about how you hid in the doll's house for months; and what a victory it was, when your dear face dared to appear at the top of the stairs. You became a real cuddle-meister after that. I'm so glad you were happy for a while, sweet little old thing. I hope you're happy now. cuddle all the other baybeez until we can cuddle you again. God keep you, little fellow.

Katharine and Sadie

Cuffai Bernice James-Cat (Lady Asia's Nigerian Bali Princess),04/015/92-06/28/03

On a Life Ending Young

Put the catnip mouse away,
Pick the toys up off the floor,
What was velvet shod and gay
Shall not need them any more

What was warm is strangely cold,
Where has gone the last drawn breath?
How can such a tiny frame hold
So immense a thing as death?
~~ Anon

I saw the poem on the back page of a professional journal years ago - like in the 70's, possibly early 80's. Not sure if it was an RT or RN mag. All I can do is rebuild it to the best of my ability and pass it on to others.

Cujo, 1984-05/05/97

Cujo was 1 year old when I adopted him from the shelter. He grew strong and healthy after having heart worms and being abuse by his previous owner. At the age of 13 he was again battling another crisis. He now had Cancer. On May 5, 1997 GOD to Cujo home where he will wait for me. I know he is in GOD'S hands now and he is safe & well suffering no longer. I love you Cujo and I will never forget the love you showed me.
Visit Cujo at

Angela Childress

Cujo, 11/15/02-07/15/03

Cujo I love you and miss you so much. As well does your Daddy and Brother (Husky/mix) Barney. I prey that Barney understands why you are not here for him to play with, because mommy doesn't really play as good as you did with him. I will never forget my little baby boy.

Liisa Bjork and Bill Wright

Cupcake, 11/29/03

Our little baby! We will truly miss you. You have been with the family 20 years and now a part of our family is gone. God granted you a long life! We spoiled you with nothing but love and affection. You will be forever in our hearts. We Love You and miss you! Love your family, Dad, Mom, Michelle, Willie, Joe, Stefanie, Jojo, and Alyssa Bye bye kitty cat we love you!!!!!

The Sarro Family

Curley, 02/12/93-12/05/03

Curley had a heart as big as the fur that surrounded him. He would often play with his tennis ball and his mini basketball and give sweet kisses and hugs to us. We will never forget his sweetness and We will always remember how he would give his paw to shake when we gave him a Pounce treat. Wherever you are sweet boy, we will be thinking of you and we hope that you have a safe journey to your next life.

Donald and Denise Leitch

Curley, 8/16/03

The princess of all princesses! The 3 stooges are now down to 2, Moe & Larry will miss her dearly, as well as the rest of us who loved her so and will remember her always. The gift she gave us of her unconditional love, sweetness and humor will remain deep in all of our hearts forever.

Sincerely and with my utmost appreciation and thanks,

Jennifer Sherman

Curly, 10/31/90-11/28/03

Curly was my companion who gave me unconditional love.
He was always there waiting for me.
I lost my mother 2 yrs ago on 11/28, and now my best friend, he too passed on 11/28.
I miss them both

Betsy Yaklich

Curly, 11/12/03

He was always there for me, not matter what.

Don Walker

Cutie, 02/26/00-11/18/03

It's been less than a week since you passed. You are in our thoughts constantly. Your poodle family is saddened and it is very quiet here without you. We miss you very much. Love, Your Family!

Cutter, 04/01/90-11/22/03

Cutter was a rescued dog from the local humane society, he became a big part of our family , recently his health had started to decline he was no longer able to play with his brother Gus, we brought home a puppy named Maggie 2 weeks before Cutter crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it seemed like he knew that Gus was going to be o.k. because Maggie had joined the family. We all miss him dearly , but we know that we will meet up with him someday, and then we can all play again.

The Carey's

Cutter's Jack Daniels, 10/02/01-04/13/03

To my brave little man, whom I loved so dearly. You were my shining light that helped me thru the rough times. I will never forget the hugs, the kisses, and the barks of joy. I love you so much and will never forget our times together. Stay strong and handsome, my little man.


He came into our lives, a small bundle of joy.
Just six weeks of age, he was a sight to see.
All covered in filth, but standing tall as could be.
He cried and searched for his mom and siblings, to no avail.
But, what he found instead was love unprevailed --
A master with a heart as big as gold
To take him in her arms, to forever hold.
She took this little baby and loved it as her own.
And he in turn claimed her with all his heart and soul.
The two of them were such a delight,
Adoration and love of each other for all to see.
He was a puppy, always jumping, licking, and searching for a toy,
She was a young woman emerging on her own.
He made her laugh; he made her cry.
He made life worth living, especially in her eyes.

He grew to be a young man - all tall, blond, and slender.
And like all labs, his heart was big and tender.
He loved her unconditionally.
He loved her forever.
When she was sad, he placed his paws around her neck
And gave her a hug and a quick little lick.
Each night he snuggled close and held her tight;
Took up the whole bed and sometimes gave her a fright
As mischievous as a child, he would grin and spin and jump
Just trying to test his limits, to be allowed to go that extra mile.
He loved to play fetch and aggravate and tease.
He had his own dance for his supper, please.
But most importantly, he knew the ways to make her smile -
To light up her face and put a sparkle in her eyes.

