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Year 2003 Tributes

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A610763 thru Azreal

A610763, 12/08/03

This kitty was in the South LA shelter and "adopted" on Saturday the 6th when Rick went to try to rescue her.

The new "adopters" returned the cat on Monday because of an apparent health problem and she was put to sleep.

May A610763 serve as a reminder that one doesn't need a name to be loved.

Sue Tanida and Rick Posten

Abba, 09/09/89-10/21/03

Dearest Abba - the most gentle dog soul and my best friend! I rescued you when you were 6 months old and you rescued me from too much work and a cold heart. My special singing "Swimming Queen" you always greeted me with a wag of your tail and loving eyes right up to the last. Please know you were loving taken to the edge of the Rainbow Bridge where Bailey, Beau and Niki are there already to play with. We all miss you here. Ghillie still looks for you everyday and I long to hear your old dog sound sleep snoring, see your puppy ears as you beg expectantly and cuddle those golden jowls. Be well my friend! You are in my heart forever. Much love Kiwi

Abbey, 02/04/88-01/15/03

Abbey, you are my little soul mate -- you have been since the day you were born. You gave us so many more years than any of the Vets ever thought were possible and you did it all with such grace, Love & companionship. Your PupMommy, Carlie sent you a rainbow from Rainbow Bridge just days before you passed. After that moment when we cradled you & bathed you in the colorful light, you became so serene and calm. And when you were later slipping away from us, you poured into me such comfort & warmth, that I knew you were filling me with your Love, so I could draw from that strength after you were physically gone. Daddy & Peepers are also lost without you, Abbey and we'd all give anything to be able to hold your warm perfect body and smell your wonderful scent. You are the most beautiful soul I have ever known and you taught me so much with your old-soul ways. I know we will all be together someday, my Angel, but until then I will miss you and hold you dearly in my heart forever. Love always, Mommy, Daddy & Peepers

Abbey Ginn, 03/15/94-06/17/03

Dearest Abbey,
It never seems fair when someone close has to leave. You where the greatest gift any family could ever have. We'll all miss you so very much, but know that we'll see you soon. Good bye dear friend. Love Mom, Dad, Shane, Karri, & your surrogate children Alex, & Julio.

Abbey Jo White, 04/11/03

This is a tribute to a special little girl "Abbey" my little sis....Oh sweet girl how I will miss you, you were my playmate...actually the only one that I wasn't afraid of...HAHA
Take good care of Sassy & Pappy and until we meet at the bridge Good-Bye my Sweet Sis.

Your "Big Bro"
P.S. Mommy, Daddy & Josh miss you real bad too!!!
They are trying to make it easier for mommy...

Abbie, 04/04/95-11/25/03

Gone but never forgotten

Marie Patterson

Abbie, 05/15/88-04/24/03

My abbie was my "pretty girl." She was grey with the whitest of fur. We had our own special moments many times, especially when I would work out of my home office. She enjoyed laying on my desk and just watching my movements.
I really miss her. She has a beautiful grave, and I visit daily, in our back yard.


Abbie Klaus, 1/1/74-6/19/03

Abbie Klaus died today after a brief illness. She had a malignant cancer that had filled her whole abdomen in 2 weeks. She was buried with her most recent dollie, some chew bones and treats, and a piece of her baby blanket.

She was a great friend who played hockey with a tennis ball, 'killed' her dollies, played hide and seek, and could run and leap like a greyhound.

She was an American Toy Fox Terrier who had the silkiest coat I had ever felt. She liked eating little pieces of whole wheat toast, bananas, apples, ham, swiss cheese, and ice cream. Sometimes she also liked eating kleenex and other paper.

She taught me many lessons on how to be a better human. I promised her I would try to remember all that she taught me.

Sue Klaus

Abbigail, 1985-4/30/03

Dear Abbigail, You were my precious girl. You waited while I had surgery even though you were sick. Now that you knew I was all right, you had to leave. It was so hard to let you go, I wanted to come with you. I hope you have found Linus and will wait together until we can all be together again. I hope you did not suffer too much at the end with your kidney failure. I did the best I could to keep you comfortable. I will miss you terribly and your savvy spirit. Dorothy Diehl

Abbigail Nicole Barnhart, 11/88-1/3/03

We love you and miss you!

Abbot, 11/14/03

He was a Beloved friend who taught us much about unconditional love

Dick Warner

Abby, 03/29/97-11/17/03

Abby, You were our first baby. You taught us so much about love, patience, and happiness. Thank you for being our teacher. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. We'll see you at the Bridge. We miss you. Daddy, Mommy and Connor

Abby, 01/20/02-10/03/03

We miss you so much little Abby. So young too die. We will always love you our darling.

Ruth A

Abby, 10/1999

Abby (Miss Abby)

We never knew your real age, but we figured you were about 13 to 15 years old. It's hard to know with a rescue dog. You filled our home with love and devotion and I miss you still so very much. Others have followed, but I think of you often and we still have your photo displayed along with Madison's on the desk. You were such a wonderful Golden Retriever -- loving and faithful to the end. We're sorry for the pain you endured during your life, but were so glad to be able to have you with us and give you a loving home. We have wonderful memories that we will carry with us forever, along with the knowledge that one day we'll all be together again. We love you and miss you.

Joanie, Ron, Greg and Roscoe

Abby, 04/13/01-07/30/03

Abby, you were such a special dog. You came into our lives in a time of grief and sorrow, and brought us so much pleasure. You were always there to welcome us and never were upset when we left you for a while. You became Kamilla's best friend as well as ours. You were only here for 2 short years, but those years are exploding with happy, funny, and joyous memories. You were not with us long enough, your body hurt too much, and your kidneys failing you. You will forever be in our thoughts and Kamilla will sing the "Abby Song" for years to come. Run, play in fields of green, chase as many tennis balls as you can. There will always be someone there to throw a ball to you. You can eat as many breathbusters, milkbones, and chew bones as you want. Walks can last for days if you wish, and you can swim in the lake after your balls all day. You are at peace now, feeling now pain. We love you so much, now go chase that ball.

Kim, Kathleen and Kamilla Pedersen

Abby, 09/09/82-03/17/95

A special dog that was my friend and companion.

David Roberts

Abby, 12/21/89-04/10/03

We didn't have any children. You were our daughter and a member of our family in every respect. You brought us incredible joy and love. You hogged the bed every night and preferred our food to your own. You loved walks, and cats, and chipmunks. You wheezled your way into our hearts in about a day and we had no idea how hard it would be to lose you. We miss you terribly - there is an emptiness now. We hope you are in heaven watching down on us. We love you always. Mom and Dad

Abby, 8/13/92-8/30/00

Abby~ You too are still greatly missed. You will not be forgotten ever. You were my "Lassie."


Abby, 03/02/03

Abby, you came into our life the day when April left. God must have felt you served your purpose, so on March 2 2003 you went to a better place. You were such a special little kitty. Each day we will think of one of your little tricks you used to do.

Rena and Mike

Abby, 01/01/94-01/29/03

I love you more than anyone can understand. I hope you get all the pigs ear you could ever want. I miss you so much

Lisa Ballou

Abby and Her Six 2 Week Old Pups, 12/24/02

Abby was our foster baby. She had a litter at the shelter two weeks ago. My wife and I had first seen Abby in a cage alone with her pups. One of her pups was dying and beyond help and the others were huddled and cold with their mom.

My wife and I decided to take her home. We got her home and she wouldn't eat but she continued to nurse her babies, she was a great mom. I had called the shelter and told them that she would not eat. They gave me some ideas on how to coax her to eat and said to give it another day. The next day was Christmas Eve and she still hadn't eaten, and I notice that she seemed congested, like she had a bad cold. I called again and they told me to bring her and the pups in and they would put them down. I refused and called another member of our organization, she came down, looked at Abby and then we tried to get a hold of a vet. While waiting for the vet to call back Abby passed on. The other volunteer brought the pups home to bottle feed. We lost them all by Christmas day.

We found out latter that the Abby had given birth to early and the pups lungs were not fully developed, that coupled with being in that drafty shelter contributed to us losing every pup.

Abby I'm so sorry, I've only known you for three days but I love you so.

We know that you and your babies are at the Rainbow bridge and we will get to see you with, Cassie, Toby, Lady, Besty, and all the other furbabies that are waiting for their special friend. We would be honored to be you and your pups special friend.


your foster Mom and Dad

Abby Lou, 12/01/91-09/29/03

Abby my sweet little baby you are gone but not from our hearts. We will always love you. One day we will be together again in rainbow heaven.

Jackie Trent

Abby Mac Lane, 11/21/94-01/20/00

Abby was a special "bully". She was my very best friend and would always wait for me at the door - no matter how late I had to work. She was always at my side at home and if I could take her in the car she would always go. Monday will be 2 years since she died and I miss her as much today as I did when she died in my arms. I will always love her. She is buried in my back yard under the apple tree that she loved to lay under. There are a group of angels watching over her grave. Monday will not be easy. Abby I miss you!!!

Carolyn Wade

Abby West, 03/06/03

To our little Abby, we wish you love, comforting and warm!
We hold you tenderly in our thoughts now and always, you were a gentle kind doggie.
All our love,
Bill & Helen West
Rebecca & Elizabeth West
& Grandma Zetta

Abercrombie, 09/25/03

Abercrombie was our friend, our guard and a true and loyal family member.
We have many memories to remember him by and we thank him for the never ending unconditional love that he showed to us all.


Abigail, 11/10/03

Abbey was the most thoughtful and emotional dog I could have knowed. She was my rock during the most difficult times of my life. I would give anything to see her once again. Sadly she was taken unexpectedly. The only peace I can get from her death is knowing that I was blessed to have her in my life. I love you Abbey. You will always be my sunshine.

Jaime Bugarin

Abigail, 04/06/89-09/16/03

Thank you Abby, Abby for the joy and comfort you brought to my life. Your grace and dignity were apparent til the end. Thank you for allowing me to be present at your passing, and trusting that I would know what to do. I love you, and am so glad your free to leap and run again!

Diane Figueroa

Abigail aka Fluffy-Butt

Abigail - we love you so much Fluffy-Butt!!! You were our Sweet Golden Girl with eyes that spoke of enormous love. We will NEVER EVER forget you and the love you gave us each and every day.

We will see you in our dreams and someday we will see you at the Bridge! Be free our Sweet Girl!!!

Mama, Papa, Jezebel, P.B., Mauser, Rocky and Kismet

Abigail, 01/27/84-12/15/95

My Darling girl,

Here Lies Love,

with love,

Abigail, 12/28/86-05/19/03

Abby, You will always be our baby. It hurt so much to say goodbye. We will love you and remember you forever. You are now pain free and playing with your brother, Lester, again. My heart is breaking.

Kathryn Maffia

Abigail Ray (Abby), 7/8-12/09/03

Abigail Ray “Abby” Peavey
(Died December 9, 2003.
Special Cremation was held at Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park
Napa, Ca and directly placed on a cedar box.)

A Tribute to Our Abby

When Daddy decided to get another hound
Called around and there we found
Abby…a Rottweiler from Rescue Rottie
A mutt that was calling “choose me”!

We introduced you to Badger
And both got along together
We knew it was you.
We got to have you.

Your eyes look so sweet
They longed for our touch
You wanted to be liked and loved
It was there right from the start.

Somehow you were trained
But you had a “trust” issue
A bad experience that traumatized you
So you chose to hide the real you.

You wanted to get close
But not close enough
Like you want to give in
But please no more beating.

You would suddenly snipped and snapped
Mood changed due to a mishap.
As you remember the abuses and the hitting before
Abandoned at the back of a school with your heart’s a sore.

That would explained why you suddenly changed
Every time you see or hear the kids around
For you thought that they will hurt you again
But that’s over now… no more pain.

When we took you home, it felt right.
Too excited, everything went bright.
Little by little you showed love and sweetness
Giving back mom and dad’s tenderness.

Remember when we were sleeping in bed?
You came running and hopped up ahead
Used your nose to squeezed in between us
Funny, lay there wiggling and smiling at us.

You always took the pillow
Rest your head on it to mellow
Like a regular, normal person sleeping.
Snoring loud, making this distinctive sound.

So we learned that you liked soft cushions…
A no-no in bed or even on the futons
Been told that rules are rules
Daddy’s rules, mommy coddles…

Remember when daddy tripped at the end of the bed?
You quickly checked and responded
To ask, “are you okay, daddy huh?”
Sweetly licking him all over too.

When we were in the spa, you wanted to join in
Climbed and walked around the edges
So crazy but we needed to stop you.
Didn’t want you to slip or even break your hip too.

One time you, Badger and daddy were playing tough
Such fun but it kind of went rough
You snapped on daddy and almost snip his head.
So mad, he told you to go away but follow him instead.

The humble look and sorry in your eyes
Told us that something was realized
So sincere that you tried to be sneaky,
Following persistently to ask for an apology.

You even tried to hide behind mom
Like she could save and protect you from harm.
But daddy had to put his foot down and lay it on you
We’re the bosses here, your mom and dad too.

Calmed down you both had a “serious” talk
Wanting you to realize what happened was a no-no
Grasp the fact that finally some people care for you.
No more hitting and or beating at you

As time goes by, you were changing.
The real you were finally emerging.
Behind those big brown loving eyes was named Abby,
Then became a sweet and very affectionate rottie.

You think you were a lap dog and not that heavy at all
Sweet affections were on a roll
Always wanting to have our touch on you.
It was your satisfaction and comfort too.

You played soccer with cousin Eric.
But when you were tired and exhausted,
Grabbed the ball and lay on one corner,
Like that’s it, I’m not sharing it anymore.

We played footsies or leaned towards us more
When you don’t want us to go or even thru the door.
You just blocked the entire way and not move at all.
Begging us not to go and please stay so.

You had that look in your eyes
So irresistible but to submit with what you wanted
Just because of the love and care
Found you oh so cute to stare.

One day, mommy even caught you being naughty
On top of Badger humping and doing his booty
Like a male dog would do when you’re the girl here,
Shocked yet funny, finding you to be a queer.

Our walks around the block
The hanging out by the pond
Watching the ducks
Feed them as they swim and quack.

The rides at the back of the truck
Happy faces you and Badger would stuck
Heading towards Coyote Hills or somewhere
So excited spending it together.

Exhausted and out of breath,
Fed you with the bottled water instead.
We didn’t even need a leash to hold you down
You would just stay and not run.

Our talks like you were another person we confide to
And you pretended to know so
Seemed to always understand how we feel
So you just stayed beside us and sit still.

You may not be able to talk back
Neither can give us an assuring pat
Just showed your unconditional affection
Pleasing us gives you satisfaction.

As they say a dog is a man’s best friend
Who’s always going to be there till the end
A loyal huggable “bear”- ry understanding rottie
We couldn’t ask for a better puppy.

You made so much such funnies
Los and lots of happy memories
Abby, you’re a great mutt,
Mom and Dad really miss you a lot.

Just want to see your tongue hanging, waiting and drooling….
No tail but sees your butt wiggling…
Wanting some of your favorite Scooby Snack
A cookie you get when you knock.

It’s not the same without you here
A lover not a fighter so awfully dear
The “baby girl” we loved to hail
Forever you’ll always be our Abigail.

Ray & Rhea Peavey

Abner, 06/16/03

Abner was a sweet little friend, we will miss him terribly.

Julie, Scott, Dillon and Derek Roberts

Adalaide, 01/17/03

Addie, you are missed so very much, our little angel girl.

Sherry Ballantyne

Adam a/k/a Mister Guy, 02/27/88-12/08/03

Oh, Adam. Could anyone ever be granted a better gift than to care for you from the day you were born? You were such a handsome tabby and the nickname "Mister Guy" seemed to stick with you. You were friendly to most every human, but honored me by reserving your most affectionate actions for me, including the honor of letting me be the only one allowed to stroke your belly. The progression of your 16 years was full: from being your adopted mom Sheena's "baby", and acting like it, for so many years, to being a responsible, tolerant and affectionate head of household with the other kitties. Yet you never lost that kitten in you that would "bark" for "cheesies" or whatever I was eating, never lost interest in a good buzz from catnip, nor lost the ability to find a new way to express your affection, an insistent paw on my shoulder or sitting and staring me awake at 6am. God, how I'm going to miss that bounce you thought was a run. I'm going to miss those expressive noises that were anything but feline. I miss seeing you ready and waiting for me when I walk in the door...even if I've been gone a few minutes. In particular, I miss those huge, clear, expressive eyes. We have shared so much of each other's souls, my only comfort is that there is no way we won't be one day reunited. Until then, rest in peace my dear companion and know you've filled my heart to overflowing. I love you.

Dave Mills

Adam, 2002

Hey Baby Boy,

Your my baby boy even though your gone. You've always been there for me when I needed you. When I had to give you to away to a new home it crushed me. If I could've taken you here with me I would have. I mean your my baby. So I gave you away to a well known team roper, he said he'd take good care of you. You loved him and his family right away. You always gave a person the chance to have your love. You were doing very well. But I've heard you were killed in a tractor accident, that you were chasing. So I guess your up in heaven looking down upon us all right now. I just hope that they had gotten a female for you to bred w/ to pass on your great wisdom and loving personality. You were my protector, and you'll always be in my heart. I carry a picture of you with me a lot when I go someplace. You were my baby, and still are. I have a new puppy now. But, he'll never be just like you. I love you Adam. Rest in Peace, my baby boy!!

Torey Stewart

Adam, 06/27/97-04/11/03

Adam. you changed my life. Your not so small presence filled my house. I want you to know bunny, that God has crackers for you, and knows all the words to you are my sunshine. He will sing to you till I get there with you. Please don't get mad at God for touching your stuff. Try to be good, boomer. I love you and I miss you terribly. Cyn

Adam Paddy Paws, 04/03/95-12/12/03

Adam Paddy Paws - my gentle giant - at last free to run with a healthy heart and with your beloved sister, Nellie.
We all miss you so much, big fella!
Love Mum and Dad and all the others - (even Fitz!)

Addie, 10/11/89-03/20/03

I got Addie when she was six weeks old. She has been my truest companion and love for thirteen years. I was hoping to have a few more years with her, but a brain tumor stopped her very suddenly from walking, eating, or living in any real way.

Yesterday, March 20, 2003 friends and family gathered and the vet came out and euthanized her. I feel as though a part of me has been ripped away.

She was my "trailblazer." She loved to run in the woods. She loved to play ball and catch frisbees mid-air. She was amazing. She could get out of any fence I put her in. She learned how to open the fridge when no one was home and have a feast.

She has seen me through relationships, new homes, new cities, new jobs. She sat with me when I cried and played with me with joy.

I miss her more than words can even express. I don't know how I will live my life without her.


Addie Girl, 02/14/01-02/20/03

Sweetie Girl -
We loved you very much and never dreamed this day would come this soon. You fought so hard to be able to stay with us. But in the end you were to sick and very tired. I know you are running and playing with your new friends. I will always love you and miss you.

Raejene Riley

Adonna, 12/14/92-08/19/03

To One of the most precious, loving, best friend any human could ever hope to have. Rest in Peace our precious little one. We will miss you and we will love you forever.

James & Tracy Emerson

Adrain Aka Benny, 03/14/03

My boy I miss you and love you so much. I'd go to the moon and back just for a minute with you I love you so much. I would do and give anything to see your little face bulleting around the yard again. I love you.

Donna John and Sarah

Adrian, 03/31/94-02/16/03


What will I do without you?
My precious furry friend.
Part mischief but all blessing
And faithful to the end.

You looked at me with eyes of love,
You never held a grudge
You thought I was far too wonderful
To criticize or judge.

It seemed your greatest joy in life
Was being close to me
I think God knew how comforting
Your warm, soft fur could be.

A few short years was all we had
Today, we had to part
But you, my girl, will always have
A place within my heart.

To my beautiful little girl Adrian.
I love you forever.
Until we meet again......


Oh Adric. This was a tough year for our fur family. First your soul sister Sage. Then sweet Banshee. All of you the elders. But you the oldest of all. I remember when you came to me. A friend brought you and a litter mate to an SCA event for me to choose from. And I chose you. Never have I had a truer friend. As a kitten, you nibbled my hair when I slept. Then you would curl up beside me and go to sleep. You instilled guilt in me when I had you neutered and declawed at the same time but you forgave me. When I moved from Illinois to New Mexico, I had to leave you with my Grandparents. It was then I knew you were my familiar because it hurt me so much to leave you. But six months later friends traveling brought you to me. Remember how I trembled as they brought you up the steps to the apartment? We were reunited. You saw me through many year both good and bad. When my heart was broken you were beside me petting me. You let me know it would be OK. And you slept with me every night. If my hand was extended you put your paw in it and purred me to sleep. You walked funny ever since you got sick when you young after eating a hamster. But you retained your dignity. You got pretty big. A whopping 22 pounds. I guess knew it was time when you started to lose weight. But you held on and never complained. In that last week I wanted to take you to the doctor. But I knew you were old and you were terrified of going outside. I was at church when you passed. I was delivering the congregational prayer when I felt joy and Spirit enter me. I knew when I came home you would be gone. Now you lay in the garden with your sisters but you are a young kitten again. I tried to sing Amazing Grace to you but the words caught in my throat. One day we will be together again. I Love You.

Daddy Jay

Aerosmith Major Thunderbolt (AMOS), 02/23/93-11/12/02

My sweetest, bestest friend in the universe. Your smell, your puppy kisses, your unconditional love & devotion, your dedication, loyalty, friendship, companionship, your goofy bark....ACE sweet baby dog, my heart is broken, I will love you forever. I miss you, I ache to hold your warm furry body next to mine. Rest peacefully. Skye McCrory

Africo, 03/10/02-04/26/03

Africo my brother, you protected me when I was weak and found us a loving human family. You made me strong enough to go on without you. Your life was too short but your spirit was so strong that you will live in our minds until we meet again. Your beautiful pictures and memories of the wonderful games we played together will comfort me and our family always. Sleep my brother, we'll be together in our dreams and in our future.

Mónica Monti

Aiki, 01/16/93-01/28/03

I will never forget my best friend.
I will love her always - and cherish her memory.
God bless her.

Michael Black

Aiko, 08/08/92-11/11/03

To our Aiko, who through Her unconditional Love made this world safe for me and my Wife. You will be so missed. Please play nicely with Abby, Boo-Boo and Heidi

Malcolm and Kathleen Mitani

AJ, 06/12/99-06/16/03

He came to me after another had gone. he never took his place, but my heart he won. I loved him, played with him, cherished him so, not knowing that soon it would be time for him to go. his cancer hit quick, he had just turned five. I could not let my zooz suffer I could not keep him alive. he is with his buddy cain who is keeping him safe. His body is on my shelf but his soul is in a better place. you run Aj - your leg is no longer sick. Mommy will always love you, you will always be my first pick.

Heather Oberdick

Aja Romagnoli, 8/18/89-4/17/03

Aja was my best friend for 14 1/2 years. She became part of our family when I was in 3rd grade. I picked her out of all of the other puppies, there was just something about that sweet face. She was my friend, my playmate, and as I grew into a young woman she was my protector, my hero, and she let me know if someone that came over was actually ok for me to be around. I had a story about her published right after we got her. She was such a bright spot in our lives for almost 15 years. Yesterday she had a stroke, and could no longer walk, or eat and had no quality to her life. She is now running with angels, free from pain. We will always love our little angel. She has always been an angel, now she has her wings. My mom, dad, and I will miss her more than anything. She will be in our hearts always, and we love her very much.

Felicia Romagnoli

AJ Darks, 07/91-01/20/03

AJ was a Golden Retriever whose only need in life was to be loved. If given a choice of food or a pat on his head, he would have gladly starved under my hand. If humans possessed only half of the capacity for unconditional love as he had, there would never again be a rumor of war or famine.

AJ- you are sadly missed by your family- especially your little running buddy-Rocky.
See you at the bridge old friend--part of our hearts are with you there.

Donna, Mike and Rocky Darks

Akasha, 05/15/02-05/21/03

My sweet Akasha only lived for a year and was in our lives for a mere nine months. She taught me in a houseful of eleven other kitties that all love is unique and special. I hurt for her loss more than I could imagine. See she had suffered from cancer and I never knew until her breathing became severely labored. X-rays showed that the cancer was eating her lungs away. An ultrasound showed a mass four times the size of her heart. She was slowly suffocating and starving since eating brought her great pain. I made the hardest decision of my life. I had my sweet little baby put to rest. Akasha and I had a strong bond. She understood what had to be done. Akasha was a scared little girl that no one wanted at a pet store. She had been there for a month and the store wanted to take her to the pound since she wasn't wanted. I took her that day. For a kitty that was so scared and fearful of humans she wrapped her small fragile body around my neck purring the entire way home. She loved to snuggle up under the blankets with my husband and I purring away. She was a little angel. She made me love like I didn't think I could love. She taught me so much in her few short months with us. This hurts so much. I struggle with the guilt of not knowing. I always noticed an odor...and odor associated with my Jasper when he was dieing of kidney failure. I should have known. How could I let this happen. This all happened just a little over a week ago. I miss her so but do not want to bind her soul to this earth. I want her to know I made the choice out of love. There was nothing we could have done to help save her without causing so much pain and agony for her. Akasha left this world like a lady with such dignity and grace. I know she would not want me to be sad. She has taught me to take the time to enjoy life and all the others around me. I have eleven others that need me more than ever. I need to learn to come to peace with this. I don't know how. I'm not a religious person nor do I have that much in spiritual direction. I want to be with my kitties again...I LIVE for them. I miss her so...I love you Akasha darling...forever.


Akasha, 12/20/95-02/08/03

Akasha was a ball crazy German Shepherd. She was so pretty that when we took her for walks, strangers would be drawn to her and comment how beautiful she was. She was the most loving dog we ever had. A lap dog in a big dog's body. We will always miss your gently smile and kisses when we come through the door.

The Stinson's


It has only been a year. I miss you so much. I wish I could have went with you. Dad cried when you left but he said it was not painful.. You are loved and we will meet again

Love and cookies
Vanja Hacquard

Aki, 7/16/03

Dearest Aki-
I was there on the ride home in the car when you were just a puppy and there when you moved on to greener fields to roam without aches and pains. Take care of yourself, I'll remember you always.

Akira, 12/25/00-04/11/02

Akira, you were as gentle as they come, as faithful as can be, and my comfort through hard times and good times. I tried my best to bring you back, and I'm sorry the vet let you down. We will make sure she can't do it to anyone else. I think about you every day, and I want you to know that I love you.

Wend & Shelby Reyn, Jason Vilon

Akira Dinic, 05/04/03

Love you always and forever. You will be deeply missed


Aktivist, 09/12/03

The very best of my mice, the most bravest, most joyous, most friendliest... She'll always be my favourite!
Cage is so empty without her...


AL, 06/30/03

He was not originally my cat, he was a neighbors cat, but in time he adopted me, he did not like his real home and he came into my life like a stray, he deserved better; I wish him well in the afterlife or whatever place he may be in now, I hope his spirit will always be with me as I miss him.

Curtis D. Martin

Albini, 12/03/95-05/05/03

Albini our beloved dogsy-wogsy your cruel passing has left a dog-shaped hole in our lives. A melancholy silence has descended upon our home, now robbed of your incessant yapping. We have elected not to re-upholster the sofa in tribute to your tragically abbreviated existence. And we have sold the murderous woodchipper to a passing gypsy family.

Thankfully our faith provides the bedrock on which we rebuild our future. It is with heavy hearts we turn our backs on a past filled with your memories and attempt to embrace our future. A future which we intend to make a safer place for canines everywhere.

Love and biscuits now and always,
Dadsy-Wadsy, Mumsy-Wumsy and Brian.

Al Burke, 05/31/03

Al, You were with us for so long. We will miss you so very much. You had a unique meow, like a bird singing a melody. We love you and will always keep you in our hearts. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, We love you!

Alec, 5/14/03

I will miss you Alec, rest in peace and in heaven...I love you, I wish you were still with me, you were my friend, buddy and baby.....