She loved him unconditionally. He was her little man.
He gave her reason for being - for taking life in hand.
He gave her life purpose and the strength
To face her problems and to go to any length.
She loved and nurtured him as she would her own child.
The two of them were bonded for life in love - together forever.
He was her child - her own little man.

But, God had other plans for her little man.
He took him to Heaven at a mere 18 months.
Without any warning, with a flick of his hand
Before her eyes snuffed out - a life so grand.
She grieves for his passing, for the loss of her little man.
Her heart so broken, she doesn't know if she can stand.
But God had a purpose, even though she might not comprehend.
Maybe he wanted the love of such a special puppy;
Maybe another needed his love, or
Maybe he made the decision to prevent her from a greater loss.
But, for whatever the reason he took him, her loss is inconsolable.
She worries and frets "Is he warm?" "Is he fed?"
"Will someone play fetch" and "hold him and rub his head"?

Thus, Father, we pray -- Keep him safe.
Our little man in Heaven, may he always be in Your grace.
May he find her loved ones, lost long ago.
May they snuggle him close and delight him with their memories,
Until that day they are reunited at the Rainbow's End.
Our Heavenly Father, I pray
That you grant my daughter the strength to continue her day;
The ability to carry Jack's special love within her soul;
And to face life and to continue to go the lengths.
May she realize that love is not for ought,
but the most precious thing on earth ;
Give her the strength to continue to go down life's little trails;
And to not be afraid of the future and what it has to hold;
Help her to grow as a person, not afraid
To develop new relationships and new loves in her life.
For if she looses these gifts, she has lost the purpose of his being -
This little man of ours, with a heart so big and special.

So, Jack, go with our love and with our blessing.
We will keep your master safe.
Her heart will heal in time, but
Your memories will always be with her
Until that beautiful day she meets you at the bridge
There in Rainbow land.

Darlene and Mike Teat

Cybil, 04/19/91-01/25/03

Cybil sadly left us today to go to Heaven today. She was battling terminal cancer and she told us today that it was time. I held her until she took her last breath. I can't begin to express the pain that I am feeling. I am only eased a little bit, knowing that one day we will be together again. She was my best friend and buddy. I love you Cybil!!! You will be sadly missed.

Tami Bauman

Cybil Mattie, 04/19/91-01/25/03

I think about you every single day!
You are our best friend and buddy forever.
Although you are gone, you will never be forgotten.
You are now with our other loved ones and we will all be joined again one day together--when we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Tami Bauman

Cyndi, 09/22/03

My Cyndi
She came to my house on an early spring day in March of 1992. A lovely, regal young, but mature girl with a large red bow sported about the neck. She sat regally in the cab of a pick-up just waiting for me to scoop her up in my arms. What a love she was. She joined my household, with a very sick male Lhasa Apso named Shawn, who she cared for as if he were her pup. As his illness progressed she watched over him with loving support and care until his passing in June of 1993.

Over the years she welcomed another rescued dog into the family, shared her home with him and soon there after she also welcomed her owner's new husband with open paws.
Cyndi looked after the three of us and enjoyed all the holidays, playing with her toys, even finding a way to open her bone shaped toy box with her nose. That was a special feat or should I say "paws" for one so tiny.

As 2003 approached life for my Cyndi was not so special as her little joints became crippled and her legs did not move as they used too. Slowly, her once sharp mind who cherished us all, came to forget where she was or why she was there. Then other critical body parts began to give out. Her favorite treat, ice cream, was ignored as was water and food.

The most difficult day of my life was driving her on her last journey to the vet and saying good-bye. My wonderful vet scooped her up in her arms and as I said my good-bye a single tear rolled down her eye as well. At that point we shared a special moment, the three of us, and I put my Cyndi in the arms of St Francis, who helps all pets enter into God's treasured space. She is greatly missed.

Marie Panfilio

Cyro, 03/05/03

This tribute is for Cyro. My coworkers beloved yellow lab. He has cancer and today he will go to where all good dogs go. I wish for him lots of sunshine, yummy bones and love.


Cyrus AKA Mooshee, 09/01/87-05/10/03

Cyrus was a sweet, sweet kitty who was afraid of his own shadow. This, and his highly intelligent ways and habits, endeared him to all who met him. He was very healthy for his age, until his plump and fluffy little body turned on him. It is less than a week since he passed and my mind cannot quite grasp the fact that he is gone. He joins his good buddy Claudius on the Rainbow Bridge......until we all meet again my beautiful furbabies. Kathy Emami and family.

Czar, 03/07/98-02/06/03


My friend my child I love with all my heart. Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. At 4 1/2 you were too young to lose and you put up a heroic fight. Our home has just become an ordinary house now that you are gone. I love and miss you. Mommy

Czarina, 02/2001

We adopted you on the day you were to be euthanized, you were so thin. We loved you and gave you the best life with all of the best care along with your "sister" Cal. But you developed kidney failure and had to leave us all too soon. The decision was hard and had to be made.

We love you and miss you so much.........
Carrie & Dan

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