Aleister, 5/3/03

You were always a free spirit and now your spirit is truly free. Letting you go was a tough decision for us, but the alternatives we felt would not be fair to you as far as the quality of life you would have. Please know that we love you always and we hope you'll be there to greet us someday in another life. Now you can roam free without fear from the cruelty of some people or the threat of being attacked by dogs and other cats. Be at peace little angel.

Alex, 06/20/91-12/19/03

Alex, my wonderful baby girl. We are so sad that we had to let you go today. You fought a very brave battle against cancer and the last six months have not been easy for you. We struggled with the decision to let you go, but decided it was best for you. You were so smart, bright and energetic. It was tough to watch you fade away. You deserve so much better. Now, you will join Herbie, Elvis and Andi. I know they are there waiting for you. We will miss you so much here. You touched our hearts more than you can ever know and we are lucky to have your babies here with us. We promise to take care of them for you. Some day we will see each other again. We miss you baby girl. You are at peace. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Jimi, Sami, Josie, Mustafa and Kirby.

Alex (Chocolate Valentine), 12/11/03

Alex was a 4lb dynamo. To know him was to immediately love him. He packed alot of love and character into his tiny body. He did not deserve to die such a violent death. We miss him so much and will never forget him. Alex we love you.

Loreen Evans

Alex, 11/10/03

In memory of my very best friend.

Carol Sokol

Alex, 1989

Alley Cat, you're such a unique, sweet, funny cat. So devoted to your family and so happy to be here. I hope I didn't hurt you; please forgive me if I let you down. I'll always remember your funny face and the way you sort of walked on your toes. I haven't forgotten anything about you. You made me smile, you and your entire family. Thanks for coming into my life as you did, just showing up on my doorstep needing to be cared for. I'm glad I was there. Please be eternally happy and know that I'll always love you, Alex.

Marty Thomas

Alex, 01/16/95-08/22/03

Alex (Alexander) Born 1/16/95 Left us 8/22/03
Our home is so lonely and quite without you here. We miss you so very much and think about you every day. We placed a statue of you in your doggy park yesterday. We put your Packer collar and doggy tags on you and placed you under your shade tree. That was your favorite place to go every day. We can see you running and playing in the meadow with Smokey and having a great time. Daddy said not to be too bossy. We know you will be waiting to see us when we come to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. You gave us so many happy memories that we will treasure forever. You will always be Mommy's Angel Pie Alex and Daddy's Alexander. Until we're together again, you will always be in our hearts and memories. We Love You, Mommy and Daddy

Alex, 04/22/88-08/20/03

Please God take care of Alex until we get there

Nikki & Paul

Alex, 05/19/90-06/07/03

My oversized puppy, I never knew the whole in my heart could be so large, but its as large as you were in life. I had you for just over 13 years, but years too short. I wasn't given enough time to prepare for you to leave me, but I hope that I made your life a good one. I yearn to hear your bark once more and to wrap my arms around you, but I have to rely on good memories for that.

Alex, my big puppy, you'll always be in my heart and thoughts forever.


Alex, 05/31/91-07/24/03

Our "Best Buddy". So loved and so missed but we will see you again.

Kakki & Darrell Bird

Alex, 02/15/96-07/23/03

Alex, never forgotten. We loved you buddy and will always love you. Til we meet again!!!! Mom

Fran Hitchcock

Alex Aka Alexandria Jean, 07/03/03

She was the gentlest, wisest and most beautiful thing in my life here. I miss her more than my body can contain. I feel such guilt about her passing, though she was suffering. She was one of the only good things left in my life. She was/is beautiful and loyal. I just miss her.


Alex, 05/06/00-06/05/03

Alex was my special "little man" in my life for the last 13 years. We will all miss him terribly.

Laurie Anderson

Alex (Little Buddy), 9/02/88-5/31/03

I chose you from a litter of six. You stole my heart right away. You were always by my side through sickness and health for both of us. You were my unconditional friend for the past almost 15 years. I had to chose to let you go, but I stayed by your side holding your paw and loving you to the very end. I will forever love you. I miss you immensely. But I know that you're in a much better place. You are able to run and play with your ball and frisbee once again and for that I am so happy. I can't wait to meet you at the rainbow bridge, so have fun and when you see me coming go get your tennis ball so that we can play again.
We miss and love you soooo much,
Mama and daddy

Alex, 11/02/90-06/02/03

Alex was a kind hearted and loving soul. He was so devoted to me and I to him. He filled my life with laughter and love. I miss him terribly, and pray for his wholeness and comfort. I hope he is running and playing with his brothers.

Alex (Little Buddy), 09/02/88-05/31/03

Little buddy
We will miss you so much. I long for the day that I hear the clinging of your collar as you run towards me. Have fun in heaven, kick up your heels and run again, fetch you tennis ball, and wait for us because we will come to you one day. I love and miss you so much..

Alex (Alexandra Renee), 08/12/94-04/20/03

Alex was a brave fighter, battling not only Cushings Disease but a rare, aggressive form of Leukemia as well. She lost her battle Easter Sunday, and thanks to our understanding vet, was able to lay outside under the sunny skies in her last moments. As I sit here crying, I remember Alex as a loving Eskie who was full of life and love for her family. Our hearts and our home now have an empty place in them which shall remain hers forever. Thank you for eight wonderful years Alex, we couldn't have asked for a better dog. Love always, Mom, Dad and Garrett

Alex, 04/1989-04/2003

Alex was a very loving Golden Retriever. When we went to go pick him up at the breeder, he jumped right in my dad's arms. He was a very important member of our family. We will never forget you buddy, we love you.

Mom, Dad, Sara, Bethany and Brad

Alexa, 07/02-02/28/03

Alexa, You filled a void in our hearts when we lost another special family cat, Rafi, and although you were only with us for 4 months we will never forget your sweet face. We will miss you.

The Wadsworth Family

Alexander (Alex), 08/30/90-07/10/00

Alex was a mama's boy who loved to be held. He kept me smiling for 10 years. What a joy. His older brother Sir Hamilton joined him at Rainbow bridge the summer of 2002. I feel sad that they are both gone, but knowing that they are together again makes it a little easier. And someday, I will see them again and we will all be together again FOREVER!

Donna Webb

Alexandra, 01/22/90-06/06/02

We will always miss you.

John & Kathy Trotta

Alexandra, 07/28/03

Alex was a truly wonderful and unique cat. We don't really know how old she was, we had her for 10 years and she was at least between 3 and 5 when we got her. She was very sick with kidney failure and we had to let her go. We all miss her so very much, a huge part of our lives is missing! We love you, Alley Cat!

Diane, Jeff, Michael, Jacob, and Nathan

Alexandra, 10/15/90-04/21/03

Alexandra our Queen, your struggles are over. Enjoy the glory of your youth once again without pain or fear. Bask in the sunshine and jump in the air doing flips and twists as you did long ago. Don't worry about us because we will be ok, and we will be with you again in no time at all.

We will always love you, and will keep you in our hearts for as long as we live.

Matt and Beth Dubin

Alexi (Keek), 1985-12/01

Sweet fluffy furball, I miss your soft fur and your wonderful purr. Hope that you are chasing wonderful things and having a great time with Oscar. I love you with all of my heart, and I long for the day we can be together again forever. Thank you for being my friend through so many days. You are always in my heart.

Judy Livings

Alexsis, 11/15/03

Many pets have come and gone, and I’m sure there will be many more in the future, but after having one as special as Alexsis, I truly believe, is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I wish everyone could experience.

Beverly Dymek

Alexis, 07/24/03


You were the most beautiful cat I ever saw, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you and had to share my life with yours. For 16 years we played, and were a part of each other's life. You were there for the birth of my son in our family home. You put up with many family moves, and the irritations of a new puppy Sharky, our family dog. I'll miss your beautiful white coat, and your lovely feminine pink ears, nose and paws, you were our Alexis J. Pussycat, "Princess Cat". Rest in peace my lovely feline companion, your paw prints and meows are gone, but our memories and moments will last the rest of my life.

Dennis Segura

Alexis Carrington Colby Arato Salters, 06/2003

My special girl, by my side when I was not well. Talking, talking, telling me all your needs, just the queen of our family. Quiet and a good patient when you were sick. You wanted to stay here for us so much. We keep your red rhinestone collar always to remember you. Your best friend Laszlo misses you so. He now has a special new brother named Mushie to play with.

Alex McCalyne, 03/26/92-10/30/03

Alex (Mr Woo) was my world.
He gave so much of his love to me everyday and I greatly miss that.
I know he is looking down at me wanting me to come to him as soon as possible. He is with his brother Casey, cousins Samatha and Slapshot, and his great Aunt Holly.
I will bring you all the carrots you could ever wish for boy.
I love you now and always, Love your mom and Dad

Alf, 01/16/90-10/16/03

Alf, I don't know how to say what you meant to me. You where the best friend that I have ever had. When I was in the hospital all those times it was you that made me want to get home as fast as I could. I would call your Grandma to make sure you was doing ok everyday. I never wanted to be separated from you. You where so much more to me than a dog you was the child I never had, my traveling companion, and for several years it was just you and me for the holidays. I could not have asked for a better friend . I hope you can forgive me for letting you go but I just could not stand to watch you suffer for one more minute. I also hope you will forgive me for letting you hurt as long as I did. I just wanted to try and help you so you could stay a while longer. I miss having you come to bed with me so I could rub your tummy before you went to sleep and I miss having you fuss at me before you would eat so you could show everyone how tough you were even though your tail was wagging and you were smiling the whole time. I love you and miss you so much. I'm so sorry that I could not do anything more for you. I will always love you and miss you. I know that you are happy now and that you will never hurt again. I also know that we will be together again soon. Grandma and Katie miss you also buddy. I LOVE YOU ALF. Love Daddy

Alf, 08/18/03

Alf, Stinker, and Flash. We miss you all so much. Mom and Dad will see all of you some day. Until then, run, play, and have a good time.

Tom & Judy Buffington

Alf (Aka Bunny Love), 04/05/87-01/24/03

To my little alfie bunny love, your memory and love will forever carry on in my heart.

I will never stop loving you!

Jamie Robinson

Alfie, 1985-7/24/03

Alfie (aka BooBoo-head, Pookerbean, Sweetpea, Fuzzlebean, etc.), my beloved cat/child of 18+ years, died on July 24th. He had been ill with chronic renal failure for at least a year, and it was time for him to rest. My veterinarian put him to sleep as my husband and I stood by and wept. Alfie was the sweetest, most loving, and by far the most amusing and charming cat I've ever lived with. He was my most loyal companion and friend, at my side through divorce, cancer, many moves, marriage, graduate school (twice), and the death of my mother. I will carry him in my heart forever.

Sweet dreams, little Booboo. Mommy will always love you.

Alfie, 06/01/03

You are my strong little guy, a real fighter to live, but you couldn't go on anymore. Your body needed to rest now. We will all miss you terribly but you will be in our hearts forever. Thank you Alfie for being such an important part of our lives. Look for us. We will all be together again one day.

Barbara Avella

Alfred, 11/13/03

I will miss you with all my heart and soul, my beloved floppy-eared angel....

Steph Greene

Alfred, 06/17/89-03/28/03

Alfred, my sweet gentle sheepie. You gave me unconditional love, patience, and acceptance such as I never knew could exist. I will miss you every day. I know that now you are free of all the pain, and you can run again, strong and well. You can eat again, all the things that you loved, that made you smile. Letting go of you is the hardest thing I have ever done. I will see you at the bridge one day, my precious baby boy. I love you.

Alfred, 09/19/87-02/21/02

You were a beautiful friend that helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I want you to know that I loved you more than I thought could ever be possible. REST WELL MY FRIEND!!!!

Craig Stewart

Algenon, 03/19/88-04/10/03

Alge was one of those very special souls you only get once in your life if you're fortunate.

Joseph M Nowosielski

Ali, 12/13/03

A piece of our hearts & souls went with you the day you left us, but you will always and forever hold a very special place in our hearts.

Pat & Harvey Hittner

Ali, 05/18/92-09/03/03

Ali, you are a part of this home and in our hearts you will always be right here. You can have 10 treats everyday now, BIG BOY, and we will bake a blueberry pie on your birthday.
We are so happy to know it doesn't hurt anymore. Love you puppy, see you soon. Mommy Karen Daddy Perry Jay Christine Tiffany Ayris and Grandma Kitty.

Ali, 09/08/00-03/08/03

We love and miss you Ali. It hurts our hearts deeply. We hope you are over the Rainbow Bridge with Wolf-Wolf, Dutchess and all your other friends. We have comfort in knowing we'll see you soon.
Kevin, Stephanie and Lolita

Ali Ann Grand, 11/10/91-10/02/03

You are and always will be 'My Ali Girl' in my heart. I miss you so much.
I think of you every day and look forward to meeting you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Alice Wade

Alice, 12/06/03

Beloved Alice, I loved you so. With all my love and gratitude. Yours always, Em

Alice, 03/01/90-09/22/03

Truly my Best Friend..A Dog of Distinction..Diva Dog

Teena Webster

Alice, 09/22/03


We know you are waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge. You lived a wonderful life. You showed each one of us what true love meant. You will be dearly missed.

The Sullivan's

Alice, 1992-05/13/03

Fatty Al who loved her Fancy Feast fishees more then anything else. Found in a dumpster in 1992, she was saved and led the good life with Jake, Ernie, Luke, and Linda. The Ditz will always be remembered as the big lump under the covers in the bed. Good bye pretty girl. You were a real cutie pie.

Linda Shoemaker

Alicia, 19/10/02-07/11/03

Our precious "put put"
pussy cat taken from us so abruptly.
I will miss your loud purring on my chest when I go to bed at night. I will miss you running to greet me when I returned home from work wagging your tail like a little puppy. When we look inside the eyes of your baby we will see you always shinning in her eyes, she is lost without you. You were one in a million and we love you forever.

Meg Crawford

Alicia, 10/04/03

To a wonderful little creature with a big heart.

Ali-Dog, 08/14/89-01/14/03

Ali-Dog was the most loyal and lovable companion I could have ever asked for. She was very very special. I will miss her forever. Godspeed my little love-bug!

Catherine Cole

Ali-Bell, 04/19/02-03/06/03

Ali-Bell was a very very special part of my life, she became my only friend in the world, my someone to cry to , my someone to make me feel like it would all be okay, when I thought the world fall apart. She was my world, and it will be very difficult without her. I love you so very much "punkie" your always hold a large very special part of my life, I'll never forget you. Your sassy attitude, the way you used to toss your bell to wake me up in the morning, everything you did to make me laugh. You were loved and you still are, I love you girl and I will miss you LOTS I know your watching over me, I love you.

Keri Brown-Schember

Alien, 08/01/98-05/01/03

Alien they never gave you a chance since you were born with only half a brain. However after 2 weeks, then 4 weeks, then 8 weeks, all the vets looked but could not explain except to say your love for me was keeping you going. You touched our lives with so much love, you are GREATLY missed.
With loving memory,
Stephen and Mom

Ali Wiggins, 03/14/87-07/02/02

I miss her every night and every day... still ... always. I will see her at Rainbow Bridge.

Alix, 11/17/03

I can't believe your time has come babygirl....
you are so special to me.


Alley, 11/03/03

A true friend and wonderful soul, full of spunk and gentle love, will be missed with all our hearts....

Christine and Daniel Jollimore

Alley, 3/17/92-2/8/03

Alley has slipped beyond our physical reach today. She remains in our hearts forever. We are comforted by the fact that Scooter is waiting for her in heaven along with many of the people who knew her along her journey on this earth. As she is now relieved of her pain, may she run free, bark often and remember that we love her always.

She's always going to be our "pretty girl" and thank her for the love she gave us, even though it was too brief.

We love you very, very much.

Mommy, Daddy, Natalie and Bill

Alli, 07/10/90-04/11/03

To my dearest, closest friend in the world. May you rest in peace at Rainbow Bridge. Letting you go was the most difficult decision I've ever had to make.

We love you & miss you terribly. May you have peace, comfort & rest at Rainbow Bridge.

Lisa McKeown

Allie, 06/01/99-08/23/03

Allie, I miss you very much. You were my best friend and loving companion. Your "babies" -- stuffed mice, kitten and doggie toys are on your blanket looking at the window where you often sat. I hope I see you in heaven.

Gail Kaleta

Allie, 08/15/99-08/12/03

We miss you Allie and we're so sorry you had to go away. We hope to have you hanging on to our backs again one day.
We love you.

Vicki and Kristen

Allison, 06/15/95-12/28/02

Allie girl, we miss you so much. Life in this house will never be the same. Our prayer is that you are pain-free with no more pills. We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, we will visit your grave every day and keep the faith that someday we will all be together happy family.
We Love You, Mom and Daddy

Rick and Kathi

Ally, 10/29/02-11/19/03

Ally was here for only a short time but made a big impression on everyone in her life.
We will miss you!

Brenda Brianna Matthew McKenna & Jim

Almost Dead Phred, 04/28/92-01/10/01

We found Phred just after she was born. Her feral mother had abandoned the whole litter, but we didn't find the others in time :(. She nearly died several times during her first 12 weeks (hence her name) but pulled through to become the terror and delight of our lives. She was definitely her daddy's baby, and would follow him around the house demanding to be picked up and carried over his shoulder. She had the largest vocabulary of any cat I've meet, with her favorite expression being "MAMA!", said loudly and with emphasis whenever she wanted something (which was frequently). Even though she was the next to the smallest cat, she was definitely the one in charge :). We lost her to feline leukemia in January 2001. All of our cats are indoor cats and Phred was the only one we'd take out in the front yard for 5 or 6 minutes of exploring, then we'd bring her back in. Somehow or another she managed to get infected during one of those infrequent forays into the yard. As you can guess, none of the other cats are EVER taken out anymore. Luckily all the rest of the cats tested negative. Phred managed to pack more personality into her little black body then a cat twenty times her size and we miss her more than we can say.

Lauren and Dale Kramer

Alobar, 04/15/03

Best white kitty in the whole world... I miss you so much...

Lulu Berndt

Alvin, 05/30/89-04/19/03

Regal, noble, gentle and forgiving are but a few of the words we can use to begin to describe our beloved son and brother, Alvin.

Alvin was the last little boy puppy out of the dog house when we went to meet him nearly 14 years ago. There was one little girl that followed him out. No doubt he had stayed inside to keep her company; he was forever like that, steadfast, gracious, loving, polite and oh so brave.

Please forgive us our constant absences, time that could have been spent with you. I would do anything to have you there right now. I will write your stories in your honor and I will do my best to bring your love and light to life. Though no picture, word or painting could hold a candle to your handsome, loving being.

Thank you for being our son, it was an honor to be your Parents for the past nearly 14 years. Dear God, please commend his soul to Heaven.
With all our hearts and souls, beloved Son, go in Peace,
Mommy, Daddy, your Sisters DD and YuYu and the cats Harold & Maude. We miss you more than words can say, we will love you forever in every way.

Pamela, Frank, DD, Yuyu, Harold & Maude Madigan

Amadeus, 06/14/03

Dear Amo, I hope that you are right now playing with your friends, Oscar and Alex, who are probably asking why it took so long for you to get there. Please save a nice place in the sun for me whenever that time comes, because I know how much I will want to be with you. I will miss your warm purrbody on my lap, or your bulk keeping me warm at night as you sleep on top of me. You went through so much, and remained calm through it all. Everyone who met you couldn't help loving you. I miss you, beloved.

Judy Livings

Amana, 09/07/97-02/27/03

She will always be our little girl - sweet, gentle and perfect.

Armi Mulholland

Amanda, 05/28/01-12/06/03

Thank you so much for happy memories, Amanda.
Thank you for the joy and love you had brought to our lives.
You will be in our hearts forever.

Alice and Jason

Amanda, 03/28/01

Amanda was my bestfriend she got ran over by a truck she will be missed by all she was really an amazing dog


Amazing Grace (Grace), 05/xx/93-08/05/03

We will dearly miss our beloved Grace. God placed her in our lives unexpectedly and she blessed us with 2 years of unconditional love and joy. The 8 years of her life prior to us finding her will forever remain a mystery, but we strongly suspect that she had been mistreated. So it is amazing that her heart could hold so much forgiveness, trust and love.

Before her health deteriorated, Grace would walk the neighborhood (with us in tow) greeting each neighbor with a rub of her snout (SHE introduced US to our neighbors). Grace never forgot who she had met previously and would therefore insist on many repeat visits (often digging her nails into the sidewalk until she got her way).

Grace also had a part-time "job" with Profect Pup--she visited nursing home residents each week, offering her love to those who could no longer have pets of their own.

Grace's favorite neighborhood event occurred each Christmas. She would joyfully don her antlers and as a fawn greyhound, pose as one of Santa's reindeers. She would roam the yard of one particularly elaborate display and offer her services as parents photographed their children petting a "reindeer".

Grace has forever changed our lives and her legacy will continue. Our home and hearts are open to continue adopting newly retired greyhounds.

Stacie Lee & Joe Romack

Amazing Gracie, 05/24/01-02/13/03

Gracie was our companion every moment of every day. She was truly amazing because all she gave was complete love and her sole purpose was to be there for us.

Colleen and Joe Subin

Amber, 11/23/03

We lost our beloved Amber to cancer yesterday. She was diagnosed in an advanced stage a couple of months ago and there was little we could do for her except make her comfortable. When she went down, she went down quickly. She was loving until the end. She could not walk yesterday, became incontinent and was obviously nearing death, but she let me hold her and she purred for the last time. I have never felt so in touch with her in my life. She mewed slightly and I put her back on the floor and laid down next to her until I worked up the courage to take her to the vet. The entire family was with her when she passed.

We buried her in the back yard and plan to decorate her grave with a little garden. She lives forever in our hearts.

Goodbye, little girl.


Amber, 4/1/89-7/28/03

To the sweetest little girl with a face only a mother could love. I'm sorry that I didn't spend as much time with you as I should have. You've been gone almost 2 months now, and tonight it suddenly hit me that I will never see you again. You were living with mom and dad, and I lived only 10 minutes away. Why I didn't come over more often to visit you, I will never understand, or forgive myself for. And when I was driving you to the vet that fateful day, you were so happy to be riding in the car, not knowing it would be your last. Why didn't I give you more car rides while you were alive? I will always live with the guilt, and I hope that you forgive me, Amber. I am so sorry for everything I didn't do for you. I love you and miss you my little Ber-Ber.

Chi Ly

Amber, 10/04/03

Beautiful, loving, loyal, happy, very special beautiful now sweetie, love always xxx


Amber, 8/15/03

She was the most wonderful cat we have ever owned. We rescued her after she was born in the woods in back of our house. She never spent another day outside, except to sun herself beside the screened-in pool.
She was only 2 years old when she died of a heart attack. We had been giving her heart medication for several months, but we were not prepared for her death. We knew that she had extremely serious heart problems that normally afflict older cats, but she was so bright eyed and energetic it was hard to believe how sick she was.
We have a gaping hole in our hearts. We will always miss her and the unconditional love she gave us. She played hide and seek and loved to cuddle all night long. She was like a puppy, always following along behind. We are so lonely without her.
Deb & Jim

Amber (Lady Nantucket Amber), 08/16/89-02/19/00

Today (Aug. 16th) is my little one's birthday. She died in Feb. of 2000 but I still miss her terribly, especially on her birthday because I had gotten a phone call on that day in 1989 to let me know that she had arrived into the world for me. She gave me so much, graced me with joy and laughter and a life to tend to as I went through my own period of declining health. She gave me something to look forward to every day when I woke up, came home, and went to bed at night. I haven't had another pet since she died. In my grief on this day I ask for prayers that we will someday be reunited.

Amber, 1990-04/09/01

Amber, our dear loving sensitive soul who we loved so deeply and she lived to be with us. Your beautiful brown eyes so full of the love you shown to us each and everyday..You are missed so much....We will see you again our beloved pet...We will love you always....Mom and Dad

Amber, 06/02/03

Amber was my special friend for 18 years. She was with me when I lost both of my parents and went through some rough times. She will always have a special place in my heart!

Amber, 03/28/03

Our little girl came to live with us after growing up the hard way on the street. One day in 1996 we opened the door, she walked in, and was with us ever since. Even though she was now an indoor kitty she still had problems. She came with a serious chronic ear problem that required extensive treatment and eventually two major surgeries to correct. She had her moods, but she was always our baby. Her heart stopped when the anesthesia was started for surgery to correct an injury. She will always be missed.

George and Tracy

Amber Loves Kisses, 08/17/93-09/18/03

Our sweet loving faithful companion. Your paw prints will always be on our hearts

Ambush, 1981-12/25/98

Although you died four years ago, I still miss you very much. I hope you and Onyx find each other at the bridge.

Amigo, 07/04/86-06/30/03

He was a special friend. And I miss him more than words can say

Thomas H. Honaker

Ami Sue, 02/2002

We pray that she is running with that big smile we miss so much

Karen and Victor Stevens

Amos, 08/04/85-12/21/03

Amos was a true friend to me his whole life, having been born in my closet over 18 years ago. I shall miss him every day. I love him wholeheartedly, unabashedly, unreservedly and unconditionally just as he loved me.

Rich Lewin

Amos, 12/03/03

Dear Lord, welcome my big kitty into your eternity. Pet him occasionally and let him rub his chin against your golden robes. Know that even the smallest amongst the creatures of the world can bring the most comfort and joy of unconditional love. Bless the pets - past , present and future - who bring the full meaning of your love to humans so simply and naturally that they have no doubts when it comes to believing in you and the love, grace. misery and sacrifices of your holy son. Thank you Lord for blessing me with the love of my big kitty Amos for this many many years. Keep him safe and loved in heaven. Amen.

Joye Chizek

Amos, 1/1991-7/9/03

Amos was a faithful friend, a devoted walker with me every night, my constant companion. He loved to be in rooms with a lot of people talking, he was very content to just sit and watch everyone. He would come and sit in front of me around 9 PM every night, ready for his walk. All told, he and I probably walked in excess of 4,000 miles over 12 years. He got excited around the pool at my parents' home when water would splash, he often ended up swimming in those instances. He loved to chase squirrels, although he never caught one. His tail always stuck straight up, proudly, until the last couple of years when spinal problems caught up with him. He was white, tan, and black, with the black saddle that is so typical of his breed. He was a true terrier in that he loved to dig in the ground. I will miss him terribly, a person may have a dog like Amos once in a lifetime. I feel very fortunate to have known and cared for Amos for the short 12.5 years he was on this earth. God has him back now, and I thank God with all my heart for granting me the privilege of having a dog like Amos. + RLP

Amos, 06/26/03

From: Lori Wilson, for my Sis

Amos was a funny and friendly cat, loved by many, but especially loved by his owner, my Sis. Amos was 'adopted' by my niece, who told her mom (my Sis) that he was found wandering at a rest stop, when in reality she got him at her friend's farm. The truth didn't come out for years, and we always laughed about it.

Amos had a special bond with his dog, Andy. Andy was a big Golden Retriever. You'd always see them together, lying side by side, usually with Amos curled up in Andy's front paws.

Amos became ill as Andy grew older (Andy was almost 14); as my Sis made her decision about Andy, rather than put Amos through the grief of losing his best friend, when he himself only had a few weeks left at most, my Sis had them euthanized together on Thursday afternoon, June 26th, 2003. It was a sunny and warm day and they passed away peacefully at their home. Together in life, together now in spirit. We'll see them all at the Rainbow Bridge.

Amos, 09/17/89-12/06/02

Amos was a very special orange kitty. Shortly after he turned 13 I discovered a little lump on his back. It turned out he had feline sarcoma. He had surgery and fought very bravely, but his little heart could not take all of the stress and it failed. Amos died on December 6, 2002. He was such an energetic cat with a really unique personality. He has left behind, Lynn, Chris and his cat brother Clyde. We all miss him very much.

Amos Moses (Big A, Pretty A), 12/01/03

We love you "Pretty A".
We miss taking you "bye bye in the car".
You will always be our best friend.
We will see you soon at Rainbow Bridge.
Hugs & Kisses forever Big "A".
Love Samantha Jane, Ryan, Effie, Robert Sr., Robert Jr., and Paula

Amos Moses, 04/19/88-09/05/03

Amos was my constant friend and companion for 15 1/2 years. He loved me unconditionally and I loved him. I miss him so much. I held him until the last beat of his heart. He will be in my heart forever.

Jane Ramsey

Amos Moses, 06/25/94-02/2002

Amos Moses was an awesome pet. Born and raised in Alaska for two years. Then he took a long plane trip back to the lower 48 where he dwelled with his mistress. In Dec. of 2001 Amos was limping and had to go see the vet. The vet diagnosed bone cancer. The cancer had already spread from his right front ankle bone his internal organs. He was made comfortable for a short time. And then had to go see the vet for one final visit. His mistress was broken hearted to lose him. He was cremated and in the future..his ashes will be returned to his favorite place to be, Kenai Lake, Alaska. Amos was there for his mistress through thick and thin...the heart break of personal crisis and shall forever be missed. Always there for me.

Jan Wilson

Amstel, 03/01/01-02/20/03


Bruce Bailey

Amy, 04/21/92-11/03/03

December 29, 2001
by J.R.

She came into my life.
A little ball of fur
this lady called Amy of Anbar
will be my last love affair.
This lass was born with a long pedigree.
And officially, she’s known as Amy of Anbar
but she’ll always be Amy to me.
She’s with me day & night.
She’s never out of my sight
through sunshine, cloudy days, or rain.
She shadows my soul & my hear-again, again & again.
I cant vision life
without her
when she’s gone I’ll
live in pain.
I only pray God takes me first
Please don’t think of me as insane.
I can’t help it cause
I love her.
Out days are growing few.
There are no dogs in heaven they say-
I know this can’t be true.
She’s the very best friend I ever had.
Please don’t be jealous of her
for she & I are two kindred spirits.
Walking life’s streets together.
I know she loves me only for me.
Seeking neither fortune or gain.
She’s happy when I am happy.
And when I’m sad she feels my pain.
So drink a toast to Amy.
No finer lass than she.
When she passes to that brighter shore
I’ll seek her in the starry seas.
There in the sand we’ll play & run.
She’ll stay & heel, stand & kneel.
Obeying my every command
and do so happily.
This love of my life
Amy of Ambar
that God has given to me.

Jeff Richards

Amy, 07/19/03

An elderly stray who adopted us last summer, Amy brought light to our lives and life to our home. She died quickly in our arms last night, after yet another purry-happy day lazing in the sun on the balcony. Now she lies purring on that big balcony in the sky.

Greg & Louisa

Amy, 10/26/00-10/28/02

The spirit of Yule brought Amy into our lives on December 22, 2000. She needed a home, and we needed a friend.

When Amy was three months old, we learned that she had been born with feline leukemia. We hoped that she was only a carrier. We saw no symptoms of the disease until she was almost two years old. Her health began to decline, and we knew there was no hope that she would recover.

Two days after her second birthday, the time came to say goodbye. She knew we didn't want her to go, and we knew she didn't want to leave us.

We shared many special days filled with love and happiness during your short life. You'll always be in our hearts. We love you, Amy.

We are grateful to the Downsview Veterinary Hospital for their kind assistance.

Burdette, Alan, Alex and Adie Wilson

Amy Bugs, 11/20/02

Amy Bugs, mommy's Lil Fairy Princess! You came to me through a rescue at the pound on your 10th day there 2 mins before they closed the door and your life. The nice man there kept after me to take you home as you had no more time left there. You were so soft and white and beautiful looking at me with those baby seal eyes and how could I leave you there. OHhhh, how many people told you how pretty you were and you loved it. The neighbors fell in love with you and bought you cookies even though they never had dogs. You were a beautiful lil American Eskimo and with excellent manners to match your soft nature. We had 10 joyous years together when you got sick with cancer and I did what I could. I couldn't see you suffer anymore because I knew it was embarrassing you to become helpless. I remember the day that daddy took you to the vets to be helped over the Rainbow Bridge and how I was crying so hard that you didn't understand why mommie was crying. You came over to where I was sitting very slowly and looked up into my eyes as if to say that it was ok mommie,,, I'm tired and I hurt so much. But before daddy took you, you went outside and with as much effort you could muster, you tried to dig up one last mole in the yard. You didn't get him but the hole still remains there even now where you tried. We love you so much and still have tears and hope that you are pain free and digging moles to your lil hearts content. We think of you when we go to the park and your buddy Gyps wouldn't eat for over a week with grief. She checked the yard and all your favorite places for you. She misses you so Bugzy as do we all. I pray that you will wait for me at the Bridge as I will be looking very hard for you !!! Mommie loves you, there will never be another lil Amy Bugs Girl till we meet again.

Love you sweetheart!
Mommie, Daddy and Gypsy

Amy Sue, 07/02/03

To our special angel, Amy Sue-It hasn't even been 24 hours since you left us for the Rainbow Bridge and we all miss you very much. Things just are not the same without you and we all feel an emptiness and knots in our stomachs since you left us. We will never regret the decision that was made because you were suffering and we tried everything. We did everything we could do and it wasn't fair to keep you here just for us. We know you are free to run, play, enjoy the green grassy hills, and the sunshine once you crossed the Rainbow Bridge but most of all you met up with grandma, grandpa, daddy, Peaches, Mitzi, Willie, Sparkie, and Norman who will all take care of you and each other until we meet again at the bridge. Amy Sue, you will always have a special place in our hearts forever and you will always be our special angel and we love you and miss you very much.

Kelly, Patty, and Jim

A Nameless Kitty, 02/18/03

A kitty who spent the last hours alone abandoned and left to die in the freezing weather. You are now in the hands of God and receiving the love you deserve.

Anastasia, 09/09/02

Mommy, misses and loves you, know I am always with you, until we ride again.


Andrea (Andie), 05/01/89-12/11/03

You fought so hard little mouse girl... I will love you forever..Mom

Gisele Kingsley

Andy, 07/04/95-11/26/03

I was working on the second floor of a manufacturing company in the summer of '95 when I heard little meows coming from the first floor. I walked down there and noticed some co-workers had found a three-week old kitten back outside of the warehouse. Somehow I committed to taking the kitty home to take care of him until I could find another home since I already had two older cats. Well, needless to say, after bottle feeding him and nurturing him along, I could not resist the adorable face. He grew to be somewhat of an independent cat but certainly knew who his "mama" was and who took care of him. He would follow me around to every room, especially the bathrooms where he knew I'd give him a dixie cup full of water. He'd give me that half-slanted "smile" with his eyes as I petted him and he purred like crazy. He was my precious baby and when I found out he had cancer in late October of this year, I was devastated. I told him that I took care of him in the beginning and I'd take care of him at the end. And, I certainly took care of him. I never thought I'd be strong enough to say "when" and give the okay to "let him sleep" but...I did. I don't believe he ever suffered at all. In fact, he was still alert 'til the end despite the fact that his appetite had diminished greatly. He had lost two pounds in that month and during his last visit to the vet, his doctor said he was all "bones and tumors" and said that is was time. How it broke my heart to hear that but I could do nothing but concur with her 23 years of expertise. I did the kindness thing I could for him but oh how I miss him TERRIBLY. His ashes now sit on my mantle until the spring time when I can bury them in the yard and set up the polished granite marker that I have especially for him. I also plan on planting a small flower garden on his grave as a memorial. I couldn't give him quantity of life but I sure gave him quality. Sleep in peace my baby And'.

Lynn Chesebrough

Andy, 03/13/86-11/14/03

We Love you buddy

Neil & Dana & Ashley Hartwell

Andy, 12/01/90-07/01/03

We Loved Andy So very much. And he will always be in our hearts forever. Our family member for 12 and a half yrs. He is greatly missed but out of his pain.

Gerry and Joe Armstrong

Andy, 06/26/03

From: Lori Wilson, for my Sis

Andy was a special dog, loved by many, but especially loved by his owner, my Sis. He was big and lovable and his tail wagged constantly. Whenever someone came to visit, he'd jump up and grab a squishy toy in his mouth and bring it to the newcomer, wanting to play.

Andy got along well with all animals but he had a special bond with his cat, Amos. You'd always see them together, lying side by side, usually with Amos curled up in Andy's front paws.

Amos was ill also and rather than put him through the grief of losing his best friend, when he himself only had a few weeks left at most, my Sis had them euthanized together on Thursday afternoon, June 26th, 2003. It was a sunny and warm day and they passed away peacefully at their home. Together in life, together now in spirit. We'll see them all at the Rainbow Bridge.

Andy, 12/25/96-10/25/02

You brought me happiness with the fun you always seemed to have. The couch where you liked to sleep is very empty without you. You will always be missed by me and your sister Coco.

Tom Knouf

Andy, 08/13/86-01/30/03

To our Beloved Andy,

Words cannot describe our grief over losing you after more than 16 years of wonderful companionship. You fought a long and hard battle to overcome the serious illnesses you suffered the last few months of your life, but your little body was worn out. We know you are at peace and free from pain. We will never forget you, our precious Westie, or the unconditional love you gave us over your lifetime. Your gay, light-hearted personality was unique and cannot be replaced. We hope you are having a good time in Heaven.

Andy, it broke our hearts to lose you.

We love you and miss you.

Randi and Steve Warrington

Andy Shmandy, 02/14/01-07/19/03

Our beloved cat Andy was a special friend to our family. We all loved him so much and we will never forget the love and companionship he gave to each of us. We'll miss you Andy but we will not forget you. Andy Shmandy we had to let you go...may you always feel our love and the cool breeze that you loved so much. Rest in peace, little kitty. Love always, John, Kristen, Virgil, Ruby, and Charlie.

Angel, 12/24/03

We cannot bear this, having you snatched away so young, so out of the blue. you are truly an Angel and we love you more than words can express. We pray that we will be together again some day, We pray that you are happy with our darling Buffy, your best friend who has gone before.
It is agony knowing I will never see you again, everything reminds me of you, I wish I was with you now.
No-one in the world means as much as you do to us.

Kate and Rob

Angel, 11/19/97-12/18/03

Oh how I miss my "angel eyes"..........
I can still see you staring up at me with those loving eyes as you did when you picked me to be your Mommy. You came when life seemed to be at its worst & you helped me smile again. You were so pretty & smart, you always seemed to know what I was thinking & even spoke your mind at times. Life was pretty good until that horrible disease called epilepsy struck when you turned only 5. For the next year you battled all those ugly seizures like a solider but then it got to be out of control & the medicine wasn't working, the life went out of your eyes as did your demeanor........
I know your in a better place with no pain just happiness & one day we shall meet again....Mommy

Angel, 9/01/95-10/11/03

My Sweet Angel.. You were the very best part of my heart and I am so proud and feel so blessed to have shared my life with such a beautiful spirit. You left the same day as my mother and like a true Angel I know God must have chosen you to make the journey with her for a reason. I love and miss you both. Please thank God for the beautiful double rainbow that awaited me when I arrived back home. I will see you both, and I know you will be waiting my most beloveds.

Laura Fisher

Angel, 10/07/93-09/08/03

Special prayers go out to our beloved "Angel" who was a special angel indeed. She filled our lives with so much love and happiness and she is deeply missed. She has left a hole in our hearts that cannot be filled. We hope now that she's crossed over the she finds someone who will take her for car rides, which was always her favorite. At least we know now that she is no longer suffering and has earned her great reward. I held her as she slipped over the Rainbow Bridge, and I'm sure she was saying thank you as she went as she knew her suffering was at a end. Our love and prayers are with her daily. We'll miss you little girl, our little "special Angel".

Carol Sandstrom

Angel (Lady Angelica), 12/14/879/26/03

My sweetest Angel.
I know you are once again free of pain, able to run and jump and see!

Angel, I am lost without you. You have been a part of my life for so long that I don't know how to live without you. I will miss seeing you laying in the grass and drinking up the sunshine, I will miss the way you used to jump up into my arms, I will miss the way you look and smell after a visit to the groomer, and I will miss the feel of your beautiful white fur. I will miss you jumping on the bed in the middle of the night and burrowing your way under the covers. I will miss you meeting me at the door every single day wagging your tail and being so happy I was home. I will miss seeing you all curled up next to your doggie on the floor sleeping. I will miss the way you loved to curl up on a pillow to sleep. I will miss the licks on my face from you just when I needed them most. I will miss the way you would always go check Cleo's bowl to see if she left any food in it for you. I will miss hearing you bark every time the doorbell rang, even if it was a doorbell on the TV. I will miss the way you loved laying there and looking out the window. I will miss how your attitude always changed after being groomed because you knew you were beautiful. I will miss how you used to love to go bye-bye, except on the Saturday mornings that you knew you were going to the groomer (and you always knew!). You loved the outcome from the groomer but you sure hated going!
Angel, I will miss your sweet smile. I will miss you laying at my feet when you weren't able to jump in my lap anymore. I will miss holding you and loving you.

I pray you understand that the choice I made was the hardest choice I have ever made in my life, but it was killing me to see you hurting so much. My heart is broken that you are gone from me, but I know that your pain is gone. I know you are running around and playing and jumping just like you used to do before you got sick.

I know you will be waiting on me at the Rainbow Bridge, and it will be incredible to see you running to me and jumping up into my arms! Until that day Angel, you will FOREVER be in my heart.

I love you my beautiful sweet Angel.


Angel, 02/28/88-08/28/03

An acquaintance gave us Angel 15 years ago to keep for 2 weeks, well we kept her 15 years. She was a lovable, beautiful Shitzu with long black & white hair. She sat with me many times in my lap and slept. We had to put her to sleep as, she developed a large growth in her right hind quarter. She suffered everytime she tried to move her bowels. We loved her very much. I am writing this 2 days before we take her to the Vet to do right by her. I wanted you to know that this sight has helped me tremendously, as I was feeling guilty thinking we could have done more for her. We did our best and we loved her for a very long time.

I would like to enter this poem as a tribute to Angel:

There's something missing in my house.
I feel it day and night
I know it will take time and strength
Before things feel right.

But just for now I need to mourn.
My heart-it needs to mend
Though some may say it's "just a pet"
I know I've lost a friend.

You've brought such laughter to my home.
And richness to my days...
A constant friend through joy or loss,
With gentle, loving ways.

Companion, pal and confidante,
A friend I won't forget.
You'll live always in my heart.
My sweet, forever pet...

By Suzanne Taylor


Angel, 04/17/97-06/06/03

Angel was the most beautiful soul. I will miss her terribly and her passing was not expected.


Angel, 05/28/03

My dear Angel Babycakes you are so special to me and God blessed me when you came into my life. You came to me and stayed for a while and we were the best of friends, so in tuned with each other, so happy to be together for a time. Just to be. You picked me to take you home that day in the pound and seemed to be waiting there for me to come. I believe you were and we were meant to walk the same path together on our spiritual journey on this earth for a while. I thank you for this Babycakes.

I love you with all my heart and soul. I tried my best to keep you comfortable and happy. My heart broke today when I sent you to the bridge but I did not want to suffer any longer....You had been through so much and needed peace...You let me know this and because I love you I set you free.. You have given me unconditional love and I have learned much from you, my dear one. My heart is bigger and fuller because of you.

Today your spirit is free and your body is whole and healthy again.....Be happy dear one and run free! Please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge where Phoebe will keep you company until we meet again and know that I will be ok until then. You will stay in my heart and are part of my soul forever. I hold your love in a special place there.

My life is richer because of you. Thank you, Angel for just being you.....

I love you journey.

Deborah A. Foray

Angel, 05/08/03

She was a good friend and loved by my family. I will miss her forever!

Cynthia Pollard

Angel, 04/29/03

Angel was rescued by us from a puppy mill. She had never been inside, been groomed, or been cared for. When we got her last fall, she didn't know how to respond to being petted. Since then she has blossomed into an amazing spirited little girl. She loved being petted, curling up on our warm bed, and going for our twice daily walks. On Sunday, April 20th, Angel was murdered by a killer Pit Bull. We tried in vain to save her, but we failed. If you would please say a prayer for our baby, we would deeply appreciate it. We are in shock, and are traumatized by the brutality of the murder. Our other sweet Shi-Tzu, Cerri witnessed the event as well, and is deeply traumatized. A prayer for all of us would be most welcome.

Angel, 17/03/03-02/04/03

Angel was only 2 weeks old when she was pts she was such a strong girl despite all her problems, And I shall always regret not having such a special girl for longer.


Angel, 12/03/03

You were only with us a year before someone cruelly knocked you down and left you for dead. Luckily someone found you and went to get help, but they were sadly too late. You are and always will be, my sweet little shy kitty, Angel, and you will always be in our hearts.
Love always
Mummy, Daddy, Tammy and Gizmo.

Angel, 02/21/03

AKA Ook, Little Angel, Little Ange, Angel Pug, Monster, Cheese Doodle

Angel joined our family on July 7, 1998. She came to us through Pug-et Sound Pug Rescue, a division of Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. Her previous person had died, so she needed a new home. We think she was about 5-7 years old at the time.

In November 2001, Angel was diagnosed with a collapsed larynx. We chose the better of two less-than-great options, a permanent tracheostomy. While the tracheostomy went a great way to helping Angel breathe, it also came with its own set of risks. Ultimately, the risks and complications associated with the tracheostomy claimed Angel's life.

Angel loved her Mommy very, very much. She had to know where Mommy was all the time, and if Mommy wasn't home, Angel would sit by the front door waiting for her. Angel followed Mommy everywhere -- upstairs, downstairs, out into the yard and back inside again. And when she wanted Mommy to pet her (which was frequently), she'd whack Mommy with her paw. She especially liked having her chest and tummy rubbed.

Angel always enjoyed walks -- sunshine or rain, daylight or dark -- and took care to mark her territory thoroughly and widely. She seemed to particularly like walks in the park when there were lots of people around, and she went out of her way to walk through puddles.

At home, she loved to sit on her blanket in the sunshine on the front porch. She was obsessive about cleaning her front paws, and she would chew on the toenails on her back feet. Birds and bicyclists would always draw her bark. Angel also loved to go in the car.

We are looking forward to being reunited with our little Angel in heaven. She will always have a very special place in our hearts.


(Andrew & Karen Rogers, and Tessa Pug)

Angel, 01/09/03

We will miss you very much, Angel! You were so loving and friendly! May you find peace at the bridge until we see you once again. We will take care of your baby, Princess. We will never forget the 11 babies you brought into the world and what an excellent mother you were! We love you!

Renee VanderMaas

Angel Anjellica, 12/19/96-04/20/03

I love you Angel: You were so young to die. I did everything I could for you but God needed you more. You were so sick and had a stroke.
I miss you so much

Angel Blaze, 10/09/03-12/15/03

My dear Angel.. I love you so much and I will miss you... Parvo is a very serious condition.. I should have gotten you to the doctor sooner... As soon as we got to the office you passed... I love you baby.. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.!.!

Ashley Grantham

Angel Bunny (Aka Angel B), 10/25/93-03/13/03

Angel B was a Great Cat! I only had seven years with him, but they were wonderful years. He brought so much love and joy to my life. I miss him so much but I know I will see him again one day..... I love you Angel B !!!!

Deborah Perkalis

Angel Dear, 6/27/03

You were extraordinary! You brought such sunshine and laughter to all our lives and to everyone who came into contact with you. We will always remember the funny things you did: barking at things that weren't there just to let us know you were watching over us, eating peanuts, riding with Pop in the golfcart, playing with the deer, calves and ponies, running around in circles, and playing with your buddy , Dan.

We loved you more than you could have ever known. Our lives will never be the same without you. In time, our hearts will heal, but your memory will be with us forever.

Lewis, Debbie, Austin, Ethan, Emily and Dan

Angelie, 9/18/03

Angelie, you were a beautiful dog. A graceful whippet who was only doing what you were born to do--run. If things had been different, I would have loved to play and run with you. Now we cannot. Your wagging tail and beautiful brown eyes will remain in my mind and in my heart. But you were running and enjoying it and I could not stop my car in enough time. I hope you're running in heaven now over the green grass, chasing birds or rabbits. There aren't cars there to hurt you. It can't stop my tears though... I'm so sorry we met that way.

Angel Kittygirl, 9/03/03

Dear Lithe Little Spirit friend Momcat misses you everyday, pets your invisible yet present self; may you journey happily and meet many new friends. Fly free friend until we meet again and fly together. Much Love, Momcat

Angel Lou, 01/16/03

I miss you very much Angel! You were my little girl and Mommy is waiting for the day to see you again!!!!!!


Angel Sue, 10/14/94-12/17/03

My dearest friend....words cannot express the void in my life since you have gone. You and I were best friends and soul mates and I miss you with all my heart. You were taken from me too quickly (less than a week being ill) yet you never gave me a sign that you were even sick. You had to be in pain, yet you never showed it. You were trusty to the end and I will never forget our last night together when you lay on the floor next to me eating your treaties like any other night. Little did I know then that you were leaving me. I'm sure Baby Kitty has found you on that rainbow bridge and you can once again be on "cat patrol". Little Buddy misses you and believe it or not so does Miss Kitty!, but most of all I miss you my special Angel and you will forever stay in my heart. Help mommy deal with this, okay? Love you forever...mommy, daddy, dolly, little buddy and miss kitty.....

Angel Turpening, 09/31/89-08/06/03

We love you Angel! You were my best friend and my child. You were there for me when I needed someone. I truly will miss you and my heart will always ache cause you ain't with me no longer, but one day we will see each other again and we will never be separated no longer. I love you Angel and until we see each other again, I will always will be thinking of you! Until we met again MY DEAREST ANGEL...

Angie, 3/5/87-8/23/03


You were the best cat ever. I loved you so much and I will miss you forever.
I love you!


Angus, 02/13/98-11/05/03

I love and miss you gray man! You were the most loving kitty I've ever know. You made me smile everytime I saw your little face. You were my rock and roll kitty. Malcolm loves and misses you. I will love you forever. Until we meet again, here's to your sweet kitty love.

Shahn Douglas

Angus, 07/29/94-02/2003

I miss my Angy-Boo very much but I know someday we will meet again for our slow dances. However, until then I will hold you close in my heart.

Love you always, Mom

Angus, 10/05/95-05/17/03

Pray for him....he was hit by a car on Saturday and didn't survive after a tough fight of strength and courage! Thank you all!!!

Sandy Herr

Angus, 4/12/93-5/6/03

Angus, your sweet nature, kind heart and crooked smile will be missed forever. Our hearts are broken and will never mend completely because a piece of it went with you. Good bye to the most special dog we've ever had.

Angus, 1/19/87-4/30/03

Today I had to say goodbye to my best friend. I will always hold a special place in my heart for you, Angus and I look forward to the day that we may see each other again. Farewell my friend - I love you.

Angus, 09/14/89-04/16/03

Oh my dearest friend, you will not suffer anymore, you were so good and you watched over us and protected us for many years thank you my forever friend, and thank you God for the time we had with him you are safe within my heart angus where you will live on, I miss you my friend;

Patty Hess

Anika, 05/11/98

Even after five years we still think of you regularly and miss you terribly!! We love you!!

The Abrams

Anita (aka Honeymar's Code Blue), 10/15/91-02/04/03

You were my heart from the moment you were born. Your twinkling eyes will shine forever in my heart. You were a GOOD GIRL and very brave at the end, sweetheart. You were taken way too soon but I am glad you did not suffer long.
We miss so very much.
Rest well, my love, till, we meet again.
Love ,
Marsha Wallace and your best pal, Reno

Anna, 03/24/92-11/21/03

you will always be mommys first baby. I will miss you so much and can't wait to see you again. Go and play with our Boy I know he is so happy to be with you. Give Buster love and we will see you again!
Mommy, Daddy , Beanie, Roo and Nemo

Anna Von Shredder our pride and joy .

Anna, 03/17/95-01/06/03

To my Annabug, my best friend, my partner in crime, singer of duets, my protector, my brilliant girl with her smart brown eyes, and my constant wonderful pain in the ass. I was so lucky to have been blessed with you and am eternally grateful that I got to hold your precious head while you took your last three breaths. I love you always and miss you every day.


Annabel, 01/01/01-15/09/03

To my darling precious Annabel. You came to us as a stray kitten two and a half years ago. You were so tiny and from the moment we took you in, you were the sweetest little girl. You were mute and could never make a noise, but you were the most loved cat in the world. We love you and I cant stop crying over your untimely death. If only we had seen sooner that you were so sick. We thought it was just the move that had affected you.

I love you my darling, Thank you for 2 years of joy and happiness. Thank you.

Monica Brawley

Annabelle, 06/25/03

I hold you in my heart, and still see you out of the corner of my eye. We all miss you here and can't wait to see you again...maybe we'll be greeted with a special 'head flip' that only you do so well!! We love you and think of you everyday. Bonnie Blue says to tell you HI! And Miss Bailey really misses you too. Until we meet again, love from Mom and Dad

Annabelle, 09/02/88-07/28/03

Anna was my best friend she greeted me with a smile and a wagging tail right to the end. She will be dearly missed.

Scott Monson

Annabelle (Annie), 9/10/00-2/1/03

Annie was a very special girl who brought so much love and joy into our lives. Annies crazy and loveable nature will always be remembered in our hearts. We will remember her everyday and miss every second she is not there.

Cindy and Robert James

Annabelle My Baby Girl Harris, 02/04/97-06/01/03

This was my very special little Baby Girl. She weighed only 18oz but was bigger than life itself and I loved so much...I will never forget her & I will always love her...

Anna Girl, 1993-01/03

Anna was my best friend Stephanie's beloved little girl. Anna came to us in need when Steph and I were sharing an apartment in Chicago. When Stephanie and I parted ways, Anna went with her and Stephanie's new husband Jason became Anna's daddy. Sadly, last month, Anna lost her battle with mammary cancer after a brave fight. She pulled through multiple surgeries and a round of chemotherapy and outlived all of her doctor's expectations. Finally, her little body was tired, and she left this life to go to the Rainbow Bridge and join my beloved kitty Mozart who was Anna's companion many years ago in our apartment in Chicago. I know they will be content in each other's company as they await our arrival.

Paula Roney (Owner-Stephanie Lesch)

Annie, 10/01/01-12/22/03

Annie was another one of our special fur babies, rescued as a tiny kitten and hand fed and raised to be our special 'love-bug'.
She became sick so quickly and we had so little time left with her.
Mom and Dad will miss her 'growls' while being petted and especially her joining us in bed at night.
All we had to do was say, 'Time to go to bed, Annie' and she would beat us there.
We will miss her tremendously.

George & Mary Baumgardner

Annie, 12/18/03

Annie was a beautiful girl we adopted from the humane society. She blessed us with 16 years and 5 months of love and wonderful memories. We love her dearly.

Cindy Roth, Bob and Juanita Roth

Annie Aka The Baby, 10/25/96-12/12/03

Annie was a very special princess!
She was sick all of her life but one would never know it by her actions!
To know Annie was to love Annie and all who knew her will have holes in their heart because of her passing.

We as her parents will miss the welcome we received every time we came through the door, the kisses when she gave feeling bad-good-or indifferent, the grumbles she gave when things just didn't go her way, or her playing with her ball she had her whole life that no other dog would dare touch!
She was mommie's baby and she will be dearly missed.
A part of me died with her and that hole will never be filled again!

Kim & Brent Miller

Annie, 11/22/97-12/05/03

Our sweet Annie was only with us a short time, but we'll love her forever. When we rescued our little girl, she was in need of love and security. I hope and pray she knew how much she was loved and what joy she brought into our lives. Her illness was so short we are thankful she did not suffer. Thank you Annie for being in my life and making me a better person. Your presence will last forever.

Rita Sinclair

Annie, 07/94-10/20/03

Mommy's and Daddy's beautiful baby, how we miss you. That face, that beautiful face. We will never get your beautiful face out of our minds, you'll be with us forever. One of us will meet you at the bridge first, and then we'll wait for the other together. What a reunion that will be. Our little bubble butt, how much we love you and miss you. You've been gone for over a month now, and we still cry for you. You took our hearts with you and we can't wait to be whole again with you beside us. We love you pumpkin, we miss you, we cry for you.

Daddy and Mommy

Annie, 03/05/95-09/07/03

Little Annie Girl Dog, my beloved pet and "baby girl" returned home to her Heavenly Father prematurely on Sunday, Sept.7,2003.
Annie was born Mar.5,1995 in Smithfield, Utah. Since Heavenly Father wanted to be sure that her pet mother received the right little puppy, he only sent one little girl dog spirit down to be in her litter. She was a beautiful little girl dog. She had a beautiful, shiny, silky coat, extra long ears, and gorgeous markings. Wherever she went, people commented on how beautiful she was.
Annie was a very special and intelligent little dog. She was very loving and friendly to everyone. She especially loved children. When she came to live with her pet parents, the principal of the school where I teach allowed me to bring her to school with me. She was very well behaved and the students in my class grew to love her. At the end of the school year, students from all over the school stood in long lines to get Annie's autograph (paw print) in their year books. She attended Puppy Kindergarten and besides learning the basic commands such as sitting, coming, down, etc., she also learned how to many tricks such as roll over, fetch, shake hands, speak, and bring her little dish to you if she wanted a treat. She loved giving kissed and was a real little "cuddle bug." The students whom I tutor also adored Annie.
Annie loved playing "Chase." She also loved to go for walks, eating, and going "bye-bye" in the car.
Annie's unconditional love, companionship, and sweet little personality will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. Her passing has indeed left a huge void in my life, but I know that she's happy and safe in the loving arms of her Heavenly Father, grandparents, and older sister, Abbey. Because of our Savior's atoning sacrifice, I know that I will see her again and that we will be together again forever along with other loved ones who have gone before us.
A graveside Memorial Service was held on Saturday, Sept. 13th at the Ogden Pet Cemetery. I wish to express my love and thanks to all who have extended their love and condolences to me during this very difficult time.

Peggy Woods

Annie, 03/02/96-07/04/03

Annie and I bonded the first time we met......she picked me out to adopt her after she was retired from racing. I knew her only three years but loved her so much and memories of our time together are just as wonderful and alive to me as if she is still by my side.


Annie, 1996-09/06/03

Annie was our beautiful kitty who loved to eat yogurt and had the best purr in the world. She loved to play with George, our Maltese, until he passed to Rainbow Bridge July 19, 2003 due to illness. Annie was hit by a car and killed on Sept.6, 2003, and I am consoled knowing her friend, George, was there to greet her when she passed.
Always Missed, Nikki and Steve Postero

Annie, 2/18/93-4/14/03

Annie: there is little I can say that our tears will not wash away in time, there is no pain of loss too great that your loving memory will not dull, no plaintive wailing of loneliness that the soft echoes of your little feet running through the house will not mute, no sadness so cold and pervasive that your warm eyes and kind face could not melt; there is nothing, Annie, that I can say to capture in words our love for you. And on those winter days, when light is frozen in ice and little rainbows dance everywhere, those days that you loved so much, you will be with us, always.

Robin, Kevin, Pat, Kevin, Jr.

Annie, 04/01/83-04/01/03

Giver, teacher, nurturer, comic, our sweet girl Annie made a difference in this world.

Sahm & Larry

Annie, 03/13/03

Annie, my wiggle bum, you are now buried forever in my heart. I loved you so much and can't stop crying. All I hope is that you are walking in sunshine now. On earth you suffered far too much. Four years in a puppy mill cage!! Three years with me, but all those horrible operations and in the end, love could not save you! Oh Annie, I am so sorry. I love you so much and kiss your picture every night before I go to sleep.

Hannah Sawyer

Annie, 02/21/03

The coolest dog ever to walk this earth! She was everything to me and still is! I'll miss you girl. We will meet again!


Annie, 13/12/99-01/21/03

Annie, my love for you will last forever, you will always hold a special place in my heart, that no other pet can.
you were more than a pet you were my little girl, my child, what I looked forward to coming home to, and I miss you more than anyone can ever know, Sweet dreams my baby, till we meet again, please know I love you.

Cathy Ray

Annie Girl, 07/24/03

I Love you "Annie Girl" and will always miss you, you put up a brave battle, I know I'll see you again someday.


Annie Lynn, 01/18/91-10/27/03

Your were more than a pet.
You were my best friend.
I will never forget you and I will always love you.
See ya again, my Annie Lynn.


Anton, 26/12/00

Anton was a very special saint who suffered terribly with blastomycosis. He died in my arms on Boxing Day four years ago. He used to love to fetch apples from the apple tree in my back yard and that is the location where I have buried his cremated ashes. A yellow lily arrangement lies at the foot of the apple tree.

Larry Shaak

Antonio, 11/24/03

Dear Antonio, This is Erika, and I just wanted to say that I really miss you, and can't wait until I see you again. You were a part of my heart for a while, and I will NEVER forget you. I'm sorry that I say that Tigger is my favorite cat now, but you're not here anymore, I'm sorry, but I don't want to think about you every day, it will just make me cry more. If I think of the happy times with you and me, then I cry sooooooo much! Well, I hope to see you soon at rainbow bridge!

If there is one......

Erika - Hugs and kisses!

P.S. I love you no matter what happens to you, or to me! Bye little furbaby! Luv Ya always! DON'T FORGET ME!!!! Remember the day I told you that I love you no matter what happens to me or you, the day you died? Buh bye!

Erika (Mama)

Antonio (Anton), 08/30/99-10/24/00

Antonio, I miss you so much. You were my first cat, and of course my sweetest. You will never be replaced with another cat. Someday Tigger and I will meet you at rainbow bridge! I remember the day that you were so sweet to Tigger! I was so proud of you! I wish I could tell you many more things, but I have to go now.
Until then......


In my heart & forever loved.

Linda Kloran

Apache and Chincherinchee, 09/2002-11/22/02

My little newts! I never would have guessed that when I bought you in September for a terrarium project for Bio that I could have gotten so attached. I enjoyed watching you swim about or sit on your rock and look around. Apache, after Chincherinchee left you, you were lonely and only hours later, were reunited. It was so hard burying you on my birthday though. You both are missed!


Apache James McKenna, 7/11/95-7/15/03

Dearest Apache, I loved you from the day I rescued you from that shelter until the day you passed away in my arms, I hope you aren't mad at me for putting you to rest, but I thought you should be able to rest and be in peace. I hope your happy up there in heaven and I will wait until we meet again, please watch over me. I miss you and love you so much! You'll always be my bebe. Luv Ur Mama

Apollo, 02/90-04/11/03


As I hold you I realize how special

You are, and all the times you

yearned for loving

I don't think you could have ever gotten enough

Love and tender care

All those who knew you knew you well

And all those who didn't lost out on your special spell

As I laid you to sleep

I felt your heart give a little leap

You left this earth in body

But your sweet soul is here to keep

We will miss you my little boy, and so

The angels will keep you happy and safe until we meet

You and Sasha across the rainbow bridge

God blessed me when he sent you here

You've always brought me so much joy, and

Unconditional love

You'll always be here by my side

Forever, and ever, and unto Ages of ages

I'll Always Love You My Eldest Little Boy!

- Love Mommy (Joanna Duffney)

Apollo aka Attilla The Honey, 09/15/02

sorry little kitty. you were the best.....and I am so sad. zoom zoom zoom and I will wake up early. promise. let boo take care of you because you really can be a pest. rest sweetly little boy.

Anne Katz

Appiffany, 08/01-03/28/03

To my special angel that is no longer with us. you added such a wonderful delight to my life, even though you are no longer with me I still feel you in my heart, where I will hold you forever. I love you Appiffany choo and you are greatly missed by all of those who knew you. thank you for being the only cat who could handle my moving around so much

Alicia Choo

Apple, 02/12/03

Apple was the special pet of dear friends. Her sweetness and sense of humor will be missed.

Applehead, 2/86-5/86

Applehead, my little boy, you were so young when I got you so many years ago, so small and sweet. You looked fine, I had no way of knowing you were genetically screwed up cos of inbreeding. My vet said I should return you to where I'd gotten you, but I knew your life held no value or meaning for them, and that they'd do nothing more than put you down. I kept you as long as I could - but the few weeks of cage-free happiness you had with me and Tigger, being petted and held and kissed and loved, were all I could give you. I'm so very sorry - but I know since then you've been whole and healthy and loved by God. I just wanted to write this very belated tribute to you, little purrbox, I've never forgotten you, and I hope I see you and my other beloved beasts again some day. Kisses in the wind to all of you, forever...Smokey, Cocoa, Negra, PM, Boomer, Tigger, Memphis...I miss you still.

Apples, 12/24/01-07/08/03

We will always love you

The Parker Family

Appo, 10/18/93-25/07/03

"They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you
In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place, no one could ever fill
If tears could build a stairway, and heartache make a lane
I'd walk the path to heaven, and bring you back again"

Annelie Persson

April, 02/14/00-12/14/03

April was an amazing pet and I will never forget here. She had such a sweet heart and loved everyone. I loved here and always will. April was one of a kind.

Rachel, Hannah, Zachary, Shelley and Craig

April Ann, 01/22/00-02/18/03

April Ann, you were the light of my life. I wish every night that you were still here to bark at me, nudge me and give me your stinky pinky kisses. I miss you so much, Baby Girl. Your sisters were so sad when you didn't come home. Tid and Hog looked for you everywhere. I told them that you were in Heaven with Beast, and that we would all be together again some day. I have your ashes beside my bed, right next to Beast's ashes. Give Beast a big hug and a big kiss for me, and ask him to kiss and hug you for me. I miss you both.

Barbara Brinkman

April Rose, 05/07/03

Our darling girl who we loved so much has gone to sleep. I wish I had spent more time with you at the end, I loved you so much and my heart feels like it is broken in two now you are gone. Thank you for your devotion and love. I will miss you forever, sweet dreams, Love always, Mummy

Aquila, 6?-06/10/03

May you go gentle into the Summerland, sweet sparkling-eyed Aquila. Thank you for sharing the last few months of your life with us. We promise we will take care of Arlo and Monte Bear until it is time for you three to be together again. And then, when it is time, we too will meet you again. Until then, may She keep you safe and warm. Love, Mama Bonnie

Arabia, Star of The Desert Sky, 01/14/93-12/07/03

We miss you and will always love you, Puppy Bella. You were my first and you'll always be first in my heart.

Maria Mirti and Mark Fielding

Araya, 05/15/94-02/03/03

Araya was the best little "bear" ever. Forever in our hearts, forever in our souls, forever we will miss you, love mommy, daddy, and boogie

Archibald Katimus, 04/28/03

Archibald Katimus was a spectacular kitty. Adopted thru the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in February 1999, he spent just over 4 years with us before succumbing to cancer. Archibald never met a person he didn't like and tolerated the dogs and foster kittens very well. His purrs were fantastic and his choice of sleeping placement (on my chest) was much appreciated, even if it made breathing difficult.
We like to think that Mr. Mus Mus Boy is now with his friends Shakti and Kaiser at the bridge, having a wonderful time basking in the sun.

Laurie and Dave Lessig

Archie, 12/28/92-04/09/02

Archie was a loyal, loving friend. He survived many years despite chronic renal failure *and* a megaesophagus larger than any vet had ever seen. He is dearly missed.


Argus, 11/11/88-07/21/03

My sweet Babydog. (I always loved how your ears would perk up, before you went deaf, when I called you that.)

We've been together since you were only 5 weeks old. Here it is almost 15 years later. We've had some tough times that we saw each other through. We've also had a lot of really great times. I'll miss you terribly. I'll take solace in knowing that we will be together again. As you aged, I knew this time was coming upon us but no amount of prior knowledge could prepare me for the emptiness that has come about. When the time comes, I will run across the bridge with open arms to "airlift" you right up to be kissed. I love you, Argus, and miss you. "Thanks for the memories". You were the best friend that anybody could ever ask for. 'Til we meet again, love, Mom

Ariadne, 02/14/88-03/07/03

I wish to give tribute to my dearest chinchilla, Ariadne, who has been my companion and best friend for 15 years. She passed on this past friday in my hands, and I feel heartbroken. May her soul remain in our house as her home and with me and her daughter Cosette. If anyone reads this, please would you say a prayer to the god of your understanding that Ariadne and I are one day reunited and that she knows how much I love her. Thank you.


A Ribbon, 11/27/96-07/03/03

The stars
The skies
The oceans cried
Over you
For you
Only you

Ariel, 04/20/03

We adopted Ariel as a rescue cat and only had her in the family for a year and a half before she left us. We miss her terribly even knowing that she is in a better place. Ariel, my constant companion, my mime kitty with your almost silent meows, I miss you.

Julie Rios

Aries, 04/24/03

My heart and arms ache for you my trusted friend...How "mommy" misses you...I shall always love and remember you...You were everything I ever wanted in a dog....Aries was going to go visit handicapped children...we all miss you Aries.....all my love..."mommy"...

Ark, 01/31/92-11/25/03

My dear sweet Ark so gentle and divine Love for you grew so strong. How lucky I was to call you mine. You brought so much happiness and joy. Blue Bear was your favorite toy. When it came to say good-bye. All I could do was cry. For I knew in my heart you'd be gone from sight. Letting you go just didn't seem right. But I know you're in Heaven, where your spirit is free. Till we meet again my beloved Ark, I will always love thee!!!!

Love MOM and Dad xo

Arlo, 03/01/91-09/20/03

Arlo was the best cat I ever had.
He gave us 12 1/2 years of joy and showed my husband how great cats can be.
We loved him dearly and feel a deep emptiness in our hearts and our home.
Until we meet again old friend. Remember our whistle song because we'll be whistling it and looking for you as soon as we come to your side.
Love you forever,

Arnold, 11/05/03

There is no greater love than that we shared, my wonderful, sweet little baby girl.
Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge, Arnold.

Bob Newhall

Arric, 06/06/03

Arric, you were my special friend and I miss you so very much, my beautiful boy. I know there was no choice, the pain was too much - we tried so hard. Now I believe you are happy, healthy and highstepping as you always did. I know the pain and grief here will fade in time, but I will never forget you. I hope you have found my old friend Zeke and you are both waiting for me.

Kathi Schneider

Arrow (Dinky), 08/08/87-02/19/01

My joy, my love, my life, my soul Arrow. You are so sadly missed.

Shirley Anderson

Arthur, 10/28/97-09/06/03

Arthur was an angel in a ferret suit. He was the most perfect and sweetest little boy. We love and miss him so much. Dad, Mom and Oso

Arthur, 1979-09/01/92

I am glad that I made your last day's happy and you made your stay with me rewarding.


Artie, 07/01/03

Artie was a stray who visited me from time to time. He was battle worn and old. My door was always open to him although he never stayed long. He came for food, warmth and snuggles. He died as he had lived. Alone. But he was loved and he is missed and I pray he waits happily for me at Rainbow Bridge.

Rhonda Bartlett

Ash, 08/30/03

A wonderful friend for many years. The magnificent efforts of the vets last year gave us another year of companionship with the little guy but now he's gone. He will be missed by all who knew him.


Ash, 08/08/89-06/01/00

Ash, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. It's been 3 years since you left us and it hurts like yesterday. So much has changed in our family since then but we talk and laugh about you all the time. I'll see you again someday. ~ Mom

Ashby, 12/07/03

You were there when I needed you most. You stayed around long after you should have. I will always miss you.
Your Gene

Gene Manson

Ashley, 12/27/03

Ashley left us today, she had stomach cancer and was not able to overcome it. Unfortunately, we had to put her to sleep but I told her she would not be alone because she had brothers and sisters waiting for her. She was a great cat and will be missed more than she will ever know. I told her to wait for me and one day all of us would be together again.

Teresa/Patrick Brown

Ashley, 12/16/03

We will miss our dear friend,
He was taken too early and we hope that his suffering is over.
We hope he is in a place that has many cat toys and is out of doors.

You were a great friend to Madi

Graham, Karin, and Madison

Ashley, 12/06/03


I write this for you as I know you would be grieving for your most cherished baby.
Ashley showed incredible strength and endurance to help Dad through those hard times after you passed away.
As dad moved on with his life, Ashley knew that she was no longer needed as his support - she grew weary with her health problems and realized that it was ok to now go and be with you.
I knew she both helped and pained dad every time he saw her and when he remarried, it was extra difficult.
She reminded me of you-when it was time for her to check out, she did- with courage and timing like you had- all to spare the hurt of her caregiver.

I hope that both of you are together now as she was always your special baby and you truly belong together.

I love you and Ashley always.

Ashley, 10/03/03

Dear Ashley,

You were the most perfect dog there could ever be. You were always the sweetest little puppy and loved everyone and everything. All you ever wanted to do was please. We will miss you so much, and our house now feels the large void of you not being here. I hope you are healthy again at the Rainbow Bridge and are playing and running with your brother T.J. One day we will see you again, my little Ash Bud. I love you so much and miss you.

Love, your mommy

Ashley, 03/20/85

Dearest Ashley,

You were such a good little girl, and I miss you so much. I'm so sorry I was forced to give you to someone else because of my baby's illness. I tried to find you, but wasn't able to. I've thought about you so many times, and hope that you were/are okay. I was told that you were eventually taken to the humane society, even though I told the people that I would take you back at any time - no matter what. They should have called me. You were adorable, and I hope you found a wonderful family. I adopted a "little boy" at the humane society last year, in your honor - he reminds me of you. I loved you so much, and still do. You are in my heart always.


Ashley, 06/01/88-08/13/03

Ashley, you were my precious and special furry child. I miss your cute face so much-everything reminds me of you. Although we had 15 years together, it was not enough.. I know we will meet someday at the Rainbow Bridge and that gives me comfort. I will always love you..Mom

Ashley, 07/25/88-08/04/03

Thanks Ashley for all the love , and being my best , dearest friend for the last 10 years , tho you never saw my face, you always knew when I was gone and just wouldn't have that , that was my favorite thing. Hopefully you can see me now and are running and swimming again. Please be with me when I drive to work because I have never done that without you before , work just wont be the same. Till we meet again my love- love, mommy

Ashley, 07/29/88-12/17/02

You are constantly with me, my little Ashley, in my thoughts and in my heart. I miss looking into those big loving eyes, your warm fuzzy hugs, and our own special talks. I never knew such an overwhelming affection and love till you came into my life, nor have I ever dealt with such unmeasurable pain and heartache, since I had to let you go. Thank-you my little Ashley, for all the loving memories. I know, somehow, you will always be with me.

Ashley, 07/04/89-07/26/00


As you know, your sister Cocoa Bean is with you now. I know you are both happy to be together again but I miss you both so very much. Play together and give lots of love and kisses to Grandpa as you go for long walks with him and your cousins Max and Picasso. We are so very lonely without you both. I love and miss you, Momma

Ashley, 09/13/89-01/23/03

I see you everywhere. You were the noblest of creatures. I will endeavor to be the person you thought I was.



Ashley Crown, 08/01/95-01/02/03

Ashley you will never know how much you meant to all of us but especially to your mommy. You were such a constant source of comfort and joy in my life. You understood me like no one else ever could. Everyday we spent together meant so much to me. My life will never be the same without you. You will always be with me, and one day we will be together again. I will always love you. Mommy

Ashley Laura, 02/13/86-10/12/03

Ashley is my pride and joy, she has seen me though hard times and happy times. I miss her, I love her and if I could change anything, I would want one more day with her. Ashley, mommy loves you!

Ashton, 09/20/90-03/22/03

Dearest Ashton, Today, I am deeply saddened by your loss, you were more than just your average house pet, you were part of our family. You have been a great part of the 13 years of my life, whether you hunted socks, or bellowed to "Wanna Go Fishing, You were the best a girl could ever want.

Tammy Belmore

Asia, 10/06/02

My cat Asia was a very special girl that I got to share her life with for 13 years. When she was 2 years old was give the title of chronic renal failure. We fought it for 11 years. She was my siamese princess who thought that she was a bird. She would jump up on your shoulder from the back. It got to the point that you would wonder what was going on if she was on your shoulder with her head on your head. She was a real angel in this world and will always be there.


Asia, 04/2003

Asia, your heart was made of gold. I'm so thankful for our last time spent together. I will miss your sweet, soft kisses. I hope you and Taffy are basking in the sun, relaxing, where there is a soft gentle breeze whispering through your beautiful hair. Cocoa and Baby miss you so much, as do we. Until we meet again, my sweet little angel. Remember we always will love you.

Love, Mommy, Nikki, Walt & your Shi-Shi

Asia, 04/29/03

A big heart in a small package, the spark in our house of 3 cats. We will always love you precious little buddy.

Diana and Roger Perenick

Aslan, 08/01/02-09/23/03

Aslan, you don't have to wear that dress tonight...sell yourself for ferretone, don't care if it's wrong or if it is right.
Aslan...don't eat the red paint...
Sweet, young, mischievous Aslan.
I mourn...the grief is so fresh. I knew it was coming...I've known since this morning...I was fooling myself. I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you when you least you got to say good-bye to Didimus, Fred, Podo, Isis, Natty, even Lucius and 'Lendel.
I know the other boys said goodbye...Isis told me they saw you leave...She said you were very calm and peaceful, and all your pain just went you were going to sleep this last time.
Was it painless?
I hope so...I miss you so much. I haven't been down to see your body yet.
Are you lonely? You don't know anyone who's passed're so young...To take care of you, there's a big red golden retriever with a beautiful tail named Lucky there. You never met him, but he'll most likely be with a short, squat hound dog named Trapper. Tell them both I love them, and will see them again.
And I do love you very much Aslan, I wish I could have been here for you to do more, but I will see you again someday. Until then, you can steal all the treats you want up there.
I love you, and so do Isis and the boys. We miss you.


Aspen, 11/11/03

Avery special and loyal friend. Lost so suddenly to cancer. Thank God you did not suffer long. Wait for me Aspen.


Aspen, 10/11/98-04/02/03

Our beloved pet, we will always remember the joy you brought us. Your loyalty was unending and we will always have you in our hearts.
We Love and Miss You Very Much,
Mommy and Daddy

Asphalt, 10/26/03

We can't wait to join you at the Rainbow Bridge Asphalt.

Momma, Daddy, Rocky, Gravel, Reighn, Summer, Autumn, Fuzzball, and Jigaboo

Aster, 03/03/03

Now you've gone to Rainbow Bridge I hope you can move without pain, dear Aster. What will Harry do now he can't steal your food?! I hope you're enjoying plenty of apples and are happy. Say hello to all the others for me, I love you.

Julianne Bonner

Asti (Spu), 12/16/90-07/07/03

Were gonna get you Spu!

Craig & Debbie Rouse

Astra, 04/05/03-12/05/03

You are A ray of love and positive energy snatched away too soon You will never be forgotten we love you sweet Astra Astra. May you be with the stars

John and Valerie Vischschraper

Astro Boy Wonder, 3/25/92-2/2/03

To my darling wonder boy who lived life to the fullest and brought me a whole new life and circle of friends. Night night, BooBoo Bear, Mommy will always love you.

Athena, 09/01/98-08/09/00

To The Most Loving and Gentle Animal Companion I Have Ever Had Or Known. Much more so than a "dog" alone. She was the PERFECT furry friend…….Wish I could attach a picture….didn't make it to 2 years old!

Randy Donahue

Atticus, 03/27/89-08/13/02

I know you know how much I miss you. But I never got to tell you thank-You. I was never your master and you my servant. You were the teacher and I the student. You taught me Love. You, my best friend always listened, never judged, and no matter what I did or said to You, You always forgave me unconditionally. I told you all my thoughts, my dreams, all my disappointments you know more about me than any one.
And knowing all that you still loved me all the same. But, you know what ATTICUS, If I had listened to you more I would have realized what you were showing me. You were showing me that all humans have always had someone to love us unconditionally no matter what, we just don't even give it another thought, we take it for granted. Always expecting it but not really earning it. My ATTICUS, I Thank-You for showing me what it truly means to appreciate the ALWAYS THERE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THAT GOD HAS FOR ME. I believe that GOD gives us pets to love and be loved by but now I know why. Thank-You GOD for your love and for my 13 years with Atticus. I know Atticus that you are waiting for me and when God decides I meet you at Rainbow Bridge.
I love you so much Atticus. You have thought me my most important lesson, and I promise I will not take GODS gift of Love for granted. Thank-You

Augie, 08/22/90-11/13/02

Augie Boo Boo, You will always be in my heart. I love you and miss you every single day. You were the best little boy dog anyone could ever have in their life. I hope someday we will be together again. Your mommy loves you.

Augustus (Gus), 11/84-10/03/03

Augustus (Gus)
To my beloved baby with the pretty green eyes: I am still missing you terribly. You were my first child and always will be. I know you are at peace and playing with Zeus at the Rainbow Bridge. Not a day has passed that I haven't thought of you. You will be with me always and I know we will be together again one day. See you then~

Cindy Ribbens

Aurora, 11/11/03

Aurora was a cute and friendly hamster, and we wish we had had more time with her.
We love her and miss her very much.

Zambrano Family

Aussie, 03/31/86-04/07/03

I miss you already old girl. I love you and I hope to see again someday. You were a good old dog and I thank you.


Austi, 05/10/96-08/25/03

Austi would have stayed with me despite her pain.
I had to do what was best for her.

Brenda C. Alvarez

Austie, 01/27/91-12/04/03

Austie, you were my child, my baby my whole life! I will always love you and you will be in my heart forever!! Love mom


I love you avalanche I wish you could be here right now!!! But I know that your happy in heaven!!!! Rest In Peace my sweet baby!!! I miss you you'll never be forgotten!!! you'll always be loved! R.I.P:)


Avdat, 7/89-7/14/03

WE will always have a hole in our heart that only you can fill. I hope Lochness is nipping at you heals. We love you and hope that our decision is the one you would have wanted. And hope you are eating and seeing those squirrels you loved so much to chase. There is a little boy here who misses you as we all do.

Axel, 12/20/02-09/13/03

Your life was cut too short before you even reached your first birthday.
My little boy we will miss you always.
Eric & Nancy

Axl, 7/11/91-7/2/03

Axl you were so welcoming to me when I joined the family. Even though you were shy, we got to know each other and I feel lucky to have known the sweetness of your heart, especially when you were gently tapping me with your paw to get me to pet you.
You've got lots of catching up to do across the bridge. Your sister Candy will be there waiting to play with you with her cars. You will meet Andre, Kim, and Sebastian, too! Also look for Ginger, Holly, and my sweet Brandy. They will show you the ropes around Heaven.
Please know that you were loved immensely and will be so missed! We are selfish and wish we could have you back, but know that you are in a better place. Be sure to watch over Big Leon, Wilma, my sweet husband Leon, me, our pups, and especially your sister Angie. She is really going to miss you and be sad, but I know you will keep an eye out for her. You will be in our hearts always, Axl. We love you!
Love, Sarah

Axle, 6/6/92-5/5/03

God Bless You Little Man.....I Love You!

Henry McCaslin, Jr.

Axl Rose, 10/05/88-09/03/03

Axl Rose was truly my soulmate. We were inseparable. She saw me through some very difficult times when my husband was seriously ill with heart disease. Every time I came home from the hospital she would be waiting by the door for me, yelping with happiness as she did her little "dance of joy" at my safe return. I would kneel down and let her wet kisses soothe my hurting heart, as I knew the end was near for my husband.

So for the past ten years, since my husband's passing and since my retirement, Axl Rose and I ran all our errands together (oh, how she loved to stick her head out the window and catch the wind in her face!), slept together, walked and talked together, ate together, and took road trips together.

She had to be put down last week after cancer had invaded her lungs and her lymph nodes, and it was the most heart-wrenching experience of my life. I just don't know how I will manage without her. I know the Bible tells us that everything God created was good, but I really think He goofed up when He didn't make the lifespan of man's best friend be the same as that of man. Why didn't He do that? Can anyone answer that question for me? I need some help with this one.

Thank you for this lovely website, which Axl's vet told me about.


Azreal, 06/16/03


I miss you sweetie. I wish I had been there for you in your last moments as you have always been there for me. I will always hold a special place in my heart for you. Your sister Zoe misses you terribly.


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